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Open Studios artists in residence AADK SPAIN

Next Saturday, August 26th, at 9:30 p.m., AADK opens Centro Negra to the public to show the research processes of the artists in residence.

centro negra


The amateur theatre group from Blanca “Las Atrevidas” (c) Juliana España Keller

Open studios At 9.30 pm, Centro Negra opens its doors to share the processes of the artists in residence of this month: Miguel Aparicio (Granada/Madrid), Marynes Ă vila (Buenos Aires/Melbourne), Juliana EspaĂąa Keller (Montreal/Melbourne)

Miguel aparicio (granada/madrid) Miguel Aparicio conducts an investigation focused on sound. He takes field recordings and thereby discovers Blanca’s strong sound identity. Playing with these original sounds he makes compositions processing and interfering with sound data. Miguel transforms these sounds by assembling, programming, and incorporating algorithms and random reproductions of parts. He also introduces material elements outside the sound system that burst into the sound circuit.

(c) Miguel Aparicio

For the end of his residence he presents in Centro Negra a surround sound installation and a series of interventions in commercial spaces of the town, installing small sound systems and reproducing compositions of natural sounds of the surroundings as sound track of the shops. These interventions aim to generate an estrangement through the relocation of the sound landscape and urges us to think about active listening and sound consumption. Locations of the sound installation:: Friday August 25th and Saturday August 26th La Peña Negra Charter Supermarket, from 7pm to 9pm Heladería Blanca, from 8h to 10h Heladería Paco, from 9h to 11h Supermarket Día, from 7pm to 9pm Kevin Food, from 9pm to 11pm Bar Loba, from 9pm to 10pm Supermarket Sandy, from 7pm to 9pm Tobacco Jesus, from 7pm to 9pm Conchi Vegetables, from 7pm to 9pm Ferretería Gran Vía, from 7pm to 9pm

(c) Renata Berta y(c)Joaquín Miguel Gómez Aparicio

Miguel Aparicio is an audiovisual director and sound artist. Born in Granada in 1973,

he started as a child taking pictures and developing them at home. He studies in Seville audiovisual communication and starts making his first films. In 1998, he moved to Barcelona with a scholarship from the Junta de Andalucía. There he completed two Masters, one in Documentary Creation and another one in Electroacoustic Composition. In his work, he breaks down the elements in an analytical way, as if he were opening a toy to see how it works. From his perspective, the components of cinema are: memory, attention, word, sound, image and time. Currently living in Madrid, his works have been exhibited at Musac from León, Artium, Arteleku, Sitges Film Festival, Malaga Spanish Film Festival, Injuve Audiovisual Arts Prize, Carmen Thyssen Malaga Museum, Canal +, Spanish Version Short Film Contest, Spanish Film Festival Navarra, Cine Jove Festival, Alcalá de Henares Film Festival, Madrid Experimental Film Week, New York, Montevideo, Strasbourg, Santiago de Chile, Sebrenica. From sound research in his experimental film works, he has been interested in deepening into it as working material, developing sound scapes, algorithmic compositions and handmade electronic devices.

Marynes Ávila (buenos aires/Melbourne) Marynes Ávila is interested in the relational aspects with different communities and find points in common among the diversity. During her residency with AADK, Marynes develops two pieces in different formats. On one hand, she makes a video-loop of photographies, with a constructivist composition, which puts in value the architecture as part of the identity of the place. On the other hand, continuing with her research about “the multiples”· she develops an installation composed by the repetition of an element made into a “unity”, with this pieces she underlines the common values of a culture which is as diverse in identity as Spain.

(c) Marynes Ávila

Marynes Ávila is an Argentinean born, Melbourne based, multidisciplinary artist who creates

work that specifically responds to site and community by implementing the use of multiples as “data connectors” in the public realm. Marynes’ work emerges from a tension between the organic and the mass produced, always coming back to the idea of multiples as an analogy of people and the human condition. Redefining the object and its symbolism, Marynes utilizes repetition to establish powerful and poetic narratives by elevating natural, manmade or found objects into art. The artist draws upon multiplicity as an allegory of human cognition and psychological processes, to encourage critical thinking and reflective engagement. The artist has been the recipient of numerous art awards and has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and overseas. Avila has held 15 solo shows, participated in over 52 group exhibitions, completed 26 public art commissions, and has been selected to undertake numerous national and international artist’s residencies.

(c) Marynes Ávila

Juliana España Keller (Montreal/melbourne) Juliana España Keller is interested in collaborative community based projects, independently, collectively, and within institutional structures globally. She created a second residency with AADK to record videoed conversations with “Las Atrevidas” in Blanca and collected audio-visual data from the kitchen of “Cuatro Esquinas” run while Rocío cooks. Her research field work in Spain focuses on a method to socially construct the relationship between action in the domestic and private sphere to public space. For the Open Studios at Centro Negra, she will be performing with Ursula Bravo and Josman Canyon in a live audio-visual installation whose narrative reflects the body as a landscape, the body as a post-human, animalistic entity.

Juliana España Keller Juliana´s sound performance work/s strive to engage the public in a

relational discourse through audio visual live-art events but can take the form of workshops, adventures, discussions and social events. She encourages people towards self-reflection and a deeper engagement with society. Her doctoral research in Melbourne, Australia reflects internal processes through which materials activate the body and the body animates material in Feminist New Materialism; to examine the social experience of working in the kitchen.

(c) Juliana España Keller

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Open Studios August 2017 AADK Spain Eng