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Dear reader, Don’t let the cover scare you away, we only get moderately sexy in this magazine. Turns out this generation is way more concerned with self-love and healthy relationships than doing the dirty, and the stories my team has put together this month really show for it. In the spirit of celebrating our most loving and fulfilling relationships, I figured I’d share some of my dreamiest, most romantic spots on campus that hold happy memories for myself, my friends, and my own sig fig over the past four years. Mirror Lake under the lights. Without a doubt, singing at Light Up The Lake (and Light Up The North Area for two years there) was my favorite part of college. The first time that huge campus came together, dead sober, just to watch what felt like a grown-up Christmas concert under sparkly lights with free hot chocolate and Insomnia Cookies felt like magic. Few things hold a glowier spot in my heart than those nights, and those lights are still up through the cold winter days. Leave early for class and take a slow stroll through. It’s worth it. South campus Cazuela’s. I say this because it used to be Mad Mex and that was where I spent many Wednesday nights after 10 p.m. getting a strawberry big booty ‘rita with my friends. The low lights and warm, red walls made it a hideaway that felt off-campus enough to escape, but made for an easy walk home. Cazuela’s really hasn’t changed much of the original architecture so that feel still remains. Plus, I’m probably more addicted to the frozen Yazi margarita pitchers than any other drink on campus. Nights spent with my friends playing hot seat and other drinking games always hit the spot. When my closest friends lived on Patterson, the north campus Cazuela’s took over as our newest favorite. And last but not least, the tables outside of CBEC. This sounds obnoxious because nothing about those tables is sexy or comfortable, but it was where me and my boyfriend sat when we became a couple almost three years ago. There’s something about that colorful, glowing wall when the sun goes down that makes you slow down and appreciate how much this big campus can feel like home. Even if it’s just for a few years. Any place on or off campus can be just as meaningful to you and yours, and I recommend taking in those moments right when they’re hitting your heart so you can come back one day, walk around, and feel for one more time the feeling that you’re here. You’re home. All the love this month,

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1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

BIG PICTURE One of many cover outtakes covered in honey, glitter, and “canned atmosphere.” See the other options on pages 46 and 49. Photo by Brian Kaiser

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com




Ohio State and the wide city of Columbus are never short of events, but searching through them all is a chore. We’ve compiled a list of the most worthwhile places you need to be coming up this month, hand-picked by the editor. Some of these favorites are on campus, so if you know, you know, but sometimes you just need a break from college life, and you just gotta go off-campus. We hear both needs, Buckeyes.

If You Know, You Know 4 Maximizing the Value of LinkedIn 7 BuckeyeThon IYKYK // Ohio Union, Barbie Tootle Room Is it another space for your brilliant memes? Can you go viral on LinkedIn? Should your profile read like a resume or like a cover letter? If LinkedIn has always felt like a minefield you’re probably going to explode, attending this workshop before graduation should put your Fisherless mind at ease.

IYKYK // Ohio Union So you missed the early deadline. There are still ways to help the kids! Throughout the dance marathon, dancers will be fundraising all night long trying to outfund each other, and there’s no reason why you can’t do your own non-silent disco across the street at Midway in similarly bright colored attire. #FTK!



// Ohio Union Free pizza from the RA has got nothing on Taste of OSU. It can be a roommate dinner out, a romantic stroll through the tastings, or just a stop in between class and activities. Taste of OSU is the annual feast you really don’t want to miss.

IYKYK // Lawrence Tower Ballroom If the theatre department is too expensive for you, I highly recommend keeping up with Off The Lake Productions on campus. One of their many annual performances is coming up at the end of the month, and it’s a modern twist on the classic Pride & Prejudice. For only $1 or a canned food item, this is a college date night dream come true.

Gotta Go 13 Columbus Speaks

G2G // Wild Goose Creative Get loud and proud at Columbus’s longestrun storytelling open mic series. The stage is open to new voices the first Thursday of every month, and as long as you’re there early enough to sign up and your story follows the theme, you’re approved to perform. For an easy $5 this is a pretty entertaining Thursday night off-campus for anyone. (Psst! This month’s theme is My First Crush.)

G2G // Kafe Kerouac If you want a location that sits a little closer to campus, Columbus Speaks is coming to Kafe Kerouac on High St. Similar to Speak Easy, expect to see a handful of practiced storytellers, and time set aside for newcomers to take the mic for five minutes. This one doesn’t have a theme, so all stories are welcome.

22 Mardi Gras Bar Crawl

3.6 Iliza Shlesinger

G2G // Arena District Still regret dropping the French minor when you got to college? Have no fear – Mardi Gras celebrations continue even outside of the classroom, and this one is sure to be more fun than store-bought king cakes and a pop quiz ever were.


IYKYK // US Bank Conference Theatre Get ready to celebrate amazing TV shows, movies, and other pieces of art made by black hands this Black History Month. If you haven’t heard of When They See Us, it follows the story of five young black boys who were wrongly tried for the murder of a white runner in 1989, and has themes that we still see in the U.S. today.

Pride & Prejudice by Off The Lake Productions


6 Speak Easy

19 When They See Us

G2G // Palace Theatre Columbus If I had a dollar for every time my roommate screeched in laughter at one of Iliza’s jokes, I’d have enough to get a round of drinks for everyone before the comedy show. This time of year we could all use a good laugh, and nothing feels better than getting off campus and hitting the town for a good show!

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



// Columbus Metropolitan Library Black History Month isn’t only an opportunity to celebrate the arts and inventions of famous black Americans – it’s an opportunity to check-in with the progress we’ve made in making our country an accessible, inclusive space for everyone. If you want an event during Black History Month that makes you feel and learn something real, this conversation hosted by the Columbus African Council is set to be a great one to visit. (And if you’ve never been to the Columbus Metropolitan Library before, you’re in for a regal treat!)

1 So I like this guy and I’m like 99.9% positive he already knows and all my friends think I should just tell him, but I’m scared of getting rejected or embarrassed…what do I do?


Oof. You’re hand sanitizer-level sure he already knows? He’s a boy not Ebola (e-BOY-la lmao), I say risk it. Shoot your shot. If he rejects you, just moonwalk out of there. Some say, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” Well I say it’s better to shoot your shot and moonwalk away then to never shoot at all.

3 someone tell me how to get over someone you never dated thx Activate your imagination and flash forward in your fictional relationship to the point where they annoy you. Imagine you reach the point where the sound of their breathing makes you mad and they eat all of your cereal without asking. Imagine that you get so annoyed with them that you fall out of love and dump them. Boom, you’re over it.

BY 1 8 70 LOV E D O C TO R

OSU Crush on Twitter is a landscape of love notes, killer one-liners, and sometimes, desperate cries for help. The opportunity to poll a hefty amount of the student body is tempting to those in crisis. That’s why 1870 decided to step in and help out a few of the stragglers looking for a friendly word of advice. Here are some of the most intriguing questions our account got this month, plus our incredibly well-curated advice.


2 I am constantly going above and beyond for my bf while he doesn’t really do anything for me, just constantly judging and commenting on what I’m doing wrong. How do you make someone care about you? Dump his ass! Flee to a Greek island and sleep with three guys! Get pregnant! When your daughter gets married, fall back in love with one of her maybe-daddies and express your feelings through the songs of ABBA! It’s called self-care.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

4 I really like a guy friend and sometimes I think he feels the same but wouldn’t he have said something by now if he did??? What do I do ): Imagine this: you take him to Olive Garden to tell him how you feel. He feels the same. You eat unlimited breadsticks. You kiss. The entire restaurant is horrified. The cops come and arrest you. “When you’re here you’re family.” You kissed your cousin. Gross.

5 I’m really terrible at making friends, I’m not really anti-social, but it seems no one is interested in making a new friend, any advice? (relationship too) College is a great place to make friends, even if you’re not great at it. Talk to your classmates and neighbors! I’ve noticed that friend-making in college reverts to kindergarten rules. Find a stranger, offer them your crayons or (spiked) juice and voila! You just made a friend.




I think one of my guy best friends likes me and has been telling other people, but I have a boyfriend and I’m not into him at all. How do I let him know I’m not interested without looking like the bad guy?

Do girls care if boys are taller than them? Yes, unless you’re genuinely funny in which case they don’t care.

Talk to him one-on-one and be honest. If clear communication doesn’t resolve the issue, then I recommend going to his house and blowing up in his bathroom, if you know what I mean. The magic will be gone, and he’ll get over his crush.


help! Is it weird that im a 20 yr old female and have never kissed anyone ???

How do you shoot your shot with a classmate and not make it weird???

Absolutely not! Life moves at your pace and no one else’s. It’s a little weird that you refer to yourself as a 20-year-old female, but it’s really easy to stop doing that.

Lots of options here. You could offer to do their homework for them, fail, and then you both have to retake the class together. You could wait until the final and then hit them with this line: “I’m FINAL-ly ready to ask you out. May I take you to Subway?” Don’t forget the “may” I.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



Y’all still keeping up with those New Year’s Resolutions? I bet the Virgos have! Everyone else, don’t fret. You can still stay on a roll and grow how you planned to this year. Hopefully, these horoscopes will give you some ideas for how to dodge any resistance to your success. (And we’ve got some lovey-dovey cocktails for the St. Valentine’s this month, too.) Cheers!







Independent, disciplined

Original, uncompromising

Affectionate, empathetic

Your goals are there for the taking, Capricorn, whatever they may be. Like many of the signs this month, your emotions will want to take the lead. Finding a balance between trusting your gut and letting your emotions run wild is key. You’ve got the ability, so put it to work. You are not dependent on others to find success right now. You’ve got this. Your drink this month is: The Romance

That thing that was bothering you all January should fizzle out soon, Aquarius. Thankfully, this month will be showering you with peace. If you keep your head on straight, your work will work itself out. Surround yourself with others this month, and help them find the peace that you’re experiencing. Your drink this month is: The English Rose

Aggressive! Aggressive! Beeeeee aggressive! You deserve to achieve your professional goals, Pisces. With a little self confidence, you’ll reach them. Everything is yours if you just reach out and take it! Take it! If you get some momentum going, you’ll be on a roll. Boom. Boom. Boom. Check everything off of your to-do list. Your drink this month is: Soft Love Cocktail

How to: Mix equal parts Tia Maria (worth the splurge), Irish cream, crème de cacao. This should be about ¾ oz. each. Add 1 oz. of heavy cream.

