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The magazine of International Zurkhaneh Sport Federation, New Edition No.1, February 2011,

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With Gracious appreciation for always support IZSF in different events I.R.IRAN Parliament, Culture and Sport Commission Physical Education Organization of I.R IRAN

Rostam-e Dastan Zurkhaneh, Kabul 2008

Iranian Cultural Heritage and Turism Organization of IRAN National Olympic Committee of IRAN

Movement in the name of allah most gracious most merciful

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The magazine of International Zurkhaneh Sport Federation New Edition No.1, February 2011 Production: IZSF Media Office Chief Editor: Sadeq Hosseini Editors: Samrat Singh, Ahmad Reza Oveisy Photo: Qasem Mohammadi, Ali Kaveh, Sadeq Hosseini, Amir Salamatnia Graphic Director: Nima Malekniazi Tehcnical Director: Hooman Anasori with Co-operation: IZSF International Department

Friendship, Respect, Excellente



Competition stories

Zurkhaneh is house of strength, joy of effort, generosity and chivalries spirit, love of country and combined with art and literature. Zurkhaneh is a sport of values. This sport with the thousands years of history has played a great role in empowering the mental and physical health aspects of the people. Zurkhaneh Sports is a cultural heritage and good resource for Sports for All. Zurkhaneh Sports presence in international fields was welcomed by all Countries. Indeed, many countries are boosted from a social as well as humanitarian perspective. By proclaiming IZSF events, many countries have acknowledged just tidy influential role of Zurkhaneh sports that can play in a country’s social, well-being and cultural development. Zurkhaneh sports have the factors issued to health (Muscular ability, muscular endurance, respiratory and heart endurance, flexibility and body composition) and physical ability and skills (Speed, alacrity, strength, action speed, equilibrium and coordination). IZSF has been established on 11th October in National Olympic and Paralympic, TehranI.R. Iran in 2004 with the support of I.R. Iran Physical Education Organization, National Olympic and Paralympic Committee, TAFISA, with the presidency of Prof. Jurgen Palm and representatives from 22 countries of the world. IZSF now has representatives in 5 Continents of the world, and IZSF is trying to develop the Sport, Culture and health by organizing the training course all over the world. IZSF is now accessible to all individuals, children, youth, and adults in the respective age. IZSF is registered in Switzerland. IZSF is member of TAFISA, and some other International Sport – Culture Organizations. With Suggestion of IRAN On november 2010 Zurkhaneh Sports registed in UNESCO.



the year of development and progress The directorate of the International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation believes that the condition for the sustained development is human resources development, and one of the axes of human recourses development is public sports. Zurkhaneh sport as a public sport not only affects physical ability but also fills the cultural spiritual gap in today’s world, and shows that by combining music and a special

literature with sport, the spirit can also be perfected. The previous year was full of activities and events which had been expected by the circle of International Federation as well as zurkhaneh fans. Holding training courses in various countries, international competitions in Tajikistan, European games in Germany, Second World Cup, and Turkey and Georgia joining the zurkhaneh global family, the first

youth European championship and Asian games were among the significant athletic events held by this federation in 2010.Along with sport activities in 2010, the International Federation has taken important steps in promotion and development of its activities throughout the world one of which is winning the support of important Iranian as well as international institutions. I hope in 2011 with the removal of the problems ahead, we take more serious steps especially in development, construction and support areas and witness the institutionalization of zurkhaneh sports in Europe. Mohsen Mehralizadeh IZSF president

Asia, Springboard for World Expansion of Zurkhaneh It is six years since International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation has started its operation, and during these years we have experienced numerous pleasant as well as bitter moments; but, the advancing movement of globalization of zurkhaneh has made the members of the federation even more determined in their cause. Asia received the message of zurkhaneh, which is the accomplishment of the Persian civilization, much earlier than the rest of the world. And today we observe that, with the aid of the Asian states, new countries in the world have joined the International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation. In 2010, besides the secretariat of the Asian Confederation of Zurkhaneh Sports in Kabul

becoming operational, the confederation has made an effort for the membership of zurkhaneh in the Olympic Counsil of Asia. Moreover, the confederation has made preparations for the participation of Asian teams in Tajikistan international competition as well as the second zurkhaneh sports world cup in Turkey and also made some efforts to hold the third Asian

competitions successfully in India. I hope in 2011 the efforts of IZSF as well as the Asian Confederation of Zurkhaneh Sports for participation of Iran in the Asian Olympics Committee will be fruitful. Mohammad Anwar Jakdalek Deputy-president of IZSF President of the ACZS



2010: a decade of effort and the year of accelerating IZSF activities The project to globalize zurkhaneh sports began ten years ago and at the verge of its turning ten years old and the activities of the International Federation turning six years old, we see that zurkhaneh sports family is active in 52 countries, and the great number of athletes in the competitions is an indication of the rightness of the direction. Internationalization of zurkhaneh began with the mission of “Anyone, anytime, anywhere with zurkhaneh sports� and during this period we tried to introduce moral values of zurkhaneh such as friendship, morality, solidarity, patience, sense of responsibility towards others, patriotism, generosity, the

spirit of sportsmanship and close connection with art and letters. One of the most important objectives of the federation in 2010 was to attract the support of the institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the main advocate of developing this sport in the world as well as contact with major international athletic associations. Besides, thanks to the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, zurkhaneh sport was registered at the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, as a spiritual heritage. Along with these two significant goals, holding 10 important sports events, the seventh

scientific zurkhaneh symposium and several training courses showed that the administrative capability of the federation has also greatly improved. One of the remarkable events in 2010 was the participation of Paralympics athletes in the second zurkhaneh sports world cup and their astonishing performance and introduction of zurkhaneh sports by them which paved the way for IWAS support of the zurkhaneh. I hope in 2011, along with introduction of zurkhaneh as well as participation in international assemblies, we increase the number of the members of the International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation and give provide more support for the development of zurkhaneh sports in neighboring countries. With the hope of success in 2011. Seyed Amir Hosseini Secretary General

Hadi Saei, Taekwondo Olympian

The Success of the Strategy of Activating Neighboring Countries Azerbaijan Republic as one of the members of IZSF has played an active role in globalizing zurkhaneh from the advent of its participation. After over five years of activity, by founding the National Federation and attracting the support of legal institutions, we succeeded in implementing effective programs in order to strengthen this sport in Azerbaijan Republic the most important of which was to include a course on zurkhaneh in the physical education syllabus at university. One of the developmental policies

of IZSF is “activating neighboring countries� strategy. Accordingly, the National Federation of Azerbaijan as the most active member of the European Confederation managed to, as a first step, to initiate this sport in Georgia in 2009; and as a second step be instrumental in zurkhaneh activity in Turkey in 2009. We hope in 2011, with more effort, we can help make zurkhaneh sports more active and widespread in Georgia and turkey and also encourage more countries to join zurkhaneh family. Professor Xanlar Ghorbanov President of the Azerbaijan Zurkhaneh Federation Vice-president of the EUZSC


Inside IZSF

The 1st General Assembly in Tehran on 11th October 2004 with the 26 representatives.

Time Line: 2001-2011

Zurkhaneh World Activity

March 2001: The 1st Zurkhaneh Sports Globalization Forum, with the attempt of Mr. Seyed Amir Hosseini, Education- Culture deputy of the PEO of Iran on that time. 10thOctober 2004: 1st Scientific Cultural Symposium on Zurkhaneh Sports in Tehran, I.R Iran.

