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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, you have a mental haul to get over with finals. But right before and immediately after, you get one of the most liberating experiences college has to offer. Free time! There’s two parts to every Ohio State experience: the campus experience, and the city experience. When December comes around (if the dorms don’t kick you out too early), you have all the free time in the world to learn a new map and get some early holiday shopping done locally. No matter what you do, just don’t waste your days huddled under a blanket on the top bunk using a textbook as a pillow. There are far too many board games to play, foods to try, and places to see while you’re near the best people to do it all with. School comes first, but life can’t come last. Not when you’re paying this much to be here. Also, don’t pressure yourself to have all the money in the world to just enjoy a night out. One of the most fun nights of my entire college experience was one random December weeknight out with my roommates. It was cold enough to cancel classes (that’s dramatic – is it ever?) and my friend was having a rough day. I was coaching her through my proudest of drunk tips: if you feel like you’re going to cry over something on a night out, get out all the tears, all the screaming, all the frustration before you even think of taking a sip of anything, and then when you get it all out with your friends, rally. You will never feel more powerful in your life. Puke and rally, my ass – CRY and rally? The most baller thing you can do. We had at least three Chitt Shows each (shoutout to Leo’s!) before attempting to walk all the way home, when one roommate fell on the thick and icy sidewalk, not once, not twice, but SEVEN TIMES. Can you imagine being drunk out of your mind on a Thursday, watching your friend eat sh*t SEVEN TIMES? I was a cough and a wheeze away from an asthma attack. The best part of it all, that I know some of you will surely judge me for, is that we ended the night by picking up a Buckeye Pizza. You know, the pizza place inside the gas station on Summit and Chittenden? Well, I ordered the garlic shrimp pizza. And guess what. It was the best damn pizza I’ve ever eaten. (It wasn’t, but it was incredibly satisfying and I swear, not sickening at all. All the laughing probably kept my stomach moving enough for digestion.) I have like a ten minute long Snapchat story saved of us shouting at other students out on their front porches, cheering us on during our journey home (asking if we even knew where we were going) and telling us we were pretty (sexually harassing us) but it was okay because I was laughing the whole damn time. So hold tight to those good people this holiday season, and when you fall on the ice wherever it may be… Laugh. Happy holidays!

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1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com



1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

BIG PICTURE Chase Young returned to the field at the Penn State game with a vengeance and a hunger to break the Buckeyes’ single-season sack record, even after a two-game suspension. An absolute beast. Photo by David Heasley

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com



Ohio State and the wide city of Columbus are never short of events, but searching through them all is a chore. We’ve compiled a list of the most worthwhile places you need to be coming up this month, hand-picked by the editor. Some of these favorites are on campus, so if you know, you know, but sometimes you just need a break from college life, and you just gotta go off-campus. We hear both needs, Buckeyes.

If You Know, You Know

Gotta Go



Polar Bears Falling and Wolves Burning: Climate Change Theatre Action IYKYK

// Thompson Library

If Harvard and Yale can storm a football field for the planet, the least you can do is turn your lights off when you leave the house and listen to some staged readings inspired by the climate crisis.


Leo’s Week of Christmas IYKYK

// Leo’s on the Alley

No one loves Christmas like Leo’s. (It’s rare if an entire night goes by and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” doesn’t get played.) Check out their Week of Christmas, including Christmas movie trivia on Tuesday, Christmas super bingo on Wednesday, and the third annual Way Too Early Christmas Party on Thursday!


12 Bars of Christmas Bar Crawl G2G

// Arena District

If you can’t tell, I love promoting bar crawls. It’s really about the sense of community for me. This one is the same price as the Ugly Sweater Crawl, but gets you a Santa hat and a 16 oz Bad Santa Stadium Cup for all your day’s drinks! Amp up your outfit a notch by going all-out in a snowman business suit or dressing up like Buddy the Elf.

Pause 4 Paws and Study Spots around Finals

// Mirror Lake


One of my favorite nights of the year! Free hot chocolate, free Insomnia cookies, free entertainment, and all the feel-good fuzzies that come with surrounding Mirror Lake, aglow with twinkling lights, and singing Carmen Ohio.

Don’t get a dog during college if you don’t have the time or bandwidth to take care of one. Rather, wait until finals week when you need a dog, and you will surely find one anywhere and everywhere.

// University Libraries


December Holiday Hop G2G

// Short North

Your average first Saturday of the month gallery hop just got jingle-fied! The same wide open window displays, only covered in cotton snowballs and strings of lights. Get your Christmas shopping done early, and locally!


Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl G2G

// Park Street Area Bars

You save the same sweater in a RubberMaid every year for something like this, so take the opportunity. It’s the fourth ever Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl in Columbus, and for only $19.99, it’s a day of fun you won’t forget. You’ll be needing during finals. (Bar crawl t-shirt included!)


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

HOLIDAY SLEEPOVER // Franklin County Dog Shelter

For out-of-state students who celebrate the holidays in the city, you can celebrate the big day with a little company thanks to Franklin County Dog Shelter! During the biggest holidays of the year when volunteers are few around the shelter, they pick foster families on a first-come, first-served basis to host the dogs for a few days. All supplies are provided, you just provide the love and the temporary home! (Or permanent one?)



hether it’s rolling in likes or trolling in the replies, OSU Crush was a busy place this month. We’ve been feeling pretty DTF in the office as we get closer to Christmas ourselves, but with seasonal affectiveness disorder hitting soon, we could all use a friendly smile from our neighborhood CABS driver. So be extra kind this holiday season! You never know if you could be mentioned next. BY 1 8 70 S TA F F


Definitely NOT whoever decided to make the Penn State game at noon like wtf we need to sleep

Halloween is over but some of y’all still look like this smh 18 RTs | 450 Likes

31 RTs | 560 Likes


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

10 RTs | 477 Likes


BABY YODA 30 RTs | 379 Likes




All the CABS bus drivers, I have had nothing but positive experiences with them because they’re all so nice and kind. Thank you for driving us around all day! And to the one older bus driver—I hope YOU have a nice day every day of your life. K love you all, bye

Guys on OSU Crush be like “To the girl I made eye contact for one second with on the other side of campus, I felt a connection, I hope you did too. I think I want you to have my children. Please like this.”

16 RTs | 418 Likes

2 RTs | 397 Likes



not fuckin penn state can i get an o-h 17 RTs | 375 Likes

not whoever got Kyle fired 6 RTs | 352 Likes


I was playing k2 with my girl and she threw a lob. But i didn’t teach her how to do it… :/ 7 RTs | 292 Likes


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com



It’s the most intoxicated time of the year! I can’t think of a better way to end the decade than with a great, drunk Sagittarius Season. It’s time for getting together with loved ones, celebrating holidays, and getting completely shitfaced. Finish out the year with true Sagittarius energy. Use that enthusiastic, optimistic, adventure-is-out-there attitude to end the decade with a bang!







Optimistic, generous, adventurous

Independent, disciplined

Original, uncompromising

Sweet Birthday Baby! You have so much potential energy right now! Ride that wave and take every opportunity. Celebrate with a Cherry Bomb Fizz Cocktail! Your creativity is bursting and you have so many things on your to-do list, but with Saturn in retrograde, proceed with caution. Let your head stay in the clouds, but keep those feet on the ground, Sag. Romance is also in the air with the holidays rolling around, so make sure that mistletoe is ready.

Sag energy is filling the holiday air and you’ll be ready to use that enthusiasm boost optimistically. It’s the end of the year, so there may be a lot of stress around you. Now is the season for you to take a deep breath and rebuild. The romance that you’re looking at this season is the self-love kind of romance. (Lizzo plays in the background.) It’s time for a focus on only you (and maybe a couple glasses of Gingerbread Eggnog).

The time is NOW to put yourself out there, Aquarius. You’ve got the mental and physical strength to kick ass at whatever you set your heart on. Love is also here for you. Let those walls down and surrender to love when it comes for you. Try to avoid jealousy. It’s not worth it. Ya know what is worth it, though? A Peppermintini.

How To: Mix some sparkling wine and maraschino liqueur in your glass. Splash a cherry in there and you’ve got yourself a sparkling treat.

How To: Mix up some eggnog, Kahlua, vodka, and ground ginger! Add in some cinnamon sugar on the rim for extra sweetness.

How To: Line the rim of your martini glass with crushed candy canes. Mix peppermint schnapps, vodka, and half-and-half cream.





APRIL 20- MAY 20

MAY 21-JUNE 21

Dynamic, competitive

Dependable, sensual

Versatile, curious

Ooh, baby, are you stressed! A lot of challenges are popping up this month. It is a crazy time and you need to take a second for yourself or else that tension is going to poison your endeavors. Be self-aware and try to cut back on the intimidation. You’re scaring people. Have a Snowflake Martini and calm down.

You’ll start the holidays off right with some good news, Taurus! Money might be an issue in the coming days, so try not to make any rash decisions. New choices will land in your lap for romance, but think each one through before committing. Why commit to a person anyway when you could just snuggle up with a Dirty Snowman Cocktail?

Moderation, Gemini, is your friend. Stop being so cynical and analytical and just let it all go this month. Jump into romance. Plan a getaway. Be honest. Hold nothing back. Midmonth might get a little weird for you, but hold on and you’ll pull through with some liquid courage (in the form of a Spiced Sugar Cookie Cocktail).

How To: Bailey’s, hot chocolate, and a pint of vanilla ice cream with make a SWEET, alcoholic and frozen drink.

How To: Blend Vanilla, Irish Cream Liqueur, and Amaretto to create this spiced and sweet beverage!







Dramatic, confident

Loyal, analytical

Social, fair-minded

Time management is your big goal this month. You’re stressed, but a lot of things will work out for you if you push through and hold onto your charm. Be aware of the people you surround yourself with. The insecurity of others can hurt you. Put others first this month and show some of that famous Leo love. End the month with celebration and some Jingle Juice.

Be prepared for the unexpected this month, Virgo. Keep flirting with your crush and midmonth, you might finally see some action. Trust your instincts both artistically and financially. Remember, nothing is permanent. You might as well have a third Merry Manhattan.

Maintaining balance is very important right now. You’re feeling playful and someone you love wants to share that with you. You could also share a Salted Caramel White Russian. You know, for fun. Communication is key this month and will help you through some awkward moments. Your creativity is flowing, so if you have the chance, you should show it. Fight vagueness.

How To: A generous mix of white chocolate liqueur, vodka, and heavy cream. Sugar the edge and stick a lemon wedge on there.

How To: Fill up your glasses with cran-apple juice, red moscato, prosecco, vodka, cranberries, and mint leaves.

How To: Bourbon, vermouth, and bitters need that spiced simple syrup to give it an extra festive vibe.

How To: In a glass full of ice, combine vodka, coffee liqueur, cream and caramel sauce.



Affectionate, empathetic It’s time to take a (small) step back from your responsibilities. Your career is very important to you right now, but also yourself to take a breather from other distractions in your life. Group projects are going to face a rollercoaster this month. Buckle up, buttercup. Make your romantic moves toward the beginning of the month or it might be too late. Woo your lover with some Candy Cane Cocktails. How To: Mix together some vanilla rum, white chocolate liqueur, peppermint schnapps. Add a candy cane for garnish.

