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Beineinu Apr | May | Jun 2019 the newsletter of Ahavath Achim Synagogue

Passover service schedule Friday, April 19 - Erev Passover 7:54 pm

Candle Lighting

Saturday, April 20 - Passover I 9:30 am

Passover I Morning Service

8:37 pm

Candle Lighting

Sunday, April 21 - Passover II

f AhavathAchimSynagogue l @aasynagogueatl t @AASynagogueATL y Ahavath Achim Synagogue D www.aasynagogue.org V 404.355.5222 ] 600 Peachtree Battle Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30327


Rabbi Neil Sandler Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal Rabbi Arnold Goodman Senior Rabbinic Scholar


Barry Herman Executive Director Lindsay Borenstein Associate Executive Director Marc Silberstein Youth & Family Program Director Chris Carr Director of Facilities Beth Arnold Helmey Ahava ELC Director Investigator Joe Jones IV Director of Security Jill Rosner Assistant to the Rabbis Catherine Ficke Executive Assistant Jackie Nix Youth & Family Program Associate Heidi Herman Ahava ELC Administrator Susan Goff Ahava ELC Bookkeeper Lauren Dube Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer Miriam Habif Membership & Engagement Coordinator Stan Vogel Finance Manager Fern Schorr Receptionist Wesley Coney Facilities Anika Johnson Facilities Ken Johnson Facilities Ian Madge Facilities Marcus Thomas Facilities

Officers of the board

Mark Cohen President Gerry Benjamin Executive Vice President Irene Aronin Financial Vice President Stacy Fialkow Vice President Michael Plasker Vice President Betty Sunshine Vice President Debra Elovich and Judy Marx Sisterhood Co-Presidents Zoe Glickman USY President

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9:30 am

Pesach II Morning Service

6:00 pm

Evening Minyan

8:38 pm


Monday, April 22 - Passover III 7:15 am

Morning Minyan

6:00 pm

Evening Minyan

Tuesday, April 23 - Passover IV 7:15 am

Morning Minyan

6:00 pm

Evening Minyan

Wednesday, April 24 - Passover V 7:15 am

Morning Minyan

6:00 pm

Evening Minyan

6:00 - 9:30 pm

Hunger Seder

Thursday, April 25 - Passover VI 7:15 am

Morning Minyan

6:00 pm

Evening Minyan

7:58 pm

Candle Lighting

Friday, April 26 - Passover VII 9:30 am

Passover VII Morning Service

6:30 pm

Shabbat Evening Service

7:59 pm

Candle Lighting

Saturday, April 27 - Passover VIII 9:30 am

Passover VIII Morning Service

11:15 am

Yizkor Service

7:45 pm


8:43 pm

Conclusion of Passover

*There will be no evening services on April 19 or April 20

Weekly service schedule Morning Minyan (Monday - Friday)

7:15 am

Morning Minyan (Sunday)

8:30 am

Evening Minyan (Sunday - Thursday)

6:00 pm

Shabbat Evening Service (Friday)

6:30 pm

Shabbat Morning Service (Saturday)

9:30 am

From the Rabbi "L

iving in sin…" Now there is an expression you no longer hear! I guess, by way of the conventional understanding of this phrase, I could say that two of our children "lived in sin." Both Ariel and Aliza talked to me before moving in with his now wife, Jamie, and her fiancé, Matt. Then they acted as they chose. In both instances, living together, as many of our children and grandchildren do today, culminated in one wedding last December and will culminate in another wedding here at the synagogue less than a week before Passover. In a world that no longer fosters or even really encourages commitment, Ariel and Jamie and Aliza and Matt made commitments to each other that both we and they pray will be life – long ones.

tually for our family" leads to marriage today. Similarly, the recognition of our freedom on Passover following our people’s bondage in Egypt won’t compel many of us to feel that we are obligated to help others who aren’t free or even motivate us to act on their behalf. Rather a vision of what we, along with others, might be able to do on behalf of others may provide the impetus for us to act. That vision, of a world more reflective of the divine presence, can also stir and spur us. May you and your loved ones enjoy a happy and healthy Passover. As you sit at the seder table, may you and others, motivated by a vision of what can be, resolve to create a world in which meaningful freedom for all resides. - Rabbi Neil Sandler

