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Lois Linquist

A lifelong crafter with expensive taste, jewelry design was a natural move for Lois Linquist. She founded Copper Wire Jewelers in an effort to unite and connect with people who share her passion. Through her online store, A Beaded Affair, Lois offers high-quality wire, findings, and beads for her fellow artisans’ designs



Artist: AudreyGardenLady Shop: Copper is my passion. I love it's deep richness. My designs are inspired by nature and I adore using gemstones, yet I strive to keep it affordable. Every woman should be able to wear gems!


Here are some of my latest designs-Hand crafted wire wrapped Crosses and bracelets by AudreyGardenLadyon.etsy .com


Artist: Karen Olwen Designs Shop:

I have had a lifelong love of fantasy literature and Celtic mythology - elves, fairies, wee folk, dragons and epic quests have always captivated my imagination, and in my jewelry I try to combine this with my love of nature to create unique and rich pieces that you won't find anywhere else. The Elven collar was inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series - it was constructed with a soldered wire frame as a base, which was then filled with wire netting. On this ground I added graceful loops and swirls of wire accented with rose quartz beads. I then oxidized the piece to bring add depth and character. The cuff is a piece fairly heavy gauge copper sheet etched with a beautiful Celtic knotwork pattern, then oxidized to highlight the design.


Artist: Molly Alexander Shop: Artist: M-ixes Jewelry Blog: Shop:

The inspiration for this set comes from a visit to Key West some years ago. I remember worn and peeling paint on rows of pastel colored homes with decks overlooking the ocean. Each peeled-off paint chip was a work of art in itself, revealing years of color upon color as the cottage was reinvented by successive owners. I pictured weathered Adirondack chairs on the back porches where they could sit and drink iced tea as they watched treasure hunters stoop to pick up shells washed up on the shore.

Wrapped Earrings with Copper, .999 Fine Silver and Copper artistic wire. I formed Circles from 18 gauge Copper artistic wire, wrapped all together with 24 gauge solid Copper wire, added some antique Copper and .925 Silver beads and a faceted 6mm Cubic Zircon Dangle. The beads alternate, so from one side the Silver will show more, on the other side the Copper will show more. For Closure hooks I formed wires from .999 Fine Thai Silver. They will secure in the open loops on the back, very Safe. The bare Copper will oxidize and get a nice Patina over time while the artistic wire keeps it red Copper shine.


With that memory as my inspiration, I wanted to create the same weathered beauty in my jewelry. I started with layers of torch-fired enamel to build up the color on the copper that I chipped off and re-fired, revealing the copper and other color layers underneath the top layer as they all fused together. The result is exactly what I had hoped it would be: a weathered set that is comfortable to wear and is as casual as an afternoon in Key West.

Successful Selling Advertise Regularly: The second in a three-part series on how to build sales and market your shop

Anna Lee Husband

Toronto jewelry designer Anna Lee Husband offers artisan gemstone delights under her Gahooletree, SassyDLite, and Anna Lee jewelry brands. Anna Lee is a writer, business owner, wife, mom, dog owner, and marketing consultant who earned her Hons. B.B.A. at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON.




Puzzled by Pricing? The top ten pricing mistakes to avoid when it comes to placing a value on your jewelry.

Danette Steimle

Danette Steimle is the designer and owner of Fine Windings located in the stunning Pacific Northwest. Somehow the lush beauty of the area always seems to find its way into her designs, as in the Canopy collection found on Danette is a business owner, editor, designer, wife, and mom.




Artist: MDavis Designs Shops:

Copper wire and turquoise beaded pendant necklace.


Copper wire wrapped around and woven, adding a few beads, and a coyote, on a copper chain with copper tube spacers to form this necklace.


Artist: Jane Christie Shop: Eye-catching...? This piece is made of a taxidermy human eye sandwiched between two pieces of copper sheet (one done with repousse). The eyebrow is made with some copper mesh I picked up at a gardening store. I antiqued the copper with liver of sulphur and polished it up with Renaissance wax. A fun piece, but not everyone's idea of beauty...but it makes you "look"!!!

The goal of Sweet Dreams is to create original pieces that can either be worn, or framed and hung on a wall. Heavy metal jewelry light metal jewelry designed to inspire new dreams - as they reflect organic images found on my travels. With my wonderful black dog by my side I am sometimes pulled to look at things in the ground, blown onto fences, or scattered on a beach that I might otherwise have missed.

Artist: Susan-Jillian Smith Email:

Personal wearable art, sculpture and garden art keeps my husband, my dogs and me very busy and always on the look out for something overlooked.


hot glue media solutions that stick. web, design, and audio solutions for your indie world websites | blogs | shop banners | show signs e-commerce | business cards | podcasting 716.803.6646 Designed for Time Artist: Lloyd Braunberger Shop: Blog: Matching DragonScale weave bracelet and ear ring.


