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68 East Magazine issue two

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Chantelle Boudreau:Brodye Chappell:Tom Bateman Ryan Lebel:Sean Garrity:Chris Ralph Marco Huang:Matthew Goulding:Mohammad Kidwai Erik Fisher:Matt Murphy:Andrew Lahey:Jamie Piercey Logan Landry


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Credit for this month’s cover shot goes to photographer Tom Bateman of WhoisFreddy? with this shot of Ben MacLean popping a half-cab heel in Fredricton. Check out this month’s WhoisFreddy? feature for more of Tom’s work.

edit˚ Welcome to the second issue of 68 East Magazine, the first magazine dedicated to the riding lifestyle in Atlantic Canada. This issue has a bit of everything, from New Brunswick’s WhoisFreddy to Beijing’s Marco Huang. We hope you enjoy, we’re always looking for feedback, and if you like what you see, give us a hand and tell a friend.

Nick Editor

Rider: Mark Lockhart Table + Nosepick


Rider: JP Page 180 Gap + Back Blunt

chantelle boudreau

Photography is a hobby of mine that started about 3 years ago when I bought a Nikon camera. I went from knowing nothing at all, but still thinking I was taking good shots. It was the will to learn that was helped me the most. I had glued my eyes to photography sites as well as shooting and re-shooting non stop. With all that money put into my gear and the time I spend reading up on it all finds me shooting a little bit of everything. You can find me shooting the thing that interest me the most, action sports, but to narrow it down a little, snowboarding, friends and BMX seem to be my majority. I love it when you take a shot and nail what you had in mind, the stoked level is sky high and keeps you shooting. I may not have the interest in taking photography as a career path but it will always be a side job and hobby. It's been fun.

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Rider: Smokey Tireslide

Dan Huebner

Ricky Gouin

Riley Leterte

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rp. Sean Berrigan

brodye chappell

Where are you from and what do you ride? Charlottetown, P.E.1. ::ROLL:: USD Classic Thrones/fifty-50 frames/Trust Liners/ Eulogy Wheels ::SHRED:: Technine Enforcer/ Technine Binders/32 Boots. How long have you been riding? I have been riding for about 12 years, in both rolling and le shred. How does the rollerblading scene compare to the snowboard scene in P.E.I.? I could go on for days on both, but they are 2 completely different scenes. Rolling is 1/8th of snowboarding, population wise. Get Educated, buy a rollerblade video, realize how gangster it is. How about in the rest of Atlantic Canada? It’s the same throughout the maratimes, rolling is so small. I wish it was bigger/got more props, just because we skate such, larger, radder ish. If you could be an animal which would you be and why? Ummm toughy. I’d have to say a Lion due to my chill factor hahaha. Who do you usually ride with? In both, I usually roll/skate with the young bucks. Kind of being a teacher, helping them develop into little gangsters. But when I’m traveling, I roll/shred with my good homies, so it helps push me that little bit too. " Gotta get yo' progression on sahhhhhn" haha. Are you hurt right now? Yes, sadly. September 19 I drove to Moncton to skate this massive kinker at Dieppe city hall. I did it a few years back but with no camera, so this time I came prepared with my camera and a Photographer (Thanks Julie!). Anyways, to shorten this up, the rail was a D-F-D-F-D, and I ended up getting down the D-F-D-F, came off the left side with mad speed and drove my right knee straight into the support post for the rail. Destroying my kneecap, so now its all wired together, staples, all that good stuff. A little physio in a few weeks and hopefully, knock on wood, I should be good to go early December. th

So how is the summer looking for you? Summer was looking good till the injury, so this fall is gonna be filled with rest and physio. No rolling or shred till Brodye is 100%.

