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Dear reader, As an alumni with many friends still at Ohio State, and as a campus bartender who checks in with you guys often, I know this time of year is rough. It feels like exam after project after essay after quiz, and it’s certainly not slowing down anytime soon. Looking back on my college years, (how f*cking ancient does that sound?) I will never forget the amount of stress and anxiety college put me through. At the turn of the seasons though, it always made everything a little easier on me. I started out on campus living in Park-Stradley and one of my first classes was in the Psychology Building over by Thompson and the RPAC, so I walked past Mirror Lake every morning just to put myself in a brighter mood and really take in the most beautiful parts of campus. Watching the colors turn from soft greens to vibrant reds and yellows made my heart squeeze. Soon, Mirror Lake will be covered in lights, and the holiday spirit will hit campus right when students need it the most. So inspire yourself! Everyone at this school is more intelligent than they give themselves credit for, and nothing reminds me of this more than the work my team of writers did in this issue. This is one of the most confident I’ve been about an issue since taking over in May, and I truly think every story in your hands right now is captivating, intriguing, or laugh-out-loud loveable. Recently we were tagged in a tweet about how we should stop highlighting campus bartenders and rather pay more attention to interesting local stories or ways to cope with stress. If you’re a regular reader, obviously you know that we keep a pretty good balance between all of these topics, but this comment really struck me. Enjoying a night out with friends and all of the wild, hysterical, and heartfelt conversations that come with drinking on a Friday night is not something to be ashamed of. Working a bartending job because you need the money to stay in school does not mean you’re not worthy of an interview. You’re more than worthy with all the sh*t college patrons put you through. Bar life is a pretty big cultural part of college itself. On the other hand, not everyone drinks or even enjoys harping on the “drunk” angle of stories, and our writers are some of those people, too. We enjoy visiting art installations that tackle tough topics of conversation (page 24), field trips with professors that deal with hard history (page 28), and learning how self-love and healthy relationships can coexist (page 60). We at 1870 are interested in all of these things, and we know our readers are, too. So make yourself a spiked cider or a hot chocolate and enjoy this November issue, because it’s sure to make you laugh, think, and admire the Buckeyes around you, no matter who you are. Take care,

Madi Task, Editor-in Chief


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1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM


HauntedFest Spooky costumes, heavy bass, and an abundance of neon lights. Haunted Fest 2019 was another success. Shoutout Prime Social Group for holding down Columbus. Photo by Grant Jones

1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE



It’s Scorpio season, darling! Time for overeating while watching Thanksgiving football, panicking because the year’s almost over, and using Thanksgiving as an excuse to get wasted. November is going to be an emotional month and you can blame it all on the Scorpios (they’re water signs). Stop to smell the pumpkin spice lattes and don’t let anything get to your head. You’ll pull through with the help of these fall themed boozy suggestions.







Passionate, stubborn, resourceful

Optimistic, generous, adventurous

Independent, disciplined

Oooh baby, you’ve been stressed. Thankfully, this month is going to be the end of a lot of your big commitments. Let yourself have a nice breather, and then make sure you get entirely wasted when your birthday rolls around. Love is not going too well for Scorpios this November. Instead of focusing on romantic drama, rest and relaxation is the goal. Keep it calm and cozy with some Hot Buttered Rum.

This month is going to match Sagittarius’ chaotic energy perfectly. Balance is not the name of the game this month, so be prepared for anything. Stick to the basics and make yourself some Sparkling Autumn Sangria this month. Don’t underestimate the issues that you face. Try to keep yourself healthy and taken care of, so that you have the energy to tackle everything that will be coming at you.

This Thanksgiving is the time to really focus on those that care about you. Your loved ones support you and it’s time to reflect and be thankful for them. Give back by sharing some Roasted Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail Shakes. You’ve got some excess energy this month. Put it to use. You’ve got all the strength that you need.






(APRIL 20- MAY 20)

Affectionate, empathetic

Dynamic, competitive

Dependable, sensual

Ugh, water signs. Y’all are already pretty emotional and this month is going to be no different. Really dive into those feelings. If you’ve got extra cash, spend it on activities that make you happy, (like drinking a Pumpkin Beer Float or two). Dig into your relationships as well this month, but try to be forgiving.

Some choices need to be made, Aries, and you should approach them with confidence and determination. Finances are good, but you have to make time for the people in your life. Take your loved ones out for a classy Apple Mojito. Balance in the workplace and in the home are your biggest challenges this month and should really hold your focus.

I know that you’re stubborn, but being a diplomat is really going to be important this month, Taurus. This is not the time to focus on romance, but on your health and on your work. You’ll get some big surprises this month that might encourage you to drink. Take the edge off with some Cider Punch.



(JUNE 22-JULY 22)


Compassionate, protective

Dramatic, confident

You’re going to need all of the support that you can get this month, Cancer. You’ve got enough on your plate already, so try to avoid any more stressful situations. Make sure that you keep your emotions under control (an especially difficult task this month) and focus on the good things like the existence of Caramel Apple Martinis.

You’re feeling less dramatic this month, Leo. Shocking. Celebrate your inner circle and get introspective. The cold weather is going to drive you inside anyways. Life will be coming at you hard next month, so build up your lionlike bravery with a little liquid courage in the form of a Honey Roasted Pear Sparkling Cocktail.


Loyal, analytical Be extra patient when making decisions this month, Virgo. Emotions are running high and they can burden you if you let them impact your choices. Let karma be your friend this month. Pay it forward by making your friends some Pear Nectar and Thyme Mimosas for brunch. Put your extra cash in savings this month, even if you’re splurging some to make these drinks.


Aquarius (JANUARY 21- FEBRUARY 19)

Original, uncompromising Work and family are taking center stage this month, Aquarius. Deepen those relationships and listen when advice is given. You won’t have a lot of down time this month, unlike a lot of the other zodiac signs. Use some spare moments to make yourself a Bourbon Salted Caramel Milkshake. Thrive.

Gemini (MAY 21-JUNE 21)

Versatile, curious A happy month for Geminis is here! Change is coming to fix any bad situations and even out any discord. You won’t really have time to relax until the end of the month, but when you do, enjoy a nice Cider Jack Cocktail. Try to get all issues squared away by the middle of the month, so that you have time to focus on yourself before the end-of-the-year stress.


Social, fair-minded It seems like everyone else knows what they’re doing this month, Libra, while you fall behind. Look at your struggles as challenges to overcome. When the weather gets colder, snuggle up with a book, your significant other, and a couple of Pumpkin Spice White Russians. Your fears are valid, but don’t let them hold you back. 1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE



Ohio State and the wide city of Columbus are never short of events, but searching through them all is a chore. We’ve compiled a list of the most worthwhile events you need to be going to this month, hand-picked by the editor. Some of these favorites are on campus, so if you know, you know, but sometimes you just need a break from college life, and you just gotta go off-campus. We hear both needs, Buckeyes.

If You Know, You Know

Gotta Go



The Mental Health Show IYKYK

// Independence Hall 100

If not for antidepressants, laughter would be the best medicine. Join the collaborative efforts of Buckeye Standup Comedy Club, Fishbowl Improv, 8th Floor Improv Comedy Group, Circular Reasoning Improv, The Sundial Humor Magazine, and of course, various student health and wellness organizations.


The Mask You Live In Screening IYKYK

// Stillman Hall 10

OSU students never stop being woke, and this documentary is known for tackling toxic masculinity in America. If you listen to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, you know this one comes up a lot. Treat yourself to some extra knowledge.


Flicks for Free: Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

IYKYK Theatre

// US Bank Conference

// Agricultural Administration Building

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Go visit ag campus for the first time in your life and get a little sweat out of it! Tickets are $15 and only 125 seats are open, so register online NOW at chaire.osu.edu/events.



// Short North Arts District

The Short North Gallery Hop is happening early this month, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to see new and unique artwork, exhibits, street performers and more. What’s even better is that while the Gallery Hop officially runs from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., many bars and restaurants are open later so you can party far into the night.


Once Upon a Bar Crawl G2G

// Arena District

If extra knowledge isn’t your thing, maybe the newest Quentin Tarantino film is. No worries if you missed it hit the theatres this summer, now’s your time to revisit it in equally comfy theatre seats hosted by OUAB.

Ever wanted an excuse to dress up as your favorite Disney characters that didn’t involve going to some crummy house for a Halloween party? In this unique bar crawl, costumes are encouraged as you travel around Columbus hopping from bar to bar drinking some “enchanted potions” and having a ball with people who are (hopefully) just as Disney-crazed as you.



Thanksgiving Dinner (FREE!)


November Gallery Hop


// Hale Hall

Not being able to go home for the holidays hurts enough. Don’t force yourself to eat a McChicken on Thanksgiving this year, go to Ohio State’s Thanksgiving dinner, or busy yourself by volunteering to work it and give back to your community. Free tickets are available for pick-up at Enarson 140, Hale Hall, and the Ohio Union Information Center.

1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

Les Miserables G2G

// Ohio Theatre

One of Broadway’s most successful musicals comes to Columbus this November for a fantastic five-night show. This particular production is said to have reinvented and reinvigorated the story of shattered dreams, love, and atonement in 19th century France during the French Revolution.

WILD LIGHTS // Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Every year the Columbus Zoo puts up a dazzling assortment of lights (sometimes called “zoo lights”) all around the zoo and aquarium. Make sure to come at night to see all the lights, and the crown of the zoo, a giant Christmas tree, in their full glory.


Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol G2G

// Ohio Theatre

Can’t wait to get the Christmas cheer flowing? CAPA guarantees to please with this charming adaptation of a holiday classic. Experience the enduring story of Ebeneezer Scrooge’s daring search for the meaning of Christmas while you’re struggling to find the meaning of life amidst finals.

