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The essential journal on disability AUTUMN Q4 2022

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Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE



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V °| Î ¡Ç â ¶Ô ½Ê Ô ¡Î| ¡°¡Ôé ½µµÙ¶¡Ôé L ¡ÎÔ Ê Ê ¶|¡ èĮ ½ĮÙ® ĺ9|¡ èĄÿ

Terry Lifts has been manufacturing lifts in the UK for over 50 years. Our lifts allow people to live safely and independently for longer in their own homes. We work with our customers to ensure that their needs and requirements are met with high-quality, safe and reliable access solutions.

The Terry Lifts TSL 1000 provides independent wheelchair access to the home and garden. It travels up to one metre with bridging steps for up to three steps and can be installed inside or outside of the home while allowing family, friends and visitors to continue using the same entrance. The TSL 1000 can be designed and sized to suit individual requirements. It can be installed by our experienced engineers in just one day.

We manufacture a wide range of lifts which cover a variety of installation scenarios and user requirements. Our service is conscientious and comprehensive, and we offer a full turn-key solution, from site survey to extended warranty and aftercare. We design and manufacture all our lifts at our factory in Cheshire, in full compliance with British and European Standards. The Harmony home lift is an unenclosed through-floor lift suitable for users travelling seated in a wheelchair or on the optional fold-down seat. Available in four cabin sizes, the lift capacity ranges from 250kg (39 stone) to 280kg (44 stone). It travels up to 3.6m between two floors. There is no need for a lift shaft so the Harmony can be installed almost anywhere in the home, usually within two days.

The Melody 3 vertical platform lift from Terry Lifts is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing safe and easy access to the home and garden for users who are travelling standing, independently in a wheelchair, or in a wheelchair together with a carer. Its unique design means that it is unobtrusive largely due to the lack of a mast or support tower. Custom options mean that it can also be adapted to suit requirements, applications and locations.

Domestic and Public Access Lifts

The lift can be customised to suit individual requirements and tastes with many optional extras available. The Harmony FE from Terry Lifts is a fully enclosed through floor home lift designed for ease of use and practicality, suiting all needs. Users can travel standing, seated, independently in a wheelchair, or in a wheelchair together with a carer. Choose from four models – compact, standard, longer and longer wider, with optional extras and finishes available to suit requirements and individual style. The Harmony FE is designed to minimise footprint and maximise cabin floor space. This is made possible as no lift shaft is required. It can be typically installed in just two days.

Over 50 years of design, manufacture and installation throughout the UK Extensive product range of through floor, platform & step lifts Innovative, independent UK manufacturer Full after sales service and maintenance support Accredited members of LEIA

For a quote call 01565 752 800 enquiries@terrylifts.co.uk - www.terrylifts.co.uk



7 Montgomerie Terrace, Contents 5 Motoring and Mobility Ayr, KA7 1JL - Featuring the latest vehicles and products available Tel 01292 287574 in the mobility marketplace Fax 01292 266656 22 Tanni’s View email: abilityneeds@btinternet.com web: www.abilityneeds.co.uk

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The essential journal on disabil ity AUTUMN Q4 2022

£2.00 Quarterly








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Motoring & Mobility

Adapting Your Home






Kids Products

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Sailing Trilleen



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Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE

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Front cover ph Schuchmann otograph courtesy of LLP

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- Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE – Tanni talks about the advances in technology and the accessibility to technology for disabled people


Eddie Peacock

- Eddie discusses the death of Queen Elizabeth II and looks back on other major events over the past decade pointing out that the Queen has given us inspiration to keep carrying on


Industry Insight - Was life in the techno devoid 1970’s really bad? – Angus looks at how Britain has become the global capital of fraud and wonders if harking back to the 1970’s would really be that bad


Holidays - The Norfolk Broads – John Killick is back on his travels and heads to the Norfolk Broads for a leisurely sailing trip


Tea Break - Take a break and put your knowledge to the test

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How do ECLISSE sliding pocket doors meet a wide range of people’s needs?


!"#$%%!&'()*(+(&,-.,&)*+*/0&123425,.')6&./7&-.+*/0&6285&.11(99*'*)*,6&5(:8*5(3(/,9&3(,&9-28)7&'(&923(,-*/0& ,-.,&*9&.+.*).')(&,2&(+(562/(;&!"#$%%!&244(5&.&5./0(&24&9)*7*/0&<21=(,&7225&<52781,9&,-.,&.5(&'2,-&*/1)89*+(&*/& 7(9*0/&./7&48/1,*2/.)*,6&>-*)9,&.)92&'(*/0&.(9,-(,*1.))6&<)(.9*/0;&$/1)89*+(&7(9*0/&?.)92&1.))(7&8/*+(59.)&7(9*0/@& 3.=(9&<).1(9&89.')(&'6&(+(562/(A&5(0.57)(99&24&.0(A&.'*)*,6&./7&1*51839,./1(;&$,&*9&'.9(7&2/&,-(&9*3<)(& <5*/1*<)(&,-.,&7(9*0/*/0&425&,-(&>*7(9,&5./0(&24&<(2<)(&15(.,(9&'(,,(5&7(9*0/9&./7&'(/(4*,9&(+(562/(;&B2&129,)6& 5(,524*,9A&-.<<6&89(59&./7&05(.,&7(9*0/9;&

CLISSE believe that living comfortably and having your accessibility requirements met C2>&72&9)*7*/0&<21=(,&72259&3((,&.&>*7(&5./0(&24&<(2<)(D9&/((79E&C(5(&.5(&923(&(F.3<)(9G& should be something that is available to • !"#$%"& '(#& )*"& $)*+,)%%-& .,/(+"0H& I(1.89(& 9)*7*/0& <21=(,& 72259& 7*9.<<(.5& */,2& .& <21=(,& */& ,-(& >.))& *,& 3(./9& ,-.,& 8/)*=(& .& -*/0(7& 7225& ,-(5(& *9& /2& *998(& 24& ,-(& )(.7*/0& (70(& <29*/0& .& everyone. ECLISSE offer a range of sliding pocket -.J.57&425&<.5,*.))6&9*0-,(7&<(2<)(&.9&,-(&7./0(5&4523&,-(&)(.7*/0&(70(&24&,-(&-*/0(7&7225&*9& door products that are both inclusive in design and /2>&5(32+(7&>*,-&.&9)*7*/0&7225&969,(3;&& functionality whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. • 1(""%2(),*& 3."*.& #*& $"#$%"& ',+(& *"032"0& 4#5,%,+-& '(#& 3."& ')%6,7/& ),0.H& !"#$%%!& <21=(,& 7225&969,(3&1./&'(&*/9,.))(7&>*,-&.&3*/*383&(44(1,*+(&1)(.5&2<(/*/0&>*7,-&24&KLL33&./7& Inclusive design (also called universal design) makes .'2+(&425&>-(()1-.*5&89(59;&M<(/*/0&.&9)*7*/0&<21=(,&7225&.9&.&>-(()1-.*5&89(5&*9&4.5&(.9*(5& ,-./&.&-*/0(7&7225;&N28&0(,&325(&89.')(&9<.1(&./7&/2&*/,589*2/&24&,-(&7225&*/&,-(&1255*725;& places usable by everyone, regardless of age, ability %2A&425&.&>-(()1-.*5&89(5&25&923(2/(&>-2&-.9&7*44*18),*(9&>*,-&32'*)*,6&./7&5(:8*5(9&>.)=*/0& or circumstance. It is based on the simple principle .*79&*,&*9&1)(.5)6&381-&(.9*(5&,2&<.99&,-5280-&.&9)*7*/0&<21=(,&7225&,-./&.&-*/0(7&7225;&O-(& that designing for the widest range of people creates .>=>.57& '.1=>.57& ./7& 425>.57& 32,*2/& /((7(7& >-(/& 89*/0& .& -*/0(7& 7225& *9& 123<)(,()6& ()*3*/.,(7;&I(1.89(&<21=(,&72259&.5(&,2<&-8/0&,-(5(&*9&/2&/((7&425&.&,-5(9-2)7&9,5*<&.,&4)225& better designs and benefits everyone. No costly )(+()& 92& ,-(& 9.3(& 4)225*/0& 1./& 12/,*/8(& .))& ,-(& >.6& ,-5280-& ()*3*/.,*/0& ./6& <299*')(& ,5*<& -.J.579;&$/&.77*,*2/&,2&,-(9(&'(/(4*,9&.&<.5,*.))6&0).J(7&7225&1./&'(&.77(7&,2&,-(&969,(3&425& retrofits, happy users and great designs. +*9*'*)*,6;& & &

People who are partially sighted- Because sliding • pocket doors disappear into a pocket in the wall, it means that unlike a hinged door there is no issue of the leading edge posing a hazard for partially sighted people as the danger from the leading edge of the hinged door is now removed with a sliding door system. Wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility who • use walking aids- ECLISSE pocket door systems can be installed with a minimum effective clear opening width of 800mm and above for wheelchair users. Opening a sliding pocket door as a wheelchair user is far easier than a hinged door. You get more usable space and no intrusion of the door in the corridor. So, for a wheelchair user or someone who has difficulties with mobility and requires walking aids, it is clearly much easier to pass through a sliding pocket door than a hinged door. The awkward backward and forward motion needed when using a hinged door is completely eliminated. Due to pocket doors being top hung there is no need for a threshold strip at floor level allowing the same flooring to continue all the way through, eliminating any possible trip hazards. In addition to these benefits a partially glazed door can be added to the system for visibility. People with limited hand mobility- Pocket doors • can be fitted with large bar handles to facilitate ease of opening. ECLISSE pocket doors are fitted with a door stop in the track so that the door protrudes approx. 8cm from the pocket, but it is easily adjustable if the door needed to protrude further to facilitate a wider handle. In addition to these standard benefits of installing an ECLISSE pocket door system further enhancements are possible. The ECLISSE patented Hoist Pocket Door System allows a hoist track to pass through the pocket door opening without the need to modify the hoist or its track and can be produced to bespoke dimensions. Over the past few years ECLISSE have seen a strong increase in demand for their products for care homes, retirement apartments, assisted living housing and for other care related projects. If you would like to know more visit www.eclisse.co.uk or contact their team of product experts on 0333 5770828. Ability Needs Magazine

'Blackwood Homes'


& •

!"#$%"& ',+(& %,4,+"0& ()70& 4#5,%,+-H& P21=(,& 72259& 1./& '(& 4*,,(7& >*,-& ).50(& ' 4.1*)*,.,(& (.9(& 24& 2<(/*/0;& !"#$%%!& <21=(,& 72259& .5(& 4*,,(7& >*,-& .& 7225& 9,2<& * ,-.,&,-(&7225&<52,587(9&.<<52F;&K13&4523&,-(&<21=(,&'8,&*,&*9&(.9*)6&.7Q89,.' /((7(7&,2&<52,587(&485,-(5&,2&4.1*)*,.,(&.&>*7(5&-./7)(;&

$/&.77*,*2/&,2&,-(9(&9,./7.57&'(/(4*,9&24&*/9,.))*/0&./&!"#$%%!&<21=(,&7225&969,(3&485,POCKET DOORS MADE T TO O LAS LAST T (/-./1(3(/,9&.5(&<299*')(;&O-(&!"#$%%!&<.,(/,(7&C2*9,&P21=(,&R225&%69,(3&.))2>9&.&<.99&,-5280-&,-(&<21=(,&7225&2<(/*/0&>*,-28,&,-(&/((7&,2&327*46&,-(&-2*9,&25&*,9&,5.1= <52781(7&,2&'(9<2=(&7*3(/9*2/9;&&

M+(5&,-(&<.9,&4(>&6(.59&!"#$%%!&-.+(&9((/&.&9,52/0&*/15(.9(&*/&7(3./7&425&,-(*5&<5278 -23(9A&5(,*5(3(/,&.<.5,3(/,9A&.99*9,(7&)*+*/0&-289*/0&./7&425&2,-(5&1.5(&5().,(7&<52Q( >28)7&)*=(&,2&=/2>&325(&+*9*,&>>>;(1)*99(;12;8=&25&12/,.1,&,-(*5&,(.3&24&<52781,&(F<( TUULKVK;&

Quick-click frame - assembles in minutes

Smooth, reliable running gear

Strong galvanised steel frame

Patented extractable track no maintenance worries

High quality FSC timber lining kit

www www.eclisse.co.uk .eclisse.co.uk | 0333 577 0828 3

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OLLOWING Prime Minister Liz Truss’s announcement on the 8th September of an energy price cap freeze, the Spinal Injuries Association has reacted saying more targeted action is required to help SCI people who are struggling with the spiralling cost of their energy bills, and will continue to do so, even if prices are frozen at £2500 with the additional £400 support for every household this winter. We have been inundated with calls to our support line from our members who are facing energy bill hikes and are struggling to cope with the hidden additional energy costs they face such as heating and charging equipment. A spinal cord injury can mean that many are unable to regulate their body temperature. Additional power is required to maintain warmth as their bodies are unable to warm themselves up naturally. In such cases, it can be a real danger to health to turn the heating down to save on bills. According to figures from the office of national statistics, in June, 13% of disabled people said it was already “very difficult” to pay those bills and 38% said it was “somewhat difficult”, compared with 6% and 29% of nondisabled bill-payers. Nik Hartley OBE, CEO of Spinal Injuries Association said: “Although we welcome the government’s announcement today of a price cap freeze and look forward to seeing the full details and implications of this, it’s disappointing that this intervention hasn’t been better targeted to deliver the support that the most vulnerable people in our society desperately need. We fully support the idea of discounted energy tariffs for disabled customers and call on the government to meet with the energy providers and implement this initiative as soon as possible. SIA remains ready to work with the government and energy providers to develop innovative and targeted solutions to the energy crisis.”

