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68East. atlantic canadian rider culture photo: Dustin Seca

“Janine Strickland pees in her wetsuit”

Profile: Nick Boyd & Nic Yetman



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“Janine Strickland pees in her wetsuit.”




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Music. “I want the world to know about...”

Cover Shot. Janine Strickland is the first female to make the cover of 68 East, and you can read her full interview on page 30, thanks to Caralee Murphy. Photo credits for this month’s cover goes to Nic Thorne - thanks for a great shot.

Nic Thorne Ryan Lebel | Curtis Rothney Dustin Seca | Kyle McPhee Corey Jauques | Kelly Rambeau Doug Colsen | Tom Bateman Ian Ripley | Mason Burke Janine Strickland | Sabrina Hale Caralee Murphy | Aaron Jackson Todd McLean | Matthew Goulding


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edit. Welcome to the fifth issue of 68 East Magazine, and the first issue of 2010 - Happy New Year, & Bonne Anné to our Acadian buddies. Though we didn’t get going until the tail end of the year, we have to say that 2009 was a great opening year for the mag, and we’re looking forward to 2010 being even better. Each month we have more and more riders from around Atlantic Canada coming to us looking to work with the mag, every month new people in the community have been turned on to the project, and we really feel like we’re getting a whole lot better at getting the mag together. 2009 was all about getting our feet wet, diving in head first, then learning to swim. Let’s see what 2010 has to bring. Nick | Editor contact:

Morgan Skidmore Photo: Curtis Rothney


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11 photographers.


DUSTIN.SECA// PHOTOGRAPHERS Whats up 68 east readers!

Alright I'm just going to get straight into this, my name is Dustin Seca, I am currently living in Moncton N.B but I am originally from Woodstock N.B {if anyone knows where that is. I have been skating for a long ass time now, I would have to say about 12 years. I have just recently gotten into the photography game when I bought myself a half decent digi slr cam. Since I have bought my camera I have completley fallen in love with shooting photos, almost as much as I love skating. I have only been taking pics for like 6-8 months so I am still really new to photography, but I can’t wait to learn everything I can about it so I will be able to take better photos in the future. And I will finally be getting my slaves for Christmas which is in like 2 weeks {from the time I’m writing this anyways}, so I’m stoked on that. Anyways thats all I have to say for now so enjoy some of these photos I have shot over this past summer and hopefully I will be getting to the indoor this winter to get pics. Right: Ferris Asante, front feeble.


Above: Justin Steeves, front one over the rail. Left: Brooks Wirsz, back one over the rail.



Above: Corey Mazzerole, ollie. Right: Justin Steeves, varial heel.

your shots# Kyle McPhee, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

Pat Boissenault. Photo: Corey Jauques.


your shots# Kris Rambeau. Photos: Kelly Rambeau and Doug Colsen.


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photo: ad

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January is usually the month that snow, if it hasn’t already, starts to cover every corner Atlantic Canadian soil and cement; it is also the month that we say goodbye to one year, and usher in the next. With snow and new years celebrations chasing ‘09 skating into history, we’ve decided to dedicate this month’s Dark Room to celebrating some of the best skate photography of 2009. We hope you enjoy, and a big thanks to all the photographers who contributed to 68 East in its first year.

Greg Brewer, frontside rock. Photo: Ryan Lebel.



Kyle MacDonald, ollie. Photo: Curtis Rothney.

Ben MacLean, front board in Fredricton NB. Photo: Tom Bateman.


Ryan Lebel, noseslide to fakie. Photo: Tom Bateman.

Kurtis Shea, ollie. Photo: Tom Bateman.


Kurtis Shea, backside 180. Photo: Ryan Lebel.


Josh Clark, frontside tailslide. Photo: Ryan Lebel.


Top left: Kyle MacDonald, ollie up to 5-0. Photo: Ian Ripley. Top Right: Kevin McDonald, Ollie up to Wallride. Photo: Ian Ripley. Bottom Left: Andrew O’Brien, kickflip. Photo: Mason Burke. Bottom Right: Neil Blackwood, switch crooks bigspin. Photo: Ian Ripley.

“Janine Strickland pees in her wetsuit” Janine Strickland Profile by Caralee Murphy

Right: J9 at the ramp in the hood. Photo: Nic Thorne.