1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE




ometimes it serves as anonymous means to confess your true feelings to a crush, and other times it’s used for clout. Here are the top 10 tweets from October, filled with all your clever opinions of how trash campus can be, and your heartfelt stories of Buckeyes helping other Buckeyes. *Sniffle*. BY 1 8 70 S TA F F





Fisher Boys are the VSCO Girls of Ohio State 54 RTs | 741 Likes


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM


thinking about starting a club called TikTalk where we would just meet and discuss our favorite tik toks of the week, maybe even learn the trending dances. like if you would join lmao

Definitely not all �he people chasing me wi�h �heir petitions. My patience is �earing �hin

12 RTs | 462 Likes

18 RTs | 383 Likes







1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


overheard at osu

A compilation of quotes that gave our writers a strong urge to interrupt, but they didn’t. BY 1 870 STA F F


ave you ever stopped the cranking wheels of your brain long enough to eavesdrop on a conversation to your left and been severely disappointed in the mental capacity of your collegiate peers? We sure have. That’s why we at 1870 have decided to respond to some of

the absurd shit we’ve been hearing lately. Thank you for the material!

I don t know why she s mad at me...I mean I cheated on her but she doesn t know that.

WHERE: Ethyl WHEN: April WHY: Who fucking knows This guy sounds stressed. He’s with his bros, wearing a frat tee (I won’t disclose, you can make guesses for yourself ), and having a beer on a nice spring day. To set the scene, this guy did not sound lost and hopeless. He sounded straight-up annoyed. Like this girl has no reason to be mad at him. My question is if you cheated on her and she doesn’t know it, then what else did you do to make her mad? Watch the next episode of “The Good Place” without her? Fight over the Spotify account from two separate locations? Kill her beta fish that was supposed to be a metaphor for your relationship? I don’t know this woman, but I’m on her side. Not only are you upset that she’s mad without knowing about the cheating, but you are openly talking about the fact that you cheated to three of your friends, unapologetically, IN PUBLIC. And loud enough for someone else to overhear. Do you have any shame?! Whenever this relationship ends, I hope your girlfriend calls us to tell us the grand conclusion.


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

WHERE: Out-R-Inn WHEN: June WHY: Apparently beer is more manly than hard liquor In all the areas that toxic masculinity penetrates, I never thought it would affect such a minor thing as someone’s alcohol preference. First of all, I’ve never understood the stigma around men getting mixed drinks over beer. I will personally defend any man that wants to get blacked on vodka crans rather than drinking the carbonated semen concoction that is Natty Light. Another thing that is hard to wrap my head around is gendering certain drinks. Why are vodka crans a basic girl drink? Is it because it’s pink? Is it because it doesn’t come in a can where you can shotgun it to show everyone how huge your penis is? Is it because cranberry juice helps with UTIs? Cranberry juice tastes amazing, and hey men, UTIs don’t just affect women! Another drink that gets the “basic bitch” rep is the amazing Long Island Ice Tea, which contains five different hard liquors. To me, that’s a hell of a lot more “badass” than drinking yeast juice that has a 4.5% alcohol concentration. In any case, let’s stop shaming men for drinking what they want to. Beer is an acquired taste for most, and some people never really get around to enjoying it, but the point is they shouldn’t feel pressured to. So the next time you’re going to shame your male friend for ordering a tequila sunrise, consider that drinking beer doesn’t make your dick any larger, so who gives a damn what you’re drinking?

Dude...you re getting a vodka Sprite? That s such a little bitch drink.

They want me to work a 40-hour work week! That s so much! What am I going to do?

WHERE: 14th Ave. WHEN: May finals WHY: College students apparently are not prepared for the real world I’m walking down 14th to snag some S’bux, feeling basic enough already, when I pass this girl who is piling Rubbermaids into the trunk of her car on the street with a phone pressed between her shoulder and her ear. She is venting. About landing a job that is going to give her enough hours to make a comfortable income. As someone who worked five part-time jobs plus an unpaid internship one summer, I was a little taken aback to hear a girl sound shocked that her full-time job expected her to work...well, full-time. For folks who don’t know this and really need to get their shit together soon, 40 hours is the expected American work week. Let me time myself out, though. Perhaps this is a full-time unpaid internship. If so, girl I feel you and I will fight your battle with you because that shit definitely isn’t fair. Or maybe it’s a job that she expected to be less hours, like something in food service or retail where you’re competing with multiple schedules and max out at like 20 hours a week. But if that’s the case, is having a little extra money than you planned really so bad in the summer? Is that not what summers are for when you’re a student? Working your ass off until you can afford two semesters of Saturday nights plus whatever academic necessities loans don’t cover? For readers who don’t have to live this lifestyle, enjoy the summers off while you still have them. Because it kinda sounds like you’re not ready for 40-hour work weeks.

1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


“Got Tego. Text me when you’re home!” Ohio State alumni invents safety app for women BY D E L A N E Y A P P E L


students, safety on and around campus is always a concern. Sometimes you have to walk home alone late at night from the library or from a friend’s place. Taking an Uber everywhere can become expensive, and can even come with its own risks and dangers. Angela Rucci, a former Computer Science and Engineering student at Ohio State, knew this feeling too well, and decided to do something about the way we communicate safety with our friends and family. That’s why she launched the app Tego in March of 2019. “Tego is an app that lets you know when your friends get home safely. We do this all the time, like ‘Hey! Text me when you get home!’ and then you forget to update your friends or parents,” Rucci told me. “We kind of wanted to create an app to give people peace of mind.” Rucci was inspired to create the app after the cause became even more personal to her. She was assaulted her first semester at Ohio State. “I didn’t have many friends at first, and then that happened...I was so close to going back to Youngstown,” she admitted. “But once I started


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

to make friends, I became the mom of my friend group, always making sure my friends got home safely, so that nothing like what happened to me would happen to them. That’s kind of when I thought of Tego.” Rucci also mentioned that apps such as Find My Friends can often be inaccurate and an invasion of privacy, as one of the only options is to share your location indefinitely. “If I just met you, or we only hung out once or twice, I don’t think you would be comfortable sharing your location with me all the time. So with Tego, it’s really just that one trip. You have a lot of control over who you share your trip with.” The app has features such as the ability to call 911 from within the app, GPS location, and sharing your phone battery percentage. In other words, all the information necessary to send to the authorities to assist you. You can choose up to 10 contacts to which you can send your trip, and the app will notify them when you have arrived safely at your destination, or if you are in need of help.

“It made me feel really insecure that people thought I got what I got because I was a girl. I feel like I’m a good developer. “ “I didn’t start coding until college, which is super rare,” said Rucci. “I felt super behind. Every weekend I would go home and do these personal projects like making a website, making an app...eventually I caught up.” Rucci and her partner were awarded first place for the app at the Ohio State hackathon in 2018. “A lot of the judges were women, and they thought it would be so helpful. We won the hackathon, and pretty much the next day started the business.” Although women are becoming more involved in the field of coding and computer science, it is still an overwhelmingly maledriven field. Rucci mentioned that she was typically one of the only girls in her classes, especially during her time at Youngstown State before transferring to OSU. When I asked about her experience in the field as a student, and now as part of a larger business community, Rucci said, “Something that hurt the most [was that] I was definitely a student that did even more outside of the classroom than inside. I was getting a lot of internship offers, and I thought it was because I was doing a lot. But a fellow student said, ‘Oh, no. It’s because you’re a girl.’ It made me feel really insecure that people thought I got what I got because I was a girl. I feel like I’m a good developer. As far as the business, it has been hard to prove to people that this isn’t just a college project.” As for the future of Tego, Rucci said, “I want people to feel like they can go and walk home or be a better friend. We really think that friends can help save friends’ lives.” On November 1, Tego is launching their new gifting model. “We found that giving safety feels great. My co-founder actually gives safety items to his sister every Christmas. So we’re launching a subscription box you can get through Tego, it’s really cute. You get scrunchies and a shirt! It's a really cute Christmas gift for your loved ones, saying you care about them.” If you are also the mom of your friend group, or if your actual mom is always worrying about you, Tego really could give you some peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are safe. " You can find Tego for free in the App Store, so there’s nothing stopping you from being a little safer! Follow them for updates on Instagram and Twitter @tegoandgo.

1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


F O U R A LT E R N A T E U N I V E R S E S F O R T H E N C A A V S . C A L I F O R N I A Earlier this month, California governor, Gavin Newsome, signed the Fair Pay To Play Act, which allows collegiate athletes to profit off of endorsements. The bill passed 72-0 in the state of California, and while some former athletes are fans, figures and organizations like Ohio State’s Athletic Director Gene Smith and the NCAA have opposed. People have opinions, but this type of bill is already moving fast as it’s being introduced into several states including Kentucky and South Carolina. At the very end of October, the NCAA announced its decision to allow atheletes to get paid for use of their names. But it got us thinking... What would the world look like under all the other possibilities? So we wrote them out for you. Enjoy daydreaming.


UNIVERSE 1 THE NCAA CHANGES ITS RULE TO GIVE EQUAL RECRUITMENT FOOTING TO ALL SCHOOLS It’s September 23, 2023. Ohio State is in South Bend, Indiana, playing Notre Dame. (Yes, this is already scheduled.) During a commercial break, a Buyer’s Auto commercial with Ohio State’s quarterback, [insert formerly underappreciated transfer here], comes on. It is followed by a commercial of that same quarterback debuting in EA Sports NCAA 24. It’s tough to say just how much of the game has been affected by this law. The warning the NCAA made was right; this law made the level of competition staggered towards bigger schools’ athletic programs. So our friends from Athens and Bowling Green haven’t really been in the college football talk these days. Not to say that teams outside of the power five conferences don’t get into the playoff s, I mean UCF is (should’ve been) the 2017 National Champion. Nonetheless, the playoff committee seems to not want to give a chance to those that aren’t in the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC or Pac-12. On the other hand, athletes can afford rent!




USC is playing Stanford in the National Championship after the Pac-12 became the first conference to put three out of the four teams in the playoff s this year: USC, UCLA and Stanford. Sacramento State just missed the playoff s, but they are boasting one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. Every primetime game starts at 10 p.m. eastern time. Thanks to the new recruiting rules, these schools are able to offer financial compensation that other colleges simply cannot. Congrats, Cali! Your athletes are getting paid and winning seasons— good for them. This makes for a pretty fire National Championship now that two schools have without a doubt, the best players in the country. What could the other schools even offer anyways? Unlimited meal plans and tutors? We ain’t come here to play school. Next. With that being said, the NCAA still rules all-powerful, holding all six infinity stones in their armored glove. For all we know, it can be changed with the snap of a finger, and California could turn into dust.

