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free IMPROVISAtIon the great game of sonıc Roamıng

workshop guıded by JOSEP LLUís galiana

21-22 th OCTobeR’17

workshop guided by Josep Lluís Galiana

free improvisation the big game of sonic roaming

Introduction to the essentials of free musical improvisation. Development of creativity and expressiveness and the manifestation of our emotions, sensitivity and intuition by creating improvised sound situations. · Guided by: Josep Lluis Galliana · Dates: 21-22 de octubre, 2017 · Duration: 10 h (8 practical + 2 hours performing) · Schedule: Saturday: 10-14h / 16-18h; Sunday: 10-14h · Target group: specially for professional and amateur musicians, but also for any other people interested in sonic knowledge. · Fee: 20 € · Acomodation: Las Navelas, rural houses, 20€ per person and night. ( · Place: Mucab and streets of Blanca. · Subscriptions at: · Deadline: 8th October · Participants: maximum 30 people. · Organized by: AADK Spain · Founded by: Fundación Daniel & Nina Carasso. · Coordinated by: Selu Herraiz · Collaborates: Intonarumori, Asociación Murciana de Música Experimental. · Essential to provide instrument, be it musical, body, texts, sound objects ...

Content / Program:

free improvisation the big game of sonic roaming

They will be introduced some of the essential elements that make up free musical improvisation, on both an individual level, as duos, trios, and quartets – as well as on a collective level: · Free improvisation as a creative process and not an artistic product. · Free improvisation as music of participation and collective authorship. · Sound as the only guiding vehicle within the improvisational creative process. · Appreciation of free improvisation. · Perception of silence as sound and music. · The sense of space, the public, and permeability in the creative process. · Decision-making, memory, and the selection of materials within free improvisation. · Strategy and hierarchy within a group of improvisers, and how this influences the resultant sound. Also, the development of different structures.. · The background of the free improviser. · Instrumental technique in free improvisation. · Learning improvisational technique. · The development of structured improvisations, with musical direction via a vocabulary of signals and gestures

Global Goal: To ultimately conclude with the creation of a sound work built from the elements, content, and objectives achieved through the duration of the workshop.

About the Author: Goals: The workshop proposes the construction of sound situations based on free improvisation, identifying and working on the essential elements of this way of making music. The approach of the workshop is entirely practical. Beginning with examples and exercises, the participants construct totally new and unpredictable sound situations, becoming ever familiar with attentive listening, the value of silence, the tuning, the pulsation and permeability of a creative process, within which the sound itself is the only thing that guides the improvisers in their own personal sound drift. This workshop also works on self-knowledge through creativity and expression, which helps us to communicate our emotions, sensitivity, and intuition. Participants will develop attitudes and skills such as listening, concentration, co-operation, trust, respect, commitment, responsibility, discipline, interaction, empathy, decision-making, a sense of playfulness, spontaneity, melodic exploration, rhythm and timbre, memory, generosity, solidarity, sincerity, the overcoming of fear, and the exchange of experience.

The saxophonist, improviser, writer, and editor Josep Lluís Galiana began his artistic career in the 1980s, as a founding member of several contemporary instrumental ensemble, jazz groups and popular music acts. Having obtained a Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and been titled Upper Saxophone by the Conservatory of Music in Valencia, he has taught at various Conservatories like the Superior de Castellón and the Profesionales de Valencia, Cullera, and Catarroja, besides conducting numerous courses and workshops on free improvisation in Argentina, Greece, Sweden, and Spain. He has published the essential ‘Derivative Quartet’ test, free improvisation and drift theory in the construction of sound situations by a group of improvisers, and the compilations of his musical writings: La emoción Sonora and Escritos desde la intimidad (EdictOràlia, 2016). His musical works have premiered and been performed at major festivals in Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA, China, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Cuba. With over a hundred compositions, training catalogues, and record references, Galiana has recorded for Classic-RTVE Canal, RNE-Radio Classical, Radio 3, and for the labels Marmita-Musica Viva, Artics Productions, AMEE, Desamparats Productions, Sound In, PrimTON Berlin, Luscinia Records, Clamshell Records / Sounds, Cilestis, RIR, Alina Records, all dedicated to improvised music. More information available on the official website of Josep Lluís Galiana

About AADK

AADK Spain

free improvisation the big game of sonic roaming

[International platform of research and contemporary creation]

AADK Spain is an international artistic platform that creates a space for research and contemporary creation. Focused on process and experimentation, its main interest is to explore the notions of body, spatiality and territory. In legal terms, AADK is a non-profit cultural association.

Team 2017

In 2006, AADK (Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur), a network of artists residing in Berlin, was founded to unite and develop artistic and curatorial projects. They invade and transform spaces that go from unused places to institutions dedicated to art. They establish new relationships between curatorship, creation and reception, and generate experiences that shift the margins of artistic practices.

Abraham Hurtado Artistic Director Elena Azzedín Residency Program Director Selu Herraiz AADK Lab Director Juan Conesa Head of Production Daniel Hernández Communication Rubén Martínez Assistant of Production Klara Menzel Cultural Management Harry Bullen Assistant of Communication Merve Özcan Visual Design

As a continuation of this project, Abraham Hurtado founded AADK Spain in 2012 and settled in Centro Negra (Blanca-Murcia) to work from a rural environme nt - from local to global. Throughout these years, different programs were created and established, such as the Residency Program, Interventions, Contemporary Practices, AAADK Sonora,Cartographies, or AADK Radio. AADK Spain also work in close collaboration with other artistic and cultural spaces, this allows them to promote the mobility and exchange for our visiting artists and their art-work at the national and international levels.

About the place Blanca has a population of 6000 inhabitants, located in the Valle de Ricote (Murcia, Spain) and crossed by the river Segura. The place is of marked scenic value, surrounded by mountains and orchards of lemon trees. Centro Negra is nestled in the cradle of a mountain on the former site of a 12th century Moorish Castle in the old town, only accessible by foot. A collection of poultry yard built in the beginning of the 20th century are integrated into the present building: a minimalist space that preserves in its structure the walls of the mountain. facebook twitter

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Accomodation: The participants of the workshop will be hosted in a shared house of Las Navelas, a complex of rural houses situated in a corner of the valley and surrounded by mediterranean pine trees. Full equiped with private kitchen, toilet and shower and direct access to the swimming area.

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Useful info: How to get to Centro Negra: International Airport ALICANTE (Spain) 45 min distance to Murcia by Bus ( Train from MADRID (Spain) 4 hours distance to Murcia ( Bus from Murcia/ Blanca No 42 ( Postal Address: AADK Centro Negra Calle del Castillo, 30 30540 Blanca, Murcia Spain.

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Sonora Galiana's Workshop Oct'17 ENGLISH  
Sonora Galiana's Workshop Oct'17 ENGLISH