Blunt at the HotShots Railjam p. Sean Berrigans

brodye chappell-Q&A

Back 180 switch nosepress at Brookvale p. Sean Berrigans

What have you got going with shop-task? Who is shop-task? Shop-Task is Dope!! ( It’s the largest freestyle rolling shop in Canada, located in Vancouver. Check it out, if you see something you like, tell 'em Brodye sent ya, and they will take care of you. How did you get involved with them? Well back in August, I received an email from Leon (owner/king/gentleman) asking me to be a part of their flow team, receiving exposure through their blog with Edits,Photos and so on. After reading the email, I felt like a 14 year old, it was like a dream come true! Thanks Leon! Any other sponsors your working with? No other sponsors in rolling. Well, I did have redbull, but then that went bust I guess, when redbull N.B. dissappeared. But for shred, Joel Hersey hooked me up with Technine through Iced Agencies (Big up!), Pete Mac Gets me Bonfire (Thanks son!) and last but not least Wes/Nick/ Andrew @ STREETWAVE. --I’m so greatful to have all these, I’m thanking them a million times. What do you do when your not riding? Well, I just recently purchased my first home this summer! So outside rolling and

Royale at UPEI, Charlottetown p. Sean Berrigans

work, and my girlfriend Rachel, I have been in Renovation mode. It pays off being a carpenter haha! What are you planning to do with a life of riding? Well, I dont know if this answers your question, but, I’m 28 years old and the last 3 shred seasons and last 5 rolling seasons have been my best. Yes you can teach and old dog new tricks. I’m gonna keep doing both till I cant anymore. What would you do with your life if you could never ride again? would destroy me. Someday I would get over it, then come back and coach the youngbucks. and tell lots of "back in the day" stories haha. Is P.E.I. an ok place to be a snowboarder? What's bad about it? What's great about it? I think PEI is a great place to be a Shred. It doesn’t have the elevations like the other places, but our park makes up for it, so much stuff to get creative on. We had the SECOND best park in the Maratimes last season, thanks to guys like Lyle Robinson. If you didn’t shred Brookvale last season, you missed out. Come this season to make up for it.

Kindgrind at Confed, Charlottetown p. Sean Berrigans

What was Nick Khatter saying about your Cadillac and why does he call you the godfather of spud snowboarding? Haha Khatter. Umm, well I used to roadtrip to the fall railjams in my pearl white Caddy STS on Dubs, take them off in the winter, but winter roadtrips in the caddy were the best! Now I’m on 24s in my Siverado, watch out! haha And the "godfather of spud snowboarding"? Never heard it before, but it does have a rad ring to it. My explanation? Hmm, I’m 28, been around forever, and I’m still ripping like I was 21, kinda haha. They call me Birdman now, so when they call me out, I let out that birdman churp, then drop in haha. Can you tell us anything about the Nasty-Nice trips up to P.E.I.? NN trips to pei? oh sweet jesus, it was one big hangover haha. I don’t remember much, but what I do remember, "EPIC". I Think Khatter and I could sit down over a few "pops" and talk about it for hours.

Backside Fulltorque on the chest high trailer park rail outside Charlottetown p. Sean Berrigans

Anybody to thank? My Family, my Girlfriend Rachel, all the little shreds and rollers, you know who you are. To my closest friends, thanks for being there for me. Leon at Shop-Task, Joel at Iced Agencies, Pete/Bonfire, Wes/Nick/Andrew at STREETWAVE, thank you Mr. Budden for this Opportunity, Sean and Julie for your Beautiful photos, Derek Martin at Boardertech, my NFLD shreds (Simon and Dru!), Scotty Mac, Freddy/ Truro/Moncton shreds, you know who you are and to the west coast rollerbladers, I’ll be out there soon for a sesh. And to anyone that I forgot.