You’re just getting home from schooner night at Chumley’s with a piping hot bag of Taco Bell in hand when out of nowhere, Twitter is blowing up your phone with breaking news from ESPN. Through a drunken blurry daze, you see it: the NCAA used all of the infinity stones and banned California from college sports. Gene Smith warned so many years ago that Ohio State will not be scheduling any games with schools from California. In the long run, you decide it’s a good thing. Our men’s volleyball team won’t have to play Long Beach University anymore. You feel pretty sure California will come up with its own league or conference broken into NorCal vs. SoCal teams. The championship is played in Silicon Valley and the winners get to Freaky Friday Apple CEO Tim Cook, or are gifted the knowledge of the Google Search Engine.

1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

UNIVERSE 4 WE KILL THE NCAA A hole tore this universe in two, chaos in the streets occurs, and there are more burning cars and sofas than you can count, bringing on flashbacks from the 2014 national championship. “Student-athletes” are now just... “students”.


1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE



When I became a graduate student at OSU, I was asked to teach in return for free tuition. With that ka-ching kaching offer and the opportunity to get a degree in something I loved, I couldn’t say no. Being what is basically a spy on the inside, the truth is I have the best advice for how to navigate a class with a TA vs. a class with a regular Instructor. So listen up, undergrads, because class is in session.


” 22

1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

First, let’s delineate the responsibilities each “position” has. Students: Show up, do the work, pass the

class, etc.

Teaching Assistant: For the most part,

TAs do most–if not all–of the grading in big lecture classes. We may or may not be responsible for teaching small breakout sessions in class. We’re ultimately in charge of your grade.

Instructor: This is our class. We make the

syllabus; we call the shots. Of course, you have to ultimately achieve the learning outcomes of the course, but how your students get there is up to you.

Now, let’s go over every student-toinstructor interaction that you could benefit from hearing perspectives on both sides. CLASS CANCELLATIONS As a Student: Honestly, these are my favorite. Opening my email and seeing that sweet, sweet message from a professor saying they’re canceling class feels like a gift. As a TA: You’re shit out of luck. Even though you can sometimes miss the big lectures, canceling the labs or recitations you’re in charge of probably won’t happen. If there’s an emergency and you can’t teach your course, the professor in charge of the large lectures will sometimes step in. All-in-all, this is a rare instance. As an Instructor: Shiiiiiet. If we’re being honest here (and I am, which is why I didn’t publish this under my name), I have canceled class for dumb as fuck reasons. Sometimes I’m legitimately dying, or my anxiety has me on the border of a panic attack/breakdown (we can definitely talk more about anxiety in another article). Other times, I can sense that my students are drowning under the weight of midterms. I may have also canceled classes ‘cause it was too cold or I had a paper due. I will neither confirm nor deny these last two. What I’m trying to say here is that instructors are not terrible people. And when your instructor happens to be a graduate student, trust me when I say that we get it. Sometimes we push through the pain because there’s work that needs to get done. Other times we feel the weight of the pressure and need a breather, too. PARTICIPATION As a Student: I hate participation grades with a passion. Sometimes I just don’t want to talk, man. My strategy for participation is basically making sure I have at least one or two smart things to say about the readings that week and looking like I’m interested in the lecture and taking notes, even if I’m doodling on my notebook or iPad. Another pro-tip is sitting in the front. If you sit in the front, you’ll automatically look like you pay attention. If you sit in the back and are hesitant about talking or don’t look to the teacher, you’ll probably get called on. As a TA: Honestly…I don’t care. At some point I was in charge of over 70 students. The Instructor wanted me to take attendance

every single class and assess whether or not each individual student paid attention. I ended up passing all of my students on participation because I only knew some of their names. I was also kind of angry that I was being asked to assess over 70 peoples’ attention in a class. Can anyone truly do that? Unless you were absent often enough that I noticed you weren’t in my class most of the time or went out of your way to not look at me or engage, you’re fine. As an Instructor: I don’t know, man. Participation grades are something I struggle with. I don’t think you should be forced to participate in a class for a grade, but lecturing to a room full of people with empty looks on their faces hurts my soul and makes me feel like I’m wasting my time. Not to mention that If you don’t talk, I don’t know if you’re following anything I’m saying. Lately what I’ve been doing is allowing students to “participate” in any way they choose: group work, Carmen discussion boards, meeting with me in my office hours… Basically anything that shows me that you understand what the class is about and what you have to do in the course. But for the love of Pete, TALK AT LEAST ONCE. SKIPPING CLASS/ATTENDANCE As a Student: For me, it depends on the class. In graduate classes, the policy is don’t skip unless you’re dead or in the process of dying. In undergrad, a lot of classes didn’t have an attendance policy. I still tried to not skip too much. I mean, if I’m paying to be here, I’ll be here, y’know? There are days where I just cannot deal with life and have to stay in. Probably the dumbest reason I ever skipped class was to go to the Luke’s pop-up shops that Netflix set up to celebrate the Gilmore Girls revival. I didn’t even try to go to class. I woke up early and took a bus down High to the closest coffee-shop-turned-Luke’s and got a cup of coffee. It was great and I don’t regret it. That said, I didn’t skip the class again the rest of the semester. As a TA: Unless the class has a strict attendance policy, I didn’t really care if my students didn’t show up to every class. This particular professor didn’t have a strict attendance policy but also asked us to take attendance every day. If there were serious cases for why students were not coming to class, I would take note of that and make sure they came to see me when they came back to class. That said, I wasn’t necessarily keeping tabs on everyone. As an Instructor: I think that the smartest thing a student can do is read the attendance policy and take advantage of it. For example, if you can skip three times, skip around midterms. Take care of yourself, you know? I

am pretty chill about attendance. If I notice you haven’t been coming for a while, but you haven’t told me if you have an emergency, I’ll usually reach out, but only if you’re past the max number of classes you can miss. Emergencies are more than reasonable to miss class. Your instructor will understand. However, if you’re constantly skipping class and don’t talk to your instructor, don’t come crying at the end of the class because you’re 2% away from an A-. GRADING As a Student: I’ve always been pretty anal retentive (ha ha, shut up) about grades. I still curse the ground the teacher who once gave me an A- walks upon. I guess there’s not much here to say that can help you other than to say, I get it. Grades are important. They either make or break your GPA. As a TA: We are in charge of your grade. If you are having a hard time with the material or with writing an essay, or developing an idea, come see us. We are more than willing to help you out, it’s our job. Of course, you can also talk to the instructor of the course, but more often than not for assignment-related questions, we’re the person you want to see. Most importantly, if we know who you are, we will bat for you. I’ve gone head-to-head with a professor regarding a student who was having a very difficult time in class. I worked with that student and they managed to pass the class. We’re not here to fail you. We’re not here to waste your time. We got your back. It’s our job. As an Instructor: Like I said before, I understand. I understand needing 2% to get the A. However, if you’re a student who has consistently done the bare minimum in class and never came in to talk to me for something other than being worried about your grades… I’ll stick to my initial ruling regarding your grade. This is where making a good first impression matters the most. If you feel the grade you received was undeserved, instead of angrily emailing me, sit down, and take a breath. Read the feedback you received carefully and ask about a potential way you can improve your work. Nine times out of ten, I will offer to meet with you and work with you to make sure you ace my class. # I don’t know how to end this piece other than by saying that I absolutely love what I do. I love my students and will bat for them in any and every sense of the word. If I can give you one piece of advice to take with you it’s this: every teacher you will ever have was once a student. Not everyone can be as cool as me, and that’s okay. Read the syllabus, pay attention, don’t be a sh*t person, and your instructor will help you succeed. It’s what we do.

1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE




enny Holzer’s work pulls no punches. It is loud. It is intense and it is straight to the point. It is not a painting, nor a sculpture. It’s the art of words. The wall at the Wex’s newest exhibit is covered in truism, as she calls it in her artist statement. “Concise one-liners written anonymously and designed to condense difficult and contentious concepts into seemingly straightforward statements of fact,” Holzer writes. “MONEY CREATES TASTE.” “RELIGION CAUSES AS MANY PROBLEMS AS IT SOLVES.” “YOU HAVE TO HURT OTHERS TO BE EXTRAORDINARY.” “IN SOME INSTANCES IT’S BETTER TO DIE THAN CONTINUE.”

These truisms are something that most people would avoid on a first date, because it would make the worst first date ever. Well that’s what we at 1870 were going for when we set-up a blind date where their entire date was experiencing this art piece and discussing the one-liners. A date of no small talk.


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

First impressions of the date?

AUTHOR: My first impression of her was that she seemed forthright. Kind. Peculiar, I mean, who agrees to go on the worst first date? She seemed genuine, and it gave me the feeling that if we disagreed, she would give her opinion, but she would also listen to mine. It was refreshing, the artwork however wasn’t as kind. DATE: At first I was skeptical of the date, especially considering it was a blind date and we were going to be talking about deep topics. Typically when I decide to go on a date with someone, it is only after becoming friends with them and developing a level of familiarity. This new territory was exciting as well as nerve wracking. My friend who set us up had told me the reason I was chosen was because she thought we would disagree and have a lively discussion which made me a little extra weary walking up to the Wex.

What was your first impression of the art piece?

A: I was initially overwhelmed by the artwork. It is floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, first floor space.The statements felt like black and white answers to questions that aren’t black and white. The hard societal questions that we scream at each other through keyboards, damning those that don’t agree with us. Some statements aren’t nearly as intense, and work as advice I’d give to anyone. D: Upon walking up to the art piece I was mesmerized by the size. It feels dizzying to walk into a room with hundreds–if not thousands–of sentences covering the high walls. Getting closer to the piece and actually reading some of its content quickly filled me with a sense of curiosity and intrigue.

How did the discussion start?

