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Home Watch News Letter Bolton Central and Bolton East (17/01/13– 24/01/13)

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Our Rumworth Team have been working night shifts focusing on acquisitive crime this week. As you can see this has resulted in there being no burglaries to report. However, we have continued to see vehicle crime and as such the team are focusing on offenders who specialise in vehicle crime this week. Please assist with this by ensuring you both secure cars, leave nothing on display, and knock on neighbours doors and advise them if you see that they have. We have also been suffering with theft from person offences in the town centre. In simple terms this is occurring where people are leaving items on display in open bags. Please ensure that bags are zipped or buttoned up after each purchase and that you keep the bag close to you if sat in a bar or cafe. Kind regards

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There are three theft from motor vehicles to report this week. In the first incident, the offender has smashed the front passenger window to gain entry and taken a bag from the passenger foot well. They have also searched the centre console and stolen a Sat Nav. In the second, the vehicle was left insecure and unattended. The offenders entered the boot taking items from within. Lastly, the offenders have gained entry to a vehicle by unknown means, taking a bag of shopping from the boot. There has also been one theft of motor vehicle in the area. The vehicle has been removed by unknown means. Two incidents of theft from a person have also occurred. In the first incident, offenders have approached a boy walking from school, taking his iPad and making off. In the second, an offender has approached a lone women in a busy store, removing her phone from her coat pocket without her knowledge. Please advise residents to always ensure vehicles are locked and alarms are set when left unattended. If possible keeping your vehicles in a locked garage over night to help prevent thefts. Also remove valuable items from within vehicles. When out and about, ensure possessions are kept out of sight such as in zipped pockets or bags.

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Town Centre

Four thefts from a person have occurred in the Town Centre this week. Two in British Home Stores where on both occasions the offenders have removed a mobile phone from within a handbag. In the third incident in J2 Nightclub, an offender has opened the victims bag removing her mobile phone without her knowledge. In the last, again in a busy bar, The Swan, the offender has removed items from the victims trouser pocket. There have also been two theft of pedal cycles in the area. In the first, the offenders have used force to remove the bike from railings by snapping the chain and making off with it. In the second, offenders have removed the bike chain by unknown means making off with the same. There is also one attempted theft of motor vehicle to report. The vehicle has been left unattended as the owner accessed an entrance barrier. The offender has then approached the vehicle and leaned inside but has been stopped by the vehicle owner. Nothing was stolen in the incident. Please advise residents to be aware of their belongings when out in the town centre and that pockets are closed so not to give pick pockets ideal opportunities. When carrying handbags always make sure they are zipped up and secure and be aware of your surroundings. Never leave vehicles unsecure and ensure valuables are removed from them when unattended to prevent thefts.

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There are three burglaries to report in the area. The first at Hemsworth Road where the offenders have approached the flat via the ground floor and opened the unlocked front door taking golf clubs from within. The second occurred at Mornington Road where offenders entered the property via an insecure rear door. The offenders removed items, however were later seen with some of the items on Musgrave Road and were subsequently arrested at the scene. In the last incident, at Hounslow House, the offenders entered via an insecure ground floor kitchen window stealing items from within. There has also been one theft from motor vehicle. The offender has used an implement to smash the offside front window reaching in and removing property from the passenger foot well.

A theft of motor vehicle has also occurred where the offender has unscrewed the chain locks off a parked motorcycle, removing the motorcycle along with the cycle lock, lock loop and screws. Please advise residents to ensure all windows and doors are securely locked on properties at all times. Remove items from within vehicles to prevent thefts and where possible keep vehicles in a lit area or a secure garage.

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Some great reductions over the past 5 weeks on the East. All crime 116 offences down when compared to the previous 5 week period. That includes a reduction of 9 burglary dwellings and a reduction of 23 burglary other. Most areas have decreased in crime, save for Bromley Cross which shows slight rises. It should be noted that Bromley Cross is a low crime area, so any rise is noticeable. These crimes appear to be youth related and we have plans to address, including liaison with our partners in youth services. There are also increases in ASB incidents in Astley Bridge, Bradshaw, but reductions in Breightmet and Tonge. Most of the increases have been attributed to snow ball incidents. After reviewing our risk calendar, Jan and Feb is a relatively low risk period for crimes. However, a cold snap is always a risk as far as vehicle crime is concerned. Please continue to advise your neighbours about the risk of leaving vehicles in front of houses with the engine running while it defrosts and the owners going back indoors to keep warm or to finish off their early morning cuppa.