For further information from the Spinal Injuries Association go to their website: www.spinal.co.uk or call the Support Line on 0800 980 0501


L Liquick iq uick X-treme nd X X-t -t reme aand Liquick Plus L iq uick X-treme X X-t -t reme Plus P Pre-activated, re-activated, ready-to-use ready-to-use intermittent intermit tent catheter y s te m s catheter ssystems T The he L Liquick i q uic k X X-treme -treme ccatheter atheter ssystem ys tem is is a readyre ad y tto-use o-use catheter catheter ffor or iintermittent ntermit tent catheterisation catheterisation tthat hat iiss d designed esigned tto ob be e iintuitive n t ui t i v e a and nd ssimple imple tto o a apply pply vvirtually ir t u a ll y a anywhere ny w h e r e y you ou n need eed – ffor or X X-treme -t r e m e iindependance ndependance and and ccomfort. omf or t . T The he new new Li Liquick q uic k X X-treme -t r e m e P Plus lus ccatheter atheter ssystem y s tem h has as a p preconnected re c o nn e c t e d u urine r in e b bag ag m making aking iitt cconvenient onvenient tto o u use se whenever whenever you you need need tto o ccatheterise atheterise y yourself. ourself. For F or ffurther ur ther iinformation nformation or or for for free free samples, s amp le s , please please contact cont ac t us. us. w www.teleflex-homecare.co.uk w w.teleflex-homec are.co.uk T Teleflex eleflex Medical Eur Europe ope Ltd., ID IDA A Business and T Technology echnology P Park, ark, Dublin Road, Athlone, Co W Westmeath, estmeath, Ir Ireland eland Phone +353 (0)9 06 46 08 00, or orders.intl@teleflex.com ders.intl@teleflex.com www.teleflex-homecar www.teleflex-homecare.co.uk e.co.uk


Ability Needs Magazine

AN_p05_mobility matters_02_AN107.qxd 04/04/2021 16:11 Page 1


" ." # )&(5 .1* 1/&*"// 3&0% +2". 5" ./ "4,".&"* " / * "*$&*"". *! .1**&*$ + &(&05 %+,/ " /0+ ' ( .$" /1,,(5 +# +0% *"3 *! 1/"! / ++0"./

+2". /- #0 3&0% +2". / ++0"./ *! 3%""( % &./ +* !&/,( 5

*&0 ! ) ( " +10% "3)++. .2&*" 6 "(

0"%& *.1 5&,$/-& /. $//2&01 03..*.( ".% ./2 03..*.( 13#+&$2 2/ &4",3"2*/.

*1& &$,*.&0 )"*01 '0/- £395

2 &( (" &* %+& " # .& / *! (" 0%". 3&0% /&*$(" *! !1 ( )+0+.

3& 2/ $300&.2 $,*-"2& 5& "0& /''&0*.( )/-& 4*1*21 *. ,*.& 5*2) (/4&0.-&.2 (3*%&,*.&1 3"0".2&&% &"$& /' *.% ."" !"(&2".5 *! &*/0 (( 0&+* 3&0%&*

+)" +# +1. /1,,(&"./

&* 0.""0 5.


Ability Needs Magazine

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"(/+* 0.""0 .$/ "(


)&(" . !&1/

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cooter Store Limited is an established company with over twentyfive years’ experience, which has become very popular especially with the elderly and disabled community nationwide. The concept of a small, easy to use store for securing mobility vehicles has been extremely well received by many local authorities. Housing Associations, County, City and Borough Councils as well as charitable organisations have installed Scooter Stores throughout the country with great success; whilst thousands have been exported to Europe. This has solved storage and independence issues for many people. In our experience we have found that many people who use mobility scooters find it very difficult getting their scooter in and out of their property without help or assistance. Storing them in living rooms and hallways is not always ideal as they take up a lot of room and can cause fire hazards. The scooter store itself is simple and was designed in response to a demand from the public. The standard unit is 1525mm long x 1220mm wide x 1070mm high and made of 2mm steel the store comes in a green finish. Bespoke scooter stores can be manufactured to different sizes to suit your specific mobility scooter requirements. Our Scooter Stores are delivered flat packed for installation to inaccessible places and are installed by our fully trained engineers. Our scooter stores are all push button controlled and fully lockable. A socket for charging the scooter is provided within the store. The Scooter Store requires very little maintenance. The Scooter Store is such a marvellous alternative which is secure and theft proof, and because it is so easy to use independence can be greatly improved for mobility vehicle users.

Our contact details are: Scooter Store Limited, Unit 11 Riverside Business Park, Cambridge Road, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2HE. Tel: 01279 453565. www.scooterstoreltd.com


• Recommend by Healthcare Professionals ͻ ƚ ,ŽŵĞ ;ůŽŶŐ ƚĞƌŵ ƐŽůƵƟ ŽŶͿ ͻ ƚ ZĞƐƉŝƚĞ ;ǁŚĞŶ ƌĞƋƵŝƌĞĚͿ ͻ &ŝƚƐ ƚŽ Ăůů ĚŽŵĞƐƟ Đ ďĞĚƐ • Fits to all Hi/Lo Care beds ͻ KŶ Ă ŵĂƩ ƌĞƐƐ ŽŶ ƚŚĞ Ň ŽŽƌ • Lightweight – take anywhere • Machine washable • Fits to 200x90cm single bed • Fits to 190x90cm single bed • Fits to 180x90cm single bed


,G8:<,8M<I <;J Tel: 01905 347538 info@spacesaverbeds.co.uk www.spacesaverbeds.co.uk


Ability Needs Magazine

AN_p07_schuchmann_02_AN107.qxd 22/09/2022 13:22 Page 1

Finally at eye level!


-YEAR-OLD Amelie leads a completely normal teenage life. From Monday to Friday she goes to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon. At the weekends she goes on excursions with her family. Amelie also has bilateral spastic cerebral palsy and therefore can neither sit, stand nor walk independently. Besides her parents, Amelie has a whole network of helping "buddies" around her family, carers, teachers, therapists, teaching assistants and so on. Therapeutical aids also make her everyday life easier and help her to participate more fully with her surroundings. One of the products she uses is the Schuchmann “till.” which Amelie has been using a lot and with pleasure for a year or so. The adjustable supine standing frame offers her a whole new perspective. Thanks to “till.” she can communicate, learn and play around with her friends and classmates at eye level and that is what this cheerful girl particularly loves to do. Amelie is so popular with her classmates that she was recently elected class representative - her parents were naturally very proud and they believe that the regular standing in “till.” played a part in her election victory. “Of course the standing frame focuses on supporting Amelie’s posture and protecting her hip dislocation but it also allows Amelie to be sociable and interative fully with her classmates“ said her Father. Along with abducted standing at an angle of 0 - 30° bilaterally, the “till.” leg rests can be independently adjusted in length and will also accomodate and support children with fixed contractures at the knee and hip using it‘s unique flexable adjustment points. Amelie has many small and big wishes and plans for her future. Schuchmann are proud that they can give her a great deal more quality of life with their aids.

If you would like to find out more about the Schuchmann “till.” or any of the other products in their range contact your local product specialist who you can find by visiting their website at www.schuchmann.co.uk

Ability Needs Magazine


Phone us to arrange your no obligation home demonstration


Supporting independent driving; with an automated tailgate, automated ramp and a six-way internal transfer seat.


Ideal when maximum internal space is required, offering 5ft of headroom and a full length, flat floor.


A fabulous versatile conversion, with options of wheelchair positions and offering original rear seating.


Perfect for when more original seats are required, can seat 7 plus wheelchair passenger or 9 without wheelchair.


McElmeel Mobility offer SEVEN different conversion options across the Ford Tourneo Custom range


Our latest innovation, up to six original seats, 5ft of headroom for the wheelchair passenger and additional 3rd row seating options.


Original seating throughout, can seat 7 plus wheelchair passenger or 9 without wheelchair.


Can carry up to two people travelling in their wheelchairs, retains two original rear seats adjacent to each wheelchair position.

Call us to discuss vehicles that can offer conference style seating AWARD WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE

Scan here to see our range of WAVs on the Motability Scheme

telephone. email. web.

028 37 525 333

info@mobility-services.com www.mobility-services.com

Tourneo Custom


FREE Factory Fit Reversing Camera on all new Ford Tourneo Customs for a limited time

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Charity announces emergency financial support for disabled households, as four out of five families say the Government is not doing enough on the cost-of-living crisis


OUR out of five (83 per cent) families caring for a disabled loved one believe the Government is not doing enough to support them during the current cost-of-living crisis, according to new research by the disability charity Sense. It comes as the charity announce a new emergency fund for children or adults with complex disabilities living with their families. A thousand families from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive a £500 grant from Sense ahead of the autumn. It’s the first time in the charity’s history, which spans more than six decades, that they’ve provided emergency financial support on this scale. Sense polled more than one thousand families with a disabled child or adult in their household across the UK, and nearly three quarters (72 per cent) said they have been pushed into debt this year due to increases to food and energy prices. More than half (55 per cent) admitted to borrowing money from friends and family to pay bills, with two in five (40 per cent) saying they will go without food to save money. More than three quarters (77 per cent) said the financial pressure is affecting their mental health. Eight in ten (87 per cent) households want to see more targeted financial support for disabled people. Sense is offering the financial assistance to families through its services. In addition, the scheme is extended to children and adults with complex disabilities supported by other specialist charities, such as Rett UK, Batten Disease Association and Zellweger. Sense says demand for the service has been huge. Richard Kramer, Sense Chief Executive, said: “Disabled people and their families have told us that they are frustrated by the lack of urgency from Government in tackling the cost-of-living crisis. Sense felt that we needed to step in and set up the fund to help people who are struggling now to pay for their

essentials. We have already seen a huge demand for support, which reflects the massive cost-of-living challenges facing the individuals we support and their families. We know it will make a huge difference to those who receive it, but it’s not a long-term solution, and there are many more disabled people and families across the country that need support at this time. “Our research illustrates the desperate everyday reality of disabled households across the UK, who are in debt and facing impossible decisions such as whether to eat or heat their homes. Everyone is affected by rising prices, but disabled households are one of the hardest hit because of their circumstances. Many are in poverty, less likely to be in full-time work and face higher costs for energy for essential equipment and the additional costs of disability. The Prime Minister must recognise the impact this crisis is having on disabled households and provide long-term financial support.” Sense have partnered with national charity Turn2us to administrate the grant applications. Turn2us helps people in financial hardship gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services. Jules Tompkins, Senior Programme Manager at national poverty charity Turn2us, added: “For families living with a loved-one with complex disabilities, receiving a charitable grant can be a lifeline in helping them cope financially. Every day we hear from disabled people about the impact grants can have and we are pleased to be working with Sense to ensure disabled people and their families receive vital financial support as the cost of living continues to spiral. We know disabled people will be amongst those hardest hit by soaring costs. Therefore, it is crucial that in the longer-term, reforms are made to both our economy and social security system to stop the growing inequalities in our society, and to ensure people to have enough money to live on.”

Over 30 thousand people have signed a Sense petition calling for longterm financial support for disabled people and their families, including an increase to benefits and the reinstatement of the Warm Home Discount. For more information and to sign the petition visit www.sense.org.uk/costofliving 10

Ability Needs Magazine

Automating Swing Doors for Ease of Access Automating swing doors provides a safe, secure and convenient option for users providing access for those less able.

FAAC offer a range of automatic door systems for both swing and sliding applications. Whether its a small internal door or a pair of large building entrance doors, there is a solution to suit. FAAC UK are pleased to announce the FAAC A951 DDA Automatic Toilet Door System which now comes as standard with Contactless Activation switches, the system comprises of an Operator, Push/ Pull Arm, Safety Sensors, Finger-guard, Signs and the failsafe magnetic locking system in one simple and easy to install kit.

providing compliance with the Equality Act 2010 (DDA) • • • •

2010 Equality Act compliant Contactless Entry Low Energy Safe, flexible system that fits most applications • Touch Free Hand Sensor with MicroGuard™ Anti- Microbial Coating

Operation is by two contactless Sensors that control the entry cycle by automatically opening and then locking the door and the exit cycle by unlocking and opening the door at the appropriate times interfacing with both the A951 automatic door operator and an electromagnetic locking device. An emergency override keyswitch is also included in the kit. With more than 50 years experience, FAAC is a world leader in access control automation. added security with maglocks

unobtrusive operator

Range of door operators for internal and external applications option of different arms, depending on which side of the door the operator is mounted

The Disabled person’s toilet door system can easily be integrated into an existing or new swing door and delivers a

accessories such as visual automatic locks available contactless or touch options available

comfortable and easy to use solution, whilst

www.faac.co.uk robin.palmer@faactechnologies.com 01256 318100

AN_p12_WDP mobility_33_AN306_QueenEliz.qxd 23/09/2022 15:39 Page 1

Is Access to Santa’s Grotto Important?


HE ANSWER IS SIMPLY, YES it is! Warrington Disability Partnership have over 20 years’ experience of running a fully inclusive Santa’s Grotto. Not only is the grotto wheelchair accessible, so too is the undercover winter wonderland scenery. WDP’s Santa can communicate with deaf children and parents through British Sign Language. After listening to parents, WDP have included Quiet Hours, where the individual needs of children, parents and grandparents can be met, including Autism, Asperger’s, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The Quiet Hour also caters for people who have sight loss, with a guided tour and an interactive experience including touching, feeling and smelling a Christmas tree and other display items. Mrs Clause and her team of elves will be on hand to assist Santa in making it a very special day. For more details visit www.disabilitypartnership.org.uk/ events/grotto.shtml or call 01925 240064.


A new independent study ‘An economic assessment of wheelchair provision in England’


OTABILITY partnered with the Wheelchair Alliance to support this new study into wheelchair provision in England, which aims to provide robust evidence and data on the scale of current issues in wheelchair provision, potential beneficial interventions and to highlight best practices. The study was carried out by Frontier Economics and shows how economic conditions influence the provision of wheelchairs, and how these impact the experience of wheelchair users. The study shows that there are a number of challenges in the market which should be reviewed, including regional differences in provision and a lack of accurate and up-to-date data on the number of disabled people who may need to access wheelchair services which in turn impacts the level of funding available for service users. Motability has a bold vision to ensure that disabled people are not disadvantaged by poor access to transportation, and we are determined to increase the range and reach of what we do, looking beyond the Motability Scheme. To help us achieve even greater impact and build a better understanding of the transport lives of disabled people and the challenges they face, we conduct research and provide grant funding to other charities and organisations to inform our grant spending priorities and to generate innovative solutions to meet the evolving transportation needs of disabled people. We are committed to publishing and sharing our research work because we believe that the findings are important for a wide range of people and organisations who care about the same things that we do. The full report is available on our website: www.motability.org.uk/ impact-and-innovation/research/our-reports.