11th October 2004: Established International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation 11th October 2004: The 1st General Assembly in Tehran, I.R Iran 14th July 2005: The 3rd International Conference on Zurkhaneh Sports Restoration (Talab Ayyam) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. 15th July 2005: The inauguration of Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi Zurkhaneh in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. 14th July 2005: The 3rd International Conference on Zurkhaneh Sports Restoration in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. 08-09 September 2005: The 1st Koshti Pahlevani Championship (Tajikistan President Cup). 11-16 November 2005: The 1st International Zurkhaneh Sports Festival of the Urbans of the World in Mashhad, I.R Iran. 14th 15th 16th November 2005: 2nd Scientific Cultural Symposium on Zurkhaneh Sports in Mashhad, I.R Iran. 15th November 2006: The 1st Zurkhaneh Sport Tournament of Asian Universities Students in ShomalUniversity in Amol, I.R Iran. 18-24 November 2006: The 1st Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Festival in Tehran, I.R Iran. 26-31st March 2007: The 1st European Zurkhaneh Sports Festival in Saarbrucken, Germany 16-20 February 2008: The

2nd International Zurkhaneh Sports tournament in Kish Island, I.R Iran. 28th June 2008: The Inauguration Ceremony of the Kabul Zurkhaneh Gymnasium, Kabul – Afghanistan 27 – 30 June 2008: The International Zurkhaneh Sports Tournament (Afghanistan Friendship Cup) , Kabul – Afghanistan 22-27th July 2008 : The 2nd Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Championship in Kathmandu, Nepal. 26 Sep- 2 Oct 2008: The 1st Zurkhaneh Sports World Championship, during the 4th Bussan TAFISA Sport For All Games in Bussan, South Korea. 13-17 March 2009 : The 1st Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup, Baku – Azerbaijan z2-16 May 2009: The 1st International Zurkhaneh Sports Tournament (Ferdowsi Cup), Dushanbeh –Tajikistan 13-17 December 2009: The 2nd European Zurkhaneh Sports Championship, Frankfurt, Germany. 10-13 July 2010: The 1st International Zurkhaneh Sports Tournament (Ferdowsi Cup), Dushanbeh –Tajikistan 20-25 October 2010: The 2nd Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup, Konya, Turkey 29 October 2010: 7th Scientific symposium, Konya, Turkey 25-29 November 2010: The 1st Junior European Zurkhaneh Sports Championship, Minsk, Belarus


Inside IZSF

“Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere� Encourage people to enjoy Zurkhaneh Sports and its morality values

IZSF Vision

Competence Strengthening organizations systems

Infrastructure BBuilding basic infra for developing Zurkhaneh Sports: 1.Introducing and Education 2.Empowerment Human Resources 3.Rules and Regulations& Standardization Equipment

Events Diversifying and Zurkhaneh Sport Events 1 -National 2 -International 3 -Continental 4 -Word Level


Publicity Various Media To secure Maximum publicity trough various media

IZSF Values

Friendship Respect to others Generosity & Sympathy




Fraternity Love of country

Chivalries Spirit

IZSF Objectives

Developing Zurkhaneh Sports in all 5 continents and its inclusion in Continental Olympic Games and International events.

IZSF Mission





IZSF Structure

Developing Zurkhaneh Sports all around the World Developing Zurkhaneh Sports Values and skills, Peace and friendship, and achieving a sense of accomplishment through Zurkhaneh Sports Establish strong partnerships with indigenous communities and leaders in promoting Zurkhaneh Sports.

IZSF:International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation AFZSC:African Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation AUZSC:Australian Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation AZSC:Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation EUZSC:European Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation PAZSC:Pan-American Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation

Excellent Pride of Country Combine art and literature

Solidarity Ethics

IZSF refrains from, and declares itself opposed to, all political, gender, racial or religious discussion and discrimination. Regarding to health and morality values, the relevant issues pertaining to anti-doping are strongly considered in cooperation with ethics and medical departments of IZSF. Anti Doping control must be done according to the CODE, regulations of the World Movement Anti-Doping Code, IOC and IZSF.


Inside IZSF

7. Mr. Samrat Singh, AZSC Executive Director, India

Developing Story:

Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation; AZSC secretariat in order develop Zurkhaneh Sports all over Asian nations. Under the leadership of Mr. Jekdalek the following executive committee were formed during the general convention of IZSF in Busan, Korea, 2008.

Karna Bahadur Shahi AZSC Secretary General After the successful conduction of 1st Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Championship, 2006 Teheran, I. R. Iran and 2nd Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Championship, 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal, IZSF realized to set up an autonomous AZSC’s

Executive Board of AZSC 1. Mr. Mohammad Anwar Khan Jekdalek, President, Afghanistan 2. Mr. Jasim Abdulkarim AlbasRe, Vice President, Iraq 3. Mr. Karna Bahadur Shahi, Secretary General, Nepal 4. Mr. Seyed Abdollah Sadjadi, Chairman, Technical Committee, I. R. Iran 5. Mr. Abdol Fattah -Al-Amir, Executive Member, Syria 6. Mr. Hang Young San, Executive Member, South Korea

The Bureau Meeting of AZSC was conducted in head quarter of IZSF, Teheran, I. R. Iran in presence of Mr. Jekdalek, Mr. Sadjadi, Mr. Samrat Singh and Mr. Karna Bahadur Shahi in presence of Mr. Amir Hossieni. The Bureau meeting decided to set up the secretariat of AZSC in Kathmandu, Nepal. IZSF has approved the annual budget of AZSC. The Executive meeting of AZSC was conducted in Konya, Turkey during the 2nd Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup, 20-25 October 2010 in presence of honourable President of IZSF, Mr. Mohsen Mehrali Zadeh and other Executive of IZSF. The meeting again approved the budget of AZSC’s secretariat and the project Goal Reason 2020. Mr. Alireza Saffarzadeh president of Iran national Zurkhaneh Sports federation reelected as chairman of development committee for AZSC. The project approved by the executive meeting is given below: Name of the Project: Goal Rizan 2020(In Persian, Pouring flowers among all: friendship, peace and prosperity)

Vision: Zurkhaneh Sports for future Generation. Motto: “Be a champion in life” 1. Zurkhaneh Sports is the balanced sports of mind and health for every generations/races/castes. Zurkhaneh sports can equally be popularized among the young to old generation. There should be following strategies to promote the Zurkhaneh Sports from the grass root level in order to fulfil the dream project named «Goal Rizan 2020». 2. Introduction to the school education children. 3. Formation of school clubs affiliated to the national federation.

Recognition Award/Certificate to the athletes of school/club by National Federation Award/Certificate to active school by National Federation Meeting also decided to conduct 3rd Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Championship in Delhi, India. According to decision ExecutiveDirector of AZSC has made a trip to Delhi and worked out preliminary job. As per his reports, AZSC intend to organize the grand 3rd Asian Championship in the month of April. IZSF has sanctioned the to set up the office and conduct/manage the entire secretariat job in Kathmandu, Nepal.

4. Organize school level championship locally under the national federation and the patron ship of NOC of the every member nation. 5.Organize the International Junior Championship under the different age level. E.g. Under 12+, 14+, 16+. Plan of action 1.Proportional distribution of Zurkhaneh materials/ equipment’s among the schools. 2.Organize The Training among the existing school sports teachers. 3.Construction of physical facility among the member nations. 4.Media Campaigning.


2010 Timeline Sport Calendar of IZSF




26 -30 April


11-15 May


26-27 June


20-25 October


22 October




21 October


17-25 November

1 0 11


TITLE Technical Committee Meeting & Referee, Coaches, New Rules Updating Attending in AGFIS & Sport Accord 2010 The 2nd International Zurkhaneh Sport Tournament Ferdowsi Cup Technical Meeting & Referee, Coaches, New Rules Updating The 2nd Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup The Seventh International Symposium of Zurkhaneh Sports Entitled “Mevlana and the Creed of Heroism”


IZSF Head Office Dubai DushanbeTajikistan Kabul, Afghanistan Konya, Turkey Konya, Turkey

Scientific Symposium International Training Course in European countries

Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan Konya, Turkey Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

17-25 November

International Referee Course Grade “C”

Minsk, Belarus

25-29 November

The 1st European Junior Zurkhaneh Sports Championship

Minsk, Belarus

Training Course in European Countries


Inside IZSF

IZSF Administration

Saeed Nazar Hossein Saber Director of Administration & Financial Dep.

