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Home Watch News Letter Bolton Central and Bolton East (31/01/13– 07/02/13)

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Operation Marine... Fourteen people were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences during an operation in Bury and Bolton yesterday (Wednesday 6 February). Police raided 15 homes at addresses in Radcliffe, Whitefield, Bury east and Bolton. Drugs and cash were also seized. The raids were watched by several members of the community and councillors as well as the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, who were invited along so they could witness first-hand how police are putting a stop to drugs activity in their neighbourhood. Chief Superintendent Caroline Ball, divisional commander at Bury said: "Drugs are a major factor in many other crimes such as burglary, robbery and vehicle crime and so cracking down on those involved is a big

priority for us. "Today's arrests are part of a continued fight against organised crime groups in the area and follow on from arrests and seizures made earlier this year relating to the sale and supply of drugs. "Tackling organised crime in this way not only causes significant disruption to both users and suppliers of illegal drugs, it also means they will end up out of pocket as we can seize the assets through the Proceeds of Crime Act and put that cash back into the community. Dozens of officers were involved in the raids, including specialist officers from GMP's tactical aid and dogs units, as well as divisional officers from Bury. Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said: "This operation is a welcome example of how the police are keeping up the pressure on organised crime, to make it impossible for criminals to operate and bring misery on our communities. Inviting local councillors and residents to witness today's activity first hand, highlights how vital it is for the police, partners and the community to stand together to drive crime out of our neighbourhoods.“ Drugs workers are also available throughout the day to offer services to any prisoners that currently use drugs and who may want help to stop. The warrants were carried out following months of intelligence gathering and follow on from numerous operations in Bury over the last 12 months which have resulted in 34 people arrested and charged with over 120 drugs offences. Twelve of those arrested received prison sentences amounting to 27 years, 11 are awaiting sentencing and 11 await trial. Police have seized 30 kilos of heroin, 30 kilos of amphetamine and ¾ of a kilo of cocaine, as well as £120,000 in this time.

My name is Inspector Andy Sidebotham. I'm the new Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Bolton Central. I'm delighted to be working alongside the communities of Rumworth, Halliwell and the Town Centre. My policing background is in Manchester working in areas such as Gorton and Wythenshawe. I believe that strong communication between the public and the police is vital in the fight against crime. The information you provide is the lifeblood of policing, its helps us understand what is happening and where, so we can do something about it. It is my job to make sure we are responsive as possible so when we are told residents are suffering from Anti-Social Behaviour or there are people dealing drugs, we can investigate and take action. This action may be taken by us or our partners. Some issues are so complex a range of partners are needed to get to the root of the problem. I've been hugely encouraged by the resolve of the local partnership to improve the area. Most recently we have been suffering from cars being broken into in Rumworth, I would urge local people to make sure nothing is on show in the cars when parked up that appeals to thieves. This is not just about mobile phones and Sat Navs but also about cigarettes and loose change. Please spread the word. To combat

this, we have placed extra patrols in the area and have conducted a number of search warrants on the addresses of suspected criminals. Finally, in my first few weeks I have been impressed by how friendly and supportive local people are. I was reminded of the old African saying "It takes a village to raise a child", well it takes a neighbourhood to tackle crime. Keep looking out for each other and I'm look forward to meeting with you soon. Andy

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Town Centre

There are 3 theft from motor vehicle incidents to report this week. In the first, the offenders gained access to car park using an instrument to unbolt the gate. They removed the front nearside quarter light and used bodily force to remove the catalytic converter from the vehicle taking the same. The offenders then approached a second vehicle, again removing the catalytic converter stealing the same. In the second incident, the offender threw a brick in the direction of the front nearside window of the vehicle, resulting in this smashing on impact. The offender then entered the vehicle, searching the glove box and taking items from within. In the last, the offender smashed the offside rear window with an unknown implement of the vehicle removing items from inside.

There are two theft from persons to report in the town centre this week. In the first incident, the offender approached a lone female in a store reaching into her shopping bag and removing her purse from within. In the second, the offender approached a lone elderly female, again in a store, brushing passed her and stealing her purse from her coat pocket.

Please advise residents to always ensure vehicles are locked and alarms are set when left unattended. If possible keeping your vehicles in a locked garage over night to help prevent thefts. Also remove valuable items from within vehicles.

Please advise residents to be aware of their belongings and surroundings when out in the town centre and in busy shopping stores. Make sure that pockets and bags are securely fastened so not to give pick pockets ideal opportunities. Never leave vehicles unsecure and ensure valuables are removed from them when unattended to prevent thefts. If possible, keep them in a lit street or secure garage.

There have also been two theft from motor vehicles. The offender approached the first vehicle reaching through the ajar drivers side window, unlocking the door. They then removed a mobile phone from inside. In the second, the offender approached the vehicle and by unknown means smashed the front nearside window, reaching in and stealing items.