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AN_p13_Kinderkey_33_AN306_QueenEliz.qxd 16/09/2022 08:55 Page 1

AN_p14-easylink subtitles_02_AN107.qxd 25/09/2022 12:14 Page 1

Over 25,000 people demand better access to subtitles and audio description on video on demand services

NID AND RNIB launched a petition last year calling on the Government to compel broadcasters to provide consistent audio description (AD), subtitles and signing on video on demand (VOD) services. We’re really pleased that the petition has been signed by 25,767 people who agree that more needs to be done to make these platforms accessible and inclusive for all. Audio description, subtitles and signing are used by people who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, deafblind or people with hearing loss. There are 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or have hearing loss, and 350,000 people who are blind or partially sighted. Major broadcasters are required to provide subtitles for up to 90% of programmes on linear TV, but there is currently no requirement for broadcasters to provide subtitles for on-demand services. The situation is similar for blind and partially sighted

!" #! $ % !"

% +, + "- . /0 "11 23* ' 4'5 '( 666) . .) ) . 14

RNID and RNIB supporters and campaigners


We’re thrilled that so many people signed our petition to tell the Government to make video on demand content accessible.

people who need on-screen action audio described through audio information provided between the dialogue. Despite the rapid rise in popularity of video on demand services, with nearly half of UK adults considering these platforms their main way of watching TV and film content, the majority remain inaccessible to those living with sight and/or hearing loss due to the lack of access services. These include services like NOWTV, All4, ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer and Paramount Plus. RNIB and RNID successfully campaigned to change the law to make on demand TV more accessible, which resulted in the Digital Economy Act 2017. This campaign win enabled the government to introduce minimum quotas for audio described, subtitled and signed content. But five years later, the law has still not been put into action, and on demand content often remains inaccessible. Teri Devine, Associate Director for Inclusion at RNID said: “It’s shocking that more than five years after the Digital Economy Act passed, no action has been taken to improve accessibility for deaf people and people with hearing loss watching TV on demand. “Subtitles enable people to be fully included, whether that’s watching a favourite programme with friends or family or catching up on popular shows in the workplace. Deaf people and people with hearing loss are sick of feeling left behind, and we urge the Government to put the Digital Economy Act regulations into action, and start the clock on subtitling, signing, and audio description quotas for TV on-demand.”

www.rnid.org.uk www.rnib.org.uk Ability Needs Magazine

AN_p15 Ridley_06_AN406.qxd 22/09/2022 12:10 Page 1



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9,6,7 285 1(: :(%6,7( ::: 5,'/(<(/(&7521,&6 &2 8. 7(/(3+21(



AN_p16_marathon_33_AN306_QueenEliz.qxd 23/09/2022 11:01 Page 1

Adventure Addict Is Defying All Odds in Epic World Marathon Challenge Avid Disabled Adventurer takes on his biggest challenge yet - to complete multiple marathons across the world.


ISABLED ADVENTURER and Motivational Speaker, Darren Edwards, is set to redefine the limitations of disability by becoming the first ever wheelchair user to attempt the 777 World Marathon Challenge – a feat which sees participants complete seven marathons in seven days across seven continents. In October, a group of 30 individuals will be embarking on this gruelling expedition; one that fewer people have completed than have reached the summit of Mount Everest. Starting in Antarctica, before travelling to Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and concluding in North America, the marathons will each pose vast differences in weather, conditions and experiences. In the summer of 2016, Darren suffered a near-fatal accident after falling 30ft during a rock climb, which would leave him instantly and permanently paralysed from the chest down. Since then, however, he’s conducted and participated in an array of arduous and inspiring activities, refusing to let his disability dictate what he was able to achieve. Darren said, “I am so excited to be a part of the 2022 World Marathon Challenge. Most importantly, I am excited to show that anything is possible. In my opinion, it is vital that we all push our own boundaries, both physically and mentally, regardless of the challenges we all face in life. “Whilst I have much to look forward to – the experience, the comradery, the accomplishment – I am of course a little nervous, too. It is an enormous challenge and demands a high level of fitness and determination. Add into that, that I am essentially a guinea pig - as no other individual with a spinal cord injury has EVER attempted anything of this stature. Also add to that, due to my paralysis, that I am unable to regulate my body temperature, which puts me at risk of frostbite in Antarctica, and heatstroke in Dubai just days later”. Darren is aiming to raise £100,000 for the Armed Forces Para-Snowboard Team (AFPST), an independent charity that uses the restorative power of parasnowsport to accelerate the recovery and welfare of wounded, injured and sick military personnel and veterans. Donations will entirely fund 50 UK athletes to compete in the 2023 International Competition hosted

About Darren Edwards A former mountaineer and Army reservist, Darren Edwards is a Disabled Adventurer, Expedition Leader and Motivational Speaker. Whilst rock climbing in the summer of 2016, he suffered a lifechanging accident. Since then, however, he has organised and completed numerous challenges, including Kayak4Heroes – a 1,400km kayaking journey over 26 days from Land’s End to John-OGroats, and has rowed the English Channel in his late father’s honour who lost his battle to mental health and depression in September 2021. by AFPST, which unites military personnel and veterans from across the globe. Being no stranger to adventure, Darren has previously raised £110,000 for AFPST in June 2021, by leading a group of five injured and wounded veterans in his Kayak4Heroes challenge, which saw them kayak from Land’s End to John-O-Groats. They were the first adaptive team to successfully complete this 1,400km journey, and Darren is the first person with a SCI to have achieved this. Elizabeth Winfield, Chief Operations Officer at AFPST said, “We are incredibly grateful for Darren’s ongoing support, and we are wholeheartedly behind him with his latest challenge. There’s no doubt that it will push him to his absolute extremes, but it truly encapsulates everything that we are about – inspiring others, pushing boundaries, challenging perceptions and changing lives for the better”.

If you would like to follow Darren’s journey, including his training and preparation for the marathons, then please visit his website https://darrenedwards.org.uk/. To learn more about AFPST, and the fundraising for this event, please check out the link here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/darrenworldmarathonchallenge. 16

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AKW Rise & Fall Bidet The clinical features and benefits of the AKW Rise & Fall Bidet help to promote dignity and independence for clients with a range of requirements.

Scan this QR code to see a video of Kate Sheehan, Director of The OT Service, expertly demonstrate the use of the AKW Rise & Fall Bidet.

If you would like to discuss this product with your local AKW representative call 01905 823298, email marketing@akw-ltd.co.uk or visit www.akw-ltd.co.uk/contact

3529_AKW-1PP A4 AD-RISE AND FALL BIDET_05.indd 1

13/06/2022 09:10

AN_p18 mencap_10_AN406_IL_Scotland.QXD 22/09/2022 15:16 Page 1

Hollyoaks Stars Tackle Terrains to reach Snowdon Summit for Learning Disability Charities


OLLYOAKS star and Mencap ambassador Emily Burnett and her aunt Teresa, who has a learning disability, ‘pushed to the peak’ to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa), the highest mountain in England and Wales. Also taking on the steep ascent were celebrity friends and family, raising an incredible £12,192 for learning disability charities Mencap and Sunday Circle. The ‘Push to the Peak’ team of nineteen people took seven hours to make the 1,085m ascent to reach the Snowdon summit in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales, which is home to some of the most challenging and rugged peaks in Britain. Setting off from the Llanberis path at 7am, they were led by Teresa Pope, 58, whose lifelong dream has been to climb the mountain ahead of her 60th birthday next year and show what people with a learning disability can achieve. The line-up of celebrities taking part in the challenge included Emily’s Hollyoaks co-stars, James Sutton (John-Paul McQueen), Eva O’Hara (Verity Hutchinson), Gabriel Clark (Ollie Morgan) and Connor Calland (Jordan Price) and actors Mia McKenna-Bruce (from Netflix’s Persuasion), Tom Leach and TikTok star Monica Geldart. The group jumped at the chance to take part in the trek - keen to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about learning disability and raise money for charity. Nick Green, Teresa’s personal trainer from their local gym, David Lloyd Cardiff, also took part, having trained Teresa for four months in preparation for the trek by creating an accessible fitness programme. All sponsorship proceeds from the Push to the Peak challenge will be split between Sunday Circle, a local learning disability organisation based in Wales, and Mencap, who support the 1.5 million people living with a learning disability in the UK. Mencap ambassador Emily Burnett said: “This has been one of the most challenging, rewarding, emotional and life affirming things I have ever done. Watching Teresa achieve one of her dreams is beyond special. It was incredible to stand with her at the summit with our friends and family and a moment I will treasure forever. I’m so proud of Teresa, she’s inspired me every day of my life and now she’s showing what people with a learning disability can achieve. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and donated to Mencap and Sunday Circle. We want everyone with a learning disability to feel valued equally, to be included and to have opportunities… and to be able to climb their own mountains, physically and metaphorically.” Teresa Pope said: “I’m so happy to have achieved my dream of climbing Snowdon with my beloved niece, family and friends. I’m feeling on top of the world. Thanks to everyone that’s supported me and donated to Mencap and Sunday Circle and to Nick, my trainer, for helping me get fit enough to take on Snowdon and win.” Hollyoaks actor James Sutton said: “I have a family member with a learning disability and it meant a lot for me personally to take part in the Push to the Peak challenge. I’m so happy I was there to see Teresa achieve her dream of climbing Snowdon and to have been part of this incredible experience.” Mary O’Hagan, Director of Fundraising at Mencap said: “Thank you to Emily, Teresa and the amazing ‘Push to the Peak’ trekkers for taking on this challenge in aid of Mencap and Sunday Circle. The vital funds raised at this event will help even more people with a learning disability to achieve their dreams and lead happy, healthy lives. We’re honoured that Emily is using her profile and role as a Mencap ambassador to make people with a learning disability more visible and transform attitudes in society. We’re also extremely grateful to the team at David Lloyd Clubs for their invaluable support. Everyone involved should be incredibly proud of their achievements.” To donate to Emily and Teresa’s Push to the Peak challenge, please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/emilyandteresa


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Get out there with Triride


RIRIDE ARE A market leader in the production of Power Add-on devices. Whether you want full electrical assistance, or a Hybrid assisted handcycle we have you covered. Simply attach to your manual wheelchair in seconds and discover a new Freedom.

The Triride Special Compact HT with all road tyre is a great all-rounder providing full electronic assistance. Small, compact, packed with plenty of power to tackle those steeper inclines and handle some off-road use, but small enough and light enough to transport in the boot of your car.

If you are looking for a more physical challenge the Triride Tribike Hybrid provides a simple fun way to keep active and enjoy the road ahead. A hybrid customisable power assist system offers electrical assistance when pedalling which makes tackling those hills a breeze. Combines with a choice of gearing and tyre options the Tribike provides great versatility for most terrains. You even have an ondemand throttle to help get you started on those steeper inclines. If you’re looking for a more compact option, we also have the Tribike Hybrid available with a 16” wheel providing a super compact footprint and its lightweight frame make the Tribike Hybrid a great transport option. Whether you need full electric or the active hybrid option, enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family. Find out more information on www.triride.uk


Triride technology compliments the drive performance with Intelligent Cruise Control and Intelligent Braking System makes driving with family and friends a breeze. Paired with Triride’s patented attachment method, fitting to most manual wheelchair is possible and customisable to each individual user requirements. Ability Needs Magazine


AN_p20 motability_06_AN406.qxd 23/09/2022 10:19 Page 1

Motability launches new Reducing Barriers to Driving and Travelling with Confidence Grants


his year, Motability, the Charity, is launching six new grant programmes, committing £50 million in funding over the next three financial years to organisations across the UK who can help address the challenges that disabled people face when accessing transport. The first four programmes -Community Transport, Wheelchair Sector, Active Travel and Research Grants, launched in April and June respectively. Motability is still actively encouraging charities and organisations to apply for funding for these programmes. Motability has now announced the final two new programmes for the year – Travelling with Confidence and Reducing Barriers to Driving. These are two key areas where our research and insight has shown that providing grant funding to other charities and organisations will have a great impact, helping disabled people right now to make the journeys they want to, while Motability continues its research and innovation work into longer-term solutions to make all transport accessible. Barry Le Grys, Chief Executive of Motability said: “We are thrilled to be launching our final two new grant programmes for this year. Motability has historically been known for providing grants to Scheme customers, and whilst that is still an important and core part of our work, we are incredibly excited to be using our charitable funds to help even more disabled people. So many fantastic charities and organisations are already doing so much to help to address the challenges disabled people face when accessing transport and through our new grant programmes we want to enable them to enhance the lives of even more disabled people. We strongly encourage any organisation or charity that may be eligible for funding to visit our website and apply”. Travelling with Confidence Grant Programme The new Travelling with Confidence Grant Programme can provide funding for Charities and organisations to help to alleviate the negative feelings and experiences currently felt by disabled people when making a journey via public transport. To ensure fair and transparent awarding of funding, each application will be assessed consistently against our criteria. Examples of grant funding from this programme could include (but is not limited to): • Grants to improve awareness of responsibilities and influence policy and practice in the transport sector. • Funding to embed a user-led approach to inclusive design and delivery of transport services. • Grants to scale, promote awareness of, and increase access to, travel training programmes that increase skills, knowledge, confidence, choice and control when travelling. • Grants to support the development of accessible tools and technology solutions that support journey planning and in-journey navigation. Charities and organisations can apply for grants from £100,000 to £1 million. Reducing Barriers to Driving Grant Programme Through our new Reducing Barriers to Driving Grant Programme, we hope to help charities and organisations to improve and expand private transport options for disabled people and their families beyond the Motability Scheme. Examples of grant funding from this programme could include (but is not limited to): • Funding to raise awareness of driving as an option, and of the support and adaptations that are available. • Grants to expand the provision of driving and familiarisation lessons, and increase the number of instructors delivering lessons with adaptations. • Funding to organisations to help reduce the cost barriers around access to vehicles and adaptations. Charities and organisations can apply for grants from £100,000 to £2 million.

For more information on how charities and organisations can apply for funding and for eligibility please visit www.motability.org.uk/charitable-grants


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Providing independence & comfort through standing Designed and developed in the Midlands over the past 15 years the Genie V2 is one of the most advanced wheelchairs available. Combining advanced engineering and practical design, the Genie provides independence and comfort for all levels of dependency. At Genie Wheelchairs we pride ourselves on developing practical and affordable solutions that make your day to day life that little bit easier! Appropriate for all levels of dependency from our basic model through to a complete care system tailored to each individual.