A: We agreed on most subjects. We quickly found that the statements aren’t easy things to agree with. The first statement was “A little knowledge can go a long way.” To me, and I think to her, this was a pretty agreeable statement. It’s something I personally believe in. the follow-up was “Most professionals are crackpots,” I laughed as I agreed with this statement, but to be honest, I don’t know if I can give a good opinion on it. D: The discussion started with the statement “A little knowledge can go a long way.” I was expecting to start disagreeing right away and mentally prepared myself for a fight. To my surprise and delight we actually agreed. After agreeing we had a really nice discussion about the topic which instantly put all my nerves at ease and made the rest of the date much more enjoyable.

“The art acted as a facilitation device that helped us navigate tough, intimate conversations without the feeling of over-exposure or vulnerability.” 1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


Were there any disagreements on any of the statements?

A: Most of the time when we disagreed, it was because we were on the fence. I told her at one point in time I was at a six on a scale from one to ten. There was one statement in particular that we disagreed on, it was the “Raise boys and girls the same.” I didn’t think its possible in our society. After I disagreed, she turned to me and said something along the lines of, “Really? I want to hear your thoughts on this,” in a treadlightly tone. The tone was more important than what she neccessarly said, and that tone had me nervous. I explained my case and we did something that I haven’t seen done in years. We saw our points of view, knowing that this statement is not the most black and white statement to agree–or disagree–with. I could be wrong, she could hate me. D: We had disagreements on two main topics. The first disagreement was over the statement “Raise boys and girls the same way.” My argument was that as a society we absolutely should raise boys and girls the same way. My date hit back with a question of how to talk about consent later on. I told him that you can start teaching kids consent at a young age by telling them to ask before hugging or tickling their friends as a great

way to start the conversation. Eventually we came to the agreement that ideally, yes, you could raise boys and girls the same way; however, with how things currently are, the socialization they receive outside of the home would ultimately cause you to need to have different conversations with the children. Later on we disagreed over the statement “Trading a life for a life is fair enough.” He took an extreme approach saying, “Yeah, absolutely killing someone like Hitler in favor of having someone like Gahdi around.” Which I agreed with, but then brought up how such sentiments lead to state-sanctioned murders in the form of the death penalty and how much damage policies such as those have caused. Furthermore, if everyone decided to take justice into their own hands we would not have a functioning society. Eventually he brought me closer to a middle ground with a lively discussion about what would happen if your friend or family member was murdered. Overall, these disagreements didn’t reveal any severe clashes in morals, just different interpretations of the same statement.

Were there any agreements?

A: We agreed on quite a bit, more than I thought. We ended up having similar ideals and opinions on the same subjects. I tend to think that I lean a little left, and I think that

she was the same. There was a statement that we agreed with easily early on and it was “Always store food” and our reaction was, “Of course.” After looking at more statements like “Any surplus is immoral,” forced us, or me at least, to look at my own hypocrisy, and it showed us this point of view: if we store food, then we are probably taking from those that need it. Although we may be separated on how far on the spectrum we agree with that point of view. Since we both attempt to see multiple points of view, that is what I believe to be the driving force to our agreements. D: We actually agreed more than we disagreed which was an extremely pleasant surprise. The deep discussions were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being able to talk about the statements.

What statement did you see and were like, “Oh shoot, I really don’t want to talk about that?” How did that go?

A: With her, there was nothing that I was necessarily worried about. Everything had gone smoothly throughout the date. I understood that one misstep could blow it up, but I wasn’t worried. I don’t make missteps. That was a lie, I was worried about the

statement, “Sin is a means of social control.” Anytime discussing religion comes along, it’s always difficult. There are wars over disagreements in religion. As someone who doesn’t know what to believe, it’s a minefield for discussion; this is a big misstep. My date– who I will not comment on her views of religion, because I don’t know enough–ended up agreeing with me.

yours. However, I think if we had been sitting face-to-face rather than standing in front of an art piece, the conversation would have been much more challenging. The art acted as a facilitation device that helped us navigate tough, intimate conversations without the feeling of over-exposure or vulnerability. Had we not had the art to focus on, I do not think that I would have been as honest as I was.

D: There was one statement that stated something along the lines of hurting someone sexually is the most vile thing a person can do. I agree strongly with the statement and it is a topic that I have personal ties to and find triggering. We did end up talking about it, but the discussion was quick because we both agreed strongly.

Do you feel like there are some advantages of having bigger topics of conversation on the first date?

How did this compare to other first dates?

A: I think it went better than most of my other first dates. Although the bar is low, it was a nice time. It was more intense than any other date I have had. D: It was one of the better first dates I’ve had! I think that there is something really great about talking through the big topics because you get to know a person on a deeper level and can easily tell if their morals match

A: It was really nice to get the big talks out of the way on the first date. These topics are something that will come up for any romantic relationship worth having. It doesn’t mean that we have to agree, it just means shying away from these topics can make them feel like a barrier a relationship can’t seem to break. So it was nice to just get most of it out of the way. I didn’t get to know her thoughts of pineapple and pizza though, which is a dealbreaker, but it was good to get everything else out of the way.

D: I think that getting a large amount of the big talk out of the way was a great idea. I had a really good time and felt like I got more out of it and had more fun on that first date than I have from most of my others. The last time I went on a date and we talked about all of the big topics, we lasted nearly a year and had a wonderful relationship. I don’t think that this practice is for everyone and talking about all of your deepest insecurities should probably be saved for later, but discussing big abstract topics is a really great way to get to know a person. "

1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


Understanding Hard History at James Madison’s Montpelier An informative and eye-opening Fall Break experience S TO R Y A N D P H OTO S BY A S A H E R R O N

Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries is the most exciting professor at Ohio State right now. As an associate professor in the History Department, he teaches courses on AfricanAmerican history, specifically focusing on the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. He puts his specialty knowledge of history to work in the present day as the President of the Board of Directors for the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) Ohio branch and host of his “Teaching Hard History” podcast. In the past, he has been instrumental in the redevelopment of several history museums such as The National Civil Rights Museum in Nashville and James Madison’s Montpelier. I have been fortunate enough to take two of Dr. Jeffries’ courses in my time as a student so far. I first met him in a freshman seminar on mass incarceration and the Black Lives Matter movement where we hit it off right away. I really appreciated how he could make history come alive and explain how it


manifests itself in the present. The next year I took his African-American History Through Film class, which is the best class I have taken at Ohio State. As our friendship progressed, Dr. Jeffries invited me on his second-ever student trip to James Madison’s plantation in Virginia, Montpelier. The purpose was to connect the origins of institutional racism from slavery to how it manifests itself in the present day with an added trip to nearby Charlottesville, Virginia, where protester, Heather Heyer, was killed at a Unite The Right, Neo-Nazi rally in August 2017. The plantation has been made into a museum which commemorates the life of the “Father of our Constitution” similarly to George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. However, it was not only these men who lived at their respective plantations. They were home to a community of enslaved laborers who took care of the property and provided the labor which created the wealth our founding fathers enjoyed. For the most part, the history of these enslaved people has been largely ignored. Montpelier decided in 2017 to deviate from the norm and open the exhibition, “The Mere Distinction of Colour.” Its purpose is to highlight the humanity and perseverance of the enslaved community on the plantation, and to dissect Madison’s inherent hypocrisy in promoting American ideals of freedom in equality, while depriving liberty from the people he “owns.” Madison even struggled with this contradiction in his own time, as the exhibit is named after a quote of his: “We have seen the mere distinction of colour made in the most enlightened period of time, a ground of the most oppressive dominion ever exercised by man over man.” Those in charge of creating this new exhibit hosted several historians from around the country for help. Dr. Jeffries was one of those historians. He advised curators on how to address the horrors of what happened on the plantation while also highlighting the triumph of the human spirit and tracing the development of African-American culture. Since his impact was so appreciated by the museum, he was extended an open invitation to bring ten of his students to the project. Thus, this Fall Break field trip began. On our first day at Montpelier, we started touring the new exhibits installed after the opening of the Mere Distinction of Colour. These consisted of recreated buildings

1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

that would have been home to the enslaved house servants. In the buildings were audio recordings from descendants of enslaved people at Montpelier or a nearby plantation. They told the story of how their enslaved ancestors maintained their culture and dignity within an economic system designed to dehumanize them. One example on display was a piece of quartz found by Montpelier’s archaeological team in the corner of the home’s foundation. It is a West African tradition to place a piece of quartz in the northwest corner of the house for protection. Additionally, there was a brick with a fingerprint embedded in it which was left by an enslaved individual who wanted to leave their mark on the brick they made. It was extraordinarily powerful to see and touch these objects, like these people were standing right in front of us just yesterday. As we made our way to the mansion’s basement, where the Mere Distinction of Colour exhibit is housed, we could see similar, smaller fingerprints made by child laborers on the bricks of the foundation. This foundation held the walls where James Madison thought and wrote about our current government’s framework, and it was built by enslaved children. This really resonated with me; a visual example of how the country as a whole was literally built up by enslaved labor. The exhibit facilitated this thought process by pointing out the importance of the Atlantic Slave Trade in America’s rise to economic power. When showcasing slavery’s political signifignance, the exhibit identified that Madison was very deliberately not using the word “slavery” in the Constitution, though he talks about the institution a lot. We all know about the " clause, but the exhibition points out otherwise overlooked areas as well. For instance, Madison protected the right of states to import people as a good and stated that Congress could amend anything through the proper process, except for this “Importation” Clause in Article I Section IX. The end of the Mere Distinction exhibit shows a video (featuring Dr. Jeffries) connecting the dots between the institutional racism at the onset of our government and how it reveals itself today. After thoroughly covering slavery, we went to the exhibits covering the Reconstruction period and Jim Crow era which were far less thorough, honestly. We explored a cabin built on the property by a freed slave, George Gilmore. The horrors of the Reconstruction era were recounted to

us. After emancipation, newly freed AfricanAmericans attempted to create political and economic power, but white violence and lack of arable farmland dismantled these efforts. Additionally, Montpelier was home to a segregated train station, so we were able to experience the falsehood of “separate but equal” in Jim Crow America. The “colored” waiting room was noticeably more cramped and uncomfortable than the “white” waiting room. It was crazy to think that my parents were alive at a time when this was completely normal. It made me question what I may see as normal today but that is actually morally disgusting. With a solid historical background in our minds, we made our way to Charlottesville where we met with several activists in the community. Charlene Green is a member of the Charlottesville Office of Human Rights who told us of the Urban Renewal of Charlottesville in the early 20th century which resulted in the destruction of the city’s black communities. This ensured that black voices would not become politically or economically powerful. As a result, Confederate monuments litter the parks of Charlottesville, serving as a rallying point for white supremacy pride which Dr. Jalane Schmidt, a religion professor at the University of Virginia and Black Lives Matter activist, explained to us. Dr. Schmidt was there when the Neo-Nazis came to town, bore their tiki torches, and eventually drove a car through a crowd of counter-protestors. She detailed the history of white fragility in Charlottesville when talking about dismantling the legacy of the Confederacy, and how allowing the Confederate sympathizers to have space,always ends with innocent deaths. The fight to keep Neo-Nazis without a platform in Charlottesville and around the country continues today. On our last day, we were joined by teachers from local school districts to hear a lecture from Dr. Jeffries on the importance of teaching and learning factual history, even in the face of adversity. As he often says in his classes, Americans love nostalgia but hate history. I found that talking about “hard history” (as he calls it) over my fall break was intellectually, morally, and socially engaging. It was a truly unique opportunity to interact with the past and some other amazing students. I highly recommend taking any of Dr. Jeffries’ classes to get a glimpse of what I experienced and the possibility to experience it yourself. #