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There have been two burglaries in the area this week. The first on Silverdale Road. The offender approached the property through an insecure rear yard gate, climbing up to the rear dining room window using a pile of breeze blocks left on the floor to stand on. The insecure dining room window was then opened and the offender gained access to the property placing a foot on the windowsill. During the entry, the property owner was disturbed as the offender damaged the curtain pole pulling it from the wall mountings. The offender then made off, however then returned to the yard and was seen by the owner, but then made off again. In the second at Beverly House, the offender approached a wooden front door of the flat using force to break it open causing damage. Once inside, the offender removed property from within. Please advise residents to ensure all windows and doors are securely locked on properties at all times. Activate alarms throughout the night and when properties are unattended to deter offenders.

The team continue to deviate their duties to work more late and night shifts than scheduled as we are committed to tackling burglary by targeting offenders. At present we are focusing particularly on Crompton and Breightmet and hope to make real progress this week. Unfortunately most burglaries continue to occur at properties with open or unlocked doors and windows. In Bolton we have few skilled burglars who are capable of overcoming sophisticated locking systems and alarms. What we have are opportunist people who trek round on foot and on pedal bikes looking for unlocked doors and windows. It is a mistake to think these people operate only at night or when there is no-one home. A lot of these crimes occur when people leave back doors open because they think it will be okay as they are in the house. It only takes a second for them to be in and remove handbags from the kitchen or even car keys they can then use to drive away your vehicle. Stay safe and remind all in the family to lock the doors.

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Tonge Moor, Tonge Fold and The Haulgh

Two burglaries have occurred in the area in the past week. In the first on Shireburn Avenue, the offender entered the yard by climbing over a fence, using a unknown implement to prise open the patio doors. The offender failed to gain entry and left the property. In the second, on Crompton Way, the offender used a wall at the rear of the property to climb onto the roof gaining entry to the property via the bathroom window, searching all rooms and taking electrical items and a set of car keys. The offender then attempted to steal the vehicle, waking the home owner. The offender was confronted, however then drove off in the stolen vehicle.

There are also two theft from motor vehicles to report. In the first incident, the offender removed the front and rear number plates from the vehicle by unknown means, making off with the same. In the second, the front and rear numbers plates were again removed off a vehicle and taken. Ensure alarms are activated within properties and buildings as this can deter offenders and raise alarm. Do not leave keys on show within properties and ensure windows and doors are locked at all times. Where possible, keep vehicles in a secure garage to prevent access to them.

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Breightmet North and South

There are three burglaries to report in this area. In the first on Bury Road, the offender approached the property via the front insecure door removing property from within. The offender was disturbed by the home owner returning to the property, who seized the offenders jacket. The victim was threatened by the offender who was then released, making off and takings items. In the second on Blenheim Road the offenders opened an insecure conservatory door, gaining entry and forcing open the kitchen door. The vehicle keys were took from the worktop, however no entry was gained to other room. The offenders then took the vehicle from the drive making off. In the last incident on Dovedale Road, the offenders used an unknown implement to reach in through an open window, removing a key to the outer door left on a shelf in the porch. The offenders then used the key to enter the house, searching the property and takings items from within. There have also been two theft from motor vehicles this past week. In the first, the offenders prised off the rear door brand badge taking the same and in the second offenders threw a brick to smash a vehicle window, leaning in and stealing property from seating. Please advise residents to ensure windows and doors on properties are secure and locked at all times throughout the day and night. Activate alarms to act as a deterrent to offenders and to alert any break ins. Also ensure vehicles are alarmed and remove any valuables from inside them.

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One burglary has occurred in the area on Dewhurst Road. Three offenders approached the property via the front drive way. One offender opened an insecure ground floor bathroom window, leaning in, however failed to gain entry. All three offenders made off from the property, two of which were subsequently detained nearby. There is also one theft from motor vehicle to report in which the offender entered an unattended vehicle via unknown means stealing a Sat Nav from the centre console. There has also been one incident of vehicle interference where the offenders approached the vehicle and were seen to try the door handles before making off. They were detained nearby. Remain vigilant with home and vehicle security to deter thefts. Never leave window insecure throughout the night and when properties are empty. Also remove items from vehicles when they are unattended. Please advise residents to report any suspicious behaviour in the area to 101.

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Bromley Cross

There are two burglary incidents to report this week. The first occurred on Birtenshaw Crescent where the offenders approached the rear of the garden premises, forcing the shed door to gain entry and removing tools from within. They then used the tools to damage the rear ground floor patio window causing it to smash, however the offenders did not gain entry to the property and made off. The second also occurred at Birtenshaw Crescent, where the offenders approached the rear of the property using an implement to attempt to force the ground floor bedroom window to gain entry, but were unsuccessful. Two theft from motor vehicles have also occurred. In the first the offenders have entered the vehicle via unknown means causing no apparent damage, rummaging through the glove box and centre console taking items before making off with the same. In the second, the offender gained access to the vehicle via unknown means stealing property from within. There has also been a reported incident of criminal damage to a vehicle in which the offender struck the rear window with an unknown implement causing it to smash. There was possible use of a BB gun, however this was not confirmed.

