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Beineinu • february | march • 1

hiv | aids congreg

by Laurence rosenthal



hat’s the number of new infections of HIV in the United States annually. Although thought to be an issue of the past, HIV and AIDS are still an epidemic in this country and around the world, causing countless deaths and leaving a wake of despair and sorrow. Although the medical community has made great strides in research and treatment, a cure is still out there on the horizon with no real ETA. Through the heart and soul of Alan Landis (z’l), Ritchie Crownfield, Kerry Landis, and members of our LGBT Inclusion Task Force, our congregation has been blessed to create a spiritual, educational, and advocatory offering for the greater Atlanta community focusing on HIV/AIDS. This year was really the pinnacle of over three years of work. Led by our congregation’s spiritual music leaders Bonnie and Michael Levine, we came together on Saturday night, December 11th for a Havdallah service like no other. This year, Gary Alembik, Chair of the LGBT inclusion taskforce and his husband Stephen Graves, helped us connect with the Virginia-Highlands Church, led by Reverend Michael Piazza. Reverend Piazza, along with members of the VH Church, joined us on the bima offering their own spiritual music along with words of hope, strength, and courage. Originally the pastor of one of the largest churches in Texas serving the LGBT community, Reverend Piazza shared with us his experience pastoring to a community overcome by the ravages of the HIV epidemic. Through his words, stories, and scripture, we learned about how he brought together a community that at times had close to 100 funerals in a single year caused by AIDS-related illnesses. The tragedy of this story isn’t just the sheer loss of life but the social disease and societal failings to address this disease early on because of the prejudices and fear of those who lived what was known as “an alternative lifestyle.” There is absolutely no way to justify the banishment and solitary death of an individual on the sole grounds that the greater society disapproves of his or her sexual preference and/or identity. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened when people and their families struggling with the disease were left to care for their loved ones without access to medical care because hospitals wouldn’t admit them, without the support of community because neighbors shunned them and then worst of all, without a spiritual community to help bury and remember them because clergy and spiritual communities ignored them. In the last three years, the healing that has taken place from wounds inflicted over 30 years ago has been profound and is an example of the best that a spiritual community has to offer. Our efforts to help raise awareness of HIV|AIDS have been a real beacon to our community, offering new hope and strength to continue to fight and make amends for past sins.

1 • Beineinu • February | march

gational engagement In addition to our HIV Havdallah service, our congregation is in its third year of displaying the AIDS Quilt. These amazing tapestries are sections of the world’s largest single piece of folk art. With over 90,000 – 6’ x 3’ panels, the AIDS Quilt not only memorialize the names of people or groups of people who died from this horrible disease, but through the art and items displayed on each panel, the soul and life’s purpose of each person is often expressed and kept alive. This year we made the important decision to display the quilts in our sanctuary, draped from the balcony. The experience was awe-inspiring. Whereas once upon a time, their fragile bodies weren’t welcome in sanctuaries throughout the United States, today their names hung proudly and boldly in our most sacred room of the synagogue complex, letting all who look upon them know that their souls have come home. In addition to the Jewish iconography and Hebrew language that adorn the quilts we selected, we also had the honor of displaying the panel for Michael Shure, who grew up at AA and passed away in 1991, son of past AA members Jerry and Margie (z’l) Shure. Last year with the passing of Alan Landis, our congregation had the honor of creating our very own AA Panel which was displayed in our lobby throughout the month of December. Moving forward, a block of the AIDS Quilt will be taken to our local Jewish day schools as Kerry Landis will lead a team of advocates to help our Jewish teens learn about the AIDS Quilt Project and the activism that this art brings to the world. If you would like to join Kerry and others on their tours of the Jewish Day Schools in the spring, please reach out to Kerry at kwlandis@ gmail.com or 404.944.7211. If you would like to be involved in next year's HIV/AIDS programming in December, please contact Rabbi Rosenthal at lrosenthal@aasynagogue.org or 404.355.5222 ext. 248. If you want to learn more about the LGBT Inclusion taskforce, please reach out to our Chair, Gary Alembik, at alembik@manda.solutions. Our Jewish tradition teaches us that to remember is a mitzvah. We spend much of our spiritual life remembering and caring for the memory of others who made a difference in our lives. The work we do to remember and the rituals we engage in are known as Chesed shel Emet – the truest form of loving kindness. Through our work on raising awareness of those in our society who were invisible; when we give voice to those who are voiceless and when we support those who are brought low, we engaged in the most sacred work of our Jewish tradition.

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jews in the pew in the news dr. rick hodes by rabbi laurence rosenthal

story. The only major difference to their story is that Ethiopia had Jews, and a lot of them! Beginning decades ago, the JDC began offering support to a large community with a strong connection to the history of the Jewish people. It was in the early 1990’s that Dr. Hodes stepped up to work in Ethiopia, offering medical care to the Jewish people of Ethiopia. Soon he found himself treating and healing ave you ever met somebody who anybody who could walk through his clinic inspired you to do something bold? I’m door. With training in internal medicine, talking about the sort of inspiration to Dr. Hodes taught himself the artistry of do something or live a certain way that spinal surgery and began treating some of is completely out of character for you. It the most horrific spinal deformities seen isn’t peer pressure or guilt, but rather a anywhere in the world due to the ravages revelation that what you always deemed of tuberculosis of the spine. Dr. Hodes impossible, might actually be possible. became known throughout the region as This was my feeling during our recent the person to find if you had a crooked visit from Dr. Rick Hodes, the Jewish Joint spine. He made connections to other Distribution Committee’s medical director clinics and hospitals in nearby countries in Ethopia. and connected people in his region to these centers of healing. Dr. Hodes took Due to a long personal and working a personal interest in each and every relationship with our AA members, Shelly individual. As an observant and committed and Alan Dollar, Dr. Rick Hodes made a Jew, Dr. Hodes dedicated his life to the powerful visit to our congregation. Rabbi people he encountered, often bringing Sandler and I were unaware of Dr. Hodes them into his home for lengthy stays to and his important work. With just a Google recover. People who knew very little joy or search, we discovered an individual who love in their life quickly found themselves has been making a huge difference in the in Dr. Hodes’s home celebrating Shabbat lives of so many forgotten and disregarded every Friday night. Even more remarkable individuals for a very long time. is Dr. Hodes's growing family. Dr. Hodes isn’t We all know Ethiopia. The American married and doesn’t have narrative of this Sub-Saharan country a partner. However, has been sustained by images of starving he has adopted close to children, covered in flies, with bloated a dozen children and bellies. A desperate situation in a forgotten raised them as his own, and discarded wasteland. This is a false offering them care, narrative. In truth, the narrative of Africa healing and hope. is much more complicated and diverse than that. It is a continent with a wide During his visit to our array of challenges and opportunities, a congregation, we were diverse religious and cultural landscape blessed to have Dr. with vast histories that permeate all levels Hodes spend Shabbat of life throughout. Like other countries dinner with us and over in Africa, Ethiopia has its rich and diverse


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20 guests, where he shared aspects of his spiritual journey. The next day he shared his medical journey and the impact of his work, then followed it with a discussion during our Post Kiddush Beit Midrash. After Shabbat, Shelly and Alan Dollar welcomed the community into their home for an informal meet and greet. The work that Dr. Hodes and the Jewish Joint Distribution committee does is outstanding but for me, the inspiration came with watching Dr. Hodes connect with people. Each encounter wasn’t simply cordial. Instead, every handshake was imbued with a question – Is the person in front of me somebody who can perform a miracle for somebody else? With every conversation you could see his mind churning, trying to see how he could connect this person to one of the needy souls back in Ethiopia. He is the ultimate advocate for the cause of so many people and they are always consuming his thoughts and heart. This seems to be the key to his magic. He is always thinking of others, specifically, those who so many others have forgotten. What we learned is that real super heroes don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. Real super heroes see every moment, every encounter, as one that can possibly make the world a better place. To learn more about Dr. Rick Hodes, visit his website at www.rickhodes.org.

in memoriam

May God comfort the friends and family of... Shirley Miller • Mother of Howard (and Honey) Workman, Arthur Workman and Richard (and Paula) Workman • Grandmother of Cara Workman (and Mark Siegel), Robyn (and Tony) Marzullo, Josh Workman, Cherryl Knott, and Adam (and Sarah) Workman • Great-grandmother of Selia Siegel, Judsen Siegel, and Isabel Siegel and Ava and Josephine Marzullo

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late Marty Hackman) and Wendy Mintz (and Jack Lifton)

Rae Goodman • Wife of Rabbi Arnold Goodman • Mother of Ariel (and Ciporit) and Daniel (and Judy) Goodman, and Shira (and Rabbi Wesley Gardenswartz) Goodman

Frank Nochumson

• Sister of Abe (and Marlene) Besser, Sophie Scheinfeld z”l, Hela Lask, Lola Klug

Arthur Kanfer • Husband of Jackie • Father of Holly Kanfer and Rick Kanfer • Grandfather of Billie Kanfer, Matt Kanfer, Jacob Kanfer, and Rachel Walkup • Great-grandfather of Finn and Selah Walkup and Macon Kanfer

• Son of Janice Benson Nochumson and Howard Nochumson Dr. Emmanuel M. Landau • Father of Shawn Nochumson Seymour Silberstein Husband of Virginia Parks • Brother of Suzanne Nochumson (and • Brother of Milton (and Eileen) Silberstein Father of Dan-Avi Landau, Tali Landau, David) Lubel • Sister of Vicki Mitchell Amanda (and Matthew Shirah) Parks, and • Uncle of Allison H. Lubel, Steven B. Lubel, • Nephew of Shirley (and Stanley) Christopher (and Samantha Brown) Parks and Harrison R. Lubel Tenenbaum Grandfather of Stella, Landen, George, • Uncle of Jill (and Gideon) Cohen, and Rex Rachel (and Harry) Weber, Marc (and Bella Solnik Shoshanna) Silberstein, and Joshua and • Mother of Goldie (and Lou) Bertone, Michael Fenster Clara Feldman Betty (and Alan) Sunshine, and Rosalie • Great-uncle of Nathan Cohen, Ryan Mother of Linda (and Richard) Bressler, (and Mark) Wolfe Cohen, and Mollie Weber Terri (and Laury) Bagen, Lewis (and • Grandmother of Darren (and Amy) • Son of Paul and Rita Silberstein z”l LueEllen) Feldman, and Michael (and Traub, Shaun (and Cara) Traub, Jeremy Jody) Feldman (and Grace) Wolfe, Justin (and Jennifer Famery) Sunshine, Reid (and Jaime) Frieda “Fritzie” Spector Wolfe, Marshall Sunshine, and Garity • Mother of Deborah (and Jeffrey Victor) Raymond Yarfitz Wolfe Spector, Susan (and Jack) Miller, Patricia Father of Diane (and Mark) Schleifstein • Great-grandmother of Brady Traub, (and Dr. Van) Wilson and Renee Wholey HudsonTraub, and Madison Traub, and • Sister of Lou (and Audray) Schneier Angelica Wolfe and Grayson Wolfe • Grandmother of Adam (and Carrie Blake) Cecelia Saul Miller, Matthew (and Sarah Packard) Cousin of Virginia and Milton Saul Wilson, and Keith Wilson Harold Yudelson • Great-grandmother of Aiden Wilson, • Father of Robin (and Fred) Rosenberg, Rebecca Wilson, Leo Miller, and Ivy Miller Leroy Neumann Terry (and Bill) Stetzner, and Karen (and Husband of Brenda Neumann Joe) Sandler Father of Dr. Fredric (and Felicia) • Grandfather of Jason (and Kirsten) Edith Smith Neumann, Shari Neumann, Dr.Michael Taylor, Ted (and Tami) Taylor, Ben (and • Mother of Richard (and Kathy) Smith and (and Brian Kutinsky) Neumann, and Annie) Rosenberg, Pete (and Debbie) Janet (and Alison Harvey) Smith Craig (and Melissa) Neumann Rosenberg, Nora Sandler, and Eli Sandler • Sister of Frances Kuniansky, Shirley Grandfather of Dr. Miles Neumann, Mosinger, Harold Yudelson, and Julian Cole Neumann, Jade Neumann, Mia Yudelson Blanch Snitzer Neumann, Eve Kutinsky, Leah Kutinsky, • Grandmother of Lisa (and Adam) Smith, • Wife of Leo Snitzer z”l, and Ari Kutinsky Jeffrey Smith, Joshua Smith, and Allison • Mother of Morray Scheinfeld, Susan Brother of Mickey (and Frank) Tencer, (and David) Fisher Scheinfeld, and Ronnie Scheinfeld Martin (and the late Annette) Newman, • Step-mother of David Snitzer, Shirley and Seymour (and Cookie) Newman Snitzer, Isaac Snitzer, and Judith Snitzer Brother-in-law of Lois Tonkin (and the

along with the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem Beineinu • february | march • 4