I Need My Space! A stained glass & jewelry artisan shares advice on creating your own work space.

Lois McIntire

Lois McIntire specialize in Custom Jewelry, Stained Glass, Computer Aided Designs (CAD), Commissions & Stained Glass Repairs. Based in Historic Kokomo, Indiana, her work is available from Crystal Wand Creations.




Beadngems in Florida Is now offering a series of wire and bead working classes throughout the state of Florida

Our first class will feature

Perri Jackson Perri will be teaching the Soutache Braid in various levels and projects over the 3 days of classes. Classes are being held at the Comfort Inn Universal Studios

Friday Evening, Girls Night Out 5 p.m to 9 p.m. October 15, 2010 Class will be Soutache Earrings. Cost of class is $60.00 which includes your kit, instructions and a light snack. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. which will allow time for meet and greet, and shopping with event hosts BeadngemsinFL.

Saturday Morning, Soutache Braid Pendant/Clasp, 8 a.m. to Noon. October 16, 2010 Classes will be Soutache Pendant/Clasp. Cost of class is $80.00, which includes your kit and instructions. Class will begin promptly at 8 a.m. Limited Seating to 15 students.

Saturday Afternoon, Soutache Braide Pendant/Clasp, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. October 16, 2010 Classes will be Soutache Pendant/Clasp. Cost of class is $80.00, which includes your kit and instructions.Class will begin promptly at 8 a.m. Limited Seating to 15 students.

Sunday Class, Soutache Braid Bracelet, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. October 17, 2010 Class will be the Soutache Bracelet. Cost of the class is $135.00, which includes your kit and instructions. Class will begin promptly at 9 a.m. with a one hour break for lunch 12:00 to 1 p.m. Seating is limited to 30 students. For more information and a registration packet, including hotel room rates for this weekend, please email Shelley Costantino at or you can download a packet at our website


Joy in Wire Artist: Joyce Wenker Email: Artist: lilibulle Shop: Blog:

"la chanson de l'oiseau" lot of fun making this necklace, The bird focal is in polymer clay , made with a stamp that i have designed, and painted with the "faux ceramic " technique", little nest in copper too. 2 filigrees are combined with polymer clay .


What To Do When Disaster Strikes A creative solution to a “ruined� enamel-on-copper piece using copper wire and copper foil.

Linda Reynolds

Linda Reynolds is the designer and owner of Bella Linda Designs. Linda started making jewelry over 10 years ago, and has a passion for organic shapes and materials and always strives for originality, beauty and functionality in her jewelry designs.




Thoughts about Copyright Changing our mental approach to creating jewelry.

Perri Jackson

Perri spends her time bending really small wire into pleasing shapes for Shaktipaj Designs. She’s been doing this and other things like it for roughly four-fifths of her lifetime.



Shaktipaj Designs Artist: Perri Jackson Shop: Blog:



Soutache Swirls Bracelet I love all the little details of embroidery, fine tailoring, and wire - so it just seemed natural to combine all of them!


Just recently fell in love with the beautiful color variation in copper - I know, I'm slow! This piece uses 30g copper coils over 24g to create a beautiful fiber type braid in the band - inspired by classic and ornate soutache braiding on military uniforms. Of course - there has to be bling included Bam! Swarovski to the rescue!



I write tutorials for all sorts of detailed textile inspired wire projects - come visit my shop and be inspired to explore adaptations of your own favorite 'alternative' medium.


Queen's Crown necklace and matching bracelet. Two huge matched carnelian cabachons, netted and joined with a deeply patinated snake chain, cut into sections and formed into pleasing curves.There is just a hint of bright copper for bling. The oval components remined be of a crown thus the name. I collect the things I like then let them tell me how they should look. I twist and poke until the pieces tells me it is done.

KSANDRA Artist: Aleksandra Jovanovic Blog: Copper wire, glass beads


Artist: LaMata Lewis Shop:

Teaching Craft Classes In Your Home Practical advice for conducting craft and jewelry classes out of your home.


Laurie Silva

In addition to teaching craft lessons herself, Laura Silva also creates beadwork, wire wrapping and more for her Busy Crow Studios..



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Wired 4 Style Artist: Terry Pugh Blog:

This is an owl I call Chuck. He is named after a friendly homeless man we met. I used coiling and wrapping to make this guy. He is the biggest so far in my owl collection. He's 3 1/3 x 2 in.


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Copper Wire Jewelers

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine, Issue 3, July 2010. Founding Editor: Lois Linquist ( Layout and Design: Hot Glue Media ( Content and images used with permission of the copyright holders.

Copper Wire Jewelers - Issue 3  

The art and musings of the members of Copper Wire

Copper Wire Jewelers - Issue 3  

The art and musings of the members of Copper Wire