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In this article (Cancer Research 2013;73:4147-57) which appears in July 1, 2013, Cancer Research (13), there were two errors should be corrected. The representative photos for FaDu-Neo of Figure S3C and FaDu+rCTGF of Figure S4C are incorrect. The corrected Figures S3C and S4C are shown as below. The errors occurred in final preparation of the figures and quantification results are completely the same. The conclusion of this study will not be affected by these corrections. The authors regret these errors.

Dear Editor, We recently notify that there were several errors that should be corrected in our article (Cancer Research 2013;73:953-66) which appears in Jan 15, 2013, Cancer Research (2).The loading control ď ˘-actin of several immunoblots look very similar to the ones in other figures. Although we checked the original full blots and consider that they are different, the misplaced error may occur during final figure preparation, and reduced resolution in the published figures may also cause confusion. These are Figure 1B (right panel), 3I, 4C, 5D; Figure S2C, S3E, S3F. In addition, Figure S4A and S6A indicate the same stable clones. The BMI1 and Aurora A blots in Figure S4A and S6A were performed as the same experiment. We are sorry that in the original version, we missed to provide a separated actin control for these two proteins in Figure S4A; therefore, the BMI1 and Aurora A blots in Figure S4A should be removed. After notifying these errors, we immediately repeated the experiments three times to confirm the findings. The results of one replicate for publishing as corrections of the article are attached. The results of the full blots of the first replicate and the other two replicates for supporting the repeatability of the data are also provided as a separated file. We confirm that the conclusion of this study will completely not be affected by these corrections. We sincerely apologize for these errors and request for the correction. Thank you very much.


Muh-Hwa Yang Institute of Clinical Medicine, National Yang-Ming University Taipei, Taiwan

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