The Genie V2 has been designed with your everyday needs in mind, providing upper and lower body support to allow washing, air circulation and relief from pressure pain. The ability to stand opens up many possibilities such as access to previously inaccessible places or even getting back into the workplace as many of our Genie users have, whilst providing everyday health benefits such as aiding circulation and digestion. Standing is an important part of maintaining good health. The Genie can aid in the prevention of bladder problems and assist with bone development and pressure management. The Genie V2 is incredibly easy to manoeuvre, light and compact when stored. It is easily folded away into a cube which is ideal for transportation on planes or in non converted vehicles, enabling you to do more and go further in comfort. Providing independence for yourself and your carer is our main aim. With its range of control options from the attendant control system, which allows a carer or family member to drive, stand and manage comfort to our unique head control system allowing you to use all functions of the Genie just by head movement alone. The Genie V2 comes complete with hygienic, easytouse toilet facilities that can revolutionise your quality of life. All features are removable depending on your needs. When you can sit, recline, stand up and be mobile in safety without leaving the chair the possibilities are endless.

Everyone’s needs can change. All the Genie’s facilities and functions can be added or removed easily at any time to suit your requirements as an individual. Our base unit is easily adapted to accommodate a wide range of additional features, from vehicle docking systems to our unique head control system. And when it comes to one off customization at Genie wheelchairs nothing is impossible, from ventilator shelving to customised seating if you have any special requirements let us know. Nothing is too much when it comes to your comfort and independence.

• Easy transfers from bed to sitting or standing • Custom built to suit all needs • Comfortable & maneuverable • Enhances quality of life • Provides dignity, independence & mobility • Provides many health benefits • Removes boundaries Designed & Manufactered in


To arrange a free in home demonstration of all the Genie V2 has to offer, call Easyrise on 01952 610300 or visit www.geniestandingwheelchair.co.uk

AN_p20_p21 tanni_18-19_AN306_Tani's_view.QXD 24/09/2022 14:05 Page 1

Tanni’s View Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE writes for Ability Needs


HE IMPACT OF COVID on the population will be discussed for many years to come. I remember at some point in March last year thinking that it was going to be about a year. But I have no idea why I thought that at the time. Whether there is a full investigation or not and what it will ever be able to find is a debate for another time. I always say that in the work that I do you have to learn from everything that you do to be better next time. But in my case, it is a speech in a debate which might last an afternoon, or a piece of legislation that might be a few weeks. It is much easier to go through all the notes and the speeches and see what could have happened differently. I am really interested in what the learning is for how disabled people have been treated and


whether it has changed the view of disabled people by wider society. There is no doubt that the impact on disabled people has been pretty severe. Not just with the ‘do not resuscitate’ orders that were placed on a number of disabled people, but the ongoing low level impact on daily life. The figures that came out last year about the number of disabled people (60%) who died from Covid only really got media traction this year. There is a lot of intersectionality in that data, but has what we have been through in the last year made life better or worse for disabled people? Working on the coronavirus legislation feels like so much more than a year ago. Care Act easements were some of the big parts that I worked on but there were many other parts in Ability Needs Magazine

AN_p20_p21 tanni_18-19_AN306_Tani's_view.QXD 24/09/2022 14:05 Page 2

there that would have an impact on disabled people. It seemed like such small things at the time, but I remember trying to raise issue of access with the pavement culture. Don’t get me wrong, sitting outside having a coffee seems like a marvellous idea right now, but how that impacts on people moving around could have just a very low level negative effect. What is it about some of this that disabled people are not even thought about? Am I getting too pernickety? Or is this the outcome of lockdown where I am just getting tired of fighting for low level inclusion. One of the things that I received a lot of emails about was the impact of blue badge spaces being cordoned off to provide socially distanced queuing. Many emails I received said that no other provision was put in place and one person told me they received verbal abuse for parking across two spaces so that they could get their wheelchair out of their car. I have had a number of people tell me that as a disabled person they have been told that they shouldn’t be out. Is this because society cares about them and their safety, or because they are seen as an inconvenience? I wish that

I could answer some of these questions but sadly I think that it is more the latter than the first. Whereas a year ago I might have been trying to think of ways to deal with this, and I would have put it down to ignorance or many other things, now I spend more time thinking about what the wider impact is, because this is not a one off. This is happening to lots of people. It always has happened, but is it worse now than it was before? I certainly don’t think that the world has moved on in terms of rights. I was really pleasantly surprised last week when I found out that a disabled person who sat on an advisory group was being paid. How bad is it that I was excited that a disabled person was being paid for working? It came on the back of a conversation I was having about how often disabled people are sitting in quite important positions around the table but not being paid. What is it about the voice and experience of disabled people that is not being listened to? Changing big bits of legislation is one way to do it, but there needs to be more than this, so that we are no longer surprised when we hear about a disabled person being paid for their work. This should just be a given.

Crelling Harnesses Ltd. Tel: 01253 852298

Email: info@crelling.com


Crelling Harnesses manufacture a full range of special needs harnesses suitable for use on all kinds of equipment including wheelchairs, buggies, scooters, shower chairs, bathing equipment, stair lifts and seats in cars, buses and aircraft etc. The vehicle harnesses are designed to be worn in conjunction with the existing safety belts to provide additional postural support and/or to offer a certain degree of restraint when used for those passengers with behavioural problems or learning difficulties.

We make simple belts and full supportive harnesses for all kinds of special needs, including challenging behaviour Ability Needs Magazine


AN_p24-action assess_02_AN107.qxd 25/09/2022 12:16 Page 1



Luxury adjustable beds and recliner chairs

STABLISHED in 2000 and based near Leeds, Action Assist provides a quality specialist bed service throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide the best products available to help the varying needs and requirements of our customers and to this end we remain very flexible in our approach and are able to offer bespoke solutions where needed. Working closely with both the public sector and healthcare professionals we assess their requirements in relation to individual needs and offer our expertise in terms of equipment and solutions. If you are looking for a quality adjustable bed or require something more specialised we have the bed or chair to suit. With this in mind, we have sourced what we believe to be some of the most advanced specialist, assistive beds and chairs on the market.

A small sample of our products include: • A superb range of upholstered divan style adjustable beds. • Princess 5000 lateral tilting, profiling, height adjustable bed with programmable turning, excellent in the prevention of bed sores. • Solaze 502 twin profiling double bed – with two independent sleeping surfaces. • Solaze 382 Ultra low bed – variable height, starting at just 20cm high. • Solaze 302 Bariatric bed – available in a range of widths from 110cm to 160cm. • Countess 4000 range of single, double and twin profiling, height adjustable, contemporary divan beds. • Viscount 400 independent transfer chair bed. • Gemini rise and recline chair with removable arms. Offering an extensive range of mattresses including pocket sprung, memory foam and dynamic alternating airflow. Our beds can be tailored to be as individual as you are with out extensive range of accessories. We also offer flexibility, as we recognise that although the purchase of a bed is the right course of action for some, it might not necessarily be right for everyone. We have therefore established an extensive rental system, which is proving to be extremely popular. For some of our more specialised products, if purchasing is the preferred option, a two week trial can be arranged to ensure its suitability. The entire Action Assist team really care about the work that we do and know how much it matters that we do our job well.



T: 01977 689400 F: 01977 689401 E: info@actionassist.co.uk W: www.actionassist.co.uk Action Assist – Unit 6 Moor Lane Trading Estate, Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds LS25 6ES

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Brintal "Hands off" Safety Braking

THE OT SHOW - N.E.C. 23-24TH NOV UK SRP 2022


Press for power and touch to turn


Compact and easy charging

Occupant sensor system

ADDS Advanced Dual Drive System – Push or Power

Electronic anti-tip

THE AWARD-WINNING ELECTRIC YPUSH CHANGES EVERYTHING - AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON! No-one enjoys being stuck at home, but it can be such a struggle trying to push someone in a wheelchair. The revolutionary Ypush changes everything - No more pushing! Using cutting edge technology, the award-winning Ypush is a complete game-changer and the world's only carer controlled electric wheelchair with seamless power-assistance at the touch of a button. Simple to set up and effortless to use, the Ypush copes easily with hills and many difficult surfaces, so both the carer and the occupant can escape and enjoy new adventures together.




"The Ypush is a complete life-changer for

"The Ypush has given us our lives back, it's

so many people. It makes the inaccessible

as simple as that - we can now go to places

accessible, there is no effort involved"

together we haven't been for 20 years"

Jan WIlliams - Care-giver of 33 years

Sue & Tony Mollet - MS Sufferer & Husband


YPush Ability Needs Ad v2.indd 1

22/09/2022 14:44

AN_p26_p27_eddiepea_40+44_AN107_Long.QXD 22/09/2022 13:12 Page 1



+,"-"%&-"%".")/0%/,&/%&-"%$1%023,%0(')(1(3&)3"%/,&/%4"%-"5"56"-%"7&3/#8%4,"-"% 4"%4"-"%4,")%/,"8%,&99")":;%+,"%<=>>%&/-$3(/("0%&):%/,"%:"&/,%$1%?-()3"00% L(-0/*%4"%,&:%/,"%6&)D()'%3-(0(0%$1%MNNO%4,(3,%#":%/$%$2-%'$."-)5")/%: @(&)&%&-"%/4$%/,&/%09-()'%/$%5():;%A%&5%$1%023,%&%.()/&'"%/,&/%/,"%&00&00()&/($)%$1% &%9$#(38%$1%&20/"-(/8;%P"7/%29%4"%,&:%Q-"7(/%4,(3,*%4,&/"."-%8$2-%9"-0 ?-"0(:")/%B"))":8%4&0%/,"%1(-0/%023,%".")/%4,(3,%0""5%/$%1-""C"%/(5"%&):%3&20"% 3"-/&()#8%:$5()&/":%$2-%#(."0%&):%3"-/&()#8%3-"&/":%:(.(0($)%&5$)'0/%2 "."-8$)"%/$%0/$9%/,"(-%:&(#8%-$2/()"%/$%-"'(0/"-%&%9"-0$)&#%1""#()'%$1%0,$3D;%

3$2#:%/,")%,&."%(5&'()":%/,"%R$.(:%9&):"5(3%4(/,%&##%(/0%9-".($20#8%2 dominate the news. Just think of the tumultuous events that have happened during the past decade E)"%023,%5$5")/%$332--":%()%"&-#8%F"9/"56"-%/,(0%8"&-;%G"%4"-"%()%&% Hello again, -"9"-3200($)0S%A1%/,&/%3&/&#$'2"%$1%)$)0")0"%4"-"%)$/%")$2',*%/,"-"% or so. HERE are events that are of such &%4&-%()%I2-$9"%3&20()'%2)/$#:%-&5(1(3&/($)0%&):%:&5&'"%/$%/,"%4$-#: ?$-/2'2"0"%029"-5&-D"/%4,")%4"%,"&-:%/,"%)"40;%A/%4&0%:2-()'%&%'")/#"%,$#(:&8% First, we had the banking crisis of 2008 which led significance that we remember exactly to our government deciding on a policy of austerity. 1$$:%&):%")"-'8;%%T##%$1%/,"0"%,&."%,&:%&%9-$1$2):#8%)"'&/(."%"11"3/%4 ()%/,"%02)%/,&/%58%05&-/%9,$)"%&#"-/":%5"%/$%&)%".")/%$1%0"(05(3%9-$9$-/($)0;% where we were when they happened. The