Cancer JUNE 22-JULY 22

Compassionate, protective It’s time for some self-reflection, Cancer, before you jump into any long-term commitments. As per usual, your emotions are being sort of EXTRA, so introspection is important. Insecurity in your relationships will create obstacles if you don’t deal with it now. Heal your heart and show forgiveness to others. Maybe they’ll appreciate you enough to pay for your Holiday Mule. How To: Vodka, ginger beer, cranberry juice, and some rosemary add a little something festive to this classic drink.


Passionate, stubborn, resourceful Yes. Mercury will be in retrograde. Yes. It may cause some issues, but you’re strong. You got this, Scorpio. Don’t be a big spender this month or else your wallet will regret it. Be ready for anything and try everything this month. Towards the end of the month, you may need to clarify some relationships. Spice things up with some Hot Pumpkin Buttered Rum. How To: Combine butter, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pie spices, and brown sugar together. Mix with dark rum & top with whipped cream. 1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


PICK OF THE LIT TER The artists behind the dumpsters that pique your interest every morning on Lane Ave. BY A N D R E W WA L L AC E | P H OTO S BY W I L LOW M O L L E N KO P F




ampus went from trash to treasure after 10 muralized dumpsters popped up as a part of a project put on by The University District in the alley between West Lane Ave. and Norwich. (You’re gonna want to follow all of these guys after seeing their work.)

@STEPHANIEROND AND @LANCELJART If you want to start creating art take Lance Johnson’s advice: practice developing style, look at the art around you, and seek to find your own unique voice. Lance’s style is a splattering of colors that contrast drastically. He overlaps layers to create depth and leaves little to no empty space. It’s so interesting to see how his style combines with Stephanie’s on their dumpster. Stephanie works with two or three-tone stencils. She gives us so much value out of one or two colors. For example here she uses navy blue, light blue, and white. Her characters come to life and interact with their surroundings. In this case we see a young person admiring what is unmistakably the work of her counterpart. She also included a cute little racoon. How fitting! @JELLOFEVER

@JELLOFEVER The first piece I saw by @jellofever (aka Khalia and Tyler) has white and blue horizontal streaks, the color of healthy skies, that are partially obstructed by a vertical orange line. Doodles on the metal canvas make you want to grab a Sharpie and join in. Khalia tells us that after their first day of painting, she refused to come back without gloves. Tyler also thought working around trash was kind of gross. He added that the occasional dump truck also, understandably, made their work difficult.


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

When it comes to using art in order to convey a message, Tyler said, “As long as you’re creating, you’re saying something.” The “HAPPY TRASH” juxtaposition is on point with the mission of this project: to make the ordinarily ugly into a source of beauty and positivity. Khalia and Tyler’s goal with Jellofever is to encourage others to read more and make more art, which is why I think local students should feel empowered to grab a Sharpie and join in the fun.



@AHERNNDEZART In Adam Hernandez’s work, colorful bubbles are abound. It’s like a mosaic that’s never perfectly straight, but never perfectly round. Or a puzzle of the coolest Lego bricks you’ve ever found. All that being said, the birds are by far my favorite part. The different subjects from different angles suggests his simple theme, but highlight his sophisticated execution. My favorite is the purple four-eyed bird. Through his art, Hernandez wants people like me and you to be more confident in our individuality. If you see Hernandez’s work, he hopes that your day is brightened, even in “our oftentimes bleak world.” I for one am glad that his art has become a part of our community. See more work/apparel at www.ahernandezart.com/store.

@LISACELESTE “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Lisa “Sweet Thang” Celeste brought us tentacles on the treasure chest, but it’s her skull mural that really caught my eye from down the block. This beautifully juxtaposed skull depicts life breaking free from its forehead. Big bright leafy vegetation wraps itself around and grows through slowly decaying bones. You can count me amongst Sweet Thang’s fans, aka the #ThangGang. I love your colors—so alive against the dark background. Even from a distance this thing pops. When I talked to Sweet Thang, I learned that she painted 10 murals in the past year as a side hustle. Sweet Thang works from concepts traditionally deemed creepy or out of the ordinary, and gives them a very unique allure. Thus, the charming name, “Sweet Thang.” Sweet Thang encourages aspiring artists to practice as much as they can.


@BEE1NE_ My jaw drops for the big heartthrob box. It doesn’t ask the viewer to think a lot. Maybe that’s just what you need when you’re freezing in this parking lot. Simply a message of positivity while you try to find a parking spot. Or maybe you’re out here hoping that you don’t get caught smoking like a chimney top.


@ NOT KNOWN You can go ahead and tattoo this on my body. I can stare at this thing for a long time. The signature says “6 PHADE” on the side. I like how colorful it is. A friend of mine says they like the eyes. What do you suppose it’s looking at?

*Thank you* With all this beauty being added to our community in the most unlikely of places, it makes me wish dumpster murals were the norm in every community. In the words of Spongebob Squarepants, “You can’t have dirty garbage.” •

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


6-STRING KING JT Hillier is playing his newest album right here on campus BY M A D I TA S K | P H OTO BY K I E R A F R A N K S


uxury apartments and national brands keep appearing on and around campus, but amidst the big dog deals behind the scenes, local floaters still linger near campus adding

culture and originality to the mix. I met local artist, JT Hillier, at Kafe Kerouac this month to chat about his newest album release. He’s a bit of a campus celebrity, having played at campus bars for years covering some of the students’ favorite singles on his guitar.

It was kind of like golfing buddies,” he said, describing a recording session. “You just get friends in a room and you’re talking about ideas. You’re paying people, sometimes you’re not, but it’s cool. I mean, you’re all down.”

Growing up just outside the city in Delaware, OH, Hillier began playing around Ohio State when he was only 17 years old. “It was the perfect cut-my-teeth situation. I was playing graveyard shift, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. I really hadn’t been in the bar crowd as a person, so I’m playing in a culture I wasn’t used to,” he admitted. “It was extremely scary, but it was great. I learned how to win over that crowd. People would try to tip me beer, and I would have beers lined up at my feet because I couldn’t drink it.” Nowadays, you can find him at Ugly Tuna Saloona on Chittenden and Fourth, or at Thr3e’s from time to time playing live music, taking requests, and sharing his original sound. Picture an American Ed Sheeran using a loop pedal like a pro and mixing in a little harmonix for pizazz. Also a tambourine on his ankle. All-in-all, Hillier is a oneman-band and nothing but confidence at the mic. “I take pride in the songs I play live,” he said. “I used to be really concerned about playing everything that I thought that everyone liked, and the more I did it, the more I realized the way I can survive playing covers is if I play songs that reflect what I actually like. It became less country, and more R&B, more pop, dare I say hip-hop. I’ll arrange the songs my own way, I’ll try to find my own voice with it. When you do covers you want to find something that’s true and honest.” While his career started out by playing covers, in November he reached an important goal as an artist: releasing a record of his own original work. Covers paid the bills, but the end goal was always getting his own sound out there. One that was developed through years of buying records and studying them in college the same way you’d study a textbook for class. “Going to Nashville was studying abroad for me as a musician. I was co-writing with a lot of people, I was playing shows...” Although the late nights and non-stop push for creativity trained him to become a better guitarist and musician, it wasn’t the most ideal


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

job for Hillier. “That’s one thing that’s cool about being in Columbus as opposed to other cities: people are helping each other a lot. There’s a lot of really talented, entrepreneurial people. Photographers, web people, other musicians. I had a lot of dudes play on my record. My producer was a referral from another musician,” he said. Never short of humility, Hillier began shouting out dozens of local artists who have become members of his tight-knit and plentiful music community here in the city. The Columbus Songwriting Association was the first step to getting him connected to Nashville and his few recordings. This musician isn’t fresh out of college, though. He’s taken the responsible route to a quiet, city-sized fame. He studied at Otterbein University and got a degree in Journalism and English, landing a full-time job in Delaware after Nashville before going back into music full-time. “I never liked having a 9-to-5. I love being my own boss. I love having coffee at a Kafe Kerouac and then filling my Instagram feed while I’m on campus, and then I’ll go play a gig for 300 bucks, play a few songs, and then I’ll go home, sleep in, and go to the gym,” he said. “I appreciate it more since having a straight job. Now I know what it’s like, and it gave me some validation for what I do.” With a degree on the fridge and a list of gigs on the calendar, Hillier is finally living out that artists’ dream around campus. I asked him when he knew his newest album, Elevate, was ready. “To be completely honest, it was when the money was there. It’s expensive to make a record,” he shared. “I put $10,000 into this record of my own money. I did a campaign to help recoup expenses. I gigged a lot this summer, played about 20 shows a month from April through September, and when the numbers were there, I felt time to do it.” Putting the record together wasn’t a one-man job, though. Building the songs is a collaborative process, even though the vocals,

lyrics, and lead guitar is all Hillier. He made a handful of new friends through the process of finding drummers, bassists, vocalists, and others to feature on the album. “It was kind of like golfing buddies,” he said, describing a recording session. “You just get friends in a room and you’re talking about ideas. You’re paying people, sometimes you’re not, but it’s cool. I mean, you’re all down.” The record is a comfortable handful of eight songs, and Hillier believes there’s something for everyone on the setlist. “If you’re into neo-soul, swaggy, Drake stuff, you’ll probably like ‘The Park’. If you’re into country stuff, you’ll probably like ‘Looks Like Rain’ or ‘Breathing in Bar Smoke’. If you’re into alternative rock, you’ll probably like ‘Cool Cool Wind’. That’s more of a rock song and it sounds like alternative rock I grew up listening to. And if you like Ed Sheeran, you’ll probably like ‘Don’t Fail Me Now,” and if you like John Mayer, you’ll probably like ‘Home Free.’ Just depends on what you like.”• You can find JT Hillier’s newest album, Elevate, on Spotify, and you can follow him to his next live show in the city at www.jthilliermusic.com..

Your Backstage Pass with JT

Job you’d be doing if you weren’t committed to gigging? Probably working in multimedia in some form. Maybe an advertising agency or a publication.

Artist you would grab a drink with, dead or alive? Coffee and cigarettes with Tom Waits. I would let him talk and I would listen. I would try to absorb all the cool things he said. Hopefully at a diner.

Someone you want to collab with given the chance? John Mayer. He’s my true hero in terms of his accessibility—how he’s able to write great songs and also be an amazing guitar player at the same time. That’s a difficult thing to do, and he’s been able to do it his whole career. He was probably my first hero.

Some behind-the-scenes questions for the artist on the rise

What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten about your music? “You’re actually really good.” That’s the most consistent. Favorite song on the Billboard Hot 100 right now? Khalid, “Talk.” I think that’s a great single. I really like it. Craziest thing that happened at a show? Hobo took my dolly at the O Patio. Nothing was in it, he just wanted the dolly really bad. Then I got towed at Ugly Tuna the same night.

