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2006 - 2010

Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur, AADK, (2009) began as a collective and collaboration between artists Jochen Arbeit, Abraham Hurtado and Vania Rovisco, and their invited guests. Its members centered their attention on creating a structure that would be in a constant adjustment and formation. The works constructed and projected by the group of artists, shared a vision to create a platform that would support their ultimate needs but also uphold the essential working relations with others. AADK’s focral point has always been a keen interest in creating a network that is self-generative and accomodates others. A its initial base concept AADK was identified by singular projects: Backdoor (2008) - began with the desire of bringing into gallery spaces atmospheres related with nightclubing stereotypes (party, dj, ...) using happenings “activated” by the partygoers. Bridge on a Wall (2008) – a collaboration between perfroming artists Abraham Hurtado and Vania Rovisco, who clearly approach work differently, questioned the installed body, its occupation in time and space. Began presenting live installations in Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, in Berlin. Force Quit (2007) - a platform through which independent projects would be presented. Open to any artist in need of a structure, kind of freelancing structure equiped to support independent Works of both its members and guest collaborators in need of a structure. Stupid Green (2006) – a collaboration between Jochen Arbeit and Vania Rovisco. An interdisciplinary, international, Berlin based project interested in creating a platform for transporting processes, colliding music and performance. In 2010 AADK became an officially registered structure and with this its core members also extended. The former sub-structures were lost and the over all identity of an AADK projected to its growing public. Live Installations, performances, pieces, AADK press, workshops, soundscapes make up what it proposes and offers as a structure. Therefore in 2010 AADK is identified as: The art making is peculiar to each individual artist, but presentation settings and strategies of fruition hold a discursive and social interest, therefore members and guests artist come together in creating live events. The AADK Berlin GbR is an artistic network based in Berlin, branching out in Spain and Portugal. Its members (Jochen Arbeit (GR); Thierry Decottignies (FR); Abraham Hurtado (ES); Kotomi Nishiwaki (JP); Vania Rovisco (PT) and Maria F. Scaroni (IT) ) regularly present their work – performance, live installation, soundscapes, video work, literature – in Berlin, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere. AADK's anti-systematic vision, in constant adjustment and formation, is permeable to the outside of its various centers, and privileges an intuitive and critical approach to the fields it decides to visit, occupy, utilize, dissect, transform or fracture.




Espacio Prático

Schwelle 7

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Mercat dels Flors

White Rabbit Club

Nits Salvatges, La Porta

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Columbia Club

Dome Deluxe Eschschloraque

Montemoro-Velho Festival Citemor Portugal

Bratislava Nun Dance Festival

Murcia Centro Párraga

Brussels Ancienne Belgique


Parallel MANIFESTA 8

Paris Cité de la Musique


Galerie Tristesse Deluxe


Jesus Club

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Neurotitan Shop & Gallery

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Galeria Zé dos Bois


Since 2006 Berlin / Lisbon / Brussels / Jena Paradies

Stupid Green

Initially Stupid Green began as a threesome play between Jochen Arbeit (musician); Asa Frankenberg (light designer) and Vania Rovisco (performing artist) indulging in their desire to collaborate with diverse mediums as they saw fit and worthy to their call! The project was and has maintained the vision that it would invite others to partake and create in the various presentations. The collision of specific worlds, give the project one of its identifications and forms. Sadly in 2007 Asa Frankenberg left the project, whereas the other two stupidly continued the project in what has grown to an encounter with diverse mediums and engaging collaborations of the most wanted and unwanted sort. Stupid Green a project where all and nothing can happen.

Works dating from 2006 - 2010 “Sox Werker” “Silent road movie” “minimal paper cube” “an installation/performance of sound” “Conceptual California” “Orientation Frequency” “Alter Ego” “Couch series”

photos by Åsa Frankenberg Paulo Melo


Guests until now: Margarida Mestre, David Maranha; Francesco Dillon; Frank Pay, iGor (Igor Paszkiewicz); Dagmar Jüschke; two students from the Analphabet school of Neuköln; Alexandre Azinheira, Pip Edwards, Abraham Hurtado; Elsa Wormeck; Andrew Greif; Betty la Gachette; Hopeck Quirin; Manu Rossu; Catarina Mascarenhas; various exhibited works of the 70’s from California.

2006 DECEMBER Festival Intimate Strangers, Volksbuehne, Berlin

Force Quit


Concept and video by Abraham Hurtado

Miss Nishiwaki invites a friend to spend a weekend at her house. He accepts because is a TV addict, and he loves the idea. She invites him with the intention of playing with him: entering virtual realities through what he sees on the screen. From now on, the challenge will be to know if what is going on is real or if Miss Nishiwaki is drowning him into virtual reality.

photo by Anders Bigum

Created and interpreted by: Kotomi Nishiwaki Abraham Hurtado Music: IvĂĄn Roca Cors Project collaborators: Roger Adam / Pedro Ballesteros / MÂŞ Angels G. Angulo / Maureen L. Lembo / Soichiro Matsumoto. Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona Theater + Mental Architexture Produced by: La Mekanica. Complicitats Festival Barcelona, 2007 05

