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SARCASM: The Attic

with Dan Doyle

s a guy that grew up on the West and South sides of the city, I have often thought of the East side of Sioux Falls as another town altogether1. However, my increased presence on the East side has introduced me to a relatively hidden gem that happens to be celebrating its one year anniversary.

This grand oasis in the rather bleak desert that is the East Sioux Falls bar and restaurant scene is the Attic Bar & Grill. Located at intersection of East 41st Street and Sycamore Avenue2, the Attic looks like a large cement box3 in the middle of an empty field. However, in spite its bland

photo by Rob Specht exterior, and the fact that it sits at ground level, the interior of the Attic does in fact look like (Surprise!) an attic…with a bar… and a restaurant. Ok, it does have a fireplace above the bar and numerous flatscreen televisions, making it the nicest attic I have ever seen. I digress. In my several experiences there, the Attic has been a bar first and a restaurant second. Falling in line with the disorganized, shotgun-patterned Sioux Falls bar scene4, the Attic derives as much of its success from its proximity to residential neighborhoods

as it does from its food and drink offerings. Regardless, I have enjoyed all aspects of the Attic immensely. Unlike other Bar/Restaurant offerings in town, the Attic has more of an everyman’s aura around it. For instance, the Attic provides an isolated “casino,” darts, pool, Buck Hunter, and one of the few f remaining Golden Tee machines in Sioux Falls along with quality décor and furnishings. Additionally, the bar has numerous flatscreens which are visible from nearly all vantage points. The drink offerings are fairly standard, providing a wide beer, wine and liquor selection. Though the bar does not have a signature drink, I was informed that the shot of choice is a Chuck Norris5. Additionally, there are always seasonal concoctions and an ever-changing tap rotation. Not to be out done by every other bar in Sioux Falls trying to appeal to the city’s prevalent North Face crowd, the Attic has added Fat Tire6 to its beer selection. Even though the bar is the initial draw to the Attic, the food menu is actually what distinguishes it from “any other bar/restaurant.” Although the food is not exactly gourmet, the menu carries a diverse selec-

tion and brings new meaning to the term bar-food. The first item to note is not even a main course, it is an appetizer. In fact, despite my insatiable lust for breaded, fried and brown food, I was not familiar with this item before the Attic. This item, or rather, these items are bottle-caps. They are deep fried jalapeño slices, and are great with a side of ranch and a cold beer. The next item to note is near and dear to my heart.7 Imagine if you will, a half-pound of ground beef, topped with lettuce, pickle, tomato, onion, and - wait for it – a fried egg. Oh, you have heard of this already, eh? Did I forget to mention that the toasted bun also carried a healthy smear of peanut butter? [My heart just skipped a beat]8 This menagerie of glorious flavor is aptly named the Artery Clogger.9 In addition to the featured items above, the steak sandwich, the Cuban, and the Indian taco are recommended items. The Attic is a good place to meet with friends for great time. As luck would have it, the Attic also offers a full menu of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches and entrées that are excellent compliments to the libation of your choice – or, if you are into that sort of thing, you can find a diet soda to accompany one of the Attic’s several salads…fun hater.10

The Attic 4601 E. 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57110 (605) 275-4600 Have a question for columnist Dan Doyle? Email him at Namely, Brandon. (Just kidding…sort of.) Yes, 41st Street does exist East of Minnesota Avenue. 3 Really a building. 4 South: McNallys, Bracco; West: Lie-brary, Billy Frogs; Mall: Rookies, Shenanigan’s; Downtown: Stogeez/ Copper Lounge, Wiley’s; Central: Crow Bar, Poppadox; North: the Red Eye, Brass Rail 5 Not surprising. He did build the Attic with his bare hands in a single day. 6 Dude, it is made in Ft. Collins, CO, man. That is so (pick one: dank, tight, sick, headie). 7 I didn’t think of this a pun until I saw it on the page, I swear. 8 That pun was shamelessly intentional. 9 For those of you that haven’t already filled your Lipitor prescription, a couple slices of bacon on the Artery Clogger can be like dipping French fries in a Frosty – “Not slim” people, like myself, will get that analogy. 10 Again, kidding…not really. 1 2


June 2009  

605 Magazine June 2009 Edition

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