Someone famous you’d want to hear your music and critique your work? To come up with somebody different, I’d say Dave Grohl because he’s nice. He’d give me good criticism, but he’s nice and I could handle everything he said. If I gave it to a hero and they said it sucked, it would devastate me.

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


The Green Light At The End of the Tunnel

Graduating senior, Nathan Minns, is ready to build on his improv business BY MADI TASK


eing an involved™ kid at Ohio State, I went through many team building workshops, leadership seminars, and communication lectures between student organization e-boards and various university jobs. One workshop I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been introduced to is graduating senior Nathan Minn’s improv workshop. Green Light Improv is a professional facilitation group that works with student orgs and businesses to build trust and communication skills in the workplace through the power of improv. “Green Light means go, like just jump off,” Minns explained to me when I asked about the name. “And it was also available,” he laughed. “That was important.” As a marketing major, Minns spent the past three-and-a-half years building businessworld skills while he was stacking his performance resume through various theatre department shows and off-campus summer programs. One of his most memorable experiences was attending an improv program in NYC by performer, Armando Diaz.


“Armando is the first person I did improv with,” he told me. “He taught me how to do it step-by-step. Most people give you a word, two chairs on stage, and tell you to go.” Experiencing improv in a broken down setting gave Minns the tools he needed to apply it incrementally to business models. One of the first things he learned was how to successfully set up the first few lines. Without them, the rest of the scene can fall apart. “That’s also important in everyday, tough conversations,” Minns explains. “The first line you say is setting the tone.” Acting, he admits, wasn’t a talent he was just born with. It took a few rejections to make him realize it was something he had to work at if he wanted to be successful. “I thought, ‘Okay I need to see if this is something worth pursuing post-grad.’ So I went to New York, got training over the summer, I came back, and I got cast in shows and everything,” he recalls. “[It] taught me [performing] was a learnable skill, it’s not something you just have.” When it came to starting Green Light

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

“...I find that improv works because no one can prepare— it’s impossible to be ‘good at’ the first time. It makes people sit back and take all ideas as they come.

Improv, Minns picked up on the fact that those who were most interested in his performance background were business leaders. His bosses had repeatedly told him he was hired because of his ability to talk and connect with others easily, which came from performance experience. After meeting a few more-than-qualified performers in the theatre department to add to his team, he started the company to combine passion with profession. And the research proves it—improv helps companies

thrive in idea production. “In some studies, improv doubled the amount of ideas, or the same amount of ideas in half the time. It’s also used for social anxiety—people got more comfortable being in the moment.” Without trust in an office, Minns says, the company is held back. The worst environments he’s seen involved offices where the boss speaks first, then the rest of the team feels forced to agree. “Everyone else will jump on that idea and then you’re the only one that’s like, ‘That’s stupid.’ I find that improv works because no one can prepare—it’s impossible to be ‘good at’ the first time. It makes people sit back and take all ideas as they come. Part of the ‘green light thinking’ is that once an idea is on the board, it’s not yours anymore. It’s the team’s. You all came up with it together.” In order for teams to become more collaborative and productive, the most basic lesson of improv is required: the “yes, and…” rule. If you start a scene with two people sitting at the vet and the first person says, “I sure hope our cat is okay,” the other actor shouldn’t say something like, “What do you mean? We have a dog.” They’re supposed to trust their partner and build on what they said. So something like, “Yes, and I wasn’t expecting her to eat your car keys so quickly!” is more appropriate. Similarly, in a brainstorming session, suggesting and critiquing one idea at a time is bad for the team. Rather, Minns says, you should put everyone’s ideas up on the board first without judgement. “Afterwards, you critique all the ideas and break it down to the ones that are important. You use the ‘yes, and—’ thinking. The ‘yes’ is ‘I respect you and I respect that idea’ and the ‘and’ is ‘How do I add to this?’ It doesn’t mean you agree with everything, but it’s important in that process.” In some environments, you can feel like every underdeveloped word you say is putting your position on the line—a quick suggestion for the next fundraising event, or a comment on a problem that maybe you recognize but don’t know how to solve. In times like these, Minns suggests, it’s important that the team holds realistic expectations for the speaker. • 1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


“[After improv,] people tend to feel like they’re able to speak their mind more and not fear that their bad ideas will be reflected on them. It’s like you’re panning for gold, and you don’t expect to just reach in and grab a hunk of gold. You get a ton of water and dirt, and then the water comes out, and you have a little speck. After a day, you might have enough. A lot of times companies expect to just reach in and grab a diamond. I mean, it might happen, and more power to you, but you would probably have a better idea if you panned everything.” More specifically, improv helps a company in three ways—it provides active listening, entrepreneurial thinking, and teambuilding skills. How improv provides active listening… “Everything is designed so that you can’t pre-think what’s gonna happen next. So often we find ourselves in situations where we’re distracted by what we’re going to say next— it’s distracting from fully understanding what the other person is saying. You’re sort of being trained on mindfulness, like how can you be present in the moment at all times.” How improv provides entrepreneurial thinking… “In improv, you have a lot of ideas thrown out, and it’s up to the team to decide which


one you want to go forward with. The best will naturally rise to the top, because we’ll support each other’s ideas as we go; we’re gonna ‘pivot’ as more ideas come up. If you support mine and I support yours, then together we can choose to pivot and support another. It’s a healthy way to reserve judgement as you go.” How improv provides team building… “A big part of the workshop is how they’re designed to encourage you to get you closer to the point where you feel like you’re failing at something, but the stakes are so low that it doesn’t matter. Once people fail together and face that ‘adversity’ of low stakes, they become closer. I would personally rather have a team fail in an improv workshop than on a sales call.” • To schedule a workshop with Green Light Improv, go to greenlightimprov. com or email nathan@greenlightimprov. com.

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


Getting Consensual And Sensual This Un-Cuffing Season, From A Student Well-Versed In The Mix BY A N O N Y MO U S

hat’s the motto as the seasons change and the year rolls near its conclusion. While the Instagrams of pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms may convince you that you’re supposed to be getting into a relationship soon, why not just warm things up in the bedroom with a friendly face? I’m here to talk to you about the opposite of cuffing season: straight-up sex. From first times and flirty lines, to easy binds, and all of my personal guidelines. Hang onto something, and remember that the safeword is “safeword.” Let us begin. “A consent line is like a pick-up line that actually gets you somewhere.” Not everyone has had their first sexual encounter, and that is perfectly fine! There is no best age to lose your virginity. There is however a correct, and incorrect way to obtain consent, which is why I’d like to share a few of my personal favorite consent lines. A consent line is like a pick-up line that actually gets you somewhere. Not to be used out of context, or


with someone you’ve just met, (although if that works for you…) these are for when you are hoping to be intimate with a significant other. Movies have this all backwards; they often portray a male lead kissing first and asking questions later. I’d encourage you to flip this scene on its head. (And maybe get some while you’re down there.) “Hey, can I kiss you?” or “Do you want to make out with me?” helped me a lot when I felt too shy to say anything else and I really really liked the way that this particular girl smelled. “I want us to f*ck,” can get the job done, but even before that, simply ask about your hand placement. “Is it okay if I put my hand on your...” use your imagination to finish the rest. Remember to always be patient, and when you’re ready to get real playful you can say, “Maybe we should try...” and again, use your imagination. Either way, be grateful, and remember that “please” and “thank you” are the sexiest words in your vocabulary. Kinky time. I’m seasoned in the threesome experience and can attest that the best threesomes don’t occur out of the blue. A day or two

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

or even a week of build–up gives everybody something to look forward to. Trust me, nothing about that experience is going to disappoint you. The single biggest bust in a threesome always comes down to sharing. If someone isn’t giving as much as they’re getting, it might be difficult for them to vocalize that. Just one more reason why discussing who will be doing what beforehand can really keep things juicy. (Speaking of juicy, have y’all tried bondage yet?) In closing, I’d like to leave you with my Zombieland inspired sexual guidelines. Don’t judge, and have fun. We’re here for a good time, not a long one, so don’t waste yours by yucking somebody’s yum. This should have been the first one: consent! Always obtain clear verbal consent, and if possible even written consent. It’s sexy when they say yes! Visit Planned Parenthood on 17th Ave. for an STI screening every six months, no matter what, or two weeks after having unprotected sex with a new partner. Cause y’all know my motto: safety third.

MAKE-DO CUFFS Alright, well when you’re ready to get cuffed, but not ready to get on Amazon and make that potentially regrettable investment, here is a neat way to repurpose your hammock straps that some of you may love.





1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


on & off campus grinds BY C A M E R O N D E V I L L E P H OTO S BY JA M I E B E N JA M I N


lthough we are blessed with one of the biggest campuses in the country, we also have the added perk of living in a big city with just as much room to run around as the Oval itself. With finals approaching fast, we’ve compiled a comparative list of popular homework hide-aways on campus paired with their Columbus downtown döppelgangers.

If you like studying at The Ohio Union... The Union is almost always busy, but since it’s so big, there’s typically a seat to be found for studying. All of the study places are super different from each other though; you can study while eating lunch at the Union Market or pick one of the comfy couches by the fireplace on the first floor. You can even find quiet, cozy corners tucked away on the second and third floor that few know about. The Union is bigger than you think, so get to exploring all of the different wings and rooms for a study spot that is perfect for you. …then you might like Giant Eagle Market District in Grandview. If space and a variety of food access is your cup of tea, then you might enjoy studying at Giant Eagle in Grandview. It’s got the same sort of background noise as the Union, as well as in-store food counters. There’s a burger place, a deli, a salad bar and more to fill your stomach and fuel your brain. The store is also open 24-hours unlike most places on campus, so it’s the best place to cram for that early morning exam. With its abundance of tables, Giant Eagle also promises to have a seat for you unlike some of the places on campus that fill up by noon.

If you like studying at Connecting Grounds… Connecting Grounds is a popular study spot on North campus because of its full coffee menu and relatively large seating area. Sure, you can get coffee at lots of places on campus, but if you’re living on North, or looking for a place not crowded by central campus traffic, this is the most logical option. While there are larger tables for group study seshes or to spread out multiple of your award-winning rough drafts, Connecting Grounds also has some of the comfiest couches on campus. Grab a coffee with extra shots of espresso and curl up into one of the couches by the breath-offresh-air window wall for the best studying light. (And a good view of the campus dogs playing in front of the clock tower). …then you might like Roosevelt Coffee House. Branch out into Columbus with Roosevelt Coffee House. With its large(r) windows, free WiFi, and some of the best coffee in Columbus, this cafe is a perfect place to get some work done and feel mega-vibey about it. Obsessed with the bagels on campus? Roosevelt has the same bagels and more snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. The giant windows provide a warm feeling to the entire cafe and all the natural lighting you could want to stay awake and inspired. The larger tables will perfectly fit your hectic array of books, papers, pens, highlighters, and planners. They even have a record player in the corner constantly playing bops to set the perfect mood for grinding out essays and quizzes.