Rainbow Gap, Martock, NS p. Dru Kennedys

Backside royale, Rustico Church, North Rustico p. Sean Berrigans

Photos courtesy of Sean Berrigan & Dru Kennedy

Kurtis Shea, nosebonk. P. Ryan Lebel


Tom Bateman Ryan Lebel Sean Garrity Chris Ralph

hello. This month 68 East sat down with two of New Brunswick’s leading action sports photographers, Tom Bateman and Ryan Lebel, and two of the provinces best videographers, Sean Garrity and Chris Ralph. Together the four of them have come together to run a website called WhoisFreddy?, which would more appropriatly be called one of the best creative outlets for action sports in Atlantic Canada. Over the next few pages you’ll be able to have a glimpse inside what drives these artists’ work, and check out a few examples of what they’ve been up to lately. Sean and Chris’ videos couldn’t be included in these pages, but if you give the link at the end of the article a click, you’ll be able to tune yourself into the WhoisFreddy world, videos and all. Where are you from? Alberta originally, but Northside Fredericton Fredericton NB Sackville, NB Fredericton, NB How old are you? 18 and change 19 20 17   School? Work? Saint Thomas University, majoring in Communications and Political Science. This winter I’m working for Fredericton’s Recreation Department. Attending UNB, Second Year. Unemployed at the moment. Attending UNB, Third Year Business Student, Unemployed at the moment Attending Senior year at Leo Hayes Highschool   What got you into skateboarding? When I moved to Freddy, my first two friends both skated, so I just started tagging along. I moved from my old house in the country to my new house in the city. I now had a huge paved driveway. How could you not start skateboarding? Two of my friends and myself decided to randomly start skateboarding. I guess we just thought it was cool at the time. Neither of them really skate anymore. I was into biking and bought a skateboard because it seemed like something fun to do on the side and from there on it's been straight skating. How long ago was that? 5 years ago I think About 5 years I’m thinking 5 years. Somewhere in the 5 year range.

Ben MacLean, halfcab heal. P. Tom Bateman What got you into the media side of things in skateboarding? How long have you beeen doing it? Shortly after starting to skate, Ben MacLean, one of the guys I hung around with everyday started progressing WAY faster than the rest of the crew, so I just started bringing my Mom’s 35mm Pentax to spots and shooting him. Skateboarding with Kyle White downtown every day. Kyle always had a video camera so I started bringing my families digital canon. Then about 3 years ago I got a Nikon d40 for christmas. Been shootin photos ever since. My friend Seth Earle had a video camera. We always used to make these videos where we had filmed so much random stuff. We would sneak onto his brother’s ibook and edit them in imovie before his brother would get home. I was always super pumped when we would film stuff and when I got my frist job, a camera was at the top of my list of things to buy. When I was 12 or so I had this little flip style digi cam and I enjoyed getting little clips and making videos. So I bought Kyle White's Sony Digi 8 cam. Then that broke in some way and I bought another little handycam which also broke. Then one day I kinda mentioned that Kyle was selling his Sony Vx1000 and Tom said I should get it, so I saved up and bought that. Were you into photography/videography before hand? Nope, not at all. Yes actually I was obsessed with small electronics as a kid so one year I saved up all my allowances for a tiny $50 dollar digital camera. It was 1.3 Megapixels. I took photos of everything! Not really, no. Not at all actually.

What about now? Do you use the camera for things other than skateboarding? Yeah for sure, I’ve shot a couple of bands, done some grad photos for friends. I also bring a camera on vacations and that sort of thing, its developed into a large part of my life. Yeah I always go on photo missions and explore the sketchier parts of town for something photogenic. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve used it for a couple of things, but 95% of my filming is skateboarding. Yeah, i have filmed a few sports events, but nothing major. What kind of influences did you have coming in? What inspired you to start? I poured over skate mags, just teaching myself timing, composition and all that. I still have huge stacks of Concrete Powder, Skateboarding Mag and Transworld in my room. Locally, both Marc Landry and Jeff Delong, two older guys that have been published got me super motivated to shoot more, and shoot better photos. I also lurked a site, I think it was, that taught me a ton at first. When I started shooting I would post them on the local skate forums and it would always get me stoked to shoot more. But lately I would have to say that I learned a lot from Tom, Skateperception, and skate mags. I was lucky. I had Julien Strasfeld (one of the guys who pretty much runs the Skateperception. com forums) to teach me stuff along the way. I’m constantly watching skate videos and I usually have to watch a video twice. I usually watch the filming the first time and then I appreciate the skateboarding the second time around. Umm, i don't know really. The SkatePerception forums were huge tho. There is long winters here, so i just lurked their forums for hours on end. And or course skate videos and like Sean said i usually have watch things twice.   How about now? Who’s work makes you want to keep shooting? Where can we find their work? There’s a ton of people that make me want to take photos, mostly people that are on As far as good sites to check out,,, and of the top of my head. What Tom said. I wouldn’t say someone else’s work makes me want to keep shooting. Ty Evans is clearly at the top in the filming world but he’s on such a high level that he has way more filming equipment like ladders, dollys, exploding things, etc to get shots like his. Well i mean there is so many people, mostly off Perception. Hmm, it's hard to single out one person, i mean Ty Evans of course, he is always pushing filming in skating to new levels. CocaCola actually off SP, such a good filmer, search PreLoved trailer on Youtube, some of his best work.   Is this a career option for you? What future plans do you have for your art? If no, what do you plan on doing with your life? That’s a good question, I love photography and want to do it for the rest of my life, but I’m not sure if I’d like it as much if it was a profession. If the whole university thing doesn’t work out, then I guess photography is my plan B. Photography will always be a passtime of mine, and I might use it in the future as a career if university doesnt work out. I honestly have no idea where ill be in 5 years. I really don’t think it’s a career option for me. Getting into the filming part of the skate industry is ridiculously hard. As for a life plan, I just want to finish business degree and get a career or get my education degree after that so I can teach. Honestly doubt it. Maybe a few side jobs for some extra cash. I will probably always film, but like sean said skateboard filming is one of the hardest jobs to get into and actually make a living off of it. But you never know.