Samrat Singh Director of International Development Affairs

Seyed Alireza Karimiah Protocol Officer

Maryam Mousavi International Realation & Executive Director

Rahim Jedi IZSF Events Manager

Maryam Abedini Deputy of International Relations Director

Ahmad Reza Oveysi Communication & Education Director

Zeinab Hosseini Secretariate

Saman Majlesi Project Consultant



The 2nd Zurkhaneh Sports Championships urban of the world Najaf-Al-Ashraf The Capital of Islamic culture 2012 12-2 March 2012 Iraqi Zurkhaneh team Baku 2009

Inside IZSF

Mohsen Mehralizadeh President

Seyed Abdollah Sajjadi Chairman of Technical Committee

Mohammad Anwar Jekdalek Deputy-President

Solaiman Abdulvahidov Vice-President

IZSF BUREAU America Canada Puerto Rico USA

Gintautas Vileita President of European ZS Confederation

Mohammad Paraiso President of African ZS Federation

Parviz Abedi President of American ZS Confederation

Khashayar Heidari Representative in Oceania ZS Confederation

Europe Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Czech Estonia France Finland Georgia Germany Great Britain Hungary

Italy Latvia Lithuania Netherland Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Switzerland Turkey Ukraine


Jassim Mohammad Jaafar Vice-President

Ahmad Donyamali Treasurer

Asia Afghanistan Bangladesh China Chinese Taipei Hong Kong India I.R Iran Iraq

Seyed Amir Hosseini Secretary General

Wan Shik Hong Head of Marketing Committee

Indonesia Japan Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Malaysia Nepal Palestine Pakistan

Philippines Sri Lanka South Korea Syria Tajikistan Thailand Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Norbert Schusser Chairman of IZSF Medical Committee

Hansraj Singh Member

Sarjit Singh Sekhon Member

Africa Benin Malawi Nigeria Tanzania South Africa Uganda




Mitra Rouhi Member

Point of view


New understanding in training methodology Traditional games and sports are much older than contemporary Olympic Games. They have been played since many hundreds of years -or for instance in the case of the Iranian Zurkhaneh since more than three thousand years. In every indigenous sport like Zurkhaneh, every dance, every wrestling match, hiking event etc words and gestures bring real interaction into life! are forms

of communication and elements of short time or longtime community. In this context the traditional games and sports, which once existed and partly still are alive in the manifold regional cultures of the world have a new chance of survival and of contributing to the qua lit y of lire. Zurkhaneh is an outstanding example. This sport has many qualities which distinguish it from others. I will mention two: a different presentation of strength on one side and the interaction with spirituality poetics and music on the other side.

Smile forever

Western strength sports like weight lifting and muscle training are so to say two dimensional, they move an object up and down. Zurkhaneh moves the object in three dimensional space and moves it rhythmically. To experience this may open a new understanding in training methodology around the world and change the rather sterile act of lifting in to a more dance like act. Prof. Jurgen Palm Father of Sports For All Games, Germany Late. President of TAFISA

The institutionalization of sports through educational institutions and other sports forums that bring sports competition on international platform. But one may conclude with assurance that some elements of that facts were already involved in changes, or the law of permutability, that nature

Much more than a physical act

Like a breath of fresh air A most auspicious occasion: the planting of a hardy seed into the process of globalization. May Zurkhaneh, this beautiful and good flower of Iranian Heritage, spread like a breath of fresh air into the garden of the world. For the people of the world are in urgent need of healthy alternatives to the deceitfully attractive thorn bush of today’s International Sports dictatorship. At the end of the 20 to 30 minute interactive exhibit, guests would access the zurkhaneh gymnasium and attend a special performance by specially-trained athletes performing artistic-level feats,

both individual and collective. This show would capture all the excitement and spirituality of thezZurkhaneh, packaged in a way that is sure to please and impress. The morched would chant, drum and lead the way in the language of the guests, with different performance-times for English and for Farsi. All the while, a master of ceremonies would prepare the crowd for the different events by having spectators recall the different facts they have just learned in the Discovery Center.

and evolution make them necessary. But here again one of the important traditional aspect of Zurkhaneh is mincing up with the present out look i.e. the traditional Islamic Champion’s Code of Ethics in this context I understand that the Code of Ethics could be in the interest of general likening,

we all know that we all here with the “Blessings of Allah” , so God wants we should do best and in the sports world best is to mobilize more & more people to have healthy society & healthy world where everychild of God can smile forever.

Modern Sport seems to be in a process of re-orientation. Today we are witnesses of a new move in this process. Zurkhaneh becomes a member of the international family of sport. Zurkhaneh is much more than a physical act. It is a dance, a recitation. a spiritual approach of the human body and mind with the immaterial. The enormous weights begin to swing and dance in circles

Paul Chartier Master of Play and Creator of Recreative Experiences

Anita Ghosh, Ph.D

and thug lose their gravity for the split seconds when they reach the highest point of the circle. The drum, the bell, the recitating voice create the poetic of the human beyond the reality of hard life into a spiritual sphere. This is indeed a higher culture than the up and clown of heavy iron. Wolfgang Baumann Secretary General of TAFISA


Point of view Hamid Torabi Champion of Iran, Konya2010

The Zurkhaneh

Is still going strong Iranians think that every cultural element is not only valuable locally or nationally; but it also enriches man›s global treasure, and belongs to the whole of the human society. Although the avalanche of Western cultural elements has made many cultural elements fade away, the zurkhaneh is still going strong. Iranians think it a duty to be worthy of the zurkhaneh successors, and safeguard their cultural heritage and spiritual capital and try to make it even richer rather than let it fade away or be

destroyed. Losing it would be not only their loss; a part of man›s whole culture will have been lost. Zurkhaneh is still one of the living things they have inherited from their ancestors; it continues to contribute significantly to Iranian life. Zurkhaneh can still remind them about championship, fairness and dignity, and educate healthy and proud youth for them. Yun Kil Ra, Nae Sook Pyo

Point of view

The Songs of Championship

Dr. Esmaeil Azar Songs of Championship is the music of Iranian traditional sports also known as Zurkhaneh Sports. It is a combination of

songs and Iranian traditional music. Selected poetry by Ferdowsi, Hafez and Sa`di or songs honoring the prophets are recited by the “morshed� accompanied with the rhythmic pulse of the drum during sport performances in the zurkhaneh. Like theosophical literature, Morshed or master serves as the leader of traditional sports. The Music of Traditional Sport Traditional Sports which

dated back to ancient history are one of the most various sports worldwide. The music of Traditional sports combines the manner of morshed`s recital with the music. The ethics involved in the traditional sport rituals emphasizing purity of heart. Every session begins with pious praise of prophet and his family or the recital of stories from Iranian mythology, such as those of the Shahnameh. The music in Traditional Sports is much different from the music of Aerobics which is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines in different ways: 1.The songs of traditional sports is composed of various rhythmic pulse harmonic to different motions 2. Aerobics can be done solo and

Iraqi Zurkhaneh team Baku 2009

without musical accompaniment but Traditional sports should be accompanied with music 3.Aerobics music is composed of combinational rhythms while Traditional sports music offers a variety of rhythms 4. Traditional sports music is religion-oriented which accompanied with a song or recital including the praise of prophets especially imam Ali (pbuh) describing the concept of heroism. 5. Traditional sport allows live music performance while Aerobics exercises are performed to recorded music.

performances in the zurkhaneh are devoted to the concept of heroism and championship. Since this term is an outstanding feature pertaining to theosophy, it has been frequently mentioned in holy Quran and other great works such as Asrar Al-Toheed, Tazkarat Al-Oliya, the letters of Ein-Alghozat Hamedani …etc. According to theosophical scripts and Islamic culture, a hero features a person who is able to resist his passions, courteous, benevolent, gracious, trustee and faithful is usually performed to music The music of Traditional Sports is different from Aerobics .

The Concept of Heroism Heroism is the eminent concept of the traditional sports`music. The poems or songs recited by the “morshed” with the rhythmic pulse of the drum during sport

The Varzesh-e Pahlavani rituals mimic the rituals and traditions of Sufi orders, as evidenced by terminology like murshed «master» (beating the drum and reciting poetry), pish

kesvat «leader», taj «crown» or faqr «poverty». The ethics involved are also similar to Sufi ideals, emphasizing purity of heart. In less religion-oriented Zurkhanehs, these elements are replaced by the recital of stories from Iranian mythology, such as those of the Shahnameh, which in the opinion of many other Zurkhanehs can negate the true spiritual goal of Varzesh-e Pahlavani.[citation needed] The main part of a Varzesh-e Pahlavani session is dedicated to gymnastics or calisthenics, notably using a pair of wooden clubs (meel) and metal shields (sang), and bow-shaped iron weights (‹kaman). The exercises also involve acrobatics like Sufi whirling and juggling. The sessions end with submission wrestling known as the Koshti Pahlavani.


Minsk 2010 Developing Story

The First Junior European Zurkhaneh Sports Championship:

Friendship, Respect, Excellente On Saturday morning (November 27) the first youth European championship began with Mentor Asghar Sefidi’s beat and bell sound at the sports complex of Benteo technical university in Minsk, Belarus with the slogan of friendship, respect, excellente for building a better world through developing zurkhaneh sports with the aim of achieving multiculturalism.

