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“straight man”… Nathan: You’re definitely the closest to your own character… Zach: Yeah, I’m the closest to my character, which is saying something, since he’s just mad all the time. He’s also the most “normal” of the three. Nathan: Yeah, I’d say that’s reasonable. Chris: I play Danny. Danny’s actually not that different from who I am. We play roommates on the show, and I am definitely the one who tries to push Zach a little more. Or push “Ted” that is. Sorry. Nathan: I am a bit like Percy. Obviously I don’t talk like him all the time, but I’m a really huge nerd. I’m like Percy in that I’m always the one to bring up the awkward, bad conversation. How about the other characters? Nathan: There’s the Hooks guys. They’re the “bad guys” of the show. They’ve been in three episodes so far, and it’s gonna be four. Those guys play our gang members— our bad dudes. It works really well, because they’re already a band. Plus, they get us extra hits on YouTube because people look them up and find us. Zach: We leach off ‘em.

Through YouTube, do you guys ever get feedback from people far away? Zach: There’s a tracking thing on YouTube so you can track where people are who have watched your videos, and there’s a few random hits from outside the United States in weird countries. There’s one dude in India who loves it. It shows this little line graph,

and one day he watched, like, eight episodes. Nathan: Then we all have friends from other states who show it to their friends and start little followings. Chris: I know that in Nebraska and Texas there are people who watch. Zach: Then in Virginia…no wait…not in Virginia, but in Georgia.


June 2009  

605 Magazine June 2009 Edition