The reality of how mutual commitments between loving partners are made today provides us with an opportunity to reflect on one of the central messages of Passover and how we can give meaningful expression to it today. Passover is all about freedom from oppression. One of the central questions we are asked to consider at the seder each year is the responsibilities we have as a result of being free. However, "responsibilities" are born of obligation. As much as I might like us to feel "obligated" to act in certain ways because of our freedom, "obligation" is not the language of today’s world and isn’t likely to be effective in motivating people. Yes, we are free…but today, we largely choose to act rather than feel obligated to do so. So how can we best be encouraged to freely act? Here is where the parallel to marriage in today’s world may be instructive. Ariel and Aliza could have chosen to live with their partners until a desire to start a family led them to get married. But, each of them, along with Jamie and Matt, chose to be married prior to that time. For each of them, the commitments that marriage entails were more compelling and meaningful than the freedom of simply living together. Why? Today, when living with one’s partner does not socially necessitate marriage, it is a vision of what committed life together can be that motivates people to stand under the chuppah. "I love you and want to be with you" no longer has to lead to marriage in today’s world. "I love you, I want to be with you the rest of our lives and think this is the life we can build together for ourselves and even-

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Life Cycle b'nei mitzvah


mazal tov to our young members on this milestone! mazal tov to the loved ones of the newest additions to our Jewish community! Emma Gilner and David Gilner

June 29, 2019 Grandchildren of Celia and Col. Donald Gilner


mazal tov to the newly married couples! Craig Newman and Mandy Thome

Married on August 11, 2018 Craig is the son of Donna and Philip Newman and grandson of Edna Helfer. Mandy is the daughter of Debra and Charles Thome and granddaughter of Bob Tepper (of Key West, FL)

Aliza Sandler and Matthew Jay

To be married on April 14, 2019 Aliza is the daughter of Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler and granddaughter of Hymie Sandler. Matthew is the son of Judy and Robert Jay and grandson of Alphe Pearl.

Margalit Fahimeh Draluck

Born May 9, 2018 Daughter of Abby and Mark Draluck; Granddaughter of Bonnie and Ron Draluck; Great granddaughter of Harriet and Sam Draluck; Sister of Micah Draluck

Penelope Raye Goodman

Born on December 9, 2018 Daughter of SaraAnn and Joseph Goodman; Granddaughter of Judy and Dr. Daniel Goodman and Leah and Jon Morris; Great granddaughter of Rabbi Arnold Goodman and Rae Goodman (z"l)

Flora Elouise Kodesh

Born December 13, 2018 Daughter of Greg Kodesh and Elissa Pichulik; Sister of Henry and Solomon; Granddaughter of Jo Pichulik and Louis Pichulik (z"l) and Marilyn and Dennis Kodesh; Great granddaughter of Sara and Rubin Pichulik (z"l) and Lil Liberman

Talah Naomi Bellin With great pleasure Rabbi Neil and Susan Sandler invite you to share in their joy as Aliza Hart Sandler and Matthew Craig Jay are called to the Torah for their Aufruf. Saturday, April 13 9:30 am Kiddush Luncheon to follow

3 • Beineinu • Apr | May | jun 2019

Born December 15, 2018 Daughter of Judah Bellin and Dr. Rivkah Blutstein; Granddaughter of Marcy and Dr. Eran Bellin; Great granddaughter of Doris and Marty Goldstein

Lilah Pearl Schube

Born December 30, 2018 Daughter of Talia and Jeremy Schube; Granddaughter of Maxine and Keith Schube and Claire and Julian Rachman; Great granddaughter of Brenda Schube (z"l) and Stanley Schube and Judy Finkel and Paul Finkel (z"l)

Leela Suman Grossberg

Born January 19, 2019 Daughter of Akanksha and Jonathan Grossberg

New to shul

our warmest welcome to the new members of our community! Cori and Ian Kleinman

Leo Kinbar Saidman

Born February 10, 2019 Son of Nicole and Benjamin Saidman; Grandson of Vickie and Bruce Reisman and Suzan and Gary Saidman; Great grandson of Shirley and Donald Reisman and Mildred Kinbar

Yasher Koach

yasher koach to our congregants celebrating simchas and achievements! Lois Frank

Jacob Ari Deutsch

Born February, 18, 2019 Son of Lauren Estrin and Andy Deutsch; Grandson of Kathy and Irv Estrin and Carol and Bob Deutsch; Great grandson of Martha Lichtman

Baruch Dayan Emet

Honored as a past chair at JCPA's (Jewish Council for Public Affairs) 75th Anniversary Gala

Margo Gold

• Concluded her double-term as president of USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism) • Featured in the Atlanta Jewish Times for her decades of service to the Jewish community • Co-chaired JCPA's (Jewish Council for Public Affairs) 75th Anniversary Gala, alongside Larry Gold, this past February

