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29.08. – 07.09.2014

Same but different

Aarhus Festival

24 pages of Festival highlights. Visit aarhusfestival.com and explore the full programme

Colophon CONTENTS 3 Foreword 4 Reception for Expats 5 Anniversary Saturday 6 Trio 7 Death Lines: A Memento Mori Collection 8 Ujazz 9 Underland 10 Nils Frahm and The Cabin Project, Profession Reporter, New Festival songs with Jim White 11 Festival Classic, NZTrio, The Royal Danish Orchestra: A Tribute to Love 12 Lucy Guerin Inc.: Untrained, DUAL, The Royal Ballet: Star Dance 13 The Architecture Festival 1:1 18 Comedy 19 International Night Cabaret: Moulin de Paris 20 Food Festival 21 The Festival Grill, Foretaste at Street Level, Aarhus Festbier 2014 22 Rachel Davies: The Light Garden, Family Sunday, Zirkus Nemo Tivoli 23 Web, app and social media, A special thanks to our sponsors 24 Map

The seven official Festival posters in 70 by 100 cm size are on sale at the Festival Information Centre at Lille Torv and plakaten.com. Price: DKK 100 plus postage.

PUBLISHER Aarhus Festival Vester Allé 3 DK – 8000 Aarhus C aarhusfestival.com

If an event is not sold out, the remaining tickets will be on sale by the entrance (applies to events arranged by Aarhus Festival). Ticket prices do not include additional fees. See the individual organisers’ websites for potential discounts.

This programme is made possible by Arla, Aarhus University and International Community. DESIGN Anders Cold PRINT Scanprint A/S CIRCULATION 5,000 FRONT PAGE + FESTIVAL POSTER Artist: Sofia Minson.

PHOTO CREDITS 3 Lykke Rump: Jens Folmer Jepsen 4 Martin Juul: Thomas Helmig 9 Lone Allen: Johnny Hefty & Jøden 13 Natascha Thiara Rydvald: The Royal Orchestra 12 Julieta Cervantes: Untrained. Byron Perry: DUAL. Costin Radu: Stjernedans 14 Dan Holmberg: Jørgen Leth 16 Martin Dam Kristensen: Light Spots 17 Daniel Zimmermann: roaring matters 18 Mark Vessey: Zoe Lyons 21 Martin Dam Kristensen: The Festival Grill and Foretaste at Street Level 22 Cathal O’Brien: The Light Garden TICKETS Information about tickets, including prices and discounts on events, can be found at aarhusfestival.com.

INFORMATION FOR THOSE WITH A DISABILITY Call the ticket vendor to buy tickets for those with a disability. For events arranged by Aarhus Festival, we offer that those with a disability who need to be accompanied by a helper to attend an event can buy two tickets for the price of one. Other organisers are not obliged to offer the same service.

Phone numbers and websites for ticket vendors: Billetten: (+45) 70 20 20 96 aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Billetlugen: (+45) 70 263 267 billetlugen.dk Information on accessibility for wheelchair users is given at each event and further details may be found at each organiser’s own website. TOURISTS IN AARHUS At visitaarhus.dk, you can find information and inspiration for your stay in Aarhus. Read about accommodation, attractions, shopping, restaurants, etc. The editing of the highlight programme was completed on 1 August 2014. Latest updates and additions can be found at aarhusfestival.com and in the Festival app. The editorial team reserve the right to make any changes or corrections. Each organiser in the programme is responsible for their own event. See the entire programme at aarhusfestival.com or by downloading the Aarhus Festival app. FESTIVAL INFORMATION CENTRE At the Festival Information ­Centre at Lille Torv, we are ready to help and guide Festival guests. Opening Hours 28 August 15.00-19.00 29-30 August 11.00-22.00 31 August-6 September 11.00-19.00 7 September Closed Phone during opening hours (+45) 21 15 88 19

Aarhus Festuge is WindMade


Foreword LET US BE HAPPY! This year, Aarhus Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary, and it is okay to be happy about that. And we should not be upset that the Festival is admired as an event by a lot of cities around the world. Let us be happy that more than 500,000 adults visited the Festival last year: in Bergen, the oldest Northern festival, with a budget that is more than double Aarhus Festival’s, has a record of 84,000 visitors. Let us not be unhappy that the Festival is one of the events that most Danes know, and the fact that they also have a positive impression of it should not make us despair. Let us be happy that Carlsberg once again is making a high-end Jacobsen Festival beer, and also, let us be happy that beer is still consumed during the Festival but with much less vandalism, violence, and underage drinking. Actually, the police have told us that there is less violence and vandalism during the whole Festival than in a normal week. Let us be happy that the whole family can take part in the Festival. Let us be happy about a programme full of quality, with almost every genre represented. And let us be happy that Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II will give the opening speech for a huge audience, literally in her own front yard. Let us allow ourselves to look forward to Aarhus Festival 2014, and then afterwards keep working to create an even better, funnier, and smarter Festival in 2015. Enjoy the festivities.

This year Aarhus Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary. The first festival took place 4-12 September 1965 and the initiative for the festival came from Mayor Bernhard Jensen in 1964.

Jens Folmer Jepsen Executive Director of Aarhus Festival



Reception for Expats

Aarhus Festival invites expats and their families to a special reception on Saturday 30 August from 15.00 to 17.00. At the reception, you can relax with your family, meet other expats and experience the special Festival atmosphere while enjoying some light refreshments.

The reception is also just a stone’s throw from a number of other entertaining and engaging activities for the whole family, making the Festival reception the perfect excuse for a day of family fun. Courtyard of the FO-city, Vester Allé 8 30 August 15.00-17.00 Free. Registration is necessary. Please register for the reception at aarhusfestival.com Aarhus Festival. Supported by Arla, Aarhus ­ University and International Community Accessible by wheelchair

Aarhus’ Mayor, Jacob Bundsgaard, will welcome you and afterwards you can experience the Festival atmosphere while enjoying light refreshments prepared by chef Lars Kyllesbech, the founder of restaurant Mefisto. Moreover Manu from Florence, Italy, will serve his Italian ice cream – the perfect summer treat. Before the reception, you are invited to a free concert with Argentinian Diego Schissi, NZTrio from New Zealand and string players from Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, who will play music composed especially for the Festival (Concert Hall Aarhus, Thomas Jensens Allé 2, 12.30-13.00).