If you like studying at Thompson Library… If you believe that studying should be done in a library, chances are you pretty much live at Thompson or the 18th Avenue Library. Every library has a different vibe. Whether you like the massive size of Thompson, with its beautiful architecture and lots of sunlight, or you prefer the busier, cozier feel of 18th Avenue Library, these places are built to always have a spot for you. …you might like the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries. There are more libraries out there than just the ones on campus though. Columbus has a plethora of libraries around the city. The main library downtown on Grant Ave. is just as grand as Thompson and has its own style with art hovering above you on the ceiling or hung on the upper floor walls. Closer to campus is the Northside Branch, located on the corner of High St. and King Ave. This location has a more modern feel with fun interior design like slanted ramps and overlooks from the upper floors, but like its partners, it also has little study rooms and seating space for cozying up with a good book. DISCONNECT: Need a break from the blue screen? Fox in the Snow is a great coffee shop to hang out with friends, catch up, and stay off your phone because this place does NOT have WiFi. It has pastries that are to die for, great coffee, and a cute, natural wood and overloaded with plants aesthetic, but if you’re planning on studying and need Carmen up and running to get the job done, this is not the coffee shop for you. If you just need to trudge through that last textbook chapter though, consider Fox in the Snow to keep yourself on track with little distractions. •

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com





olumbus is the newest battleground in the war being waged between rideshare apps and the O.G. Taxi. Luckily, they are fighting over customers like us, the college students who are too stubborn to walk home in 40-degree windchill. So we stand to gain some affordability and safety as more companies like WINICabs set up shop in our city. WINICabs is a rideshare app for hailing taxis in Columbus that launched in late August. It serves as an umbrella app for all the taxi companies in the city, so you get whichever taxi is closest. The company is the brainchild of Paul O’louglin Kennedy, a jolly Irish man from Dublin with a good heart and a good head on his shoulders. He wants customers to have options, and you can tell. The app works dynamically around the customer, and is a lot like the rideshare services where you request a ride and get the nearest one. You can also schedule your ride beforehand if you’re grabbing drinks with your roomies one last time before catching a holiday flight back home. Additionally, you have more options when you pay than with Uber and Lyft. Paying through the app is as easy as the others, but


you can also pay the driver in-person with cash or card. Kennedy puts it best, “We don’t care as long as you pay the driver.” In the future he sees WINICabs working with Ohio State to accept BuckID cash as payment. (USG, you listening to this?) However, the option of paying with cash or swiping your card is not really enough to convince us to outright stop using rideshares. The real advantage is the taxi driver, as kennedy explains. “We’re working with taxis because they’re licensed, they’re insured, they’re background-checked. When you get a taxi in Columbus, you’re getting a driver that has been triple background-checked. There’s the city of Columbus background check, the fbi fingerprint background check, and a TSA background check since they work at the airport. Over the years, rules have been drawn up to protect people in taxis. It does give a safer ride.” This comes at a perfect time for OSU students figuring out how to navigate nightlife safely since student safety rides were shut down this year. The deal the university

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

struck with Lyft has been far from ideal, and public transit at night is not very efficient or safe. Speaking of unsafe, I don’t see the Lime and Bird scooters as viable options for your drunk ass making it to the bar or booty calls this winter. The best part is that all fares are discounted 20% when you use the app, and there is no surge pricing. “It was the taxi drivers themselves that came to me with that idea. They said, ‘We want what the ride shares have. We want people to know the fare beforehand, and we want to discount it so we can compete,’” Kennedy proudly shares. However, even he can acknowledge that, “It is a bit of a race to the bottom. It’s hard to compete with a company that loses five billion every bloody quarter because they’re pumping so much money in to break the market.” Nonetheless, he remains hopeful. Claiming, “They can’t break the market. If they could, it would have happened already.” Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have secured massive amounts of funding through investments from Wall Street. This has allowed them to water down prices and take losses in the short-term while relying

on their investors’ cash and the promise of long-term profitability from monopolization. Kennedy understands this better than anyone. “It’s a flawed business model. It doesn’t make enough for people to make a living out of, and it doesn’t make enough for the company to make a profit out of. What they’re trying to do is undercut the taxi industry and push them out of the business. Can you imagine what the price of an Uber or Lyft would be if the last taxi driver was run out of business? However, our model has a chance of making a profit and providing people with a decent living.” There’s no doubt that taxis and rideshares are at war, but why did WINICabs make Columbus its battleground? “You have a unique group of taxi drivers in Columbus,” Kennedy answers. “You have a group called the Independent Taxicab Association of Columbus (ITAC). It’s the only city, particularly in the US, that I have come across where the taxi drivers are working together. They’re all competing against each other, but they come together under this umbrella organization. It’s effectively an insurance co-op. They reached out to us after I did an interview with the local ABC station in our test town, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Someone saw it on the web and said, ‘That’s what we want.’” This is a tremendous opportunity for Ohio State students to experience the next wave in transportation. Plus, the aesthetic value it provides to hipsters looking for the classic yellow cab Insta is incalculable. Kennedy believes the service is generally much better because he sees his team of WINICabbers as professional drivers. “Most of them are immigrants. If you sit down and talk with them, you realize they are the epitome of the American dream. A number of them are doing programs at OSU or C-State, and they’re very proud.” At the end of the day, I really like what WINICabs is doing. Killer Mike successfully made me hyper aware of who I support with my money through his show Trigger Warning, so I’m more than happy to support a company trying to combat market predators and provide a safer ride at affordable prices. • Winicabs is available for download in the App store and on Google Play.

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com



Where to See the Best Holiday Light Displays


h, wintertime. It brings frigid temperatures and an ever-blowing icy wind to Ohio, but it also gets people in the mood for the holidays—once the first snowfall arrives, everything becomes enchanting (as long as there isn’t ice). Cozily sitting at the fireside with a fresh cup of cocoa is a hard thing to beat, but living on campus doesn’t give us a whole lot of homey options like that, so what’s the next best thing? Holiday light displays! They’re joyful, colorful, and some even have animations or music paired with them. So grab your friends, family, and some mittens to go down this list of the best holiday light displays in Columbus.


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - Wildlights If you’ve never been to the Columbus Zoo—ever—you need to go around the holidays. Polar bears. Need I say more? In the warmer months you can visit all of the animals or cool off in the water park. Starting in midNovember, though, the zoo begins its annual Wildlights event. Lights and trees are put up all around the park; this includes music and shifting colors at different times, especially around the lake area. The Wildlights event also features a whole indoor display of Christmas movie clips and merchandise like Elf and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You can even meet “Rudolph” this year if you are feeling nostalgic. Try not to make your eyes redder than his nose if you’re coming for that kind of experience, though. Seriously, there are kids here. But wow...what pretty colors.

German Village Everyone knows that German Village looks picturesque in the daytime already—if you don’t know this, plan a trip to Schmidt’s immediately, because you’re missing out. German Village puts up beautiful lights each year in the wintertime, which usually consists of white icicles and string-light outlined architecture that looks like glowing gingerbread houses. The Book Loft looks especially cozy with its many windows full of books, and if you stop by the Fudge Haus near Schmidt’s, your holiday fantasy will truly be complete. These lights are best experienced walking around the village rather than driving through in my opinion; you can get a closer look inside and at peoples’ personal decoration styles. You know, just more goals to set for yourself once you get that degree and your own paycheck to decorate with. Happy dreaming! Conservatory Aglow - Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens If you’re looking for a great display but want to stay a bit warmer, head over to The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Their Conservatory Aglow holiday display features an interactive portion dubbed “The Pool” that is computerized and will glow wherever and whenever someone jumps on its pads. There is also a rainbow tunnel that will make for the perfect selfie or a cute photo for your Instagram feed. The Conservatory takes a unique approach because many of its displays are actually sculptures by artists (think Otherworldesque). There is even a gingerbread competition that is put out for viewing, so if you are looking for gingerbread decorating ideas, look no further. This is a great chance to see art, plants, and the holidays come together—what could be better? Butch Bando’s Fantasy of Lights Alum Creek State Park Campgrounds You’ve probably driven around neighborhoods to see holiday lights in your car many times as a kid and as an adult, and this display aims to keep the classic trend going. Butch Bando’s Fantasy of Lights lets you drive around the Alum Creek State Park Campgrounds in your car to experience all of the amazing lights without breaking in your new snow boots. This is a great opportunity to carpool with a few friends for a fun midweek night out together, or make it a date night if your partner is crazy about the holidays; play “All I Want for Christmas is You” for the best potential results. Put a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate together with a few cookies to snack on—this will be a night to put your heart at ease after your last final.• 1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com



Ah, yes… Winter break… On one hand, it’s the perfect time to relax, prepare for the semester ahead, and maybe catch up with some old friends. On the other hand, you’ll probably be back in your parents’ house, dreading the classes you signed up for in the spring, and wondering if a college degree is really worth the pain it takes to get there. Luckily for you, we’ve got some good ideas (and some not-so-good-but-definitely-fun ideas) to keep you entertained during the few weeks off from classes.

Angel on your shoulder

Devil on your shoulder

Spice up your look. Cut your hair, color your hair, or get some new piercings. No better way to keep yourself entertained than by feelin’ your look and scarin’ your parents all at the same time!

Hook up with your high school crush. You’re hotter now. You’re smarter now. You may have been too nervous to shoot your shot in 2014, but it’s almost 2020 and it’s time to make some moves.

Binge watch a Netflix show. That’s what this time is for. Choose something with short episodes so that you don’t get bored. Here are some suggestions that you can find on Netflix: The End of the F***ing World (season two just dropped), Schitt’s Creek, Russian Doll, The Politician (Ben Platt and Gwyneth Paltrow), Easy, or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Go to your local bar. Yeah, it may be full of townies, but you’re home for the month so technically you’re a townie, too.

Go to a local show. Now that you’re old enough to hit all the venues in town, go check out the bands that play in your area. Not only are you going to make the artists’ night by showing up at their gig, but you may find some new songs to obsess over! Do that one thing you’ve been putting off. For the love of GOD: update your resume. Apply for summer internships. Find some scholarships (Google “Ohio State Scholarships” for a good starting point!) Study for the MCAT. Make that LinkedIn account. You’ve been saying you’re going to get around to it for a while now… Let’s get goin’! Research companies you may be interested in working for and positions you’ d be interested in holding. Pro tips: entry-level or associate positions SCREAM first job out of college. Check out Glassdoor to see honest reviews of companies before you apply for a position. Apply for jobs via computer, NOT from your phone. Use LinkedIn. Tailor your resume to each application. (Job applications don’t work like the Common App—one does not fit all!) Slow and steady wins the race. You have all of winter break, not to mention the entirety of spring semester. You have time. You’ll get there. Aim to complete a few goals daily instead of expecting to sit down one day and have a job the next.

Smoke on your high school football field. I can’t think of one reason why not. Drive as fast as you can down THAT road. You know the road. That one road that everyone races on? But you didn’t do it in high school because you were a new driver and didn’t want to wreck the family car? Well, you’re not a new driver anymore. Get movin’, speed racer. Drink in your basement and hide it from your parents. Ya know, just to remember what 10th grade was like.