Gold May God comfort their loved ones along with Larry • Co-chaired JCPA's (Jewish Council for Public Affairs) 75th Anniversary Gala, alongside Margo Gold, this past the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem Ela Deniz Friedman Aytes

Debra Lang

Great granddaughter of Sylvia Friedman

Mother of Dara Povlot

Sidney Blase

Brother of George Nathan

Mark Nathan

February • Honored as a past chair at JCPA's (Jewish Council for Public Affairs) 75th Anniversary Gala

Gregg Paradies and Jack Halpern

Pauline Rophie

Featured in Atlanta Magazine's new publication, The Atlanta 500, which highlights the most influential leaders in Atlanta, across all industries from banking and law to education and healthcare

Husband of Judith Finkel

Mother of Cheryl Cohen Sister of Latifa Cohen

Sydney Fialkow, Shelly Dollar, and Scott Heyman

Milton Freedman

Shirley Rosenbaum

Beloved congregant

Beloved congregant

Anna Globe

Chester Rosenberg

Beloved congregant

Beloved congregant

Sylvia Kaler

Julius Silverman

Sister of Brenda Daniels

Father of Alyson Zonitch

Kusiel Kaplan

Irwin Winter

Beloved congregant

Beloved congregant

Husband of Jutta Blase

Paul Finkel

Jerry Kraft Husband of Phyllis Kraft Father of Jill Bregman

Chosen as three of the honorees at the Jewish Abilities Alliance's Power of One event this past January

Miriam Strickman Levitas

Awarded the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who

Sydney Bressler, Gerald Kogon, Marion Kogon, and Ariela Rosenthal

All placed at the Georgia Student Technology Competition in January

Margie ulman

Awarded Realtor Emeritus Status by the National Association of Realtors in recognition of forty or more cumulative years of membership in the National Association of Realtors and in recognition of valuable and lasting contributions to the real estate profession in the community

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Committees aaacts

by linda bressler and margie eden aaacts co-chairs

backpack buddies

by Sherri Wildstein and Carla Wertheimer, backpack buddies co-chairs


ackpack Buddies (BPB) has been up and running since mid-January thanks to the generous support of our Congregation’s members. We’ve completed 5 deliveries of food to our partner school, E. Rivers Elementary. The school counselor reports, "The students are excited each Friday to receive their backpacks! There are lots of smiles and hugs given!"


early 200 people helped AAACTS at SOAP UP Super Bowl Atlanta at Ahavath Achim Synagogue on Sunday, January 27. Volunteers participated in DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) awareness training by survivor, author and advocate Theresa Flores, founder of SOAP. After labeling soap and makeup remover wipes, teams of four delivered them to local hotels and motels. Over 91% of the hotels took the soap and agreed to post materials including a missing children’s poster and materials on how to recognize and report child sex trafficking victims. Almost immediately, we saw favorable results; three children were recognized by hotel staff, and law enforcement is following up. In addition, a missing 16 year old local girl was identified and rescued. AAACTS has additional exciting plans for the future. Again this year, we will provide backpacks and school supplies for Georgia DMST survivors. In the fall, we will host a program, Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital Age. This event is for middle school and high school students and their parents. AA Synagogue is happy to announce the establishment of the Linda Bressler AAACTS Fund through a generous donation from her family. This fund is now available for donations which will enable us to continue and grow our awareness, advocacy and action to abolish child sex trafficking in our community. If you would like to join AAACTS in this important work, please contact the Co-Chairs: Linda Bressler (lindafb@bellsouth.net); Margie Eden (margie.eden22@gmail.com).

5 • Beineinu • Apr | May | jun 2019

The backpacks are filled with substantial, nutritious snacks so that food-insecure children won’t go hungry over the weekends. Deliveries are scheduled for the remainder of this school year and will resume in August after the summer break. Financial donations are needed to fund this social action program. While it costs $180 per child per school year, any size donation is appreciated. You may donate on the synagogue website or by mailing in a check to the Synagogue office. Please indicate that your donation is for Backpack Buddies. If you would like to learn more about this exciting new program, or if you are interested in volunteering with BPB, please contact Carla Wertheimer at werth5@comcast.net or Sherri Wildstein at sherriwildstein@gmail.com.

Blood Drive

If you have any questions or need help scheduling an appointment, please feel free to call me. I hope that on May 5 we will exceed our goal of 74 pints of blood. We need YOU!