How to: Mix ¾ oz. apricot brandy, 1 ½ oz. gin, ¾ oz. dry vermouth, 1 tsp. grenadine, and ¼ tsp. lemon juice. Rim the glass with sugar.

How to: Mix equal parts crème de bananas, cherry vodka, and heavy whipping cream. Add 1 tsp. grenadine. Add mixture to a shaker with ice. Shake well. Move to glass.





MAY 21JUNE 21


Dependable, sensual

Versatile, curious

Compassionate, protective

Travel sounds nice this time of year, doesn’t it, Taurus? If you’re going to go, go now. Meanwhile, you’ve let go of past ties. You’re free right now to do whatever you put your mind to. Do not concede to the opinions of others. Maybe it’s just that time of year, but you’ve got the future on your mind. Allow new opportunities to fill your free time. Your drink this month is: Creamy Chocolate Raspberry Cocktail

Oof. Unlike some of the other signs, you’re going to be held back this month. Mercury is in retrograde (again), and it doesn’t really like to play fair. Now is the time to be cautious when it comes to your future aspirations. In the meantime, collect yourself and treat yo’ self. Indulge this month, especially toward the end, and you’ll feel ready to work when Mercury finally gets its shit together. Your drink this month is: Not So Innocent Cocktail

You’ve got momentum going now, Cancer, so whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. This month is promising to be lively, so give into the cheer a little bit. Networking is the word of the month and will help you find the right next steps. Unfortunately, there will be some give-and-take this month. You may have to relinquish some independence in order to hold onto some relationships. Your drink this month is: The Boulevardier

How to: Use 1 oz. Chambord, 1 oz. chocolate liqueur, 1 ½ oz. vanilla vodka, and 1 oz. of halfand-half. Mix together to make a creamy and delightful cocktail.

How to: 2 cups of rum, 1 cup of maple simple syrup, 1 cup fresh lemon juice, and 2 cups of apple cider make a wonderful treat to share.

How to: Mix 1 oz. sweet vermouth, 1 oz. Campari, and 1 ½ oz. rye whiskey. Stirred, not shaken. Garnish with cherry or orange.







Loyal, analytical

Social, fair-minded

Passionate, stubborn, resourceful

Focus is your friend. The right next steps are important to you, so give them all you’ve got. You’ll need to find a balance between work and pleasure this month, so as much as you want to succeed, remember to find time for your relationships. Action and emotion need to find an agreement before you can find success. Your drink this month is: The Strawberry Blonde Cocktail

Well, someone’s extra popular this month. You’re getting some well-deserved attention, Libra. Bask in it. Family and spirituality are the big focus this month for you. Inner peace might be hard to find. You’ve got a bunch on your plate right now, so you will have lots to distract yourself with, but strive to keep working on yourself as well. Your drink this month is: The Pink Lady

How to: Gently stir 1 oz. vodka, 2 oz. cherry brandy, and a dash of cream in a glass. Fill the rest of the glass with Coca-Cola. Garnish with strawberry.

How to: You’ll need 1 ½ oz. gin, 1/2 applejack, ½ oz. lemon juice, an eggwhite, and a couple dashes of grenadine. Shake well. Use a cherry for garnish.

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you, Scorpio. Yeah, I know. It’s hard. Focus on personal growth instead of professional this month. Try to breathe. Cooperation is necessary right now and your anger will only make matters worse. Hone your energy into athletics in your free time. Run some of that anger out. Your drink this month is: Sex in the Driveway Cocktail How To: Combine butter, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pie spices, and brown sugar together. Mix with dark rum & top with whipped cream.


Aries MARCH 21APRIL 19 Dynamic, competitive The planets declare that this month is time for Aries to THRIVE. This month will show growth and success as long as you keep your head up. It’s also going to be busy, busy, busy for you, Aries. Career goals are your main focus right now, and the best way forward is to look back and to avoid past mistakes. Now is a good time to start something new. Your drink this month is: The Pomegranate Martini How to: Mix 1 oz. vodka or gin, ½ oz. orange curaçao, and 3 oz. or pomegranate juice. Garnish with pomegranate seeds for funsies.

Leo JULY 23AUGUST 22 Dramatic, confi dent Dude, I know you feel stuck right now, but progress is coming. Decide which endeavors are most important to you and pursue them relentlessly. You may have to rely on others during this time in order to succeed, but that won’t be a challenge. Family is important right now. Keep those bonds strong. Right now is the time to put others first. Your drink this month is: Kiss on the Lips Cocktail How to: Blend 1 ½ oz. peach schnapps, 5 oz. mango chunks, and 2 cups of ice. Drop a tablespoon of grenadine into the bottom of a glass, and pour the blended mixture on top of this to thrive, baby.

Sagittarius NOVEMBER 23DECEMBER 21 Optimistic, generous, adventurous Ooh, you’ve got ENERGY this month, Sagittarius. Use it to create, not destroy. Your heightened emotions will help you find a balance of self. Do what makes you happy. Let opportunity find you. As long as you reign in your wild side this month, you’ll find peace in the balance of things. Your drink this month is: The Love Bite How to: For this shot, you’ll need 1 oz. cherry liqueur, 1 oz. orange liqueur, and 1 oz. cream. Super simple.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


It Takes Y-O-U To Tango My experience tr ying it for the f irst time BY CAMERON DEVI L L E PH OTOS BY GRANT J ON ES


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


wasn’t sure what to expect from a class by Ohio State student organization, Tango @ OSU. Besides the fact that I have never danced the tango, I had no idea what to wear. The main thing that the website suggested was smooth-soled shoes, so I borrowed my roommate’s old character shoes, picked out a basic outfit that I could move in and hoped for the best. The tango class was held in the Women’s Field House, so I trekked over to West Campus. I met Mackenzie Jones before class started, and my worries were put away immediately. Jones is a second year PhD student in the Environmental Economics department. Her weeks are busy as all hell as she pursues her degree, but on the weekends, her hobby takes over and she can just enjoy herself. While some of the women wore skirts and dresses, Jones had on loose pants and a crop top on that showed off her tattoos. It was comforting to see an inclusive dress code that said, “If you can move in it, it’s the right outfit.” Though she has been a dancer for years, performing and studying different styles, Jones’ current focus is tango. She began her tango dancing over a year ago and picked up the passion for it quickly. Jones has been the President of Tango @ OSU for six months now and has been loving it ever since. •

“I think that tango is a little bit more collaborative [than the other partner dances],” Jones told me. “You get a little bit more freedom. Normally, you have a lead that tells you exactly what to do. When you aren’t the leader in tango, if you follow, you can have your own voice.” Jones also explained that unlike other, more structured dances, tango can be a bit more challenging to get used to. “Salsa and swing are both pretty easy to pick up because they’re very structured. Tango is a little bit more freeform, so it does take a little bit longer to really pick up. On the other hand, tango is something that you can take a bit further than other dances, so there is that trade-off,” she explained. The class itself started out pretty basic. We began with stepping to the rhythm in order to get used to the tempo of a typical tango piece. For the beginners, this was a nice start because it allowed us to hear the music before we truly tried dancing. Once the class seemed confident with their steps, we partnered off. Like most partner dances, tango requires both a leader and a follower. As a newbie, I danced as a follower for this class. The focus of the class that I attended was the Tango Ending, so the instructor showed us multiple musical endings and some matching dance steps for each. We danced to different orchestras and composers while we learned about the different styles that could be included in a tango. There was a range of experience among the dancers in the class. Those with more experience tended to lead while the followers were the dancers with less tango experience. We rotated partners, so I got the chance to learn from multiple perspectives throughout the class. In doing this, I got some friendly tips from different dancers on how to perfect my style. By the end of the class, I was landing ALMOST every ending step. I could even add my own details to it with the help of my leads. I got the chance to talk more with Jones after the class, so I asked her what her biggest tip for new tango dancers would be. “Be relaxed,” she told me. “Tango is a style of dance that falls in between ballroom and latin in terms of stiffness. You want to be able to feel the music, but your hips should stay relatively still.” If you’re interested in joining Tango @ OSU or want more information on the club, you can check out their website, u.osu.edu/tangoosu/ or find their group on Facebook, https://www. facebook.com/groups/tangoosu/. • 1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


Oxymajor (äksi•mel•dȷ r) Someone whose hobby or skill is completely unrelated to their course of study, but they do it anyways.



Comics are kind of a visual supplementing the written because some of my family doesn’t speak Spanish and some of them don’t speak English, so to be able to fill in the gaps with visuals was really intriguing.


eyton Del Toro is a masters student in the department of women’s gender and sexuality studies on track to earn her PhD. When she’s not studying, she makes her own comics and travels the country choreographing All Star Cheer. Del Toro’s area of study focuses on lesbian representation in pop culture, and she’s all about combining her (many) interests with her academic experience and using art as an outlet for exploring her identity. “I’m lucky to be at OSU because there’s so much support to incorporate comics into the classroom, I want to keep bridging that gap because comics are kind of seen as this lesser form of literature/art, where people don’t take them as seriously as they should.” Del Toro’s comics are inspired by her own experiences with language, family, and identity. She uses art as a visual language that brings people together. Her art has been published in ¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State?, a magazine that focuses on making space for Latinx scholarship and community.

“Comics are kind of a visual supplementing the written because some of my family doesn’t speak Spanish and some of them don’t speak English, so to be able to fill in the gaps with visuals was really intriguing.” Del Toro finds time to draw on airplanes while she travels the country working with kids as a choreographer for All Star Cheer. “I really value opinions and experiences of children, and I think we should, as a society, be listening to them more. I guess I want them to be part of my conversation, and comics can be a really interesting way to do that.” Finding a balance between the physicality of All Star Cheer choreography and the mental exercise of being an artist and masters student is hard, but Peyton finds connections between all of her passions and goals. Her advice for people who want to explore art? “Just do it! I think there’s a lot of ways to do art. Makeup, Instagram stories – I think anything that engages with the way that you’re experiencing the world can be considered art, and I think it’s really important that people share whatever that is to them.” •


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

I really value opinions and experiences of children, and I think we should, as a society, be listening to them more. I guess I want them to be part of my conversation, and comics can be a really interesting way to do that.