THE EUROPEAN UNION The European Social Fund

Investing in your future


Anniversary Saturday As a special anniversary present the cultural institutions of the city mark the beginning of Aarhus Festival with an impressive opening programme featuring interesting events at special prices. Let your curiosity lead you, say hello to the cultural institutions, and ­experience great artistic performances.

30 August For more information and tickets visit aarhusfestival.com Supported by Vilhelm Kiers Fond See aarhusfestival.com

POEMAS VÍA SUSURRO Stop by Concert Hall Aarhus, when Poemas Vía Susurro whisper ­poems in Mexican. Concert Hall Aarhus, The Foyer, see aarhusfestival.com for time, free

NZTRIO By mixing musical cultures and genres, New Zealand’s national treasure, NZTrio, creates an exceptional, both intimate and dynamic, classical music e ­ xperience. Concert Hall Aarhus, Lille Sal, 17.00-18.00, DKK 50

RACHEL DAVIES: THE LIGHT GARDEN Interactive video installation for children aged 18 months to 4 years, six shows during the day. Concert Hall Aarhus, Filuren 10.00-16.30, DKK 50 THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, AARHUS Results of the introduction week of The Royal Academy of Music are presented at a range of concerts, 19.00-22.00 at the special ‘Same But Different Show’. Concert Hall Aarhus, Kammer­ musiksalen (day) and Rytmisk Sal (evening), 10.00-22.00, free LA BOHÈME Danish National Opera opens the doors of its production space to the public. Danish National Opera, Søren Frichs Vej, 10.00-12.00 and 13.0015.00, free MASTER FATMAN & AARHUS JAZZ ORCHESTRA: CONCERT FOR KIDS 19 unruly, dastardly, but also skilled jazz musicians and a big fat man in yellow clothes teach you how to

swing, sound like a bassoon, fall over to music and dance wildly. Banegårdspladsen, 11:00 - 11:45, free CONCERT FEAT. DIEGO SCHISSI, NZTRIO AND STRINGS FROM AARHUS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Music composed especially for the Festival. Concert Hall Aarhus, The Foyer, 12.30-13.00, free EXHIBITIONS, AROS Ebbe Stub Wittrup: ’The Third Room’, Jesper Just: ’Intercourses’, Wes Lang: ’The Studio’. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, 14.0017.00, DKK 50 THE MUSIC SCHOOL: CHOIR CONCERT Two of the country’s best choirs share the stage at Concert Hall Aarhus in celebration of the festival’s 50th anniversary. Concert Hall Aarhus, Lille Sal, 14.00-15.00, free TANYA TAGAQ: NANOOK OF THE NORTH, Throat singer Tanya Tagaq performs with percussionist Jean Martin and violinist Jesse Zubot to images from the controversial film ‘Nanook of the North’ (1922). ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, ­Auditoriet, 15.30-16.45, DKK 50


FESTIVAL CLASSIC 2014 Soprano Pumeza Matshikiza, actor and musical talent Søren Pilmark, and conductor Tobias Ringborg. Concert Hall Aarhus, Symfonisk Sal, 19.30-22.30, DKK 50. Limited number of discounted tickets. ROSKILDE MOMENTS Performance by The Royal Danish Theatre/Eventministeriet. Before the show, you can hang out in the festival area in front of HeadQuarters and Bora Bora, and afterwards the two bands Eerie Glue and The 1st perform at HeadQuarters. Bora Bora, Store Sal, 21.00-22.00, DKK 50 DPA-STAFETTEN: SNORRE KIRK: SCANDINAVIAN SUITE First performance of drummer and jazz musician Snorre Kirk’s ‘Scandinavian Suite’, in which he portrays Scandinavian values, traditions and impressions inspired by the Festival theme, ‘Same but different’. Concert Hall Aarhus, Lille Sal, 21.00-22.00, DKK 50


Trio Expect a first-class journey to the unexpected as world class musicians and singers perform together for the first and perhaps only time. Aarhus Festival has put together a special trio of skilled international musicians who play together with nine great Danish and international voices. The transnational trio consists of the highly talented musicians Diego Schissi, one of Argentina’s greatest young names in music, Swedish Gustaf Ljunggren, who has played with musicians such as Sofia Karlsson, C.V. Jørgensen and Robyn, and Canadian David Piltch, who has played with various acclaimed artists and bands, including k.d. lang, Joe Henry and T Bone Burnett.

Atlas, Vester Allé 15 DKK 150-250 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Fonden VoxHall. Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation Accessible by wheelchair

TRIO FEAT. TEITUR, JENNY WILSON AND HENRIETTE SENNENVALDT Teitur is an established and distinguished singer-songwriter, who repeatedly has renewed himself while at the same time holding on to the special Nordic sound that characterises his songs.

TRIO FEAT. BROKEN TWIN, JESCA HOOP AND NICK LOWE Danish Majke has created an intensely personal album, ‘May’, with a warm, lo-fi sound bearing a romantic, melancholic vibe that has landed the young Dane international attention.