Ohio History Crawl Those little brown signs all around campus can make for an interesting afternoon BY JACO B G A R T L A N D | I L L U S T R AT I O N BY S A R A H M O O R E


f you’re like me, you probably walk around OSU unaware of all the hidden gems and history the university has to offer. Being founded in 1870 (huh, sounds familiar), there’s a ton of history afoot, and one of the ways this history is told, that I’ll admit even I was oblivious to, is through historical markers. You’ve probably glanced right over one of these before; they were put up by the Ohio History Connection and their brown shade blends into any campus backdrop. Each marker has the state of Ohio at the top, the individual or group its story is about, when it was created, and who sponsored it. They’re interesting reads that condense a lot of cool history into an easy-to-read plaque. Since Ohio is so full of history, there’s over 1,000 across the state, and that includes on campus. Here are some of my favorites!



As a history buff, I love this one. It’s of an old history professor at OSU, Wilbur Siebert, who was an expert on the underground railroad and published several landmark books in the subject. He even has a whole collection in the Ohio History Connection archives.

(Not Pictured)

H O U S TO N H O U S E In many of the newer dorms, if it’s named after someone, they have these plaques on the walls detailing that person’s life. The most interesting one was when I dormed in Houston House, I read the plaque and found out the dorm was named after a helicopter pilot who served in Vietnam and died during the battle of Saigon.

H A LE H A LL This marker by Hale Hall is about the Old Ohio Union, which was the Ohio Union before they tore it down and rebuilt it in 2006. It turns out the Old Ohio Union was the firstever student union building built on a public university when it opened in 1911.

CO N V E R S E H A LL R OTC Here’s one for military buffs that celebrates the life of Curtis LeMay, an OSU graduate who was a general during WWII and worked with the air force to develop strategies for strategic bombing.

This one is farther away, but worth it. It’s by what’s now a Giant Eagle but used to be a park where the first-ever OSU home football game was played. It’s double-sided, recalling the story of the game and having the names of the players and the coach on the original 1890 Buckeyes team. OSU played The College of Wooster and lost 64 to nothing. Oh, how things have changed.

M C P H E R SO N L A B Aspiring chemists will appreciate Roy Plunkett, an OSU graduate student who invented Teflon, an important polymer used in numerous objects from kitchenware to aerospace wiring to make them waterproof.

THE OHIO UNION This is a part of OSU’s own historical markers and in a series of Underground Railroadrelated ones. There are five of these that tell the stories of the Underground Railroad passing through buildings that are now part of OSU, like the Kappa Sigma fraternity house, and of brave OSU staff and faculty that fought against slavery and discrimination. The other four markers are elsewhere on campus, like by Mirror Lake.

There’s so much history in Ohio and this article just scratches the surface. If you want to know more about these markers all around Ohio, go to waymarking.com and search some of your favorite locations to build your own history crawl.


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


‘Til Death, We Do Art And while we’re in school, we need some artistic escapes near campus to keep us sane By Willow Mollenkopf

‘Til Death, We Do Art

We all know how stressful school can be when rounding up the end of a semester. Taking a break from schoolwork and the pressures that come with being a college student are necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as being able to keep those creative juices flowing. I’ve compiled five places that I and my fellow art scholars like to visit when we want to escape thewe’re pressure that comes with constantly And while in school, we need creating without sacrificing our drive to be some artistic escapes near campus to a part of an artistic community and surround ourselves with art. keep us sane No matter what degree you are pursuing, these artists’ escapes will be getting you involved and inspired all S TO RY A N D P H OTO S BY W I L LOW M O L L E N KO P F the same.


e all know how stressful school can be when rounding out the end of a semester. Taking a break from schoolwork and the pressures that come with being a college student is necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as being able to keep those creative juices flowing. I’ve compiled five places that I and my fellow art scholars like to visit when we want to escape the pressure of constantly creating, without completely sacrificing the local art that inspires us. No matter what degree you are pursuing, these artistic escapes will get you involved and inspired all the same.


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

(In order of proximity to campus.) Wexner Center for the Arts Right on campus, holding the title “center of the arts” at OSU, stands the Wex. Physically surround yourself with art that is meant to reach out and touch you with interactive pieces. MFA Candidate KJ Dye describes her visits to the Wex as an experience where she is “immediately filled artistically” by the space and the works that are displayed within them. If you haven’t already come around to see the current exhibition “HERE,” plan to do so before it’s gone. You wont regret it. Kafe Kerouac This sexy space is a coffee house and bar that hosts local musicians, open mic nights, wine tastings, comedy nights, you name it! This diverse community space is fitting for all forms of art. Kelsey Corrigan, a Fine Arts major, has been going to Kafe Kerouac ever since she started school here in Columbus and loves it for its “great coffee, great vegan options, and comfy couches to enjoy the company of others while sitting down to work on some homework.” You could say it’s a great place to kontemplate with a kup of koffee. Used Kids If you’re more into the music scene, you’ve gotta run by Used Kids Records located on Summit close to Hudson. They have an abundance of vinyl as well as CDs for the more modern folk with a range of music that is sure to please everyone’s ears. Even if you aren’t looking to purchase some new tunes, manually flipping through the albums and taking in all the cover art can be meditative in itself. You could probably find some guided meditation tracks if you look hard enough!

Glenn Echo Park Columbus can be pretty overwhelming and crowded especially when attending one of the largest public colleges in the country. Take a break and find some inspiration in the simplicities of nature at Glenn Echo. Unplug from technology and listen to the rolling creek and crunch of leaves as you explore this nature hideaway sandwiched between shale cliffs and tucked into the streets of Clintonville. This sanctuary in the city is a great place to stop, breathe, and recenter yourself. Franklinton Fridays The second Friday of each month becomes an art-tastic getaway just a hop across the river from downtown in Franklinton. We’re talking art galleries, live music, interactive art-making events (like glass blowing out of Glass Axis), and food and drinks from local breweries, all located within a couple blocks from one another. I can’t think of a better way to experience Columbus art than by popping in and checking it out. If you can’t make it to the next Franklinton Friday, KJ Dye still recommends you give the neighborhood a visit. They have a multitude of murals splattered on the revitalized industrial buildings that you can make a nice walking tour out of. Free time is hard to find as a college student. The next time you get a chunk of it and are tempted to lay in bed, think about how you can find rest actively by engaging with these nearby artistic escapes.

CSL Plasma is a Proud Supporter of OSU Bring in your student ID for an extra $5* on every donation. Columbus CSL Plasma Center Conveniently Located at: 2650 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43202 Tel: (614) 267-4982

*Applicable for eligible qualified new donors. Must show valid student ID.

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


Know Your Bartender: Kourteney from Threes BY A M Y B AU M G A R T E N P H OTO S BY G R A N T J O N E S

Bartenders come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Who’s to say who is best equipped to give you what you need when you sit down across the bar? Bartenders. Professional babysitters, part-time psychologists, and a drunk’s best friend. When you need to know the best spots to get your drink on around campus and who to chat up while you’re there, we’ve got you.

How did you get into bartending and how long have you been doing it? I’ve been bartending for just about a year and a half. I actually was working at a smoothie shop for four years and I liked that atmosphere so much that someone joked, “Hey, you’d probably make a good bartender!” And as soon as I turned 21, I looked for the opportunity. After about a year of bartending, I found Three’s! I’ve been here for about six months. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending? Actually, it happened recently. OSU did some sort of scavenger hunt and these girls were told to come here and flash their boobs. So last weekend there were a lot of boobs. Probably twenty or so girls just flashin’ boobs. What’s the worst way for someone to get your attention at the counter? Whistling at me. I hate that. I hate being whistled at. What’s the best? Just be patient! If you come up and smile or nod then I know and I will get there. What’s the most overplayed song at the bar? Oh. Lizzo. “Truth Hurts” and I hate that song! I don’t hate Lizzo, but the song is so overplayed. It’s an anthem but it’s played at least five times a night within the first couple of hours. What’s your go-to Drink Lately? I always get tequila on ice with a lemon wedge. I just sip on it the whole night. Like how people drink whiskey, I just drink tequila. It has to be cold, though. What drink do you always recommend to customers? I like to make frosted animal cracker shots. It’s cranberry juice and pineapple juice which sounds like it wouldn’t be good but it is, and Captain Morgan and RumChata. You shake it and it tastes just like one of those frosted animal crackers you would eat when you were little.


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When you’re not bartending, what are you doing? I’m either with my horses or I’m asleep. I am a horse girl. I have three horses: Miley, Emerson, and Willow. I got Miley when I turned eight and I was obsessed with Hannah Montana. I’m still watching it now that Disney+ is out. Fun fact, Willow is a miniature horse. She’s actually two feet tall. When you’re not here, what bars do you like to go to? I love hoppin’ around and supporting other campus bars. Of course I love Fours, our newest brother down there. But besides that, I like to drink on my couch at home. Maybe with some Disney+. If you could grab a drink with anyone–dead or alive–who would it be and what would you drink? Dolly Parton. She’s my favorite person in the world. I love her more because she has an interview where she says if she were trying to get drunk fast she would drink tequila. So like, she’s my queen. But she also loves red wine so we would have to drink red wine in her honor. I even dressed up as her for Halloween this year. Some people thought I was Pamela Anderson, but…close enough. Finish this sentence: thr3e’s is the best bar on campus because… Threes loves everyone! And we have the best damn staff!

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stay home forthe

HOLIDAYS Perfectly Paired Movies with Cookies and Hot Drinks BY BAYLIE SCHWAM B E RG E R

They say that there’s no place like home for the holidays, and that could not be more true. With all the great streaming services at your disposal nowadays—I see you, Disney+ — it’s more appealing to stay inside than ever. But no binge watching session is complete without all the sweets and drinks you can find, and for the holidays, hot drinks and cookies are the best way to go. So relax, grab your fuzzy blanket, and get to watching everything Hallmark with these easy, delicious recipes and movie recommendations.


Movie: The Polar Express Cookie: White Chocolate Chip Drink Recipe: Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Movie: The Grinch Cookie: Double Chocolate Chunk Drink Recipe: Hot Chai Tea Latte

Choose your favorite brand of hot chocolate and prepare normally. Add any or all (for extra peppermint and sweetness) of the following: 2 candy cane sticks, Peppermint syrup, Giant marshmallow

Brew a cup of black chai tea. Add the following spices as desired: Allspice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon Vanilla Extract Add warm milk for a cheap at-home latte!

Hot chocolate is always a classic, but pair it with white chocolate chip cookies and you’ve got the perfect balance of sweet and smooth. Add a giant marshmallow instead of the small ones that dissolve way too quickly for an extra sugar rush. The peppermint will give you a cool feeling without having to actually ice your drink down. And what better movie to watch with this pair than The Polar Express, with its famous hot chocolate scene? You’ll want to ring all the magic bells when you’re done with this one.

Iced chai tea is a popular drink in the summer, but hot chai tea is the best—you can add vanilla extract for a sweeter flavor and voila! Starbucks doesn’t have anything on you, and you can make as many servings as you like. Double chocolate chunk cookies are the way to go with this one; they’ll keep the spice of the chai in check. The Grinch will match all the vibes you’re going for here, because while he’s trying to ruin Christmas, you’re an unbothered Who in Whoville just waiting to chow down.