Learn more about Peyton by following her Instagram, @peytondeltoro. Want to be our next Oxymajors subject? Email editor@1870mag.com to nominate yourself or a friend.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


Overheard at OSU:

I am going to law school at Oxford after college because I am related to Mary, Queen of Scots.” *It is worth noting that this girl spoke in a British accent the entire time and then was discovered to be from Columbus. Someone in my chapter WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH HER. *

Formal Recruitment Edition BY 1 870 STAFF


you missed rush at OSU this year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We overheard some conversations that sum up the experience pretty spectacularly. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, rushed, thought about rushing, watched a movie with a sorority in it, or eaten a gyro then keep reading.

My dog and I liked to eat edibles and smoke weed together. I think it made his last days on earth more enjoyable.

I hate class ranks. They’re so bad for your self

There was a dead animal in our heater, so coming to all of these houses is a breath of fresh air.

esteem...but, you know, I was #32 in my class.

Girl 1: “Adam Driver is absolutely not hot.” Girl 2: “You’re wrong.”

My boyfriend broke up with me to take Tana

My roommate is a sex addict, but I think she’s starting to grow on me.

Mongeau to prom.

*Sorority sister fixing rug* “I don’t want anyone to trip over this and die.” *Girl rushing* “If I die here, do I get a bid?”


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

THE GRIND NEVER STOPS The club that’ll set you up for a great week BY M A D I TA S K | P H OTO S BY E T H A N C L E W E L L


y alarm went off promptly at 5 a.m., and it wasn’t because I had an early morning flight to catch or because I was panicked about finishing a homework assignment before class. I was joining Grind to get a taste of their 6 a.m. Monday workout, followed by a family breakfast at Hang Over Easy. To clarify, I have not worked out in several months and have not worked out regularly since high school (four years ago), making me the perfect candidate to test just how entry-level friendly this group really was. I parked my car outside of Hang Over Easy for an easy getaway afterwards, only to find that the meters were free parking until 8 a.m. This was honestly the first of many perks that came with attending an earlier-than-the-sunrise workout. I marched through the darkness to the statue outside of Thompson library, where the group meets every Monday, and met Hannah Toth, the president, and Barbara Murnane, the treasurer, who were casually chatting and playing a throwback playlist on a bluetooth speaker. I expected the leadership of an early morning workout club to be overtly bubbly and brightly engaging people – some Chris Traiger from Parks & Recreation type – but I was wrong. These girls were so chill, and hella sympathetic to the grumps and groans that came with college students getting up early on a Monday. The total number of participants for the day was seven, and with only 32 degrees outside, Toth went over the routine: we were going to warm-up jog to today’s workout location, which was going to be indoors because of the cold. What makes this club different from other fitness clubs or Ohio State-affiliated programs is that they use campus as their gym, restricting themselves to free body workouts using their own


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

body weight and the widely available campus architecture. Today’s workout was in Hitchcock Hall, which was comfortingly empty at this hour. There’s a level of power and ownership you feel from being on campus so early – earlier than the professors, the TAs, and the teacher’s pets. You slow down and take in small details of places you’d never visit otherwise because you don’t have class there. The workout routine that followed resembled something I remember from high school softball: starting off slow with highknees, butt-kicks, lunges, and other line-exercises. Then we moved into a couple station-specific exercises that Toth and Murnane modeled for us before they started a timer. The team incorporated a couple tactics to make sure every workout was adaptable and inclusive to all levels of fitness. The first was using timed workouts. You didn’t have to do a certain number of reps, just however many you could accomplish within the time restraints. Plus, if you pushed yourself too much, there was always someone next to you with a sound of advice: “Do it on your knees if it’s too hard – I like to for this one!” or “When it doubt, step it out.” “We’re happy to see new faces,” Murnane told me at breakfast. “It’s not so intense – it’s adaptable, so you can make it as hard as you want.” And if you hated the workout one week, expect something new coming the next. They’re constantly mixing up moves, playlists, and locations. “We went to the numbers garden outside Enarson, and at each of the different numbers you did a different exercise, and you had to do that number of the exercise,” Murnane recalled. Plus, they make it fun. Caitlin O’Rourke, another member of the executive board, told me they had to hop through the hole in the 0 to finish the workout. She and another club member, Eric Teodosio, fondly remembered some of their favorite workouts. “The last Grind of spring,” said Teodosio, “it was a really pretty, perfect, and gorgeous morning just watching the sunrise over the Oval.” True, all of the members I spoke to claimed to be morning people, but they had seen obvious perks that anyone could agree on after making Grind part of their weekly routine. “I had just come out of Basic in AIT,” Teodosio recalled. “I was used to getting up at 4, so 6 was fine. And then I met good people

and that makes things easier because it’s like, ‘Oh, I just get to see my friends and work out.’” All the members get head starts on their week, using the extra morning hours to get ahead on homework, plan out weekly goals, or just take it easy on a Monday. Plus, throughout the week, you have a never-ending supply of workout buddies to hold you accountable at your own rate. O’Rourke loves the community she’s built through joining Grind. “You get new workout buddies – one of us is always at the gym, or we’ll put out in the GroupMe, ‘Hey I’m at this [fitness] class, wanna come?’” The club averages anywhere between 10 and 20 members per workout, with the numbers dropping in the winter and picking back up in the spring. Their GroupMe currently has around 50 members, while thousands receive weekly emails after optimistically signing up at the involvement fair. We were done with the workout and a cozy, less-than-$10 breakfast by 7:41 a.m., more than enough time to hit up an 8 a.m. class or treat yourself to an early morning of work. It’s a small, realistic addition to anyone’s week that doesn’t compete with classes or even other club meetings that tend to be scheduled in the evenings or on the weekends. It was a feelgood start to my day that I’d return to anytime. (And they support local business!)• Learn more about Grind by following their Instagram, @grind _osu or emailing grindosu@gmail.com. Attend your first workout by just showing up any Monday when classes are scheduled at 6 a.m. outside of Thompson library at the statue. 1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com




Tobacco products have been banned from Ohio State’s campus since 2014. In an interview with The Lantern in 2016, Dr. Peter Shields, the Deputy Director of Wexner Medical Center, said, “Electronic cigarettes are included in the ban. Actually, it’s any tobacco product.” Since Juuls are a combination of nicotine, flavoring, and other chemicals (none of which include tobacco), our interpretation is that Juuls are immune from enforcing the ban of e-cigarettes. Party away! Take a few hits around 3 a.m. and let your mind fire off synapses like a panicked haunted house goer attempting to carry a flashlight.



It sounds insane, we know, but science confirms it. Sniffing peppercorns is a sure-fire way to wake your brain back up when it starts dozing off! Just Google it. The Chicago Tribune says… Oh, wait… Nope, yeah. Nevermind. Sniffing peppercorn helps relieve anxiety when you smoke too much weed, not wake you up when you need too much sleep. Hm. I apologize. Still, you should know. N E V E R L E AV E T H E G AG A B A L L P I T


Anyone who’s been to BuckeyeThon knows that the gaga ball pit is a never-ending realm of energy and friendly competition. Don’t leave it. All night. It’s like when you’re playing video games or scrolling through TikTok and never check the clock – you don’t realize how long you’ve been doing the same thing for because it requires so much of your attention. If the pit gets empty? Fill up your spare time by storming from group to group shouting, “Who’s next to take on THE BEAST?” Their instincts will kick in and immediately recognize the threat, causing your instincts to kick in and throw your body into survival mode. Happy gaga-ing.

How To Stay Awake During BuckeyeThon BY MADI TASK P H OTO BY LEX I UJCZO


ou did it! You raised the minimum $250 #ForTheKids, and now you’re stocking up on attention-grabbing, generic party store accessories of a single color for the big night. (If you were lucky enough to get into the night shift, or BuckeyeThon at all with the early cutoff this year.) Now comes the hard part: staying awake for 12 hours overnight. How are you gonna do it? Never fear! We at 1870 have crafted a foolproof list of possible options to consider when it comes to keeping those eyes peeled and that heart steeled.


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



Similar to gaga ball, exercise brings you energy, so pick the most sweat-inducing activities to keep you up through the night and let the fear of what is essentially a 12-hour audition carry you into dawn. Every hour, (30 minutes even?) there will be a morale dance practice where you learn a new segment of the highly regarded Morale Captain dance. Don’t just learn the dance – perfect it. Sing along with the music. Shout “WOO!” every time you hit that turnaround move like a goddamn ballerina in Paris. If the rapid routine doesn’t keep you awake, the pressure to shmooze and meet your newly adoring fans sure will.


