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specialized magazine Editorial address: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Str. Barricade, 15A, of. 404 Contact us at: +38 (056) 789-1-889, +38 (067) 611-63-11, +38 (066) 53-87-859,

Brief overview magazine A City Magazine A City — is a unique product in the business media, which will help you not only direct attention of the target audience to your company and its products, but also to find a really reliable partner for business development. The main headings: “Business”, “Energy”, “Architecture”, “Design”, “Partner», «Luxury Life Style». Our magazine is a participant of international events that take place on the territory of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Our magazine is different, first of all, a high level of professionalism of the authors, extraordinary approach to supply promotional materials, quality of illustrations and printing. By posting their information in this edition, you get the assurance that it is not only to reach potential buyers or prospective partner, but also in advance will give him a full peer review of your products (services), which would make it the obvious choice. Your attention is specifically drawn hat our edition be marketed as like a printed edition.

Publication frequency: 4 times a year. Magazine circulation of 5 000 hardcopies. The average volume of 132 pages Format: 210 x 297 mm. Color scheme: 4/4. Method of distribution: direct express delivery in the offices of large companies and enterprises. Аlso some materials are published in the magazine in English dubbing in Russian, which is 60% of each issue. Архитектура, строительство, дизайн энергосбережение, № 4, 2012

REF-2012 событие года в сфере развития альтернативной энергетики Украины


Представляют свои проекты: Norman Foster Renzo Piano Zaha Hadid David Adjaye Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture MVRDV BIG Впервые презентуются: Tange Assosiates MAD

«SOFTlab» Нью-Йорк дизайн и не только…

© Sellar Group


La Biennale di Venezia 2012. Common Ground


Further, we offer you a list of magazine section , and a brief description of where you can also list your branding: Section “Events” “Events” Section

Section “Events” “Events” Section

Section “Business” “Business” Section

Section “Business” includes about 7 columns and covers such issues: finance, management, architecture / construction / design, marketing / advertising, hi - tech, energy, infrastructure, retail

Section “Busines” “Busines” Section

Section “Luxury Life Style” “Luxury Style”

Section “Luxury Life Style” this column provides an opportunity to understand the numerous offers luxury and premium services (traveling, yachting, luxury hotels, cars).

Section “Luxury Life Style” “Luxury Style”

Аудитория журнала A-CITY

Руководители компаний производителей и поставщи строй. материалов, мебели сантехники

Руководители девелоперских компаний



Архитекторы и Дизайнеры


Magazine A City is focused on:

Руководители, гл. инженеры компаний инженерного top - managers of investment companies; обеспечения


managers of real estate companies;

5% bankers, financiers, lawyers;

Представители органов власти managers of construction companies;

Руководители компаний организаций, работающ сфере енергосбережения


Руководители инвестиц 5% компаний

Руководители строител компаний



Другие (юристы, аудиторы, ба

architects and designers.

The distribution of circulation magazine A-CITY

International events (Ukraine, Russia, etc.)


International Airport (reception hall delegations)



Business clubs

Airlines 2.4% (charter flights)


Express delivery Ukraine


Foreign countries


Bonus for advertisers To increase the effectiveness of your advertising attached e-mail newsletter to submit 3 times a month, the information on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, international media’s “issuu” giving additional 140,660 contacts within 3 months after the release of the magazine “Acity”.

With us:

Dr. Johann Harter Austria

and Ukraine.



London, Moscou, Kiev

Аrchitecture London, United Kingdom


Patrick Blanc London, United Kingdom

New York, USA


Pritzker Architecture Prize London, United Kingdom.

London, United Kingdom

design studio

New York, USA

Copenhagen, Denmark and New York, USA

Luxury Hotel Tower Club at Lebua , Thailand

New York, USA


State Enterprise “Institute” Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsiya” Lviv, Ukraine.

architects (China).


Mario Mazzer Italy

New York, USA Australia Zaha Hadida Architecture London, United Kingdom

Prisajnui KV Lviv, Ukraine

David Adjaya Adjaya Assosiates London, United Kingdom

Paul Noritaka Tange (Japan).

United States and Canada

The research readership magazine Successful, passionate and thoughtful people who are watching the trends and innovations that have reached the maximum age of business and social activity of these Men - 87.9%; Women - 12.1% over 26 years (26 - 34 years - 13.4%; 35 – 54 years - 63.1%; 55 + years - 23.5%) in high-income countries - 61%. It’s business elite, occupying top positions in different areas of business - Top executives, managers, professionals - 63.4%. It is living in Ukraine, people with high incomes who are actively involved in the business of life - 87%

The readership of the magazine A City The high level of loyalty to the magazine: 61% respondents regularly read; 85,37% respondents use the magazine to get infor-

mation about the different brands, hi - tech technologies and trends;

30,59% respondents used the idea of the ​​ magazine

Readers of magazine A City: 51% travel several times a year; 61,1% have their own real estate; 3,5% have property abroad; 37% stay in hotels of 5 * and 5 +*

as a source of inspiration, interesting ideas and creative solutions.

Contact information from the editors: +38 (067) 611-63-11 +38 (066) 538-78-59 +38 (056) 794-63-59 (multichannel) +38 (056) 789-1-889 mail:

Brief overview a city magazine  

Presentation of the Ukrainian specialized magazine.

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