According to, 110 athletes from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Lithonia compete in three sections of team skills, individual skills and Koshti Pahlavani for two days. On Saturday morning, November 27, the participant countries finished team competitions, and in the afternoon of the same day, the opening ceremony and individual skills competitions were held. On Sunday, November 28, Koshti Pahlavani competitions and medals distribution ceremony were held and the games ended. At the end of all competitions, considering sum total of scores, Azerbaijan national youth

Event Facts

Special Guest: Dr. Jamshid Ansari Member of I.R.IRAN Parliament

H.E president of Belarusian Zurkhaneh Federation: Alexander Medved

team with 161 scores won the championship, Lithuania with 144 scores came second, Ukraine with 133 scores won the common third place, turkey with 100 scores won the common third place; and Georgia with 93 scores, Belarus with 82 scores, and Russia with 57 scores, respectively won the fourth through sixth places. First youth European zurkhaneh sports championship was held for two days (November 27-28, 2010) by the European confederation of this sport supported by the International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation. IZSF president: “A youth-centric approach is the key to durability

of zurkhaneh in the world” Eng. Mohsen Mehralizadeh, the president of International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation, stated that: “The fundamental approach of the federation is to train the adolescent as well as young generations.” IZSF president described holding of the first European zurkhaneh sports championship as an important step in development and institutionalization of this sport and added that: “Participation of Russia, Turkey and Georgia which are the new members of the federation showed that zurkhaneh development policy in the right direction.”

Chairman of Organization Committee: Vladimir Grichenkov Technical Director: Seyed Abdollah Sadjadi Event Director: Rahim Jedi Official Partner: - Iran Embassy in Minsk - Belarus Embassy in Tehran Sponsors: - Day insurance - Zar Makaron - Honor Bank


Minsk 2010 Developing Story

IRAN Embassy supports sports programs While welcoming participants in the first youth European zurkhaneh sports championship, Seyyed Abdollah Hosseini, Iranian ambassador to Belarus, said: “The association of spiritual values and physical activities in this sport is one of its attractions.” Iranian ambassador to Belarus said: “Cultural and athletic activities have a deep effect on nations, and the Iranian embassy supports all programs which lead to intimacy of the two nations. Building a zurkhaneh in Minsk can be very effective in familiarizing and further closeness of the two nations, and the Iranian embassy will follow it as an important project.”


We must unite traditional and modern sports

Zurkhaneh is a good start

Alexander Medved, the legendary Olympics as well as the world freestyle wrestling champion and the honorary president of Zurkhaneh Federation of Belarus, referring to his visit to Iran in 1960 said: “At that time, I saw in person how familiar Iranian champions are with zurkhaneh and how most of them start their athletic activity from zurkhaneh.” World wrestling Olympian emphasized that: “Since Belarusian athletes became familiar with zurkhaneh, they have practiced this sport seriously. This sport is close to wrestling, we must try to unite traditional as well as modern sports.” Vice-president of Belarusian National Olympics Committee added that: “We have done our best to hold the competitions at a high level so that zurkhaneh sports will be demonstrated well.” In response to a question regarding the development of this sport in the world, Medved said: “There are numerous traditional sports in the world. For instance president of Kazakhstan declared “kurash” a national resource and gave it full-scale support in the world, and now we witness that, just like zurkhaneh, kurash also has an international federation. In my opinion, this sport must be further supported by our Iranian friends so that its status will be stabilized among other world sports.” The legend of world wrestling said: “This sport must be progressively publicized and pro moted.”

Victor Rebok, Belarusian ambassador in Iran, mentioned the special attention of his country’s president to sports and the youth and said: “Sportive memories shared by the two nations are lasting ones the values of which must be transferred to from generation to generation.” Mentioning that the legendary world wrestling champion Alexander Medved has deep memories from world champion Takhti, He said: “People still remember that Takhti did not perform any techniques on Medved’s injured leg. We must try to educate our youth by transferring such excellent

values to them.” Victor Rebok emphasized that: “Zurkhaneh is a good start because Belarusian government supports sports and this can strengthen zurkhaneh, too.”

The first European zurkhaneh is built in Minsk Dr. Seyed Amir Hodseini, Secretary General of IZSF, thanked world wrestling champion, Alexander Medved, for his substantial support of starting zurkhaneh sport in Belarus and holding the first European competitions and said: “If we want zurkhaneh sport and its values to endure, we must focus our plans on the adolescent and the youth, and this is a strategy which, fortunately, is pursued in the European Confederation of Zurkhaneh Sports and the International Federation also supports it.” Referring to construction of zurkhanehs in Tajikistan and Afghanistan, IZSF Secretary General said: “Soon, construction of a zurkhaneh complex will be started in Karbala and in case initial negotiations reach a conclusion and Belarusian sports officials allocate an appropriate area for construction of a zurkhaneh, the International Federation is ready to build the first European zurkhaneh in Belarus.”


Minsk 2010 Developing Story

The Third Zurkhaneh Sports and Koshti Pahlevani Referee Training Course

Belarusian president’s consultant: “Zurkhaneh leads to affinity between nations”

While welcoming the participants, Zay Cheko, Belarusian president’s sports consultant, expressed his happiness due to familiarity with this sport and announced his state’s readiness for founding a federation or any other cooperation which will result in a close athletic relationship between the two nations. Secretary General of Belarusian Olympic committee: “We will dedicate a suitable area for building a zurkhaneh.” Secretary General of Belarusian Olympic committee asked for close cooperation and teamwork

for founding zurkhaneh sports federation in this country and stated that: “We are ready to provide IZSF with a suitable area for building a zurkhaneh in Minsk.” While welcoming the Iranian delegation, Zay Cheko, Belarusian president’s sports consultant, expressed his happiness due to familiarity with this sport and announced his state’s readiness for founding a federation or any other cooperation which will result in a close athletic relationship between the two nations.

Russian Zurkhaneh Guide book published

The third international zurkhaneh sports and Koshti Pahlavani referee training course Grade “C” participated by 12 referees from Afghanistan (2), Azerbaijan (2), Tajikistan (3), Ukraine (2), Lithuania (1) and Belarus (2) was held at the sports complex of Benteo technical university in Minsk, Belarus prior to the first youth European zurkhaneh sports championship. At this international training course which was held with the aim of training young and qualified referees, over the span of eight days including morning and evening shifts, the participants became further familiar with referee rules and skills of zurkhaneh sports

and Koshti Pahlavani so that during the first youth European zurkhaneh sports championship, accompanying main referees, these young referees would judge gather experience. In the third international referee course master Safar Ghasemi was the zurkhaneh sports referee instructor and Abbas Namazian, holder of FILA Golden Whistle, taught Koshti Pahlevani refereeing. This training course was held supervised by Dr. Seyed Abdollah Sajadi, chairman of IZSF technical committee, Reza Mahmoodi, Sec. Gen. of the technical committee and in cooperation with the Belarusian National Federation of Traditional Sports.

The first Russian book on Zurkhaneh that written by Andrei Nikincnoko published in Belarus during 2nd European championship. The book contains 7 seasons and 3 appendixes on Zurkhaneh Sports and Referee’s rules.

The Azeri Zurkhaneh Handbooks

National federation of Republic of Azerbaijan with collaboration of Baku sport collage published 3 handbooks on Zurkhaneh. The information of these books Prepared by Professor Qorbanof and Mr. Javanshir. Since 2009 Zurkhaneh Sports is Official course for sport‘s Student in Azerbaijan Republic.


Minsk 2010 Developing Story

Zurkhaneh Athletes in action

Friendship, Respect, Excellente

Lithuanian Zurkhaneh Team

In one saloon training together with Zurkhaneh Sports as well as Judo.