CO M E W I T H A L I S T O F T H E T O P 5 T I M E S YO U F * C K E D U P I N YO U R L I F E

Asked out the roommate of the person you met on Hinge instead of your OG date? Decided to change your major halfway through your senior year? Died your hair orange? On purpose? If you’re someone who pushes off their regrettable and emotionally-charged decisions until it’s absolutely necessary to deal with them, let the extra hours of BuckeyeThon be the time to get confrontational with yourself. Write down your list, and then any time you feel tired, take a quick peek and start talking out your trauma with the friend closest in proximity. They’ll feel a heavy responsibility to help you work through it, and you’ll feel cornered until you finally get to the other side. Those thoughts that always keep you up at night? Let them in. •

How to prepare for the political battleground that will soon hit campus



s we ride our way far into the new year, the mounting pressures of the 2020 presidential election become more and more relevant. In a few short weeks, the Democratic primaries will be making their rounds – March 17 for those registered to vote in Ohio. With these new developments, you’re bound to notice a change throughout campus and the way people are acting. Get ready. Here’s your warning of all the things you should expect to see. PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF LOYALTY Residence halls will become divided, and slews of people holding clipboards begging for your signature will be on every corner of the Oval. There are some sure-fire ways to tell that election season has fallen upon us. For example, don’t be alarmed when Students for Bernie tracks down your every move after you talk with them once in the Wexner plaza. They’ll yell about tuition-free school and democratic socialism whilst fighting off the Elizabeth Warren student group for rights over the Wex plaza. My best tip? Wear a hoodie, always sport some shades, and trust that airpods will be your best friend. ACCESSORIZING POLITICALLY There will be whispers among WGSS classmates about the tenacity and grit that Warren has over other candidates. Make no mistake: Warren is their god. Buttons are abundant on their backpacks and jean jackets. Expect to see new and innovative sticker designs on


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

HydroFlasks all over campus; not only is it a political statement, it’s a fashion statement. Before you know it, there will be red, white, and blue scrunchies boasting political slogans. Dump Trump 2k20 on blue baseball caps can be spotted in the RPAC. No place is safe from political fashion. TASTEFUL DECOR Expect sticky note messages all over the dorm windows for the die-hard poli-sci majors. According to NBC4, after the devastating sticky note ban of 2017, students felt discouraged and frustrated by the oppression of their artistic abilities. This is the perfect time to reestablish the creative flow. MAGA, Feel the Bern, Warren 2020, Biden 4 prez: all of these and more on the floor-to-ceiling windows of Blackburn. You think you’re just enjoying a nice dinner at Scott, when in reality you’re being bombarded by dormroom propaganda to manipulate your political choices. Play it safe and post-up a penis. NOISE TRUMPS SILENCE Let’s not leave out the Trump supporters, or even sympathizers. College Republicans may be voting for Trump because they see no other option – and the inevitable debate will ensue between them and campus dems. Is Trump really a racist or is he only kind of a racist? (Spoiler alert: he is.)

CSL Plasma is a Proud Supporter of OSU Bring in your student ID for an extra $5* on every donation. Columbus CSL Plasma Center Conveniently Located at: 2650 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43202 Tel: (614) 267-4982

*Applicable for eligible qualified new donors. Must show valid student ID.

SILVER LINING Campus morphs into something similar to The Hunger Games during an election year. Friend groups are torn apart, dorm floors are divided, and classroom debates intensified. My advice? Just go with it. Playing devil’s advocate during a debate leads to priceless reactions from your politically-inclined friends. Give into the sticky note advertising and rate which ones are the best. Make a collection out of how many candidate buttons you can find lying around. Afterall, it only happens once every four years.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



We sent a writer to one of Mad River Mountain’s College Fridays BY A S A H E R R O N | P H OTO S BY E T H A N C L E W E L L


hat I will remember most vividly about Ohio State is how much spring semester sucks. The weather is awful, we have far fewer breaks than we do in the fall, and there isn’t shit to do. This is the sad reality which I have been forced to accept, and I am sure you have come to a similar conclusion. Now, we can either live out this dreadful Ohio winter in defeat, or we can get creative and fight back. Despite my disdain for weather below 50 degrees, I’ve decided to use Ohio’s shitty snow for some fun. This is the year we are trying out winter sports, baby! Some quick research will show you that Mad River Mountain, about an hour away in Zanesfield, is the closest place to ski near campus. I decided to take advantage of their deal: College Fridays. $20 gets you all-day and all-night lift tickets, another $19 gets you all the rental gear necessary, and an additional $10 gets you a helmet. (The helmet is not required, but their drink deals will ensure that you will bust your ass at some point. I recommend getting one.) Each College Friday brings a new list of weekly specials in The Loft – a warm little bar on the second floor of the lodge with many drinks and delicious dining options. I recommend doing your eating in The Loft because the cafeteria downstairs is a bit overpriced. You’ll get more bang for your buck upstairs, and they have a cool deck with a beautiful view of the slopes. After I got my fill in The Loft, I finally got my skis and hit the slopes. If you’re a newbie like me, I highly suggest bringing an experienced friend to show you the ropes. Honestly, every step of the skiing process


was more difficult than I expected. I don’t know if I would have even been able to get my skis on my feet without help, and even with some quick instructions, I still never really learned how to stop properly. Instead, I employed a sure-fire method which consisted of putting my hand on the ground and landing on my ass. Luckily, this method saved me from taking out all the toddlers on the beginner hill to which my novice self was relegated. Other than stopping, the hardest part for me was getting on the conveyor belt which took me up the small, beginner hill. Things were going alright the first few times down the hill, but at one point, my skis got tangled and I ate shit on said conveyor belt. Despite the sound advice that the toddlers waiting behind me were giving, my exhausted ass couldn’t get up, so I just rolled off the conveyor and took the loss. While my try at skiing was not exactly the confidence boost I needed in the midst of my winter serotonin drought, it did help me laugh at myself, a skill which has atrophied in the competitive college atmosphere here at Ohio State. Skiing at Mad River gave me an intense sense of nostalgia, taking me back to the snow days of elementary school which I spent outside (completely ruining the purpose of the snow day). The feeling of warming up my half-frozen hands and nose after a day spent in the snow never gets old – it might even get better with age. Regardless, it definitely gets better with a drink or two. College Fridays at Mad River also present the perfect

opportunity for a double date. Learning something new together always creates a bond to be remembered. Plus, eating shit on the slopes is an easy way to break the ice with a laugh. The only downside is that if you don’t know your date super well, the hour long car ride there might get a little awkward. So make a fire playlist to ease that tension, and show off your excellent music taste simultaneously. Even if you fail miserably like me, it still feels good to try something new and break a light sweat in the process. Your brain will thank me, and so will your emotions, exhausted from hours spent doing homework. We talk a lot about improving mental health at Ohio State, but no one really talks about how (especially during the winter). Nothing is going to change unless you try something new, and skiing at Mad River on College Fridays is the perfect way to affordably step out of your comfort zone, refresh your schedule, and have a little fun on the much-needed weekends you have left.• Mad River Mountain is located at 1000 Snow Valley Rd. in Zanesfield. Hours vary depending on the day of the week. Find out more information on their website, www.skimadriver.com.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



beer Very Berry Bity City from Somewhere in Particular (Clintonville)



his issue, I tried to be cute by recommending drinks for folks on both sides of the romantic aisle. If you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, my beer recommendation for you this month encompasses all the bitterness in your heart, just in liquid form. However, if you do have a boo (you lucky f*ck), I decided to help you put a spell on your valentine with a Harry Potter-inspired cocktail. Enjoy!


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

When I texted Madi (our editor) what my drink choices were for this issue, she started clowning me for picking a sour beer. But honestly, if you’re the kind of person who automatically goes for sour gummy worms or sour Skittles, you know that sour’s where it’s at. Sour beers are not for everyone. I’ll be the first to admit it, and no sour beer is like the next. Lucky for you, I picked the best one. Somewhere in Particular is my absolute favorite brewery in Columbus. It’s only a short drive into Clintonville and it is oh-so worth it. The atmosphere alone, built by a couple bonfires raging on a cold night, makes S.i.P. kind of fucking awesome. Very Berry Bity City is a blackberry sour beer with hints of raspberry, strawberry and lemon. This beer is the definition of tart, and it is oh-so-good. While you’re there, you should also try their Batch 26 Throwback, which is an orange creamsicle sour. You can thank me by buying me a sour beer later.

mixer Amortentia Cocktail

Yeah, you read that right. It’s the Harry Potter drink. Listen, I needed some cocktail that shouted, “Day of Love.” So here I am, ready to teach you how to make anyone fall in love with you through your drinkmixing prowess. Just don’t be creepy, alright? Mkay. So, this drink is essentially a punch with booze. It’s sweet, it’s delicious, and most importantly, it has a f*ckton of alcohol. Essentially, you want to mix equal parts pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, orange juice concentrate, and vodka. If you’re like me, you’ll double the amount of vodka the recipe calls for. I believe the variations that exist for this cocktail make it so that it’s very much customizable, so don’t be afraid to mix things up. You could, for example, add berries for garnish. Some people add pearl dust or that glitter that you can put in your drinks to make it look more magical. Just have fun with it. You’ll impress your date no matter what. I promise.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



or those who haven’t taken the time to do the Googling themselves, bubble tea is a Tiwanese drink that became popular in the 1980’s and again in recent years. At its simplest, it is a tea drink flavored with milk, or sometimes a more fruity flavor, with boba added as a topping. Boba is made from tapioca starch and is routinely flavored with brown sugar, so it’s more of a texture experience than a taste one. Good boba will be soft on the tongue, yet chewy thanks to the nature of tapioca starch. However, if boba just isn’t your style, many tea shops offer a variety of different toppings with a more flavorful punch like coffee jelly, popping bubbles, or even pudding! Ok, so now that you’ve got a basic idea of what bubble tea is, where can you get your hands on some of the yummy goodness? You’re in luck, because there are five favorite places that I go whenever I am craving a good cup of bubble tea.

VIVI’S BUBBLE TEA (2408 N. High St.) This adorable tea shop has it all: a great variety of tea, adorable aesthetic, board games for you to play while you sip, and a punch card system to keep you coming back. (They surely have got me trapped.) My favorite drink: Signature Flora Tea with either Forest Berry or Rose flavoring alongside some classic boba topping. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and get their Aloe Jelly topping instead.

THE BREWED LEAF (2060 N. High St.) This shop is a hidden gem. Located in the Ohio Stater Mall just off of Woodruff and High St., it’s easy to miss, but not one that you’re gonna want to pass up! My favorite drink: Brown Sugar Milk Tea with boba and Sea Salt Cheese Cream.

CHATIME (2060 N. High St.)


This is a world-wide chain of bubble tea shops, and it shows because of how much variety they have on their menu. If you’re not too keen on the idea of boba and wanna get some simple tea to try out first, I’ve gotta point you in their direction. (Also found conveniently in the Ohio Stater Mall!) My favorite drink: Hawaiian Fruit Tea with boba topping.

MILLIONS OF MILK (1990 N. High St.) Conveniently located next to Buckeye Donuts with a quality menu, if you need a bubble tea fix before heading onto campus, then give Millions of Milk a try for a quick in-and-out. My favorite drink: Taro Milk Tea with boba.

ZEN CHA TEA SALON (982 N. High St.)


This quiet tea shop is located in the Short North, and it is worth the trip out. With the company of some high quality authentic tea, it’s the perfect environment to sit and study if you need a break away from campus.