Brandon Boudreau, handflip. P. Ryan Lebel

le W hite Kysmith pop-out p. tom bateman

Brndon Boudreau, ollie. P. Tom Bateman

What about individual projects? Sean I know you’ve been working of a full length film based out of Moncton for a while now, whats up with that? Nothing too big, almost all my skate stuff is going into WIF. I did some still work for a short film Jesse Anthony is doing, shot some promo work for a couple bands, and shot a live show for one of them. I guess I’m doing some grad pictures for some spending money this fall too. I’ve been just working up a portfolio and ill see where it takes me. I dont really have anthing else on the go other than WIF. My main focus right now in photography is just improving and learning. I'm currently working on a video with Jeff Pineau from Moncton called "Back To Square One". Its got skating from both Moncton and Fredericton in it. There have been a ton of set backs with everything including: dropping one of my external hard drive and losing a ton of footage I had, breaking cameras, not . We're going to come out with a video this winter no matter so keep an eye out for that! I don't really have any projects in mind, maybe a video in the future but nothing iv'e thought about too much. I guess i might be contributing some footage into Sean's video, so look out for his video coming out. Everyone remembers his or her first camera, what was yours? A dusty old Pentax K1000 I found in my basement. I still use it. A Sipix Stylecam I still have it. It’s a JVC GRDV800 its garbage. Horrible camera. My first was a Sony Digi 8 Handycam.   What do you shoot with now? A Rebel XT with a 15mm fisheye, a 18-55mm and two strobes. A Nikon D90, 17-85mm lense and 2 Vivitar flashes. Sony VX-1000, MK1 (Death Lens) Sony VX-1000, Raymod.   What plans do you have for gear in the future? What about a dream set up? Jeez, I’d love to get my hands on the Canon 7d that just came out, that and with a bunch of great sharp lenses and a reliable strobist setup would make me a really happy camper. Obviously, I’d love to immerse myself in the medium format world as well, but neither of those are going to happen anytime soon. Im pretty happy with what I have now. I think I might purchase an old film camera soon. Just for fun. I actually want to sell my VX1000/MK1 and get a DVX or something. Don’t get me wrong, VX1000/MK1 is my favourite and was my dream setup but its just time for a change. I would love to pick up an Mk1 and lately i have been thinking about an HV30. As far as dream setup i would love to get a prosumer HD cam but i don't know about that.   Turning to the website, what exactly is WhoIsFreddy? What is your goal? WIF is just collaboration for the work of myself, Ryan, Chris and Sean, we try to focus on skateboarding, but we put other stuff up to. We try to keep it at most original content. I don’t really know if we have a goal, exposure I guess.   What do people see when they log onto it? The site is updated almost daily, checking it out will fill you in on what the four of us have been up to the past week and also what has been happening in the Fredericton skate scene along with the occasional link to other sites/videos.