Look out for Dr. Jeffries’ courses when scheduling classes for next semester. He teaches HISTORY 3083: Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, ARTSSCI 1137.10: First-Year Seminar on Mass Incarceration, and HISTORY 3085: African American History Through Contemporary Film. 1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE



A look inside the new OSU Esports Arena with the president of the Buckeye Gaming Collective BY DELANEY APPEL


he gaming industry has come a long way from what I remember as a kid. Gaming to me used to mean The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo 64, Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation, Super Smash Bros. Melee on Gamecube, and Mario Kart Wii. Video games were just something that gave you bragging rights against your siblings and friends, and occasionally caused a few tears. (I still haven’t forgiven some people for the blue shells they’ve sent my way.) Today, however, the gaming industry has exploded into so much more than that. With the continuous advancement and expansion of technology and video games, a new world of Esports has emerged, and Ohio State is committed to giving its students the opportunity to be a part of it all. This October, Ohio State launched The Ohio State Esports Arena, located in Lincoln Tower. The Arena features around 80 gaming computers, consoles, and virtual reality systems, as well as rooms for competitive team gaming and a broadcasting booth to record commentary. “Having a space to practice with your team is very valuable,” said Jimmy Bauer, a fourth-year at OSU and the president of the Buckeye Gaming Collective. “In the past, the only way our teams would practice in person was before a match at a LAN (inperson) tournament, or by paying to play at a Gaming Café. Teams show the most growth when they can talk about mistakes and how to improve as things happen.” The university is also in the process of creating an Esports and Game Studies major, showing just how legitimate the industry is becoming. “I think gaming and Esports are finally losing the negative stigma around them. Some of the leaders in the industry are doing a really good job at showing how Esports is a viable career path,” Bauer believes. “People are starting to realize the potential of it and it’s no longer a negative thing to be a gamer.


It’s growing more than ever. Fortnite was huge for reaching the mainstream population, but nearly every game is showing growth. Esports is seeing large investors come in to fund franchises and provide resources for professional players that rival what you’d see for traditional sports.” Are you just a casual gamer? No problem, The Arena has room for you, too. While the space provides great resources and potential for growth for Ohio State’s competitive gaming teams, it is also intended to be available to the average gamer. “The space also provides the ability for people who don’t have a PC to try them out for the first time. They’re nearly the best possible setups you can get right now, and hardly any college students would have access to them if Ohio State had not opened the space.” With long hours and late nights open for campus students, gamers have ample opportunities to make use of the new space, no matter their schedules. As far as the future of the Buckeye Gaming Collective goes, Bauer said, “The goal is for our leagues to provide an environment where students can play with a team of Ohio State students on a consistent basis. This could mean that they sign up solo and make new friends on their team, or that they sign up with their friends and can grow their relationships through gaming. We wanted to shine a light on the students who are interested in gaming, but don’t have the time or drive to play at the highest level. We hope to provide a professional environment, live streaming selected matches each week so that those players can see what it’s like to compete with friends in a semi-competitive setting.” The Esports Arena hours are from noon to midnight Monday through Thursday, noon to 1 a.m. on Fridays, 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturdays, and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays. Check out @OhioStEsports and @ OSUBGC on Twitter for the most up-to-date information, and get gaming, Buckeyes!!

1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

“They’re nearly the best possible setups you can get right now, and hardly any college students would have access to them if Ohio State had not opened the space.” 1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


Dave’s Cosmic Subs comes to campus! BY ASA H E R R O N | P H OTO BY K I E R A F R A N KS


leveland’s trippiest sub shop has made its way to High St. Dave’s Cosmic Subs is now open right next to Bullwinkles. Any Clevelander like me will tell you–these subs are far out, man. The company’s founder is Cleveland native “Cosmic” Dave. Both the 1960s and Cleveland’s status as the rock ‘n’ roll capital of the world had a huge influence on Dave growing up, so much so that he spent a decade in California acting and singing in his own rock band, Foreplay. Once he was all rocked out, Dave returned home and opened his first sub shop in Chagrin Falls, OH in 1997. He certainly did not leave behind the fun of ‘60s rock counterculture. Every Dave’s Cosmic Subs shop is a time capsule paying homage to free love, psychedelia, and my favorite decade in American history. Upon walking into the new Dave’s on High Street for the first time, I was hit with a wave of cosmic energy as I always am at every Dave’s.

I’m not sure if it’s the Cleveland Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame posters on the walls or The Rolling Stones playing over the speakers, but Dave’s always feels like home. Brother-in-laws, Derek Meduri and Chris May, told us they find their rock posters from “the depths of historical archives.” There’s something old-fashioned about eating a stacked sandwich (served with Dave’s famous Cosmic Sauce, of course) while looking up at grainy, sepia-toned pictures of rockers throughout the decades. Like visiting an old family deli that the “cool uncle” in the family owns. The only way to top eating at Dave’s would be to eat your sandwich in the Rock ‘n’ Hall of Fame itself in downtown Cleveland. “The music is part of the atmosphere that Dave’s is known for,” they explained. “We’re fans ourselves and have some personal preferences and favorites that we like to throw in.”

“We’re bringing something new to a city that we love and call home, and we’re bringing a piece of home to a lot of Clevelanders who may have had a Dave’s sized hole in their hearts until now.” My go-to sub is Dave’s Famous Reuben. No one knows their corned beef like a Clevelander, and Dave represents his city well. Now that I think about it, the Rock Hall posters and The Rolling Stones feel like home only because I’ve associated them with the taste of Cleveland corned beef. Trust me, the sh*t is scrumptious. Dave has had to compete with some of the best sandwiches in the country in Cleveland, so he blows away any corned beef competition around here. Catering to their Cleveland-based student consumers, they shared with me, “We’re bringing something new to a city that we love and call home, and we’re bringing a piece of home to a lot of Clevelanders who may have had a Dave’s sized hole in their hearts until now.” If you aren’t certifiably addicted to reubens like me, Dave’s has plenty more subs to choose from–30 to be exact. Some of my other favorites are The Grateful Dave (turkey, tomatoes, red onion, mayo, Dave’s Cosmic Sauce, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and hot pepper juice) and Dave’s Best Meatball Ever. The menu is divided into sections: italian, turkey, chicken, roast beef, corn beef, ham, tuna, and veggie. All subs can be served either hot or cold and come on vegan, italian, whole wheat, or gluten-free bread. On the side, I always get cajun fries from Dave’s, and I have never regretted it. These things are too fucking delicious to ever pass up. They’re essentially fair fries with a killer cajun seasoning for some heat. They also have a solid selection of kettle cooked chips in flavors such as Mesquite BBQ, Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Funky Fusion, and Maui Onion. Overall, the food is far and away higher quality than any other sub shop on campus. The only drawback is that they close earlier than your campus Jimmy Johns and Subways. However, once you’ve had Dave’s Cosmic Sauce, their perfectly crisp, fresh bread, and a homemade pickle on the side, you won’t even consider anything without them a sub. A great Sunday tradition I’ve had for years is watching the Browns lose while eating a dangerously delectable Dave’s sub. This Sunday, I invite you to join me in the cosmos, turn on the Jimi Hendrix Experience, light up (if that’s your thing), and dig in. !

CSL Plasma is a Proud Supporter of OSU Bring in your student ID for an extra $5* on every donation. Columbus CSL Plasma Center Conveniently Located at: 2650 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43202 Tel: (614) 267-4982

*Applicable for eligible qualified new donors. Must show valid student ID.

Dave’s Cosmic Subs is located at 1766 N High St. and is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Mondays through Saturdays, and 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Sundays. 1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


Know Your Bartender: Sierra from Fourth street bar & grill

How did you get into bartending and how long have you been doing it?


What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending?

Bartenders come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Who’s to say who is best equipped to give you what you need when you sit down across the bar? Bartenders. Professional babysitters, part-time psychologists, and a drunk’s best friend. When you need to know the best spots to get your drink on around campus and who to chat up while you’re there, we’ve got you.

I think we see crazy things almost every night and it’s hard to choose just one thing that I actually want people to read about this place, but what’s sticking out to me is a few months ago when this guy was in here, so drunk he could hardly walk, and he waddled into our walk-in freezer thinking it was the bathroom and whipped his d*ck out like he was about to pee in there. Thankfully security got him out before he could.

I started at Fourth Street serving, but I always made it clear that my interest was bartending. So about a year ago I started training and I’ve been bartending here since.

What’s the worst way for someone to get your attention at the counter? Snapping, clapping, “Hey you!”, “Excuse me?”, whistling, waving your card around. We are not dogs so do not call us like dogs. We see you, we know you’re there, just wait your turn. Everyone else at the bar is equally as important as you are. What’s the best? Literally just stand at the bar and hang out. Making eye contact with a bartender could help you, and you can have your card out or like your hand out signalling that you need help, but again, don’t wave it around or anything. I mean come on, that’s obnoxious. What’s the most overplayed song at the bar? Currently: Lizzo, especially during karaoke. Like we stan, but I’m over hearing her 10+ times a night. All time: Mo bamba. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this song at work I wouldn’t need a job. What’s your go-to cocktail lately? Go-to beer? Recently I’ve been making myself double Tito’s with sprite, sour mix, and strawberry purée. It tastes super good and it’s cute because its pink. My forever go-to beer is actually a cider, I’m obsessed with anything DownEast makes.