Jenny Wilson has been labeled ‘musical style-icon’, ‘indie-queen’, and ‘pop diva’. In February she won three Swedish Grammies­for her album ‘Demand the Im­pos­­ sible’ (2013). Riddled with breast cancer, she wrote and pro­­duced the record that is both a memento mori and a beautiful wake-up call. Henriette Sennenvaldt is probably best known as the lead singer in the truly original rock group Under Byen, her exceptional voice and poetic lyrics being one of the reasons for the excitement the band has evoked over the years, ­nationally as well as abroad. In 2012 she received the Bebop-prize as homage to the meeting between music and poetry. 1 September 20.00-22.30

TRIO FEAT. JOHN GRANT, EMILÍANA TORRINI AND ÓLÖF ARNALDS John Grant is honest and frank as he sings about sex, addiction, and his life with hiv. If ‘Queen of Denmark’, John Grant’s successful debut album from 2010, is his ”soft-rock 70s” album, then ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ (2013) is his 80s album where he adds sublime notes of dark, gleaming electronica to the anticipated velveteen ballads. Emilíana Torrini is a timeless singer-songwriter. Charming, ­enthusiastic, and ambitious as she is, she makes intimate, atmo­ spheric songs, always elegantly composed with a magical touch. Björk once described Ólöf ­Arnalds’ compelling vocal sound as ‘some­ where between a child and an old woman’. This image leaves no doubt that Arnalds’ sound is very special. Her voice in combination with her talent for putting words together result in meaningful songs with great emotional depth. 3 September 20.00-22.30


With a voice that keeps getting richer and more nuanced with age, Nick Lowe communicates directly to the heart. As a silver-haired singer-songwriter he creates music that has reached a point of maturity with a slightly melancholic feel that does not make the songs any less ­captivating. With her distinct, rich voice, the inventive singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop opens up a world of twisted tales. Tom Waits has described her music as being ”like a foursided coin. She is an old soul, like a black pearl, a good witch or red moon. Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night”. 6 September 20.00-22.30


Death Lines: A Memento Mori ­Collection

Memento Mori: lat.: ’remember to die’, a reminder of life’s brevity.

There is a big technical challenge in staging a live concert with people from all corners of the world because of the sound delay. The concert depends on fragile internet connections on which there is a risk of a sudden breakdown, just as life can suddenly come to an end. Thus, the project as a whole can also be seen as Memento Mori.

Performances from five cities around the world – New York, London, Montreal, Melbourne and Aarhus – are united in one live concert. The concert mixes art forms such as poetry, singing, music and dance, performed by a range of artists, e.g. the Canadian singer-songwriter Cold Specks and the New Zealander Lawrence Arabia, who are filmed and projected on big screens in ARoS, where the Aarhus writer Peter Laugesen, who has released more than 50 poet collections, intertwine the different parts. Thus, the audience will experience them all playing together across continents, art forms, and cultural differences.

Participants in the project: Lawrence Arabia (NZ), Gemma Peacocke (NZ), Sylvain Émard (CA), Cold Specks (CA), Voices of Praise (CA), Tamara Saulwick (AU), Peter Knight (AU) and Peter Laugesen (DK).

Memento Mori is an art genre that reminds people of their own mortality and thereby also of the strength of life. With different art forms, different approaches to the same point of departure – death – are presented.


ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, ARoS Allé 2 2 September 18.00-19.00 DKK 150 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk NB: The concert ticket does not give you access to the exhibitions. An add-on ticket can be bought for DKK 60 Aarhus Festival and Aalborg University/ Jan ­ Østergaard. Thanks to ARoS Aarhus Art Museum Accessible by wheelchair


Ujazz New musical territories are discovered when Danish and international musicians meet on stage at the one-day festival Ujazz. Acclaimed soloists and established groups create great artistic moments, and new constellations and experimental compositions surprise the audience as well as the musicians. Ujazz is anything but regular concerts, and will give you the chance to say that you were present on the day that the mainstream of tomorrow was invented.

Atlas, Vester Allé 15 5 September 15.00-00.00 DKK 150 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Copenhagen Jazzhouse Supported by DJBFA, DMF, The Danish Arts Foundation, Fonden VoxHall and Dansk Artist Forbund. Accessible by wheelchair

LONNIE HOLLEY & JIM WHITE A thrilling clash between two worlds as these two strong personalities come together on stage for the first time ever. 15.00-15.40

KATRINE STOCHHOLM Katrine Stochholm’s Danish songs added to the dance performance ‘Birds, Reptiles, Predators, Amphibians’. 18.30-19.00

YES DEER The music moves in different directions, rapidly changing, continuously evolving, embracing cacophony. 22.15-22.35

GUSTAF LJUNGGREN & SKÚLI SVERRISSON An improvised duo of curiosity and great musical quality. 15.50-16.20

KIM MYHR A naked 12-string acoustic guitar pushed to the limit, exploring all aspects of the instrument’s ability. 19.10-19.40

GORAN KAJFEŠ SUBTROPIC ARKESTRA An extraordinary, visionary trumpeter at the forefront of crossover electro-jazz. 22.45-23.35

DIEGO SCHISSI & PETER KNIGHT One of the greatest names in Argentina, and a perpetually curious artist who defies categorisation. 16.30-17.00 GIRLS IN AIRPORTS FEAT. JENS BLENDSTRUP A mix of jazz, indie and folk, with an added humorous poetic dimension. 17.10-17.55

ALASNOAXIS Refreshingly modern jazz with a focused yet unpredictable sound. 19.50-20.50 BRO/KNAK A rare treat as Bro/Knak perform compositions and arrangements related to their new album. 21.20-22.05



Underland If you missed this summer’s local music festivals, you get a second chance! In three days, you get the opportunity to experience the local music festivals Danmarks Grimmeste Festival, Pop Revo, and Flux Festival – all for free.

You can look forward to a range of different musical experiences as the festivals represent three musical directions and each has one day at their disposal. This produces great diversity and the chance to find just the right sound for you. Underland is Aarhus Festival’s attempt to generate attention for the music scene of Aarhus and give you three exceptional festival experiences in the centre of the city.