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Movie: Scrooged Cookie: Snickerdoodles Drink Recipe: Hot Apple Cider 1 jug of apple cider 2 cinnamon sticks 1 teaspoon allspice 1 teaspoon cloves 1/4 cup brown sugar (This recipe calls for a crockpot, but honestly you could modify the measurements to be small enough for a quick microwave sesh or with some hot Keurig water) There’s a simple and magical way to make apple cider into a winter drink instead of a fall one: make it hot. Spiced cider is the ultimate contrast to cookies, but it matches well with snickerdoodles because of their cinnamon flavors. Scrooged is an older movie from the 1988 that stars Bill Murray, and while it is funny, there are some scenes that will tug at your heart strings and actually make you think about how you treat others. This combo will make spice lovers swoon. 1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com



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Millennials ‘Kill’ Everything, but should they kill these trends in 2020? BY LI ZZ Y OG BON N A PHOTOS BY G RA N T J O N E S Have we all processed the fact that we’re entering a whole new decade next month…? The 2020s, livin’ it up the Gatsby way. With a new decade comes new trends and styles that will define the decade. There have been some new rising trends and some that have been revived, but many of them have been worn to death the past few years. Which ones will survive into the next decade? What trends are you tired of seeing on campus or the ‘gram? We asked, you (my most fashionable friends) answered:

KEEP TEDDY JACKETS & SHERPAS “I like how most of them are neutral colors, they can go with anything.” MOM JEANS “The entire essence of mom jeans is like, comfortable and cute, and I like that.” FANNY PACKS “First of all, wear them around your waist like they were intended. But they’re crazy functional, especially for college students.”

KILL CHAINS ON PANTS “I feel like people who aren’t important shouldn’t make chains a trendy thing.” “They’re noisy and bulky and everyone’s just wearing it the same way.” FLAME, ROSE, OR CHECKER PRINT ANYTHING “I think flame print was meant to be used in a funny way and people started to take it seriously and they missed the memo… And it spread like wildfire…” “All-over checker print is a disease.” BRIGHT NEON CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES “I’m sick of neon tops and black bottoms… Please find a less contrasting color combo.” “I get it, but my eyes are tired.” “It’s cute for Instagram, though.”

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KEEP TINY SUNGLASSES “I think they’re really slick when the lens is red and translucent with, like, a wire frame… but everything else…” “Round ones look STUPID.” LAYERED SHORT & LONG SLEEVES “It can work but I feel like it’s more of a skater thing.”

KILL CHUNKY FILAS *Audible sigh* EXCESSIVE BOBBY PINS/CLIPS “It’s not for real life, but like, if Rico Nasty did it for like a rocker chic look, I’d be all over it.”



BODYSUITS “I wish more of my shirts were bodysuits because I tuck ‘em all in anyway.”

KILL SCRUNCHIES “When I see them, I think cheerleaders. Like middle school cheerleaders.” “I think they’re more functional than trendy.” CROPPED SWEATERS & SWEATSHIRTS “Not everything needs to be cropped. Give me a regular, full-sized sweater!”


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1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


Baking Up Love with Bread Club I

t’s a marshmallow world in the winter, but a marshmallow way of life for the OSU Bread Club. Let me introduce you to campus’s most underrated club this winter. A group where STEM and arts majors gather together for one weekly carb-loaded night of relaxation and socialization. In an attempt to get some holiday baking advice for this issue of the magazine, I crashed a meeting with the coziest club on campus in the RPAC demonstration kitchen. (They were making Amish Apple Fry Pies. And they were fanfrying-tastic.) Bouncing around from member to member, here’s what I learned about the club... 1. They’ve been on campus for about eight years (no one knew for sure) and used to go by the name, “The Society for the Baking and Eating of Sourdough.” It wasn’t long before the OSU Bread Club became the new name, which left room to bake things like cookies. 2. Every week they nominate one of their members to be Chef of the Week. The requirement is simply a feat of amazingness. (This week’s Chef of the Week, Cameron, apparently got very low during a limbo competition that weekend!) If nobody disagrees, then they win the title! (No one ever disagrees.) 3. One guy I talked to straight-up didn’t remember how he joined. Don’t let this sound

alarming; he regrets nothing. 4. Your first meeting is free! If you want to come back, it’s $35 for the semester, or $60 for the whole year. They recruit year-round, so you’re always welcome to visit. 5. There weren’t enough apples to use up all the dough that was available, so another group attempted to fill muffin pans with leftover dough and blueberry filling, impromptu. This is normal. 6. The club was started by a handful of STEM students, and now averages around 12-15 members a year, though the email list is always anywhere between 200 and 500 students. 7. At one point someone started singing, “TO THE WINDOW, TO THE WALL! GONNA GIVE THIS BREAD MY ALL!” 8. The rolling pan was being used so one student began rolling his dough with a bottle of cinnamon. In Bread Club, you rally with all you’ve got. Amidst the ongoing conversations, some of which included friends shouting baking tips from across the stovetop and others freaking out about their friends going through breakups specifically during cuffing season, I found a few minutes to chat with the club’s leadership. I sat down with Amy Riley, the President/CEO, Alison Jennings, the secretary, Jiwoo Kim, the VP, and Stephanie Renner, the treasurer, to chat about how the club has impacted their lives as students.

An inside look at campus’ most down-to-earth bakers BY MADI TASK PHOTOS BY LE XI UJ CZO

How has your confidence in the kitchen improved since joining the Bread Club? Alison: I think it’s increased because I’m less afraid to make mistakes. Amy: We make a lot of mistakes in Bread Club, but we laugh at them. I’ve learned to have a lot more fun. If I mess something up, no one’s going to be like, “You ruined everything.” When was a time that you got to flex baking knowledge on someone outside of Bread Club? Amy: I do it daily. A lot of the stuff we make is so much better than the coffee shop stuff. Stephanie: People are so shocked that as a college student you can bake. Even chocolate chip cookies, they’re like, “Really? You can make those? I just get the box!” What’s one thing that you think every college student should know about cooking? Jiwoo: Flour is essence. Alison: You can never use too much vanilla extract. Amy: It’s not as complicated as it looks. If you just read [the recipe], you’re fine.

Where would you recommend people start if they’re trying to get into cooking or baking? Alison: Join Bread Club! The more you bake, the better you’re going to be. You can mess up. Jiwoo: You can start with small things, like chocolate chip cookies. All you need is experience. If you join Bread Club, we’re going to give you experience. Stephanie: Go on Pinterest! What have you learned about being part of a team since joining Bread Club? Alison: You have to know when to let other people join in. Sometimes, especially during the first meeting, newer people want to hog all the ingredients. As the semester goes on, you see that they step back, they work in groups, and they encourage some of the shyer people to join in. Stephanie: The table’s only so big so you can’t always be standing right in front of it. Amy: We are all friends in this, but if people are new, you go with them. Nothing’s awkward when you’re here because it can’t be. The kitchen’s so small! What time of the year do you think you get the most amount of people? Amy: The first meeting is always the biggest, but the second and third are where you get the people who are actually gonna stay. They’ll come to the first one, and then they’ll bring a friend. Alison: The involvement fair helps a lot. We were in the spirituality and religion section this year, and that just confused people even more, but it also got people interested so… Jiwoo: They’re all interested in our name. The Bread Club. • If you want to find out more information about the Bread Club, check out their Instagram @breadosu or Venmo @Stephanie-Renner-2 to support their baking funds! Happy baking, Buckeyes. 1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


THE LAST DECADE A lot can happen in ten years.


ur alumni say it all the time—Ohio State just doesn’t look the same. The nightlife has changed, the infrastructural values have changed, and even some of the traditions have changed. One thing remains true, though, and that’s the energy you feel just by walking on this campus. There’s an electricity that comes with gameday, no matter if you grab a sandwich at Varsity Club, a beer at Out-R-Inn, or a case of Claws at Target. Buckeyes still show up for a good time, carrying an “I-O!” in the back of their throat in case someone calls “O-H!” In my humble opinion, campus is more involved and developed than ever before. Majors and student organizations have skyrocketed, and every year our leadership strives to make this place more socially inclusive and aware. Although the student body will never be short of criticisms for them, because striving to be better is just something we’ve always known how to do. Keep up the noise, Bucks. So take in the stories of past alumni (page 56), remember the football highlights (page 54), and test your knowledge in OSU lore (page 60). You’re a part of something bigger than a degree, now. You’re a part of a 500,000 member-wide community who knows what it means to be a Buckeye, and who knows everything this campus can go through in just a few short years. Will you remember the few you spend on these sidewalks? And will you be a part of the change that comes with the next 10?

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STATE OF THE ART ADDRESS Campus art, sculptures and architecture additions since 2010


My, oh my, how things have changed around campus in the last 10 years! All throughout campus, inside and outside of buildings, Ohio State has made plenty of cosmetic changes in the 2010s. Part of the university’s enhancements have been the ever-expanding art pieces. As a public college, these new art installations, sculptures and updated architecture keeps OSU an innovative canvas.



The Ohio Union that we know and love today didn’t look the same in past decades. In 2006, Ohio State demolished its last Union, created back in 1957. It reconstructed and reopened its doors in 2010. This renovation made room for much needed aesthetic changes, and now, the Union is the cool, spacious, go-to spot to meet up with friends. One thing that alumni will miss though is the bowling alley that the old Union had! Some consider the great Tom W. Davis clocktower to be a work of art. A masterpiece, even. This 74-foot piece of architectural brilliance has been shining its light on north campus since 2017. It’s located right by North Rec… you can’t miss it. Ohio State constructed the tower to honor local businessman Tom W. Davis after a 1.4 million dollar donation. But the man behind the clocktower is also the man behind several university scholarships and facility funds. Davis has been a frequent donator for decades.

There are many places on campus to walk through an exciting art collection or exhibit: Hopkins Hall has an underrated student gallery, the Wexner Center for the Arts always has new exhibitions for art, film, and performing arts, and The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum on south campus also has rotating exhibits. To expand your artistic palate, take a visit to Campbell Hall sometime. The building opened its first historic costume and textiles collection in August 2014, the Ann W. Rudolph Button Collection. Also, there’s a new exhibition of historic designs in the gallery every year. The first exhibition was “Fashioning the Future: Our Future from Our Past” that ran through the ‘96-‘97 school year. You can catch the current exhibit, “Campus Fashion: 150 Years of College Style,” in Campbell’s Gladys Keller Snowden Gallery until the end of April 2020. This display opened this past August as part of the university’s sesquicentennial!