My favorite drink: Honey Peach Tea with boba.•

Know Your Bartender: Michael from Hounddog’s BY A N D R E W WA L L AC E P H OTO S BY G R A N T J O N E S

Bartenders come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Who’s to say who is best equipped to give you what you need when you sit down across the bar? Bartenders. Professional babysitters, part-time psychologists, and a drunk’s best friend. When you need to know the best spots to get your drink on around campus and who to chat up while you’re there, we’ve got you.

...Your last name... is Peacock? Yes. I swear! What do you do when you’re not bartending? Well, I’m a boxer. I work at Title Boxing during the day. I like to stay in shape and train there. I’m also in a band. I’m the lead guitarist for The Spotless Minds, which is a blues-rock band. We’re @TheSpotlessMindsMusic on Instagram; you can follow us for release date information. We’re currently recording our first album. What’s your favorite drink to make? It’s like a Sex On The Beach, but with tequila. So basically it’s tequila, cranberry juice, orange juice, lime juice, and a dash of triple sec. Pretty damn good! What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending? One night, this guy came in and I knew he was gonna be a problem from the second he walked in – he had that aura on him. He sat down and was bothering the people at the table next to him back in the pool area. Then he got mad because the juke box wasn’t playing his song. Well, there were like ten songs ahead of his, so he tried to reset the jukebox and ended up turning it off. It takes like thirty minutes for it to reconnect, so I’m like, “You can’t do that, you need to leave.” So he takes his tap of PBR and pours it all over the bar counter, makes this huge mess. There was a brawl in the party room one time, but I wasn’t here. Weren’t you here when that guy broke the window? Yeah, I was closing that night. I think he waited a long time on a sub or something. I was closing out my drawer and I saw him walking by punching every window, and when he got to the one at the corner he just smashed it. Grant: Did he run away? Yeah, by the time I got outside he was gone.

What’s your favorite thing on the menu? Lasagna bites. Artichoke and spinach bites are really good too. You can’t go wrong with the pizza. I can’t decide which crust I like more. It kinda depends on my mood. If I’m not hungry, I think the Hounddog’s is pretty good; less filling. Obviously though… Smokin’ Joes is… you can’t really beat it.


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

How long have you worked here? Over two years. I started in August 2017. What do you wish you could say to customers that you normally can’t? It’s a basic virtue, but BE PATIENT. I get if it’s slow, and things are taking forever, that can be annoying. But when things are busy, snapping at me or clapping, that isn’t gonna make me wanna come to you; it’s just gonna irritate me. We’re people too, and we’re just trying to help you. Just be patient with serving staff. I work as fast as I can and try to make sure nobody is waiting too long, but when people are rude it can kinda throw me off. What makes Hounddog’s the best bar on campus? Great food, a great happy hour, friendly staff, and it’s been a staple of the campus and Old North area for a long time.

What’s the second best bar? I have to shout out Gallo’s Tap Room on Bethel Road. They have amazing food, a wide range of beer, and the staff are great to have a conversation with.•

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

Makeup looks inspired by the TV show, Euphoria


The television show, Euphoria, is changing the makeup game. Doniella Davy, the head makeup artist for the show, brings ‘60s and ‘70s makeup inspiration with a Gen Z twist. Bright colors, glitter, and dramatic eyeliner designs are taking over Instagram pages and fashion trends. The biggest goal here is self expression, so you can play around with the amount and the boldness of the makeup to make each look your own. Each style is tailored to the character wearing it, so live your own life like the star of the show. Here are a few examples you could try that emphasize the stand-out details of a perfect Euphoria-esque look.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


Bright & Fun

In this look, we used bright, yellow eyeshadow and white eyeliner to add dimension and a bold design to the eye. Using Glossier’s Boy Brow, we gave the eyebrows a fluffy, natural vibe. In order to keep the eyes as the main focus, we kept the rest of the look simple and sweet. Her lips are coated with a layer of highshine lip gloss.

The Only One

In a darker and more dramatic look, we used a glittery, blue eyeshadow. The eyeshadow was used to create the wing, but we added a thin line of eyeliner for dimension as well. Not to be outdone, the lips hold some of the attention by adding a bright red lipstick. This look really emphasizes the drama that Euphoria looks accomplish. One of the fun things about Doniella Davy’s makeup is that she purposely made some of her looks messier than others. In doing this, she shows the different personalities of the characters. If you’re attempting a Euphoriainspired look, remember that being a little messy is half of the fun!


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

One of the fun things about Doniella Davy’s makeup is that she purposely made some of her looks messier than others. In doing this, she shows the different personalities of the characters.

Euphoric Glitz

For this final look, we went with the nowiconic glitter tears. Bold eye colors and glitter tears are forever connected with Euphoria, especially Zendaya’s character, Rue. In order to pull this off, you’ll need a colorful eyeshadow. Once you have your lids covered, pull out the glitter and glue. (Cosmetic glue.) Putting glitter and/or glue around your eyes can be dangerous, so make sure that you buy the proper materials and that you keep everything OUT of your eyes. If you’re experimenting, maybe start with a little concealer or primer instead. Apply the glue in the shape you prefer, and apply the glitter to it before the glue dries down. In this look, we used both red and gold glitter. We applied the tears in the center of the eyes, but you can apply them in any way you’d like. Changing length, position, or line shape. •

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


Rihanna’s Making Columbus Lingerie Companies Work, Work, Work, Work, Work BY L IZZY A MA RACH I PH OTO BY BRIAN KA I SER


you’re looking to treat yourself or your significant other this Valentine’s Day, lingerie brands have never looked better. Different brands have different styles, colors, and collections to leave every customer satisfied, but one brand stands out against the rest. This might be Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s world, and we’re all just living in it. Everything Rihanna touches turns to gold, and everything she creates… is diamond. While we’re patiently waiting for her elusive new album, she’s still delivering her genius through her Fenty fashion and beauty lines. Her seductive and size-inclusive lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, is disrupting the lingerie game and quickly taking over an industry that was once run by Columbus brands. We’re not picking favorites, we’re just laying out all the info side-by-side so you can decide on a favorite for yourself.

THE SPUNKY NEW KID Savage X Fenty The brand’s 2020 V-Day Shop features two mini collections designed by Adam Selman. If you remember Rihanna’s 2014 show-stopping “naked” dress and durag covered in Swarovski crystals (bitch), Selman is the mastermind who designed that. Selman creates hundreds of looks for Rihanna, and the pair have teamed up again for this new iconic collab filled with pasties, masks and heart-shaped garters galore. The “Locket Down” capsule collection features garter belts, underwear, and bralettes with revealing zips. The “Down the Aisle” collection shows off thongs and other items dotted with hearts, and cupless bras that’ll make your heart skip a beat. The whole Savage X website has products that range across a variety of body types. There are four bra and bralette types, seven kinds of undies, and six styles of lingerie, including bodysuits, bustiers, and robes in fun and sexy colors. The brand aims to be size-inclusive with curvy models and bra sizes ranging from 32A to 46DDD. The cherry on top of all of this is that anyone can sign up for free to become an Xtra VIP and see incredibly reduced prices and early access to new styles. Even if you don’t sign up, the online-only brand gives free shipping on all orders over $50.

THE COMPETITION Victoria’s Secret Headquartered right here in Columbus, Victoria’s Secret is a hometown hero. It’s seen around the globe as the go-to pinnacle of sexiness, and you can find a shop at many of Columbus’ major malls. This year, the brand’s online Valentine’s Day Shop includes a Top 10 collection of “best gifts designed to win your heart.” Items include one-piece teddy bodysuits, satin and lace kimonos, super strappy three-piece sets, cami sets, saucy slip dresses, pajama sets and highwaist panties with detachable garters. VS has the added bonus of “Night Out Looks”, featuring various skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits that’ll give you everything you need for a perfect Valentine’s Day look. The whole site features nine bra styles ranging from size 30AA to 40DDD, plus 12 underwear styles and numerous pajamas and loungewear sets. Opening an Angel Credit Card with the retailer will get you free shipping on every $50+ order, exclusive offers and more.

La Senza Every day can be Valentine’s Day if you add La Senza to your shopping cart. Like Victoria’s Secret, La Senza is also headquartered in Columbus and has stores in Easton and Polaris malls. The Canadian brand aims to have customers feeling sexy and confident. And it shows! Although it’s under L Brands with VS, La Senza can be seen as the more provocative sister company. The brand has an “After Hours” section that features dozens of strappy, barelythere items that are for the truly daring. Items on the site include 11 bra types ranging in size from 30A to 40DD, eight styles of underwear, and lingerie styles that include lace bras with cut-outs, garter panties, bodysuits, slip dresses, and more. Like Savage X Fenty, La Senza also offers free shipping on $50+ orders, and has an optional “Club La Senza” Card for even more close-to-home deals.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


The Sex Issue The weather is getting colder, but we’re just heating up in 1870 land. Combining the tension of a good cuffing szn to that post-holiday glow, the love is all around us and just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have someone to smush, odds are the issue in your hands will guide you to find that extra special someone soon. For the past month we let campus get their hands on our sex survey, and after 1,217 responses, we finally have the results. See just how kinky, corny, and cute this campus body can get on page 52. The truth about

sex though is that it’s all about relationships. To get physically intimate, more often than not you need a little emotional intimacy first, so our writers put together pieces on loving yourself before loving someone else (page 60), picking the perfect date night in Columbus (page 54), and for the really serious lovers, taking that next step to move in together in college (page 62). Pour a glass of smooth red wine and get in your feels — it’s the season of love, Buckeyes.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


the 2020 BY 1 870 STA F F

tell me more What type of birth control do you use?

The returning winner from last year is the condom, with 34% of the total vote. However, the classic pill still sweeps the hearts of 42% of women as their number one choice, even if 7% of those women are still virgins. (Here’s your regularly scheduled PSA that access to birth control is a women’s issue, not just a reproductive issue!) Despite living on the heated and horny battleground that is a college campus, 7.8% of responders practice abstinence.

Is regular sex important for a healthy relationship?

Overwhelmingly, students say “Yes!” with 81.3% of the vote. Turns out the non-binary population is a lot less shallow than the rest of you, with 44% saying it is and 55% saying it’s not that important. Let’s focus on more than sex when we’re in love, shall we?