Next up we had Brexit which, whatever your 9/11 atrocities and the death of Princess Diana personal view, certainly dominated our lives and H2"")%I#(C&6"/,%4&0%:"&:;%% are two that spring to mind. IG"%&-"%4&-)":%/,&/*%/,(0%3$5()'%4()/"-*%4"%4(##%1""#%/,"%(59&3/%$1%,2 am of such a certainly created division amongst us. Who could vintage that the assassination of President then have imagined the Covid pandemic with all its ()%$2-%12"#%6(##0%&):%".")%/,"%9$00(6(#(/8%$1%9$4"-%32/0;%+,(0%(0%9-$:23() +,"%-"&3/($)*%1-$5%"."-8%3$-)"-%$1%/,"%'#$6"%/$%/,"%9&00()'%$1%$2-%H2"")%,&0% Kennedy was the first such event which seemed previously unimaginable repercussions? If that to freeze time and cause everyone to stop their 1$-%&##%$1%20;%+,"%9#(',/%$1%/,"%"#:"-#8%&):%#"00%&6#"%(0%9&-/(32#&-#8%&32/" catalogue of nonsense were not enough, there is 6"")%0/&''"-()'%()%(/0%0()3"-(/8%&):%9-$9$-/($);%F2-"#8%)$%$)"%#&:8%()%,(0/$-8%,&0% daily routine to register a personal feeling of now even a war in Europe causing untold shock. G"%&-"*%A%3$)0/&)/#8%-"&:*%".")%&/%-(0D%$1%:"03"):()'%()/$%&%0/&/"%$1%)& 9-$:23":%023,%9,")$5")&#%&11"3/($)%&):%&:5(-&/($)%1-$5%0$%5&)8%9"$9#"%&##% ramifications and damage to the world supply of One such moment occurred in early September food and energy. All of these have had a profoundly "5"-'")38;%@-&0/(3%&3/($)%(0%-"V2(-":%&0%V2(3D#8%&):%"11(3(")/#8%&0%9$00 this year. We were in a Portuguese supermarket $."-%/,"%4$-#:;%A%,"&-:%/,(0%)"40%&0%A%4&0%92//()'%/,"%1()(0,()'%/$23,"0%/$%/,(0% negative effect world-wide. when we heard the news. It was during a gentle 1-&)D#8*%2)&33"9/&6#"%1$-%/,"%#"00%1$-/2)&/"%/$%)"":%/$%3,$$0"%6"/4"" We are warned that, this coming winter, we will &-/(3#"*%&):%(/%1"#/%(59$00(6#"%)$/%/$%&::%&%5$:"0/%3$)/-(62/($)%/$%/,"%,2'"% holiday in the sun that my smart phone alerted me to feel the impact of huge increases in our fuel bills and &):%"&/()';% an event of seismic proportions. Queen Elizabeth even the possibility of power cuts. This is producing )256"-%$1%"2#$'("0%1-$5%9$#(/(3(&)0%&):%4$-#:%#"&:"-0;%!"-%:"&/,%4(##%&#4&80%6"%$1% was dead. disquiet for all of us. The plight of the elderly and The reaction, from every corner 023,%(59$-/&)3"%/,&/%"."-8$)"%4(##%-"5"56"-%4,"-"%/,"8%4"-"%4,")%/,"8%,"&-:% % of the globe, to less able is particularly acute. the passing of our Queen has been staggering in its /,"%)"40;%J"-8%1"4%$1%20%3&)%-"5"56"-%&%/(5"%4,")%0,"%4&0%)$/%$2-%5$)&-3,*% sincerity and proportion. Surely no one lady in history has produced such phenomenal affection and 62/%#(1"%520/%'$%$)%&):%0,"%,&0%#"1/%&)%():"#(6#"%5&-D%$)%&##%$1%20;% admiration from so many people all over the world. I heard this news as I was putting the finishing touches to this article, and it felt impossible not to add a modest contribution to the huge number of eulogies from politicians and world leaders. Her death will always be of such importance that everyone will remember where they were%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % when they heard the news. Eddie Peacock has worked in the mobility %% % Very few of us can remember a% time when she was industry for “rather a long time”. He not our monarch, but life must go on and she has left A%&5%202&##8%&%9$0(/(."*%3,(99"-%0$-/%$1%3,&9%&):%/,"-"%(0%)$/%523,%/,&/%3&)%:")/% enjoyed a challenging career having started an indelible mark on all of us. G,(#0/%/,(0%(0%/,"%/$2',"0/%$1%3,&##")'"0%1$-%$2-%'$."-)5")/*%02-"#8*%/, by selling wheelchairs, scooters and 58%3,""-12#%$2/#$$D%$)%#(1";%@"09(/"%/,(0*%A%&5%32--")/#8%()%)"":%$1%&%:$0"%$1% I am usually a positive, chipper sort of chap and stairlifts for Sunrise Medical, eventually there is not much that can dent/&D"%9&-/(32#&-%3&-"%$1%/,$0"%5$0/%&/%-(0D;%+,"-"%&-"%5&)8%/,$20&):0%$ my cheerful outlook working his way to the position of UK sales ")/,20(&05*%&%5"/&9,$-(3&#%0,$/%()%/,"%&-5;%A%3&))$/%-"5"56"-%&%9"-($:%&0% on life. Despite this, I am currently in need of a dose :"9"):%$)%3$59#"7%"V2(95")/%()%R&-"%!$5"0*%P2-0()'%,$5"0%&):%() manager. After a period as a self-employed of enthusiasm, a metaphorical shot in the arm. I :(0/-"00()'%&0%/,"0"%-"3")/*%/2-62#")/%8"&-0;%@(.(0($)%&):%&)'"-%0""5%/$%:$5()&/"% consultant he was invited to manage $4)%,$5"0*%/$%5&()/&()%&%)$-5&#%#(1";%!"&-/%5$)(/$-0*%6-"&/,()'%&99& cannot remember a period as distressing as these movingpeople.net, then Handicare Ltd, in recent, turbulent years. Division:(&#80(0%5&3,()"0%&):%$/,"-%,2'"#8%3$59#"7%5":(3&#%"V2(95")/%&-"%. and anger seem to /,"%)"40;%K20/%/,()D%$1%/,"%/252#/2$20%".")/0%/,&/%,&."%,&99")":%:2-()'%/,"%9&0/%

:"3&:"%$-%0$;%% 26

-(0"-=-"3#()"-%3,&(-0*%0/&(-#(1/0*%9$4"-":%4,""#3,&(-0%&):%5$6(#(/8%03$$ Ability Needs Magazine -"#(&6#"%0299#8%$1%9$4"-%(0%"00")/(&#;%%

AN_p26_p27_eddiepea_40+44_AN107_Long.QXD 22/09/2022 13:12 Page 2

e Peacock

"-)5")/%:"3(:()'%$)% -%8$2-%9"-0$)&#%.("4*% &5$)'0/%20;%G,$% ".($20#8%2)(5&'()&6#"% We are, I constantly read, even at risk of environment that will protect the most vulnerable. descending into a state of national emergency. One gift we possess as a nation is a cheerful ',*%/,"-"%(0%)$4%".")% Drastic action is required as quickly and efficiently as outlook and a sense of humour. A few weeks back A/%(0%&%0&:%():(3/5")/%$1%,$4%0233"00(."%'$."-)5")/0%$."-%/,"%9&0/%WN%8"&-0%,&."% A/%(0%&%0&: %():(3/5")/%$1%,$4%0233"00(."%'$."-)5")/0%$Boris ,&."%re-appeared on our ."-%/Johnson ,"%9&0/%(remember WN%8"&-0%him?) %/,"%4$-#:%0299#8%$1% possible. It is, frankly, unacceptable for the less &##$4":%$2-%3$2)/-8%/$%0#(:"%()/$%/,(0%9$0(/($)%$1%()X20/(3"%&):%.2#)"-&6(#(/8;%% &##$4": %$2-%3$to %$1%()X20/(3 %% own inimitable style, /8;his $0(/($)and 2)need /-8%/to $%0# (:"%()between /$%/,(0%9heating :%.2#)He"-was, &6(#(in fortunate choose TV"%& at )home. ."%"11"3/%4$-#:U4(:";%% eating.

offering advice to help with the anticipated difficulties

G" G"%Q-(/(0,%,&."%&%:""9%/-&:(/($)%$1%1&(-%9#&8%4,(3,%2):"-9()0%$2-%0$3("/8;%+,"%YB% %Q-(/(0, %,&."this %&%:is"the %1&(-%9#&8% ,(3,%2):this "9%toughest /-& : (/($ ) "-9coming ()0%$2-%winter. 0$3("/8;%+,"%YB% Whilst of%$1 challenges for4our 9&3/%$1%,2'"%()3-"&0"0% they take particular (0%&%1()"%3$2)/-8*%&):%5$0/%$1%20%&-"%:(#('")/*%-"09"3/12#*%&):%'")"-$20;%T#/,$2',% (0%&%1()"government, %3$2)/-8*%&surely, ,$should 2',% all buy a new kettle %20%& -"%: (#('")/*%care -"09of"3/12#*%&He ):%5$ 0/%$must ):suggested %'")"-$20that ;%T#/we those most at risk. There are many thousands of us to save power! Nice one Boris, I am sure that Liz 0%9-$:23()'%:(0V2("/% ":depend (&/"%12/2 /,"%(55":(&/"%12/2-"%#$$D0%'-(5*%4"%3&)%02-.(."%/,"0"%:(11(32#/%/(5"0;%G"%4(##%#$$D% /,"%(55 %#$$D0%equipment % ##%#$ $Dbreadth )%02-. (."%/,"0"Truss '-(5*%4"%3in&Care %: (3and 2#/%/her (5team "0;%G "%4( who on-" complex Homes, will have the of vision &-#8%&32/";% and('indeed to6take more steps than this. ,6$2-their $2/%1$-%$2-%1-("):0*%)"(',6$2-0*%&):%-"#&/(."0;%A/%(0*%,$4"."-*%()3256")/%$)%$2-% $2/%1$-Nursing %$2-%1-(homes "):0*%)" 0 %&)own 0* :%-"homes, #&/(."0to ;%A/%(0*%,$4and "."capacity -*%()325 ")/%$ )%$2dynamic -% normal life. Heart monitors, breathing '$."-)5")/%/$%3-"&/"%&)%").(-$)5")/%/,&/%4(##%9-$/"3/%/,"%5$0/%.2#)"-&6#";%% % Queen may have "&/"%&)%").(-$)5")/%/,&/%4(##%9-$/"3/%/,In"%a5way, '$."-)maintain 5")/%/$a%3$0/%the .2#demise )"-&6#of ";%our 0/&/"%$1%)&/($)&#%

apparatus, dialysis machines and other hugely unified the nation. The reaction of thousands of complex medical equipment are vital. For E)"%'(1/%4"%9$00"00%&0%&%)&/($)%(0%&%3,""-12#%$2/#$$D%&):%&%0")0"%$1%,25$2-;%T% E)"%'( %4"%9$00"00%&0%&%)&/($)%(0%&%3,""-12#%$2/#$$D%&)ordinary :%&%0")citizens 0"%$1%,who 25$felt 2-the ;%T%need to pay their /#8%&0%9$00(6#";%A/%(0*% riser/recliner chairs, stairlifts, powered wheelchairs respects to her in person, both in Edinburgh and 1" 4%4"and "D0mobility 1"4%4""D0%6&3D%Q$-(0%K$,)0$)%Z-"5"56"-%,(5S[%-"U&99"&-":%$)%$2-%+J%&/%,$5";% %6&3D%Qscooters, $-(0%K$,)a 0reliable $)%Z-"supply 5"56of"-%power ,(5Sis[%-"U&9 &99 "&-":%was $)%$a2testament -%+J%&/%,to $5the ";%true spirit of our 0"%6"/4"")%,"&/()'% London, !"%4&0essential. *%()%,(0%$4)%()(5(/&6#"%0/8#"*%$11"-()'%&:.(3"%/$%,nation. !"%4&0*%()%,(0%$4)%()(5(/&6#"%0/8#"*%$11"-()'%&:.(3"%/$%,"#9%4(/,%/,"%&)/(3(9&/":% "#9%4(/,%/,"%&)/(3(9&/":% It is a sad indictment of how successive We should all draw inspiration from her dedication :(11(32#governments /("0%/,(0%3$5 :(11(32#/("0%/,(0%3$5()'%4()/"-;%% ()'%4()/"-;%% over the past 30 years have allowed and determination. Whatever your views, republican our country to slide into this position of injustice and or royalist, this lady has led by example, and we !"%02''"0/":%/,&/%4"%0,$2#:%&##%628%&%)"4%D"//#"%/$%0&."%9$4"-\%P(3"%$)"%Q$-(0*%A% ."%9$4" -\%P(3"%$)"%Q$-(0*%A% !"%02'vulnerability. '"0/":%/,&/%4"%0,$2#:%&##%628%&%)"4%D"//#"%/$%0&should all learn from her. 4(fair ##%,&." ,"%6-"&:/,Strength &5%02-"%/,&/%](C%+-200%&):%,"-%/"&5%4(##%,&."%/,"%6-"&:/,%$1%.(0($)%&):%3&9&3(/8%/$% %](C%+-have %/"&5%of % sure that in 3(/8%/I$am %$ (0($comes )%&):from %3&9&within. &5%02-"%/We ,&/British 200%&) :%,"-tradition a deep play %/ which underpins our society. The UK is a fine country, and every street and every family we will look out for /&D"%5$-"%:8)&5(3%0/"90%/,&)%/,(0;%% /&D"%5$-"%:8)&5(3%0/"90%/,&)%/,(0;%% most of us are diligent, respectful, and generous. each other. There are also plenty of organisations Although the immediate manned by dedicated volunteers around the land future looks grim, we can who will rise to the challenges ahead. survive these difficult times. Queen Elizabeth has given us all inspiration and We will look out for our perhaps we should consider her reaction to times of friends, neighbours, and stress and disorder. Whatever problems we relatives. It is, however, encounter it is important to remain calm, carry on as incumbent on our normal and, if possible, keep smiling. Help is always government to create an nearby, and we must not be afraid to ask for %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % assistance. Together we can and will emerge from % these difficult times. I am fond of a good quotation, % the UK. In recent years he held the post of and I will leave you with this one, made by a former Marketing Manager for Mobility which also 2"")%5&8%,&."%2)(1(":%/,president A)%&%4&8*%/,"%:"5(0"%$1%$2-%H2"")%5&8%,&."%2)(1(":%/,"%)&/($);%+,"%-"&3/($)%$1% "%)&/($)of;%+the ,"USA. %-"&3(It /($doesn`t A)%&%involved 4&8*%/,"supporting )%$1% matter which one, %:"5(0"%$ and 2-%H2" working with the it`s the thought that counts) *%02-"#8*%/,"8%520/% /,$20&):0%$1%$-:()&-8%3(/(C")0%4,$%1"#/%/,"%)"":%/$%9&8%/,"(-%-"09"3/0%/$%,"-%()% "(-%-"are 09"no 3/0problems %/$%,"-%(we /, $2BHTA. 0&):0%$1%$-:()&-8%3(/(C")0%4,$%1"#/%/,"%)"":%/$%9&8%/,“There )% cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve has 9"-0$)*%6$/,%()%I:()62-',%&):%]$):$)*%4&0%&%/"0/&5")/%/$%/,"%/-2"%09(-(/%$1%$2-% %6$/ 9"-0$)*He ,%(now )%I:(retired )62-',%and &):%is]looking $):$)*%4&0%&%/"0/&5")/%/$%/,"%/-2"%09(-(/%$ 2-% by ourselves.” $20&):0%$1%20%4,$%

forward to finding the time to perform

To contact Eddie send an email to )&/($);%% )&/($);%% 5"0%&):%():"":%/,"(-% useful tasks in the industry, playing drums abilityneeds@btinternet.com. or write to him in $2# a blues band, travelling /,()'%&99&-&/20*% G"%0,$2#:%&##%:-&4%()09(-&/($)%1-$5%,"-%:":(3&/($)%&):%:"/"-5()&/($);%G,&/"."-% %1-$most G"%0,$2# :%&##%: -&4%() 09(-&/($)and 5%,"-%:":(3&/($)%&):% /"-5Needs, ()&/($);7%G ,&/"."-% Terrace, Ayr, at:" Ability Montgomerie important, being silly with his grandchildren. 5")/%&-"%.(/&#;%L$-% KA751JL 8$2-%.("40*%-"926#(3&)%$-%-$8&#(0/*%/,(0%#&:8%,&0%#":%68%"7&59#"*%&):%4"%0,$2#:%&##% 8$2-%.("40*%-"926#(3&)%$-%-$8&#(0/*%/,(0%#&:8%,&0%#":%68%"7& 9#"*%&):%4"%0,$2#:%&##% #"&-)%1-$5%,"-;%% #"&-)%1-$5%,"-;%% 6(#(/8%03$$/"-0*%&% Ability Needs Magazine

F/-")'/,%3$5"0%1-$5%4(/,();%A%&5%02-"%/,&/%()%"."-8%0/-""/%&):%"."-8%1&5(#8%4"% F/-")'/,%3$5"0%1-$5%4(/,();%A%&5%02-"%/,&/%()%"."-8%0/-""/%&):%"."-8%1&5(#8%4"% 4(##%#$$D%$2/%1$-%"&3,%$/,"-;%+,"-"%&-"%&#0$%9#")/8%$1%$-'&)(0&/($)0%5&))":%68% 4(##%#$$D%$2/%1$-%"&3,%$/,"-;%+,"-"%&-"%&#0$%9#")/8%$ %$-'&)(0&/($)0%5&))":%68% :":(3&/":%.$#2)/""-0%&-$2):%/,"%#&):%4,$%4(##%-(0"%/$%/,"%3,&##")'"0%&,"&:;%% :":(3&/":%.$#2)/""-0%&-$2):%/,"%#&):%4,$%4(##%-(0"%/$%/,"%3,&##")'"0%&,"&: &:;%%


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How to get the most out of a therapy session?