By gail solomon, Blood Drive Chair


he need for blood is always urgent. The gratification for donating blood is instant. There are many donors who donate both whole blood and platelets on a regular schedule because they understand the need for blood. There are others who hate needles and don’t want to donate. I have a friend who reached beyond his fear of needles and donated and found it a very positive experience. He had reached out of his comfort zone and came back and donated again at the next blood drive. Think about this: He fulfilled a personal goal to step out of his comfort zone. He had the personal satisfaction of succeeding and he saved lives, a "win-win" for him and for the Red Cross. If you have never donated blood, I hope that you will reach out of your comfort zone and donate at the May 5 Blood Drive. The February 10 Blood Drive collected 63 Pints of Blood. We fell short of our 74-pint goal, but the Red Cross received 63 additional pints of blood, and that was good. I want to thank the AA members who donated blood, even if you came and were deferred, we appreciate you because you tried. If I missed anybody, I apologize. Douglas Ander Daniel Borochoff Joe Citron Avital Cohen Steven Cohen Stanley Cristol Andy Edlin Steve Friedberg Melinda Gertz Philip Goldstein Michael Greenfield Tom Greenfield Freddie Halperin Steven Jacobs Myrtle Lewin Bill Little

Peggy Marbach June Neumark Joel Rosenfeld Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal Rosalie Rosenthal Josh Sandler Joan Schwartz Richard Siegel Andy Siegel Ari Silberman Gail Solomon Jeannie Tepper Bob Tepper Rina Wolfe Brent Wolkin

I also want to thank the synagogue facilities staff who arrive early to be ready when the Red Cross arrives at 7:45 am to do their set up. We couldn’t do it without you: Chris, Ken, Deionta, Marcus, and Wesley. I want to offer an extra thanks to Wesley who worked the blood drive by himself until Marcus arrived to help him. They did a wonderful job setting up and assisting us and breaking down. We appreciate you so much!

hunger initiative By gary Alembik, hunger initiative chair AA continues to lead in combating hunger!


havath Achim Synagogue was the leading organization in 2018 for collecting food and funds for Operation Isaiah. Operation Isaiah is the Atlanta Jewish Community’s High Holiday initiative to combat food insecurity. This year AA collected 7650 pounds of food and raised $8,430.36 in funds. Our collection and fundraising efforts will provide 40,097 meals to those in need. Our success would not have been possible without the hard work and passion that David and Sheila Adelman poured into this year’s Operation Isaiah initiative. A special thank you to Dave and Sheila! Our work to combat hunger does not end with Operation Isaiah. Throughout the year, our congregation engages in efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity. Our newest initiative is Ahavath Achim’s Backpack Buddies (BPB). Backpack Buddies provides food insecure students at E. Rivers Elementary School with backpacks containing healthy and nutritious food products each week during the school year. The backpacks are given to children in need on Friday afternoons to ensure that these children have access to food over the weekend when school is not in session. Did you know that over 25% of children attending E. Rivers Elementary School, which is located down the street from the ynagogue on Peachtree Battle, participate in free or reduced-price meal programs? Many children leave school on Fridays not knowing when they will have access to food when school is not

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in session. If you are interested in volunteering your time or donating funds to this meaningful endeavor, please contact Sherri Wildstein at sherriwildstein@gmail.com or Carla Wertheimer at werth5@comcast.net. On a monthly basis, members of our AA family and other congregations and organizations assemble on Sunday afternoons to volunteer and sort food and household products at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. This is a great opportunity to give back in a very meaningful way, to make new friends, and to get to know fellow congregants. Children are always welcome and are encouraged to participate. Please check the AA web site and calendar for the Atlanta Community Food Bank volunteer opportunities. If you have additional questions about AA’s volunteer opportunities at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, please email me at gary@alembikandalembik.com. On April 24 at 6 pm, Ahavath Achim and the JCRCA (Jewish Community Relations Council of Atlanta) will host the 9th Annual Atlanta Community Hunger Seder. The Hunger Seder seeks to "raise awareness, cultivate advocacy, and inspire activism around hunger and food insecurity." This year's theme will center around the health-related concerns of hunger and food insecurity and how health care providers, health care systems, and our society's culture can make an impact on the fight against hunger. In the words of Rabbi Rosenthal, "in a country that has plenty, it is important for us to truly explore and understand the causes of the social disease of hunger so we can combat it and find solutions." On April 28 at 12 pm the Atlanta Community Food Bank will be hosting the Hunger Walk Run. The Hunger Walk Run raises funds and awareness for hunger relief. Ahavath Achim is the oldest participating Jewish organization, thanks to Helen Cavalier. In 1985, Helen requested that the Atlanta Community Food Bank move the Hunger Walk from Saturday to Sunday so that members of the Jewish community could participate. Helen’s earliest supporters were comprised of the AA "Minyan Men." Sally Kaplan continues to carry on her mother’s legacy by raising funds for the Atlanta Community Food Bank and encouraging participation in the Hunger Walk Run. I suspect that Sally will be reaching out to our AA family to join "Sally’s Friends" for this year’s event. Let’s work together to fight hunger and to make a difference in our community! We are so blessed to be a part of a community that cares and strives to realize the meaning of tikkun olam.