Is foreplay necessary?

A meager 8.4% of students say it’s not, so it’s safe to say that everyone should preheat the oven before baking dessert.

Does size matter?

This one was CLOSE! 44.4% of responders say no, and 55.6% say yes. The good news is that we also polled people for their interest in sex toys, so if size isn’t on your side, perhaps a little extra cash in your wallet is.

How often do you watch porn or read erotic literature?

To no one’s surprise, only 3.5% of men claim they never watch porn or read erotic literature. 64.9% of them do anywhere between one and five times a week, while for women, less is more. 73.8% of them get kinky up to three times per week. All this to say that the stereotype is all but being broken: everyone turns themselves on.


Would you ever purchase a sex toy?

Every non-binary person we polled says they already have a sex toy or plan on getting one, and while 30.1% of men said they would never make the plastic purchase, only 10% of women think they could go their entire lives WITHOUT one. To that we say, why wait, women? 13.9% of campus already has one!

Would you ever have sex with an AI sex toy?

With movies like Her and shows like Black Mirror on our screens everyday, time will only tell where sex can go from here. While about one-third of the non-binary and male responders would, 71.5% of women say they would never have sex with an artificially intelligent sex toy. Maybe it’s a still-standing sex toy, but as long as a human’s the one operating it, this is still the majority of pollers’ preference at 67.6%.

What is your biggest fear when it comes to love and sex?

69.5% of you fear the most life-changing ones of all: pregnancy and STDs/STIs. Funny how 8.7% of those who said they fear these DON’T USE ANY BIRTH CONTROL AT ALL. So. Funny. (And hey, don’t forget to gas up your partner – verbally – in the bedroom. 8.9% of y’all put the performance itself as your biggest fear when it comes to sex. Your body is beautiful!)

When did you lose your virginity?

Ohio State, you dirty dogs. 62.4% of you lost your virginity before coming to campus. 23.3% of you lost is between the ages of 19 and 25, making college questionably the better four years of your life. Not all of campus is kinky though; 12.3% of you are still virgins.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

Can you consent to sex after drinking?

Jury’s still out on this one. For men and transgender responders, the answer broke down into almost perfect thirds for “Yes”, “No”, and “It Depends.” For women, 50% think drinking and doing the dirty is more complicated than a strictly yes or a no answer, and said it depends on other factors. This just goes to show that no one is confident on the “rules” of the bedroom, so always ask for consent and keep the conversation going along the way. Consent is not assumed, and it can change at any time, so make sure communication lines are clear and open.

Have you ever been involved in a threesome?

College is the time to experiment! That’s why 14.2% of you have claimed to have tried a threesome before. It’s not too late to lose the second virginity card though; 45% of women say they’d give it a whirl, and an even more eager 59.5% of men would. The next question we want to ask is who you’d do it with: strangers from Hinge or close friends?

How long do you wait to sleep with someone you’re dating?

The most popular answer here was one to two weeks (42%). Why wait at all? 23% of men and 21% of women say less than a week is enough time to tango.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Women and non-binary students are the people to please in 2020 – 68.5% and 88% respectively have caught themselves faking an orgasm before. Maybe we just need to sign up for an anatomy class next semester, but we’re a little confused as to how 35.4% of men managed to fake an orgasm, no questions asked?

take it slow Gender


Year in School

39.2%.................................................................... Men 58.8%.......................................................... Women 1.5%.......................................................Non-binary < 1% ........................... Transgender & Other

79.3%.............................................................Straight 11.9%............................................................ Bisexual 5.4%....................................................Gay/Lesbian 2.3%................................ Queer/Questioning 1%.......................................................................... Other

19%............................................................ Freshmen 18.4%................................................Sophomores 21.9%...............................................................Juniors 28.2%.............................................................Seniors 12.5%............................... Graduate Students

talk dirty to me Can you date someone if the sex is bad, but the relationship is good?

Size may matter, but the good news is that 64.4% of all responders say YES, you can! There’s still about a third of students who think the sex has to be just as good as the relationship for it to stay alive, but if you can get through taking out sex survey, you can probably get through a conversation with your partner about your needs in bed.

How do you break-up with someone?

We’re a campus of real stand-up people – 88% of students say that breaking up should happen in-person, face-to-face, as opposed to ghosting, calling, or texting. (Although my bitter Twitter feed seems to claim that ghosting happens way more than 2.5% of the time.)

What’s your favorite dating app?

To swipe, or to not swipe? That is the question. And if you’re asking students at Ohio State, most prefer to swipe away on Tinder. With that being said, there is also a large group of folks who simply prefer no dating apps at all!

What’s the most important quality to look for in a partner?

There are many similarities across the gender spectrum for important qualities in a partner. Of these results, we found communication, sense of humor, intelligence, and respect rank amongst the top.

What is your biggest turn-on?

While we found some crossover between the biggest turn-ons — confidence and intelligence to name a couple—there are also some differences. A big theme amongst responses from men showed a partner’s physical appearance stands as one of the biggest turn-ons. On the other hand, nonbinary folks said they preferred physical touch such as neck kissing and biting.

What is your biggest turn-off?

If there’s one turn-off that stands above the rest, it’s arrogance and being overly aggressive. And in a close second comes poor hygiene such as bad breath or body odor. It’s 2020 and people still don’t have self-awareness, a toothbrush, or deodorant. Shaking our heads.

What’s something that surprisingly turned you on one time?

Men, women, and non-binary folks all noted being kissed or bit on the neck or ear as a surprising turn-on. Additionally, women said that some light choking can be a turn-on and a few men even said they had experimented with having their partner do some anal foreplay on them and really enjoyed it. Other highlights include spanking, subbing, and kissing after oral sex.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever fooled around?

Is there any spot on campus y’all won’t f*ck in? Seriously! We had responses ranging from The RPAC bathroom, a study room in Baker, the Drackett Towers bathroom, several frat house roofs, and even The Oval. Honorable mention to the person who f*cked in the closet of a YMCA.

What’s the most important quality to look for in a partner? “That I reminded them of their brother.” “This is just like that Monty Python movie!” “I have to take a shit.” “My grandma crocheted this blanket.” “Call me Dad. Not Daddy. Dad.” “My cousin has a birthmark there too!” “I bet you didn’t know you’d like getting your asshole blown on this much.” “Welcome to PoundTown.”

What’s the best sex position?

When it comes to the preferred sex positions, the consensus is that doggy style is the way to go. Ironically enough, missionary is in close second, but this position is a little more hotly debated (see Worst Sex Position for more).

What’s the worst sex position?

Amid all the “there are no bad sex positions” responses, missionary and reverse cowgirl rose to the top of the worst. For women, reverse cowgirl edged out missionary for the worst, but more men said missionary is the worst. This just goes to show that what’s good for you might not be good for your partner.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


DON’T KNOCK IT ‘TIL YOU CLIMB IT Why pole-dancing should be your next workout BY M E E R A M AT H U R P H OTO S P R OV I D E D BY I N F I N I T Y A E R I A L


hen college seems especially hard and you feel like you can’t go on, a lot of us find ourselves pondering why we don’t just drop out and become a stripper. Well, we at 1870 are here to tell you that it might not be as easy as you think. If you’ve ever considered taking up pole-dancing, taking up a fun new workout, or upping your confidence in a unique way, you may want to consider taking a class at Infinity Aerial. The teachers specialize in pole-dancing and aerial exercise. We caught up with the founder of Infinity Aerial, Val, to ask her some questions about her business and how it impacts her clientele.

How did you get into pole-dancing and teaching it?

I have danced most of my life. When I was 18, I worked in gentlemen’s clubs and that is where I started learning pole. It was a very interesting experience because while it wasn’t the most empowering environment, I loved the dance aspect of it. I quit after I had my daughter in order to take care of her, but I still kept teaching dance and fitness classes.

What does opening an aerial and pole-dancing studio mean to you?

Biggest reason that I opened and what I strive to do: this is a place of empowerment. Pole and aerial are just a medium to do this. [It] allows a lot of women to tap into their sensuality and confidence. Many people do it as a workout, but it helps you tap into how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself.

Reflecting on your personal experience and upon hearing testimonials of girls who have taken your classes before, how do you think pole-dancing affects a woman’s sense of confidence?

[I’ve heard] a lot of success stories with boosting a woman’s confidence. A student had gone through some severe childhood sexual trauma and looked for classes to feel comfortable in her body. She shared this after having multiple classes, and she said she finally felt okay being feminine and sexual.

Generally, how has the public perception of poledancing changed over your lifetime?

When I first opened – especially in the Midwest – this was not something that was well-received at first. In American culture we obviously have a Puritanical mindset still, so there were definitely some attitudes about it. Other parents would judge me for having a pole in my house and not want their kids coming over. In 13 years, we’ve gone from people seeing it as dirty and taboo to seeing it as a workout with the strength and physical ability it takes. Now people are finally understanding that this can do something incredible for the female psyche as we are becoming more open to self-development practices.


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

What are some common misconceptions women have about pole-dancing coming into their first class?

On a physical end, I can tell you [that] if I had a dime for every person that says it looks cool, but they don’t have the strength for that, I’d be rich. The strength aspect keeps a lot of women from doing this, but this studio starts with the basics. Yes, it is going to challenge you, but it’s not too big of a challenge that you can’t overcome. Mentally, there are still so many women that are afraid to express that power and side of themselves. This is common in younger groups of women, but as you get older it gets better. A lot of women are afraid to be judged as slutty or dirty, and many feel uncomfortable confronting that side of themselves. It can be very eye-opening.

How can college-aged women benefit from attending a class?

To me, the earlier you start in this world as a woman learning to truly appreciate your body and self, and being able to walk out into this world with confidence, you’re set up for a much more successful future. A lot of graduates come in ready to start their adult work life and feel more confident coming out going into their interviews and romantic lives. What they want and what they feel about themselves matters. They can take that and apply it to their decisions and they just feel so much more confident about the changing aspects of their lives.

Off-Pole Perspective Don’t just take Val’s word for it. Regan Moran, a biology student at Ohio State, attended a pole-dancing class with friends as a sisterhood event for her sorority.