ANNOUNCEMENTS babIes Elliott Samuel Fineman

Daniel Joseph Remer

Shalom Aron Jaffe

Sawyer Ford Joseph

Naomi Savannah Pearsall

Parents Andrea and Robby Fineman

Parents Carolyn and Evan Remer

Parents Estee and Judd Jaffe

Parents Cara and Matt Pearsall

Grandparents Margo and Larry Gold

Grandparents Marcia Caller and Dr. Dennis Jaffe and Sharon and Bobby Rosenberg

Parents Michael and Rachael Joseph

born November 7

Grandparents Diane and Harold Cohen and Judy and Stan Fineman

born november 14

born December 14

Sister Eliora Rachel Jaffe

Great-grandmother Sue Altfeder

born december 23

Grandparents Jay and Andrea Joseph and Mitchell and Marsha Fishkind

born december 29 Grandparents Drs. Doryn and Steve Chervin and Liz and Tim Pearsall

Great-great Uncle Elliott Goldberg

b'nei mitzvot rachel abrams Rachel Abrams will be a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at Congregation Beth Shalom. She is in the 7th grade at Peachtree Charter Middle School where she enjoys participating in the Chorus. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys cooking, listening to music, singing, and playing the guitar. Her mitzvah project was two-fold; she collected pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and volunteered at the Atlanta Food Bank. Rachel is the daughter of Phyllis Abrams and Mitchell Abrams and granddaughter of Mildred and Marty Kwatinetz and Rosalyn Abrams and Leon Abrams z"l. She also has a brother, Jacob.

5 • Beineinu • February | march

reagan lapes Reagan Lapes will be a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, February 25 here at Ahavath Achim Synagogue. For her mitzvah project, Reagan prepares chemotherapy comfort bags for cancer patients - her grandmother underwent chemotherapy during her battles with cancer. She attends Epstein and is the daughter of Alyson and Brian Lapes. She has a younger brother, Andrew.

engagements & weddings Mark Greenberg and Emily Sonenshine were married in

Washington, D.C. on Sunday, December 11, 2016. Mark is the son of AA members, Drs. Jerrold Greenberg and Toby Block. Emily is the daughter of Nancy and Dr. Gerald Sonenshine. Wishing Mark, Emily and their families a hearty mazal tov!

Nikki Gugliotta and Randy Crohn were married on December 31st,

2016 at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. Nikki and Randy are both active contributors to our congregation through AA-ACTS, as volunteer greeters during Shabbat, and through participation in the Capital Campaign, Family Programming, Hiddur Mitzvah, Operation Isaiah and Adult Educational programming. We are so lucky to have their enthusiasm, commitment and participation at the AA. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

Amira Sharon Beeber, daughter of Linda

Barash Beeber and Dr. Bruce J. Beeber’s, married Michael George Burke, son of Bella A. Kaufman and Leo G. Burke of San Diego, on January 15, 2017. Rabbi Rosenthal lead the ceremony, with Rabbi Yossi Lerman participating, here at Ahavath Achim Synagogue, where Amira is a fourth-generation congregant. The couple, both 26, met in 2013 in their first-year anatomy class at the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, where they are now fourthyear students. Wishing you both much luck in your residencies and lifetime of love and happiness!

yasher koach Congregant

Neal Maziar is being honored with the Elvin C. Price Volunteer of the Year award by the Georgia Chapter of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America on February 4.

Congregant Michael Kogon is being honored by Hillels of Georgia at their Peach Perfect Georgia event on March 23.

Congregant Toby Block is slated to receive CAMERA's Letter Writer of the Year Award at the organization's gala in Manhattan on Sunday, April 30.

mazal tov

new to shul

To Harry Scheinfeld, whose daughter, Emily, completed her Ph.D. and is now teaching at The University of Texas –Tyler. Another mazal tov on the upcoming wedding of his son, Nathan, in California on May 13.

Mrs. Felicia Gordon and Mr. Benjamin Gordon Mr. Joel Feldman and Mrs. Allison Feldman

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2016 donor honor roll We are so grateful for the continued generosity of our loyal congregants. Your support of our synagogue not only keeps the lights on and our doors open, it ensures that we are able to have meaningful worship experiences, engaging social action programs, religious education for all ages, new and enhanced facilities for our future, and much, much more. We thank you for your steadfast commitment to, and investment in, Ahavath Achim. Listed below are those individuals who made gifts between January 1, 2016 December 31, 2016. Please call Lindsay Borenstein, Director of Development, at 404.603.5759 with any questions or corrections. Adult Education

Shelly and Allen Dollar Kenneth and Barbara Feinberg Paul and Sara Feldman Nikki Gugliotta and Randy Crohn Myrtle Lewin Paul and Naomi Liebman Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal David and Susan Rosner Martin Rotter Robert and Sherri Wildstein

Joel and Hannah Williams Andrew Zangwill and Sonia Fishkin

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Philip and Mona Sunshine Betsy Teplis Karla Tievsky and Seth Kirschenbaum Irma Weiner Robert and Sherri Wildstein Janis Zagoria

Rosalind Spector Larry and Marcia Spielberger Stanley Srochi Philip and Mona Sunshine Betsy Teplis Karla Tievsky and Seth Kirschenbaum Irma Weiner Ahavath Achim Sisterhood Fund Robert and Sherri Wildstein Janis Zagoria Herb and Ann Alperin Bruce and Cindy Becker Richard and Jean Katz Alvin & Gary Greenberg Camp Ruth Kramarow Ramah Scholarship Fund Robert and Sherri Wildstein Mona Blumenthal Alice Kaplan Al Davis Cultural Arts Fund Pauline Kaplan Judith M. Alembik Glenn and Lynn Rainbow Irene Aronin Milton and Eileen Silberstein Bernice Bach Stanley and Shirley Joe and Judy Balaban Tenenbaum Mona Blumenthal Irma Weiner Irving and Marilyn Bravman Susan Bravman Barnett & Sadye Shainker Stephen and Ruth Brown Memorial Fund Phillip and Doris Bush Ivan and Bonnie Bock Sam and Harriet Draluck Barry and Lisa Diamond Kenneth and Barbara Diane and Marc Hamburger Feinberg Jean Lawson Robert and Patricia Fine Joseph and Jill Segal Geoff and Gloria Frisch William and Julie Segal Donald and Celia Gilner Charles Shainker Bernard Goldstein Leon Goldstein Barry & Lynn Prusin Ross and Priscilla Grumet Membership Fund for New Delcy Pardo Harber Members Gladys Hirsch Stanley Cristol Leah Janus Barry and Lynn Prusin Philip and Sally Kaplan Steven and Lynne Steindel Bobbie Knopf Martin and Mildred Barry Seitz Scholarship Fund Kwatinetz Jay and Elise Empel Alan and Renay Levenson Warren and Carol Fogel Miriam Strickman Levitas Ramon and Jody Franco Paul and Naomi Liebman Jay and Barbara Halpern Jack Lincoln Michael and Ann Levin Bill and Patsy Little Sam and Sandra Mislow Jennifer Glazer Malkin Joseph and Jill Segal Susan McConnell Kenneth and Betty Seitz Ivan and Shirley Millender Marvin Wolpert Alvin and Shirley Minsk Donald Minsk Beverly Finkel Beit Aharon Peter and Lisa Morton Philip and Donna Newman Lecture Fund Norman and Rebecca Paul and Judith Finkel Nirenblatt Theodore and Ann Kaplan Richard and Barbara Planer Donald and Shirley Reisman Capital Campaign (all donors Jack Rich as of December 31, 2016) Shirley Rich David and Sandy Abrams Morris and Joanne Rosenthal Douglas Adair Ralph Sacks Sandra Adair Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Sheila and David Adelman Milton and Virginia Saul Fred and Cookie Aftergut Alan and Joan Schwartz Ahavath Achim Sisterhood Charles Shainker Judge Gary Alembik Gail Solomon Judith M. Alembik

Anonymous Herb and Ann Alperin Richard and Marty Alterman Jessica C. Arluck and Douglas S. Ander Phyllis and Joseph Arnold Phyllis and Eliot Arnovitz Irene Aronin Rachel and Michael Avchen Jack and Pat Balser Bruce and Cindy Becker Betty Behr, Kara Behr, Sara and Jonathan Hoffenberg Gerald and Vicki Benjamin Diane and Marvin Bernstein Marlene Gelenter Besser and Abe Besser James Blasingame and Toby Schonfeld Jerome and Elaine Blumenthal Rita and Arthur Bodner Richard and Linda Bressler Ben and Sally Cavalier Mark and Ruth Coan and Family The Coca-Cola Company Bernard and Rae-Alice Cohen Generations Fund/ Alan and Pamela Cohen Harold and Diane Cohen Mark and Tova Cohen Stanley J. Cohen Linda and Richard Collier Rachael and Jonathan Colton Stanley Cristol Doug and Margo Diamond Shelly and Allen Dollar Sam, Eddie, Liora and Amir Dressler Mark Eden Lauren Estrin and Andrew Deutsch Elisa and Bobby Ezor Ken and Barbara Feinberg Emanuel and Stacy Fialkow Barry Fields Robert and Pat Fine Ramon and Jody Franco The Esther and Jake Friedman Family Jared and Beth Friedman Murray and Lynn Friedman Andree and Marc Frost Frances and Stuart Galishoff Drs. Stephen and Marianne Garber Melinda Gertz Don and Celia Gilner Kenneth and Madeleine Gimbel Larry and Margo Gold Dr. Daniel and Marni Goldman Bernie Goldstein Doris and Martin Goldstein