How did you get involved in WIF? I had been meaning to get some sort of site up for my photography for a while, and so had Ryan, so we decided to collaborate together. I think it was Ryan to suggested bringing in a couple filmers, and Sean and Chris were the obvious choices for that. From there we all decided to focus it into a skateboarding site for Fredericton specifically. Something like that. What kind of things has the site been involved in? The site has been involved in a couple things. This has been the first year of operation for the site. Its grown pretty quickly too. We’ve two different sets of stickers made, a photo contest where we gave away some Monark merchandise, a product review on a new deck company, and most recently, we’ve gotten t-shirts made up. We’ve still got a lot more stuff we’re currently planning for the future too.   Have you thought about expansion in the area of the number of contributors? Maybe pushing the site past just Fredericton? As far as I know there aren’t many photographers or filmers that are in the maritimes. I don’t know what they do for exposure either. We do have a spotlight section to give exposure to some people, but we’re just working on our first spotlight with Curtis Rothney, a photographer from Dartmouth, NS. My advice to those “underground” media members is to give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do for a spotlight. Yeah exactly, like if there are people out there that need a platform to get their stuff seen, this is certainly one way. Obviously we try to maintain a certain quality in our work, but if that’s not a problem there’s no reason we wouldn’t be happy to post up work from outside of Fredericton.  Where do you see the site going in the next little while? Anything we should be looking out for? Winter’s coming, and schools already it’s going to get harder to post as much skateboarding. I plan to shoot snowboarding this winter, and I’ll post up as much nonskateboarding work as possible. Probably less original content in general from everyone as well. Yeah, winters are bad here, so get ready for lots of indoor footage.

Kurtis Shea, crooked grind. P. Ryan Lebel


Monks My Ass tore a new one at Pro Skates Uptown headlining the Halifax Pop Explosions opening night gala pre-party finale. The opening night tea party gala finale saw the triumphant return of Monks My Ass to the Halifax Pop Explosion. After a four year hiatus following their highly publicized onstage copraphagia scandal MMA took the stage with a blatant disregard for restraining orders, helmet laws and other forms of black metal oppression. The sold out free concert showcased the pop duo in fine form as they ejaculated their brew of cock rock over most of the first two rows causing one fan to exclaim “Not the hair!”. After a hot heated set of blistering classiques the all girl sextet brought the roof down

with a medley of MMA anthems including ‘Cheesy Fingered Me’, ‘Up To The Elbow’ and ‘Knee AIDS’. The show was so well recieved that the event organizers are planning on making this yearly event an annual occassion. If you missed MMA at Pro Skates Uptown, dismay not, you can still catch the three piece live opening for Slayer who are opening for Snoop Dogg or Marilyn Manson. Hail Satan. Pro Skateboards Uptown - 406.4006


Hassan Khurshid P. Tom Bateman

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Jordan Newcomb P. Matt Grant

Stephen Morrell P. Jordan Hare

Nick Boyd P. Tom Bateman

Matt Stead P. William Baker

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Mark Lockhart P. Chantelle Boudreau

Beijing China When I was a kid I use to subscribe to three or four different snowboard magazines, studying every trick, checking out the latest outerwear, and trying to find out who was the latest am-rider to worm their way into the media’s spotlight. Lucky enough to grow up just a few minutes from Ski Martock, after scanning through the magazines’ pages I’d grab my board and head to the hill, running t-bar laps through the park with my friends for a few hours every day after school. Though I loved the magazines, they really didn’t reflect what snowboarding meant for me, or for my friends. For us snowboarding was about our community, about these after school sessions, and about always learning something that you couldn’t do the day before. As Atlantic Canadian snowboarding is finally begining to be noticed by the mainstream current of Canadian snow culture, it seems like the perfect time to take a look back to our roots, to make sure we don’t lose that sense of community and pure love of the sport that makes riding in Atlantic Canada great. As a snowboard scene ignored by the outside world ourselves, we thought Atlantic Canadian riders might enjoy a chance to delve into a parrallell scene across the world. Snowboarders the world has forgotten, riding for the pure love of the sport - this is snowboarding in Atlantic Canada - and, this is snowboarding in China. We hope you enjoy. Nick