“I cut my foot on the reef…chucked some lime juice on there so I should be good to go.” classic Janine Strickland - message from Panama. “It’s supposed to be big here the next few days, I’m excited…It can be kind of soft so eating it is no big deal as long as you don’t get washed over the reef.” Those were excerpts from messages that I just received from Janine via facebook from Panama. Her and fellow east coast surfer, Myles Baldwin, ditched the beginning of our winter surf season for tamales, discotecas and boat trips to nearby warm water waves – no wetsuits required. At 24, Janine (also known as “J9”) is taking women’s surfing and living in Nova Scotia to the next level. She was the only woman to enter the Red Bull Nova Scotia “big wave” photo competition and the only woman invited to participate in Red Bull Moon Sessions; an invite-only at night photo surf competition taking place in 2010. Janine tops the ranks of female surfers in Eastern Canada. She lives on the Eastern Shore at the One Life Surf house with her dog “Bones”. Janine owns One Life Surf School and contributes as the head surf instructor, apparel designer and event manager. On top of this, she also supports her transient lifestyle via her virtual office doing project management consulting. con’t...

Above: J9 fun session at home. Photo: Nic Thorne. Right: Breakfast in Jersey. Photo: Sabrina Hale

Top Left: Hawaii dreams (self portrait). Centre Right: One Life surf competition. Photo: Aaron Jackson. Bottom Left: Winter session. Photo: Nic Thorne.

“...when there is no surf, it leaves a gaping hole in my life and I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.”

Photo: Aaron


Icicle session (self portrait)

Janine is a bit of an anomaly. She is big into metal and tattoos (currently working on a half sleeve with Scott Forbes @ Oceanic Art); she can also be found baking vegan cupcakes, sewing socks into sweaters for her pocket dog, mud sliding, doing yoga, horseback riding, longboard skateboarding, snowboarding, and the list goes on. This year alone, Janine has managed to squeeze in a surf trip to Jersey, a road trip to the North by Northeast Music Festival in Toronto, River Surfing in Montreal, a surf trip to South Australia and currently she’s eating empanadas and surfing tropical waves in Panama. By the time you read this, she will be home again awaiting word on the Red Bull Moon Sessions. Not a bad life. Let’s hear about it in her words. Some Q’s Where have you been? North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Australia x 2, London, Paris, Hawaii x 3, Panama x 2, Ecuador, California, Montreal, T-Dot, Florida x too many. Worst wipe out? It was the first time I got barreled. It was a bigger day at Out Fronts and I started paddling for a wave that I knew was all mine. I made the drop and I remember hearing someone yell whoooooo. I saw the wave throw over me, then I watched the wave close on me (laughs). My board twisted sideways and I snapped the nose off on the inside of my thigh. I got out after that and I could barely walk! I had the worst bruise on my leg; it was about half a foot long and wide. People that inspire you? Most of my friends inspire me, from Julie that charges surf when she’s preggo and doesn’t know what fear is to Beth who has enough skills to join the circus… Michelle lives life to the fullest, the list goes on and on, I guess I keep good company (smiles).   Worst thing about surfing? Who asks that? I’ve never ever had someone ask me that! Okay worst thing about surfing is when there is no surf, it leaves a gaping hole in my life and I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.

2007 Red Bull Monster wave entry. Photo: Todd McLean.

Favourite contest win? First One Life contest I entered.  I was super hung over from the One Life Lu’au and I guess that’s what I needed to take the edge off. I was constantly coming in second and I finally got 1st. I was sooo stoked but I think I went home and went to bed afterwards (laughs). Tell me about Bones My little Mexican burrito?  He’s awesome, coolest dog in the world, he speaks Spanish and is a little bit bigger then my right foot.   Favourite Wave?   Not sayin’. Secret crush? You will never know in a million years, neither will he. What do you want to be better at? Surfing, singing, stress management, skateboarding. Hang outs?   Julie and Scott’s couch, the skate ramp in the ‘hood, and the ocean.