Joel and Eve Goldstein Leon Goldstein and Family in honor of Betty Goldstein z"l Katie and Daniel Greene Lynne and Thomas Greenfield Steve and Heleen Grossman Nikki Gugliotta and Randy Crohn Michael and Gail Habif Morris Habif Frank and Helen Hahn Alvin and Sherry Halpern The Halpern-Oppenheimer Family Foundation Hammer Family Josh Hanna and Sharon Funk Neil Gordon Delcy Pardo Harber The Family of Rick and Lori Harber Marvin and Natalie Harris Gloria and Howard Hecht Jack and Michal Hart Hillman Stuart Harvey Hillman Gary and Jean Jackson Paul and Stephanie Jacobs Barbara and Alan Kaplan and Family Lisa Kaplan Philip and Sally Kaplan Theodore and Ann Kaplan Jeffrey and Alison Kaufman Judy and Martin Kogon Michael and Laurie Kogon Ross and Sara Kogon Darryl and Roslyn Konter Elissa and Harris Konter Phyllis and Jerry Kraft Russell and Cheryl Kramer Richard and Lana Krebs Carlyn and Barry Kriegel Arnold and Starr Lande Kerry and Linda Landis Rhona Landis Craig and Faye Lefkoff Harold and Evelyn Lefkoff Helen Lefkoff Lawrence and Marjorie Lefkoff Michelle and Jonathan Lerner and Family Michael J. and Ann Levin Esther and Michael K. Levine Marshall and Nancy Levine Dr. and Mrs. Paul Liebman Joel Lobel and Debbie Smith Malkin, Glazer and Hirsh Family Joseph and Charlotte Marcus Rhoda and Stephen Margolis Judy Marx Sherry and Harry Maziar Lee Mendel Rachel and Manuel Mesa Ivan and Shirley Millender Wayne and Lori Miller Susan Moray Vicki and Steve Morris and Family Barbara and George Nathan Dr. Philip and Donna Newman Barbara and Sanford Orkin and Family Hank Oxman Alon and Sheri Panovka Dan Paradies z"l Gregg and Beth Paradies James Paradies

Jo and Louis Pichulik Alan and Sally Pinsker Barbara and Richard Planer Michael Plasker and Ellen Arnovitz Dara and Arthur Povlot Barry and Lynn Prusin Mark and Sharon Reich Ralda and Martin Reish Shirley and Donald Reisman Andrew and Susan Canter Reisner David Rhones Bruce and Barbara Ribner Lori Rich Joel and Jennifer Rosenfeld Carl and Rosalie Rosenthal Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal Ralph Sacks Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Milton and Virginia Saul Linda and Abe Schear Ray and Susan Schoenbaum Alan and Judy Schulman Irma Shulman-Weiner Marianne Shultzberg Betty Ann Shusterman Andy and Caryn Siegel Philip and Debra Siegel Barry Silver Brenda Silverman Susan E. Simon Judy and Allen Soden Jack Spielberg z"l Jennifer and Kevin Spindel The Srochi Family Allen and Merna Stein Howard and Irene Stein Stanley and Marilyn Steinberg Toby and Gayle Steinberg Steven and Lynne Steindel Mark and Tamar Stern Dr. Alan and Betty Sunshine Rick and Cathy Swerdlin Ben and Julie Taube Jeannie and Bob Tepper Karla Tievsky and Seth Kirschenbaum The Vantosh Family Drs. Nancy and Mark Weiner The Wildstein Family Larry and Sheila Wilensky Joel and Hannah Williams Jon and Sue Winner Jack and Rina Wolfe Sharon J. Zinns Jeannette and Michael Zukor Jack and Sophie Zwecker

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Larry and Sheila Wilensky

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Harriette Oxman Michael Plasker and Ellen Arnovitz

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Chai Gold

Daily Minyon-Helen Cavalier & Joe Cohen Fund

Ivan and Shirley Millender Harriet Miller Alvin and Shirley Minsk Davis and Sandy Abrams Philip and Donna Newman David and Sheila Adelman Richard and Barbara Planer Judith M. Alembik Barry and Lynn Prusin Herb and Ann Alperin Martin and Ralda Reish Sara Alterman Bruce and Vickie Reisman Irene Aronin Donald and Shirley Reisman Chai Silver Robbie & Nancy Baron Shirley Rich Gary Alembik Robert and Wilma Bass Carl and Rosalie Rosenthal Judith M. Alembik Bruce and Linda Beeber Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Irene Aronin Betty Behr Joe and Judy Balaban Marvin and Diane Bernstein Rosenthal Morris and Joanne Rosenthal Ruth Gershon and Sanford Jerome and Elaine Thomas and Toby Rosing Cohn Blumenthal Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Lawrence and Margo Gold Lance and Sara Borochoff Janet Schatten and Richard Leon and Susan Gross Laurie Botstein Theodore and Ann Kaplan Irving and Marilyn Bravman Friedman George and Barbara Nathan William and Rachael Brown Marsha Sherman Stanley & Judy Sherman Robert and Sherri Wildstein Ben and Sally Cavalier Brian and Karen Shonson Arnold Zweig and Susan Latifa Cohen Gail Solomon Ellman-Zweig Pauline Cohen Deborah Spector and Jeffrey Sam and Harriet Draluck Victor Chai Bronze Sam and Marilyn Eckstein Nathan Spielberg and the Frederick and Renie Gerald and Dorothy Eisen Estate of Jack Spielberg z"l Halperin Kenneth and Barbara Francie Teitelbaum Feinberg Chai Patron The Estate of Jay Ferman z"l Cecile Waronker Irma Weiner Sandra Adair Paul and Judith Finkel Alan Wexler Herb and Ann Alperin Alvin Jerome Finkelstein Bruce and Cindy Becker Herman and Nina Fishman Robert and Sherri Wildstein Jack and Rina Wolfe Bruce and Linda Beeber Jack Freedman Larry and Susan Wolkin Betty Behr Milton Freedman Steven and Ilene Zier Marvin and Diane Bernstein Sylvia Friedman Leonard and Valerie Chill Jane Fryer Education Fund Pauline Cohen Stuart and Fran Galishoff Lew and Sandra Craine Stuart and Frances Galishoff Dennis Gilbride and Robert and Sherri Wildstein Debbie Smith and Joel Lobel Elizabeth Kessler Jerome and Joanne Mendel F. Robert Ginsberg Elisa Hydee Levine Summer Lawrence and Margo Gold Chai Carl Golden Leadership Scholarship Fund Betty Behr Herbert and Mary Goldstein Jerome and Elaine Aaron and Hedy Borenstein Joel and Eve Goldstein Blumenthal Rosi Fiedotin Leon Goldstein Michael and Esther Levine Melida Gertz Philip and Elise Goldstein Jonathan and Susan Winner Morris Habif Philip and Roslyn Goldstein Paul and Stephanie Jacobs Susan Goldstein Ellman Chapel Fund Lisa Kaplan Paula Goldstein-Shea Arnold Zweig and Susan Alan and Renay Levenson Phillip and Rosalind Haber Ellman-Zweig Sherry Habif Chessed/Bikur Cholim Meryl Hammer Esther & Jake Friedman David and Lauren Weinstein Gladys Hirsch Memorial Fund Robyn and Keith Winnick Walter and Rosalie Gerald and Sandi Friedman Hirschberg Jared and Beth Friedman Club 600 Chai Roller Richard and Glenna Andy and Caryn Siegel Hornstein Family Programming Khalil Iny and Adrienne Lynn Abrams Club 600 Wild Card Cohen Fred and Lorraine (Cookie) Richard and Marty Alterman Philip and Sally Kaplan Aftergut Hal and Dorita Arnold Scott and Shelley Kaplan Jacquelyn Allen Mark and Tova Cohen Theodore and Ann Kaplan Joel Alpert Sam and Marilyn Eckstein Scott Kleber and Nancy Kelsey Amico Allen and Charlotte Habif Taylor Amsler Kaminsky Alan and Elaine Kolodkin Donna Aranson Donald and Shirley Reisman Jerry and Phyllis Kraft Joseph and Phyllis Arnold Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Ruth Kramarow Mark and Leah Arnold Alan and Joan Schwartz Herbert Kreitman Allison Bassen Martin and Mildred Robert and Cheryl Beer Community Action Kwatinetz Susan Berkowitz Herb and Ann Alperin Kerry and Linda Landis Nancy Berlin Kenneth and Barbara Denise Fields Lee Jason Berner Feinberg Marshall and Nancy Levine Lindsay and Evan Borenstein Donald and Celia Gilner Elliott and Barbara Levitas Leigh Boros and Robert Kenneth and Madeleine Miriam Strickman Levitas Hilliard Gimbel Paul and Naomi Liebman Amanda Brandenburg Lisa Kaplan Stephen Chaim Listfield and Andrea Cohen Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Leslie Parker Lawrence Cohen Robert and Sherri Wildstein Joel Lobel and Debbie Smith Sheldon Cohen Jennifer Glazer Malkin David and Helen Diamond Harry and Sherry Maziar Amanda Doreson Lev and Berta Mebel Shana Dukette Manuel and Rachel Mesa Stephen and Marianne Garber Donald and Celia Gilner Barry and Lynn Prusin Donald and Shirley Reisman Carl and Rosalie Rosenthal

Beineinu • february | march • 8

Evan Ehrenhalt Robert and Elisa Ezor Kenneth and Barbara Feinberg Aaron Feldman Barry Fields Karen Finger Samuel Fistel Jordan and Lori Forman Richard and Phyllis Franco Murray and Lynn Friedman Jenna Gebel Maury Gerson Melinda Gertz Sara Ghitis Dennis Gilbride and Elizabeth Kessler Donald and Celia Gilner Alice Ginsberg Bradley Gold Samuel and Julie Gold Jerrold Greenberg and Toby Block Thomas and Lynne Greenfield Steven and Heleen Grossman Nikki Gugliotta and Randy Crohn Haila and Rachel Harris Beth Helmey Alan and Laura Herbin Jack and Michal Hart Hillman Stuart Harvey Hillman Jamie Hirsch Terri Hitzig Jennifer Hurst Darla Jaben Gary and Jean Jackson Wendy Kalman Philip and Sally Kaplan Kenneth and Lori Kaufman Beverley Kern Michael and Suzanne Lazarus Sandra Lease Leah Lefkowitz Jay and Deborah Levin Marshall and Nancy Levine Andrew Machover Danya Maloon and Nathan Rabin Stephen and Rhoda Margolis Wayne and Elizabeth Markman Lucia Marks Kim Massell Margaret McDaniel Felton and Deborah McLaughlin Lee Mendel Manuel and Rachel Mesa John and Judy Miller Robert Miller Melinda Mossew Alan and Linda Nathanson Lippitt Laura Nelson Wayne and Sara Fran Neuwirth Philip and Donna Newman Philip and Shira Newman Mindee Nodvin David Norflus Francine Norflus Howard Peck Sarah Perlin Lynn Podber Sarah Queen Bruce and Vickie Reisman Nancy Resman

Jeffrey Rich Ami Rosen Toby Rosenbaum Adam Rosenfeld Heather Rosenheck Renee Rosenheck Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal Karen Routman Mark and Clara Safra Oded Shorer Brenda Silverman Eric and Carla Singer Adam Smith Gregory and Roben Smolar Michael and Rebecca Sokol Aaron Stambler and Elaine Miller Matthew Strauss Miriam Strickman Levitas Steven Tabb Ramtin Taheri Karla Tievsky and Seth Kirschenbaum Sue Warshal Karen Wells Andrew Wiesenberg Joel and Hannah Williams Sharon Zinns

