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Editor’s Notes Musings on procrastination, featured articles, and copper

Lois Linquist

A lifelong crafter with expensive taste, jewelry design was a natural move for Lois Linquist. She founded Copper Wire Jewelers in an effort to unite and connect with people who share her passion. Through her online store, A Beaded Affair, Lois offers high-quality wire, findings, and beads for her fellow artisans’ designs


Featured Technique:

Viking Knit

I’ve been very into Viking Knit lately—both in copper (above) and sterling (below). What have you been into lately? If you have a technique or trend fanning your creative fire, let me know, and you might see it featured here in a future issue of Copper Wire Jewelers.



Artist: Luranah Maria Polson Shop: This copper locket piece was made using rough wire wrapping techniques and rustic beads in contrast with juicy garnet rondelles and hand-cut AB crystal from the 1930s. The featured pendant cluster includes a vintage copper and brass locket, a repurposed prism-cut crystal, and a fat drop of garnet glass, wrapped and coiled in copper wire. The copper chain from which they are suspended is embellished with cast copper beads, deep red Czech glass with a dark picasso finish, faceted garnets, and hand-cut vintage crystals. I enjoy marrying elements that are traditionally incorporated in more formal pieces with those that are usually considered "casual", as well as combining modern components with vintage, for a rich contrast. The Victorian-style swag bail and Swarovski crystals complement the rugged lip of the fluted copper beads and the simple vine bead caps. As always, a dangle of chain links and embellishment—in this case deep red Czech glass and Swarovski bicones—finish the clasp, so the wearer will look lovely coming or going. Also shown is what I call the "arty shot" of the same piece. Often staged with props, I try to give visitors to my online shop a view that is more atmospheric and less descriptivemuch as you might see in a boutique or gallery. Of course, I always include the nuts and bolts in both my subsequent photos and my descriptions.


Valley Gem Artist: Szarka Shops:

Artist: Valma Spencer-Sun Shop:

A tiger Iron focal with a solid copper tree of life. A moonstone moon nestles in the branches and the necklace is framed with faceted tiger eye rondelles, large pearl buttons, and solid copper. Adjustable from 14 to 26 inches with a solid copper chain. I have been twisting wire and fondling gems for almost two decades. Working with wire is the ultimate way to discover humility. If I approach it with a feeling of smugness or surety, it teaches me quickly that it is in charge. If I cajole, beg and hope it will do what I want it to most times now it will listen. Not always though. It is kind of like life.

“Marrakech Ethnic Eclectic� Necklace, handmade with copper.


Successful Selling The first in a three-part series on how to build sales and market your shop

Anna Lee Husband

Toronto jewelry designer Anna Lee Husband offers artisan gemstone delights under her Gahooletree, SassyDLite, and Anna Lee jewelry brands. Anna Lee is a writer, business owner, wife, mom, dog owner, and marketing consultant who earned her Hons. B.B.A. at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON.



Wired Elements Artist: Mary Tucker Shop: Blog:

Most of the wire weaving in this pendant is based off of a basketry technique called Coiling. I learned this method of weaving from my mother several years ago. We like to laugh and say 'I learned it at my mother's knee". Though her knees were in their 60's and mine in their 40's when she taught me. I have since adapted it to wire and played with variations in the weave. I have only scratched the surface as to the creative ways this technique can be applied to wire jewelry. I will always be grateful to my Mom for teaching me that day, and I'm pleased she can have such a personal impact on my wire jewelry designs.


The lower half of this pendant is removable and can be used alone as a brooch.


This “Victorian Bliss” necklace harkens back to the days when it was all about elegance. The Victorian Period ran from 1837-1900 and the detail and grace from that era still captures our imaginations. This illustrious piece features a grand fiber optic & pale blue brass pendant with a filigreed black connector all very indicative of the day, and the 28" to 40" length of this necklace is common for necklaces of that time. Copper wire, used as the primary element for joining this necklace together, is what sets this piece apart. Though noted as the first metal discovered by Prehistoric Man between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago, Copper’s use in jewelry construction was primarily limited to using it as a base metal in the making of gold and brass findings. The history of this intriguing metal is a long and varied one, rising and falling in it’s value to society. Historically, the production of copper jewelry for trade purposes in the mid to late 1800’s was credited to the Navajo Indians. Copper beads found in archaeological digs in modern day Iraq date back to 9000 BC. In ancient Egypt the amount of copper a family owned would elevate their social status. Today copper is found in all aspects of our life, and the value can vary tremendously. Ancient beliefs in it’s ability to improve and protect one’s health coincide with today’s New Age belief that it stimulates one’s mental and psychic flow of the bodies own energy. No matter how you use it, copper has been and will remain a vital part of jewelry production. The many aspects of copper is what makes it such a desirable and intriguing medium to work with. And to this writer, copper is worth it’s weight in gold!


Artist: Lois McIntire Shop: Blog:

Artist: Lisa Smith Glenn Shops: Between my parents and grandparents, I think I never had a choice in being an artist. Each of them, in their own way, has contributed to my creative flow, from my mother and maternal grandmother, who put me on the artistic path with sewing and needlecraft, to my father and paternal grandfather, who later inspired me to create jewelry. I am blessed to be just one in a long line of amazing artists!