FLUX FESTIVAL 4 September 20.00: Moonface 21.00: Papir 22.00: Narcosatanicos 23.00: Urr

DANMARKS GRIMMESTE FESTIVAL 5 September 18.30: Velvet Volume 20.00: I’ll Be Damned 21.30: Johnny Hefty & Jøden


The Amphitheatre, Concert Hall Aarhus, Thomas Jensens Allé 2 4-6 September Free Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Flux Festival, Pop Revo and Danmarks Grimmeste Festival. Supported by Spar Nord Fonden. Thanks to ­ Concert Hall Aarhus Accessible by wheelchair

POP REVO 6 September 20.00: Kevin Morby 21.00: Holy Wave 22.00: Emma Acs 23.00: Al Lover


NILS FRAHM AND THE CABIN PROJECT Nils Frahm concert and premiere of The Cabin Project in Aarhus Theatre. Composer Nils Frahm has built a steady reputation for his intimate, poignant piano recordings, yet these only show a fragment of what to expect from a Frahm concert. His heart lies in improvisation, loosely based around his familiar melodies. He has become known for his unconventional approach to music, which crosses musical barriers. His live performances showcase a unique combination of piano motifs and heavy synthesiser sounds. The Cabin Project is a collaboration between the two singersongwriters Marie Fisker and Kira Skov, legendary producer Mark Howard, guitarist Oliver Hoiness, and multi-instrumentalist Ned Ferm. Isolating themselves in a cabin deep in the Canadian woods, they spent nine days making a record. The result is a deep, raw and soulful record with roots in traditional singer-songwriting, such as Leonard Cohen’s, with added playfulness and forwardlooking audacity.

PROFESSION REPORTER Three songwriters communicate their impressions of the Festival musically as they create new songs in cooperation with students from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. The songs can be seen as an inspiring alternative to the journalistic coverage of the Festival. The reporters are Mathilde Lunderskov, who is known from the indie-pop world and contributes with her crystal-clear voice, Simon Lynge, who reminds us of Paul Simon and writes songs instead of writing a diary, and Esther Maria, whose intense vocal style has been compared to that of a young Joni Mitchell. HeadQuarters, Valdemarsgade 1 6 September 14.00-15.00 DKK 50 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival in cooperation with HeadQuarters Supported by DPA and DJBFA Accessible by wheelchair

NEW FESTIVAL SONGS WITH JIM WHITE Southern American Jim White is a cheerful and highly acclaimed multi-artist, who embraces seriousness with humour and humour with seriousness. David Byrne discovered White’s musical talent and signed him to his record company, Luaka Bop, and since then White has released several records challenging the country genre. In an unusual location, White creates an unpredictable concert experience, interacting with the audience. Jim White and musicians from the band The DeSoto Caucus move into a former shop at Åboulevarden 82, where they will record a slew of new songs. The Festival guests are invited to contribute to the songbook by writing about the Festival or pasting photos from the Festival onto the windows of the shop. You can experience the songwriting process by peeking through the windows and listening via loudspeakers. ’The Plaza’ and Åboulevarden 82 respectively 2 September 18.00-20.00 (The Plaza). Throughout the Festival week (Åboulevarden) Aarhus Festuge. Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation Accessible by wheelchair

Aarhus Theatre, Store Sal Teatergaden 2 September 20.00-23.00 DKK 170-250 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival. Thanks to Aarhus Theatre Accessible by wheelchair


Music top-class of opera divas. This year, her debut album is released on Decca Classics. At Festival Classic 2014, she interprets arias by Mozart and Puccini. The famous Danish actor Søren Pilmark, who also possesses great musical talent, is presenting the concert – and has promised to sing a song. Swedish conductor Tobias Ringborg is a familiar and beloved face with the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra as he has led the Orchestra in concerts ranging from symphony concerts and New Year’s concerts to opera performances. Concert Hall Aarhus, Symfonisk Sal Thomas Jensens Allé 2 30 August 19.30-22.30, 31 August 15.00-17.30 DKK 275-395 via Concert Hallaarhus.dk Concert Hall Aarhus in cooperation with Aarhus Symfoniorkester Accessible by wheelchair

FESTIVAL CLASSIC 2014 Lyric soprano Pumeza Matshikiza is a breath of fresh air on the international opera stage, being described as “one of today’s most exciting new operatic voices” (Independent). She was born and grew up in Cape Town, and her voice has now lifted her to the

NZTRIO NZTrio is known as New Zealand’s national treasure – with good reason. Its members are treated like rock stars in their homeland and Asia. By mixing musical cultures and genres, the trio create an exceptional classical music experience. Violinist Justine Cormack, cellist Ashley Brown and pianist Sarah Watkins have all had an impressive musical education and career, and since 2002, they have thrilled audiences all over the world with their intensity, approachability, curiosity and openness. Concert Hall Aarhus, Lille Sal, Thomas Jensens Allé 2 30 August 17.00-18.00 DKK 50 via billetlugen.dk Aarhus Festival. Supported by Creative NZ. Thanks to ­ Concert Hall Aarhus. Accessible by wheelchair

THE ROYAL DANISH ORCHESTRA: A TRIBUTE TO LOVE The Royal Danish Orchestra mark the end of Aarhus Festival when they perform the impressive Turangalîla Symphony by Olivier Messiaen. As a composer, Messiaen always gravitated to the grand, the mystical, and the divine. His Turangalîla Symphony is a tribute to love, and translated from the Sanskrit the title means ‘love song and hymn to joy, time, movement, rhythm, life and death’. Such a musical depiction of love demands a large-scale symphonic format, and the work therefore has no fewer than 10 movements. The inspiration for the Turangalîla Symphony came from one of world literature’s


most famous love stories: the myth of Tristan and Isolde, the two young lovers who are united only in death. It is possible to buy a lunch plate from 13.00 at the restaurant johan r before the concert.

Musikhuset Aarhus, Symfonisk Sal, Thomas Jensens Allé 2 6 September 15.00-16.20 DKK 170-415 via billetlugen.dk Aarhus Festival in collaboration with The Royal Danish Theatre. Supported by The Stibo-Foundation, Augustinus Fonden and Beckett-Fonden Thanks to Concert Hall Aarhus. Accessible with wheelchair

Dance This year Bora Bora and Aarhus Festival collaborate on creating a space for Australian dance during the festival. This has resulted in two shows with untrained and professional dancers, martial arts and pulsating techno rhythms in joyous union. Futhermore The Royal Ballet presents selections from the greatest ballet ­performances with the best dancers of Denmark.