PPROXIMATELY 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. So, attending therapy is vital in helping people to deal with grief and depression, as well as allowing them to address feelings of guilt, sadness or anger. Jenine Butroid, a psychotherapist and founder of the counselling organisation Supporting Minds, advises how you can get the most out of a therapy session. Before signing yourself up to therapy, it is important to find a therapist that will suit your needs. To find the perfect therapist for you, ask yourself what you want to get out of therapy. Take time to consider what sort of environment you feel comfortable in and what accessibility you may have to a potential therapist. Make a shortlist of potential candidates who look like they meet your requirements and set up phone consultations with each of them. These calls will help you to investigate a few things like availability, cost and how many therapy sessions to expect, but they should also help you determine if you feel comfortable. After each ‘interview’, ask yourself, do you feel you can talk to this person? Can you be honest with them? Do they accept you? Are they good at listening? Will their approach suit you? If the answer is yes, you’ve found your perfect match.

Here are my top tips for optimising your time with your therapist. Commit to attending each session When done correctly, therapy delivers consistent and regular support by helping people to navigate their issues. However, to make the most of therapy, you must attend each session. By doing this, you will gain a sense of continuity and develop a trusting relationship with your therapist. It is important to form this connection with a therapist so you can work at a deeper level, which is more conducive to long-lasting change.

Try to provide honest feedback to your therapist Therapy is a two-way street and relies on you giving feedback for sessions to succeed. So, after sessions, be honest and ask yourself, are the sessions flowing well? Are they progressing? Is your therapist missing something? Did you find something they said particularly helpful? Any feedback you give your therapist can benefit the therapeutic process and make your session better in the long run.

Strive to be open and honest with yourself Expressing your feelings and thoughts in sessions is very important. Try to notice the parts that make up your inner self, including those you tend to dismiss or ignore. Even if you are not comfortable with them, they contribute in some way to your experience of the world. By allowing your different ‘sides’ a voice, you can get a sense of the bigger picture of your inner world. Focus on how you experience your difficulties Sure, venting about your issues can be helpful at times. But, when venting becomes the focus of therapy, it is difficult to get a sense of any power you have to make changes. In other words, talking about other people or experiences will not make them change, but focusing on yourself can allow you to find new ways to respond to the situation.

Write everything down and reflect Writing everything down after a session is a great idea to make sure you make the most of the session. A notebook allows you to freely express your thoughts and feelings in words or other mediums. This will enable you to identify how you truly feel and can even help you discover things you would like to take into your next session.

By following these tips, you will be equipped to get the most out of a therapy session. If you would like to find out more, please visit: www.supportingminds.com/ 28

Ability Needs Magazine

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Raising the standards of stair climbing solutions and services


he Stair Climbing Company offer innovative Stair Climbers to suit almost any staircase and mobility challenge. We hope that our Stair Climbers offer you a suitable solution for your needs. Whether it’s for use at home, guests at your venue, in your business, adults or children we have a solution to suit. Our experts have over 40 years of educational experience between them to deliver guidance, support and training to use our Stair Climbers safely. Combined with a comprehensive aftercare package, we will deliver the highest standard of service.

The Stair Climbing Company offers a comprehensive after care package to ensure we continue to deliver the highest standards of service beyond your Stair Climber purchase. All purchases of new Stair Climbers come with a 2 year warranty (This excludes the battery). LOLER testing is now required bi-annually for mobility Stair Climbers. We will visit you on site and carry out a thorough inspection. A LOLER certificate will be provided and any repairs or advisables issued. We can offer this as part of your after care package price or contact you annually to remind you closer to the due date

The most important Stair Climber service is to ensure the operator is confident and competent when using the Stair Climber. New members of staff may be required to have training whilst regular use of the Stair Climbers isn’t always required therefore, we recommend refresher training bi-annually. Training packages are available to suit your requirement and

budget and can be purchased as part of your aftercare services. Service packages can be purchased with a level of cover from 1 to 5 years including breakdown, emergency call outs and additional hire of Stair Climbers for multiple sites. ‘Most after care packages are purchased at point of purchase of the Stair Climber. We pride ourselves on our thorough after sales packages. Our aim is to allow our clients to confidently use our Stair Climbers as an everyday aspect of life, therefore improving the users quality of life.’ Chris Persey - Operations Director ‘Care UK have worked with The Stair Climbing Company for several years and I have found their service to be incredibly professional throughout. I would highly recommend them to all care groups.’ Kevin Orme, Head of Facilities Management, Care UK

www.stairclimbingcompany.com | 01787 379160 Ability Needs Magazine


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How To Promote Healthy Hair Growth & Overcome Hair Loss


HERE are a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to hair care, but not all advice provides genuine benefit. Many are seeking to improve their hair health or suffer from hair loss. Hair loss is an extremely complex issue that affects majority of men and women at some point in their lifetime.

Dermoi's Chief Scientific Officer, Even Casha, MSc in Pharmaceutical Formulation breakdown hair loss & why supplements have become a popular and effective solution. All hair grows from a mini-organ present in the skin of the scalp called the hair follicle. Within the hair follicle, hair growth follows a regular cycle. The growth phase (anagen) occurs when new hair is created from the follicle (lasts 2-6 years), this is followed by a transitional phase (catagen) that lasts 1-2 weeks, and the resting phase (telogen) where the hair is lost (3-4 months). Different hair follicles tend to not cycle together to ensure an even population of hair on the scalp. Hair loss is a very complex issue that is influenced by many factors. Factors such as genetics, hormones, nutrition and stress, all have direct links with the hair follicle and hair loss. Nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition are leading causes of hair loss. This is because many vitamins and minerals are co-factors for enzymes involved in hair growth. For example, low iron, biotin, fatty acids, folic acid, zinc as well as vitamins D, E, C, B1, B2, B12, B6, B3, K are all associated with hair loss. Health conditions that affects absorption nutrients by the body also commonly cause hair loss. Male and female patterned baldness is considered a genetically determined condition that results from changes in hormones called androgens (includes testosterone). An excess in androgens, whether it be based on metabolism or changes cellular binding, are linked with hair loss. Stress is an extremely common cause of hair loss. This is because stress can worsen already existing hair loss that is a results of nutritional deficiencies, hormones, or inflammation in the hair follicle, but stress can also induce hair loss as it causes hair growth cycles to sync. This causes clumps of hair to fall out.

As hair loss if so complex, a multi-factor approach usually yields the best results when looking to improve hair health and overcome hair loss. It is best to incorporate into lifestyle changes and wellness practices in daily routines to improve wellbeing and reduce stress. In addition, forming a nourishing diet and achieving hormonal balance is extremely helpful. Nutraceutical supplements for hair have the ability to address all of the above issues, and therefore, have shown massive improvements in hair health and loss. Hair supplements often contain key nutrients and compounds called adaptogens. These compounds lower cortisol levels and help reduce stress on the body. They also contain compounds such as vitex angus-cactus or reishi mushroom, as they can balance androgen levels and improve hair loss. Lastly, hair supplements can contain scientifically studied active ingredients that act on the hair follicle and stimulate hair growth. Hairology by Vida Glow is an excellent example of a multi-tasking supplement for hair loss. It uses a bioavailable and clinically-studied to stimulate gene expression (FGF7 & noggin) in the hair follicle and bring it back into its growth phase (anagen). It is also combined with key nutrients and hormone balancing ingredients to create a powerful solution. The impressive nutraceutical stimulates a 34% increase in hair growth in just 28 days.

For more information and to buy products visit: www.shop.dermoi.com


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We are Through Floor Lift Company, a small family run business. We are based in Cheshire but cover all the UK. We specialise in installing reconditioned lifts and also supply and fit new lifts too, and repair and remove them for you. We can sometimes purchase your old unused lift that you may no longer require.

A review from our Facebook page: Huge thanks to Sam and through floor lift company for their fabulous product and exemplary services. They have just fitted a lift into the home of my good friend who has lost a leg due to cancer. They made it possible for her to stay in her own home. www.facebook.com/throughfloorlift

Through Floor Lift Company, Unit 10 Wallace court, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 3PD Tel: 07703055447 www.throughfloorliftcompany.co.uk

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“I’m struggling to hear at work”

Visualise Training and Consultancy takes a look at the challenges deaf employees and those with hearing loss face in the workplace. The challenges Losing your hearing is scary, disconcerting and challenging and having to adapt the way you do things and learn new skills such as lip-reading can be exhausting. Employment concerns Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of hearing loss is the uncertainty around employment. It can be hard to tell colleagues about your hearing difficulties which in turn can lead to increased anxiety and stress. You may struggle with the strain of listening and increased concentration needed to understand speech, along with distracting tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, or whooshing in the ears). You may also be afraid to tell your manager in case they think you can no longer carry out your daily tasks as efficiently as you used to, leading to a fear of unemployment. Common factors and feelings Let’s think about the common factors associated with deafness and hearing loss, and how experiencing these may make you feel:

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Inadequate lighting for lip-reading - you may not communicate as well if you cannot see people’s faces People approaching from behind and startling you Headaches due to the extra concentration involved Colleagues have mentioned you have not heard them more frequently Being unable to hear people from a distance Concern about hearing levels dropping further Missing contributions during team meetings and when in groups Struggling to hear clearly when background noise is present Increased possibility of ear infections, eczema and/or psoriasis Pain around the ear area meaning a headset cannot be used for telephony When using telephony, you struggle to hear clearly as you cannot lip-read and see the speaker’s face Colleagues not understanding and making jokes at your expense can lead to a loss of confidence and low self-esteem

Help is available Experiencing just one of these symptoms may make you feel worried, isolated, excluded, or anxious. If not checked, in time these feelings may escalate and affect your work and private life. It is vital to know that help is available as The Equality Act 2010 protects you against 32

disability discrimination and your employer must make reasonable adjustments. Transforming lives Visualise Training and Consultancy provides holistic workplace assessments which identify your needs and make recommendations in a detailed and solutionsfocused report for you and your employer. These include assistive technology, equipment, and other reasonable adjustments that can help make your working life easier, more enjoyable and productive. Overcoming the hurdles Let’s take a look at the five most familiar challenges that may occur in the workplace for people who have hearing loss, along with practical solutions. 1. “I cannot hear clearly when using telephony” We all lip-read to a degree but when a hearing loss is present, we rely on this skill even more so. When using telephony (mobile or desk phone, or virtual team meetings via the PC), we cannot lip-read. This is a common issue that can be tackled in several possible ways. We can: • Change the headset if hearing aids are not worn. • Use direct wireless streaming to the hearing aids (subject to compatibility, but usually possible). • Assist with background noise by implementing assistive listening devices. • Adjust desk position or working environment. • Use virtual communication options such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom etc. 2. “I am finding it difficult to hear during team meetings or group situations...” Reasonable adjustments can be put in place that will ensure meetings become more accessible and enjoyable. We can also suggest where best to sit in meetings and the most beneficial layout. If hearing aids are worn, technology which helps the user to hear more clearly at distance in one-to-one and group situations can be implemented. 3. “I suffer from headaches and am tired due to the extra concentration needed when trying to understand speech...” Regular breaks between calls and meetings so that listening fatigue does not occur can be recommended along with a range of other adjustments that will assist with this. continued on page 34

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ITH its headquarters in Ballymena Co Antrim, Moorings Mediquip UK Ltd are a leading supplier to the healthcare industry in UK and Ireland. Established in 1992, the Company is passionate in sourcing the best equipment possible for those with special needs. If your needs relate to sitting, standing, walking, riding, or even sleeping, then look no further. The Company serves as the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for a number of products – the range

changes for each area but depending on location includes Seating, Sensory Equipment, Walkers and Standers, Trikes, Buggies, Wheelchairs and Sleep Systems. Several years ago, Moorings Mediquip identified a gap in the Walker market, and the result was their own award-winning Buddy Roamer which is now sold worldwide in over 15 countries. Buddy Roamer™ is a posterior walking aid that provides partial weight bearing postural support with mobility. The ergonomically designed frame supports body weight whilst allowing the child to walk around freely and unaided. It has been designed to meet the needs of mild, moderate and complex users. Full details are available on the dedicated Buddy Roamer website – www.buddyroamer.com. An experienced and committed team of Area Consultants are based throughout UK and Ireland giving nationwide coverage. They work alongside your existing therapists ensuring a fully professional approach to the provision of equipment. Free home assessments can be arranged to ensure that a piece of equipment is fully suited to the needs of the patient. Full details of all products can be seen at www.mooringsmediquip.com or for more information call 028 2563 2777 or email sales@mooringsmediquip.com.

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Social care plan leaves the concerns of disabled people ignored OLLOWING the Government’s announcement of a £500 million discharge fund for the NHS, the Spinal Injuries Association have said it will do little to fix their members biggest concern: accessing social care. Nik Hartley CEO of Spinal Injuries Association said: “Spinal cord injured people across the country are currently experiencing serious difficulties in getting the care they need and know better than anyone the urgency of the situation, with many depending on carers to stay alive.” The charity says there is particular concern around the high turnover of care workers and the quality of the care provided, which leaves many with a constant fear of being left without lifesustaining care. The announcement of a discharge fund ignores the real problems in social care that


need urgently addressing by the government, such as the punitively high costs of care, or the desperately needed investment to raise the pay, working conditions, and levels of training available to care workers to make working in adult social care a considerably more attractive career, with much higher retention levels than currently exist. Nik Hartley added: “SIA works across the country to ensure that people with spinal cord injuries are valued and not ignored. Our mission – a fulfilled life for everyone affected by a spinal cord injury – is in our opinion a fundamental and achievable right of every spinal cord injured person. Yet until the real problems in social care are addressed people will not receive the high standards of quality care that they need to live, travel, socialise and work as they deserve.”

