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Photo reports and creative photography Born in BARCELONA, Gloria Giménez graduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and ataineed the title of Specialist in Clinical Psychology from de MINISTRY of CULTURE in MADRID. Over twenty years of professional experience and further training both in Spain and at international congresos, hace made her profesión, psychology, a votación, and one that she has extrapole into her other great passion, photography. In 1990, Gloria Giménez began working in photo-reportaje, establishing parallels with her experience in the field of psychology and seeking, throught her framing and focussing, to penetrate the expresión, gases and gestores of her subjects. The themes of her most recent exhibiciones have been portuarias, leading figures and travel reports photo-journalism (Middle East), as well as creative proceses and plays. She has also exhibir in the Arabic World (Damasco, Syria). Gloria Giménez, Fotografía creativa analógica especialist



April 10, 2016