Cohen z"l Jeffrey and Cheryl Cohen Sharon Cohen Marci Draluck Randy Farrow Paul and Judith Finkel George and Michele Fox Keith and Rhonda Fryer David and Renie Geller Ervin and Suzanne Gerson Joel and Eve Goldstein Peter and Norma Gordon Morris Habif Sherry Habif The Estate of Shirley Halpern z"l Martin and Lisa Halpern Gloria and Howard Hecht Pauline Kaplan Philip and Sally Kaplan Garvin and Barbara Kleber Rose Klein Hunger Walk Darryl and Roslyn Konter Rosalind Davidson Kal Koplin Paul and Stephanie Jacobs Hilton and Janet Kupshik Rabbi Ronald Segal Jay and Howard Landay Deborah Leighton I. Jay Knopf Ahava Fund Yoel and Jacqueline Levi Marian Ely Ralph and Carla Lovell Jane Fryer Joseph and Charlotte Marcus Bernard Goldstein Steven and Vicki Morris Fran Eizenstat & Eizenstat Barbara Krinsky Francine Norflus Family Memorial Lecture William and Sariece Rubin Alan and Edith Pilzer Habitat for Humanity Fund Davis and Sandy Abrams Karen Routman Philip and Sally Kaplan Thomas and Anita Adams Ida & Louis Levitas Fund Steven and Susan Sadow Steven and Wendy Light Evelyn Alexander Irving and Marilyn Bravman David Saltz Marlene Perlman Herb and Ann Alperin Janet Schatten and Richard Donald and Shirley Reisman Carolyn Gold David and Betsy Baker Friedman Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Miriam Strickman Levitas Stuart Eizenstat Abe and Linda Schear Rosenthal Alvin and Shirley Minsk Israel Bonds Lori Simon Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Eleanor Sims Hiddur Mitzvah Project Gerald & Helen Cohen Larry and Marcia Spielberger Gabrielle Adler Membership and Outreach Jacob Butler Audio-Visual Fund Alan and Betty Sunshine Betty Behr Fund Joel and Sissy Butler Bob and Jeannie Tepper Susan Berkowitz Martin and Judy Kogon Patrick and Cindy Tracy Kelley Cody and Max Grimm Dan and Melissa Tulman Jay A. Waronker & William L. Shelly and Allen Dollar Gevurah/Torah Fund Barry and Linda Weiner Melinda Gertz Waronker Museum Fund George and Barbara Nathan David and Lauren Weinstein Steven and Heleen Macy and Jennie Moret Lena Sisselman William and Ronnie Grossman Cecile Waronker Weintraub Nikki Gugliotta and Randy Jay Waronker The Rabbi Arnold and Rae Greg and Aletta Weitz Crohn Goodman Institute of Learning Paul and Stephanie Jacobs Barbara Wexler Joseph & Betty Zelman Fund Robert and Sherri Wildstein Michael and Rachael Joseph Scholarship Fund David and Sheila Adelman Robert and Ava Wilensky Darryl and Roslyn Konter Jane Fryer Patricia and Rabbi Irving Jack and Rina Wolfe Richard and Lana Krebs Bloom Richard Zane Rich and Michelle Levy Judy F. Paradies Child Arthur and Rita Bodner Myrtle Lewin Enrichment Program Fund Murray Brenman Kiddush Sponsorship Jon and Megan Liebman Cindy Paradies and Larry Jay and Sandra Coffsky David and Sheila Adelman Paul and Naomi Liebman Moscow Pauline Cohen Fred and Lorraine (Cookie) Rick and Marcia Lindner Gregg and Beth Paradies Stanley and Brenda Daniels Manuel and Rachel Mesa Aftergut James Paradies Eddie and Sam Dressler Irene Aronin George and Barbara Nathan Hadley and Susan Engelhard Jak and Marta Ninyo Phillip and Doris Bush Kiddush Fund Randy Farrow Leonard and Valerie Chill Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Leon Abramson Arthur Feldman Harold and Diane Cohen Rosenthal David and Sheila Adelman Edward and Cheryl Finkel Mark and Tova Cohen Robert and Jill Rosner Brian and Stephanie Aftergut Marvin and Barbara Draluck Ramon and Jody Franco Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Ahavath Achim Sisterhood Sherry Frank Sam and Marilyn Eckstein Brenda Silverman Herb and Ann Alperin Stephen and Nancy Kenneth and Barbara Sandrine Simons Robert Arkin Friedberg Feinberg Harold and Lori Solomon Bernice Bach Stephen and Marianne Emanuel and Stacy Fialkow Kevin and Jennifer Spindel Terry and Julia Bernath Garber Herman and Nina Fishman Richard and Cathy Swerdlin Stephen and Susan Blank Donald and Celia Gilner Stuart and Fran Galishoff Robyn and Keith Winnick Jerome and Elaine Burton and Barbara Gold Lawrence and Margo Gold Sharon Zinns Blumenthal Ronald and Melissa Martin and Doris Goldstein Alan and Adele Burnham Goodman Delcy Pardo Harber High Holiday Donations Phillip and Doris Bush Alvin and Sherry Halpern Jack and Michal Hart David and Sheila Adelman Janet Caplan Betsy Halpern Hillman Herb and Ann Alperin Steven and Doryn Chervin Cheryl Hecht Walter and Rosalie Bruce and Linda Beeber Debra Cohen and Douglas Gloria and Howard Hecht Hirschberg Marjorie Epstein Bennett Theodore and Rebecca Richard and Glenna Leon Goldstein The Estate of Helen H. Hersh Hornstein

9 • Beineinu • February | march

Rhalda Kahn Theodore and Ann Kaplan Bobbie Knopf Michael and Ann Levin Marshall and Nancy Levine Michael and Rita LeVine Matthew Lieberman Paul and Naomi Liebman Bob and Sandra London Andrew and Mindy Margolis Frederic and Cindy May Lee Mendel David and Glenda Minkin Macy and Jennie Moret Sanford and Barbara Orkin Louis and Jo Pichulik Michael Plasker and Ellen Arnovitz Charlotte Rich Craig and Michelle Rich Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Milton and Virginia Saul Janet Schatten and Richard Friedman Stephen and Linda Selig Allen and Judy Soden Larry and Marcia Spielberger Stanley Srochi David and Nancy Weissmann Philip and Carol Wendkos Robert and Sherri Wildstein

Jimmy and Dale Glenn Michael and Gail Habif Delcy Pardo Harber Scott and Shelley Kaplan Garvin and Barbara Kleber Martin and Mildred Kwatinetz Harold and Evelyn Lefkoff Bill and Patsy Little Bob and Sandra London Lev and Berta Mebel Philip and Donna Newman Francine Norflus Aron Palefsky Louis and Jo Pichulik Andrew and Susan Reisner Milton and Virginia Saul Gail Solomon Drs. Nancy and Mark Weiner Nanette Wenger Larry and Susan Wolkin

Scott and Tanya Jacobson Philip and Sally Kaplan Scott and Shelley Kaplan Hilton and Janet Kupshik Michael and Esther Levine Paul and Naomi Liebman Joseph and Charlotte Marcus Lev and Berta Mebel Ivan and Shirley Millender George and Barbara Nathan Francine Norflus Marlene Perlman Richard and Barbara Planer Donald and Shirley Reisman Bruce and Barbara Ribner Shirley Rich Morris and Joanne Rosenthal Ralph Sacks Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Betty Ann Shusterman Alan Wexler

Norma & David Wexler Humanitarian Fund Marlene Perlman

Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal Discretionary Fund

Karen Abrams Leon Abramson Norman H. Diamond Fund for Cheryl Alperin Beer Jane Horowitz Bick Jewish Studies Arthur and Shirley Diamond Leonard and Valerie Chill Seth and Suzanne Eisenberg David and Helen Diamond Paul and Judith Finkel B. Milton and Arlene Gerald and Sandi Friedman Jacobson Jimmy and Dale Glenn Oakland Cemetery Restoration Phillip and Rosalind Haber Paul and Stephanie Jacobs Fund Gregory and Jan Jay Leonard and Barbara Bock Michael and Rachael Joseph Martin Oxman Ruth Kramarow Myrtle Lewin Operation Isaiah Robert and Vicki Lieberman Davis and Sandy Abrams Paul and Naomi Liebman Herb and Ann Alperin Jennifer Glazer Malkin Douglas Ander and Jessica Alan and Linda Nathanson Arluck Lippitt Irene Aronin Koplin-Borochoff Library Fund Marvin and Renee Paget Betty Behr Bernard Goldstein Anna Pichulik Toby Block Joel and Eve Goldstein Gary and Suzan Saidman Susan Bravman Herbert and Estelle Karp Joseph and Jill Segal Deedee Chereton Kerry and Linda Landis Charles Shainker Jay and Sandra Coffsky Rhona Landis Janet Snider Sheldon Cohen Paul and Naomi Liebman Deborah Spector and Jeffrey Jonathan and Rachael Colton Janis Zagoria Victor Laurie Don Larry and Marcia Spielberger Leon Polstein Memorial Fund Robert and Elisa Ezor Stanley Srochi Nathalie Feldman Sharon Cohen Robyn and Keith Winnick Paul and Judith Finkel Michael and Jeannette Zukor Richard and Phyllis Franco Library Donations Stanley and Diane Friedman Alan and Adele Burnham Rabbi Sandler Discretionary Melinda Gertz Sheila Goldstein Fund Dennis Gilbride and Jane Horowitz Bick David and Sheila Adelman Elizabeth Kessler Alvin and Shirley Minsk Judith M. Alembik Donald and Celia Gilner Robert and Sherri Wildstein Lee and Ellen Altschuler Bernard Goldstein Herschel and Ruth Wisebram Rosalind Baranovitz Leon and Susan Gross Alan and Pepi Wolkin Stanley and Louise Baum Nikki Gugliotta and Randy Jack and Dolores Berlin Crohn Lola Lansky Holocaust Joel and Margaret Breiner Charles Hacker Memorial Fund Leonard and Valerie Chill Theodore and Rebecca Helen Hersch Andrew Eisen and Family Hersh Lee and Nica Tallman Robert and Patricia Fine Elissa Kaplan Paul and Judith Finkel Kerry and Linda Landis Louis & Sarah Rosenbaum Early Rhona Landis Gerald and Sandi Friedman F. Robert Ginsberg Childhood Fund Michael and Ann Levin Sam and Harriet Draluck Robert and Vicki Lieberman A. Ervin Goldberg Alvin and Sherry Halpern Paul and Naomi Liebman Maot Chittim Joel Lobel and Debbie Smith George and Dena Hammond Jack and Michal Hart Stanley and Louise Baum Ivan and Shirley Millender Hillman Lance and Sara Borochoff Stephen Oppenheimer Gladys Hirsch Dennis Gilbride and Andrew and Susan Reisner Herbert and Estelle Karp Elizabeth Kessler Bruce and Barbara Ribner Jan Caryl and Joyce Kaufman Jerrold Greenberg and Toby David and Susan Rosner Block Stuart and Susan Schlansky Ruth Kramarow Barbara Krinsky Richard and Barbara Planer Andy and Caryn Siegel Alan and Renay Levenson Bruce and Barbara Ribner Philip and Debra Siegel Elliott and Barbara Levitas Arnold and Judith Eleanor Sims Rubenstein Larry and Marcia Spielberger Idella and Suzanne Lichter Paul and Naomi Liebman Stuart and Susan Schlansky Steven and Lynne Steindel Jennifer Glazer Malkin Sharon Torreyson Anna Pichulik Marvin Goldstein Volunteer of Daniel Weiner Gary and Bonnie Richman Michael Weiner the Year Award Drs. Nancy and Mark Weiner Carolyn Rose Adam Goldstein Fredric and Robin Jack and Rina Wolfe Rita Goldstein Wolfson Rosenberg Joseph and Jill Segal Max & Etta Cuba Memorial Fund Prayer Book Fund Sherry Shaw Bruce and Linda Beeber Sam and Marilyn Eckstein Janet Snider Jane Horowitz Bick Marlyn Ginsberg Deborah Spector and Jeffrey F. Robert Ginsberg Victor Walter and Rosalie Nanette & Julius Wenger Stanley Srochi Hirschberg Scholarship Fund Betsy Teplis Paul and Naomi Liebman Nanette Wenger Sanford and Barbara Orkin Cynthia Tyler Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Barry and Linda Weiner Lynne Weiner Walter and Estelle Strauss Greg and Aletta Weitz