For further information from the Spinal Injuries Association go to their website: www.spinal.co.uk or call the Support Line on 0800 980 0501 continued from page 32

4. “My colleagues don’t know how to support me in the best way” Remember your colleagues may not have ever worked with someone with tinnitus, hearing loss or deafness, so be loud and proud, tell them what you need and how best to communicate with you. They may also benefit from deaf awareness training to understand how best to support you with the challenges you face. 5. “I have ear infections, tinnitus and eczema in my ears and cannot wear headsets...” This is a common occurrence so we may be able to recommend a different compatible headset or use a desk microphone and loudspeaker from the phone/PC. An external speaker can also be attached to most PC telephony. These challenges can cause elevated levels of discomfort, stress, and anxiety. However, it is important to remember that help is available and that communication is often the key to starting the journey to positivity and a sense of equilibrium.

Don’t suffer in silence, because for every problem there is almost always a workable solution.

Taking the first step Visualise’s holistic workplace assessments can help ensure that you successfully develop your career while feeling included and valued as part of the team.

Hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus needn’t mean job loss, so to find out more, visit https://visualisetrainingandconsultancy.com/workplace-assessments/hearing-loss/ and speak to your line manager and HR department about referring you for a workplace assessment 34

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AZAREHAB is the exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom for Hernik (German company) specialist car seats. Our car seats are specially designed for children with special needs from babies up to teenagers up to 75 Kg (aprox.12 stones). In all our car seats you can have swivel base to facilitate the transfers. You can also find several accessories to provide the best postural support to your child such as a supportive headrest, thoracic supports, 5-point harness, abduction block, padded tray, footplate, tilt-inspace, and recline options for children who have poor sitting balance. Our car seats can be fitted with or without ISOFIX system and have been successfully crash-tested. We do free assessments – Home visits or by video call. These car seats can be funded through Motability (if you have a vehicle from Motability scheme) or through charities. Please get in contact with us so we can give you more information about how to fund your car seats. Design, comfort, safety, great postural support, and easy for transfer. Everything you are looking for in a car seat you will find within our range. Ability Needs Magazine

You can visit our website at www.lazarehab.com or you can contact us on 075 345 775 83 or info@lazarehab.com Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see successful experiences with our special car seats.


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Angus Long

Was life in the techno devoid 1970’s really so bad?

RITAIN has become the global capital of fraud, with losses reaching £3billion a year, making us the worst of Western economies. More than 40 million people have been targeted by scammers this year with 60% of crimes being linked to fraud and computer misuse. It’s feared the situation will get worse as criminals exploit the cost of living crisis and find new ways to con the elderly and vulnerable. Tech experts have warned that scammers use Britain as a test bed to develop sophisticated frauds before moving on to other countries. This is believed to be partly due to the UK’s super-fast payments infrastructure which makes it easy for fraudsters to exploit. One of the easiest, and much used, scams is for crooks to target contactless payment technology. Most of us are familiar with the ease of using the contactless feature on our cards. Indeed, during the height of the Covid pandemic we were actively encouraged to use this



method, whenever possible, and the contactless transaction limit was raised from £30 to £100. The downside to this has been the ease at which crooks can exploit it. What they do is loiter and mingle in crowded places, such as crammed buses and trains or at large gatherings such as concerts and packed pubs. They pass a small card reading scanner past pockets and bags where wallets and purses are located holding contactless cards and they deduct money. Needless to say, most people don’t find out until much later when the scammers are long gone and the money too. A frustrating and costly side effect of modern technology. My wife fell victim to such a scam recently when we attended a Diana Ross concert. The bank was sympathetic and reimbursed the stolen money. To reduce the potential of being rescammed we purchased some protective card wallets that block the card readers from accessing the contactless card chips and we arranged Ability Needs Magazine

AN_p36_p37_industry_10_AN406_IL_Scotland.QXD 22/09/2022 12:51 Page 2

for the banking app to send a message detailing all transactions as they occur. I thoroughly recommend doing both of these to reduce the chance of falling victim to this scam method. Scan protective card wallets are inexpensive and available from the likes of Amazon. Another popular scam method is for crooks to text parents, pretending to be their children in despair needing a loan to help them out of trouble. Surprisingly, many have fallen victim to this, with some people being conned out of sums as high as £10,000. Again, clever use of targeting modern and popular communication methods. I have to say, if I received such a text message from any of my children my first reaction would be to call them up and speak to them rather than text. But then that’s perhaps because I’m, what some would call, old fashioned and someone who does not always think the modern ‘techno’ way of doing thigs is necessarily better or safer than the old ways. Indeed, a few years ago Professor Trevor Harley warned of the impending risks posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some obvious examples are banking, retailing and government departments where much of our day-to-day interaction with them is being driven towards a faceless, technological process. But when the technology fails or is “hijacked” then, in some cases, society can literally grind to a halt. But it’s not just when the technology fails, do we really want an increasingly faceless society Ability Needs Magazine

where social interaction is replaced by machines, gadgets and robots? Purposeful vocation is also an intrinsic component of a stable society, and more jobs are being lost to machines and technology every day. Where do we draw the line? 7.3 billion people inhabit the planet today and it’s predicted to be 11 billion by the year 2100. That’s a lot of people competing with AI for meaningful employment. How much time do we really save at the self-service till? Is it really more valuable than the job of the checkout staff? In reaction to the recent strike action, many have compared it to life in the 1970’s as if it was awful. Like any decade, the 1970’s had its faults, but it also had its fair share of fond memories too. Back then: We had no computers, smartphones or social media, instead we had social interaction. We had no self-service checkout tills, instead we had personal service with a smile. We had no over cautious health and safety, instead we had fun and games. We had no nanny state or compensation culture, instead we had common-sense and personal responsibility. We had smartly dressed police officers patrolling the streets, respected by the public and feared by the crooked. Education was about the three R’s not social engineering. We had GP’s that could see you in 24 hours not 24 days. We had boys and girls, not myriad gender types. We celebrated Christian culture without fear of offending other religions or the agnostic. Perhaps harking back to the 1970’s may prove less of a turn off than many would suggest. If life is for living, not existing, then perhaps there is more to it than efficiencies, cost savings and virtue signalling? Angus Long is owner of Writers4U Ltd 37

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As the pressure begins to mount on the NHS and homecare sector

COMING SOON A range of pressure relieving and manual handling products, supporting personal care protocols in all public, private and domestic care settings that are set to take the industry by storm These solutions are literally going to change the very nature of patient moving and handling Interested parties and distributors to call or email for further information or arrange initial meetings Writers4U Ltd (t/a Impression Marketing) Sinclair Court, Darrell St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 7DS Tel: 07968 421428 Email: info@impression-marketing.co.uk 38

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Be free.

ShopMobility UK co-ordinates a network of local ShopMobility centres which hire mobility scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs for everyone, of all ages, to enjoy independence. Find your nearest centre at:

www.shopmobilityuk.org Proud to be part of:

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Supported by:

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It’s not only on the track that the racing community comes together – Team BRIT’s Paul Fullick on leading aid efforts for Ukraine


AUL FULLICK is a driver for alldisabled Team BRIT. Paul, who is from Southampton, lost part of his leg after being involved in a motorbike accident last year. He joined Team BRIT in late 2021 and this year has competed in the Britcar Trophy Championship. Alongside racing and running his own business, Paul has been doing incredible work to support aid efforts in Ukraine. Here is his story.

I’m a massive fan of teamwork. It sounds cheesy, and it probably is, but if you bring together brilliant people who are good at what they do, and who want to achieve the same thing, stuff gets done. This has been proven in bucketloads in the work I’ve been doing as part of a newly formed charity to help people affected by the war in Ukraine. Back at the start of the conflict, I received a message from a friend saying that a group of people were getting together in the local pub to see how they could help get supplies out to Ukraine. They knew I had a lot of experience in logistics so wanted to know if I could help with some advice around transport and what it’s like to drive in Europe. No problem. Fast forward to the end of the meeting and I was in charge of logistics! In our first run, we took 12 vans out full of crucial supplies. We got to Poland in a day and


a half, double crewing vans and driving through the night to get there as promptly as possible. We took everything from blankets, nappies and toothpaste to canned foods and clothing, and delivered it to an incredible organisation in Poland that then sorted donations to help the thousands of migrants transiting into the country from Ukraine and onward across Europe. It was breath-taking to witness what they were managing to achieve. Everything was organised in a huge indoor sports hall that was filled with donations from all over the world. It’s difficult to explain just how much was in there, but the demand was so huge that every day it would be completely emptied and the whole process would start again. It needed to be constantly replenished 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We knew we needed to keep on helping, so decided we would keep on bringing supplies as long as they needed us. As more money was coming in and the scale of what we were doing increased, we realised we should become a charity, so Ukraine Sunflower Aid was formed, and I became the chair and a trustee. A great team of people gave up their time to help with admin, accounts, fundraising and logistics. As we planned each trip, we learnt more, and we realised that the team in Poland had a problem with people donating things they didn’t actually need. Large organisations could get them what they asked for, but it would be slow.

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We knew we could move fast, so we began speaking with our contacts regularly, finding out what the urgent need was and getting it to them within a week. Soon, people were becoming aware of what we were doing and our charity was getting more well known. We teamed up with other charities and formed a collective of people that we trust, setting up really effective flows of supplies. As the refugee influx slowed in Poland, the need for aid in-land in both Poland and Ukraine stepped up. Hospitals and food banks were in desperate need of supplies. We therefore got together with a logistics company that brings goods from Poland to UK and agreed that we would pay for their fuel if they would take our aid back to Poland on their homeward run. That became a really good way of getting bulk loads of aid out there, much more than we could manage with our vans. To keep up the public interest in what we were doing and to remain connected to the work, we also continued with our van runs, which all worked because of the amazing new partnerships we created. We were contacted by someone buying a refrigerated truck who wanted to take frozen goods out to Ukraine but needed a driver. They now let us use it and we can fill it with medical supplies as well as their food, which we drive out to where it’s needed most. Lately, we’ve also taken large quantities of ventilators out to Ukrainian hospitals. I’ve been on every single van run to date and it’s really important to me that whilst heading up the logistics, I also play a hands-on role. It’s not easy to see what we do. There’s utter devastation in parts – that’s the nature of a war zone. The trick in dealing with this is to detach Ability Needs Magazine

yourself from what you’re seeing and focus on why you’re there and the difference it will make to the people on the ground. To date, we’ve delivered 24 tonnes of humanitarian aid via van and over 440 tonnes via HGV. I’ve been so lucky to have received incredible help from Team BRIT. Right from the initial idea, Dave Player was keen to help, instantly lending us a team van for our runs. My fellow driver Chris Overend has also joined me on an aid run, sharing the driving. My sponsors support me in everything I do, not just my driving for the team. I asked my friends and sponsors at QAV Global for the loan of a van. They didn’t just say yes, they said yes – but they’ll also pay for the fuel, the ferry crossings, the tolls, and they’ll provider a driver! My sponsors Carbon Fibre Tubes didn’t have a van, so they supplied a person! My brother and their chief engineer who joined me on aid runs. In essence, we’ve become a really effective aids logistics company and have a great model for getting supplies from A to B, when they’re needed. This is the result of the most brilliant teamwork and a perfect example of what happens when the right people with the right goals come together for good. If anyone would like to help us in our continued efforts, it would be wonderful to receive financial donations via our Just Giving page. (www.justgiving.com/ crowdfunding/ukrainesunfloweraid). This then helps us gather and transport the right supplies at the right time. We set out with the goal of raising a few thousand pounds and sending over one van. We’ve now raised more than £80,000 and it keeps coming. It's amazing what you can do as a team. 41

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Electric Cars: Information and Driver’s Guide


LECTRIC cars are a great option for lots of people, particularly those who are

looking for a modern, eco-friendly and cost-effective vehicle. Because of this, the

Motability Scheme provides a wide range of electric vehicles for people to choose

from, helping to make them more accessible to disabled people across the UK.

This guide explains everything you need to know about electric cars – from charging solutions and key terminology to some handy FAQs. Completely new to electric cars? Unlike petrol & diesel cars which are refuelled at petrol stations, electric vehicles (also known as EVs) plug into a local electricity network. The process works in a similar way to refuelling a petrol or diesel car – one end of the charger simply connects to the vehicle, the other to the electricity source. EVs can be charged at home, at work, at destination networks such as supermarkets and car parks, or via an ever-expanding public network. There are a few key terms that are used when discussing electric cars: Range: That’s the distance an electric car can travel (on average) when fully charged kW: A unit of energy which is used to measure the power of an electric car’s motor. A higher figure indicates a more powerful vehicle – similar to the ‘horsepower’ of a combustion engine. kWh: A unit which is used to measure the output of an electric car’s battery. The higher the kWh rating of the battery, the greater the car’s range will be. Charging speeds: How quickly you can charge an electric car using a particular charger. There are a few different charger speed categories, in ascending order: slow, fast, rapid and ultrarapid.