“...he speaks Spanish and is a little bit bigger than my right foot.�


Favourite recipe? My vegan chocolate cupcakes with curse word icing of course. Tunes? Honestly, I listen to bit of everything but I guess Metal comes in at the top. Surf Shop of choice? I like supporting all of the local shops, I guess I mainly shop at Kannon Beach because the staff is rad! Plus, it’s 5 minutes away from my house - (laughs). So you own a surf company, what’s that like? I love being a part of One Life Surf because I love inspiring others and teaching people how to surf. Every time I push someone into their first wave and they stand I get to relive the stoke of my first wave. One Life is also a great creative outlet for me. We’ve been screen printing our own threads, and making our own stickers. My favourite so far has been the “I pee in my wetsuit” bumper sticker; it cracks me up when I see the people behind me read it in traffic—the reactions are priceless. Riding a present from Hurricane Bill. Photo: Nic Thorne

What else you got cookin? Red Bull moon sessions, I was the only girl invited - they want us to surf in the dark with a giant helium light balloon and the full moon as our light. It’s more of a photo contest. I’m super pumped to get an invite. I’m also going to be on a Land and Sea episode about winter surfing and community.  I just got home from Panama.. I took Spanish classes to avoid mishaps that happened from my last trip to Panama - getting lost at dusk, facing a rising tide tromping through pooh and cow fields in a bikini with only my surfboard and really bad Spanish – wink. Aspirations? Short term:  I’d like to make it to Worlds. I was invited last year but Canada didn’t end up sending a team, maybe next year. I would like to get more sponsors, Oakley has been awesome. I love their sunglasses and they are a great company to ride for.  I want to become a better surfer and get a coach. Perhaps, I will live somewhere with good surf for a while, maybe I’ll head back to Hawaii for a few months. Long Term: I’m still too young to worry about the long- term; as long as I’m surfing I’ll be fine. Check out Janine at

Janine working on her backside. Photo: Nic Thorne.


halifax ns febru

uary 26,27 2010

photo: Tom Bateman



If you guys don’t know who I’m talking about, I’m talking about Nicholas Boyd, or if you don’t know his name, he’s the kid who looks like Tom Bateman. I personally didn’t start skating seriously (I could roll around on one but didn’t try to learn/ do tricks though) until I was 17 or 18. I always wish that I had started earlier because I’d be much more content with my level of skating at my current age. When I see some of the younger guys at kimble skating, I only wish I was half as good as them at that age. This kid is getting good. He’s a soon to be 15 year old that has just gone through puberty and is working his way up the skateboarding scale. - Sean Garrity.

.boyd// .profile

by Mike Rosengren and Sean Garrity

10 Questions with Nick Boyd Who Is Freddy?: Whats gayer, marks new tat or ryan shecklers back tat? Nick Boyd: Well, Sheckler’s tat makes the girls go crazy but Marky’s tat makes the lil’ boys crazy, so I’d have to say Mark. WIF?: Are you actually on West 49? Nick Boyd: Yes, I really am. WIF?: In 10 years when you turn 19, will you get a west 49 tattoo? Nick Boyd: In ten years, when I can beat you up even worse, I probably will have multiple tatoos, including a west 49 tat. WIF?: If you could say one thing to Mike Tyson, what would you say? Nick Boyd: Shut up. WIF?: If you could change your nick name from nick 49, what would you change it to? Nick Boyd: Twix. WIF?: Funniest people in freddy? Nick Boyd: Conor Atkins, Mobene Tahershamsi, Alireza SaggyTats. WIF?: Top 5 People to skate with and give a word describing each one of them. Nick Boyd: Kurtis Shea : Spiffy Chris Ralph : Schnazzy Archie : Confused Ali : Iran Conor Atkins : Napkins WIF?: What’s it like having to look like Tom Bateman? Nick Boyd: It sucks but I’ve been told I’m better looking, so I’m down, I guess…. WIF?: Would you rather switch drop in the kamakazee at magic mountain or belly flop off the princess margaret bridge? Nick Boyd: Seeing as I struggle at Life and Switch, I’d have to say Belly Flop, cause, I dunno. WIF?: If you had to get two, four letter words tatoo’d on your knuckles, what would they be? Nick Boyd: Tank Boyd

photo: Ryan Lebel


tman// .profile


Name. Age. Home.? Nic Yetman. 17. Deer Lake, Newfoundland. Where is deer lake exactly? A boring little town you pass through to get to where all the exciting thaaangs are going down in Newfoundland. What do you do to make your town fun? I use my imagination, usually accompanied by some happy grass and a bmx.

Craziest thing you've ever done on a bmx? Hmmm, I dunno. probably when I 180'ed the 11 stair at Monday Pond. Craziest thing you've ever done in your life? Hint: they grow in cow poop. What kind of life philosophy would you say you live by? Life is easy: eat, sleep, toke, bmx. Do you usually get all of those into the same day? As long as the weather allows it! Any last words? Peace out, One Love !