Robert and Sherri Wildstein Robyn and Keith Winnick Harold Yudelson Michael and Jeannette Zukor

Rebecca & Morris Bloom Memorial Fund Sheryl Adair Harris Smith

Sadie and Harry Lewis Fund Joy and John O'Malley

Sam & Jeanette Gershon Fund

Peggy Abrams Hal and Dorita Arnold Joseph and Phyllis Arnold Bernice Bach Ilene Baker Ed Baker and Family Bruce and Linda Beeber Dorene Benuck Burton Gershon Carolyn Gold Alice Kaplan Philip and Sally Kaplan Julius Kieves Kerry and Linda Landis Debbie and Glenn Maron Jerome and Joanne Mendel Harriette Oxman Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Stein

Sam E. Wise Ahava Breakroom Fund Jay and Barbara Halpern

Sheldon & Eric Graiser Scholarship Fund

Fred and Lorraine (Cookie) Aftergut Aaron and Jeannine Altmann Joseph and Phyllis Arnold Bernice Bach Bernard and Carlene Cristal Michael Friedman Paul Goldstein Marcy Graiser Harry and Marcia Kuniansky Marlene Perlman Linda Satlof Ronald Urken Jack and Denese Weiss Steven and Ilene Zier

Shirley Rubenstein Lobel/ Miriam Lobel Dworetz Memorial Fund

Marvin and Diane Bernstein Edward Dworetz

Srochi Auditorium Fund

Russell and Cheryl Kramer Robert and Sherri Wildstein

Susie Habif Chessed Fund

David and Sheila Adelman Herb and Ann Alperin Richard and Marty Alterman Irene Aronin Jay and Elise Empel Lawrence and Margo Gold Michael and Gail Habif Morris Habif Paul and Naomi Liebman Frederic and Cindy May Linda Rush Carolyn Wasser David and Lauren Weinstein Robert and Sherri Wildstein

Synagogue General Fund

Davis and Sandy Abrams Lynn Abrams Douglas Adair Sandra Adair David and Sheila Adelman Gabrielle Adler Brian and Stephanie Aftergut Fred and Lorraine (Cookie) Aftergut Rhona Albright Gary Alembik Evelyn Alexander Jeffrey Allen and Mimi Zieman Herb and Ann Alperin Richard and Marty Alterman Douglas Ander and Jessica Arluck Richard and Monique Ander Stephen and Rhonda Andruskiewicz Monique Arar Martin and Elinor Arlook Joseph and Phyllis Arnold Irene Aronin Frances Astren Michael and Rachel Avchen Cherie Aviv Herbert and Jane Axelrod Bernice Bach Claire Balser Rosalind Baranovitz Emil and Marcia Baumrind Grace Baumrind Leo and Joy Bearman Selwyn and Charlotte Begner Gerald and Vicki Benjamin Richard and Sharon Berger Martha Berlin Sarah Berlin Jerome Berman Marvin and Diane Bernstein Sidney and Jutta Blase Evan Blitzer Jerome and Elaine Blumenthal Mona Blumenthal Leonard and Barbara Bock Aaron and Hedy Borenstein Linda Bosh Laurie Botstein Nicholas and Carole Brand Irving and Marilyn Bravman James Breman Joshua Brenner Theodore and Joann Brenner Helen Browdy Harriet and Jeffrey Bryan Yevgeniy Buchko Linda Buchman Allan and Elaine Carp Michael and Marla Chaliff Barbara Chasnov Deedee Chereton Leonard and Valerie Chill Clover Productions Bette Codner Kelley Cody and Max Grimm Jay and Sandra Coffsky Harold and Diane Cohen Isadore Cohen Jack and Yvonne Cohen Latifa Cohen Michael Jackie Cohen Pauline Cohen Ralph and Benita Cohen Ronald and Judy Cohen Sharon Cohen Sheldon Cohen Stanley Cohen

Beineinu • february | march • 10

Richard and Linda Collier Jerry and Hannah Cooper Richie Crownfield Harriet Davidow Rosalind Davidson George and Ethel Delman Andrew Deutsch and Lauren Estrin David and Helen Diamond Jean Diamond and Irving Grossman Michael and Linda Diamond Bobi Dimond Luis Dorfman Marvin and Barbara Draluck Dressler's Funeral Service, LLC. Eddie and Sam Dressler Sam and Marilyn Eckstein Todd and Lori Edlin Gerald and Dorothy Eisen Jay and Elise Empel Leon and Madalyne Eplan Norman Estroff Margery Caruana Farr Kenneth and Barbara Feinberg Joel and Allison Feldman Nathalie Feldman Robin Feldman Paul and Judith Finkel Miriam Fishkin Herman and Nina Fishman Alan and Marianne Fixelle Jacqueline Flash Jeffrey and Shayna Flash Alan Flaxman Nicolle Forrest Gerald and Sandi Friedman Sharon Friedman Sylvia Friedman Elizabeth Frumin and Blair Dougles Fulton and Susan Frumin Leah Fuhr Bruce and Karen Gadlin Stuart and Fran Galishoff Burton Gershon Jeffrey and Marsha Gilbert Donald and Celia Gilner F. Robert Ginsberg Burton and Barbara Gold Lawrence and Margo Gold Joshua Gold Sarah Goldberg Bernard Goldstein Bobby and Liz Goldstein Joel and Eve Goldstein Leon Goldstein Martin and Doris Goldstein Sandi Goldstein Stanley and Susan Goldstein Steven and Karen Goldstein David and Sheila Good Jerrold Greenberg and Toby Block Nancy and Michael Greenberg Lindsey Grossman Steven and Heleen Grossman J. Gruber Morris Habif Sherry Habif Alvin and Sherry Halpern Meryl Hammer Sam Haney Richard and Lori Harber Gail Harris Marvin and Natalie Harris Beatrice Hartman Irene Heller

Seymour and Patricia Hendel Theodore and Rebecca Hersh Doug and Lila Hertz Etta Rae Hirsch Gladys Hirsch Bertha Hirsh Gilbert and Gail Holzer Judith Horowitz Michael and Barbara Horowitz Barbara Hubschman Marshall Hyatt Eye Productions, Inc. Joel and Nancy Isenberg Paul and Stephanie Jacobs B. Milton and Arlene acobson Scott and Tanya Jacobson Dennis Jaffe Leah Janus Rita Joel Michael and Rachael Joseph Henry Johnson Rhalda Kahn Robert and Susan Kahn Jackie Kanfer Alan and Barbara Kaplan Alice Kaplan Kusiel Kaplan Pauline Kaplan Philip and Sally Kaplan Barbara Karp Herbert and Estelle Karp Ernestine Kasriel Ali Katz Jeremy Katz Barbara Kaufman Jacob Kerker Frances and Herbert Kohn Walter and Devra Kolesky Alan and Elaine Kolodkin Steven and Eydie Koonin Chip Koplin Jerry and Phyllis Kraft Ruth Kramarow Russell and Cheryl Kramer Kerry and Linda Landis Rhona Landis Andy and Helaine Lasky Jean Lawson Mary Lou Lazarus Helen Lefkoff Alan and Renay Levenson Liane Levetan Eddie and Debbie Levin Elaine Levin Michael and Ann Levin Balfoura Levine Bonnie and Michael Levine Michael and Rita LeVine Morton and Phyllis Levine Steven and Laura Levine Meredith Levy Harriet Lewis Miriam Lewis Steven and Wendy Light Rick and Marcia Lindner Betty Lipshutz Cynthia Livingston Bob and Sandra London Ruth Lutzky Sara Machar Jennifer Glazer Malkin Frank Mandel Sally Marks Michael and Sheila Margolis Leslie Levitas Martin Norma and Hans Marx Felton and Deborah McLaughlin Philip and Kirsten

11 • Beineinu • February | march

Mekelburg Melaleuca, The Wellness Company Labe and Lorraine Mell Sylvia Meltzer Jerome and Joanne Mendel Lee Mendel Menden Freiman LLP Manuel and Rachel Mesa Leonard Meyer Sonia Michael Ellen Mills David and Glenda Minkin Alvin and Shirley Minsk George and Barbara Nathan Laura Nelson Jak and Marta Ninyo Terry Nordin Joy and John O'Malley Bailey Olim Carolyn Oppenheimer Sanford and Barbara Orkin Susan Orloff Harriette Oxman Mark and Sara Papier Peggy Perling The Estate of Marian Perling z"l Martha Perlmutter Louis and Jo Pichulik Alan and Sally Pinsker Marilyn Pipkin Richard and Barbara Planer Michael Plasker and Ellen Arnovitz Edith Pliner Morris and Ann Podber Arthur and Dara Povlot Georgia Power Bob and Elizabeth Preston Barry and Lynn Prusin Bonnie Puckett Diana Reinhardt Bruce and Vickie Reisman Bruce and Barbara Ribner Craig and Michelle Rich Robert and Renee Rinzler Stanley and Marlene Rinzler Debra Rodkin Marc and Carol Rose Tillye Rosenfeld Carl and Rosalie Rosenthal David and Susan Rosner Robert and Jill Rosner Daniel and Corrine Rousso Lynda Rubenstein William and Sariece Rubin Joyce Ryan Frances Sachs Harvey and Jacqueline Sacks Ralph Sacks Alice Sanders Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Annette Saparow Cecelia Saul Jill Saul Milton and Virginia Saul Betty Schaffer Harry Scheinfeld Stuart and Susan Schlansky LL Schloss Ray and Susan Schoenbaum Allan and Temme Schooler Sylvia Schulman Jay and Joyce Schwartz William and Julie Segal Stephen and Linda Selig Shades of Light Foundation Fred and Diana Shaftman Charles Shainker Andrea Shapiro Herbert Shessel

Brian and Karen Shonson Howard Shore Joshua and Marilyn Shubin Betty Ann Shusterman Philip and Debra Siegel Arthur and Carla Silver Josef and Carol Silverman Sandrine Simons Gabrielle Sirow Lena Sisselman Adam and Jodie Skorecki Jeffrey and Laura Sladkus Barbara and Alan Smith Corrie Smith Taylor Smith Blanche Sobelson Allen and Judy Soden Bella Solnik Michael and Dale Solow Jacob and Harriet Spanier David and Andra Sparks Rosalind Spector Stanley Srochi Ben Stein Toby and Gayle Steinberg Danielle Steinhart Samantha Stern Miriam Strickman Levitas Cyd Swampscott Richard and Cathy Swerdlin Lee and Nica Tallman Martin and Robyn Tanenbaum Ben and Julie Taube Joan Teichman Betsy Teplis Paul Teplis Carl Testa Tonia Ulman Mira Vayman Larry and Danyse Weinberg Irma Weiner Drs. Nancy and Mark Weiner Steven Weiner and Diane Bessen David and Lauren Weinstein Barbara Weissman Samuel and Sylvia Weissman Greg and Aletta Weitz Barbara Wexler Robert and Sherri Wildstein Robert and Ava Wilensky Knox Wilmer Jonathan and Susan Winner Bernard and Linda Wolfe Sharon Zinns

Lawrence and Margo Gold Alvin and Sherry Halpern Jack and Michal Hart Hillman Philip and Sally Kaplan Scott and Shelley Kaplan Alan and Elaine Kolodkin Darryl and Roslyn Konter Martin and Mildred Kwatinetz Kerry and Linda Landis Harold and Evelyn Lefkoff Marshall and Nancy Levine Harry and Sherry Maziar Ivan and Shirley Millender Richard and Barbara Planer Barry and Lynn Prusin Ruth Rauzin Martin and Ralda Reish Donald and Shirley Reisman Milton and Virginia Saul Philip and Debra Siegel Drs. Mark and Nancy Canter Weiner Alan Wexler Robert and Sherri Wildstein