Minsk 2010 Developing Story

Competition Results

THE 1STST EUROPEAN JUNIOR ZURKHANEH SPORTS CHAMPIONSHP,MINSK,BELARUS THE 1 EUROPEAN JUNIOR ZURKHANEH SPORTS CHAMPIONSHP,MINSK,BELARUS Final RANKS Final RANKS Country Points Position Country Points Position Azerbaijan 161 1st Azerbaijan 161 1st Lithuania 144 2nd Lithuania 144 2nd Ukraine 132 3rd Ukraine 132 3rd Turkey 108 3rd Turkey 108 3rd Georgia 101 5th Georgia 101 5th Belarus 82 6th +90kg +90kg 82 Belarus 6th Russia 57 7th Name Country Position Russia 57 7th Name Country Position   Aleksander rotasevich Medal distribution table Russia Aleksander rotasevich Russia 1st 1st Medal distribution table Team Name Silver Bronze Total Hakan Odabasi GoldTurkey Turkey Hakan Odabasi 2nd 2nd Total Team Name Gold Silver Bronze Azerbaijan 6Azerbaijan 3 3 3rd 3rd 12 Shukur Abulfazli Azerbaijan Shukur Abulfazli Azerbaijan 6 3 3 Lithuania 3 1 0 rd 3rd 12 4 Anatol Zalozny Belarus Anatol Zalozny Belarus 3 Lithuania 3 1 0 4 Ukraine 1 2 4 th Arturas Sapkus Lithuania 5th 77 Ukraine 1 2 4 Arturas Sapkus Lithuania 5 Turkey 1 2 2 5 th Turkey 2 2 Andrii Nikitchenco 11 Ukraine Ukraine 6th 85 Andrii Nikitchenco Georgia 2 5 6 Georgia 11 5 8   02 Belarus 3 4   Belarus 1 0 3 4   2 Russia 0 6 8   Russia 0 2 6 8 Total 13 12 23 48   12   Total 13 23 48

      TEAM SKILLS TEAM SKILLS List of referee participated in grade "c" in minsk, Belarus List of referee participated in grade "c" in minsk, Belarus Country Points Position Country Points Position Sl No. Name Country Name Sl No. Azerbaijan 882Country 1stAge Age Azerbaijan 882 1st Lithuania 506 Ukraine 2nd Chizhaier Ukraine 01 01 Chizhaier 54 54 Lithuania 506 2nd Ukraine 491 Ukraine 3rd 63 63 Arziutov Ukraine 02 02 Arziutov Ukraine 491 3rd Belarus 339 3rd Mohammad Afghanistan 3rd 03 03 Mohammad Azad Azad 225.5 Afghanistan 24 24 Belarus 339 Georgia 5th Mohammad Soltani Afghanistan 5th 27 27 Georgia 225.5 04 04 Mohammad OmarOmar Soltani Afghanistan Turkey 121 6th Turkey Khayyam Orujov 121Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 6th 29 29 05 05 Khayyam Orujov Azerbaijan 06 06 TuralTural AliyevAliyevSang Competition Azerbaijan 23 23 Sang Competition Rolandas KazlauskasCountry Lithuania Name Points Position 07 07 Rolandas Kazlauskas Lithuania 40 40 Name Country Points Position 404 1st 23 Andrei Sakhanko Azerbaijan Belarus 23 Esmaile Habibov 08 08 Andrei Sakhanko Belarus Azerbaijan 404 1st Esmaile Habibov Georgia 182 2nd Karam Hasanov Yahor Krylovich Georgia Belarus 22 09 09 Yahor Krylovich Belarus 182 2nd 22 Karam Hasanov Ukraine 120 3rd Yaruslav Mosindz Jahangir Arabov Ukraine Tajikistan 27 10 10 Jahangir Arabov Tajikistan 120 3rd 27 Yaruslav Mosindz Gediminas Kuodys Lithuania 91 3rd Novroz Khaniyazof Tajikistan 23 Gediminas Kuodys Lithuania 91 3rd 11 11 Novroz Khaniyazof Tajikistan Belarus 68 5th 23 Nikita Melnichuk Belarus 68 5th Nikita Melnichuk Mohammad Zamirov Tajikstan 12 12 SeyedSeyed Mohammad Zamirov Tajikstan Russia 33 6th 24 24 Matvei Borko MatveiOdabasi Borko Hakan Hakan Odabasi

Russia Turkey Turkey

33 4 4

6th 7th 7th

Lithuvanian Zurkhaneh team, Minsk 2010

Minsk 2010 Developing Story

Zurkhaneh Athletes in action

Friendship, Respect, Excellente

Koshti Pahlevani is one of the interesting skills in Zurkhaneh Sports.

Murshed Asghar Sefidi , Murshed from Republic of Azerbaijan. Pahlevan Gholami have given training 5 zurkhaneh team in European continent.

Minsk view


Para-zurkhaneh Special Report

Para-Zurkhaneh The entire hall was silent, and all had gazed at the circle of the athletes and were excited at the amazing performance of the disabled Iranian athletes; an athlete who had lost one arm in the war was playing with the “meel� and was performing pushups and spinning. Another athlete who was deprived of both legs whirled his wheelchair in a way that sometimes it was difficult to count the wheels.

Another one who had only one leg had squeezed beneath the stone, and two other athletes who had suffered spinal injuries and were paralyzed from waist below were shaking the “kabbadeh” and played with “meel” very seriously and, instead of legs, exercised their arms. The most interesting of all

The most interesting of all was an athlete whose legs had been amputated well above the knees but who spun on his hands and did a headstand and played with the “meell” and did tricks.

was an athlete whose legs had been amputated well above the knees but who spun on his hands and did a headstand and played with the “meel” and did tricks. When they finished their performance, all the participants stood up respectfully and applauded for a few minutes. Para-Olympics athletes proved that zurkhaneh is a sport without any limitations and for all people. The main slogan of IZSF is “zurkhaneh for anyone, anywhere and anytime”, and one of the policies of the IZSF directorate is the participation of zurkhaneh sports in the Para-Olympics. Dr. Seyed Amir Hosseini, General with Maura Strange, IWAS Secretary General at the IWAS General assembly which was held in the Czech Republic at the same time when Disables world competitions were held, had effective negotiations, and with the approval of the IWAS directorate, it was decided that in 2011 world competitions, zurkhaneh be performed in a demonstrative form. In this regard, IZSF Secretary General said: “All people with various capabilities can benefit from zurkhaneh sports and its physical as well as spiritual aspects. Zurkhaneh is a rhythmic and harmonious sport due to the incorporation of music and can be helpful for all the athletes at the ParaOlympics. He added: “The specialized IZSF team has started its research for the introduction and study of the ways of participation of various disabled classes in zurkhaneh sports.”


Para-zurkhaneh Special Report

Turkey, 2010

The First International Para-Zurkhaneh Demonstration

Para-Zurkhaneh in Iran Masoud Emami, the supervisor of this team and the president of the Disabled Zurkhaneh Sports Association, said: “Since 1989, thanks to the efforts of Shahid Seyed Shahabaddin Basamtabar who was a champion in this sport prior to being injured, the war-disabled as well as the disabled are active in this field

and its association began its activity in the War-Disabled and Disabled Federation in 1994. Shahid Basamtabar managed the association until 2001, and since that time I have been in charge. With respect to classifications in this field, the president of the Disabled Zurkhaneh Sports Association said: “Disabled athletes participate

In summer of 2010, the IZSF directorate approved that this sport for the disabled be introduced at their first international event as a sport with high potentials for the Para-Olympic movement. In coordination with the head of the National Para-Olympics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it was arranged that the Iranian disabled and war-disabled selected team participate in the

in two standard classes of standing and sitting as well as a special class. Standing classes include A2, A4, A6, A8 and polio and sitting classes include A1, A3, chest spinal injury, back spinal injury, mupati, poliomyelitis and severe polio. And the special class is allocated to the chemical disabilities, mild psychotic disorders and disabilities which cause the least movement limitations. Expressing regret about the fact that zurkhanehs have not been modified to accommodate larger numbers of the disabled, Masoud Emami added:

second Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup in Konya, Turkey. Iranian National Para-Olympic zurkhaneh team with its amazing performance eat the Seventh International Symposium and the opening of the Second Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup which was held in Konya, could attract the attention of all the guests, sports managers and athletes. This team performed all parts of a

perfect zurkhaneh sport including “meelgiri”, playing with the “meel”, pushup, “kabbadeh”, stone and spinning. Mohammad Anwar jakdalek, Afghan vice-president said: “I was amazed by this team’s performance of zurkhaneh sport. I had tears in my eyes. In Afghanistan which, due to long wars, has many disabled individuals, zurkhaneh can be a ray of hope for such people.

