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Key Club Magazine // July/August

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Fall Rally Eliminate Trustee message Governor Message DCON

In this issus Page 2 - Upcoming events Page 3 - ICON recap Page 4 - Governor letter Page 5 - New International Board Page 5 - Trustee Letter Page 6 - Youth Oppritunity Fund Page 6 - Major Emphasis Page 7 - Fall Rally Page 8 - Key Leader Page 8 - DCON Page 9 - Eliminate Project Page 10 - Paying dues

On the cover L to R - Shayna Cole, Bethany Downs and Nathan Dell celebrate at the ICON meet and greet.

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Upcoming events in the District

September Sep 7 - Indy Metro/Syxamore South DCM Johnny Appleseed DCM Sep 14 - Central Fall Rally @ Ball State Sep 22 - South Fall Rally @ Scottsburg MS

October Oct 5 - North Fall Rally @ Purdue North Central Oct 15 - YOF application deadline Oct 25-27 - Key Leader @Waycross Camp

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1 - Tour attendees at the Hard Rock in New York 2 - Members getting lunch in Ocean City 3 - Kris Wickens spiking the ball on the beach in Ocean City 4 - New York City 5 - Daniel’s Story exhibit at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC 6 - Wicked poster on Broadway

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A message from your Governor   I hope that the start of the school year has been smooth.  As we enter our freshman, sophomore, junior,or senior year, we are all probably shocked by how fast high school has gone by.  These four years will mold who we will become. What we learn about the world and about ourselves isn’t exactly from the classroom, however, we learn from experience. Find this experience in Key Club.  We only have four years in high school; we only have four years in Key Club.  Make them your own. Key Club provides opportunities to expand your connections, personality, and understanding.  Yes, this can be found in our service to our homes, schools, and communities, but it is found more so in the other servant leaders in our organization. By meeting people outside of your own club, division, and even district, you will know amazing people who will change your life. 

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We are a part of Key Club International, so embrace these large scale opportunities. Attend your division council meetings, district events (Fall Rally, Key Leader, and District Convention), and International Convention.  Step out of your comfort zone to meet your Key Club family and to become the best servant leader possible. It is frequently stated that before you can care for others, you must be able to care for yourself. This is done by taking advantage of Key Club, where our motto is, “Caring - Our Way of Life.” We don’t just care for our homes, schools, and communities, but we care for each other. We care for our family. We may only have 4 years to dive into the true Key Club experience, but its effects on who we become, and the passions we develop will last a lifetime. Yours in Service, Sally Finkel

Governor Sally Finkel

Trustee Renisha Daley

2013-2014 A word from your International Trustee I-Board During International Convention, a new International Board is elected. After five hours a caucusing one day and an interesting House of Delegates the next day, a new IB was finally elected. Raeford Penny from the Capital District was elected your Key Club International President and Rachel Benoit from the Louisiana-Mississippi-Tennessee District was elected your Key Club International Vice President. Along with a President and Vice-President, eleven trustees are also elected to serve as a lesion between Districts and the International Board. Those eleven people are; Alberto Berrizbeitia, Roshni Chandwani, Renisha Daley, Avery Hitchcock, Kelsie Hoppes, Madison Kemker, Casey O’Neill, Maria Palazzolo, Michelle Petersen, Zachary Waldorf and Eric Yoon. Each trustee is assigned to three districts.

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Hello Wonderful Indiana Key Clubbers ! My name is Renisha Daley and it is with gratitude and humility that I serve as your 2013 - 2014 International Trustee. I am the Immediate Past District Governor for the Jamaica District and have also held the positions of: Director, Chairperson, Secretary and Lieutenant Governor. My job as an International Trustee is to serve as the bridge between you and the International Board. To voice your question and ideas/opinions to the International Board. This year my goals are : To work with my assigned District’s to achieve their set goals, Inspire key clubbers to be the best that they can be, to be compassionate leaders, motivational speakers while leading by example, Reward members for their dedicated service to this organization, Initiate governor tools where ideas and materials can be shared amongst each, Educate members on important events and international

board minutes through various communication methods, while making resources more readily accessible. Key Club has really made an unforgettable impact on my life. T has taught me things I couldn’t have known and given me skills that would’ve taken me years to acquire otherwise and it has given the word “family” a whole new meaning in my life. I really do hope the experience is like this or way better for each and every member of this wonderful organization. Please if you have any questions or just want to talk, please feel free to email me at rdaley.jamd@gmal. com and I will e more than happy to hear from you. Yours in Friendship and Service, Renisha Daley 2013-2014 International Trustee Bahamas | Indiana| UtahIdaho Districts Key Club International

Youth Oppritunity Fund The Youth Opportunity Fund - or YOF - is an subsidized fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. The fund is made up of earned interest to help provides Key Clubs and Key Club members with money needed to fulfill a service project. The fund also provides scholarships for college. The YOF is established through a portion of Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships. Clubs may request assistance is funds of $100 to $2,000. If you wish to apply for a grant visit for the application download. All applications must be received at Kiwanis International by October 15. You will receive notice if you have been approved or denied by January 15.