Temmie & Samuel Goldstein Educational Fund Alice Kaplan

USY Fund

Michael Bressler and Peggy Freedman Steven and Heleen Grossman Robert and Sherri Wildstein

Yahrzeit Fund

Davis and Sandy Abrams Lynn Abrams Betty Behr Jerome Berman Abraham and Marlene Besser Latifa Cohen Pauline Cohen Louisa Edelson Ronald and Darriel Gerson Donald and Celia Gilner Sarah Goldberg Beatrice Hartman Gladys Hirsch Martin and Michael Itzkowitz B. Milton and Arlene Jacobson Ernestine Kasriel Synagogue Employee Holiday Michael and Audrey Landy Fund Balfoura Levine Sandra Adair Miriam Lewis David and Sheila Adelman Lee Mendel Fred and Lorraine (Cookie) Aron Palefsky Aftergut Richard and Barbara Planer Judith M. Alembik Ruth Rauzin Eliot and Phyllis Arnovitz Gary and Bonnie Richman Irene Aronin Herman Rosenthal Stanley and Louise Baum David and Susan Rosner Marvin and Diane Bernstein Cecelia Saul Abraham and Marlene Stuart and Susan Schlansky Besser Barry and Sharon Shafer Jerome and Elaine Jerome Shure Blumenthal Victor and Saba Silverman Latifa Cohen Jacob and Harriet Spanier Robert and Elisa Ezor Howard and Irene Stein Kenneth and Barbara Tonia Ulman Feinberg Mira Vayman Paul and Judith Finkel Charles and Marsha Vrono Murray and Lynn Friedman Edith Waronker Stuart and Fran Galishoff Rita Goldstein Wolfson Kenneth and Madeleine Gimbel

Yom Kippur Appeal

Davis and Sandy Abrams Douglas Adair Sandra Adair David and Sheila Adelman Gary Alembik Herb and Ann Alperin Richard and Marty Alterman Douglas Ander and Jessica Arluck Donna Aranson Hal and Dorita Arnold Mark and Leah Arnold Irene Aronin Joe and Judy Balaban Claire Balser Jack and Pat Balser Bruce and Linda Beeber Selwyn and Charlotte Begner Gloria Benamy Gerald and Vicki Benjamin Susan Berkowitz Jason Berner Marvin and Diane Bernstein Jane Horowitz Bick Sidney and Jutta Blase Irving and Marilyn Bravman Adam and Suzanne Bressler Richard and Linda Bressler Adam and Rachelle Capes Jay and Sandra Coffsky David and Julie Cohen Harold and Diane Cohen Jan and Heidi Cohen Mark and Tova Cohen Pauline Cohen Stanley Cohen Walter and Melissa Cohen William and Laura Cohen Jonathan and Rachael Colton Rosalind Davidson Taylor Davis Douglas and Margo Diamond Aaron and Bonnie Draluck Sam and Harriet Draluck Edward Dworetz Mark Eden Jay and Elise Empel Hadley and Susan Engelhard Terry Erbesfield Abram and Linda Estroff Norman Estroff Robert and Elisa Ezor Kenneth and Barbara Feinberg Joel and Allison Feldman Leon Feldman Muriel Feldman Nathalie Feldman Emanuel and Stacy Fialkow Paul and Judith Finkel Alvin Jerome Finkelstein Herman and Nina Fishman

Mark and Donna Fleishman Jordan and Lori Forman Ramon and Jody Franco Richard and Phyllis Franco Laurence and Lois Frank Gerald and Sandi Friedman Jared and Beth Friedman Sylvia Friedman Bruce and Karen Gadlin Stuart and Fran Galishoff Judith Garber Herbert Gelbwachs David and Renie Geller Maury Gerson Donald and Celia Gilner Kenneth and Madeleine Gimbel Joshua Ginsberg Lawrence and Margo Gold Bernard Goldstein Joel and Eve Goldstein Josh and Jennifer Goodhart Philip and Felice Goodman Jeremy Greenstein and Elizabeth Ravage Abigail Gross Steven and Heleen Grossman Michael and Gail Habif Sherry Habif Delcy Pardo Harber Edna Helfer Helen Hersch Theodore and Rebecca Hersh Jack and Michal Hart Hillman William Hinson and Sara Levy Gladys Hirsch Walter and Rosalie Hirschberg Richard and Linda Hoffenson Martin and Michael Itzkowitz Paul and Stephanie Jacobs Steven and Barbara Jacobs Scott and Tanya Jacobson Michael and Rachael Joseph Michael and Marsha Kalson Philip and Sally Kaplan Richard and Jean Katz Gerald and Dee Kline Michael and Laurie Kogon Alan and Elaine Kolodkin David Kooby Mark and Marsha Kozinn Michael and Jana Kreisberg James and Amy Landrum Debra Lang Andy and Helaine Lasky Jean Lawson Michael and Suzanne

Lazarus Rick Lenner Marshall and Nancy Levine Michael and Esther Levine Michael and Rita LeVine Elliott and Barbara Levitas Miriam Strickman Levitas Myrtle Lewin Miriam Lewis Robert and Vicki Lieberman Paul and Naomi Liebman Steven and Wendy Light Bill and Patsy Little Joel Lobel and Debbie Smith Alan and Lisa Lubel Jennifer Glazer Malkin Joseph and Charlotte Marcus Morene Marcus Andrew and Mindy Margolis Stephen and Rhoda Margolis Robert and Natalie Marmer Judy Marx Norma and Hans Marx Harry and Sherry Maziar Neal and Amy Sue Maziar Felton and Deborah McLaughlin Lev and Berta Mebel Jerome and Joanne Mendel Betsy Michaud Ivan and Shirley Millender Harriet Miller Alvin and Shirley Minsk George and Barbara Nathan Laura Nelson Gerald and June Neumark Philip and Donna Newman Leon and Brenda Novak Carolyn Oppenheimer Stephen Oppenheimer Walter and Diane Orenstein Robert and Caryl Paller Alon and Sheri Panovka Gerry and Hilly Panovka Gregg and Beth Paradies Richard and Barbara Planer Arthur and Dara Povlot Barry and Lynn Prusin Ira and Ducie Rachelson Martin and Ralda Reish Bruce and Vickie Reisman Andrew and Susan Reisner Bruce and Barbara Ribner Scot Rich Shirley Rich Gary and Bonnie Richman Harvey and Jennifer Rickles Charles and Ann Rosenberg Gary Rosenshein and Barbara Lincoln Carl and Rosalie Rosenthal Morris and Joanne Rosenthal Ralph Sacks

Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler Abe and Linda Schear Harry Scheinfeld Stuart and Susan Schlansky Ray and Susan Schoenbaum Alan and Joan Schwartz Joseph and Jill Segal William and Julie Segal Nathan Segall and Harriet Landau Andy and Caryn Siegel Philip and Debra Siegel Ari Silberman Arthur and Carla Silver Barry Silver Alan and Sherry Silverman Barry and Martha Silverman Adam and Jodie Skorecki Morris and Susan Socoloff Howard and Irene Stein Alan and Betty Sunshine Lynn Sussman Richard and Cathy Swerdlin Lee and Nica Tallman Aaron and Emily Tanenbaum Ben and Julie Taube Bob and Jeannie Tepper Sharon Torreyson Neil Wasser and Valerie Habif Jeffery Wasserman Drs. Nancy and Mark Weiner David and Lauren Weinstein Greg and Aletta Weitz Nanette Wenger Howard and Carla Wertheimer Alan Wexler Robert and Sherri Wildstein Joel and Hannah Williams Adele Wineburgh Jonathan and Susan Winner Alan and Pepi Wolkin Larry and Susan Wolkin David and Zoe Zelby Arnold Zweig and Susan Ellman-Zweig

Liz Korn Eva Land Sarah Lashinsky Andrew and Mindy Margolis Tamaril Means Ndidi Morton Jaclyn Nix Arthur and Dara Povlot Diane Radloff Raychel Robbins Debra Rodkin Heather Rosenheck Renee Rosenheck Mara Shulman Marc Silver Will Van Gelderen Brad Weisberg

Youth Programming

Brian and Stephanie Aftergut Michael and Rachel Avchen Annette Boyle Adam and Suzanne Bressler Rachel Bull Joseph Citron and Mary Pat Hill Jonathan and Rachael Colton William Epstein Alina and Erik Feingold Joel and Allison Feldman Jacqueline Flash Jeffrey and Shayna Flash Leah Fuhr Robert and Carol Glickman Jonathan and Sara Hoffenberg Gary and Jean Jackson Michael and Rachael Joseph Elizabeth Laing Brian and Alyson Lapes Rick and Marcia Lindner Paul and Barrie Mandel Andrew and Mindy Margolis John and Corinne Mateyak Philip and Kirsten Mekelburg Manuel and Rachel Mesa Jak and Marta Ninyo Young Family Programming Arthur and Dara Povlot Eli 'Sam' and Judy Aranson Joel and Jennifer Rosenfeld Michael and Rachel Avchen Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Faith Benda Rosenthal Nathan Brodsky Rhonda Rusnak Michael and Avital Cohen Philip and Debra Siegel Arielle Eisenberg Michael and Rebecca Sokol Jordan and Ana-Maria Eisner Kevin and Jennifer Spindel Alina and Erik Feingold Ben and Julie Taube Joel and Allison Feldman Joel and Hannah Williams Jeffrey and Shayna Flash Daniel and Marni Goldman Abigail Gray Yael Jacknis Russell Kahn

Have You Made a Gift of Stock? If you’ve donated securities to the AA and have not received acknowledgement of your gift, please let us know! When stock is transferred to our Schwab account, we do not receive any information on who made the gift. We ask our donors to please let us know the name and number of shares that are being transferred so that we are able to credit it to your account and appropriately thank you for your gift. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Borenstein, Director of Development, at 404.783.5990 or Stan Vogel, Finance Manager, at 404.603.5751.