R. Wanglei P. Xiao Ba

黄雪峰 Marco Huang

What’s your name and where do you live? My name is Marco Huang (actually it should be 黄雪峰, if you translate it directly it means YELLOW SNOW MOUNTAIN  haha...and it’s my real chinese name). I came from Northern China, a place called Heilongjiang, but I’ve lived in Beijing almost 20years! How did you get into snowboarding? How long has snowboarding been   happening in China? 5 years ago I was fired by a European Union company, that was during the winter…so I got the chance to snowboard at Nanshan ski resort BEIJING where I met my current boss, actually I wanna call him my best friend Steve (Stephan Zdarsky –CEO of MELLOW ), we were riding together pretty much the whole season. After that he asked me if I wanted to work with him to build up a company to do the snowparks and events, so I said “yes, why not” so I started to get into the business! Snowboarding has been happening in China since Steve started the small event the Nanshan open 8 years ago, now the Nanshan Open has already become the only Chinese TTR 4STAR event. How many parks have you guys gotten set up in China so far? We had 5 parks in the whole of China, and now we still have two mellowparks in China: Nanshan mellow park Qiaobo mellow parks And we may have more mellowparks in china when winter starts, it’s still secret right now haha!

R. Marco Huang P. Ludschi

Do you have any more planned for the future? As a headshaper of mellowpark, I wanna buid up more and more good standard parks in China, to see more and more snowboarders get into it! So the parks can be the base camp for the riders, to help them shred in all the world in the future, to show that we can snowboard too :P. For myself, I wanna ride as much as I can, that’s the reason I am doing it.

京 北

Beijing China

R. Perry P. Xiao Ba

黄雪峰 Marco Huang con’t

And how has China been reacting to snowboarding? Is it catching on fast? I think Chinese people love snowboarding, there are more and more young people jumping into these sports, as it’s more like a kind of lifestyle for the young guys! They all think it’s a kind of “cool” and “extreme” action! The snowboarders come from the whole of China, not to mention the north area including Beijing (where most snowboarders in China come from, which is the centre of Chinese snowboarding), and there’s also riders from south China like Shanghai, Chengdu, and even Hongkong. They are traveling the whole of the world to search snow for shredding! Level wise, I can’t say it’s same standard as the EU and US, but we are catching up! Especially the shredders from the Chinese national team who’ve already gotten some titles from the World Cup competetions! They’ve aimed for the 2010 winter Olympics, if China gets some medals from the women’s halfpipe competition, don’t be surprised! Haha… Were the resorts accepting to snowboarders in the beginning, or did it take time for them to allow  snowboarding like in other parts of the world? I heard about what happened with snowbarding in the US and EU at the beginning, but its never happened in China I think, maybe because skiing and snowboarding happened pretty late in China. Before skiing was only for the pro-sports from national teams! And it became a public sport not more than 10 years ago, so at that time snowboarding was already well developed in western countries so it was easy for Chinese ski resort to get snowboarding on the slopes! Where do you see Chinese riding going in the future? I think with more and more young kids joining the sport the Chinese riding level will get higher soon, because up to now most of the shredders are grown up people who have good life conditions that can support them riding! So as soon as the young kids become the main source of snowboarding, they are gonna kick some serious ass …or maybe hehe! As snowboarding is really suited for Asian people, you don’t need that much strength, but more skills, we’ll see!

R. Dajing P. Xiao Ba

How accessible is snowboarding to the Chinese public at large? For the Chinese pubic, it’s not that hard for them to access snowboarding! You can see there is 50% snowboarders on the slope at Chinese ski resorts, you can see from this that its not hard. I think hehe…and there will be more and more ! Word has been making its way to Canada about sick Chinese backcountry, are the rumors true? 100%sure !!! There are so many secret backcoutry spots, like Changbai mountain,Tibet,Xinjiang,Sichuan… Sooooooo many places, but most of those places are not really opened for ski & snowboarding yet,we need guides who can ski or snowboard there, it will be opened soon I think ! Are we going to see some Chinese riders coming up as international pros soon? How about in  Canada for the 2010 Olympics? Actually as international pros, I’m gonna say “no” …it takes time! But international competetors - “yes” (I mean the kids from Chinese National snowboarding team), as I mentioned before they are gonna make you say “wow,” especially the girls (names like Liu jiayu …) they rock right now, you will see! Can a pro snowboarder in China live off snowboarding alone yet, or do they need to work as well? I don’t think we can call them real pro snowboarders, as they can’t live with only snowboarding yet, they have to do some other work, like park shaper, snowboarding stores… Who are the best riders in China right now? Zhangwei, Wanglei, Steve, Xfox, Hewei… Who are the up and comers? Mingming, Hewei, Jay li…so far as I know Where could someone go online to learn more about riding in China?, as I know hehe

R. Marco Huang P. Ludschi


R. Wanglei P. Xiao Ba


1. Approach the object with a decent amount of speed and with your shoulders in-line with your board.

2. Land with pressure on your nose, lift your back foot up. 3. Keep your weight focused on the nose, use your shoulders to balance. 4. At the end of the rail pop off the nose of your board. 5. Level you and your board out in the air. 6. Land flat, bend your knees and ride away.