LUCY GUERIN INC: UNTRAINED What are two men with no dancing experience doing at a professional dance performance? ‘Untrained’. examines what it is that makes a dancer fantastic by comparing a professional with an amateur. Two of the men are highly skilled, experienced dancers and two have no movement training. All performers are given the same instructions, but how they execute them constructs an individual portrait of each man. Lucy Guerin is considered one of the world’s truly original choreographers and her mission is to challenge and extend the art of contemporary dance. Bora Bora, Store Sal Valdemarsgade 1 5 September 20.00-21.00, 6 September 17.00-18.00 and 20.00-21.00 DKK 150 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Bora Bora. Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Arts Victoria, and Australia Council for the Arts Accessible by wheelchair

DUAL ‘DUAL’, by the Australian choreographer Stephanie Lake, is a human puzzle transformed into dancing. Two solos with no apparent relation are performed, one after the other. But in the third act, the two solos miraculously fuse, forming a complex duet. ‘DUAL’ questions individuality – what do we sacrifice and what do we gain when two individuals are united? Elastic, pulsating and industrial techno rhythms meet Eastern choreography with traces of martial art and butoh dance, resulting in a chaotic ritual between man and woman. Bora Bora, Store Sal Valdemarsgade 1 3.-4 September 20.00-20.45 DKK 90-150 via bora-bora.dk Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Bora Bora. Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation Accessible by wheelchair


THE ROYAL DANISH BALLET: STAR DANCE The Royal Ballet visits Aarhus, bringing selections from their ­exciting repertoire. Director of the Royal ­Ballet Nikolaj Hübbe elaborates: “We have put together a programme showing the scope of ballet as an art form – from August Bournonville’s life-affirming step explosions and new classics such as ‘Etudes’ and ‘The Lady of the Camellias’ to new works such as Twyla Tharp’s charming and seductive Sinatra ballet ‘Come Fly Away’ and Corpus’ fascinating and stringent, small masterpieces.” An exceptional opportunity to see a sample of the greatest ballet performances in Denmark. Hermans, Tivoli Friheden Skovbrynet 1 6-7 September 15.00-16.30 DKK 200 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk. Aarhus Festival in collaboration with The Royal Danish Theatre/ The Royal Danish Ballet. ­ Supported by The Stibo-Foun dation, Augustinus F­ onden and Beckett-Fonden Accessible by wheelchair

Architecture Festival

1:1 1:1 is the name of the part of Aarhus Festival concerned with architecture and urban space. During the previous years’ festivals, the city has been transformed, for example with a forest on the central city square, new green areas, and a bridge crossing one of the most busy roads. Once again, Aarhus Festival asks the question: ‘What if…?’: What if both cars and vulnerable road users could move safely and share the urban space? What if the square in front of the train station could be a square for people and not just for cars? What if the urban space inspired ­conversation with fellow citizens? We want to contribute with tangible projects that bring urban d ­ evelopment up for discussion.

THE PLAZA Today, Banegårdspladsen (the square in front of the train station) is more like a road than a town square, but we intend to change that during the Festival. We transform Banegårdspladsen into a place for humans rather than a place for cars. The aim is to create a cohesive, inviting square with a calm feel; a place to relax and enjoy oneself. The homogeneous surface is interrupted by refreshing shapes and colours. Through this temporary reorganisation, the Festival is trying out an initiative intended to improve the quality

29 August-7 September unless otherwise noted Events and exhibitions in 1:1 are free unless otherwise noted 1:1 is supported by Spare­kassen Kronjylland and The Danish Arts Foundation Events and exhibitions in 1:1 are ­accessible by wheelchair unless otherwise noted

of the urban space. The architects Schønherr have transformed Banegårdspladsen into ‘The Plaza’. Banegårdspladsen (the square in front of the train station) Aarhus Festival and Schønherr in cooperation with Malmos A/S Anlægsgartnere, Johs. Sørensen & Sønner A/S, HUJ A/S, TH-Gruppen, Byggestyring ApS and Niras A/S. Supported by Nordea-fonden and Magistratsafdelingen for Børn og Unge i Aarhus Kommune


Architecture Festival

JIM WHITE: SCRAP SCULPTURES Jim White is constantly looking for beautiful new fragments and collecting things that catch his attention, and they often end up as pieces in his work. After collecting a bunch of material, he feels his way, putting together elements in different formations until it suddenly looks right and he has created a shape that he finds compelling. In the spring, White visited Aarhus where he collected scrap and turned it into his curious sculptures, which can be seen during this year’s Festival. See aarhusfestival.com

SØREN LYNGBYE: LIGHT FIGURES After dark, the light figures by artist Søren Lyngbye decorate the wall across Concert Hall Aarhus. The shapes are simple, but the colours vibrate and flash in all the colours of the rainbow. The figures are inspired by rock carvings and the Danish artist Asger Jorn.

PLAY THE STRINGS ‘Play the Strings’ is a big musical instrument that lets you play 30 strings on the facade of Concert Hall Aarhus. The installation is created by students from Aarhus School of Architecture. Students of The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, contribute with a surprising and fascinating soundscape, which unfolds as the audi­ence play.

Skovgaardsgade Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Aarhus School of Architecture – M.A.D. Studio, The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and Spant Studio

THE TUBE Former students of Design School Kolding have created The Tube, which consists of seven specially designed containers, each of them showcasing a new product, installation or experience that has an artistic dimension as well as commercial potential.

Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3 29 August-6 September 21.00-24.00 Supported by Aarhus Festival


SAME M.A.D. Studio, students from Aarhus School of Architecture, has created the mirror-installation called ‘SAME’, which can be experienced at the stairs between Concert Hall Aarhus and Scandinavian Congress Centre. Thomas Jensens Allé Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Aarhus School of Archi tecture – M.A.D. Studio, Give Stålspær A/S, Jakob Tømrer firma A/S, ALECTIA A/S Partially accessible by ­ wheelchair

Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3 Design School Kolding. ­ Designers: Alexander Muchen- berger, Charlotte Bodil Her mansen, Chris Petter Spilde, Osmund Olsen, Rosa Tolnov Clausen, Sidsel S ­ øren­sen and Signe Mårbjerg Thomsen Partially accessible by wheelchair

Architecture Festival

THE SOFA EXPERIENCE ‘The Sofa Experience’ is an experiment by the ­architects Schønherr. The sofa is a specially designed piece of urban furniture created to function as a gathering place where you can take a rest, spend time with your friends, or share stories with the person sitting next to you. The casual shape of the sofa creates the opportunity to get into conversation with people you would not have met otherwise. Here, people of all sorts gather, creating the opportunity for new friendships to form.

After the Festival, ‘The Sofa Experience’ will travel to cities in other countries where it will continue to bring people together. The journey can be followed on social media, where you can upload pictures with #sofaexp, and will result in a film that is to be shown at the Festival in 2015, when the sofa returns home to Aarhus. The wedges are made of a sustainable material and can be transported in a single container to minimize the impact on the environment as much as possible. Store Torv Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Schønherr and Flexys. Donated by The Tuborg Foundation

The sofa is created by elements shaped like wedges called ‘Piece’, which can be combined in countless ways, creating a piece of furniture, a sculpture, or a scenic element – or all of these at once.

Share your ‘Sofa Experience’ on Instagram: ­#sofaexp


Architecture Festival

THE CENTRAL PARK In The Central Park, you can relax by taking a walk on the promenade and a break in the grass. The park stands out as a breathing space in the city where you can escape the stress of everyday life, see and experience beautiful and funny things, and meet other people. The Central Park unites the park by City Hall and the park by Concert Hall Aarhus, while still allowing cars to drive through at low speed.

LIGHT SPOTS After dark, the Festival once again sheds light on the city, a recurring event. Light installations show central locations in a new way and highlight overlooked spots in the centre of Aarhus. This year, Festival guests can influence the expression of the light at certain spots through interactive light solutions.

Shared space forms the basis of the park, creating an attractive green urban space with room for both relaxation and traffic. Architect Kristine Jensens Tegnestue has created The Central Park. Musikhusparken/Rådhusparken Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Kristine Jensens Tegnestue and Buus Anlægsgartner A/S Supported by Magistratsafdelingen for Børn og Unge, Aarhus Kommune Partially accessible by wheelchair

ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION In cooperation with the Danish Architects’ Association, Aarhus Festival is organising an architecture competition with a prize of 25.000 kr. and a realisation of the winning project at next year’s Festival. The competition terms and conditions will be announced at this year’s Festival. OPEN PRACTICE During the Festival, some of the city’s best architects invite the public into their practices. Find out more at aarhusfestival.com.

You can see the light installations in the courtyard of FO-Aarhus (Vester Allé 8), Banegårdspladsen, the park by Concert Hall Aarhus, the stairs between Concert Hall Aarhus and Scandinavian Congress Centre, and Ceres­parken 29 August-6 September 21.00-24.00 Aarhus Festival in cooperation with ProShop Europe. Supported by FO-Aarhus, A. Enggaard, Århus Stifts­tidende and Sparekassen Kronjylland Partially accessible by wheelchair

ARCHITECT’S FAVOURITES BY BICYCLE Cycling Aarhus guides you through the city, passing architect Lars Juel Thiis’ architectural favourites and telling you about the remarkable and often ignored buildings. Departure: Frederiksgade 78 See aarhusfestival.com DKK 150 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Lars Juel Thiis and Cycling Aarhus

MOBY DICK (VARIATIONS) Are the houses full of music, does Led Zeppelin live in the bricks and does the urban space swing? Aarhus Festival’s American cousin Jim White explores this in the company of students from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Armed with drum sticks, they cycle from house to house transforming stones, iron and bikes into different versions of the legendary Led Zeppelin piece ‘Moby Dick’. Join the ride, which sets off from ‘The Plaza’ by the train station. Banegårdspladsen See aarhusfestival.com


Architecture Festival ­ immermann explore actions and movements of Z people inside a park and its given structures. The project questions social codes and behaviours of relaxation and rest. Red shining viewers are installed in the landscape. Stereoscopic viewers, a kind of telescope, give an insight into a different reality – a territory of new perspectives. The spectator encounters different approaches to human bodies that gather in a park, mark a territory, or occupy a green area in the middle of the city of Aarhus. ‘roaring matters’ proposes a community freed from its humanity. The Central Park (Rådhuspladsen 2) 29 August-7 September 12.00-21.30 Free Aarhus Festival. Supported by City of Salzburg, Austrian Federal Chancellery, The Danish Arts Foundation and the Austrian Embassy in Copenhagen Partially accessible by wheelchair

A park, a public area dedicated to relaxation, rest, and leisure, determines the setting for the visual installation ‘roaring matters’. The performance artists Lisa Hinterreithner and Rotraud­Kern and the visual artist Daniel

LYD&RUM: CONVERSION OF ATLAS Lyd&Rum (Sound&Space) is a production community based at B//Huset by Godsbanen. Lyd&Rum presents a transformative architectural scenography at the event Ujazz. Using flexible seating areas, illuminated spaces, and light signs, Lyd&Rum creates interplay between the sound, the room, and the people, resulting in an atmospheric audience experience at the venue Atlas.

DER LIEBE BISP The Festival tent ‘Der Liebe Bisp’ and the area around it come across as a ‘stylised mountain area’ that changes expression through the day and night as shadows and light vary. The tent creates an atmospheric setting for its guests while at the same time interacting with the urban space and Festival life outside.