“So far 10 National Competitions have been held for teams as well as the twelve individual fields and also two “miandari” (mentoring) competitions; and the association has changed the tools according to weight classes. For instance, in the sitting class, the stone is 50 kilos while in the standing class it is 50 and 60 kilos. The Iranian Para-Olympic zurkhaneh team supervised by Masoud Emami, the president of the Disabled Zurkhaneh Sports Association, participated in the second zurkhaneh sports world

cup in Turkey. The president of this sports association said: “Attending these games and displaying the demonstration of the Iranian disabled zurkhaneh team was the first international program of this association. The technical committee of the association tried to select the team members in a way that the team would include athletes from different ages as well as all disability classes, so that all would see that zurkhaneh sport is within the means of all age groups with any physical abilities.”

Iranian War-Disabled and Disabled Zurkhaneh Team 1- Masoud Emami, supervisor 2- Ali Fakhravar 3- Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mirshafie 4- Seyyed Ali Jazayeri 5- Hosein Rajabi 6- Nematollah Zarangar 7- Mohsen Khameh 8- Mohammad Sadegh Abdollahi 9- Mohammad Khalilnejad 10- Arsalan Amini 11- Iraj Shahrashoob 12- Mentor Amir Abbas Ghadyani 13- Mohammad Reza Lohrasbi


Para-zurkhaneh Special Report

With the collaboration of IWAS and IZSF will develop for Disable athletes

Iranian Para-Zurkhaneh Team. When Disable zurkhaneh athlete play zurkhaneh sports all the spectators are shocked and excited on the stadium.


c ompetition stories

International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation;

Rules of Events

According to the IZSF calendar every year Junior Asian and European Championship in Asian and European Continent. Every year International Championship and World Cup will organize in different continent with collaboration with Nation Members.Every 2 years Asian and European Zurkhaneh Sports Championship in Asian and European Continent. Every 4 years Zurkhaneh Sports World Championship during TAFISA Sport For All Games.


Frankfurt 2009 competition stories

Zurkhaneh Bell was Rung in Frankfurt

The second European Zurkhaneh Sports Championship started at the Olympic Stadium (Land Sport Band Hessen) of Frankfurt, Germany participated by 11 teams and 120 athletes, sports delegations, and executive staff from Germany (Hamburg and Munich), Austria, Belgium, Spain, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Romania, Ukraine, Monaco, Switzerland and representatives from Asia, Africa and America on Monday, December 20. More than 90 athletes participated in the second round of these competitions which was held from December 20 to 22 and competed in the team, individual skills and wrestling sections. On Wednesday afternoon, December 22, the closing ceremony as well as medal ceremonies were held participated by Wolfgang Baumann, the Secretary General of TAFISA, the IZSF President, Iraqi Sports and Youth Minister, members of the Iranian and Iraqi consulates and German sports authorities.

Event at a glance

In these games, Azerbaijan Republic won the championship, Hamburg team came second and Belgium and Austria commonly won the thirds place. In the Koshti Pahlavani section, in 60-70 kilograms, Romania won the first place, Germany (Hamburg) the second place, and Austria and Lithuania won the

third place. In 70-80 kilograms, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Belarus, and Belgium respectively won the first places. In 80-90 kilograms, Azerbaijan won the first, Germany (Munich) the second, and Belarus and Germany (Hamburg) the third place. And in 90+ kilograms, Azerbaijan came first, Ukraine second, and Belarus and Germany (Hamburg) third.


Frankfurt 2009 competition stories

Zurkhaneh Athletes in action Azerbaijan Republic won the championship, Hamburg team came second and Belgium and Austria commonly won the thirds place.

Event Fact

Special Guest: Dr. Jasem Mohammad Jafar Youth & Sports Minister of IRAQ

Event Director: Saman majlesi

Administration Dirctor: Saeed Nazar Hossein Saber Official partner: - I.R.IRAN Consulate in Frankfurt - Deutschland Embassy in Tehran Sponsors: -Landessportbund hessen e.V. -Day Insurance -Symrise -Darugar beauty care production -Imperial leather -Horand Co. 46-47

Dushanbe 2010 competition stories

The 2nd Ferdowsi International Competition The Second Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi International Zurkhaneh Sports Competition was Held After the successful organizing of the First International Zurkhaneh Sports Competition in April 2010, with the participation of 5 teams

from 4 countries in the realm of Persian civilization in Tajikistan, the Second International Zurkhaneh Sports Competition entitled “Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi Competition” from June 19 to 22, 2010 was held in Dushanbe.

%100 increase in the number of participants

This huge event was initiated participated by Mr. Esfandiar Rahim Mashae, top presidential councilor and the head of the Islamic Republic presidential office, Mr. Mehralizadeh, IZSF president, Dr. Ali Asghar Sherdoost, Iranian ambassador to Tajikistan, Iranian representatives as well as the ambassadors of Azerbaijan and Afghanistan and other athletic and cultural officials from Islamic republic of Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal on the birthday of Ferdowsi.

In the second zurkhaneh competition commemorating Hakim Ferdowsi, 96 coaches, athletes, referees, mentors and executive staff from eight countries took part which with regard to the number of participants, compared with the previous games shows a 100% growth. Referring to the quantitative as well as qualitative growth of this round of competition, Dr. Seyyed Amir Hoseini, IZSF Secretary General, said: “Many countries, believe participation of Iran has enhanced

Zurkhaneh has come to the contemporary world from the Persian civilization In the opening ceremony of the competition, Eng. Esfandiar Rahim Mashae, the head of the Islamic Republic presidential office, said: “Bastani and zurkhaneh sport is a legacy which has reached the contemporary world through the Persian cultural school, and this competition is held in a country that has a heroic culture. He added: “These sports embody the spirit of championship, and the champion has spiritual power and is able to solve people’s problems and resists oppression and is the origin of philanthropy, justice and love.

the quality of the competition.” He stated that presence of Iran can contribute to the qualitative improvement of the games and said: “In fact, the presence of Iranian athletes in the individual skills section was an excellent training course for foreign participants.”

The spirit of championship is widespread throughout the territory of the Persian civilization

Aliasghar Sherdoost, Iranian ambassador to Tajikistan, said: “Countries which have attended these games are all representatives of a common culture and civilization, and if one day with this civilization they have offered great services to humanity, even today incorporating the spirit of championship, they can reach the same majesty.”


Dushanbe 2010 competition stories

Team Skills Team Name Iran Azerbaijan Tajikistan A Afghanistan Nepal Pakistan India Name Behzad Gerami Azmat Chilaev Mostafa Norestani

Scores 1505 904 845 834 641 507 320 Charkhe Chamani Country I.R Iran Tajikistan A Afghanistan

Scores 494 168 122

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Rank 1st 2nd 3rd rd

Name Navruz Arabov Mostafa Hossein Nejad Ahmad Noman Afis Namazov Mohammad Omar Soltani Krishan Kumar Dhruba Dhakal Mirsaid Hamidov

Name Saeid Mohammad Zamirov Elvin Akbarov Mostafa Nourestani Ismail Rahmanov Name Vousal Javadov Jamshid Abdollah Mohammad Azad Nasreddin Rahmanov

Name of countries Azerbaijan Tajikistan A Iran Afghanistan Nepal Pakistan India Tajikistan B

Scores 272 267 198 180 170

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd 4th

India Nepal Tajikistan B

162 106 1

5th 6th 7th

Wrestling 60-70Kg Country Tajikistan A Azerbaijan Afghanistan Tajikistan B

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd

Inauguration of construction 70-80 Kg of a multiCountry Rank Azerbaijan 1 purpose Tajikistan B 2 Afghanistan complex 3 st

nd rd

Tajikistan A Along

Name Taral Aliyev Jatinder Singh Mohammad Omar Soltani Navruz Kholniazov Name Farhad Anoksolove Kartar Singh Yousuf Riaz Araz Jaffarov

Country Tajikistan A I.R Iran Pakistan Azerbaijan Afghanistan

3 with this competition, the construction of a wrestling complex near Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi 80-90Kg zurkhaneh complex in Dushanbe Country Rank was inaugurated by Mr. Esfandiar Azerbaijan 1st Rahim Mashae. IndiaAnother advantage2nd of this competition was the3rd wonderful Afghanistan coverage by mass media and news Tajikistan A 3rd websites Of Islamic Republic of Iran and Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well +90 Kg as BBC and CNN news Country Ranknetworks along with some international st Tajikistan A networks from some 1other states Indiaso that these games were 2nd reviewed in several live radio and Pakistan 3rd television productions. rd rd



Total Score achieved by Team Scores 149 146 128 125 100 98 66 67

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

Media coverage Another advantage of this competition was the wonderful coverage by mass media and news websites Of Islamic Republic of Iran and Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as BBC and CNN news networks along with some international networks from some other states so that these games were reviewed in several live radio and television productions.