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Thieves target this and there is always a rise in vehicle crime during icy conditions. The same is said outside newsagents first thing in the morning. Keep your vehicles secure at all times. We have had some success recently with our drive in social media. We publish some great advice and updates through Twitter and Facebook. Details below of our accounts. But if you do not know how to access, then please speak to one of your family who will be able to show you. (This is second nature for teenagers!) Please follow us on Twitter @ TWITTER.COM/GMPBoltonEast and see what's happening in your area. For a more detailed account please see our Facebook account at hit 'Like' for more information on your area

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Tonge Moor, Tonge Fold and The Haulgh

There is one burglary dwelling to report in the area this week at Haroldene Street. Offenders have opened an insecure front door to gain entry removing vehicle keys left on a rack next to the front door. The offenders then use the keys to unlock and steal the vehicle from the driveway. A burglary has also occurred at Britain's Aquatic superstore where offenders have removed a wooden panel from a previously damaged window to gain entry taking foodstuffs from within. There has also been one theft from motor vehicle in the area. The offender has removed the wipers and blades from the vehicle by force, making off with the same. Ensure alarms are activated within properties and buildings as this can deter offenders and raise alarm. Do not leave keys on show within properties and ensure windows and doors are locked at all times. Advise store owners to fully repair windows from previous break-ins so to prevent further thefts.

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Breightmet North and South

One burglary has occurred at Winster Drive this week. Offenders have approached the rear of the property via an insecure garden gate using an instrument to force open the rear ground floor window to gain entry. The offenders have then taken property exiting via the rear door and taking keys from within the lock. The property owner changed the locks without noticing the damage to the window. Offenders then returned and entered the property as per first incident removing items again. There have also been three burglaries involving sheds and garages in the area. In the first the offenders have removed the padlock from two garden sheds removing property from within. In the second, offenders have again forced the lock off a shed door taking items and in the third, offenders have broken the lock on a garage stealing items from inside. A theft of pedal cycle has also occurred where the offender has entered a communal area inside a flat block removing the pedal cycle from its lock, making off with the same.

Please advise residents to ensure windows and doors on properties are secure and locked at all times throughout the day and night and ensure damages are repaired. Also, heighten security on sheds and garages and do not leave anything valuable on show.

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There are no theft related incidents relating to properties or vehicles to report in this area this week. Remain vigilant with home and vehicle security to deter thefts. Please advise residents to report any suspicious behaviour in the area to 101.

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Bromley Cross

There are again no theft related incidents to report in the area. Keep security heightened at all times to ensure thefts and burglaries are prevented where possible.

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Astley Bridge

There is one burglary to report this week on Blackburn Road. Offenders have approached the rear of the property by climbing over a wall. They then unlock the double gates to a secure exit and approach rear ground floor door kicking centre panel from the door to gain entry. The offenders have then stolen property from within. There have also been two theft incidents from garden sheds where in both cases, offenders have removed locks from the doors to gain entry taking property from inside. One theft from motor vehicle has also occurred where the offender has smashed the front light window and entered the vehicle. The offender then removed dashboard cover and steering wheel horn cover, taking airbag. Offender also pulls wires from ignition and radio system leaving them hanging down. There has also been one theft of motor vehicle where the offender has removed a secure motorbike stealing the same. Please advise residents to ensure windows and doors are locked and secured on properties and alarms are activated when properties are unattended and throughout the night. Ensure sheds are as securely locked as possible and set car alarms when vehicles are unattended.

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Crompton and Hall'ithwood Wood

There are two theft from motor vehicles to report in the area. In the first incident, offenders have used an unknown implement to remove the lock on the rear door, unloading DJ equipment into their own vehicle and making off. In the second, the offenders have gained accessed to a secure vehicle via unknown means removing property from within. Always ensure vehicle alarms are set and items are removed or locked away safely to prevent thefts. Do not leave valuables on show in unattended vehicles. If you do notice any suspicious behaviour around vehicles or properties, please report this to 101.