When you’re not bartending, what are you doing? Normal life things like laundry and cleaning my house. Gotta find time to do it somewhere, ya know? When you’re not here, what bars do you like to go to? Out-R-Inn, Standard, Food Hall, basic popular places. But my favorite place to drink will always be my own couch. If you could grab a drink with anyone–dead or alive–who would it be and what would you drink? The ladies from Sex in the City. I feel like we’d just really hit it off. Obviously I’m drinking something like a martini. Finish this sentence: Fourth Street is the best bar on campus because… It’s not just a campus bar. We see all kinds of different people and we’re a super fun and welcoming staff. We’re really close to the Crew stadium so we get crazy soccer fans, there’s some clubs and sports teams that we lovingly call our regulars, a group of teachers have a weekly happy hour here––any person can come here and find a day that’s perfect for them.

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Chug, Chug, Pass New beer bong takes OSU’s campus by storm BY M A D I TA S K

“That’s MONEY.” Hunter Sounders, co-founder of the Kong Beer Bong, says this with pride as he positions his fellow business partner, Chase Snowden, on top of the Midway staircase. The idea, which he explains exuberantly and with his hands, is that Chase will toss a Natty Light from the top of the stairs, down to the patio, where Hunter will immediately crack the beer open to bong it with his product. All while cofounder and videographer, Tristan McIntire, captures the can’s journey on camera. While Sounders–without missing a beat– starts explaining the product to interested bouncers sitting nearby, McIntire and I watch Snowden shake the Natty Light as much as possible before tossing it to down to Sounders with a wicked smile on his face. They may be co-founders of a new product, but these young businessmen are still early20s bros at the end of the day, always having a little fun with everything they do. You may have already seen sponsored posts on your Instagram feed of their product, the Kong Beer Bong. It’s a modern can cooler that doubles as a beer bong with a simple click of the drinking tube at the bottom of the cup. The best part? It’s made by students here at Ohio State. Snowden is the only one of the three still enrolled in classes, and he’s expected to graduate this December. For the other two, working on the Kong looks like a full-time job. I met with them the Friday that Ohio State beat Northwestern 52-3. Just like we expected, there was no better time or place to test and film the product in action than at Midway Block right before an Ohio State football game. “The people here want to be recorded,” Snowden told me while Sounders was engrossed in conversation with an interested student sitting at the bar. He had seen their product on social and couldn’t believe they were about to let him be featured in their next

promotional shot. According to Snowden, this is just how it goes. Everywhere you go, the Kong is a conversation-starter between students relaxing on a Friday night or letting loose at a Saturday darty. There’s an awareness between the owners that the product is one thing, but marketing it is another. “We want to be a nationally recognized party brand,” Sounders explains later when we can take a break to sit down at Ethyl. “Where we’re at, the party’s at.” Everything about their presence and social media suggests nothing less. McIntire’s camera shots are constantly in motion, never still and straight-on, just like how the product should be–constantly moving between one set of hands to another. “We’re trying to establish ourselves as a party brand by making really good content, partnering with people like Midway, like Pink Whitney,” McIntire explains. The three seem like a well-oiled dream team machine, filling in holes that just one or two of them couldn’t cover alone. “We all bring something to the table,” Snowden shares. “[Tristan] is a fucking genius behind the camera, [Hunter] knows how to talk to literally anyone, and get anyone and everyone hype about anything that we’re ever doing, and then…” Hunter finishes for him, “[Chase] is our, ‘Make sure shit is actually right’ dude. He makes muffins every morning,” he jokes with me. “He’s our muffin man.” While I’m unsure about whether or not baking is actually a checklist item for Snowden everyday, I know he’s the one in charge of the finances, email, publicity, and basically all the loose ends that someone has to keep organized. McIntire’s biggest piece of advice to undergraduates considering to push their own product on the market soon is to find the right team like he did.

“For us,” he admits, “I still feel like we don’t know what we’re doing, and that’s been a common theme since we started.” Sounders agreed, sharing that the only thing that really matters is how open you are to opportunities as they come. “When there’s something, we’re willing to do it. Like three weeks ago if you had asked us, ‘Are you going to be having a Midway party coming up?’ We wouldn’t have known that.” Being on campus is a blessing for startups, especially because students still have university-funded resources and sage professors at their disposal. “We prototyped this by doing 3D prints at Ohio State,” McIntire said. “Once we had something tangible, we were able to start going to professors who were able to give us advice. We wanted to make the mouthpiece out of steel at first, and one of our professors was like, ‘You guys are idiots, you are not making that out of steel.’ Obviously anyone who’s starting is not going to know what they’re doing, just be persistent and move in the same direction.” The trio also stresses how important it is to keep your head up after experiencing that first year of lulls and lows when fundraising doesn’t go the way you expected, or you’re waiting on manufacturing that ends up taking months instead of weeks, and now you’re losing the whole purpose that got you started in the meantime. “We’re not even successful yet, but even where we’re at now, there’s still lows like within the last five nights where you just feel deflated,” Sounders admits. “Somebody says something or something happens, but you just can’t let it get to you because you will get around it. Sometimes it comes the next day, sometimes it comes three, four weeks later and you’re like, ‘Fuck, why were even worried about that?’”

DOWN IT, QUICK! Lightning-round questions If not funneling them, what’s the best way to unconventionally drink a beer in someone else’s front lawn? T: Take a little sip-sip. H: Shotgunning. C: I’ve never done it myself, but goddamn I love when people bang that shit on their head and then drink it. That always gets me hype. Have you ever broken drywall? T: Never out of anger, no. Doing dumb things, yes. H: Yeah. I broke drywall in Chittenden house, I broke drywall in East Lane house... C: I mean, yeah. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done drunk? T: I fell asleep in a shower. H: One time I was jaywalking and an officer–I was kinda drunk– while he was figuring out what was going on he was like, “I’m just gonna put you in handcuffs,” and my pants fell down and he wouldn’t let me pull them back up. [Laughs] The cop thought it was awesome. C: I was blacked out, it was on my 21st, and there was so much construction going on that I didn’t know where I was at. So I jumped the fence into the construction, got trapped, and then jumped back out onto High Street and was pretty much in the same spot that I was before.

Ready to purchase your first Kong Beer Bong? You can pre-order yours at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ kongbeerbong/kong-beer-bong-aportable-can-cooler-beer-bong. Give them a follow on Instagram @kongbeerbong to keep up with the party! 1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE


boujee booze BY BAYLIE SCHWA M B E R G ER


re you looking to step up your football pregame at home or at the bars? Getting tired of all the Natty and Bud Light hangovers from Beat the Clock pitchers? Are vodka sodas giving you late night dorm party flashbacks? If you answered yes to one or none of these questions, you, my friend, have come to the right place. Take your drinking game up a notch if you have a few more dollars to spend or if you want to show off your fake bartending skills at your next house party. Here are two fall drinks that are sure to liven up your chilly nights out (or in). Don’t worry, you can try them for one weekend and go back to the cheap stuff the next; we won’t judge


beer Christmas Ale - Great Lakes Brewing Company

1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

Being a native Clevelander, I hear people rave about Great Lakes Christmas Ale every holiday season. I tried removing my biases for this month’s installment and alas, it still wins. Sorry guys. I know Christmas is still a month away, but everyone knows Christmas season starts on Thanksgiving at midnight or when the first snowfall arrives. Every year people whine about having to spend a few hours with the family, where topics of conversation like your progressive political agenda and what you plan on doing for the rest of your life come up. Great Lake Christmas Ale says, “Worry not; laugh it off!” Because at 7.5% ABV a bottle, this beer will make any excruciating holiday small talk ten times more manageable. An ale with honey, cinnamon, and ginger flavors, Christmas Ale is a flavorful spin on your favorite dark beer. I had another writer (who hates beer) try it after taste-testing a less satisfactory local brand, and she said, “I still don’t like it, but I like it better than the first one.” It’s like when frappuccino drinkers say they actually like a brew of black coffee better than another. It’s a small, prestigious win for those who are in the know. Pick up a six-pack for the whole family!

cocktail WHISKEY SOUR Let’s be honest: whiskey is not usually the best on its own, unless it’s super expensive or you enjoy it on the rocks…or maybe you like it with a pickle juice chaser. No matter how you feel, you can easily mix it up with a few fruit flavors and voila! You’ve got yourself a simple, yet delicious, citrus concoction. Whiskey sours are super easy to make at home if you have some whiskey you’re looking to get rid of, leftover fruit, and other general mixers, or you can head out and let the bartenders take care of it for you. Combine bourbon with lemon juice and simple syrup, then top it with an orange peel and/or a cherry if you feel like being extra. If this drink has too much citrus for you, try asking the bartender to add some grenadine (a non-alcoholic syrup that tastes like a sweeter pomegranate, not cherries despite popular belief ) to tone it down a bit. Add some Sprite if you’re missing your soda bubbles. If you’re making it at home, do whatever you like best, even if that means using lime juice leftover from your last marg-night-in instead of lemon.