2007 OCTOBER Mercat dels Flors, Barcelona Festival Temps D´images, Lisbon

I Was There

by Abraham Hurtado With Anabel Labrador / Maureen López / Anne Maud / Kotomi Nishiwaki / Vania Rovisco / Sofia Verástegui

The starting point of this Project is based on the memories and life experience of Anabel, Maureen, Maud, Kotomi, Vania and Sofia. Six women that come from different cultural backgrounds. Women of different ages, languages and experiences. Six worlds that, in this Project, will be tied together, but also they will be in conflict. Physical form to revive experiences from the past, playing with memories, will be the working material, bringing up coincidences from their past. A rational and narrative construction of the past will be move away, in order to investigate corporal memories, based on physical body reactions, more spontaneous and real than mental construction, always more intellectual. Those six women have been chose to investigate on their most irrational and wild side. To show how they emotionally tear apart, in a more unpredictable way. Work will be done from both the strength and fragility of their Feminine Universe.

“A woman appears on the screen with a suitcase. She seems disoriented. If she wasn’t on screen, she would only have the quality of a literary personage, which is to say, invented. An existence making sense only on the screen. But that same woman, now doing other things without suitcase, is neither so disoriented nor scared. She’s here on stage, with other women. I believe that all of them, each one by their account, try to make an inner trip inviting us, as public, to reflect on the inside of ourselves. What’s more real: the memory or the act to remember? To that we can add elements that didn’t exist and were not real, but now we feel and live them like necessary and essential”. Cipriano Torres


still image from the film

2008 JUNE Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

Searching for Live Installation Executed by Anabel Labrado / Maureen L. Lembo / Kotomi Nishiwaki / Vania Rovisco

Vernissage 6 June Live Installation intervention 14 June Finissage 21 June

Two performing artists, Abraham Hurtado and Vania Rovisco, with entirely own aesthetics, who approach the work from different points of view, therefore asking own questions nevertheless decide to create together in search of what Live Installation of the body means. What was presented during the first exhibition of Bridge on a Wall entitled “Searching for Live Installation” was the individual video work of Abraham Hurtado and a live installation of Vania Rovisco. In juxtaposition both collaborated with musician Jochen Arbeit, making up one of the many bridges between the works. Another bridge was that both artists’ work essentially arose from focusing therefore departing from the body. Exhibiting in a gallery space seemed to give more possibilities when dealing with questions such as the physical notion of reality towards fiction or how fiction and reality bind to one another. Abraham Hurtado especially looked for such connections of “time play” in his Live Installation proposals. Whereas, Vania Rovisco´s proposal placed the body in an installed situation, which resulted in leading the public to encounter and deal with a heightend state of intimacy for both the spectator and the performer.

photos by Eduardo Balanza


2008 AUGUST Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

A Process

With Guests: Anders Bigum / Eduardo Balanza / Robin Detje and Elisa Duca / Maria F. Scaroni / Ligia Soares and Performers: Maureen L. Lembo / Hanzel Nezza

The collaboration between Abraham Hurtado and Vania Rovisco ocurred on the level of composition/dramaturgy of several ready made objects of their invited guests who agreed to this “intervening” of their works priorly and merely in space.

Entrance 25 August The Live Installation began with seven ready made objects placed in the space accordingly to their creators decision, a manner of introducing clearly the individuality of each object/artist. View 26 August The Live Installations continued to be composed of the seven ready made objects yet in a different spacial constalation, where a an overall “view” was constructed. The spectator could not ente rand roam freely. What they encountered was a panoramic view of Works crossing and colliding with one another before them. An additional element was the accumulation of the work of Abraham Hurtado, which passed from one person executing, to two persons.

photo by Anders Bigum

Contamination 27 August BOAW proposed its Guests how could a common plastic element be dealt with or introduced in their own work? The material chosen was styrofoam balls, which were distributed and placed in the space by Vania Rovisco during the three hours of the live installation. The choice was left to each guest if such an element affected or not but surely added to the visual composition of the entire installation.

Improv in a Space 28 August The seven ready made objects where confined to a substancially smaller space, the entrance room of the gallery. For three hours an improvisation situation merged or collied the works into one another. This cut paste or live editing situation offered another entrance for the actual objects and their interconnections with one another. It must be said that the quality of the improvisation was extremely high and thrilling due to the nature of the proposal. Berlin musician Jochen Arbeit accompanied live the entire event. Exit 29 August As in Contamination, the second day of the live installation “A Process”, another common element spread which transformed/informed the seven ready made objects. That element was produced from the body, breathing. The question to be dealt with was wether time would the ready mades dissolves and become a pulsation of the sound in space? 08

2008 AUGUST Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin 2009 APRIL Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin 2009 NOVEMBER White Rabbit Club, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

Still, they are able to

Live Installation by Abraham Hurtado / Vania Rovisco

Was a Live Installation executed by A. Hurtado and V. Rovisco (BOAW). The installation passed through various layers, uncovering essential information about its physical presence and what could be read from an audiences perspective. Presented in gallery contexts in 2008 in the nude and in 2009 as socially dressed citizens, the base action being heavy breathing with the mouth constantly open aja rand dealing with all that surfaces with this primal yet very affecting motion on the body and in the emotions.