What was your first impression going into the class?

I thought it was a really nice place! The teacher was incredibly enthusiastic and fun as well.

What was your biggest takeaway from the class?

How physically demanding poledancing is. I was covered in bruises and was sore for days, while the instructor made it look effortless.

How strongly would you recommend this class to others?

I definitely highly recommend this class to others! It was extremely empowering and fun, and it was such a good workout. It was especially a lot of fun to do with a group of friends, and is a huge confidence booster.•

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


A Date A Day Keeps The Love Doctor Away A handful of date possibilities you’re sure to love in Columbus BY ASA H ER R ON

Dinner Dates The Hidden Gem: The Plantain Cafe (77 E. Gay St.)


ebruary 2020 is the month that you turn your romantic life around and are finally back on top of things. (Even if you’ve historically been a bottom.) Dating seems more complicated than ever as new dating apps constantly emerge, traditional monogamous relationships are rethought, and what seems like all of our parents’ marriages fail – but there is hope! We live in a city abounding with beautiful people and amazing places to take them on dates. I’ve always thought that in order to be successful in dating, you have to express your individuality via a great location. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How do I find these places your overly romantic ass is talking about?” Consider yourself blessed to have a friend like me, because I’m about to get you hip to all the best date spots I’ve found around Columbus for all types of dates throughout my years at Ohio State, getting more creative as we go.

Located downtown, The Plantain Cafe consistently serves up fresh, flavorful, authentic Cuban cuisine. I love little mom-and-pop restaurants like this one, but I never find one right in the middle of the city like The Plantain Cafe is. The restaurant simultaneously creates a cozy and exciting atmosphere with vibrant Cuban-inspired decor, beautiful plants, and downtown location. Additionally, you will always get the friendliest service in the city here, making you feel at home. The menu has a plethora of unique options to choose from at affordable prices, inviting you to try new things. I recommend the beef plantain roll appetizer, the fried chicken entree, the key lime pie for dessert, and a carafe of the white sangria to drink. With this order, you’ll be feeling rosy as hell and ready to explore downtown with your date.

Fine Dining: Lindey’s (169 E. Beck St.) Maybe your personality isn’t your strength, but your wallet is. Let that baby sing its siren song, and take your date to Lindey’s for a fine ass dining experience. They will definitely be impressed because this place has been a top-ten Columbus restaurant since it opened its doors in historic German Village in 1981. Expect to spend about $25-$30 per plate (not including drinks), and expect to finish with an empty plate. It will be a meal you remember and (more importantly) will definitely be one that your date remembers. The ambiance of Lindey’s is off the charts with their classy decor and private nooks where you’ll find your table. Being in the German Village gives it extra points because everybody is a sucker for those cute ass brick roads. What a great place to stroll after your meal.

City Staples Dates Get Cultured: Short North Gallery Hop (First Saturday of the month) I’ve always found viewing art with someone to be a very accurate way to get a read on them. The Short North Gallery Hop offers a great opportunity to check out local art with your date in an atmosphere that isn’t as quiet and awkward as a museum. Instead you can saunter around the Short North, taking in galleries with art that you can’t afford, the many murals of the neighborhood, or just poking fun at the army of snooty people who will be in attendance (my personal favorite). Regardless, there will be plenty of fodder for conversation and lots of options for a quick bite to eat in the Short North without the traffic that’s sure to come on actual Valentine’s Day – I recommend Brassica or The Eagle.

Quiet, Intimate Date: The Book Loft (631 S. 3rd St.) Is conversation not really your thing? No worries, the Book Loft in the German Village will leave both you and your date speechless with its IMMENSE collection of books to shop from. The Book Loft has over 500,000 books on its shelves, so there is something for everybody. Even if you are not a huge reader, it is still really cool exploring the 32 different rooms that make up this nationally renowned, independently owned bookstore. It really is much more than a bookstore. This place is like a book maze in which you can immerse yourself. Also, it’s an icon of the city that we can take pride in as multinational corporations like Amazon take over without any regard for the communities in which they operate. Maybe on the car ride back, you and your date can listen to Fight the Power and bond over your desire for revolution? Or you can just stop for one of the best sandwiches in town at Katzinger’s right up the street.

Adventurous Dates Double Date: Mad River Mountain (1000 Snow Valley Rd., Zanesville, OH) As covered on page 30, College Friday’s at Mad River Mountain in Zanesville are the most affordable way to ski around here. Let it be known, if this is your first time skiing, it will not go very well. However, your date will probably find it hilarious when you eat shit, so you’ll get points for having a good sense of humor. I recommend a double date for this one because it will ease the tension some, make things funnier, and make the hour long car ride less awkward. The ride there sucks, but you will get an awesome opportunity to show your date all your amazing Spotify playlists. Make one with some cute romantic songs that make you think of your date. They’ll appreciate the sentiment.

Trippy Date: Otherworld (5819 Chantry Dr.) Looking for a date that’s far out, man? Check out Otherworld, a Columbus art installation curated by over 40 local artists, consisting of 47 science-fiction/ fantasy inspired rooms. Tickets are $22 each, and they are worth every cent. I have never seen such an immersive art experience. It’ll trip you and your date out in a good way – opening up your realms of possibility and sparking creativity. Otherworld is a really cool, new way to experience art. You’ll look like you’re up to date on the art culture of Columbus if you pull this one out for a date, and it will appear that you’re down to experience new things. A recipe for a perfect date in my opinion. If you’re feeling braver than me, take some psychedelic mushrooms together beforehand, and definitely let me know how that goes. 1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


how to

Date Someone From Class BY AM Y B AU M GARTEN

Going to class? Sucks. Going to class when you have a Class Crush? Still not great but a lot better than the former. In fact, I recommend developing a Class Crush, or a CC as I will refer to it, in the class you struggle with the most. By struggle I mean you have trouble getting there. Don’t bother getting a CC in a class you’re struggling to pull a D in – you need to be focused on that PASS, not on that ass. And since you’re asking… What’s better than going to class when you have a CC? Dating your CC. So, let me tell you how to do that. You better take my advice because I turned my CC into a year-long whirlwind of a romance. Who doesn’t want that?! I highly doubt you need any help deciding who to have your class crush on. Just pick whoever you feel most attracted to. The person who can make conversation with anyone in the room? The shy dude in the back that only talks when he’s answering questions correctly? Maybe even the cutie next to you that looks at your paper during the weekly quiz? Hey, I won’t judge. Just pick someone. And once you have that special someone, there’s a few different paths you can take…

1. Friends? Anybody?

This is the easiest route to dating someone from class. If you play the part of friendlyperson-who-just-wants-to-meet-othercollege-students, it doesn’t come across as alarming and stalkerish when you strike up a convo with your CC. As long as you take the time to make friends with other people in your class, your CC will have no idea that you’re secretly fawning over them. Then, once you’re established friends who go on friendly candlelit dinner dates to the Short North, you can drop the bomb that you had been using friendship as a way to get close to them all along...in a way that isn’t quite friendship. And then you kiss. Easy as that. I promise!

2. Social Media Star

When I was going through the “crushin’ on my classmate” dilemma, this is the path I took. I’m big on social media. Specifically Twitter. Shoot me a follow, why don’t ya? @amydointhings. Okay, enough about me. There’s a few different ways to go about this option. You could hit them with the surprise

follow on your social media of choice one day after class. You could wait and see if they’re ever scrolling through Twitter or Instagram and then ask for their username. Or, if you’re me, you could announce your Twitter handle to the class and hope your CC is one of the few that actually follows. Stop rolling your eyes. This IS a viable option.

3. Study Date Necessary

Remember in the movie “Mean Girls” when Cady Heron pretends to be bad at math so Aaron Samuels has to tutor her? This method is kinda like that, but I’m hoping you’ll be a little more tactful. You don’t need to pretend like you can’t even spell the name of the class you’re taking. Just act like you need a little help, and c’mon, who doesn’t need a little help? This method is straightforward – ask if your lovely CC would have any interest in meeting up to study for the exam/do the problem set/share their darkest secrets and kiss in the moonlight. One of the three should definitely spark their interest and once you’ve done that, you’re in.

I know it can be intimidating to make a move on your CC. Luckily for you, you’re hot, you can read (proven by your ability to finish this article), and you have the chutzpah to turn this little obsession into something real. Go get ‘em, tiger!



1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


Life Under The Rainbow One LGBTQ+ student’s experience on campus



ow do you navigate the intersection of being an OSU student and being a part of the LGBTQ+ community? Izzy McCale walks this path every day. McCale is a bisexual/trans student studying Political Science and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. OSU has been a place for McCale’s self-image and confidence to be drastically shaped through involvement in student organizations, but it’s also a place where they have to tiptoe around in order to avoid discrimination and disrespect. Within their first year at OSU, McCale jumped right in, as many first-years do, and joined multiple clubs and groups, specifically ones that are LGBTQ+ based, to find and build an accepting community that they didn’t have in their hometown. One of those organizations was Pride OSU. McCale describes Pride as an LGBTQ+ organization that “creates a safe environment for members to gather, have fun, and even learn a little about the community. It’s also one that walks a fine line between a social and educational organization in order to meet the needs of all members, as well as creating the space for many different forms of communication.” After attending a few meetings, McCale said, “I started feeling confident in my own skin, as well as an increase in self-worth...I found myself at Pride.”