Major Emphasis In 1946 at the first Key Club International Convention a challenge was brought to the organization to create a program to bring every Key Clubber and focus on making a global impact. Thus creating the Major Emphasis Program (MEP) which was aimed at helping“Children: Their Future, Our Focus.” As of 2011 the program is referred to as Major Emphasis (ME) By working with Key Club’s preferred charities, we serve children by aiding other organizations committed to serving children. But that does not limit us to only serving our preferred charities, participation in ME can be accomplished by serving children by any means. Key Club is currently focusing the time and talents of the member on The Eliminate Project. Kiwanis and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus.

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RALL RALLY Key Club member, faculty advisor or Kiwanis member is invited to attend Fall Rally this fall. You will attend presentations over a certain office, The Eliminate Project, Key Leader, professionalism or just a general Key Club 101. Depending on whether you live in the North, Central or Southern part of Indiana will determine which Fall Rally you will attend.

Northern The North Fall Rally will be held at Purdue North Central in Westville, Indiana. The divisions that are in the Northern area are; Arrowhead, Calumet, Duneland, Explorer, Land of Lakes, Cardinal/Johnny Appleseed, Potawatomi, Wabash Valley, Wapahani and Sycamore North. The rally will begin at 1 PM and will last until 5 PM

Central The Central Fall Rally will be held at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. The divisions that are in the Central area are; Capital, Circle City, Collegiate, Heartland, Hoosier, Indy Metro, Rose, Sagamore and Sycamore South. The rally will begin at 1 PM and will last until 5 PM

Southern The Southern Fall Rally will be held at Scottsburg MS in Scottsburg, Indiana. The divisions that are in the Southern area are; Buffalo Trace, Farmland, Lincoln, Scenic Hills and Southwind. The rally will start at 12 PM and will last until 3PM.

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Key Leader What is Key Leader? Key Leader is a three day leadership weekend sponsored by Kiwanis. This program has been around since 2005 and there have been nearly 17,500 Key Leader graduates and 335 Key Leader weekends. Key Leader is not just for Key Club members, anyone can attend if you’re in high school and during the spring 8th graders can attend Key Leader as well. To attend Key Leader it is $200 for non Key Club members and $175 for Key Club members. If you have attended Key Leader before and you apply to be a student facilitator then you only pay $115. To register for Key Leader go to and you can filter by city, state or date to find your weekend and then click register and the bottom of the listing. The upcoming fall Key Leader is being held at Waycross Camp in Morgantown, Indiana October 25-27 and the lead facilitator is Meghan Ward-Bopp. If you have any questions about the upcoming Key Leader event contact Val Delaughter.

DCON 2014 The 2014 Indiana District Convention will be held April 4 through the 6 in Indianapolis this year the Sheraton Hotel. This year the theme is Dr. Seuss - Oh the places you’ll go with service. Governor Sally Finkel has a goal this year that we have 400 members in attendance. If you are wanting to attend different workshops and have load of fun DCON is the place to go. “DCON is the most wonderful thing ever and every Key Clubber should go.” Past DCON attendee Haley Beckwith states. If you are wanting to run for a District office or run for endorsement for an International office you need to attend DCON. DCON is where we elect a new Governor, Secretary-Treasurer, Bulletin-Editor and Webmaster. Also this is where we endorse a representative if they wish to run for an International office. Candidates packets are available on the district website under the conventions tab and are due by February 15

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Eliminate Project

Written by Michaela Belcher

Need a service project idea? Try Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF! Scare up some funds and fun this Halloween by participating in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. It’s a great opportunity to collect donations instead of candy or to bring club members together for a fabulous event or party. All money collected by Kiwanis-family members through Trickor-Treat for UNICEF will once again support The Eliminate Project and help save moms and babies. Did you know? A proud participant in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF since 1994, Key Club has raised more than US$6 million for child survival and development programs around the world—from efforts to eliminate iodine deficiency disorder to HIV/ AIDS initiatives in Kenya and Swaziland. Starting in 2012 Key Club joined other Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF to raise money for The Eliminate Project. You could raise funds door-

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to-door, host a trunk-ortreat, zombie walk, horror fest, pumpkin smash, “Twilight” dance, haunted house or even an old-fashioned pumpkin pie baking (or eating) contest…or come up with your own idea! HOW TO TAKE PART The process is easy! You can participate in five simple steps: 1. Decide with your club what kind of fundraiser you’ll do. 2. Order your collection boxes. 3. Collect donations. 4. Fill out the gift form and submit it with your club’s donations. 5. Celebrate! You’re helping save moms and babies.

Paying Dues With each new school year comes a new year for Key Club, but with that new year comes dues. Each year $13 is the price for dues to be a Key Club member and the Early Bird Dues are due by November 16. If a member from your club is paying with a check, checks can be made out to either your school or your club (ex. Pike High School or Pike Key Club) By following these next few steps you will be able to pay your clubs dues correctly and on time! Step 1 - go to and click on “Dues and Reports” on the upper right hand corner Step 2 - Click on “Access the Membership Update Center Now” Step 3 - Click “Register/Reset Password at the bottom of the page Step 4 - Enter your advisors email address and click “submit”

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Step 5 - The have your advisor check his/hers email for a “Password Reset Request” and then click on the hyperlink that says “Reset Password” From there you will be able to sign into the membership update center to pay your dues and update members. If you have any further questions feel free to contact myself and I will do my best to help you.

Indiana Key Club Magazine  

July/August Key Club magazine for the Indiana District