3 hours of continuous breathing where emotions, co-relations, lonesomeness, etc. were revealed in its extremity of action. Thread of the situations emerged as if suspended, repetition evoked an imaginary world of relations - short bursts of air along side the desperate lack of breath.

photo by Eduardo Balanza


2008 OCTOBER Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

The current state of stillness by Jochen Arbeit / Abraham Hurtado / Yoyo Rohm / Vania Rovisco / Antonio Ruz

BOAW presented “The current state of stillness” introducing a sound component into its Live Installations. Each day a different artist occupied the sonor scape of a Live Installation held in the Galerie Tristesse Deluxe. BOAW, A. Hurtado and V. Rovisco, invited Berlin musicians Jochen Arbeit and Yoyo Röhm and performer Antonio Ruz to compose and participate in the event.

23rd October Live Installation A Live Installation by Antonio Ruz in collaboration with Abraham Hurtado (BOAW).

photos by David Bergé Antonio Ruz

24th October Sound Installation A sound installation “Schube Karre und Vibratoren” by Jochen Arbeit (in collaboration with BOAW) that spilled out of the gallery space into the streets of Berlin and culminated in the record release party in Eschschloraque of the musicians álbum “Arbeit Solo”. 30th October Sound and Live Installation A Live Installation by Vania Rovisco in collaboration with musician Yoyo Röhm, was held parallel to the Live Installation by Abraham Hurtado in conjunction with musician Jochen Arbeit. One of the installations occupied the upper floor, whilst the other the basement of the gallery.


31st October Composition of Sound and Live Installation. The final event pivoted on the conception of the work set forth by BOAW of combining processes. Hence this occasion brought Sound and Live Installation of all the works and artists involved into a simultaneous composition of what was seen and heard, therefore occuring in the same space during three hours of instant composition of familiar elements, clashing and merging together.

2008 DECEMBER Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

Methaphor of Objects

Executed by Abraham Hurtado / Vania Rovisco (BOAW) Invited guests: Cardboard and such visuals by Eduardo Balanza, “Shelter” by Anton Burdakov.

Part 1 Out door site-specific space in Borkwalde Two bodies caught in suspended animation. Quiet. Desire to deal with unawareness of physical space, the loss of dimensionality, disorientated physicality. Incorporating project “B-side”, which began after the encounter in August of BOAW with plastic/visual artist Eduardo Balanza and with artist Anton Burdakov with his work entitled “Shelter”, were the elements that made up the work that would culminate in a BOAW vídeo of the event.

Part 2 Gallery Tristesse Deluxe

photo by Eduardo Balanza

After a year of BOAW researching how physical space informed and effected its live installations. The duo attempted to entwine sound, live bodies and image. A résumé of elements used throughout the year but now where adjoined in one momental space, reducing space and time of the intervention in its most “fluxus”. Therefore correlating the day it took to do Part 1 with the hour it took to present Part 2 of “Methaphor of Objects” as a Live Installation.


SINCE 2009 Berlin / Barcelona / Bologna / Halle Lisbon / London / Stockholm / Turino

Soundscapes by Jochen Arbeit

Musician Jochen Arbeit´s project Soundscapes has the task and challenge of creating an open forum for sound artists to exchange the results of their research before an audience. Important hereby is the moment of the spontaneous meeting of two different systems of sound scaping, independent from one another. The results being unpredictable, unique and temporary.

List of musicians until now: Hahn Rowe Hopek Quirin Guido Henneboehl and Brendan Dougherty Dein Rauschen and Vania Rovisco Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo and Paul Beauchamp Kazike Richard Ruin Paul Lemp and Yuko Matsuyama Paul Lemp and Mark Boombastik Christian Meyer Brian Mitchell Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Paul Beauchamp and Julia Kent Scanner Arbeit Solo - Berlin / Barcelona / Stockholm


2009 JANUARY / FEBRUARY / MARCH / APRIL Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin 2009 JULY Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon

Back Door

by Abraham Hurtado

Backdoor (2009) – began with the desire of bringing into gallery spaces atmospheres related with night club stereotypes (party, Dj, Fashion, Dressing up for the night, eccentrics behaviours ..) using happenings “activated” by the partygoers. The evening its divided in two section, the first two hours the happening its running and slow it goes into a party where the DJ get the power to bring the guest in a white space as a night club.

Back door collaborators until now: Benjamin Dukhan Mathieu Leget Rita Só Gin&Zing DJ Disarray Lilian Maria Laura Palm DJ C. Solar Cornelius Zira Dr. Zaius DJ Baroxmix Manu Pineda Mario G. Sáez ( DJ erre)

photos Abraham Hurtado Joa Gridfonte


2009 FEBRUARY Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

Impure Thoughts Looking Real Executed by Anabel Labrado / Maureen L. Lembo / Kotomi Nishiwaki / Vania Rovisco

Live Installation Colour video projection on large vertical for five walls. Projected from three different perspectives, the public was placed in specifically marked spots during the Live Installation.