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save the date

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Early Childhood Celebration (children 0-5 and their parents)

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Lunch (for purchase)

12:15 pm

Traditional Full Megillah Reading

12:30 pm

Family Megillah Reading

1:15 pm

Purim Celebration: Junior Purim (K-5th grade) Teen Purim (6th-12th grade) Adult Purim (21+) *Times are subject to change. For more information or to volunteer, contact Robyn Faintich at rfaintich@aasynagogue.org.*

13 • Beineinu • February | march

blood drive By gail solomon

Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several, if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma — which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions. Why should you donate blood? You don’t need a special reason to give blood. You just need your own reason. Some of us give blood because we were asked by a friend. Some know that a family member or a friend might need blood some day. Some believe it is the right thing to do. Whatever your reason, the need is constant and your contribution is important for a healthy and reliable blood supply. And you’ll feel good knowing you've helped save a life. Blood cannot be manufactured – it can only come from generous donors. The number one reason donors say they give blood is because they "want to help others." Two most common reasons cited by people who don't give blood are: "Never thought about it" and "I don't like needles." The Red Cross accepts blood donations only from volunteer donors. The need for blood is constant so if the Red Cross calls you and says there is an urgent need for blood, thank them for their call and tell them that you will donate at the Ahavath Achim Blood Drive on February 12. To schedule an appointment, you can go to www.redcrossblood.org and enter code JWV. It will take you to the AA blood drive sign-up sheet. You can also call Gail Solomon at 404-351-1900 or email her at gailsol@gmail.com for help signing up and to answer any questions you might have about the blood drive. The blood drive is sponsored by Jewish War Veterans, Fulton Masonic Lodge, Ahavath Achim Synagogue and co-sponsored by Congregation Shearith Israel, Or Ve Shalom Synagogue, and The Temple and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

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hunger aadvocacy a letter from nancy canter weiner congregant and Operation isaiah founder


ear Ahavath Achim Family,

It is with a full heart and tremendous pride that I share with you, my Ahavath Achim family, the results of the 2016 Operation Isaiah food drive. We had an amazing year in 2015 when we collected 60,000 pounds of food to contribute to those in need through the Atlanta Community Food Bank. When that drive concluded, I discovered that we, as an entire Jewish community, only needed 92,000 pounds to reach a lifetime donor total of 1 million pounds. I set our community goal for 2016 at 92,000 pounds, recognizing that our very own congregation would most likely contribute the majority of that, as we have done in the past. I also recognized that asking all of you for another 60,000 pounds was a huge ask. Thanks to all of your heavy bags of rice and giant cans of food plus all of your very generous donations, our synagogue has donated 104,340 pounds of food to the Atlanta Community Food Bank this year. It's beyond amazing! Last year we donated an entire tractor-trailer full of canned corn plus all of our barrels of food. The photo of that huge trailer with our food was impressive. Well, this year, we are donating TWO tractortrailers full of food in addition to our full barrels. Our AA Synagogue trailers contain a total of 86,500 pounds of canned peas. I, for one, cannot imagine how much that really is. With a little mathematical skill, we calculated that 86,500 pounds would equal approximately 51 million peas which would stretch 300 miles when placed end-to-end. That's quite an amazing sight to behold! Our synagogue has accomplished an amazing feat. Not only did we supply more than enough to boost the entire Atlanta Jewish community total to way over 1 million pounds, but we will be feeding 87,000 people with your very generous donations. We are the founding congregation for Operation Isaiah, and we continue to be the community leader. Whether you brought food to the synagogue, contributed monetary donations for our personal shoppers, or both, you, our Ahavath Achim family, made a difference in people's lives. The words "thank you" do not adequately express my appreciation to all of you for everything you have done and continue to do to make Operation Isaiah so successful. You continue to think of others and to reach into your heart to enrich the lives of others, most of whom you will never meet. I am so very proud to be a member of the Ahavath Achim family and to have been your leader in accomplishing this mitzvah. Shalom, Nancy Canter Weiner

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The 33rd Hunger walk/run is here! "This year marks the 33rd anniversary of Hunger Walk/Run - taking steps together with our community in the fight against local hunger! The Hunger Walk/Run - an annual 5K walk and “fun run” begun in 1984 - is a project of the Atlanta Community Food Bank that unites our community to raise awareness and critical funds for local hunger relief. Proceeds from the event benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank and other local nonprofit organizations that support food pantries, community kitchens, shelters and other programs for people in need of food assistance. These benefiting partner organizations help recruit participants and receive a percentage of the funds raised to support their direct hunger relief programs. " - HungerWalkRun.org To participate with Ahavath Achim Synagogue in this year's Hunger Walk/Run, go to hungerwalkrun.org > Get Involved > Register > Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta > Join a Team > select Ahavath Achim in the dropdown menu > hit "Search for a Team" > find Sally's Friends > JOIN! For more information about joing the AA team, contact Sally Kaplan at sallykaplan710@gmail.com. For more information about the Hunger Walk/Run, go to hungerwalkrun.org or contact hungerwalk@acfb.org.

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ahava early learning ce By the Numbers

1•••••••2•••••••3•••••••4•••••••5•••••••6•••• year since the Ribbon Cutting and Fiesta celebrating our new school.

times a week gathering as a whole school community - for Havdallah and Kabbalat Shabbat.

of our teachers (plus our Director) holding Master's degrees.

children successfully transitioned from Ahava to Elementary School (and we hear great things about them!).

Pre-K children received Alef Fund scholarships last year.

Pre-K children received Alef Fund scholarships this year.

•••••••31•••••••36•••••••52•••••••100••••••• families sending their children to Ahava (plus 16 who have registered!).

children currently attending Ahava DOUBLE CHAI!

children registered for the 2017 - 18 school year.

Languages of Children - one of our Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophies.

wish list These are items that would be greatly appreciated - should you have them on hand, please consider donating them to Ahava! Let us bring new life to your gently used things, such as: • Digital Cameras • Judaica items (kiddush cups, seder plates, menorahs, etc.) • Dress-Up Clothes • Children's books • Gardening Supplies • Art Supplies • Stationery • Interesting materials for upcycling • Broken small appliances for taking apart

17 • Beineinu • February | march

Teachers at Ahava value each child and each child’s family members as individuals and as partners. By modeling responsibility, welcoming and caring, Ahava teachers foster the children’s growth and development. Our teachers have the educational qualifications, experience working with young children, dispositions, knowledge and professional commitment necessary to help craft a program where children and their families are respected in their individuality and as a part of the community. Teachers work together with their colleagues to develop, implement, and evaluate the classroom pedagogy, to provide a high quality educational program that reflects the goals and values of our Reggio Emilia inspired school. They document children’s play and learning and attend to classroom management, including the flow of the day, group dynamics and guide children to develop the social skills necessary to be contributing members of the school community and to negotiate conflicts with other children when they arise. Our teachers are co-constructors, researchers, documenters, and advocates for children. Ahava teachers value and promote children’s play, indoors and out, are curious about each child’s perspective, understand child development and guidance in a constructivist context and are attuned to the learning process for each child. While teachers nurture physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development of each child, their first responsibility, beyond the safety and wellbeing of the children, is to be with the children joyfully. They provide care, protection, consistency, and guidance to the children, in the framework of a developmentally appropriate emergent curriculum. Our teachers are lifelong learners who stay current in the field of Early Childhood Education and take time for regular reflection and selfevaluation.



new children registered to start school in February and March (plus 2 in January).

infants in our infant room with a full wait list!

full-time teachers, who guide our children and provide enriched experiences, love, and security everyday (and a few part-time teachers too!).

toddlers registered for our Toddler class next year - with a full wait list!

amazing volunteers sitting on our Board of Directors.

meet the teachers Ahava is the Hebrew word for love, and we love our teachers! We know an early learning environment is only as good as the people supporting it; that’s why we hire the best!











Did you know? AA member and Ahava parent, Michael Levine, shares his talents with the children of Ahava each week by bringing his Learning Groove classes to us! Thank you, Michael! Do you have a special talent, hobby or skill that you would like to share with the children? Would you like to volunteer at Ahava? Please contact board member and Volunteer Coordinator, Fran Galishoff at fgalishoff@bellsouth.net. LYNN ABRAMS, ASSOCIATE TEACHER


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making a meaning of th a new approach to pre-b'nai mitzvah education at aa


he time leading up to a child’s bar or bat mitzvah ceremony can be a time of great stress and chaos, but it should also be a time of deep family meaning. In order to help facilitate a meaningful experience for each family member, we have begun to revise the pre b’nai mitzvah family education program for AA. One of the goals is to create a connected cohort of families who are journeying through this experience at the same time so that they can support each other, adding comradery, and increasing the joy of celebrating as part of the AA community. Each cohort represents approximately six months of ceremonies in our community. This new process begins when the child is at the end of his/her 3rd grade year and culminates in the few months prior to the bar or bat mitzvah ceremony. Here is an outline of the sessions:

Making Connections and Choosing a Date

During this first meeting at the end of the child’s 3rd grade year, the parents spend time getting to know each other to start building their cohort community. They will learn about the different ceremony options, how to look at a Jewish calendar, examine Torah portions, and set dates for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration - this includes exploring what times of the year we don’t hold b’nai mitzvah ceremonies for other religious reasons (i.e. during the nine days of Av).

Setting the Tone: Making Meaning of the Mitzvah

Approximately 20-24 months prior to the celebration, the cohort of both parents and students come together for a special mini-retreat. This is the first time the students encounter their Torah portions and begin to explore the context of the story they will be reading on their special day. Families are given a gift of a family scrapbook in which to document their thoughts, feelings and aspirations about the process and the ceremony. They are introduced to ideas which will help them formulate a special mitzvah project leading up to their milestone lifecycle event.

Yad Making

Woven between a few of the other sessions, the families are given the choice to participate in a hands-on creation of the yad the child will use during his/her ceremony. We partner with artist Gary Rosenthal’s Hiddur Mitzvah Project in the creation of the special keepsakes.

Managing the Process

As the time comes closer to the event itself, the parents are brought together to review the important logistics which include everything from working with the bar/bat mitzvah tutors to what budgetary considerations they should start planning for. This session, about 15-18 months prior to the celebration, allows the parents time to share ideas for planning the celebration as well has receive hints from some parents who have recently been through the process.

Looking Beyond Bar/bat Mitzvah

While it is easy to get caught up in the details of the celebration of the bar/bat mitzvah itself, it is perhaps even more important to consider how this emerging young adult’s Jewish life will look when the ceremony is over. The parents and students will come together approximately three to six months prior to their milestone event to hear about ways the child can take on new and exciting roles in his/ her home and in our congregation community.

19 • Beineinu • February | march

he mitzvah milestone

These students, whose B'nai Mitzvot run from October 2018 through May 2019, participated in the family "Setting the Tone" program. They were excited to have their first encounter with their designated Torah portions and share the meaning with their parents.

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Events & Volunteer Events

TuesdAAys at AA

Tuesdays (through May 23) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join the rabbis for an educational experience about current events and the Bible.

Unraveling the Siddur: Exploring Jewish Prayer and Ritual through the Eyes of the Rabbis Wednesdays (through May 24), 4:30 pm

Join Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal in the Koplin/Borochoff library to explore the structure of prayer through the eyes and wisdom of our sages and rabbis. For more information, contact Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal at lrosenthal@aasynagogue.org. There will be no class on the following date: April 12.

Torah Study

Saturdays, 10:00 - 11:00 am, Cavalier Room

Mah Jongg

Sundays, 10:00 am

Please join Sisterhood women to play, schmooze, have fun, and connect with other women. We are patient, willing to teach, and will welcome you. For more information, contact Nancy Canter Weiner at ncweiner@mindspring.com.

Groove Shabbat

February 1 and March 4, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Come join Mr. Michael and PJ Library on the first Shabbat morning each month for stories and interactive songs celebrating Shabbat and upcoming Jewish holidays. Stories and songs at 10:30 am, followed by snacks, playtime and kiddush lunch. All free, and geared towards families with children ages 0-4. Mr. Michael Levine is the co-founder of The Learning Groove & the music producer for the first four Pete The Cat picture books. PJ Library offers free Jewish themed books for children of all ages.

Bet is for Baby

February 5 and 12, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Bet Is for Baby is a three-part program offering information and guidance to first-time, expectant parents about Jewish traditions and parenting. The program also offers participants an opportunity to meet and network with past participants and other new parents. Bet Is for Baby is free and open to the community. All firsttime, expectant parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. To register or for

21 • Beineinu • February | march

additional information, contact Jill Rosner at 404.603.5741 or jrosner@aasynagogue. org.

Chai Youth Candyland (Chalutzim and Machar)

Sunday, February 5, 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Naomi’s Book Club

February 6 and march 6, 10:15 am

Naomi’s Book Club is held on the first Monday of each month at 10:15 am. Sisterhood honors the memory of Naomi Gold, who actively encouraged and coordinated literary growth. All are welcome to join for lively book discussions. Contact Madeleine Gimbel at maddy_ gimbel@yahoo.com for more information. February’s book is The Black Widow by Daniel Silva (facilitated by Rina Wolfe), and March’s is Night by Elie Wiesel (facilitated by Shirley Minsk).