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By gail solomon, mAAc Chair


he Mature Active Adult Community (mAAc) has just completed its first six months of activity. We are 134 members strong and growing. We began our year with a very successful brunch. Since that time we have had a wonderful tour of the Center for Civil and Human Rights with an overview by Billy Planer. Billy’s knowledge and information made the Civil Rights part of the exhibit come alive for everyone who attended. The most memorable experience was sitting at the lunch counter. During the Human Rights part of the tour we were all proud to see the Justice Quilt designed by Flora Rosefsky and worked on by Rina Wolfe. The Cyclorama opened in its new home at the Atlanta History Center on February 22. The Cyclorama is the world's largest oil painting! It's a 42-foot-tall storyboard that displays the story and history behind the Civil War, Battle of Atlanta. "The Civil War Museum features artifacts, uniforms and other items. Apart from the Atlanta Cyclorama, the focal point of the Civil War Museum is the locomotive Texas, a veteran of the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862." Seeing the Cyclorama in its new home was an awesome experience for everyone who attended. Upcoming plans currently include a guided, driving tour of the Atlanta BeltLine, a Sunday Brunch, a tour of the Booth Museum in Cartersville and a theater experience. If you have not joined the mAAc Community, we would like to have you join us. To join, please fill out the application at aasyn.org/maac and email it to Gail at gailsol@gmail.com. Membership fee is $18 per person for AA members and $36 per person for non-AA members. Your suggestions for programming ideas are welcome and appreciated.

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Sisterhood S

isterhood is thriving! We have grown our membership this year, we have increased participation, and Z’havah, our group for young women, is doing truly creative and innovative programming. The women of Sisterhood work hard to make a difference in the life of our community. We support Jewish education in a myriad of ways: providing resources for Kesher (AA's religious school), offering camp scholarships, and through the Torah Fund, we support our movement’s seminaries around the world. We also lead and participate in serving the needs of the greater Atlanta community by fighting child sex-trafficking with AAACTS (Action and Awareness to Abolish Child Trafficking for Sex) and teaming with AARI (Ahavath Achim Refugee Initiative). We are always learning, through Naomi’s Book Club, Torah study, and community programs. Of course, we have fun too, like at the Donor Celebration fashion show and at the morning pilates class that stretched our bodies and our souls. All this is made possible by this year’s Sisterhood board which shows incredible dedication and leadership to continuing the legacy of Sisterhood and building a strong future. We are deeply grateful for all you do.

Looking into the future T

sisterhood shabbat P

ulling together all the pieces of Sisterhood Shabbat is never an easy task. For this year’s Sisterhood Shabbat on January 12, we also took on planning, preparing, and presenting the Kiddush luncheon. We are really grateful to the "Kitchen Brigade" and their "captain," Sherry Habif, for the beautiful and tasty spread. Our special guest for Sisterhood Shabbat was Carol Glickman, ESL Coordinator at Georgia Piedmont Technical College, who shared her experience working with refugees and how it led to her involvement with AARI (Ahavath Achim Refugee Initiative). She's truly a "woman who makes a difference."

z'havah sisterhood Buford Highway Field Trip - Korean BBQ and Karaoke Z’havah ate their fill and sang their hearts out during an evening of adventure on Buford Highway. The group of young women enjoyed Korean barbecue and then lost all shyness and sang at a karaoke club. What a great night out!

he AA Sisterhood Nominating Committee has been busy developing the future leaders of the AA Sisterhood. Keep your eyes open for the slate of new officers. If you are interested in taking a role as we welcome in the next century of AA Sisterhood, please contact Sisterhood Co-Presidents, Debra Elovich and Judy Marx. There are lots of ways to get involved in Sisterhood. Now is the time for you to find your place with us and be a part of what's happening. Volunteer to help for an event, or join us at one of our gatherings: Naomi’s Book Club, Latte and Learn, or any of the upcoming programs! After you’ve had a wonderful time, you’ll invite your friends to join you at the next event, and, before you know it, Sisterhood will be your home, too! As always, we look forward to connecting with you, hearing your ideas and just saying "hi!" There is much to celebrate; we hope you’ll join us!