Dushanbe 2010 competition stories

Zurkhaneh Athlete in action Mr. Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei advisor of President of Islamic Republic of Iran is a chief guest.

Zurkhaneh Sports Rules and Regulation Workshop

Iran Team

Afghanistan Team

Pakistian Team


Konya 2010 competition stories

The Second Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup:

Commemoration of Mevlana and Sportsmanship With the march of athletes from 17 countries Saljooghi hall in Konya, the second zurkhaneh sports world cup began. Friday afternoon, October 22, with the march of the athletes and athletic delegations from Azerbaijan, South Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, Austria, Ukraine, Belgium, Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkey, Lithuania, Georgia, Iraq, Pakistan, Nepal, India and Switzerland in

the 5000-seat hall of Saljooghi sports complex, Konya and the spectacular demonstration of the Iranian para-zurkhaneh team, the second zurkhaneh sports world cup started. Over 4 days, athletes from 15 nations competed in the team skill, individual skills and the four weights of 60-70, 70-80, 80-90, and 90+ of Koshti Pahlavani. And based on the total scores,

Islamic Republic of Iran national team with 1751 scores won the championship; Afghanistan national team with 1567 scores won the second place; and Iraq with 1435 and Azerbaijan Republic with 1372 scores commonly won the third place. The second zurkhaneh sports world cup, both qualitatively and quantitatively, showed a remarkable growth compared with the first games held in Baku in 2009; and the number of participants from 80 referees, athletes, mentors and coaches from 7 countries reach 160 referees, athletes, mentors, coaches and special guests from 17 countries. And these games attracted tremendous attention from national as well as international media in Turkey, Iran and other countries in the region

2010 world cup: construction of zurkhaneh in Turkey Hitam Korkmaz Cetinkaya, in charge of holding the second zurkhaneh sports world cup in Konya, said: “Konya is where Mevlana’s tomb is located and Mevlana has had an effective role in the culture and creed of championship. And since this creed is one of the most significant features of zurkhaneh sports, we implemented the IZSF decision and succeeded in holding the games at a satisfactory level. Hitam said: “In order to institutionalize zurkhaneh in Turkey, 20 provinces must become active which requires holding seminars and training courses as well as providing the equipment for this sport.” The founder of zurkhaneh in Turkey added: “We have requested IZSF to hold common training courses with Georgia in the current year.” Hitam Cetinkaya said: “We have also submitted the recommendation for holding the third world cup in Anthelia, Turkey from November 17 to 20, 2011, and we hope our request to be host will be accepted.”

With the support of Azerbaijan republic; Georgia and Turkey joined the international family of zurkhaneh Seyed Hadi Arabi, Sec. Gen. of Azerbaijan Zurkhaneh Sports Federation, said: “Thanks to the efforts of this federation and support from IZSF, we succeeded in building zurkhaneh in Georgia.” Arabi said: “IZSF assigned Azerbaijan federation and I the mission of assessing the facilities and help Turkey with holding the second zurkhaneh sports world cup.”

Zurkhaneh: Sport of Values

At the opening ceremony of this competition, Mohsen Mehralizadeh, IZSF president, said: “Zurkhaneh sport is the sport of values, and this spiritual legacy has a unique status among world sports.He added: “Establishment of peace and friendship and reaching perfection through zurkhaneh sports is one of the special goals of this sport.

Zurkhaneh sport is based on moral values

Mohammad Anwar Jakdalek, Afghan vice-president and the president of the Asian Zurkhaneh Confederation, said: “In the culture of this civilization territory, heroic sport has a specific place, and since it is founded on moral values, the younger generation eagerly pursues it.”IZSF vicepresident emphasized that: “With this selection, the directorate pursued two objectives; first commemoration of the heroism and it preference to athleticism, and second, absorbing turkey into the zurkhaneh international family.”


Konya 2010 competition stories

Zurkhaneh Athletes in action Iranian National team made more exciting and enjoyable. Haj Mahmood, Iraqi pahlevan is playing zurkhaneh age above of 80 years

Citation of the best of second zurkhaneh 2009 sports world cup IZSF, which was founded in Tehran on October 11, 2004, entered its sixth year of operation by holding the second zurkhaneh sports world cup in Konya. On the anniversary of its foundation, this federation introduces the best athletes of the year. Turkish world cup was a favorable opportunity for acknowledging the best of 2009 before the IZSF members.

Ukrainian Zurkhaneh Athlete

Visiting the tombs of Mevlana and Shams Tabrizi During the second zurkhaneh sports world cup in Konya, the participants visited Mevlana’s tomb and also watched sama dance at Mevlana hall. In this ceremony, especial quests from different countries, athletes, coaches, and referees became familiar with the life of Mevlana and Shams Tabrizi.


Konya 2010 competition stories

The Second Zurkhaneh Sports World Cup:

The 7th int. zurkhaneh Symposium The Seventh International Symposium of Zurkhaneh Sports Entitled “Mevlana and the Creed of Heroism” The Seventh International Symposium of Zurkhaneh Sports entitled “Mevlana and the Creed of Heroism” was held in Konya along with the second world cup in this field. This symposium started in the

morning of Thursday, October 29, participated by officials and athletes from Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Ukraine, Belgium, Netherlands, Nepal and South Africa. While welcoming the guests at the opening of the games, Mohsen Mehralizadeh, International Zurkhaneh Sports

Federation, in his speech, referred to important features of heroism. Later during the symposium, in his bilingual speech, Dr. Adel Azar, professor of Persian literature and university faculty, referred to the characteristics of Pahlavani and sportsmanship in the common territory of Persian civilization. He considered the spiritual movement of Mevlana as an extension of the heroic movement of Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi. Performing zurkhaneh sports by the Iranian Para-Olympic team was one of the sections of the seventh international symposium of zurkhaneh sports which was


received enthusiastically by the audience. Prior to the beginning of this section, Seyyed Amir Hoseini said: “According to the negotiations with the Disabled Sports International Federation, it was arranged that zurkhaneh sports be performed in a demonstrative form in other international games of the disabled.” Mohammad Anwar Jakdalek, Afghan sports and youth consultant minister and the president of the Asian Confederation of Zurkhaneh Sports, Dr. Seyyed Ramazan Shojae Kiasari, member of the cultural commission of I.R.Iran

the parliament, Soleyman Abdolvahedov, Tajikistan presidential consultant and IZSF vice-president, Sardar Safarzadeh, Iranian Zurkhaneh Sports Federation president, Dr. Seyyed Abdollah Sajadi, IZSF technical committee president, Professor Ghorbanov, Azerbaijan university professor, Dr. Seyyed Amir Hoseini, IZSF Secretary General, Dr. Hadj Rasooli, university professor, Mitra Rouhi, member of the Public Sports International Federation, and two Turkish cultural and athletic officials delivered speeches and presented papers at this international symposium.

Welcome Speech by Mr. Mohsen Mehrali zadeh, IZSF President Dr. Ramazan Shojaei, Member of Iran Parliament. Hitam Korkmaz Centinkaya Founder of Turkish Zurkhaneh Sports Federation Dr. Seyed Amir Hosseini: Pahlavani in the point of view of Mewlana Dr. Ismaeel Azar: Zurkhaneh Sports , unique and harmonic sports in the world Dr. Masoud Haji Rasouli: Agility and Chivalry in Mevlana Poems – Zurkhaneh effects on addicted Mr. Mohammad Anwar Jekdalek: Zurkhaneh and Mevlana , Common Cultural Heritage Dr. Seyed Abdullah Sadjadi: Koshti Pahlavani and its Specification Mr. Soulaiman Abdulvakhidoev: Mevlana and Zurkhaneh place in Tajiki Culture Mr. Alireza Saffarzadeh, President of Iran Zurkhaneh Federation Dr. Alborz Chalabi: A summary of Mevlana living Ms. Mitra Rouhi, member of IZSF & Tafisa Mr. Abdolkarim Jasim Albasri: Zurkhaneh Sports role in strengthening peace and friendship between two country Iraq & Iran Coskun Bilgi Founder of Turkish Zurkhaneh Sports Federation


C unstruction projects Abulghasem Ferdowsi Sport Complex, Rostam-e Dastan Zurkhaneh, National Olympic Academy of Afghanistan, Kabul-Afghanistan Order by: Iran Presidency, Iran high-Consul for reconstruction of Afghanistan & IZSF In cooptation with Iran embassy in Kabul and National Olympic Committee and Sport & youth ministry of Afghnistan Construction start date: Summer 1384 Opening: Summer 1385 Capacity: 2800 sqm2 Facility: goad: 30 Athletes & 300 person visitor, changing room, rest rooms, 2 office room, classes, Sport Hall. Project Director: Dr. Seyed Amir Hosseini Project Manager: Saman Majlesi Architect & Consular: Dr. Behrouz Mansouri Constructor: Houman Dolati, Saze door yab Co.