Birthday and Anniversary Breakfast Sunday, February 12, 8:30 am

programming led by Dr. Leah Zigmond, Executive Director of Camp Judea and former Director of Education for Kibbutz Lotan's Center for Creative Ecology in Israel. For more information, contact Myrtle Lewin at aagreening@gmail.com.

Lunch and Learn

February 15 and March 15, 12:00 - 1:00 pm, Offices of Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk, and Perling, 1801 Peachtree Street NW #300, Atlanta, GA 30309

To RSVP and pre-order lunch, contact Jill Rosner at jrosner@aasynagogue.org or 404.603.5741.

Latte and Learn

February 16 and March 16, 10 :30 am, Panera Bread, 4531 Olde Perimeter Way, Atlanta, GA

Join the rabbis, fellow Sisters, and other friends for a morning of coffee (or tea), conversation, and learning with the Sisterhood’s Latte and Learn monthly study group every third Thursday of the month. For more information, contact Roslyn Konter at 770.986.3697 or rpkonter@gmail. com.

Directly following Morning Minyan, this wonderful breakfast is the best way to start your Sunday. All are welcome especially those celebrating a December, January, or February birthday or anniversary! For more information, contact Anne Cohen at acohen@aasynagogue.org. RSVP to Catherine Ficke at cficke@aasynagogue.org or 404.603.5747.

Yom Disney (Kadima and USY)

Tu B'Shvat Annual Tree Planting

Glow Party (Chalutzim and Machar)

Celebrate Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees – L'avdah ul'Shamrah, to serve and to protect the land. Bring your family, friends, and fellow congregants - rain or shine! We'll meet in the parking lot on the north side of the Carter Center for fruit, nuts, and Tu B'Shvat schmoozing. We will begin planting at 1:00 pm. Please wear clothes that can get dirty, and bring garden gloves if you have them. There will be hot coffee, juice, and snacks available throughout the planting. Young children's

Hunger Walk

February 17 - February 20

sisterhood Rosh Chodesh Discussion Program February 28 and march 29, 7:30 pm

Members of Sisterhood have shown great interest and enjoyment in our Rosh Chodesh discussion program. It has been Blood Drive well attended each month with 15 – 20 Sunday, February 12, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm women of all ages sharing in the ritual that Please be a blood donor. To schedule an has linked women and the new moon. appointment, go to www.redcrossblood.org Please join us as we explore personal and enter sponsor code JWV - you will be and spiritual growth with other women. taken directly to the AA Blood Drive where The program is hosted in the home of a you can schedule your appointment. For Sisterhood member where we celebrate more information, contact Gail Solomon with a brief Rosh Chodesh service followed at gailsol@gmail.com or 404.351.1900. The by a lively interactive discussion with quarterly Red Cross Blood Drive is co-sponsored refreshments and time to socialize. If you by Ahavath Achim synagogue, the Jewish War are not receiving your Evite invitations, Veterans, the Fulton Masonic Lodge, and new co- contact Susan Sandler at shsand3@ sponsor, Congregation Shearith Israel. bellsouth.net.

Sunday, February 12, 12:30 - 4:00 pm, The Carter Center, 453 Freedom Parkway NE, Atlanta, ga

March 3, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

March 5, 755 hank aaron drive, atlanta, ga 30315 12:00 pm: Onsite registration and entertainment 2:00 pm: 5K walk/run begins 4:00 pm: event ends

Purim ExtravaganzAA March 12, 11:30 am - 3:00 pm

For more information or to volunteer, contact Robyn Faintich at rfaintich@aasynagogue.org.

save the date - Israel Bonds Brunch March 19

Honoring Margo and Larry Gold for their years of service to the Jewish community and Israel. This year’s brunch will be co-chaired by Irene Aronin and Kerry Landis. Mazal Tov to Margo and Larry Gold for being this year’s honorees! For more information, contact Brad Young at bradley.young@israelbonds.com.

midnight at the masquerade: sisterhood's 76th annual donor event Sunday, March 26, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Help your fellow sisters and friends celebrate Sisterhood's 76th Annual Donor event in a murder mystery masquerade and lunch of glamorous intrigue. With a mystery under each feathery façade, unmasking the killer may be quite a challenge. It is up to you to determine which partygoer is guilty, by trading clues with your friends, gathering information, and solving the crime before the masked menace gets away! $25 per person plus donor contribution. Babysitting offered. RSVP by March 15 to Jennifer Spindel at jkspindel@mindspring.com. For more information, please contact Aurélie Weinstein at aurelie.elk@gmail.com.

Hunger Seder April 13

Community Events Infertility Support Group

Every second Thursday of the month at MACoM, 700-A Mount Vernon Hwy NE, 30328 Join together with others who struggle with this difficult situation as we support each other and learn about opportunities and hope for the future. RSVP at RSVP@JewishFertilityFoundation. org. For more information, contact Lynn Goldman at 404.275.9678. The Jewish Fertility Foundation is currently accepting applications to fund fertility treatments – apply online at www. jewishfertilityfoundation.org by February 15!

A Mitzvah for the Mikvah

Thursday, March 16, 7:00 – 10:00 pm, Georgia Aquarium, 225 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, GA

Support MACoM in honoring Rabbis, Alvin Sugarman and Joshua Heller, for creating MACoM, A Jewish Community. Master of Ceremonies, Mike Leven, will lead the evening. Celebrate and say thank you! For

all inquiries for sponsorship and tickets, please contact Barbara LeNoble, Executive Director at info@atlantamikvah.org or 404.549.9679.

off items that do not require a fee. For more information, contact Myrtle Lewin or Brooke Rosenthal at aagreening@gmail. com.

Volunteer Opportunities

ACFB Food Sorting and Packing

Sisterhood Mah Jongg Card Fundraiser

Order your new 2017 Mah Jongg cards through Sisterhood - $8 for a standard size and $9 for large. Please make checks payable to AA sisterhood and send to Barbara Nathan at 200 Brandon Place, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 by February 17.

February 19, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Help us sort and box donated food. There is something for everyone to do regardless of physical ability or experience. Please wear close-toed shoes. For more information, contact Nancy Canter Weiner at ncweiner@ mindspring.com.

Amazon sisterhood fundraiser

Sisterhood invites you to do your online shopping with us at Amazon.com (you can do it with or without an Amazon account). By shopping through Sisterhood’s associate link, you allow us to receive up to 15% of your total purchase, including Sisterhood Torah Fund gift cards. There is no cost to you! From Torah Fund supports the five major the AA homepage (aasynagogue.org), click educational institutions of the Conservative on "Community", then "Sisterhood", then Movement and helps to ensure a healthy "Amazon.com Sisterhood Fundraiser" to future for Conservative Judaism. These start shopping with us! institutions educate not only rabbis and cantors but also administrators, social Mishloach Manot workers, and lay leaders. This year, there are five new beautiful Torah Fund Greeting Every year, AA’s baskets have a unique theme. In the past we've had "A Night at Cards. To purchase cards, contact Glenna Hornstein at 904.616.1697 or itsallrelative@ the Movies" (2016) and "Go Green" (2015). For Purim 2017, we have chosen the theme, bellsouth.net. "Georgia on My Mind". Please put these dates on your calendar so that you may Recycling Program be part of the Mishloach Manot Purim In an effort to improve our synagogue's excitement and tradition: ecological footprint and encourage • Assembly Day: Sunday, February 19, 4:00 a "green" state-of-mind among our - 6:00 pm (includes dinner) community, the Greening Group will • Delivery Day: Sunday, February 26 be collecting hard-to-recycle materials This year, our chairperson is Barry Fields, beginning in the months of January and he will be keeping in mind his passion through March. The event is divided into for environmentalism and sustainability as three parts in which different materials he oversees the creation of the Mishloach will be collected and delivered to CHaRM Manot Baskets. To get involved, contact (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials) for Barry at barrygfields@gmail.com. proper recycling and disposal. Dates and Specifications: • Electronics: TVs, computer monitors, Shearith Israel Women’s Shelter VCRs, small appliances, electrical cords Volunteers are need to fill AA designated Dates: February 23, 24, and 26 night meal obligations from December Fees: $15 per TV and monitor 2016 - March 2017. For more information, • Bulbs and Batteries: Light bulbs contact Shirley Rich at 404.355.7700 or (including florescent tubes up to 6 ft) and 404.583.7753 or bubbesr@webtv.net. batteries (button, lithium, rechargeable, car, zinc, carbon) Greeters Needed Dates: March 23, 24, and 26 If you can smile and say "Shabbat Shalom" Fees: 50 cents per florescent compact and then you are a fully trained greeter. tube Greeters welcome everyone with a smile. *Please place all small items in a closed bag* They stay in the foyer in front of Ellman Drop off: Blue bins will be in AA front Chapel for approximately one hour on courtyard, alongside Ahava's main doors. Shabbat. To join the greeter team contact Please deposit materials in blue bins Mildred or Marty Kwatinetz at zaydekw@ and put cash fees and donations in the comcast.net or 404.812.1734. "Recycling Collection" box inside AA or Ahava lobby. The Greening Group requests a flat donation of $5 for those dropping

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weekly service schedule

We are a dynamic, egalitarian, conservative congregation that inspires our members to forge strong connections with God, Jewish life, Israel, and our community.

Morning Minyan (Monday - Friday)

7:15 am

Morning Minyan (Sunday)

8:30 am

Evening Minyan (Sunday - Thursday)

5:30 pm (at 6:00 pm beginning on 2/12/17)

Shabbat Evening Service (Friday)

6:30 pm

Shabbat Morning Service (Saturday)

9:00 am

Rabbi Neil Sandler Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal Jill Rosner, Assistant to the Rabbis Manuel Mesa, Executive Director Catherine Ficke, Executive Assissant Lindsay Borenstein, Director of Development Shana Dukette, Capital Campaign Administrative Assistant Anne Cohen, Director of Marketing & Community Relations Lauren Dube, Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer Fern Schorr, Receptionist Gabrielle Adler, Director of Engagement Kenya Bassett, Administrative Assistant Stan Vogel, Finance Manager Chris Carr, Director of Facilities Ken Johnson, Facilities Ian Madge, Facilities Anika Johnson, Facilities Marcus Thomas, Facilities Joe Jones, Director of Security Jordan Forman, Ritual Director Robyn Faintich, Interim Educational Director Lindsey Grossman, Program Associate Hannah Williams, Ahava Early Learning Center Director Jen Evans, Ahava Early Learning Center Administrative Assistant Rabbi Arnold M. Goodman, Senior Scholar Rob Wildstein, President Rick Swerdlin, Executive Vice President Rick Harber, Vice President Dick Planer, Vice President Arthur Povlot, Vice President Nancy Canter Weiner, Vice President Susan Berkowitz and Brenda Silverman, Sisterhood Co-Presidents Zoe Glickman, Kadima President

Beineinu ‌ between you and me The Newsletter of Ahavath Achim Synagogue

Our newsletter is funded by a grant from the Dave Center and The Center Family Foundation AHAVATH ACHIM BEINEINU (USPS-009-780) / Published Bi-Monthly / by Ahavath Achim Synagogue, 600 Peachtree Battle Ave., N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327 / Synagogue Office: 404.355.5222 / Fax: 404.352.2831 / Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism/Periodical Postage Paid at Atlanta, Georgia. Postmaster: Send Address Changes to Ahavath Achim Beineinu, 600 Peachtree Battle Avenue NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Profile for Ahavath Achim Synagogue

Beineinu - February/March 2017  

Beineinu - February/March 2017