Created and executed by: Josephine Ervard Anabel Labrador Maureen L. Lembo Hansel M. Zamponi Sculptures: Noé Sendas Video: Mr. Bot (ben brix / Felix Ott) Sound: Laurent Lavolé Photos: Lidia Mombiela / Manu Pineda Voice Over: Thomas Conway 20 min. Continuous Loop

Detail from “Impure Thoughts Looking Real” movie


2009 JUNE Centro Párraga, Murcia 2009 JULY Prisma Forum, México City 2009 OCTOBER Escena Poblenou, Barcelona 2010 NOVEMBER Cité de la Musique, Paris Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

Die Körper Ohne Uns by Abraham Hurtado

“When you die, you let your body in a certain condition as to be reabsorbed in light essence from the elements that created it, and the consequence is that the material body dissolves itself in light and disappears completely” At the ocassion of the 3 Decades celebration of Einstürzende Neubauten, Abraham Hurtado has been invited by musician Jochen Arbeit to present the performance/ Installation Die Körper Ohne Uns.

Created and perform by Abraham Hurtado / Hansel Nezza Music: Jochen Arbeit Sculptures: Noé Sendas Photography Anders Bigum Co-produced by Centro Párraga, Force Quit.

15 photos by Carolina Gambín

2009 JULY Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon

Bridge on a Wall

White Noise

“White Noise” was a space, became a landscape which invited the visitor to roam, letting the gaze poise onto live installed objects of which composition emerged as a consequence of time in space. The frequency of the spatial temperature was created using light. It inverted the common rule, that being what is closest is the most visible – in the work what was most distant had more visibility, attained more definition by use of over exposure. Even though it was supposed to function as a whole, the live installation was approached in two distinctive manners. Abraham Hurtado and his guests arrived at the space without a specific direction and worked from the start in conjunction with each others objects. Vania Rovisco and her guests each brought a ready made object, that underwent a process of different spatial situations, that lead to a construction and understanding of an immaterial element of a shared presence composed of individuals, common to what had been gathered information concerning live installation process. photos by Joa Gridfonte

photos by Alexandre Azinheira


Sónia Batista - Doce Alexandre Azinheira - White noise Marcus Rovisco - This will be one of the last times i´ll burn - scream this phrase and record it Kotomi Nishiwaki - no title Vania Rovisco – pulling at forces Cláudio da Silva - É assim que se escreve músculo João Gridfonte / Abraham Hurtado / Mariana Tengner Barros / Pedro Pires - Skin 1 iron 192x95x25 cm performing "Sleeps in motion watching us".

2009 AUGUST Festival Citemor Portugal, Montemor-o-Velho 2010 JANUARY Shopiensaele, Tanztage, Berlin 2010 NOVEMBER Nun Dance Festival, Bratislava

Off, Off, On by Kotomi Nishiwaki

I am interested in researching the sound effect of Japanese cinema and the sound effect history of Japanese traditional theatre. There are so many sounds that can be recreated and faked. I wonder if my memory of sounds can be recreated with other objects that produce the same sounds, allowing me to recreate the situation(s). How many sounds that I know are faked? I never experienced or heard many of them in reality, but I know them through films. Sounds can affect my imagination and the memory of my past. Where could be the illusion of fake sounds? “The sounds which come from nature don’t create drama.” (Norito Kimura)


2009 JULY Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

Impure Thoughts Looking - a trilogy Concept - Vania Rovisco “untitled place” - Vania Rovisco Visual devices - Joa Gridfonte Structure Supervisor - Eduardo Balanza

Abraham Hurtado’s “Impure Thoughts, Looking Real” in collaboration with plastic-visual artist Noé Senders on his human like sculptures, along with other guests, was presented in Galerie Tristesse deluxe. Vania Rovisco’s “Impure Thoughts Looking” was in response to continue the process within BOAW (with Hurtado). With collaborators Eduardo Balanza and João Gridfonte and various other guests a trilogy was conceived and presented in Galerie Tristesse deluxe a few months after Hurtado’s. The Live Installation trilogy “Impure Thoughts Looking” was presented inside a structure entitled “untitled place”, that could easily remind us of a shelter or living area in real dimensions. Contained within, were induced accounts that were simultaneously full and empty of intent. What could be said of the action within the container was that it approached how we deal with one another, being it in a social or familiar/private atmosphere, these relations were exemplified/amplified, revealing their intense manner of interaction. What took place within “untitled place” was told essentially through female bodies. Reduced viewing areas, João Gridfonte’s Visual Devices, served to physicalize perception using a visual metaphor as a means.

"Impure" - 1st day installed house hold/ private situation Rita Vilhena Josephine Ervard Jessica Jobaris Vania Rovisco "Thoughts” - 2nd day, installed social out burst/manifestation public situation of discontent in order to achieve silence. Vania Rovisco Janaiana Magalhães Shannon Cooney "Looking" - 3rd day, private situation, with one member of the audience able to enter the structure at a time. Arkadi Zaides Vania Rovisco

photos by Eduardo Balanza Joa Gridfonte


2009 AUGUST Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

Spiral Pendulum

by Shannon Cooney BOAW curated other artists who had manifestated their interest in the live installation event.