Please ensure that properties are secure at all times with alarms. These prove to be a good deterrent and can prevent burglaries. Remove items from within vehicles as these may be seen by thieves.

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Astley Bridge

There is one theft from motor vehicle to report in which the offender approached an insecure vehicle, opening the front offside door and taking a ski jacket from the rear seat, making off with the same. There has also been one theft of motor vehicle where the offender by unknown means took the same without the permission of the owner. Please ensure that vehicles are securely locked and alarmed when unattended and remove any valuables or lock them away to prevent opportunist thieves. If you do notice any suspicious behaviour around vehicles or properties, please report this to 101.

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Crompton and Hall'ithwood Wood

There have been two burglary incidents in the area this week. The first occurred on Huxley Street in which the offenders approached the property currently under renovation, gaining entry via a rear insecure door, removing property from within. In the second on Wolfenden Street, the offenders used bodily force to force the rear gate lock and wooden framed rear door, conducting a search of the property and removing the boiler and radiators from both floors. This caused a water leak in the property and extensive damage to the ceilings and floors. The offenders then made off with the items. There has also been a burglary other than dwelling on Wordsworth Street where the offenders approached the rear of a property via an insecure ginnel, opening unlocked shutters and entering the rear yard. They approached an insecure unlocked shed searching within and removing a insecure pedal cycle.

One incident of theft from a person has occurred where the victim was withdrawing cash from a machine at a back. They were approached by three offenders, one of them grabbing the cash and all three of them making off. There have also been two theft from motor vehicles in the area. In the first, the offenders used an implement to force the side of the lock on the offside, entering the vehicle and removing property from the glove box. In the second, the offenders threw a large grid through the vehicle window, stealing a handbag from the driver's side and making off with the same. Always ensure that doors and windows on properties are secure throughout all times of the day to prevent access to properties. Remove valuables from inside vehicles when they are unattended, and alarming cars will act as deterrents.

Other News £750,000 drugs ring exposed thanks to GMP... A major drugs ring responsible for flooding crack cocaine and heroin onto the streets of Rochdale has been smashed thanks to Greater Manchester Police. Following a two-year investigation by officers from the Rochdale Drugs Unit, during which £750,000 worth of drugs were seized, one of Rochdale's senior drug suppliers is now behind bars. Thanks to Operation Tremor, the network was effectively dismantled and during the investigation police seized drugs with a street value of £750,000, numerous luxury motor cars and more than £5,300 in cash. PC Gabriel Gibson, Investigating Officer, said: "Today is the result of painstaking police work by officers to unmask this drugs ring and bring one of Rochdale's most senior drug dealers to justice. Counterfeit goods conspiracy smashed... A multi-million pound conspiracy to manufacture, import and sell counterfeit goods has been unmasked thanks to Greater Manchester Police. Officers working under the umbrella of Operation Bank, based in Stretford, seized thousands of pounds worth of fake clothing, shoes and watches which - if genuine - would have been worth £10m. The counterfeit goods themselves could have been sold for more than £500,000.

Please feel free to purchase tickets and attend the advertised event, ‘A Night at the Movies Charity Dinner’ in aid of ‘RETRAK.’ RETRAK is a UK based charity that works with street children in Africa to give them a real alternative to life on the street... How can you help?

LETTERS AND EMAILS OF THANKS A letter of appreciation has been received from Mrs Battersby, Assistant Head of Personnel and Safe Guarding at Canon Slade School, thanking PC 02568

Carolan on behalf of all staff and pupils for her continued involvement with the school. The letter states ‘she has been incredibly supportive of staff and her handling of pupils is superb’. It also states ‘the impact of her police presence will I am sure, have a positive effect on them for life.’

A letter of appreciation has been received from Mr Cottrill, Head Teacher at Smithills School, thanking PC 02281 Davies for his assistance

during an incident of threatening calls being made to the school. In the letter he states that PC Davies ‘has been outstanding’ and that he has ‘dealt with the staff and pupils involved in a quite extraordinarily capable way’.

Please feel free to visit any of the places below to discuss any issues you may be having in your area. Your local neighbourhood officers will be there to offer advice and listen to any problems you may be having in your neighbourhood in the following drop in sessions: Bolton Central Thursday 12th February at Morrisons, Mornington Rd from15:00 - 16:00 Wednesday 20th February at Co Op, Brownlow Way from19:00 - 20:00 

Bolton West Monday 11th February at Horwich Public Hall, Lee Lane from16:00 - 18:00 Monday 18th February at Horwich Public Hall, Lee Lane from16:00 - 18:00 

Bolton South Friday 15th February at Asda Brackley Street from13:00 - 15:00 

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