9 • Beineinu • Apr | May | jun 2019

Hamentaschen Bake-Off And you thought Chopped was competitive? The ladies of Z’havah had a blast competing for best-tasting hamentaschen and most creative filling. Experienced bakers with long-held family recipes and first-time bakers made lots of tasty treats. Even those who don’t even like to boil water had a job… taste testers!

donor celebration T

he 78th Annual Sisterhood Donor Celebration was like Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, and New York all wrapped into one! We enjoyed a one of a kind fashion show featuring the boutique fashion of Veronica’s Attic. During the show, we had a fabulous luncheon catered by Lison Spiegelman. AA Sisterhood is very grateful to Eryn and Cecily of Veronica's Attic, who, not only brought us all the looks, but offered a selection of boutique items at a discount, just for us!

donor medallion tea T

he Donor Medallion Tea celebrated our personal style, inside and out, with special guest, Batsheva Gelbtuch, Co-Director of Jewish Women's Connection of Atlanta. Batsheva presented a spiritual discussion on the topic, "Fashion from the Inside Out: Bringing your SOUL to the Surface." The success of the annual Donor Celebration was due entirely to two "women who make a difference," Beth Friedman and Lori Harber. Their creativity, passion, and incredible style made this year’s donor events truly spectacular. Kol HaKavod! Since the Donor Celebration is about the financial support for our synagogue community, we are proud to announce that we exceeded our fundraising goal! We are deeply grateful for Betty Behr's and Jennifer Rosenfeld’s remarkable leadership, encouraging the donor captains and campaign workers to reach new potential donors and share the story of Sisterhood. If you haven’t made your gift yet, don't worry - there’s still time. Your support always makes a difference.

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Events & News Naomi’s Book Club

Monday, April 1, May 6, and June 3 | 10:15 am Join Sisterhood one Monday a month for a lively book discussion. April • The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah • Discussion led by Ruth Kramarow May • All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr • Discussion led by Jean Lawson June • The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman • Discussion led by Sandybeck Lease

Groove Shabbat

Saturday, April 6, May 4, and June 1 | 11 am | Paradies Hall Parents and their children (ages 0 - 4) are invited to join us one Saturday a month for stories and interactive songs celebrating Shabbat and upcoming Jewish holidays. Enjoy stories and songs followed by snacks, play time, and Kiddush lunch!

Rituality Tish

Saturday, April 6, May 4, and June 1 | 12:30 pm With the aim of elevating Jewish ritual to enhance our spirituality, AA’s new Rituality Project is engaging our community in the ongoing process of renewing traditional services, exploring other Jewish prayer experiences, and facilitating daily practice. On a monthly basis, during Shabbat morning Kiddush, the Rituality Project invites all who are interested and/or curious about participating in this experience to join in and contribute to our congregation’s journey. We are excited to hear and learn from your feedback, and we encourage you to share it at the monthly sessions or by joining the online forum and discussion group through emailing ritualityaa@gmail.com.

2020-22 B'nei Mitzvah Cohort Kiddush

Saturday, April 6 | 12:30 pm If your Bar/Bat Mitzvah is between August 2022 and July 2023, this Kiddush is for you! We’ll have opportunities to lead the congregation in prayer and participate in a lively service!

11 • Beineinu • Apr | May | jun 2019

Gev Color: HaNegev Regional Convention

April 12 - 14 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Calling all USYers (9th - 12th graders)! Join us for the HaNegev Regional Convention. This is the largest convention of the year and a great time to see old friends and to meet new ones. We’ll have a weekend filled with laughter, singing, learning, and fun. Let’s show them what Chai USY’s got!

Where's the Bread

Sunday, April 14 | 10:30 am - 12:30 pm | Peachtree Pediatric Psychology - 750 Hammond Drive, Atlanta 30328 | Cost: $5 per child | aasyn. org/wheres-the-bread Gather up your little ones, and join us for a fun pre-Passover program! We’ll learn about Passover and why we don’t eat bread; then we’ll hunt down all those hidden bread crumbs. We’ll conclude with a chametz (leavened bread) feast big enough to hold you over during Passover. This program is for children 0 - 2nd grade, but siblings are welcome to join!