“Spiral pendulum: Dance addresses themes of intimacy, performance and presence. Thought a repetitive and self-sustaining movement, the performer verbally reports from a state of body-level consciousness. What influences the performers experience is the immediacy of the space where the performance takes place and all matter contained within it - the here and now of the space. The performances began in November 2008, each performance documented with video. A selection of the video documentation plays on monitors, looped, in the same space as the performance. In viewing the live event and the videos, one is invited to witness the delicate fructuations in each performance in each space (Dublin, Brussels, Toronto, Paris, Vancouver, Berlin) During the 3 hours every 30 minutes starts a new interpretation.

photo by Joa Gridfonte

"The Red Wheelbarrow" Siriol Joyer (2009)


2009 AUGUST Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

Bridge on a Wall

Sleeps in Motion Watching us & Under View Live Installation by Joa Gridfonte / Abraham Hurtado / Mariana Tengner Barros / Kotomi Nishiwaki / Vania Rovisco.

After having made the installation under the title “White Noise” in Lisbon, the work was presented in conjuction in Berlin. The attempt was to challenge what had been presented with another entrance to installation that had not occured in Lisbon. That said the installation “Sleeps in motion watching us” of Joa Gridfonte, Abraham Hurtado and Mariana Tengner Barros which dealt with: Bodies suspended in the space waiting to be protected from their thoughts, wishes, lies, impurity and trying to find another skin through the action made by him, he as a spiritual guru, he became our truth and desire. Time passing through the skin, sliding on it, absorbing it. Hiding body parts, just and became under another skin as layer of different bodies, melting and falling as consequences. The body has a specific duration; it moves constantly towards destruction, it deteriorate at every second. While it lasts, it wonders in timeless places, shifting shape and smell. When it ceases to be, this process of decomposition does not stop. Merged with the installation “Under View” where Kotomi Nishiwaki’s work “no title” and Vania Rovisco’s work “pulling at forces” gave ano ver all composition to the event that meandered through various settings of an open unknown spatial composition.

photos by Joa Gridfonte


2009 OCTOBER La Caldera, Barcelona

Mind - Body - Brain Lab Barcelona

Concept and Direction: Abraham Hurtado With: Andrés Agudelo, Jochen Arbeit, Anders Bigum, Thierry Decottignies, Carlos Fernández, Aímar Pérez Galí, Valentín Rocamora, Tatín Revenga

The Laboratory that will take place in Barcelona’s La Caldera is the second of five research projects planned for 2009-2010. The first one was held in Berlin in May 2009. The next ones are programmed for 2010 in Tel-Aviv, Brussels and Berlin. Artistic reasons justify the mobility of the laboratories, as each person invited is put in relation with his background and the diverse situations resulting from this group work confronted and compared. Investigating the relationship between MIND, BODY and BRAIN enjoins me to work directly with the privacy and identity of the performers participating. I therefore invite people with different backgrounds and personalities, including non-professionals. The presentation in Caldera Obert is part of the 5 day laboratory of Barcelona.

photo by Lidia Mombiela


2009 NOVEMBER D.K.C., Rotterdam 2010 MAY CAti, Istanbul

The black hold fountain by Abraham Hurtado and Vania Rovisco

Taking the form of an ancestral ritual that allows transformation, growth and questions to be Consult aroused. One of the bodies mercilessly drowns the other in an obsessive rhythmical pattern. The one struggling for air becomes very apparent in the room. The one drowning is meticulously watched in tension. From the physical installed bodies, the object extends into space. With time the installation transforms into the sculpture The Black Hold Fountain, an alchemy process of elements, architecture and its players.

photos by Fred Ernst


2009 NOVEMBER White Rabbit Club, Berlin

Force Quit

The Graces

by Janaina Pessoa / Vania Rovisco

The place where they could be found and simply were a performance piece made in collaboration. Scattered shoes propelled and strung together in a room. The ends of such strings gather inside the vagina of one of the performers. Another sits before the audience questioning, constantly falling off “herself�. At length, in time, the grace attached to the embodied shoes begins to move and with her from within, the entire landscape begins to move until she can no longer.

photos by Jochen Arbeit


2009 OCTOBBER / NOVEMBER LEM Festival, MACBA Museo Arte Contemporรกneo de Barcelona, Barcelona White Rabbit Club, Berlin

Force Quit

Arbeit Solo Live by Jochen Arbeit

Taking the challenge to perform alone on stage is the next step in my work to present the sounds of my first SOLO-ALBUM combined with the experiences i had over the last year in collaborating with other musicians with the SOUNDSCAPE project. This was about improvisation, the moment. Now i did arrive to create my idea of time and sound at last. This means freedom as well as independence from any given structures so far. Finally i am on my own


2009 NOVEMBER Jesus Club, Berlin White Rabbit Club, Berlin

This 5 seconds of Pain by Abraham Hurtado

This installation is on of the seem was created in one of the Laboratory’s. It is about the perception of our memories and our desire from the minimalist work doing trouth the face’s of the performers.