Atlas, Vester Allé 15 5 september 15.00-00.00 Requires ticket for Ujazz, see page 8 Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Lyd&Rum


Der Liebe Bisp creates a festive South German atmosphere with musical entertainment, beer and authentic food from the region with their own Bishop-sausage, leberkässemmel, schweinshaxe, sauerkraut and other delicacies. Bispetorvet See the programme on aarhusfestival.com Der Liebe Bisp. Design by AART architects


Comedy It is said that laughter is life-sustaining, so nurse your health and have a good laugh during the festival. Everyday life is full of seriousness, but humour can make the hard things easier. We recognize ourselves, our peculiarities, and our sometimes foolish behaviour, and laughing at these together is liberating. The ambitions are high and the quality is impeccable when international comedians perform at Aarhus Festival.

DANA ALEXANDER: FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Dana Alexander’s comedic style is refreshing, and she has a unique ability to see the insanity in our everyday lives and bring fresh perspectives to familiar subjects such as family, sex and culture. Her down-to-earth personality and world sensibility have endeared her to a wide variety of audiences all over the world, from Asia to Africa, and from North America to Europe. She has performed on CTV’s ‘Comedy Now’, CBC’s ‘Halifax Comedy Festival’, and BBC’s ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’. Age limit: 18+ 2 September 20.00-21.00 and 3 September 20.00-21.00

ZOE LYONS: MUSTARD CUTTER The unpretentious and brilliantly funny Zoe Lyons is a familiar face on TV, with credits including ‘Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow’, ‘Dave’s One Night Stand’, and ‘Mock the Week’. As well as headlining clubs across the UK circuit, Zoe has also performed extensively abroad, including in Australia and New Zealand, at the 2014 Altitude Festival in Austria, and now also at Aarhus Festival. She will perform her brand new show, in which with great energy and sharp observations she covers everything from pan pipes to the price of lobster. Age limit: 16+ 3 September 21.30-22.30 and 4 September 20.00-21.00


Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Margrethepladsen 1 2-6 September DKK 100 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival and Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus Accessible by wheelchair Language: English

ABIGOLIAH SCHAMAUN: IT’S PRONOUNCED ABIGOLIAH SCHAMAUN For the frank comedian Abigoliah Schamaun, based in New York City, no subject is off-limits, and she will easily challenge one or two taboos. Her autobiographical style is often truly shocking but also very engaging. It’s therefore no surprise that she was named in the Top 5 up-and-coming female comedians at the 2014 Glasgow Comedy Festival. Abigoliah has an extensive background in theatre and improvisation, which is obvious in her deft timing when delivering her stories. Age limit: 16+ 5 September 20.00-21.00 and 6 September 20.00-21.00

International Night Cabaret

Moulin de Paris

Flexible dancers, neck-breaking acrobats, amazing magic, and splendid comedy. Since 1997 the Night Cabaret has been a recurring highlight of the Festival, and this year the show will be even more spectacular. During Aarhus Festival, Herman’s, the beautiful culture and theatre house in Tivoli Friheden, will be transformed into a night club where you can experience the Night Cabaret’s Paris show, which is an exceptional variety show inspired by the great Moulin Rouge, Lido Paris, and César Palace Paris. To make the atmosphere just right, attractive and terrific dancers from Paris have been hired especially for the occasion, as well as international comedians and top-level artists. There will be both can-can and rock’n’roll, plus acts where the dancers wear flashy feather costumes and acts with topless dancers, as in the night clubs in Paris. Stéphane-Gilles Guichard, leading musical and cabaret singer from France, is the host and will present, besides the dancers, a range of international comedians and top artists, including Men in Coats, Hélène Kolessnikow, Les Beaux Fréres, and Michael Deutsch. The acclaimed Restaurant Terrassen is ready to serve you a delicious three-course gala menu to enjoy in the theatre before the show starts.


Hermans, Tivoli Friheden, Skovbrynet 1 30 August-6 September 19.00-23.00. Doors at 18.30 DKK 295-695 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival. Thanks to Tivoli Friheden and Hotel Sabro Kro Accessible by wheelchair


Food Festival

From 5 to 7 September, a gastronomic world filled with Nordic food will be open at Food Festival. Inspiring and innovative chefs and organizations will present their specialties. Let your senses be carried away when you enjoy tasteful, creative, Nordic-inspired food. Your taste buds will love the sensation of the many delicacies that the Festival site has to offer. Among others, you can experience the chefs Claus Meyer, Thorsten Schmidt, Kenneth Hansen, Paul Cunningham, Søren Gericke, Jeppe Foldager, Adam Aaman, and chefs from River Cottage in England. At the gastro stage, some of them will present workshops and give talks, while others participate in the Danish Hot Dog Championship. For more information visit foodfestival.dk.


Tangkrogen, Marselisborg Havnevej 2 5 September 13.00-20.00 6 September 10.00-19.00 7 September 10.00-17.00 DKK 75-200 via foodfestival.dk Food Festival is organised by Food Organisation of Denmark, in collaboration with Aarhus Festival, Arla, Danish Crown, Ministry of Business and growth ­ Denmark, Ministry of Food Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark, Danmarks Fiske- handlere, Team Gastronomi Danmark, Aarhus Kommune, Central Denmark R ­ egion, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, AB Catering, Økologisk landsforening, FFI and Aarhus University Accessible by wheelchair


THE FESTIVAL GRILL As in previous years, the courtyard of the FO-city (a meeting and conference centre in the middle of Aarhus) will be the setting for the Festival grill. Cheerful and uncomplicated, it offers delicious food for the entire family. Every night, DJ Ulrich Reimann will perform to make the atmosphere just right.

FORETASTE AT STREET LEVEL Experience a different restaurant visit as you get the chance to tour seven acclaimed Aarhus eateries in a single evening. You put together your own menu and decide whether the dessert should be the first or last course. Being some of the best restaurants in the city, the quality is impeccable, and great culinary experiences await. It is up to you whether you want to visit all the restaurants or just one. At each restaurant you are served a dish, and a beer from Jacobsen or a glass of wine (restaurant’s choice) for 100 kr. You cannot buy a ticket or reserve a table – you just have to show up between 17.00 and 22.00. The restaurants are TGV, Banegårdspladsen, Klassisk Fisk, Vin & Østers bar, Nørregade, Langhoff & Juul (the wine cellar), Guld­smedegade, VinCaféen, Borggade, CANblau, ­Klosterport, Pondus, Åboulevarden and The Festival Grill, Vester Allé.