City centre police launch competition to raise awareness of hate crime... The city centre neighbourhood policing team launched a competition have on 21 January 2013 to raise awareness of Transphobic hate crime as part of a hate crime awareness week that it taking place across Greater Manchester. Officers dedicated to The Village are asking people to design a poster that will encourage victims of Transphobic hate crime to come forward and report it. The competition will run for two weeks, ending on Monday 4 February, and will be judged by the policing team and transgender support group members. The winner will have their design made into a poster and will receive a luxury food hamper donated by the Co-op, £100 Arndale Vouchers donated by Manchester City Council, a Champagne dinner donated by Via Fosser and £25 of taxi travel courtesy of Manchester Cars. There will also be a prize for runner up of £100 Arndale vouchers. The organiser of the competition, PC Dave Willets, said: “Hate crime is something that affects many lives but unfortunately people don‟t report it. This week is about telling people they don‟t have to put up with hate crime – any act deemed to be motivated by hostility. “We want people to be creative with their poster designs to encourage people to come forward and talk to us if they are or have been a victim.” The Village policing team are running other activities as part of the awareness week including „Coffee with a Cop‟ on Thursday 24 January from 12pm till 3pm at the Sanctuary Bar on Sackville Street followed by a police surgery at the LGF from 6pm till 8pm (Thursday 24 January). Competition entries are to be sent to The Village Neighbourhood Policing Team, 2nd floor, Bootle Street Police Station, Bootle Street, Manchester, M2 5GU. If you wish to report a hate crime call police on 101 or visit

The Commissioner is doing a media launch of the new online consultation on the budget and the Police and Crime plan next week in each Division. The purpose of the meeting is for photos to be taken by local media to promote the launch of the Commissioner's 30 days of this online consultation, and he is inviting certain groups and partners to this. The details are as follows:   

Rochdale: Thursday 31st January, 11am at Rochdale Town Hall. Bolton: Friday 1st February, 11.30am at Bolton Town Hall. Wigan: Friday 1st February, 1pm at New Life Centre, Wigan.

The Divisional Commanders have been invited and will be attending, as well as obviously the Commissioner, the Leader of the relevant Council, other partners and the media. This launch should take no longer than half an hour and will involve a 10 -15 minute walk around in the town centre.

LETTERS AND EMAILS OF THANKS A letter of appreciation has been received from a member of the public thanking DC 01137 Quinn for the way

in which he conducted the investigation when he was assaulted. In his letter he states that ‟it is evidence that the case was expertly presented and DC Quinn has been particularly helpful and considerate‟.

An email of appreciation has been received from Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd thanking all staff at Bolton Division for the warm welcome to the Divisional Carol Service. An email of appreciation has been received from PC 2314 Moseley of Lancashire Police thanking PC 14367 Young and PC 14689 Spink for their assistance. An email of appreciation has been received from Fiona Melding, Ward Manager of K1 at Royal Bolton Hospital thanking PC 12322 Nickeas for his support in relation to the ongoing problems with

illicit drug use on the ward and the associated difficulties this brings such as violent and aggressive behaviour towards staff and property.

An email of appreciation has been received from a member of the public thanking PC 11981 Vernon for his

help and assistance with a neighbourhood dispute which has been ongoing for over 2 years. In his email he states that „PC Vernon took time to listen to my concerns relating to a number of issues and did a fantastic job‟. An email of appreciation has been received from the co-ordinators of Cox Green Home watch thanking PC

09431 Holt and PCSO 65060 Worthington who have supported their work. In the email they state that „the officers have attended all of our monthly meetings and have always made excellent and useful contributions to our discussions. We have come to treat them both as good friends as well as supportive officers‟. WELL DONE TEAM!

Please feel free to visit any of the places below to discuss any issues you may be having in your area. Your local neighbourhood officers will be there to offer advice and listen to any problems you may be having in your neighbourhood in the following drop in sessions: Bolton Central Monday 28th January at Co Op, Brownlow Way, from 18:00 - 19:00. Friday 8th February at Co Op, Chorley Old Rd, from 16:00 - 17:00. Thursday 12th February at Morrisons, Mornington Rd, from 15:00 - 16:00.  Bolton East Thursday 31st January at Harwood Library from 17:00 – 19:00. Wednesday 6th February at Ucan Centre, New Lane from 10:00 – 12:00. Wednesday 20th February at Ucan Centre, New Lane from10:00 - 12:00.  Bolton West Monday 28th January at Horwich Public Hall, Lee Lane from 16:00 - 18:00. Monday 4th February at Horwich Public Hall, Lee Lane from 16:00 - 18:00.  Bolton South Monday 28th January at Horwich Public Hall, Lee Lane from 16:00 – 18:00. Tuesday 29th Janaury at Millbrook House Lime Street from11:15 - 12:00. Wednesday 30th January at Alexander Briant Court Parkfield Avenue from10:00 - 11:30 

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