photo by Anders Bigum

Presented at Jesus am Ostbahnhof Executed by Andrés Agudelo / Martin Behrndt Music: Jochen Arbeit / Drums: Brendan Dougherty Guest: Tatín Revenga Photography Direction: Anders Bigum Assistance and images edition: Joa Gridfonte Revision Text: Thierry Decottignies Presented at White Rabbit Executed by Andrés Agudelo Performer in Video : Andrés Agudelo / Tatín Revenga Musica: Jochen Arbeit / Alfonso Alfonso Photography Director: Anders Bigum


2010 JANUARY Eira 33, Lisbon 2010 NOVEMBER Centro Cultural de Belém Festival Temps Dímages Portugal, Lisbon

Mind - Body - Brain Lab Lisbon The performative researches that we have been conducting – out of any systematism – around the triple theme Mind-BodyBrain have led us to develop a series of exercises, from the physical to the figurative, that have had the aim to bring forth figures half-way between the personal, the physical reality of the performers and fiction – a fiction necessarily uncertain, as indistinct and changing as reality itself (when reality is not taken for granted). More generally, this has led us to examine the function of fiction in our so-called cynical and disillusioned era and the relationship between the artist and his milieu as regards to the creation of a discourse.

photo by Joa Gridfonte

Concept and Direction: Abraham Hurtado Performer and Creators: Joao Costa, Joao Evangelista, António Pedro Lopes, Joaquim Revenga, Vítor Roriz Music: Jochen Arbeit Dramaturgy: Thierry Decottignies Photography and D:O:P Video: Anders Bigum Video: Abraham Hurtado Production: Eira 33 Lisbon


2010 MARCH Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv 2010 NOVEMBER Centro Cultural de Belém Festival Temps Dímages Portugal, Lisbon

Mind - Body - Brain Lab Tel Aviv

They were standing in a tight group, softly swaying. I remember that. I can see them. Still. The wind? There was no wind. The atmosphere was heavy. He really looked as if he was not there. Gone. This pallor. Or was it only because he was only to be seen in this greenish semi-darkness? And then it came. You could see it in their eyes, they too were going to be sent away, dismissed. They tried to do soñething about it but quickly gave in. Why do that? Why remember? It might be that one can only grasp the real retrospectively. It comes in different forms and it is never what it really was. Things tend to fade out. A rest, before it all starts again. Afresh? Never. There was a will behind their actions – this impression, always, that they never ceased to obey to something, that they were executing a strange and violent rite. still image from the video

Concept and Direction: Abraham Hurtado Performers and Creators: Andrés Agudelo Ganem, Ehud Darash, Roe Efrat, Elian Valaji, Ofir Yudolevitch, Arkadi Zaides. Music: Ran Slavin Dramaturgy: Thierry Decottignies Photography and D:O:P video: Anders Bigum Producer: Yoav Levi. Production:Spanish Embassy Israel, Arkadi Zaidesy Compan, Force Quit, AADK.


2010 MARCH Centro Párraga, Murcia

Constructing Fears by Abraham Hurtado

The proposal of Abraham Hurtadol is to perform at Centro Párraga a multiples “Live Installations” departing from the concept "Constructing Fears".  Guest artists will have a common starting point for working , in these case are ”the fears”, that these being the source inspiration from which we started and approach towards to the creation of different shapes and textures of the same .... Physical, psychological or intangibles fears Artists who participate: Roger Adam, Carlos Aledo, Emilio Ayala, Anders Bigum, Mario G. S·ez, Alberto GarcÌa Tormo, Laura G·rcia, Eva Gómez Mataix, SÛnia GÛmez, Pedro G·lvez, JerÛnimo Hagerman, Miguel Angel Hern·ndez, Anabel Labrador, Maureen López Lembo, Isa Mill·n, Lummu Persch, Cristina Perch, Ivan Planes Cano, JoaquÌn Revenga "TatÌn", Sara Serrano, Leticia Tárrega, Sofia Verástegui, Arkadi Zaides.


2010 APRIL Nits Salvatges, La Porta, Barcelona

Collective Unconsciousess by Abraham Hurtado

In this proposal for Nits Salvatges I want to experiment how to lead my work to an irrational place, to start from the destruction of the work itself to create something new on the ashes of the previous one. It is a sacrifice, a declaration of love to the Performance. An unconsciousness which I want to share collectively.