Sisterhood Latte and Learn

Thursday, May 16 | 10:30 - 11:30 am Panera Bread - 4531 Olde Perimeter Way Join the rabbis and fellow sisters for a morning of coffee (or tea), conversation, and learning.

9th Annual Atlanta Community Hunger Seder

Wednesday, April 24 | 6 - 9 pm | AA Synagogue | Cost: $36 per person | aasyn.org/hunger-seder-19 Ahavath Achim and Atlanta Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) invite you to the 9th Annual Atlanta Community Hunger Seder! This year’s theme is "Hunger, Nutrition, and Health." During the meal, you will hear stories about hunger in the Atlanta community and learn more about becoming an advocate for change. The registration cost covers a fully catered, Kosher meal. Everyone can participate, and kids are encouraged to join!

Hunger Walk Run 2019

Sunday, April 28 | 12 - 4 pm | The Home Depot Backyard - 1 Backyard Way, Atlanta 30313 | aasyn.org/ sallys-friends For more than 25 years, AA Synagogue has been responsible for providing more than 750,000 meals to feed Atlanta’s needy families, and our donations to the Atlanta Community Food Bank has made us the number one religious contributor in all of metro Atlanta! In addition, more than 1,000 AA congregants have taken their time to walk in past Hunger Walks. We need our wonderful congregants to continue the outstanding record for Atlanta’s homeless and hungry by donating and walking in this year’s event!

Greening Group's Great Big Spring Recycling Event Thursday, May 2 - Sunday, May 5 As you clean out the chametz, why not clean out the old paint cans, electronics, and Styrofoam? These items CAN be responsibly recycled, re-purposed, and reused. Recycling can help prevent air and ground water pollution and keep the islands of the Pacific Ocean free of plastic. So think before you toss, and bring your tricky recyclables (NOT trash/ landfill) to AA where the Greening Group will take the items to CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials) for proper recycling and disposal. What can I bring? • Paint, Styrofoam, packing peanuts (in bags please!), pesticides, herbicides, etc. • Electronics: TV’s, computer monitors, small appliances, printer cartridges, electric cords, etc. ($15 per TV or computer monitor) • Bulbs, batteries, sheet plastic, scrap metal (incl. fluorescent tubes up to 8 feet), car and rechargeable batteries, bubble plastic, etc. (50 cents per fluorescent tube) Where do I bring it? Look for the blue bins in the parking lot on the west side. Please deposit smaller items in the bins or bag or box them. Stack larger items nearby. Help support this effort by leaving a $5 donation in the collection envelopes in the AA and Ahava lobbies.

Blood Drive

Sunday, May 5 | 9 am - 2 pm | AA Synagogue Do the mitzvah of donating blood at Ahavath Achim Synagogue’s quarterly Blood Drive! We encourage you to schedule an appointment through the Red Cross Blood website (redcrossblood.org) by typing the sponsor code, JWV, into the "Find a Blood Drive" search box at the top right-hand corner of the page. You will be directed to the Ahavath Achim Synagogue registration page where you can schedule your appointment. Donors will receive a free t-shirt and a $5 Amazon gift card!

Sisterhood's 99th Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 5 | 10 am - 12 pm Join us for a Sisterhood update, and to cast your vote for the next group of leaders!

Camp Send-Off

Sunday, May 5 | 1 - 3 pm | AA Synagogue Cost: $18 per family | Registration coming soon Join us as we celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer! We will have a BBQ and camp themed activities. This is the perfect event for the whole family!

Yom Hazikaron - Save the Date!

Tuesday, May 7 | 7 pm | AA Synagogue

grand cohort B'nei Mitzvah Kiddush

Saturday, May 11 | 12:30 pm Our community is so proud of the children who have started their journey to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah! Join us and our B’nai Mitzvah kids of ALL cohorts in helping lead the congregation in prayer, participate in a lively service, and end the morning with a Kiddush lunch!

Scholar-in-Residence Weekend with Rabbi Arnold Goodman

Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19 | AA Synagogue Join us in welcoming Rabbi Arnold M. Goodman, Ahavath Achim’s Senior Rabbinic Scholar, for his annual Scholar-in-Residence Weekend!

Saturday, May 18 • Sermon: During the Shabbat morning service, Rabbi Goodman will offer a sermon on the theme, The Hole in the Throne: Removing Traces of Blackface - A Theological Conundrum • Beit Midrash: Following Kiddush, we will gather for a Beit Midrash on the topic, The Centenarian, the Emperor, and a Basket of Figs; The King's Table - A Midrashic Fantasy Sunday, May 19 • 10:30 am - 12 pm: Rabbi Goodman and Dov Wilker, Regional Director of AJC Atlanta will lead a conversation on the topic, Israel’s Recent Election - Where To Now? Refreshments will be served at 10 am.