Taste the festival burger, the festival meal of the day for lunch and dinner, draught Carlsberg beer and many other delicacies. Courtyard of the FO-city, Vester Allé 8 30 August-6 September 12.00-21.00 DKK 65-250 Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Mefisto, FO-Aarhus, IKEA Aarhus and Weber-Stephen Nordic. Thanks to Ældre Sagen Aarhus Accessible by wheelchair

4.-6 September 17.00-22.00 DKK 100. Sold at the participating restaurants the same day Aarhus Festival in cooperation with the participating restaurants Contact the individual restaurant for information on wheelchair accessibility AARHUS FESTBIER 2014 Once again, Carlsberg’s exclusive label Jacobsen has created a Festival beer. Jacobsen’s master brewer Morten Ibsen has worked with his German colleague Wolfgang Lindell to ensure the making of a meister-­ bier. The beer is inspired by the German festbier, typically of the Wiener style, and the malt is from Bayern and Bøhmen. The taste is close to last year’s Festival beer, but in line with the theme ‘Same but different’, the beer is fermented at a higher temperature using a different yeast, which results in a slight taste of anise. In addition, the water is ‘Aarhusified’ – that is, salts and minerals are added to make the water resemble that of Aarhus. Aarhus Festbier can be bought in Salling Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, and selected stores. You can also taste Aarhus Festbier at The Festival Grill.


Children During the Festival you can experience a number of family-friendly activities. Read about a few of the ­activities below and keep up to date on more events for children at aarhusfestival.com. FAMILY SUNDAY As has become the tradition, the end of Aarhus Festival is celebrated in the amusement park, Tivoli Friheden, where ‘Family Sunday’ invites the whole family to a day of family-friendly activities, fun and entertainment. There will be clowns, circus performers, juggling and music. Among other things, children will be entertained by the show ‘Kalle’s Denmark Tour’. Kalle is a character from a programme on Denmark’s most popular children’s channel, Ramasjang. Kalle finds music in everything around him, and the children love it. Tivoli Friheden, Skovbrynet 5 7 September 12.00-17.00 Entry ticket to Tivoli Friheden or season pass. Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Tivoli Friheden. Supported by Magistratsafdelingen for Børn og Unge, Aarhus Kommune Accessible by wheelchair

RACHEL DAVIES: THE LIGHT GARDEN ‘The Light Garden’ is an interactive video installation for children aged 18 months to 4 years, which uses projection, shadows, light and sound to create a fascinating and stimulating experience for toddlers. Equipped with little torches and guided by a dancing bug, the children explore a magical camping scene from dawn till dusk.

ZIRKUS NEMO TIVOLI Zirkus Nemo Tivoli is a small funfair with beautiful, nostalgic rides and attractions gathered from all over Europe. Lots of fun for the whole family.

There are animated ladybirds, the children can make shapes on the walls with their torches, and by pressing two large padded switches they can control the weather and make a storm. Once it has passed they can splash in the puddles and finish the whole experience by dancing in the light of a mesmerising full moon.

Officerspladsen, Vester Allé 3 in front of ARoS 29 August and 5 September 12.00-18.00. 30-31 August and 6-7 September 11.00-18.30 1 -4 September 12.00-17.00 Zirkus Nemo Tivoli by Søren Østergaard Not accessible by wheelchair

Filuren, Concert Hall Aarhus, Thomas Jensens Allé 30 August-2 September 10.00-10.25, 11.00-11.25, 12.00-12.25, 14.00-14.25, 15.00-15.25, 16.00-16.25 DKK 50 via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk Aarhus Festival in cooperation with Filuren. Supported by Magistratsafdelingen for Børn og Unge, Aarhus Kommune and The Danish Arts Foundation Accessible by wheelchair


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INSTAGRAM Aarhus Festival’s beautiful ­ pictures from the city and events during the Festival are posted on @aarhusfestuge, or for 13–17-year-olds @smellsliketeensdk. Share your Festival pictures using #aarhusfestuge.

APP The app provides you with an overview of this year’s programme and the opportunity to put together your own personal Festival programme. Find out what is going on close to you and read the latest news. Download the app for iPhone or Android from App Store or Google Play. The app is developed by Trifork and designed by Duckwise.

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Thanks to Aarhus Festival’s business network: AART architects, ALECTIA, Billetten, Danske Bank, d60, Handelsbanken, LETT, NIRAS, Vindenergi Danmark and Aarhus Taxa




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1. Amfiscenen 2. Arkitektskolen Aarhus 3. ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum 4. Bora Bora, HeadQuarters 5. Banegårdspladsen / Pladsen 6. Centralparken 7. Ceresparken 8. Festugegrillerier, FO-byen 9. Godsbanen 10. Kunsthal Aarhus 11. Lille Torv, Aarhus Festuges Infocenter 12. Mindeparken



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13. Musikhuset Aarhus 14. Radisson Blu Scandinavian Hotel, Aarhus 15. Ridehuset 16. Rådhuset 17. Store Torv 18. Tangkrogen 19. Tivoli Friheden, Hermans 20. Train 21. VoxHall, Atlas 22. Øst for Paradis 23. Aarhus Teater 24. Åboulevarden 82


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MUSIKTELTE A. CANblau Scenen B. Der Liebe Bisp C. Det Turkise Telt D. Hos Anders E. Jazz- og Folkteltet F. Livemusik på Jacob’s BarBQ G. Pustervig Torv

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Aarhus Festival 2014: Highlights  

24 pages of Festival highlights. Visit aarhusfestival.com and explore the full programme.

Aarhus Festival 2014: Highlights  

24 pages of Festival highlights. Visit aarhusfestival.com and explore the full programme.