My Summer Vacation by Logan Landry

My Summer Vacation by Logan Landry As the summer kicked off this year most people are thinking vacation time and time to relax but what was going through my mind was that I needed to get out of Nova Scotia. As great as summer is and everything, summer happens to be very lackluster as far a surf goes in Nova Scotia. So I called my good friend and coach Jim Hogan who has been coaching me for the last 3 years, and he said it looked like 4 back to back swells were on the way and heading the perfect direction for Costa Rica, so i planned it out to stay there for a month and my good friend from home, Ben Woodford, joined me on this excursion. He’s never been south so he freaked out when we arrived and it was 15 ft the first day -that was a shocker. After flying for a full day and not sleeping, we paddled out and I remember the first wave I got cuz I fell from the top of a 15 ft wave...happened to be a good way to wake me up. The next few day consisted of warm water, the hottest sun ever considering it was the rainy season, and Ben being the ginger he is burnt so bad he was just red for the rest of the trip. For about three weeks we got the best waves, it was overhead and perfect for the whole time. We got so many good waves and some pretty fun nights out in town as well, then after a few nights out Ben seems to get the swine flu. He was out for three days and couldn't surf and just layed in bed. Meanwhile I was surfing and laying around by myself. Everyone in the house I was staying at got better and I ended up being the only one who didn’t get sick because of my healthy diet consisting

of redbull and coco puffs.The next few days we went on to surf the craziest waves of my life. We were there with a bunch of pro surfers and they were calling it the best waves they have ever surfed, and some of the people we were surfing with are in the surfing hall of fame so that says something about the waves we got to surf, and by the looks of it this wave will be in the mags and videos very soon so it was kind of special that we were some of the first people to surf it. So if you are looking to go on a good summer surf trip I suggest central America as it is one of the most consistent places to surf in the world, so it should defentilly be on your hit list.

P. Ian Ripley

Mohammad kidwai

Age: 16

Hometown: Halifax, NS Years Skating: 6 Sponsors: None Biggest Fear: going nollie when there's a crack

Who is Mohammad Kidwai? I'd say a random arab dude who skates halifax a lot Why do you love to skate? For the same reasons most people do. it's just how stoked you get when you land a new trick, when you bomb hills, when you just do anything on a skateboard. It's crazy being able to think of some random sh*t and then just go do it. Then do something else. What’s something even your friends wouldn’t know about you? uhhh i skate my box in sweatpants

P. Ian Ripley

Where do you hope your skating will take you? I just want to skate as much as possible. Just basically want to have fun with it for the rest of my life and skate every day.

Erik fisher

Let us know who you are. Im a 16 year old skateaholic who is always down for pretty much anything, I love to be out skating with my friends or filming and editing at home. Playing Video Games on raining days.

p. Dru Kennedy

Age: 16 Hometown: Corner Brook, Newfoundland Years Skating : 5 Sponsors: None yet Biggest Fear: Growing up

How do you think your friends would describe you? My friends would describe me to be a full of energy skate rat. Well thats just what i think, they could say many different things but my friends are a huge part of skating. What’s it like growing up skating in Newfoundland? Growing up being a skater in Newfoundland is getting harder. There are a lot of good skaters from all over the island but its hard for most to get recognized for sponsors or even just some hook ups. Skating in Newfoundland is easy to make friends because people here are nice for the most part and are just always down for a skate.