Chai Youth Elections and Six Flags

May 19 | 10 am - 4 pm | Drop-off and Pick-up at AA Cost: $30 per person | Registration coming soon Calling all Kadimaniks (6th - 8th graders) and USYers (9th 12th graders)! Come help pick the next leaders of Chai Youth and then spend a fun day riding roller coasters at Six Flags!

Beineinu • Apr | may | jun 2019 • 12

Shavuot 5779 - All-Night Learning

Saturday, June 8 - Sunday, June 9 Save the date for Shavuot 5779 and an all-night learning session. More details to come.

sisterhood's 99th Annual board Installation

Nanette Wenger: A Woman Who Makes a Difference Sunday, June 23 | 10 am - 12 pm Join us as we continue our recognition and celebration of AA women who make a difference in our congregation, in our community, and in our world. Dr. Nanette Wenger, world-renowned cardiologist, Emory professor and long-time Sisterhood member will be our special guest at our Closing Program and New Officer Installation. In a legendary career that spans more than 50 years, Dr. Wenger’s steadfast dedication to reducing women’s disability and death from cardiovascular disease has made her one of the country’s most-respected experts on coronary heart disease in women.

Mah Jongg

Sundays | 10 am | Cohen Pavilion Join Sisterhood women every Sunday to play, schmooze, have fun, and connect with other women. We are patient, willing to teach, and will welcome you. 2019 Mah Jongg cards have arrived! If you ordered a Mah Jongg card from Sisterhood, it should have arrived at your home. If it hasn’t, please contact Barbara Nathan at bgnathan@mindspring.com. Sisterhood will have a few extra cards for sale. Thank you for your support of our fundraiser!

Torah Fund

We all can help to preserve, promote and perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism through active giving to the Torah Fund Campaign that supports scholarship funds at the Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY), Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles, CA), Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem), Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires), and Zacharias Frankel College (Potsdam, Germany). Contact Shari Neumann or Fran Galishoff to purchase a card or make a Torah Fund donation. We are proud that AA’s Sisterhood has been recognized as a leader in supporting Jewish education, in our congregation and for the entire movement.

Shopping on Amazon?

You can do that and support Sisterhood at the same time! Sisterhood invites you to do your online shopping with us on Amazon by clicking on the link on the synagogue’s website Sisterhood page. Up to 15% of your purchase will be donated to Sisterhood! It doesn’t cost any extra, so why not?

Smiling Faces Needed

Everyone who walks through our doors on Shabbat and holidays is greeted with a warm welcome. This is made possible by our devoted members who are part of our greeter team. Being a greeter is an easy and fun way to connect with other congregants, meet new people, and become an integral part of the synagogue. If you can smile and say "Shabbat Shalom," then you are a fully trained greeter. Greeters stay in the foyer outside Ellman Chapel for approximately one hour on Shabbat and holidays. To join the greeter team, contact Mildred or Marty Kwatinetz at zaydekw@comcast.net or 404.812.1734.

Ramah's First-Ever Immersive Israel Experience for college Graduates

This year, Ramah will begin its first-ever immersive Israel experience for college graduates! Ramah Israel has been selected to run the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows (MITF) program in Jerusalem, starting in August 2019. The MITF invites English-speaking college graduates ages 21-35 to come to Israel for 10 months as English teachers and teachers’ aides in schools across the country. If you are between the ages of 21 and 35, or if you know someone who might be interested in this exciting opportunity, please visit the MITF Jerusalem website (mitf.ramah.org.il) or email mitf@ramah.co.il. All are welcome to apply for the program; Ramah experience is not required. Tuesdays@AA Movie Morning - Every Tuesday | 10 am - 12 pm | Koplin Borochoff Library Rabbi Rosenthal's Wednesday Talmud Class - Every Wednesday | 5 pm | Koplin Borochoff Library Rabbi Sandler's Thursday Talmud Class - Every Thursday | 8:30 am | Cavalier Room Torah Study - Every Saturday | 10:30 - 11:30 am | Cavalier Room Lunch and Learn - Every third Wednesday of the month | 12 - 1 pm | Offices of Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk, and Perling Piedmont Study Group with the Rabbis - Every second Wednesday of the month | 2:30 - 3:30 pm | The Piedmont at Buckhead

To learn more about an event, visit our online events calendar at aasynagogue.org/events.

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