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appy November, friends! In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday that’s soon to come, start planning out a little Friendsgiving feast for you and your closest friends! You can show off your cooking skills or bring a side dish or dessert. Since group pictures will create lasting memories, you’ll also want to dress to impress. But if you’re struggling to decide what to wear, why not base your outfit on the side dish you’re bringing and the absolute snack that you are? Here are some delicious examples to give you ideas:

" N E E D A VEG ETARIAN OR VEGAN OPTION? GO G R E E N WITH G R E E N B E AN S! Some go-to jeans and your favorite pair of boots are looking real comfy. Why not elevate the look with a matching army green color shirt with fun corset detail and a cropped jacket? With this simple look, you’re ready to go! You could also accessorize with a bit of gold jewelry if you want. This top was thrifted but you could find similar looks at the campus Urban Outfitters, Pitaya, or Fig Leaf. B RI NG I NG A CL ASSIC SE RVI NG OF MASH E D POTATOE S & G R AV Y? # A classy cream sweater + cardigan combo will be a great place to start. Add in a brown button-front skirt to match the gravy. Accessorize with cream knee-high socks and shoes of your choice. If you have brown shoes that perfectly match the skirt? You’re golden! If not, then pair up with more nude tones to be cohesive. This skirt was from H&M and the cardigan can be found at any neighborhood Kohl’s or JCPenney. $


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

!SE RVI NG U P SOM E CR AN B E R RY SAUCE? So you’ve got an all-black outfit with a black printed top, black boots, and a black faux leather jacket. Be the sweet style star of your Friendsgiving dinner with some saucy color! This pair of maroon high waisted pants + matching braided belt is the perfect pop of color that this look needs. These were thrifted but you could find similar looks at the campus Urban Outfitters, Vamp, or Royal Factory in the Short North.

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Campus may be cooling down but the fashion here on OSU’s campus is still heating up. Even though it’s getting colder out I still see so many Buckeyes showing off their dope styles! For this installment of Campus Closets, I took to campus to see what influencers and celebrities are influencing campus fashion this fall season.




Shops at: Brandy Melville, Goodwill (thrifting)

Shops at: The W Concept, Neiman Marcus

Style icon who inspires you: @AshleyBestDresssed, Twitter and Instagram Trends

Style icon who inspires you: Jackson Wang, Insta: @AshleyBestDressed

Shops at: Brandy Melville, H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters

How would you describe your style: Chic, Comfy, Casual

How would you describe your style: Random



What is influencing today’s campus fashion?

1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM


Style icon who inspires you: Not Inspired by anyone. How would you describe your style: Minimalistic; still casual



W e n dy & M a d dy

K at e & Ly d i a


Maddy Shops at: H&M, Forever 21, but lately I’ve been trying to find more ethical, sustainable shops.

Kate Shops at: Mostly little boutiques and Express–if i could afford every jumpsuit in Express, I would own them all.

Shops at: Local boutiques, Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Athletica, Fabletics

Wendy Shops at: Mostly online on Tiger Mist or Fashion Nova.

Lydia Shops at: Forever 21 and H&M here and there.

Style icon who inspires Maddy: No specific icon but I love ‘90s styles. Style icon who inspires Maddy: Style icon is probably Kendall Jenner. How Maddy would describe her style: I’d say my style is pretty casual with neutral colors and pastels. How Wendy would describe her style: I like simple form-fitted clothing in solid neutrals.

Style icon who inspires them: Literally everyone I see. If I really like a full outfit or a piece, I’ll try to recreate it with my own little touch. Pretty basic, but very me.

Style icon who inspires you: Zendaya How would you describe your style: Relaxed but expressive. I love comfyfitted clothes during the week and on weekends I prefer sexy, sleek, and unique outfits to make myself stand out.

How would they describe their style: We’re either in neutral colors–lots of black–or something fun and bright. Not much in between!

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You’ll hear this word a lot this month as we get closer and closer to the biggest game of the year. It doesn’t matter how we’re ranked, and it doesn’t matter that it’s not the playoffs. This is the game for which people wake up at five in the f*cking morning and have no problem substituting coffee for a cheap bag of red wine. (Ah, sophomore year mems.)

TTUN is coming, and even if you’re not a football fan, no one can deny how electric campus feels on this Ohio State holiday. I was raised never to wear navy and yellow, or black and yellow (feel me, Browns fans?) growing up because that’s how serious this sh*t gets in Ohio. But what makes a rival? Is it one big moment of beef that was left unresolved for years? Is it being a tough competitor and having someone of equal footing close in proximity to you? Is it because something was stolen and this is the annual battle to decide who reclaims it? Whatever makes a rival, we know they come in all shapes and sizes, so we decided to play with that idea for November: the month of rivalry for OSU. Rivalries exist even here on campus–take the North vs. South Campus rivalry for example. If you still don’t know where you stand, take our quiz on page 58 to see where your loyalties lie. (Sorry, west campus. Get your own pizza place then we’ll talk.)

Maybe your internship is giving you a bitter taste of the “real world” and you’re dealing with your first professional rival. We’ll teach you how to play it safe with our list of ways to be passive when you’re feeling aggressive on page 56. As cuffing season closes in on all the campus singles, you have a choice to make: do you cuff up and get a sig fig? Or are the cuffing season competitors fighting harder than ever this year, convincing you that it’s best to stay single? Find out for yourself on page 60. And of course, we have stories from students brave enough to visit the other side. That’s right. We have all the dirt on how game days actually look up in Ann Arbor (teaser: they’re worse) on page 62. So don’t shame yourself for throwing shade. We all have rivals we gotta fight every now and then. Let these stories inspire you to come up with your very best insults to keep in your fanny pack when it finally comes time for the big game. (And use them generously.)

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The Ohio State Hunger Games he moonlight reflected an orange glow off the sidewalk leaves as we walked home from a late night of debauchery and revelry across various High Street establishments. I was about to say goodbye to my friends when we saw a terrifying sight lingering out in the darkness. We had to act quickly as we scuttled toward the nearest bush. Hiding just out of sight, I could feel my heart racing faster than after I shotgunned four White Claws in 20 seconds earlier in the night. One of us had to speak up and with a heavy heart, I chose to be the one. “What do we do? I’ve never been so close to one of these before,” I sent out in a hushed whisper. “Don’t you remember the training? We know what we must do.” Always the pragmatist, Chad was the first to reply. As I desperately tried to remember protocol, I noticed James was clearly shaken up. He looked like a ghost, frozen in place with glossy eyes glued into the darkness. This is worse than the time he tried asking for that Candy Apple Pi’s number at Midway, I thought. I grabbed him and pulled him back behind the bush. “James, you okay man? You look terrified,” I asked him with bated breath. “I don’t know if I can do this. It...it was different during training. Seeing it in person, I don’t...I don’t think I have the strength,” James let out in a spattering of words. “Come on, we’ve got this. It’s up to us to finish this,” I tried to reassure him. I’ll admit it’s different in person, but this was



the big moment we’ve been waiting for. It felt like that first hit of a Juul after you finally get through the line at Standard Hall. Or passing an exam after going into office hours twice a day for two weeks begging for an extra percentage point. We couldn’t just let this opportunity fall away. What if someone else stole it right from under us? It only happens once a year. If we miss our chance, it’s gone. We let these things, these monsters, exist for the rest of the year, but we cannot suffer their existence for the most sacred month of all. “I’m sorry guys,” James said shaking his head. “I’m out. You’re gonna have to finish this by yourself.” With a puff of nicotine breath into the icy, dank night, James left in a cold sweat, peering over his shoulder looking out for any more of the things. “James, no!” Chad stretched out his hand. “Dammit, I guess it’s just you and me now.” He said, shoving his shivering fists into his thrifted denim jacket pockets. “You got the supplies?” I asked. Without saying a word, Chad pulled out the item from his pocket. Its red, sheen coat pierced through the darkness brighter than the Tom W. Davis Clocktower’s giant LED screen. An unspoken sense of unity swept over us. We approached the beast carefully, not letting out a single sound as a few leaves skeeted past the sidewalk in front of us. As we crept closer to the object of our disdain, I felt my heartbeat in my throat. Could victory really be so close? Or will

the target evade our grasp and disappear into the night? But we were in the belly of the beast and there was no turning back. I looked over to my side and Chad was there, his nose and cheeks a blood-filled red like the item that would soon be our deliverance. Silently, he split the item in two, giving one piece to me and keeping the other for himself. Together, our hands moved forward toward the thing, the monster, and within a flash, the beast was defeated. “Finally!” I cheered. “No longer will we tolerate these M’s besieging our campus! Now and forevermore, the M’s will be SILENCED.” After our triumph, the only thing left standing was the “To” W. Davis Clocktower. Its LED screen shining upon us like a Bullwinkle’s strobe light. “That’s one down and uh…10,362 more to go. This is a great victory for OSU. There will come a day when nay a SINGLE M will taint our beautiful university!” I let my voice boom through the emptied campus streets, bouncing off the brick walls that girls were Sharpieing their sorority names onto just hours before. One day, I thought, they’ll Sharpie my name in a heart on bathroom stalls. “Dude, you know we have to remove the tape after the Michigan game is over, right?” “Ya, ya, ya. Whatever. Just let me have my moment, ok?”

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Fourth quarter we’re gonna make you fumble. The pressure felt on hallowed ground. Fourth and long, we love a scramble. We want the end zone, not the down. (We want the end zone, not the down) Spring, Winter, Fall or even Summer. How firm thy friendship, Ohio. Poorest to the rich we stand united. You can’t divide the Buckeye State. (You can’t divide the Buckeye State) Shoes in the air, we keep a tally, For every pair, you send our way. Are you gonna play, or wait for halftime Play script Ohio every day. (Play script Ohio every day)


(For old Ohio, to our graves) I am a fan of old Ohio. I seen touchdowns in my day. Home, or away across the country And we ‘gon rise to all occas(ions) (Yes we will rise to all okays)

That team up north, is gettin handled. They need a map to find the score. Oh, come November, they’ll all be sorry. They ever messed with Ohio. (Don’t ever mess with Ohio) Any would-be country singers care to make this jam a reality? If so tag me on Instagram @andrewwally

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P R O F E S S I O N A L R I VA L S :

ways to be passive when your feeling aggressive you’re

BY 1 8 70 S TA F F

College is a time for professional development before you’re actually forced to be professional for, well... forever. That’s why we at 1870 are providing you with all the “professional” ways to get your point across without drawing a flag on the play. Give these phrases paired with their honest translations a go during your next student organization’s meeting and see how you fair. Practice makes perfect!

“As per my last email…” Because clearly you ignored me the first time, you dumbass.

“To circle back…” Let’s get back to the reason why we’re here so I can leave early and get tf to happy hour.

“Maybe I misinterpreted what you said before.” I literally did exactly what you asked for but sure, let’s play this game.

