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Open Studios artists in residence AADK SPAIN On July 29th 2017 AADK Spain invites the public to explore the work of the artists in residence.

centro negra


(c) Sunny Yanyi Jiang

Renata Berta (Rosario) y Joaquín Gómez (Tierra de Fuego) As partners, they form a team of exploration about different edges of the architecture as a discipline In AADK Spain, Centro Negra, they research about the vernacular architecture and they articulate, through formal poetics, the relationship or equilibrium and interdependency of the old and new materials, as well as the construction methods before and after the industrial era. During this month, they rehearsed a series of pieces which are evidence of the temporal and socio-geographical relations of self-construction.

Renata Berta is a professor at FAPyD, UNR. From 2014 to 2016, she was part of the

coordination team of the Culture Space DosCuartos, where they performed different artistic and cultural activities. She is also part of the independent cultural movement Matéricos Periféricos, which aims to promote emerging Latin American architectures and is an architect of the Municipal Court of Accounts in Rosario. She is a graduate of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes of the ministry of culture of the Ministry of Culture, Argentina, and is currently working on a research project linked to the work of architect Toni Girones, in Barcelona, and on various other architectural styles of Spain.

Joaquín Gómez Hernández, is a professor at the FAPyD, UNR, where he develops projects

The temporality and fragility of the architecture, ostensibly solid and durable, contains a literal statement and a metaphor extendable to many other fields of life.

of social housing and urbanizations of public interest with the students. Between the years 2011 and 2015, he was part of the coordination team of the Free Faculty of Rosario, an independent and self-managed space that tries pedagogical dynamics that interweave popular and academic knowledge. Since May 2017, he is coordinator of the Human Rights Area of the ​​ Extension Secretariat of the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design, as he works visually around poetics in the order of everyday objects and actions. He also participated in different individual and collective exhibitions in galleries and public spaces of the city of Rosario.

(c) Renata Berta y Joaquín Gómez

(c) Renata Berta y Joaquín Gómez

This artwork is an almost archeological path of search and selection of element, classified by their matter, their time, and their size to reorganize them in three pieces which display relations of affinity and contraposition in a poetic way.

Sessa Englund (Gothenburg/New York)

Sunny Yanyi Jiang (Zhejiang /Brussels)

During her month at AADK, Sessa has examined the space through the use of materials with an open and experimental focus, establishing a dialogue between the actions and the materiality.

For her residency at AADK Spain in 2017, Sunny is investigating women’s expressions through materials found or used in local crafts, notably grass, textile, and clay. She wishes to establish a relationship between the social landscape in Blanca and women’s shared life experiences, such as pregnancy, manual labor, confined space, and death. Her project is an ongoing collection and fabrication of elements that bounce between creation and repetition, between nature and architecture, between privacy and publicity. Altogether, she aims to assemble a “library” of arranged objects and symbols which can converse and argue with each other, though in a silent manner.

Sessa presents a series of installations with the common element of suspension, such as the group of anthropomorphic sculptures inspired in the nordic mythology that hang from the rock. On the floor, smaller room-like installations house two core elements that talk about a local past: a basic design chair, long time unused and found in the surroundings, and an industrial jersey with an attached patch of wool worked in a crafty manner. Her works talk about the fragile balance between the “ways of doing” of two different time periods that still coexist.

Sessa Englund is a Swedish artist, who currently lives and works in New York City, USA and

Gothenburg, Sweden. Her practice encompasses sculpture, design, and curating. She is the co-founder and co-curator of Disclaimer Gallery, and the Cura (projects) series. Sessa has a Bachelors of Fine arts from the School of Art+Design. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Recent exhibitions include: The MoCA Denver, Transmitter Gallery, Satellite Art Fair, Miami Art Basel. Her work has been written about and published in New York Times, i-D, Floorr Magazine, Hyperallergic, Whitehot Magazine and Posture Magazine.