This school year, McCale is sitting on the Pride executive board as secretary, with the goal of passing on the feeling of acceptance and validation to all of its members. McCale credits a lot of their personal development to the organization. “I’m a product of being involved in a community and being on a campus with so many people that I was bound to find someone I could connect with.” McCale lives off-campus in a house with many other students that they cheerfully call, “The Big Gay House: Sapphire Edition.” While OSU has been a place for McCale to flourish, it’s not without its faults. McCale believes, “OSU is one of the safest places for an LGBTQ+ student compared to a lot of other institutions. However, it doesn’t save them from criticism by the community about their LGBTQ+ policy shortcomings.” McCale expressed, “I genuinely worry that if I was outed to my political science cohort that my opinions would be respected less by my peers as well as the professors. Whether it is unfounded or not, it is a fear that I have.” This valid fear is not limited to the political science community. Many academic fields still have an ingrained stigma toward the LGBTQ+ community. OSU tries to cope with this by having training available to the staff on how to harbor a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. However, this training is only

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

done on a voluntary basis, for which McCale criticizes the university. One of McCale’s goals on campus is to make it mandatory for staff and professors. When telling people their preferred pronouns, McCale has all too often had people refuse to use their pronouns correctly. Using someone’s preferred pronouns is an easy way to be respectful and help the person deal with gender dysphoria. A significant part of being in the LGBTQ+ community is the act of coming out. If only coming out was as simple as it seems in the media. You’d come out once, and then you’re done. Everyone just knows. Thanks to the heteronormative society we live in today, coming out is a lifelong process. It’s repetitive and often times nerve-wracking, just like it can be in regards to correcting someone when they use the wrong pronoun. McCale grew up in Vermillion, OH, which like a lot of small Ohio towns is not known for being entirely welcoming toward the LGBTQ+ community. It’s not uncommon that people find themselves in the same situation as McCale, being out to their friends at school but not to their family back home. McCale believes, “The friends I have made at OSU give me a cushion to fall back on in terms of coming out.” They have been making the most of their time at OSU by getting in, staying involved

with, and giving back to the LGBTQ+ community. Though there are challenges to be met at the intersection of student and LGBTQ+ individual, McCale faces every challenge with their head held high and a determination to create change. McCale’s best advice? “Having a support system and community is one of the most important things you can have as a LGBTQ+ individual. That, and a bottle of whiskey.”

“Having a support system and community is one of the most important things you can have as a LGBTQ+ individual. That, and a bottle of whiskey.” To get involved with Pride OSU 1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


Love Yo’

Self A guide to the single life this Valentine’s Day


1. Write a list of things you love about yourself Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. Even if you do this activity fully believing that it’s silly and won’t make a difference, writing down your favorite parts of yourself is a surefire way to boost those feel-good vibes this Valentine’s Day. This list can include anything. Your long eyelashes? Your homemade banana bread recipe? Your impressive gift-giving ability? Maybe you love your nail beds! Or your talent for getting in and out of Kroger with a full week’s worth of groceries in under 15 minutes. It’s possible that you love your sense of humor, or your constant use of sarcasm. Maybe you’re the friend that is strong enough to push through the Midway crowds to order a round for everybody or hey, maybe you’re the friend who can always snatch the perfect table at Thompson. Whatever it may be, put it down on your list.

2. Send yourself flowers! Or chocolate! Or a stuffed monkey! I personally don’t love getting flowers unless they come from that sPeCiAl SoMeOnE (yawn). Daisies don’t bring me the same joy that a Kit Kat does. So if I’m getting myself a Valentine’s Day gift, it is definitely going to be a Valentine’s Day Kit Kat. Who said someone else has to buy it for you? It’s 2020. Empowerment is about gift-giving to your DAMN SELF. Indulge in the capitalist holiday.

4. Take a break from Instagram


ebruary is here and you know what that means. It’s Valentine’s Day Month! Couples love it, single people dread it, and you and I are going to use it as a way to propel forward with self-love. This V-Day we are celebrating, caring for, and loving ourselves. I understand it can be hard to enjoy focusing on yourself when it feels like everyone around you has that special someone to share their day with. Fortunately, I have some good news for you. If finding that special someone is important to you, you will find them. Trust me on this. Maybe you haven’t met them yet or maybe they’re your best friend, but as of now it’s strictly friendship. I can’t say why, but I can say that it’s coming. You have a lot of life left to live, and a lot of love left to give! Alright, I’ll cool it with the cheese. In exchange though, take a few minutes to consider spending this lovey-dovey day with yourself. Use your VDE (Valentine’s Day Energy) to recognize what a special person you are and spend the day doing things that make you happy! Here are some of my best ideas for a Valentine’s Day full of self-love.


I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail here, but take a few minutes to think about whether seeing your Instagram feed on Valentine’s Day is going to fill you with secondhand-love and sweetness, or if it’s gonna fill you with envy and sadness-that-you-don’t-wantto-admit-is-sadness. Valentine’s Day on Instagram is a whole ‘nother world, but this obviously isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. If seeing couple-y, lovey-dovey pictures will put a smile on your face, then get on and comment on all of your friend’s cute pics. If not, though, take the day off. I promise that no one will notice you’re gone, and you can get back once the kiss fest has died down.

5. Host a singles-only event

Want to celebrate the holiday with your other single friends? Sounds like a good plan to me. Dress to the nines and buy the fanciest drink at Lincoln Social for a Valentine’s GNO. Order a pizza from Adriatico’s and request that it’s shaped in a heart and then eat your heart out. Snatch some tix to the movies – Downfall, the new dramedy with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell, comes out on Valentine’s Day. Lucky you! Maybe your squad heads downtown to play some retro arcade games at 16-Bit. Do whatever you and yours usually like to do, but this time: only invite your single friends. No offense (total offense) to our friends with significant others, but we’re reclaiming Valentine’s Day.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

3. Catch up on sleep

Actually treat yourself and sleep in! Or take a midday nap. Maybe do both? As exhausted college students, this is an easy way to put yourself first and start feeling better. (Plus, you can sleep right through the Twitter and Instagram feeds halfway stacked with couples photos.)

6. Get away

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, and that means you can get the hell out of Columbus and the hell out of your head! Revisit your hometown for the weekend, or discover a friend’s. Rent an AirBnB in a city close by with the gang and explore somewhere new. Did you know Columbus is less than a six hour drive away from Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, AND Nashville?

There’s only six ideas here on how to get your self-love on this Valentine’s Day, but there are so many other ways to fill yourself with joy and comfort on February 14th. No matter what you do, make sure you take the time to recognize the amazing person you are. And eat some chocolate. Please. That’s all I ask.

1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com


FAQs Before Y Sharing Rooms

ou’ve been seeing someone special for a while. You’re not sure that this is the one, but you give this person most of your free time, and you don’t mind. You like giving your time to this person. Your minds work differently, and you like that. You’ve got things in common, and you like that. You want to share more time with them, and that makes you nervous.


You’re also acutely aware that you need a place to stay next semester.

What happens when you

I’ve found myself in this situation before, so I’m here to clear up some of the FAQs before you make the big move. Moving in with the person you’re dating makes perfect sense if they tend to take care of you when you can’t even take care of yourself. Plus, you end up saving money by splitting your living expenses. You get to have lots of sex. That being said, the way you live and date is about to change.

live with your significant other in college?

How do dates change?

It’s great that you can split the chores and have dinner together, but you could do that with any roommate. How are you reminding this person that they’re special to you? How do you speak to their love language? Pay them some meaningful compliments and remind them why you fell in love. Spend quality time together doing stuff you both like, or study. When you see something at the store that reminds you of them, bring them gifts. Service them, like doing their least favorite chore even though it’s their turn. When it comes to physical touch, remember that it doesn’t always have to be sexual stuff. You don’t have to get out of the house for it to be a date, but you do have to keep dating once you’re cohabitating.

How do I stay focused on my degree?

As much fun as it would be to stay in bed with your significant other forever, you still have a job to do as a student. Keep your priorities aligned, and include your significant other. I am not a morning person; I had a hard time getting out of bed one semester, but once my ex got up, that would be my cue to get out of bed and start my day. Sharing a morning routine with bae helped me to get my work done. I can’t count the number of Thompson fourth floor study dates we shared. Working from home was impossible, because we both knew how to distract each other. So I suggest getting out of the house and getting your work done. Maybe set aside some alone time if you really need to focus. A good partner will understand that you need space whenever you need it.

What happens when friends come over?

When the girl I’m dating asked if she could meet my best friend my first response was like, “Wow.” That hasn’t happened to me before, and I told my friends about it and they all thought that was really cool that she wants to be a part of my entire life, not just the romantic side. That’s something I messed up with when I was living with my ex. I made her my best, and eventually, my only friend. Big mistake. Get you a girl who wants to be friends with your friends. That way when you’re living together and want to have somebody over, it’s not weird. It’s a welcomed guest that you can both hang out with.

Will my sleep schedule get f*cked?

I definitely had some sleepovers with my exes before we moved in together. Bedtime routines from when I had a bunch of male housemates compared to living with just one girl was a big shift for me. We all do weird little things. For example, I brushed my teeth in the shower. These things can change and often assimilate to your partner’s habits. Don’t let that freak you out, it’s perfectly normal to adopt some of your significant other’s mannerisms. It doesn’t mean they’re changing YOU. It just means you like sharing that routine with them and you’re finding ways to do that. Sleeping together every night of the week means a twin mattress ain’t gonna cut it. Personally I like to sleep on the side of the bed with the wall, but I also toss and turn a lot in my sleep so cuddling is good to start off, but won’t be all night long. At one point I got a whole extra comforter because of how badly my girlfriend would hog the blankets. Some people snore, some people sleep naked. When you’re living with your special someone, expect for there to be some changes to your sleeping arrangements.


1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

Where do I go when I need a good oldfashioned breakdown?

We are all emotional, and our emotions have varying degrees of depths. The problem with texting is that words only show the surface of emotion. Imagine winning the lottery and trying to express how excited you were to somebody via text. No jumping up and down or yelling. Emotions are complex, but communication is the key to feeling like your emotions are valid. You need to express yourself, and listen to and validate your partner’s emotions. I’m bipolar and my ex had depression. We took a lot of time to express our emotions, and validate the other’s emotions, and it was the best part of living together.

What happens if we...break up?

This is obviously not what lovers living together expect to happen. When it happened to me, it meant spending a couple nights in and out of Airbnbs, crashing at my auntie’s over the summer, and holding onto a lot of resentment. Don’t “break up” while you’re living together. Live somewhere else for a while instead. Call it a trial separation, or whatever works for your head. Are you really sick of this person? Or are you going to miss them so bad that you wish you were dead? Emotions change, and can sometimes cause us to feel in over our heads. If you’re making a backup plan in case you break up halfway through the semester, you’re smarter than me for planning ahead, and you already answered the very first question. 1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com



1870 MAGAZINE • FEBRUARY 2020 • 1870mag.com

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