This year alone has seen the addition of quite a few sculptures on north campus. This past summer, “Modern Head” was placed near 18th Avenue Library. OSU alumnus, Roy Lichtenstein, created the original 31foot sculpture in 1989 as part of his “Modern Series,” inspired by Art Deco and Art Moderne styles. Ohio State’s Arts and Memorials Committee worked with the Ohio Arts Council to receive this special piece. Through the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, Ohio State was approved to commission a replica, using Lichtenstein’s original engineering blueprints. Placing the statue between Smith Lab, McPherson Lab and the library was an interesting choice, but it definitely gives that part of campus a much needed visual pleaser. It brings a little life to the gloomy science and engineering buildings. One campus favorite has been hanging in the Union for the past five years. Have you ever noticed the pair of people flying high above you in the lobby? “Circus Acrobats” was created by George Segal in 1988. In 2013, OSU’s Urban Arts Space had an exhibit for alumnus David Lokuta’s photography, featuring Segal’s art studio as inspiration, which led to talks of having a Segal piece on campus. Thanks to a donation from the George and Helen Segal Foundation, the Ohio Union has been home to the statue since early 2015. David Fletcher, an associate professor of classics at Ohio State, described the piece as “an expression of a truly aspirational humanism” and I agree. It has a ‘reach for the stars’ type of aura and as cheesy as it sounds, it makes me feel like us Buckeyes are capable of anything.


One art piece that could not be excluded from this list is one that you may consider to be THE campus staple. The life-size bronze statue of Brutus that you can take a seat next to, appropriately named “Brutus on a Bench,” is the main attraction of the Union. Renate Burgyan Fackler created the bronze beauty back in 2009. If you weren’t a student before then, you’d think the Brutus Bench had been there since the university was founded in 1870! Lowkey, Thompson Library is actually an art hub. Not only does the library of course have the giant statue of the former Ohio State president outside facing the Oval, but there’s also display cases on the first floor with rotating exhibits. However, the true gem is the replica of “Winged Victory of Samothrace” in the library’s Grand Reading Room on the second floor. The whimsical statue was originally installed in 1913. After OSU’s class of 1892 met for their 20-year reunion, many members decided to gift a replica of this impeccable artwork to the university for the library’s grand opening. It was ultimately removed in the mid-1950s due to its deterioration becoming a safety hazard. Thankfully, a new replica of the impeccable beauty was created during 2009 renovations of Thompson, and she cost a pretty penny. $23,000 went into having the replica made. Now, you can marvel at this marble beauty the next time you’re ‘studying’ (aka you have your laptop and three textbooks open, but you’re on your phone) in the Grand Reading Room. If you’ve ever been to the RPAC, then you have definitely seen Bill and Mary Muchen’s artwork. They have three sets of work placed out around the RPAC. One of which are the ovular concrete benches with impressions of athletic bodies, named “(M) Body”. OSU students themselves were used to model the imprints, expressing the “delicate balancing act of mass in equilibrium.” “Spherical Trajectory” is a series of five colorful arcs that shoot over the sports fields by the RPAC. Lastly, the steel “Celebration Drum Circle” invites students, parents and campus visitors to sit and play with the drums facing the stadium. African, Brazilian and Indonesian archetypes inspired the steel drums. Each of these art installations were commissioned by the Ohio Percent for Art Program and placed in 2007. 1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


10. 2015 Braxton Miller spin move against Virginia Tech. The defending champion Buckeyes returned with one of the most stacked lineups in college football history in 2015—12 Buckeyes were selected in that spring’s NFL Draft alone, and five in the first round— but they’d begin their incumbency against the one team that beat them the year prior: Virginia Tech. A healthy Braxton Miller showed what Ohio State had been missing in the teams’ last matchup, stopping on a dime to change directions on an open-field, 360 degree pirouette that broke Hokie hearts and ankles en route to a 53-yard touchdown. The move crystallized a redemptive victory in prime time for a Buckeye team that seemed poised to repeat as national champs—until they didn’t. (But a lot of students did make it on the OSU Snapchat story that day for performing their own spins on friends, trees, and lampposts all across campus.) 9. Joey Bosa’s walk-off sack against Penn State. Joey Bosa left quite the legacy in Columbus as one of the premier pass rushers in Ohio State history, but no shrug celebration or quarterback-crushing hit cemented it more than this one. After surrendering a 17-point lead in enemy territory at Penn State, the Buckeyes found themselves in double overtime, at risk of allowing the Nittany Lions to knot it up once more. Instead, Bosa man-handled a Penn State running back straight into his own quarterback’s knee, and suddenly all three were flatly in the dirt. Bosa was the first to his feet, a swarm of white uniforms coming to engulf him in boisterous celebration following the game-ending sack.



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8. 2019 Rose Bowl win. It wasn’t a fairy tale sendoff—Urban Meyer decided to hang it up after a season marred by controversy and health concerns—but the Buckeyes sent their indomitable figurehead into (temporary?) retirement with one last Rose Bowl victory in 2019. After holding off a three-touchdown comeback-rally from the Washington Huskies, Meyer received a Gatorade shower that made for a bittersweet moment among the scarlet and gray faithful. Every end is a new beginning though, and following the game, Meyer finished his locker room speech with a ceremonial passing of the torch—in this case, a whistle—to his successor, Ryan Day. 7. Urban Meyer’s arrival. It’s always darkest before the dawn. The fallout from “tattoo-gate” left Ohio State

without a quarterback and head coach in 2011, rushing true freshman Braxton Miller and interim coach Luke Fickell into a season that earned the Buckeyes’ their most losses in school history. It may have been a hard pill to swallow at the time, but the porous year made possible the return of a prodigal son and program savior in Urban Meyer, who got his Master’s degree and first college coaching degree from the school in the ‘80s. Meyer immediately shot the Buckeyes right back to the top of the totem pole, winning his first 24 games in a row, and delivering a national title in just his third season at the helm.

against Ohio State at the Shoe in 2017, it appeared a long day was at foot for the Buckeyes. Down 20-35 in the fourth quarter, it was getting even longer, until J.T. Barrett strung together the signature moment of his Buckeye tenure. Barrett tossed three touchdowns in the final 11 minutes, including two in the last five, to outscore Penn State 19-3 in the quarter to finish with a 39-38 win. A 13-for-13 quarter for Barrett led Urban Meyer to shower his senior quarterback with the praise of a near-perfect game, and even threw his hat in the Heisman ring. All the while, thousands of Buckeye fans flooded the field to stand on the same earth Barrett had just laid claim to.

6. Tyvis Powell interception - 2013 Michigan game. This game had everything. Huge upset potential, with an unranked Michigan team threatening to snap Ohio State’s 23-game winning streak. Flared tensions, as three players got ejected for fighting, and Ohio State’s Marcus Hall left the field flipping a double-barrel bird to the Wolverine crowd. Wire-to-wire intrigue as well— Michigan scored with just 32 seconds left to make it 42-41. Instead of tying it up with an extra point, the Wolverines went for 2 and the win, setting up a door-die situation that left both fan bases on the edge of their seat. Michigan looked poised to pull off their second Rivalry Game win of the past three years, but Tyvis Powell dashed their hopes with a goal-line interception that kept the Buckeyes’ undefeated season intact.

3. Curtis Samuel game-winner - 2016 Michigan game. Enter double overtime at the Horseshoe. Down three, Ohio State faced a fourth-and-1 and a tough decision: Go for it, and risk a home loss to TTUN, or kick a field goal with a player who had already missed from 37 and 21 earlier in the game. Urban Meyer put the ball in the hands of J.T. Barrett, who picked up the first down by a matter of inches, despite the vehement protests of Jim Harbaugh. On the next play Curtis Samuel ended the back-andforth slugfest with a 15-yard scamper, crossing the goal line with a jump of jubilation and outstretched arms for a pose that will be seen in OSU-Michigan rivalry highlights for decades to come.

5. Cardale Jones’ performance in the 2014 Big Ten Championship vs. Wisconsin. The Buckeyes already had a loss on their resume. They already lost their starting quarterback. They already lost their BACKUP quarterback the week before, so there was no way Ohio State was hobbling out of the Big Ten Championship with a win, let alone a chance at the inaugural College Football Playoff. Then came Cardale Jones. Ohio State’s third-string quarterback put on a virtuoso performance, shredding the Wisconsin defense for 257 yards and three touchdowns to lead Ohio State to a 59-0 win—the most lopsided result in any Big Ten Championship Game to date. Jones’s MVP-winning display bolstered the Buckeyes back into playoff contention, as they jumped up two spots in the rankings to qualify as the last team into the tournament.

set a Sugar Bowl record with 230 yards rushing, including an 85-yard sprint to pay dirt that sealed the victory, and helped immortalize his signature crop top jersey stylings. 1. 2015 National Championship. Few would’ve thought a team that got blown out at home by an unranked opponent in the second week of the season would still be standing by the national championship game. Even fewer would’ve thought the Buckeyes could have a chance to win it with a man who started the year at No. 3 on the depth chart at the most important position on the field. Ohio State had more than just a chance though—they thoroughly outclassed an Oregon team boasting the Heisman Trophy winner in Marcus Mariota and one of the most potent offenses in the country. Zeke topped his already piping hot streak of Herculean postseason performances with a monstrous 246 yards and four touchdowns for Ohio State to capture just its second national title since 1970. Couches burned across campus all night long in celebration. •

2. College Football Playoff win over Alabama. The NBA has Gregg Popovich. The NFL has Bill Belichick. College football has Nick Saban and Urban Meyer. The two best coaches in the sport’s modern era went head-tohead in the first-ever College Football Playoff in 2014. Alabama was favored by 9.5, the undefeated No.1 seed, and the jury was still out on Cardale Jones, but he and Zeke rolled the tide and sent Saban packing against all odds. Elliott

4. 2017 home comeback against Penn State. When Saquon Barkley returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown 1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


TIME AND CHANGE ARE SURELY SHOWING Alumni from the past 10 years reflect on their OSU experience BY K E L LY K R A J E W S K I


hio State is a school steeped in tradition. There’s something inexplicable that links all current and past Buckeyes, but Ohio State is also constantly changing. Over the past decade, we have seen three head football coaches, a total transformation of Mirror Lake, and the destruction of some of our favorite High St. staples. We asked four alums from the past decade to reminisce on what makes OSU so special and all of the things they loved from back in their day. Sydney (Yerger) Meyer: 2011-2015, Hospitality Management Major & Business Minor Kaitlin Maloney: 2009-2013, Microbiology Major Mike Thomas: 2014-2016, English Major & Film Studies Minor Kate Pelini: 2012-2016, Accounting Major & Political Theory Minor


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

FAVORITE UNDERGRAD MEMORY? Sydney: We took a trip down to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl game and NYE. We beat Alabama – most memorable BY FAR. The video my friend put together also went semi-viral on one of the college websites. Mike: Having the opportunity to learn from so many great educators in the English department is something I’ll always be grateful for. One of my favorite professors, Mark Conroy, unfortunately passed away shortly after I graduated. I’ll always cherish the lessons I took away from his classes. Kate: After the new member retreat for Off the Lake Productions my freshman year. I had been having a tough time adjusting and finding my place at OSU, and missed performing so much. I called my Dad walking home and told him I’d found my home at OSU.

BEST YEAR OF UNDERGRAD AND WHY? Sydney: 100% my senior year, mainly because of the chaos of winning the championship, but I felt like everything was falling into place the way it should be. My friend and I were also the first female beer pong champions at The O. We requested a statue be built, but they politely declined.



Sydney: Mirror Lake will always hold a special place in my heart. Way too many memories jumping in, but my husband, Joel, also proposed there the night before graduation!