• •

• •

How do electric cars work? Electric cars get their power from a rechargeable battery, rather than a combustion engine. This means they don’t require fuel or oil, and they produce zero emissions. The battery is charged by plugging the car into a charge point and drawing electricity from the grid. That electricity then powers an electric motor which turns the wheels. EV motors deliver instant power, and therefore they can accelerate much


quicker and feel lighter than petrol-powered cars. Why choose an electric car? There are many benefits of choosing an electric car – we’ve outlined some of the most popular reasons below. Sustainability The ban on new diesel and petrol cars will come into effect in 2030. It was initially scheduled for 2040 but was moved forwards by the government to help tackle climate change. This means that in the near future, the fossil fuel car ban will see fewer ‘combustion engine’ vehicles on the road and more of their electric counterparts. The move is part of the government’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions and eventually get to ‘net zero’. Electric cars offer a great solution. Their lower environmental footprint makes them a much greener choice than a petrol or diesel car. It’s worth remembering that this isn’t just a nice added benefit — electric cars are destined to be the only cars on the road in future years. It’s clear that they are a long-term essential, not a short-term trend. There are already many electric cars on the Motability Scheme, and more manufacturers are coming out with electric and hybrid versions of their bestselling models. Lower costs Some drivers can be put off by thinking electric vehicles are too expensive for them, when in reality they can be cheaper to run and maintain than fossil-fuelled cars. One of the biggest reasons for this is the price of fuel: depending on your energy tariff, charging an electric car can cost significantly less than filling up a tank of petrol or diesel. A higher upfront cost may well be compensated by your everyday running costs being lower. On the topic of upfront costs, one thing that

Ability Needs Magazine

AN_p42_p43_ motability classic canes_06_AN406.qxd 22/09/2022 12:59 Page 2

should be considered is whether to get a home charging point. Home chargers allow you to recharge your car from home, which some people find more convenient than regular trips to the fuel station. For Motability Scheme customers, if you’re leasing your first EV you could get a home charge point installed at no extra cost to you. A better driving experience Did you know that almost all electric cars are automatic? This is one reason why people find that they offer a much smoother and more enjoyable driving experience, as opposed to cars with manual transmissions. They are also very quiet cars, which can be a real bonus. Reduced noise means less distraction for the driver, and a better experience for any sound-sensitive passengers in the car. On top of

that, electric cars don’t give out too much noise in busy towns and cities, which is beneficial for both the neighbours and the outside environment in general. Despite their lack of noise, EVs are still very safe due to the Department for Transport’s sound safety rules for electric cars. All new electric and hybrid cars are fitted with a system that emits a sound when around pedestrians, so that they can hear the vehicles if they are driving nearby. Therefore, you can expect an electric car to provide a smooth and quiet ride, while helping you keep others safe too. Finding a car If you’re eligible to join, you can use our Car Search tool on our website to browse the electric cars that are available on the Scheme.

There are also Motability Scheme specialists across the UK, who will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you find the car that best suits your needs. Use our Find a Dealer tool to get the details of your local Motability dealership. For more information visit www.motability .co.uk or telephone 0300 456 4566

“Walking sticks are a great reflection of their user’s sense of style,” explains Charlotte. “For many people, having to use a walking stick becomes much more palatable once they discover that they don’t have to have an ugly ‘hospital-style’ stick but can instead have something fashionable, chic and cheerful. Once their friends and even total strangers start admiring their stick, they Walking stick specialist Classic Canes has launched a new find they can have great fun expressing collection of patterned walking sticks and folding canes with themselves with different patterns and an accompanying new trade catalogue for stockists. colours to match different outfits. Some Family-run Classic Canes is internationally-renowned for people amass large ‘wardrobes’ of canes and its elegant and stylish walking sticks. The range includes make them their style signature. Even if you over 700 traditional and contemporary models from only have one, it is so much everyday wooden walking sticks to exclusive better for morale if it is of good collectors’ and formal canes. The firm is especially quality and a pleasure to use.” well-known for its women’s walking sticks, which Classic Canes does not supply transform a practical mobility aid into a fashion the public directly but the accessory. Somerset-based firm’s products The latest collection of patterned canes was can be found in mobility stores, designed in-house by managing director Charlotte garden centres, gift shops, Gillan and features 17 new patterns, designed to specialist websites and other reflect the company’s particularly British sense of independent retailers across the style. The designs include nature-themed patterns UK and in forty countries around such as hedgehogs, hares, highland cows, puffins the world. Classic Canes is and woodpeckers, subtle dragonfly and bee prints, celebrating its fortieth and eye-catching statement patterns such as tropical anniversary this autumn, having been launched fruits and rainbows. by Charlotte’s mother Diana Porter in 1982. Please visit www.classiccanes.co.uk to find a stockist or telephone 01460 75686

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Sailing Trilleen


’M SAILING solo Round Britain and Ireland. That was an entirely impossible objective two years ago. I spent a lot of the previous seven years in a nursing home. I was in such a poor state that I needed 1:1 care, restraint, complex continence support and help with mobility. Most of this related back to a spinal injury and PTSD from an injury in the Royal Navy. My sail is supporting the Andrew Cassell Foundation: the amazing charity helping disabled people achieve independence on the water, who were key to my rehabilitation. 25 years ago I was a fit teenager joining the Royal Navy in its prestigious University Cadet Entrant scheme, looking forward to an Officer’s commission as the sort of engineer who keeps ships floating, moving, and with working sewage plants and other similar services. Unfortunately, all that crumbled to dust within a year as an initially poorly managed low spinal injury left me with mobility and pain issues and bladder and bowels that were distinctly iffy. By the time I finished my PhD at Southampton University I was struggling with worsening mobility, incontinence and repeated resistant urinary tract infections. The antibiotics and the infections did a number on my mental health. This coupled with the PTSD I was living with started causing aggressive self-harm, dissociation and sleep disorders that included suicide attempts. Eventually the CHC placed me in an adult nursing home run by Dolphin Homes. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. Initially I was using a power chair, needed one to one care, was frequently restrained, and sometimes soft mechanical restraints. Much of the time I had to wear a full face helmet and sleep in a specialist bed. I also needed massive support emotionally as well as continence care. It wasn’t the best of experiences, but I was safe. It was the careful insight of the nursing team who noticed the link between


dissociation, self-harm and infection and slowly we worked out that too much ciprofloxacin (and similar antibiotics) would send me, bluntly, la la. After this, together we started to be able to improve my care and I slowly stabilised and began to recover. I started thinking about my next move, and the way I could take my rehabilitation further. I wondered whether sailing might be a way forward as it had been an important part of my life before the initial injury. I struggled a bit finding a suitable organisation as many charities seemed set up to offer ‘experiences’ or used sailing to achieve other ends like socialisation. Eventually I came across the Andrew Cassell Foundation and that has transformed my life. On reading Andy Cassell’s biography, my immediate response was “Finally, here’s a sailor who’s overcome his disability and launched a setup that’s made for me! They’re going to stuff me in an open keelboat, let me trim the sails and feel spray on my face. I was so grateful to them for even giving me a trial in Cowes and hopeful for all that was to come. I was very unfit and didn’t really have any orthotics left that fitted properly so it was a Ability Needs Magazine

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massive challenge. I couldn’t walk the 23 feet length of the Sonar Keelboat the foundation uses and was still using a power chair. People at the sailing club where the Andrew Cassell Foundation is based would look on in amazement as I threw myself almost head first into a boat but gradually, with improved strength and a mountain of determination, I was able to take the helm, and discovered that a lot of the hard won marine skills were still lurking underused in my brain. Amazingly the Foundation started to see that I had a lot to offer and soon I was being trusted to help some of our newer disabled participants learn and improve their skills. Mind you I used to get so excited, I just couldn’t control my enthusiasm and sometimes fell flat on my face. I’m well over 6ft so it’s a long way down and was always being told to stop acting like a seven year old and slow down. In May 2020, I bought a small cruising boat which was in a really poor state ashore in the boatyard. Soon renamed Trilleen, the name of a boat built by my great grandparents, she is a modern classic, a Vancouver 27 built the year I was born, 1979. Built to cross oceans she wasn’t at the time safe to float. Together with the continuing sailing and training with the Andrew Cassell Foundation, the refit and systems rebuild she needed was an amazing rehabilitation gym. I launched her in August last year, just before Cowes Week, and subsequently sailed her to learn about sailing solo. That’s how I came to be starting my sail round

the whole of Britain and Ireland. I’m planning to do it slowly stopping frequently, both for my own health and welfare and to talk to as many people about the work the Foundation does and raise funds for them. I’m going so slowly in fact that I’m planning to winter the boat ashore somewhere before resuming the trip in the spring. No one wants to be off the North of Shetland with a small boat in the depths of winter. I’m hugely looking forward to setting off - probably around the 15th of August and setting off on an adventure. I very much hope that it will be a fulfilling voyage with lots of wild places and stimulating sailing. If you think that sailing might be a way for you to progress with rehabilitation or stimulate your life, please do give the Andrew Cassell Foundation a look. It might do for you, what it’s done for me. More information about Andrew Cassell Foundation can be found on their website: acfsailing.org or by dropping them an email: info@acfsailing.org To keep up to date with my sail or to donate to the Crowdfunder go to the Sailing Trilleen website: www.sailingtrilleen.org


Ian is now round the west coast of Ireland and he and his boat are resting in PORT ELLEN on ISLAY. He intends to proceed to RHU in GLASGOW to meet up with some friendly sailors there and then to winter the boat before beginning his sailing round the remainder of the UK in the spring. The north of SHETLAND is further north than the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE is South and those attitudes demand respect and are best attempted in their respective summers. Ability Needs Magazine


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Wanna fly in your own wheelchair by air..??...Hold my beer..!!


LYING by air seated in your own power wheelchair (PWC) was once a distant dream. Now an industry led consortium has found the solution to this Rubik’s cube. The consortium comprises of Aircraft Cabin Designer Priestmangoode, Aircraft Certification Company SWS Certification and Lobbyist/Consultant Flying Disabled. The consortium is called Air4All and they want to make air travel safe and dignified for all those that use PWC’s. The consortium will be working alongside Sunrise Medical, one of the biggest wheelchair manufacturers in the world. Working together we can scrutinise the PWC for safety and airworthiness. The Air4All concept is designed to be accommodated in all commercial aircraft types and has been designed around a single aisle Boing 737 or Airbus A320 aircraft. These aircraft are now the most common airline purchase due to their ability to fly further, thus it can easily migrate to the bigger twin aisles of the air. Jet Blue already flies a Single Aisle Airbus A321neoLR from London to New York. The Air4All design is not just great for those PWC users, it removes the elephant from the room and offers no loss of passenger seat for the airline. There can be no more excuses from the airline perspective. The consortium is in progressive discussions with an airline subsidiary; in other words the prototype is currently being built with an airline following the progress closely. However, we need to go further. One airline adopting the Air4All system does not make a harmonised journey. Safety regulators are very keen on harmonisation, especially when it comes to passenger welfare, and it is very likely that once one airline adopts the system then others will follow voluntarily. Then the others will be steered into the stable via regulation. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) our UK regulator has thrown its weight behind the project. The million-dollar/pound/euro question is “will I be able to fly in the PWC I currently use”? That answer has not been established yet. Most PWC’s are tested for road vehicles at a very high standard and on that basis, you would think so, but an aircraft cabin is a vastly different environment. You and your PWC will sit in a pressurised cabin, 35,000 feet in the air, travelling at speeds of around 500mph. The safety of everyone on board cannot be compromised in any way. So, there are many challenges ahead to get this flying, but as the consortium is industry lead, we know the hurdles that aviation will lay for us, as do Sunrise Medical with all wheelchairs. As someone reminded me, the consortium will be the first of so many innovations that will change so many peoples lives for the better. I often see on social media “they can get a man on the moon, why can’t airlines get a wheelchair on an aircraft”. Think of the Air4All system as the first manned moon landing; just a few years later they were driving around the moon in buggies, playing golf and all transmitted to viewers in glorious colour. You have start somewhere - right!


For further information visit: www.flyingdisabled.org.uk and www.air4all.net

Ability Needs Magazine

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The Norfolk Broads


by John Killick

OR THIS ARTICLE, I am going back to the land of my miss-spent youth – The Norfolk Broads! The only way to see them is from the water, so you require a boat! Good grief, I hear you say, I couldn’t do that! How would I get on and off with my disability? Well, most Broads companies maintain an odd boat with disabled in mind and there is the Nancy Oldfield Trust tel. 01692 630572! They maintain a small fleet of boats just for disabled people. The only access to our accommodation. Try that in a wheelchair! Therefore, unless your disability is sensory, then the one we chartered is definitely not for you! However, you can follow the same route and see everything we saw using the Nancy Oldfield Trust with your own experienced crew to keep you out of trouble.

Nancy Oldfield Trust boats have a ramp and hydraulic lift.

A traditional Broads yacht anchored on Ranworth Broad. 48

Right, we chartered a Gin palace of a cruiser out of Matt Brinks yard in Wroxham for a five-day cruise. I shan’t try to describe the accommodation since most of you would find the access impossible. We got away from Wroxham at about 4pm and headed down the river Bure to Ranworth Broad where we moored up for our first night. We were lucky getting the last available mooring outside the local pub. Again, I will not mention the pub since by the time we went in around seven o’clock on a Monday evening they had virtually run out of food! The toilet facilities and showers ashore though were very clean and in great working order and the village convenience store was well stocked and worth a visit. Almost all Broads like Ranworth are nature reserves and extremely beautiful. Most villages on the Broads have a village church that is kept open for visitors during the season. Visiting a church will tell you much about the history of the village and have free access. Please remember that although free, if you wish to continue to have this facility it has to be paid for! There is normally a box Ability Needs Magazine

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for donations just inside the door. The next morning, we continued down the Bure to St. Benet’s Abbey. This comprises now of just the old gatehouse, in which some enterprising Broads bloke had built a windmill, which is also ruined! The paths are accessible and there are boards explaining a little of its history. It did not get in this state in the usual way as Henry XIII’s men could not find it in the then even more extensive marshes. From here, we went up the very beautiful

The wind pump at Thurne Dyke

The ruins of St. Benet’s Abbey

Ranworth Staithe and facilities building

River Ant via Ludham Bridge crossing Barton Broad (one of the largest on the broads), ending the day moored in the Village of Stalham. Stalham is a large village for this area with extensive boat yards, shops, pubs, restaurants and a beautiful church. It is well worth a visit. The following day we were joined by my granddaughter and her husband along with their four-week-old daughter. Gran and great gran spent the rest of the day competing for the job of nursing, feeding the baby etc. (ahh!), while we cruised back down to Ludham Bridge and back. Having dropped them back at Stalham, still apparently not having seen enough of the river Ant, we headed back down to the River Bure, turned east to Thurne Mouth, then turning up the River Thurne hoping to moor up at Potter Heigham for the night. Too late, oh dear, back down the Thurne to Thurne Dyke where we found a mooring for our last night. There were good facilities and shop plus an excellent pub that served a great meal. Strongly recommend these moorings. We spent the last day making our way back up to Wroxham to hand the boat back by nine the next day.

John Killick was the secretary of the Disabled Motorists Federation for over 20 years and was also the editor of 'The Way Ahead' magazine. He continues to be a freelance writer. He was born in Norfolk and brought up in Suffolk, married a Manx girl, and now lives in north east England. Ability Needs Magazine


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