Abulghasem Ferdowsi Zurkhaneh Dushanbe-Tajikistan Order by: I.R.IRAN MFO & IZSF In cooperation with Iran embassy in Dushanbe and Sport & youth ministry of Tajikistan. Construction start date: Summer 1383 Opening: Summer 1384 Capacity: 750 sqm2, goad: 30 Athletes & 300 person visitors Facility: gowd, changing room, rest rooms, 2 office room Project Director: Dr. Seyed Amir Hosseini Project Manager: Saman Majlesi Architect & Consular: Dr. Behrouz Mansouri

Holy Karbala Zurkhaneh Complex Order by: International Zurkhaneh Sport Complex Construction start date: Feb. 2011 Capacity: 2000 sqm2 Facility: goad: 30 Athletes & 300 person visitor, changing room, rest rooms, office room, classes, Sport Hall. Project Director: Dr. Seyed Amir Hosseini Project Manager: Saman Majlesi Architect & Consular: Dr. Behrouz Mansouri Constructor: Tameshkin Rad co.

Inauguration of construction of a Zurkhaneh & multi-purpose complex Feb. 2011


Z urkhaneh background

Iranian Pahlevan in 100 years ago.

Indian Meel in different style.

Right: Abdol Amir Al-Morshed Pahlavan of Iraq, 1940.

Zurkhaneh in Iraq many years ago.


Technical Committee IZSF


Best of 2010 Technical Committee announced the best and the most technical athletes according to different general and specialized meetings and comprehensive review on 2010 Events through considering achieved championship titles, observing ethics behavior during the games, technical specification of champions in different disciplines of Zurkhaneh and Koshti Pahlevani.

Best Team: I.R.IRAN Candidates: Afghanistan, Iraq

Best of Kabbadeh: Navruz Arabov, Tajikistan Candidates: Krishan Kumar (India), Hesham Mohammad (Iraq)

Best of Charkh-e Teez: Navid Raeesohmohadesin, Iran Candidate: Yousef Fares Aref (Iraq)

Best of Charkh-e Chamani: Behzad Gerami, Iran Candidates: Jaber Sabri Abdolamir (Iraq), Mostafa Nourestani (Afghanistan)

Sang: Alireza Farzaneh, Belgium Candidates: Esmaeel Habibov (Azerbaijan), Mohamad Fazel (Iraq)

Meel Baazi: Hamidreza Arabi Candidate: Jaber Sabri Abdolamir (Iraq)

Heavy Meel: Yass Mohammad Abdolabbas, Iraq Candidates: Esmaeel habibof/ Habibov (Azerbayjan/Azerbaijan), Andrei Nikinchenko (Ukraine)

Most technical junior kabbadeh player: Karam Hasanov, Georgia

Innovators of new stunts in Individual Skills: Simas Garbenis (a new stunt; meel baazi with two meels), Lithuania

Best Coach: Alireza Gholami, Iran Candidate: Wasim Abdulhossein (Iraq)

Best Murshed: Ramin Golestani, Iran Candidate: Haji Mohammad Amin Naghizade(Azerbaijan)

Youngest & the most Active Athlete: Kytis Kazlauskas, Lithuania

60-70 Kg: Saeed Mahmoud Zamin, Tajikistan Candidates: Hassan Ali Bairamov (Azerbaijan), Sirji Tikimirov(Russia)

70-80 Kg: Vusal Javadov, Azerbaijan Candidates: Ibrahim Cocuk (Turkey), Viajeslav Koroc (Russia)

80-90 Kg: Tural Aliyev, Azerbaijan Candidates: Mohammad Omar Soltani (Afghanistan), Met Beroco(Russia)

The most technical wrestler: Farhad Anakolof, +90 Kg, Tajikistan

90+ kg: Arash Mardani, Iran Candidates: Kartar Singh (India), Yousef Riaz(Pakistan)

Active federation: Azerbaijan Zurkhaneh Sports Federation While IZSF appreciation goes to authorities of Georgia, Turkey and Belarus/Belarusian Zurkhaneh federations for their great efforts for Zurkhaneh foundation in their native lands, organizing national events, training Zurkhaneh in their universities, publishing books and pamphlets for Zurkhaneh, Zurkhaneh promotion in their neighbor countries; Azerbaijan Zurkhaneh Sports Federation is announced as the most active federation in 2010.


We are still waiting for IZSF, when you will come in Africa?!!

I am waiting for President Obama to solving US Economy crises, after that we made a Zurkhaneh in Manhattan!

I am man of law!

so, Lets start Zurkhaneh Olympic Commitee! Let be setup Zurkhaneh University in the moon.

IZSF Timeline 2011 “Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” Encourage people to enjoy Zurkhaneh Sports and its morality values

Sportt Calendar of IZSF 20 011


Title T



January 2011 

Tech hnical Committee Meeting & Refferee, Coaches, N  New Rules Updaating 

IZSF He ead  Office 

2 3  4  5  6 

4 4‐16 February 20111  22‐5 February  FFebruary  7th – 18th March  3rd – 8th April 

Reg gional Training Co ourse  in Europeaan Countries   Alyssh Symposium  Training Course in A Africa  The  1st International  East African Training Course and d Seminar  Atte ending in Sport A  Accord 2011 

Turkey   Mashhaad, I.R Iran  Johann nesburg, South A Africa  Kampala, Uganda  London n 


7th – 12th April 

Training Course and Referee Course  in Regional Asiaan Countries 

New De elhi, India 


12th ‐17th April 

The  3rd Asian Zurkhaaneh Sports Cham mpionship 

New De elhi, India 




14 ‐15  April 2011 

IZSF F EC Meeting ‐ W World Zurkhaneh  Congress   

New De elhi, India 

10 11 

16th April 2011  10‐19 May 2011 

AZSC General Assem mbly  Training Course and Referee Course  in Regional Eurropean Countriess 

New De elhi, India  Siauliai,, Lithuania 


19‐23 May 2011 

The  3rd European Zu urkhaneh Sports Championship 

Siauliai,, Lithuania 


220th May 2011 

Euro opean General A Assembly 

Siauliai,, Lithuania 


LLast week June 2011 


Dushan nbe, Tajikistan 


The  3   Internationaal Zurkhaneh Spo orts Tournamentt, Ferdowsi Cup  



The  1  American Zurrkhaneh Champio onship 

Boston. USA 


S September

The  1st International  Symposium on P Pahlevani Songs 

Tehran,, Iran 


S September

Asia an Juniors Refere ee Course and Trraining Course 


S September 2011 

The  1st Junior Asian Z  Zurkhaneh Sportts Championship p 


220th – 23rd Septem mber 

The  4th World Confe erence Sports For All 

Candidaate Iran. Nepal aand Indonesia  under e  evaluated  Candidaate Iran. Nepal aand Indonesia  under e  evaluated  Beijing,, China 


O October


O October

The  2nd Internationaal Zurkhaneh Spo orts Tournament, Peace and Frienndship  Harat, A  Afghanistan   Cup  The  2nd European Junior Zurkhaneh  Sports Champion nship  Kiev, Ukraine and Georg gia 

22 23  24  25 

10th – 14th November  D December  O On the process  O On the process 

The  3rd  Zurkhaneh S  Sport World Cup,,   IWA AS World Games   Inte ernational Koshti Pahlevani Symp posium  Training Course and Competition 

Antalyaa, Turkey Dubai  Chicago o, Shanghai  South A  Africa, Uganda, T  Tanzania

Edicion 1 Zurkhaneh Review  

Stimulating all over world