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Key Club Magazine // February

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Get On The Bus

Maddi Robling

Indiana Kiwanis District Governor Vanessa McClary has been running the “Kiwanis Kampaign” with the motto to “get on the bus” all year. She has been emphasizing Kiwanis Family relations, in the hopes that we all get on the Kiwanis Bus. Often times, as Key Clubbers, we lose sight of what being part of the Kiwanis Family means. This, of course, is far from intentional. We get caught up in our Key Club meetings. We get caught up in our service projects. We get caught up in the excitement of District Convention (registration is due February 15th, so sign up now at We simply get caught up. This past weekend, I attended

attended the Indiana District Kiwanis Southern Mid-Year Conference at French Lick Resort. For those of you who haven’t attended a Kiwanis Mid-Year before, it’s comparable to Fall Rally, but on a larger scale. They offered many different workshops and a service project benefitting VIPs (Visually Impaired Preschool Services.) I walked away from the conference with not only new service project ideas, but also a renewed sense of being part of the Kiwanis Family. I have always been appreciative of our Kiwanians, but I feel that spending my Saturday with them really reinforced and emphasized the appreciation. Whether we were in workshops

or making valentines for VIPS, I felt the omnipresent and unwavering support from the Kiwanians. In regards to Key Clubbers, one Kiwanians said, “You are the future and because you are who you are, I do not fear for that future.” Yes, we are the future; however, what we, as Key Clubbers, need to realize is that we would not be who we are without our Kiwanians. They have been and always will be our mentors and our biggest fans. To show our appreciation for them, the least we can do is take the time to make them a part of our lives. So attend Kiwanis meetings, invite them to your service projects, register for midyear conference, etc.

Do anything you can to get them involved in your lives, so we can thank them for all the support they’ve been in our lives. Let’s all get on the bus and take a seat to riding the Kiwanis life. If you are interested in attending the central mid year conference on February 22 at Kiwanis International please visit this website for registration. eventregistration1.

Ties To St. Vincent

Kelsey Harrington

Cowan High School’s club is beginning their annual blanket project. This year it’s titled “Ties to St. Vincent”. The club sells little felt hearts to family and friends and at lunch. The hearts are all different colors and prints and when they are sold, the buyer can decorate them with Sharpies. It’s really cool because they do a kind of “Build-A-Bear” effect where they put the heart in between the two sides of the blanket or inside of the pillow. This year is the first year ever they are making pillows as well. Usually the club makes around 80 blankets that they then donate to the hospital of that year. It’s pretty awesome because those of us who have been in the hospital,

understand how something as simple as a blanket or pillow, can make such a huge difference to someone who’s struggling with something physically. It’s really cool because these students are creating smiles that they may never see, yet they are so motivated to create them! It’s truly service that strengthens the community in a small, yet powerful way.

Governor’s Letter It is with great honnor that I invite you to the 62nd Annual Indiana District Convention. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet Key Clubbers who live in Indiana and who can related to your own experiences. District Convention is the most special event that is held during the year because it recongnizes and celebrates that awesome service that we, as a district, have dedicated to build our homes, schools and communities. There are many parts to District Convention such as the election of the Executive Board, awarding of outstanding clubs and members, a dance, and workshops about how to run a club and service projects!

I hope that your club is getting excited about convention, and I can’t wait to see you there! Yours in Service, Governor Sally Finkel Don’t forget Key Clubbers, the last day to registor for District Convention is Saturday February 15. Registration forms can be found at this link. Hope to see you all there! Hoosier is ready for DCON. Are you?

President’s Letter Hello Indiana Key Club, It is the most wonderful time of the Key Club year; yes its District Educational Conference (DCON) season! I hope many, if not all of you, have already turned in your forms and are counting down the days. DCON is an exciting experience for each of you to meet Key Clubbers from all around the district and dance the night away with them. Indian’s DCON theme of Dr. Seuss and Oh the Places You’ll go with Service, is going to be a blast! Indiana’s very own International Trustee, Renisha Daley will even be there! Most importantly, however, you will have the opportunity to elect your leaders for the 2014-15 year.

These individuals will lead your district and continue to inspire others, just as each and every one of you inspire those around you. I would like to thank your district officers, including Governor Sally Finkel, and Editor, Abigail Walsh, who I have had the privilege of personally working with this year, for a year well done. Each and every one of you have made countless impacts to your communities and have grown as individuals both in character and leadership. Relish these last moments if you are a senior as these memories will last a lifetime. Enjoy your district convention, as it is a celebration for what you all have accomplished this past year.

Yours in Service,

Raeford Penny, Key Club International President raefordpenny@gmail. com

Things to remember For those who applied for the Youth Opprotunities Fund this past fall should be getting the results back soon!

Don’t forget to register for District Convention! Also for those running for an executive position or international endorsement don’t forget to turn in your statement of candidacy or the candidates packet information

Lieutenant Governors don’t forget to hold elections to for your replacement!

Club President don’t forget to hold elections for your clubs officers for next year!

Don’t forget to check your email for Governor Sally’s newsletter!

International Convention 2014 This year’s International Convention is being held July 2-6 in Anaheim, California. ICON is full of fun, service and leadership. At ICON not only will the 2013-2013 International Board be retiring, the 2014-2015 International Board will be elected. Apart from the retirement and elections there will also be tons of great workshops you can attend. At International Convention not only will you gain new leadership skills and new friends, you will also learn about so many great and wonderful service opportunities. Chris Bashinelli, a former actor on HBO’s The Sopranos and current host of PBS’ Bridge The Gap, will be the opening session speaker this year.

The Indiana District will be going on tour again this year for ICON. The tour will begin July 1st and will end July 8th. The tour this year consists on going to beaches and boardwalks, Disneyland and various free days in Los Angeles. More information about International Convention will be distributed at District Convention in April. If you are not attending DCON but would like more information about ICON please contact either Kelly Nelson at or Lexi Jacobs at Hope to see you there!

Key Leader Key Leader is a part of Kiwanis International’s leadership education programs for high school students and in the spring eighth graders as well. This spring Key Leader is being held April 25-27 at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana. Key Leader is a life changing experience. At Key Leader you will learn the Keys To Excellence - Personal Integrity, Personal Growth, Respect, Building Community and Pursuit of Excellence. Sign up today to attend Key Leader at

Rustic Pathways Are you looking for an exciting service leadership opportunity abroad? If so Rustic Pathways is the program for you! Rustic Pathways is Key Club newest partner. There are tons of great service opportunities they offer in several different countries like Thailand, Costa Rica, Australia or the Dominican Republic. Visit rusticpathways. com for more information about the different opportunities at hand

Indiana District February Magazine  
Indiana District February Magazine