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Editor’s Notes Musings on procrastination, featured articles, and copper

Lois Linquist

A lifelong crafter with expensive taste, jewelry design was a natural move for Lois Linquist. She founded Copper Wire Jewelers in an effort to unite and connect with people who share her passion. Through her online store, A Beaded Affair, Lois offers high-quality wire, findings, and beads for her fellow artisans’ designs




Steam Punk: A Green Art

Lisa Ann Ullibarri

Lisa is a self-taught multimedia artist based in the western United States. When not crafting, she enjoys the journey called life and spends time with her special kitty gal Patch.



Artist: LaMata Lewis Shop:

Artist: Eva Sherman Shop:

Scrap Box Ring & Copper Cuff with Beach Glass Accent

These ruby quartz rondelles reminded me of a treat from my childhood, Red Velvet Cake. I used 3 different types of antique bronze viking knit and snake chain from Adornments. They are combined with bright copper accents and metal beads. The chain, mixing in smaller creamy rondelles and copper hex beads, is handmade. A neckpiece for a woman who wears her jewelry and not the other way around. "If a knight can't see it from a galloping horse...why wear it?"


Successful Selling The third in a three-part series on how to build sales and market your shop

Anna Lee Husband

Toronto jewelry designer Anna Lee Husband offers artisan gemstone delights under her Gahooletree, SassyDLite, and Anna Lee jewelry brands. Anna Lee is a writer, business owner, wife, mom, dog owner, and marketing consultant who earned her Hons. B.B.A. at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON.




Lisa Barth Jewelry Designs Artist: Lisa Barth Shop: When you are stuck in a car, driving for what seems like a lifetime, how do you make the time go by? Well, I have just recently been driving all over the country but before we left, I grabbed some copper wire and a few seed beads, along with my tools. I just started "doodling" and before I knew it. this pendant began to grow. I say grow because it started out small and kept multiplying itself as I kept experimenting and adding more things to it. Before it grew into a complete monster, (and it was threatening to do so), I said enough is enough and stopped. I don't know how good it is, it was made while bouncing around in an SUV but it helped pass the time and it is fun to wear.

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Artist: Linda Lamb Shop: A technically challenging piece and something pretty, both in honor of Lois' Mom - a true lover of art, resting with the angels.


Wearable Art with Copper Wire

Cindy Chau

Cindy is a jewelry designer from Toronto, Ontario. Her selections of necklaces and bracelets can be found at her Jewellery by CityGirl Etsy shop.


Artist: Lisa Glenn Shops:,

This piece was inspired by a photo that my sister took of a beautiful peacock in Hawaii. His plumage was spectacular, and I wanted to capture that beauty in a woven statement piece of jewelry.



Artist: Marjorie Ixes Shop: Blog:

One of a Kind Necklace: 'The Maharajah's Daughter' M-ixes May 2010 'The Maharajah's Daughter' was created by accident. I started out with the idea for wired earrings. When I formed the chandelier shapes of 18 gauge artistic wire, I changed my mind: inspired by the curls, I wanted to make them into a pendant with a gemstone in the middle. Since I was on holiday on an island with no gemstones and just artistic and 30 gauge copper wire, I decided to wire some more and things got pleasantly out of hand. ;) I decided to attach gemstones to it when I got home. So I attached a large chunk of faceted labradorite with an absolutely wonderful reddish, coppery sheen (which is almost Impossible to capture in a picture), some faceted rondelles, a smooth briolette and a smooth reddish delicious labradorite rondelle. I also added two shimmering cubic zircon briolettes and teeny rondelles and two round subtle peach moonstones, some Luscious red faceted Ruby rondelles and briolettes, all Wired on Gold filled wire, with gold-filled caps and (handmade) headpins. I finished the necklace off with two types of gold-filled chain and a gold-filled lobster claw clasp. The bare copper wire will oxidize to that gorgelicious patina that copper gets over time and you will see the shiny copper glow from the coated copper frame shine through.


It's All In The Beads Artist: PennyLane Email:

Artist: Marie Frazier Shop: Blog:

Bling for the Feet

My love of Lake Superior Agates and all other gem stones began in May of 2009. At first it was just the love of the stones, now it is much, much more. I began wire wrapping in September 2009, and after 1 year of wire wrapping, I find I become more and more brave with the wire in my designs. Almost all of my designs are meant to enhance the stones, to show them off. I wrap in copper, brass, gold fill, and sterling silver, but do not use coated wire, or plated wire any more. All of the Lake Superior stones in my shop were found by me, right in my own back yard, then I cab them, and wire wrap them.


This is my version of the a type of foot jewelry that has been around for a long time. These are made from 20 gauge copper, pre-made copper chain, crystal bracelet joiner, small 3-4mm deep blue and orange Swarovski crystal beads, brown and orange glass seed beads, and a deep blue, white and orange 6mm crystal bead. I also used a 12 mm glass orange colored bead. The bead work was strung on 0.5mm stretch string. I closed the string with a knot and a crimp bead.

Google’s new Instant Search How does Google’s new “Instant Search” change things for the little guy? The experts (not me) speak, and I interpret.

Linda Reynolds

Linda Reynolds is the designer and owner of Bella Linda Designs. Linda started making jewelry over 10 years ago, and has a passion for organic shapes and materials and always strives for originality, beauty and functionality in her jewelry designs.




Art You Can Wear Artist: Diana Kirkpatrick Shop: Blog:

I hope you enjoy my hand crafted jewelry and art inspired by my love of nature and gardening. The organic feel of copper is especially pleasing to me. I love working with it and adding wonder gemstones. Every one should be able to wear beautiful gems.

The necklace is done entirely in fine silver. I like the front closure style and use it in many of my designs. I used 18 gauge fine silver for the framework of the necklace, then wove a variety of patterns with 28 gauge fine silver wire to create the necklace design. The ends of the 18 gauge wire are coiled into “tendrils.�

Artist: Audrey Fetterhoff Shop: Blog:

The pendant is a freeform design in 18g fine silver that combines moonstone, rose quartz, and several different crystals. The pendant is embellished with coiled and woven silver.


Artist: Lois McIntire Shop: Blog:

There’s nothing like the beauty of fall, with all its glorious hues and endless variations of gold, orange and deep red. We welcome the arrival of this majestic season, and bask in the luscious diversity of the changing foliage. This necklace and earring set was designed with that special time of year in mind. Deep red-orange coral beads, blended with the earthy variations of the unikite, delicately enhanced with olive green leaves and citrus orange crackle beads, emit a warm pleasant glow. The addition of copper accents and links accentuates the variation of passionate hues in this set ensuring the perfect balance of color and tone in this fall-inspired piece.


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Copper Wire Jewelers

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine, Issue 4, October 2010. Founding Editor: Lois Linquist ( Layout and Design: Hot Glue Media ( Content and images used with permission of the copyright holders.

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine - Issue 4  

Fabulous artwork and informative articles all about copper and alternative metals jewelry from the gifted members of Copper Wire Jewelers

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine - Issue 4  

Fabulous artwork and informative articles all about copper and alternative metals jewelry from the gifted members of Copper Wire Jewelers