Artist: Wilma Travis Shop: Blog: Featured pieces: copper-wired focals made from lampwork beads by Wilma herself.


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Tax Deductions For Hobbyists Herman C. Falcon, Jr., E.A., licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, shares tips for preparing your hobby-sized business for tax deductions.

Herman C. Falcon, E.A.

After 30 years of owning and operating an accounting firm, Herman Falcon decided a change was in order. He sold the accounting practice and found jewelry making on a quest for a hobby. Herman creates bracelets in a variety of media, including gold, sterling, and copper, all available from Falcon Handcrafted Jewelry.




Artist: Danielle Nelson Shop: Blog:


I love working with combinations that are a bit unusual. This piece is one of my favorites—freshwater pearls, feldspath, and apatite, with a funky wrapped focal component by ceramic artist Kristen VonHohen, dubbed “Mystic Leads”.




Copper and silver bangle and earrings.

Artist: Melissa Neaves Cox Shop: Blog:

Artist: Vicki Gregory Shop: Blog: For the theme of Mother's Day I designed a necklace with the ancient idea of 'mother' in mind. The pendant is a copper representation of the Woman of Willendorf— thought to be a symbol of fertility or mother earth. I’ve combined this with African made fair-trade beads, copper clasp and coiled beads on brown leather.


Artist: John Atwell Rasmussen Shop: Blog: Lapidary, gemologist and artisan jewelry artist and designer are a few titles that this artist possesses. I graduated from college with degrees in geology and have take my life long love for rocks, minerals and natural history and melded with artistry.

Artist: Mary Jane Tanner Shop: With a little imagination I came up with a little momento incorporating memory glass, scrapbook paper, copper foil, copper wire, some glitter, dried flowers and beads. This could also be done with family pictures as well, hence Mothers day and Fathers day gifts. They can be used as pendants or in front of your window or as a mirror hanging in your car. :)


From Zero To Tucson Lessons learned during a seven-month whirlwhind experience from nothing to the Tucson Bead Show





Charnley McCrorey Laughing Lion Productions

Charnley McCrorey handmakes extraordinary clay and wooden beads, including intricate miniature sculptures, beads, and pendants. Under the name Laughing Lion Productions, Charnely makes silly little dragons to make people smile.





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Artist: Audrey Fetterhoff Shop:

My mother loves flowers! These “Mother’s Flowers” earrings were created in her honor. Wired by hand with copper wire, freshwater pearls, and lots of swirls; hung from copper ear wires. Now you can have flowers anytime. These earrings measure two inches from the top of the earwire.


Artist: Veronique Perez Blog:

These necklaces are my contribution to a round robin I had with some friends. The wire is wrapped, hammered and patinated. A vintage brooch is added on one of them, and little carnelian stones on the other.

Artist: Holly Westfall Shop: Blog:


Artist: Valorie Clifton Shop: Blog:

Designed for Time Artist: Lloyd Braunberger Shop: Blog:

I recently discovered the joys of copper wire. I had worked with aluminum wire before and copper is such a joy to work with! I plan to learn how to make more wonderful creations with copper.

I also have a great love for all things beadwoven. I'd like to share my Ice Queen with you and also an example of my hand -forged round ear wires that I love to use so often!

Low-stress strips for our lab personnel. 18gauge copper hand-fashioned in a “viperscale� weave.


Artist: Judy Aussenhofer Shop:

A necklace for the Mom who loves bingo! "Daddy-O" necklace made from copper for the coolest Dad around.

Artist: Anna Lee Husband Shop: Blog:

Affordable and unique jewelry collectables (casual/rustic, vintage crystal, bridal/pearl and luxe gemstones).


Tackling the Search Engines Tips for helping your items make their way to the search engines—no SEO consultants necessary.

Danielle Nelson

Dani is the designer and all-around-ops geek at Hot Glue Media. A seasoned crafter and creative, she has worked with everything from textiles to photography to interior design. Her unique beaded and woven jewelry is available at Sweet Tarragon and at shows, festivals, and boutiques throughout eastern Pennsylvania. When she’s not designing or chasing sunlight, you can find her on Twitter.


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Offering Real-Time Content

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Joyce Bradek’s Chains and Findings

Artist: Eva Sherman Shop:

Artist: Joyce Bradek Green amethyst faceted nuggets with olivine Swarovski crystals capping copper bead caps, all finished with some copper chain.

Etched copper and brass riveted pendant with matching earrings; aluminum and copper texturized metal cuffs incorporating copper washers.

Green amethyst faceted nuggets and copper colored glass leaves, with olivine Swarovski crystals nestled among copper bead caps, and wire beads made with 26 gauge Parawire in viking knit. Complementary earrings and an additional setting for a bracelet to be made to order for either piece.


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Copper Wire Jewelers

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine, Issue 2, April 2010. Founding Editor: Lois Linquist ( Layout and Design: Hot Glue Media ( Content and images used with permission of the copyright holders.

Copper Wire Jewelers - Issue 2  

The art and inspiration of the talented member of Copper Wire Jewelers.

Copper Wire Jewelers - Issue 2  

The art and inspiration of the talented member of Copper Wire Jewelers.