Sydney: ...jumping in Mirror Lake was encouraged, Too’s was alive and well, and our Greek Life wasn’t under so much scrutiny.

Kaitlin: Thompson library in the “Harry Potter” room with the fireplace.

Kate: ...it was called the SEL. I refuse to call it the 18th Avenue Library.

Mike: For those who haven’t checked it out, pop by Orton Hall and take a look at the fossils on display in the Geological Museum. There’s a full-size sabertooth skeleton!

SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL OLD AS A POST GRAD? Sydney: Seeing all of the new construction and my favorite stomping grounds torn down. FU new Target, apartments, and hotels! Kate: The street I lived on freshman year (and where I first registered to vote) doesn’t even exist anymore! RIP Curl Drive on North Campus.

Kaitlin: ...Park Hall was its own building!

CURRENT STUDENTS WON’T EVER UNDERSTAND…. Kaitlin: ...Toosday and liquid dope night! Mike: ...the pleasure of sliding into Mama’s Pasta and Brew between classes for a plate of lasagna and a cold one. Kate: ...the joy of jumping in Mirror Lake! I jumped in despite my mother’s wishes my sophomore year and got bronchitis the entire week of Thanksgiving. It was the biggest “I told you so” moment of all time, but I don’t regret a thing. GO BUCKS!

SOMETHING YOU REGRET NOT DOING WHEN YOU WERE STILL AN UNDERGRAD? Kaitlin: I would have liked to study abroad. Mike: I often wish I’d been more involved in student organizations. In particular, the OSU student Radio AROUSE is doing some really cool things, but I don’t think I found out about them until I had already graduated. Kate: I never lived in a house with a bunch of friends. My biggest “what if” is always wondering what it would have been like to live in a house with five or six of my best friends. College is the time to do that!

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Demo Day! Breaking down the demographics of OSU’s student population over the last ten years BY DIANA PE R EZ

Oh, how time causes change! For the past 10 years, OSU’s campus has seen some really great developments, and while not all of you may enjoy statistical data, I promise I’ve made it fun by adding some great event highlights that our campus has seen over the past decade. Seasons pass and years will roll, right?

Enrollment: 58,322 Minority enrollment growing: 17.34% Majors: more than 200 Script Ohio turns 75! TBDBITL celebrated a big anniversary in 2011 when they themed their Homecoming march “Tradition Marches On” for their 75th Anniversary of the Script Ohio formation.



Enrollment: 56064 Most popular major: Biology, followed by Psychology Minority Enrollment: 14.4% Male: 51.4% // Female: 48.5% Majors: 170 Hello new Ohio Union! The Union that we know and love today was opened at the beginning of the decade.



Majors: 168 Minority enrollment jumps 2% after OSU introduces “Two or more races” as a stat.

Enrollment jumps to 57,466 after bouncing between 56,000 and 56,800 for years Gender enrollment starts to shift towards 50/50 split by 0.2% Majors: 175

Bye bye, quarter system! In the summer of 2012, Ohio State adopted the semester system we’ve come to know (and maybe love or hate, depending on your stamina).

Hello Sloopy’s!


NATIONAL CHAMPS! 2014 was a great year for the Buckeyes when we won the National Championship against Oregon!

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President Obama addresses the graduating class. Former President Barack Obama gave the commencement address to the May 2013 graduating class!

Enrollment hits the next 10,000 mark: 61,170 Minority Enrollment: 21% (Growth mostly in Asian and Hispanic/Latinx student population) Female students become the majority! 50.3% Grilled Cheese Squirrel gets accepted to OSU. Friends who don’t remember Grilled Cheese Squirrel should look up the fantastic Twitter meme that he was. A badass for sticking it to OSU’s dining plans, his whereabouts are unknown, but we can only hope he’s still eating grilled cheeses like a boss. (@tOSU_squirrel)

Enrollment jumps again: 59,482 Male: 50.4% // Female: 46.9% Introducing North Campus dorms!

Mirror Lake reopens. After closing for construction in 2016, the campus favorite got a major makeover to reopen in 2018 with flowers, a pergola, updates to the nearly 100-year old outdoor amphitheater, and some of the best chicken tenders in the land. (Fight me on that.)

RIP Afroduck. As if the 2016 elections weren’t already a lot, we lost our beloved Afroduck in January 2016 after he froze to death in Mirror Lake. We still miss him to this day and we know that he’ll always have a place in our hearts.



Male: 50.7% // Female: 49.3% The Last Mirror Lake Jump. Following the tragic death of a student during the annual event, the Undergraduate Student Government agreed to ban the tradition of jumping into the lake before the big rivalry game.



New Most Popular Major: Finance (Biology and Psychology follow closely) Minority Enrollment: 19.8% Majors: More than 250


OSU starts its 150 year anniversary celebrations! I know, I know, technically this one goes in 2020, but tbh, the campus is already decorated with 175 celebratory signs so I’m taking it. GO BUCKS!

Welcome to the world, Tom W. Davis Clocktower. North Campus got a new addition (and with that, a collection of memes) when the clocktower opened right in front of the North Rec Center.

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Test Your Decade-Long Campus Vernacular

(Fold the magazine In half to hide the answers for you!)


We’re certainly not elitists over here at 1870 Magazine or anything, buuuuuuuut… These newbies to campus really need to learn their history! How can you honestly expect anyone to believe you’re a True™ Buckeye unless you know about the campus legends that preceded your time on campus — and that will endure long after you’ve graduated? With that in mind, we made a term-matching game for our readers, that way you don’t get made fun of for not knowing who Afroduck was.

H E R E A R E YO U R H I N T S … 1. Devilishly handsome running back who brought back crop tops and loves eating cereal. 2. Another way to say “A Couple of Ghosts Beneath High.” RIP to a legend that invented the Tidal Wave shot. 3. Bigger Bear! 4. Smaller Bear! 5. A white-feathered campus legend who lived at Mirror Lake before the beautification project. RIP. 6. He definitely didn’t come here to play school. 7. Another way to say “Secondhand Children.” To students, was A Damn Good™ record store. Can now be found on the corner of Summit and Hudson. 8. As of this writing, the only undefeated coach in Ohio State history, and thus, the greatest coach in Ohio State history.


1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

9. Campus’s old slogan that attempted to teach students what they needed from each other in order to have sex. (Pushback was received because students preferred the word “mandatory” instead of this slogan’s zinger!) 10. Bar on south campus that used to be named after an all-time great running back. 11. Holder of many Big Ten Records, Fourth of His Name. 12. What dining dollars used to be called. (Something that was a little more Ohio State-y.) 13. Yes, it’s true, there used to be a dining spot on campus dedicated to ice cream. (For more than just “eating.”) 14. Superstar-quarterback-turnedwide-receiver best known for a video game-esque spin move. 15. Current Fox sports analyst, “The best thing about 1-0…”

1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com


1. Ezekiel Elliott 2. Too’s Spirits Under High 3. Joey Bosa 4. Nick Bosa 5. Afroduck 6. Cardale Jones 7. Used Kids 8. Ryan Day 9. Consent is sexy! 10. TRISM (Formerly Eddie George’s Grille) 11. J.T. Barrett 12. Blocks 13. Mirror Lake Creamery 14. Braxton Miller 15. Urban Meyer


ONCE UPON A QUARTER SEMESTER And all the other academic changes that led us to the Duo-infused classroom BY N ICO LE PIZ AR RO


efore I officially became a Buckeye, I had the opportunity to conduct research at OSU for a summer program. I’ll be honest with you, I had to look up where Ohio was in a map. Boy, was I in for a ride! OSU blew me away. Not only was it 20 times bigger than my campus back in Puerto Rico, but it was gorgeous. Stepping into Thompson and looking up at all the stacks of books made my eyes tear up. I remember so many wonderful things about my time that summer: doing a lightsaber battle at midnight in the middle of the Oval, visiting the planetarium and trying very hard to not fall asleep under the stars, eating ice cream at the Mirror Lake Creamery, doing the cupid shuffle at Big Bar, downing a fishbowl at The Ugly Tuna Saloona right outside of Gateway (RIP)… Ah, I could go on forever. That summer solidified my desire to come to OSU. One year later, in Autumn 2015, I started my PhD and my life as a Buckeye began. Through the years, OSU has seen many, many changes. The other day I was walking from High Street to Denney Hall, and a whole ass building was gone. So you can imagine how WILD it has been to put together a list of the changes campus has seen in the last decade. Here we go:




I was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to come to OSU after the transition to semesters. From talking to my professors in the English department, the change was kind of weird. The main challenge they all mentioned to me regarding that change was that classes that were very focused on a specific aspect of a topic (for example, a class focused on a specific poet, or a particular film movement) felt endless for undergrads. However, the change seemed to benefit graduate students a lot, as the semester allowed them to analyze a topic thoroughly and develop their ideas regarding said topic. So, I guess this was an L for undergrads and a W for grads. Alas, we’ve learned to manage.

Guys. What the actual f*ck was that? The trauma of the switch from Carmen to Canvas has made it really hard for me to remember how the site originally looked. I guess it’s all gucci now? From what I understand, Carmen was easier to navigate. Alas, I digress. When it’s not crashing and you can actually upload things, the page does make it easy to keep up with how you’re doing in your class. Honestly, if you never lived through the shitshow that is BlackBoard, you don’t know how blissful it is to have CarmenCanvasWhatever. Also, I’m not mad about CarmenConnect. That sh*t’s a godsend. Especially when I want to send classmates or students a quick message and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting on BuckeyeLink.

There used to be a time when I lived in the grad dorms over on Neil & 10th. At that time, I could be running late to class, walk outside the dorm and a campus bus would stop right outside and I could ride all the way to the other side of campus and make it to my class on time. BUT NOW?! You know what? I understand that football brings in a lot of buckaroos to OSU. I get it. But the fact that you have to walk a couple of blocks now to get to the nearest campus bus stop is crap. I’m so mad about it. But I guess we have a fancy Adriatico’s and a remodeled HangOverEasy. It’s such crap, though. Making the trek to 12th and whatever in the middle of winter is not cute. Ugh.



Another controversial change, here. About two years ago, OSU announced the Digital Flagship. I was a lucky SOB and managed to swing one because I was part of the Educators Cohort for the initiative. I’m honestly biased because I think it’s amazing that incoming freshmen, especially those from situations where money is a concern, have access to this useful technology. The iPads are amazing for note-taking (shout out to Notability), and cranking out essays and video presentations. I’m sad that the initiative wasn’t retroactive and that older students weren’t able to get in on the action. So, I guess this was an L for half the student population and a W for freshmen.

Can I just say… FU DuoMobile. Although you added the option for me to log in for 24 hours, the feeling of safety and security that I get from not being able to access my Carmen/Canvas… is appreciated. Can we even remember a time when we could access our crap super quick? I don’t. It’s another wall of amnesia on my soul. We’ve been through a lot in the past few years. Some would argue our academic life is better for it. Some would not. But I digress. At the end of the day, we all love being Buckeyes, even if we have to log in to Carmen twice in a row. Seriously, WHY?!






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1870 MAGAZINE • DECEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.com

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