What’s the scene like in Corner Brook? Well I always heard of the old Corner Brook skate scene and with the old exact team and all there videos, but in the last year lots of more skaters have been coming out and some older guys are out pushing around too. Some days there would be the scatter photographer come and get some shots. Sideways Board Shop is also helping out by holding a comp September 27 so that should bring some attention to the skate scene. How long are you going to be skating? The day I stop skating is the the die the doctor says I can't. Even if im not trying to get a new trick or speeding down a hill, I'll always have my board there to go for a push and relieve some stress or just to get away.


music. music. music. music. music. music. music. music. music. music. music. music. music.

*Photos by Nick Langor Graf by NTC

LARGE LIVE N’ DIRECT Who is Large Live n’ Direct? Matt Murphy aka MYselph Tha Large Animal Andrew Lahey aka AndrewLIVE Jamie Piercey aka Joseph Stylin’ aka Direct Dialect How did you guys wind up together? What’s the story behind the band? Joseph Stylin’: It's pretty strange how the three of us managed to come together in a city like St. John's. Selph and I met in high school, after I did a presentation on Common's "One Day It'll All Make Sense" class for a writing class. Prior to this event I'm sure he didn't take me as a hiphop head (I was rocking the long bleached hair steeze) but afterwards we kind of linked, as hip-hoppers in St. John's are a rare breed. Eventually we were battling in-class via note passing, and pretty soon we decided we would start rapping together. After that came a whole variety of incarnations of what is now Large, LIVE n' Direct. I linked with LIVE sometime towards the end of high school, when he wasn't even taking MCing seriously yet, and we would eventually record an album together as LIVE n' Direct with a producer named Sixteentrack. Selph was doing his own thing by then, but we eventually merged our live shows together and then decided to keep writing together. In short, three likeminded artists came up together around the same kinds of circles and eventually realized what they had to do. How would you guys describe your music? AndrewLIVE: It’s not really something that can be summed up in a word or genre. We all have so many influences and assets we bring to the group it’d be unfair to slap a label on it, but if I were to try I would consider us to have a new school hip hop sound in terms production from our man Sixteentrack, extreme attention to the traditional and technical aspects of MCing, mix that with some soul infused singing and melodies and that’s the closest you’re going to get. Dig me? Where has you music taken you so far? Myselph Tha Large Animal: Over the past several year we have had to pleasure of performing with an array of really dope artists such as The Beatnuts (NYC) Ghettosocks (Hali) Rhythmicru (TO) to name a few. After years of smaller shows we have been blessed to start developing a following. Maintaining a reasonable fan base in Atlantic Canadian hip-hop is easier said then done, so after years of blood and sweat we have finally conquered that first hurdle and are ready to make the next step forward.

LIVE: Word, I agree. I think right now we’re extremely hungry for this and are willing to put in all the necessary work it takes, hopefully that opens some doors, avenues, windows etc. for us but until then who knows? I don’t wanna put a limit on what we want to do in the future just because we have no idea where we may end up, so until the next step, we’re ready and waiting. What’s the best thing about your life right now? MYselph: Being able to make music with my two best friends, and share our collective message.

Where do you hope it’s going to take you in the future? MYselph: It’s unforeseen, we will get as much or as little as we put in.

Joe: The ability to create art and share it with appreciative folks is the most I could ever ask for out of life. The sense of motivation one gains from the desire to be able to do so on a more successful level is pretty much the driving force behind all of our lives. We all love the art form with a lot of passion and I think we would all agree that music is the best thing about our lives. LIVE: That’s all, That’s it. I couldn’t be more happy about what I’m doing right now with these cats and that’s why we’re doing all this, so we can do this until we can’t anymore.

Anyone to thank? There’s so many people we want to thank, that have been real helpful in terms of us being able to do what we do. All the folks that come out to the shows, all the people that copped the cd but specifically we wanna thank Krow Greycloud, Prototype, 9th Atom and the Filthy Gentleman, Antics, Cyrus Clarke, Pooch for holding us down and giving us opportunities, NTC, Gavin Anstey, Cantwell and ODC Productions, DJ JBillz and Sure Fire Ent. East Rock Crew, AE Bridger, Roundelay, Justine Poutine, Maze & Phax, Big Wes, Mark Murphy, Sharon for putting up the nonsense and anyone and everyone that is helping us do the damn thing. SUPPORT WHO! SUPPORTS YOU!


Street Art from: Xalapa-Mexico

p. nick budden

Street Art from: Xalapa-Mexico


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