Sunny Yanyi Jiang is a visual artist living in Brussels, Belgium. She was born in Zhejiang, China in 1993. She received her B.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Rochester, USA, and her MFA in Painting with a mention in artistic research from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels-La Cambre in Belgium. While Sunny works primarily in painting and performance, her practice is multifarious and often includes textile, installation, and works on paper. She is the artist-in-residence in the Old School Residency program in Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria (2015), and in Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing, China (2016).

Special thanks to Lisa Marie Ludwig, Dennis Fisher, and Västragötalandslän Kulturnämnden, for their support and patronage

(c) Sessa Englund

(c) Sunny Yanyi Jiang

Teodora Zamfirescu (Transylvania/Vancouver) Exploring the intimate relationship of the physical and social landscape. During her residency with AADK/Centro Negra, Teodora explored landscape--as a physical as well as a social concept--and the possibilities of drawing as a medium. Two bodies of research evolved. One, a physical landscape is an intimate and literal connection to the land and geological shapes, allowing her to translate the medium of drawing from two- to three dimensions. The second one, a social landscape, is a collaborative audio-visual piece in which she worked with a group of local teenagers to create a narrative portrait of the place

Teodora Zamfirescu was born in Transylvania and since relocating various times around the

globe, Teodora Zamfirescu currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Her childhood spent in the eastern block dictatorship influenced the way in which she understands the world. She points to the exchange between intimate moments and collective experiences as a source of inspiration. She works in different media, from drawing, to installation, to video work and object making. She remains a big supporter of collaborations, public space installations and ad-hoc processes.

open call autumn/winter 2017 Artists in residence The Residency program The Residency program is a space for experimentation and dialogue where the artists are confronted with their ideas and find the deeper meaning of their work. Process-based and focused, we challenge the artists to experiment and take risks, sharing their doubts, and trials. We invite residents to work at the intersection of art, social sciences, and local communities. Connecting the topics with the context, AADK Spain supports cultural decentralization and access to contemporary art in the rural areas, considering the town of Blanca and its surroundings as an integral frame where to intervene. Committed to a direct, engaged, hands-on approach, we are interested in facilitating research and knowledge building about how rural environments can move forward in the current era of mass urbanization, from social, economic, and environmental perspective. We believe in the importance of process and experimentation, resisting the violence of fast time, and in connecting the rural and the urban, the local and global. By facilitating encounters between visiting artists, the landscape, and local communities, AADK Spain offers an unparalleled opportunity for thinking together in a time of globalization and crisis. The purpose of the residency program is to improve the artist’s work, as well as experiencing the co-living in a temporary community – a core of which is the knowledge exchange and the mutual caring. We are currently seeking artists and researchers for the next round of residencies, which lasts from 1 to 6 months, between September and December 2017.

(c) Teodora Zamfirescu

AADK Spain

We support our visiting artists by providing: curatorial and organizational support; facilitating open dialogue through organizing critiques, guest visits, seminars, and workshops; basic tools, supplies, and technical equipment; communication structures in the form of promotions; connecting artists to other art institutions nationally and internationally.

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CONVOCATORIA To apply for the Residency Program, two years of professional experience is required. Please send an email to, asking for the application form. Then send residency proposals including: the completed application form, research proposal -including motivation and expectations from the residency- (maximum length of 1000 words), a short biography of maximum 250 words, and a resume in PDF form. Deadline: 15th August 2017 The selection process will take place between the 15th to the 20th of August 2017 The projects will be selected by a committee composed by members of AADK platform.

Team 2017

Abraham Hurtado Artistic Director Elena Azzedín Residency Program Director Selu Herraiz AADK Lab Director Rubén Molina Production & Spaces Coordinator Daniel Hernández Communication Klara Menzel Cultural Management

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Renata Berta’s support

The lamateur theatre group from Blanca “Las Atrevidas” collaborating with Anders Bigum and Troels Primdahl, in their audiovisual project, artists in residence Centro Negra/AADK Spain 2016.


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Open Studios July 2017 AADK Spain ENGLISH  
Open Studios July 2017 AADK Spain ENGLISH