Nic. Yetman//

Break out the snowboard much? When the time comes around, hell yeah. It’s how I spend my winter!

photo: Matthew Goulding

“I want the world to know about...” Music you should know from a few of 68 East’s featured artists


Wrecking Ball-is an album a whole movie can be filmed around. Lanois producing drops Emmylou's stunning voice onto a truly badass avenue. Just listening to the first track says you're in for a truly atmospheric experience. The album was born right around the same time as U2's Joshua Tree (also produced by Daniel Lanois) There are some awesome similarities. from Josh Knowles of a.s.t.

I want the world to know about Emmylou Harris

“Wrecking Ball�

By far one the best live albums/DVD concerts I have ever seen. Rattle And Hum captures U2-on and off the stage during their triumphant Joshua Tree tour. This concert shows the bands true amazing stage quality and their real to life political views of the late 1980’s. Its an absolutely charging and moving experience. Its the type of stuff that gets me really pumped!! from Tyler dempsey of a.s.t.

I want the world to know about U2

“Rattle and hum”

'Tim' by The Replacements is a great rock album from '85. Paul Westerburg at his finest. It's produced by Tommy Ramone with highlights including 'Left of the Dial' and 'Bastards of Young'.. You can listen to this one alone in your car or in a drunken stuper partying your ass off. from david casey of gloryhound

I want the world to know about The Replacements


Had this album in the headphones all summer while skating the Fall River park, it just puts me in the mood to rip. The guitar is super raw, Bon Scott is unbelievable, and every song charges. Time for less slow Lil Wayne mixtapes and more charging to some serious shit. 'Overdose' and 'Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be' always gets the fist pumping before dropping in.

from Shaun Hanlon of gloryhound

I want the world to know about ACDC

“let there be rock�

I would suggest people tune into the Dead Kennedy's 1982 album "Plastic Surgery Disasters." The album is a blistering satire of the American Dream under Reaganomics, performed in a tight and dischordant style. As a bassist, I first cut my teeth trying to play along with Klaus Flouride's snarling bass parts. As a listener, I was blown away by how the songs could be both funny and menacing at the same time. Ferocious yet funny, "Plastic Surgery Disasters" and its assault on consumer culture is just as relevant now as it was in the early 80's. from jeremy macpherson of gloryhound

I want the world to know about the Dead Kennedys

“Plastic Surgery disasters�

Frightening intensity - perhaps the best punk/rock record ever. Encompasses key aspects of rock music such as nasty distortion, quirky yet pounding grooves and snotty, whiney vocals. Eat it up. from evan meisney of gloryhound

I want the world to know about Iggy Pop

“raw power�

This record is one of my favorites, it captures everything beautiful and painful about love, making it so relatable to anyone who listens to it. She paints each song with such vivid and and intense lyricism that the emotion she evokes is undeniable to the listener. Lastly, this record is timeless, it'll sound just as ill in 2010 as it did in 1998, it should be a part of any music fan’s cd catalogue. from Myself tha large animal of large live n’ direct

I want the world to know about Lauryn Hill

“the miseducation of lauryn hill”

My personal favorite album of all time, so clearly I think everyone should listen to it. With such a renown artist like Stevie Wonder it's hard to know where to start because of the quantity of albums that he's released throughout his career. I think this is a perfect place to start, so many people are detached from R&B because of new developments in the genre that they don't entirely understand, in order to appreciate the present, I think you need to be familiar with the foundation in which it's been built on. Get with it! from andrew live of large live n’ direct

I want the world to know about Stevie Wonder

“songs in the key of life�

This is the most underrated record in De La's catalogue, and I think it's worth hearing because it pushed the envelope for rap in terms of sheer weirdness, but it's still accessible. Possibly the first example of a genuinely alternative rap album that casual fans should still be able to enjoy. from direct dialect aka joseph stylin’ of large live n’ direct

I want the world to know about De La Soul

“buhloone mind state”

thanks for reading # Cholula, Mexico.

photo: Nick Budden.

68 East Magazine // Issue Number #05#  

68 East Magazine is the first magazine dedicated to documenting rider culture in Atlantic Canada, we hope you enjoy our fifth issue.

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