With the participation of Andrés Agudelo Ganem and Vítor Roriz Music: Jochen Arbeit & Ivan Roca. Especial Track Arbeit&Lemp&Mark Bonmastik Thanks to: Peter Albee / Thierry Decottignies / Gabriel Galindez Cruz / María Trinidad Rocío Mohedano Jurado

photos by Efthymia Zymvragaki


2010 MAY CAti, Istanbul

Thoughts regarding, improvisation, performance and live installation

Workshop by vania rovisco

Is to take place during 4 days 4 hours each day; will approach issues of how to engage in diverse manners of being present in our work. To give a clear description of how it will proceed. 1st day will be focused on improvisation skills leading them into composition. The 2nd day will concern the body in performance, when and where does this presence initiate? The 3rd day will address the presence of the live installed body and the 4th day will be an accumulation in space of all such layers of presence and composition. The studio doors will be open to a passing public from 19 - 21h adjoining to the experience of permitting that the notions of what has been gathered and transmitted in the days spent together ventures out into a more defying place of public presence.

photo by Juan Cruz


2010 JUNE P.O.R.C.H. Stolzenhagen

Zeitgenosissche Kรถrper {body_time_space}

Workshop by Maria F. Scaroni / Vania Rovisco

The physical body is trained to modulate energy through dynamic meditations and chi cultivation practices, looking at the body-entity as very charged matter able to strategize itself, shifting constantly between being a shape, an image, an object, an animal, a system. Working with and in space, time and presence, each body will be engaged and challenged in a questionmaking process concerning improvisation and its tools. How to sustain an improvised thought or action? How is such action transposed into the space? How do we engage composition?

photo by Paulo Melo


2010 JUNE / JULY AADK Private, Berlin 2010 SEPTEMBER Dome Deluxe, Berlin 2010 OCTOBER Parallel MANIFESTA 8, Murcia

Welcome to Europe by Abraham Hurtado

A live Video Installation with focus at the mental state, created by the over-stimulation of people in Europe. What did we really lose as Europeans?I want to focus the course of this live installation on emotional states which cause our reality as Europeans. The excesses of consumption that is what we really are or how we have become? the body and emotion has become a consumer product. Disposable.

still image from the video

photo by Paulo Melo

photo by Anders Bigum


Concept and Video: Abraham Hurtado Music: Jochen Arbeit / Jan Ferreira Voice Over: Thomas Conway Director of Photography: Anders Bigum Excuted by: Andrés Agudelo / Felix Arjona Marcel Borrás / Joris Camelin / Martin Gaube Hermann Heisig / Maureen López / Patricio Ramos / Vania Rovisco / Sofia Verátegui Gill Viander.

2010 JULY Eschschloraque, Berlin

Supercosy klangwerkstatt With Jochen Arbeit / Yuko Matsuyama / Kotomi Nishiwaki

Public Presentation of the results from a 3 day research into sound.

photos by Paulo Melo


2010 AUGUST Podewill, Berlin

AADK in Sommer Bar

With Jochen Arbeit / Abraham Hurtado / Vania Rovisco

What is presented is an extended performance / installation of composition, offering an overview of works presented under AADK. The presentation is also made up of the encounter between music and performance, as well as of other elements that are part of the work of AADK. The work presented will be composed in an extended frame of 5 hours.

photo by Paulo Melo


2010 AUGUST TukadMunga Gallery, Ljubljana

Within Given Time

With Vania Rovisco and with invited Guests, Anna Nowicka, Daniel James, Iskra Belišanska, João Paulo Nasri, Loup Abramovic, Leja Jurisic, Mala Kline and Vladimir Leben

To bring together distinct creative processes (such as encompassing various mediums, music, visual, dance, etc) to experiment with them using the body as a point of departure as well as a medium and destination to what is referred to as ‘interventions in space’. We are challenged and challenge gallery spaces. The desire is to explore how to work in alternative/informal spatial contexts. What relations can spatial disposition arouse in the public?

photo by Petra Veber

photo by João Paulo Nasri


2010 SEPTEMBER Dome Deluxe, Berlin

Blind Mirrors / Miroirs Aveugles

The AADK press first book launch by Thierry Decottignes

These Blind Mirrors are not precisely blind ; they do see and reflect an image. The Ur-face, if it is a face that they reflect, has recognizable features, yet it does not ever achieve completedness. Imagination must compensate, and singularities arise. The Blind Mirrors Project is a bilingual literary collective created in 2010. Its work is based on texture and on the creation of mirror-texts. ‘A lair of withered grass and shrubs’/’Un sentier étroit et d’assise incertaine’ is its first book.

photo by Paul Green


Contributors: Adam Green (England/Germany) / I.L. Koliner (Israel/Germany) Nicolas Donlon (France/Spain) / Vincent Calvet (France) / Saar Yachin (Israel) Thierry Decottignies (France/Germany) / Yaron Dahan (USA/Germany) / Asaf Koliner (Israel) / John Holten (Ireland/Germany)

2010 SEPTEMBER Dome Deluxe, Berlin


by David Bergé / Vania Rovisco

Your hosts, David Bergé and Vania Rovisco will be hosting in elegance a cocktail party. Please feel every need to dress up to meet the eye’s pleasure and may wit and spice find their ways into the many conversations. A toast to summon the pleasure of inteligence accompanied by a good drink, dressed ever so elegantly.

photo by Paulo Melo

Dance, Private Carnival

by Maria F. Scaroni With the kind support and help of Frank Willens and P.O.R.C.H./Ponderosa

dance - body – gold - ritual – healing – exposure – event - object – phenomenon – projection – more unintelligible dancing - more fears - écriture - collective fears - one song – quoting – hiding - queering – exhausting – resting – caring – cheating - carrying – burden – feathers – phoenix - border crossing - attempt of healing - more gold - but what’s the cure? - do we look good? - I have seen it all, she said. I have been it all, she said. - is it a film of oneself in memory or a future dream? - who must be the visionary here? how does an emancipated spectacle look like? dance is doomed to raise questions - carnival.