“That’s an interesting idea! Let’s see what [insert superior’s here] thinks.” That’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard but you won’t take my word for it so I’ll laugh while I watch you burn.

“Can you please provide context?” Can you do the entire job I asked you to do the first time?

“Hey! Not sure if my email is going through.” My email definitely went through because it’s 2019 you dumbass. Respond. To. Me.


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

“This is a good start.” This sucks so I’m going to change every part of it myself until it doesn’t.

“Thanks in advance!” If you respond to me I’ll die so please let’s just cut the banter and do this thing.

“With all due respect…” I’m about to roast the f*ck out of your ass.

“Let’s take this offline!” Your email communication skills are so poor that now we have to spend even more time back-and-forthing until we find a good time to call each other like a damn baby boomer.

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Insomnia Cookies

North Rec



JO South




Scott Dining Hall

Chop Shop

Tom W. Davis Clocktower


Five Guys

Mirror Lake

QUICK BITE Curl Market Marketplace on Neil


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

OFF- CAMPUS ENTERTAINMENT Kafe Kerouac Open Mics Gateway Film Center Indie Movies

While we all identify as Buckeyes at the end of the day, we know the truth is we have a clear affinity for one side of campus. (West campus who? Never heard of her.) It’s time to settle the debate once and for all point-by-point. If you’ve never been able to decide for yourself where your loyalties lie, fill out this bracket to see what it is that makes you lean one way or the other. BY M A D I TA S K I L L U S T R AT I O N S BY J U S T I N R E M OTA P




Out R Inn




Business, engineering, communications




Drackett Tower

Sand volleyball courts

Baker East/West Hall

Roller hockey rink

18th Avenue Library Ohio Union

Pre-med, public health, political science

CAFFEINE FIX Connecting Grounds 12th Avenue Bread Co.

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CUFFING SZN COMPETITORS Pick your petals off the flower and pick your cuffing szn fighter

EMOTIONAL INTIMACY No matter how you choose to be intimate with your significant other, having someone to be close with emotionally as well as physically is so appealing. Maybe you’re somebody who even uses the L-word. ROOM FOR TWO Sex and relationships go together like peanutbutter and jelly. Not every sandwich needs both, but they sure do get sticky.

COUPLE STUFF Cute, seasonally-inspired dates are great. Be the envy of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers with hayride photo ops before the weather gets too cold. A CHANCE AT ROMANCE Write a letter. Woah, a love letter!? Ever gotten one of those? I sure haven’t. You don’t have to be a poet to handwrite a note. Put together a handwritten note, and see how it goes.



ff Cu

a Buck !

here are two sides to every coin, and this coin just got tossed into a wishing well that’s about to freeze over. As the temperature drops, so do those panties, am I right? It’s time to choose: are you getting into a relationship this cuffing season, or are you choosing to spend some quality time with y-o-u?

SLURPING SPAGHETTI Cook together. This is such an underrated date idea. Who wants to spend a bunch of money to get dressed up and buy food when you can hang out in pajamas and make your favorite childhood meal? WE GOT THAT FAITH Trust. You can’t be together all the time, even if you’re meant to be together forever. So trust that your partner is respecting you, and your wishes. Even when you’re out of town for the weekend and their ex is in their DMs. NO NEED FOR SCREENS Netflix and chill. Whether you actually watch what’s on is up to you. I hope you can agree on something you’ll both enjoy. SMALL SPACES, NEW FACES Road trip. If you want to really test your patience, see how long you can stay in a car with a person before you’re ready to ditch them at a gas station. Or maybe enjoy a memorable, and affordable, vacation. Either way, don’t forget the snacks. HIGH-LEVEL CONVERSATIONS Smoking weed. Roll your significant other a blunt and tell me y’all aren’t about to have the most fun. Goof off and make good love. CHEERS Drinking. Drinking with your significant other is what you make of it. Maybe you’re both sauced and guaranteed to get handsy in public. Maybe one of you is the responsible one. Just remember that this is all in good fun. Don’t harsh each other’s good time. DOWN TO DTR Talking. Is this a relationship or nah? I’m really into this person, but we haven’t defined the relationship (DTR), and I’m worried they’ll find somebody else. Don’t rush to define something if it’s doing fine without a definition. Don’t leave something important undefined. HIGH RISK What if it’s not enough? Breakups can be tough, to say the least. You deserve to be treated like royalty. Find someone you can count on in times of need. Don’t hesitate to rip the band-aid off and bleed.


1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

PHYSICAL INTIMACY Hooking up can be great, as long as you’re safe. Head to the RPAC to join condom club, and get tested for STIs regularly either at the Planned Parenthood on 17th Ave or the Wexner Medical Center. ONE-HAND (WO)MAN Masterbating is a perfectly healthy activity that can help you get to know your body better. NUMBER ONE Date yourself. Take yourself to dinner and a movie, a haunted house, or go to a bar and get groovy like nobody you know is ever going to see. ROMANTICIZE YOURSELF Start a diary. You may never read it, but being able to express your feelings tangibly can be better than therapy, I swear. Plus you can go for more than an hour a week. I’m not saying skip therapy, just add this to your routine. GUILTY PLEASURES Eat. I’m not even going to encourage you to eat healthily. If you feel the need to pig out, I say go for it. You know better than anyone else what you need. Please, love the skin you’re in, please.

ARTISTIC INTEGRITY Smoking solo can be so chill. You listen to your own music, and do your thing. It’s not anti-social to use marijuana in moderation.

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WIDE OPEN SPACES Road trip. Visit friends or family that are too out of the way to see on the regular. They’ll appreciate all the effort you’ve put in, and you’ll get to see someone special again. Feel free to get lost or stop wherever you want along the way.

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NO MOVIE TALKERS ALLOWED Netflix and chill. Become completely immersed in a series binge that nobody would like, but you.


WHAT’S WRONG with BEING CONFIDENT? Believe. We all have doubts sometimes. Doubt in ourselves, and doubt in our surroundings. Take a second to remind yourself that you have faith in you, and that’s all you need.

ME, MYSELF, AND WINE Drinking by yourself. I mean, if that’s what you’re into, who am I to judge? Maybe a nice glass of wine before bed is a part of your self-care routine. (If you think you have a problem, the Collegiate Recovery Community is located in 097 Baker Hall.) SHOOT THE BREEZE Talking. This person is clearly really into me, but I’m just dating casually right now. That’s totally up to me, and I can get around if I want. It’s important for me to be upfront about that, so that we don’t get too attached. If you’ve got an online dating profile, don’t be afraid to include that. LOW BLOWS What about feeling lonely? Feeling alone can be one of the greatest burdens on one’s mental health. At the end of the day, we all need friends. “You’ve got a friend in me.” -Toy Story. "

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The Gameday Experience: BY M E E R A M AT H U R

As the annual rivalry game approaches, 1870 wants to give you football fans an idea of what to expect if you’re headed to TSUN (you know, to visit a friend or the devil himself) to participate in whatever their pre-game festivities are. Here to give us the scoop is senior Sanjana Mahesh, who visited the University of Michigan last year to visit a childhood friend and happened to partake in their football “tailgate” and watch the game in *gasp* their own stadium.

How did you happen to find yourself in that awful state up North?

So what did you wear to their tailgate? Not Michigan attire, I’m hoping.

My best friend from home happened to be turning 21 that weekend, and unfortunately attends the worst school in the world. Also, one of my favorite comedians was performing in Ann Arbor, so me and a couple friends figured we’d make a whole trip out of it. Being on their campus was pretty trippy, especially once we went out to the bars and saw their logo on all the cups and everything. Anyway, once we met up with my best friend, she roped us into going to their tailgate so the next day my friends and I reluctantly agreed and decided to see how they do “Block” up there.

At first we thought we would wear our OSU clothes to kind of rub it in. Then we figured we wouldn’t be let into the frats if we did, and we also weren’t in the mood to get murdered. So we settled on a more neutral option: we wore black to pregame their upcoming funeral in November when OSU destroys them at the ‘Shoe. We got a couple dirty looks from die hard fans who clearly weren’t happy that we weren’t decked out in maize and blue, but I would say it was a much better alternative than either wearing OSU gear and getting hassled, or copping out and wearing Michigan merch.

“ We played drinking games and actually had to teach their uncultured students how to play games like “boom”.

Describe your tailgate experience. Do they mostly pregame at frats, or did you guys venture to their bars? To preface, this was the day of my best friend’s 21st, so my priority was to get her as drunk as possible in the wee hours of the morning. We started drinking at her friend’s apartment before their “tailgate”, which is what they call their “Block”. We played drinking games and actually had to teach their uncultured students how to play games like “boom”. After the preliminary pictures and some light banter between our foes, we headed to a local frat annex. Their frat tailgate was quite similar to ours; frat men patrolled the entrance to allow mostly girls in, the finest Natty and Franzia was served behind the bar, and there were elevated surfaces galore. I am ashamed to say I had a blast, even though I was mostly sober. The frat that we were at had pretty good music too, so overall it was a good time. The walk to the stadium was crazy too, because everyone left from the frats at the same time, so it was a huge crowd of Michigan students and parents alike all walking to the stadium together.

What was the biggest difference between the way they tailgate and the way we Block? I would definitely say they have a larger distance between frats and annexes, so there was a lot of walking involved. It was also so weird to see girls in sororities proudly displaying their letters while drunk. I’m in a sorority here and we’re not allowed to wear anything that has our letters on it when drinking because we don’t want to tarnish our sorority’s name. So that was definitely a shocker to see because we saw so many different sororities there and they all had personal merchandise. How was your experience in the Big House? Very weird. They were playing the Western Michigan Broncos, so there was a high turn out. There was a lot of security and tons of open space in the stadium. The student section was packed, though. It was so strange hearing all the Michigan cheers; I just wanted to do our O-H-I-O chants so that was quite disorienting. Every time they scored I didn’t want to cheer, which elicited a lot of dirty looks from fans around me. So, if you’re being completely candid, who does the football experience better? Ohio State. 100%. Go Bucks. 1870mag.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870 MAGAZiNE



1870 MAGAZiNE • NOVEMBER 2019 • 1870mag.COM

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