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the same way as contactless payment cards and are a convenient option for the user who may not always have a hand free to insert a pass in a reader. To ensure the cards aren’t used by the wrong people they can now include extra security initiatives, including barcode technology and photographic identification. This means they can be used to monitor personnel movement around a facility. For those in higher risk environments these solutions can be supplemented or replaced by biometric solutions, such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners and hand geometry readers, which all increase the level of security and make it harder for the wrong person to be in the wrong place.

Remote support A key development in security is the ability to maintain human interaction without having to budget for a guard in every situation. Staff in remote security centres can now monitor and grant access to individuals with agreed security clearance, in accordance with established security protocols. This option is particularly useful for lone workers or the first people arriving in the morning.

Using electronic solutions and remote monitoring means manpower reductions can be made without losing expert back up. The added bonus is that savings made by reducing manned guarding levels outweigh the cost of installation. Access control systems give employees peace of mind in and around the property as well as ensuring that out of hours’ staff, visitors and contractors can be managed successfully and securely.

Improved integration There may be times when things go wrong, even with all the best precautions in place. Alarms remain an important deterrent and system for alerting people. The advantage of having a remote access team on hand is that they can immediately see the level of danger, or if it’s a false alarm, and respond accordingly ie sending a guard, calling the emergency services or simply deactivating the alarm. Fire alarms and the like can also all be monitored remotely 24 hours a day alongside the security systems, adding value and protecting buildings from wider threats than just criminal activity.

Outside threats Security challenges go beyond the physical these days, so it is important that your security provider can demonstrate their systems are protected from hacking. They will often be able to help you ensure your systems are protected too. If your property needs safeguarding an effective and affordable security solution is within reach. The threats aren’t going away any time soon, but the right security solutions can give you peace of mind that everything possible is being done to protect your building and its occupants.



PSS Sept/Oct 2017  
PSS Sept/Oct 2017