photo by Maria F. Scaroni


2010 SEPTEMBER Dome Deluxe, Berlin

Metaphysical Materia by Vania Rovisco

Femininity does not invoke any empirically experienced notion of women. Femininity does not invoke any empirically experienced notion of women. Femininity does not invoke any empirically experienced notion of women. Femininity does not invoke any empirically experienced notion of women. Femininity does not invoke any empirically experienced notion of women. Femininity does not invoke any empirically experienced notion of women. Femininity does not invoke any empirically experienced notion of women.

photo by Paulo Melo


2010 OCTOBER Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin

Out Went the Candle - ca. 22min Concept and direction by Thierry Decottignies Voice : John Holten, Video : Paulo Melo

‘Out Went the Candle’ was presented in Berlin in October 2010 (Galerie Neurotitan) on the occasion of the AADK Press first book presentation, ‘A lair of withered grass and shrubs’/’Un sentier étroit et d’assise incertaine’ by the literary collective Blind Mirrors/Miroirs Aveugles.

details from “Out Went the Candle” movie


2010 OCTOBER Columbia Club, Berlin

2010 OCTOBER Volksbühne, Berlin

Stupid Green - Silent Road Movie Music performance by Jochen Arbeit / Vania Rovisco

Einstürzende Neubauten’s 30th anniversary will be celebrated with a tour through Europe and the United States. Incerted are guest performances, on an additional day, presenting the audience with a mixed program of the Einstürzende Neubauten, films, solo shows, guests and friends. Stupid Green will present its silent road movie heading nowhere in particular.

photo by Thierry Decottignies

Aufladetechnische Konferenz With Paul Lemp / Mark Boombastik / Brian Mitchell / Jochen Arbeit / Vania Rovisco / Maria F. Scaroni

Working offers unique experiences. Nearly any activity knows moments of happiness that do not have necessarily to do with the achievement of a goal. It may be apparently insignificant aspects of the work that offer the greatest satisfaction or pleasure, certain gestures, a newly discovered detail or the perfect interaction of many single elements. These moments often have something unpredictable and wasteful: They were not intended, seem neither necessary nor useful. Perhaps that is why they are part of what constitutes the charm of a work, something we often only start to notice once the work has been already done. 40

photo by Metka Pretnar

2010 NOVEMBER CAti, Istambul

Strategies Regarding the Contemporary Performer Workshop by Vania Rovisco

I believe that contemporary dance processes have much to gain from an intense stimulated dialogue between the outside eye - the director and the inner eye - the performer/dancer. The sense of eye in both cases is spatial, the one who finds himself in the improvisational space generating material and the one observing catching and directing material. It is in the richness of this relation that the process culminates to unfamiliar ground thus affecting the work presented. Somehow new strategies must come into play and shake old structures of communication for other perspectives of our work to surface.

photo by Paulo Melo


2010 NOVEMBER Uferstudios, Berlin

The State of Things

Within Jess Curtis/Gravity Presents Performance installation by Vania Rovisco & Maria F. Scaroni in close collaboration with Metka Pretnar and invited performers, musicians, writers.

The State of Things is a womb, a place to transform matter, space and time through the body’s un-linear and reiterated invasion. It looks like a refugee camp for pin ups, where nobody knows if the war has passed. The wood is for light and heat, the wool and cotton come from animals, the gold and the glitters are post-industrial, the feet grew heels with no questions. How is the female body seen and felt? Can we evoke a collective memory of the feminine? We let the body raise and travel for 12 hours and invite the audience as witness, participant, voyeur, visitor.

photo by Miguel Lopes

photo by Paulo Melo


2010 DECEMBER Schwelle, Berlin

I Am Yours

Concept and execution by Norbert Pape / Vania Rovisco

Intimacy / within distance / before oneself / allow / before another / SEX / before / others / limbs /orgiastic / communicating bodies / spring forth / that / unknown situations to surface / power within relations / deconstructed / within bodies / within space / substance: KETAMIN / no wonder / mystery / sensual super sexual heroes / corpse-like desires / melt into / state of eroticisim / plant potential / fury.

photo by Ragunath Vasedan


2010 DECEMBER Espacio Prático, Barcelona

I Am a Prostitute Waiting for Your 100 Kisses by Abraham Hurtado

photo by Lidia Mombiela

A performance/video Installation based in the presence of the body, a live transformation by the act of kissing. A long duration process to the 100 Kisses. The performance is to be activated by the audience. You are here to look, to watch, to see, to react, to think, to cry, to laugh…What can I give to the audience and what do I get from them? An experience to questioning what has been prostituted in performing arts.

Executed by Maureen López / Roberto Martínez Music: Ivan Roca DPO Video: Anders Bigum Visual Documentation: Lidia Mombiela


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