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Polk County Invites You

Discover, Explore, Enjoy... Polk County has lots of places to see, things to do, and experiences to be had. Polk County is an all season vacation destination with a natural landscape found nowhere else in the world. The Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway frames our backyard and hiking boots, kayaks, canoes, bicycles and paddleboats are your keys to unlock this national treasure. In a catch phrase, “It’s where people go to pay tribute to nature.” Visit Interstate Park, the oldest state park in Wisconsin, Straight Lake State Park, one of the newest state parks, or Stower Seven Lakes Trail, a new state trail.

courses are well worth your drive. Paddleboat tours and railroad excursions are memorable travel alternatives. Park the car and enjoy life at a walking pace. Hand-dipped ice cream anyone? Fine dining and casual eateries, antique, craft and unique gift shops and art galleries saturate the downtowns. If you crave a chance at a big jackpot, exciting 24-hour gaming can be found at the St. Croix Casino.

Numerous lakes, rivers and streams mean ample opportunities at a wide variety of fish species: smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, muskie, pike, trout and sunfish.

Local, regional and national talent is showcased at The St. Croix Festival Theatre in St. Croix Falls, the St. Croix ArtsBarn in Osceola, and Northern Lakes Center for the Arts in Amery. The many exhibits, shows and workshops can be found there as well as at local, privately-owned studios.

Soak up the warm, summer sunshine on a sandy beach as you watch the flittering dragon-flies. Lace up the hiking boots and explore what’s behind the next bend on the trail. Unleash the Lewis and Clark within and discover the fun of geocaching, mountain biking and ziplining. Snowmobiling, Nordic skiing and downhill skiing enthusiasts rave about our trails and facilities. Seven quality golf

Well before explorers and settlers ventured into Polk County, the land was inhabited by Native people. Later, those engaged in railroading, logging, farming and resorts left their imprint. That rich history is captured in extensive displays, exhibits and artifacts collected and available for viewing at museums and historical sites throughout the county and the Polk County Information Center.

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in Polk County

Communities 4 Area 6 Seasons of 7 ATV / 8 Rivers & 10 11 Gandy Dancer 12 Area 13 14 Events Calendar............................................................ pg. 15-17 Golf 17 46

Advertisers: Amery........................................................................... pg. 24-28 Balsam Lake.................................................................. pg. 18-23 Clear 30 29 29 Frederic........................................................................ pg. 32-33 Luck.............................................................................. pg. 34-35 35 Osceola......................................................................... pg. 36-38 St. Croix Falls................................................................ pg. 39-41 Turtle Lake.................................................................... pg. 42-43 Regional Businesses..................................................... pg. 44-45

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Polk County Information Center... Promoting Polk County for 20 Years!

Com m unit ies

Polk County Communities

Embrace the good life found in our communities, which range in size from progressive small cities to rural villages. Each is unique and full of old-fashioned charm. courses. We would be remiss in not listing the others: Amery, Clear Lake, Turtle Lake, Balsam Lake, Frederic, Osceola, and St. Croix Falls. We leave you with this thought: Golf balls are like eggs. They’re white. They’re sold by the dozen. And you need to buy fresh ones each week.


isitors will find that Polk County offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, ranging from ATVing and snowmobiling to the silent sports of cross-country skiing, ziplining and hiking. Fine dining, unique shops, historical sites and museums, and festivals will ensure your visit is one to remember!

Stroll through history at your leisure with a visit to one of the museums located in Polk County. Infamous times, famous people and everyday life from a century or more ago are chronicled by caring custodians of the past. You will come to appreciate the responsible actions that saved historical buildings and put them to modern use. Osceola is blessed with a Historic Downtown that showcases buildings dating to its founding in 1884. Frederic’s museum is the renovated Soo

Life in many of the villages and cities go hand-in-hand with living on or near a lake. Some take their names from the lakes: Balsam Lake, Clear Lake and Turtle Lake, for instance. St. Croix Falls grew up with the lumbering era that relied on the St. Croix River to move logs downstream. Amery is on an isthmus nestled between the Apple River and Pike, North Twin and South Twin lakes. Polk County is big on parks, whether it’s the famed Interstate Park or small ones suited to the needs of neighborhoods. Much like others, the park at Centuria is a perfect place for a summer picnic, walk, or a game of horseshoes. Kick off the sandals and walk the sandy beaches at Clayton. Straight Lake State Park in Luck is the state’s latest park. If you would rather rake the sand trap than the front lawn, you’re in luck. Or perhaps in the community of Luck, one of eight Polk County communities with golf 4

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Com m unit ies Photo ©

Line Depot. The former county courthouse and now Polk County Historical Museum in Balsam Lake has an amazing three stories of exhibits and displays. Even small children become enchanted with the artifacts and tools from an earlier age. Festivals, competitions and celebrations are major draws to Polk County when it’s time to fill in the blank pages on weekends. Milltown hosts an outstanding Fisherman’s Party each summer. You might catch a future Hall of Famer by making it to one of the Osceola Braves’ amateur baseball games. Cushing Fun Days features a soapbox derby for adults! Tractor pulls, ATV pulls, county fairs, and much, much more can be seen at various communities throughout the year. Sprinkle your recreation with great scenery and miles of trails. Meet up with friends at the trailhead of the Gandy Dancer State Recreation Trail at St. Croix Falls. Be prepared to say “Hello” to several communities as you bike or hike its path northward: Centuria, Milltown, Luck, Frederic and Lewis. Osceola, now there’s a place you can hike to the stars and down the stairs! It’s 156 steps down into Wilkie Glen, past the magical Cascade Falls and along the St. Croix River. Or, take the steep route up the Osceola Bluff Trail. Both views will richly reward you for your efforts.

When winter comes calling, Trollhaugen near Dresser offers alpine skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. Each winter, the smallest of the small communities spring up on many lakes in the county. Pop-up ice shelters, wooden “shanties” and even $6,000 aluminum ice houses are the real estate for anglers. Ice shanties must be magnetic, because it doesn’t take long before another one joins the first one, followed by a few more and then a dozen or so on “hot spots” where fish are caught in good numbers. Almost every community has a shopping center, bait and tackle shop, or hardware store to supply bait, ice augers, tip-ups and fishing poles.

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Ar ea Map

County Road


State Highway


US Highway

Golf Course

Public Trail

Boat Access

Public Parks/Lands

Information Center

Long Trade Lk Alabama Lk

Wolf Lk Herby Lk

13 St


Wolf Creek







Antler Lk





Taylors Falls


St Croix Falls




8 POLK COUNTY INFORMATION CENTER 710 Hwy. 35, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024 Poplar Y 3 Lk Sand 715-483-1410 • 800-222-POLK 35 S Lk Dresser 15 F















East Lake Horse Lake







46 C





Apple River Flowage




Stower Seven Lakes Trail

Little Falls



Fish Lake




Magnor Lake



French Lk

CC 46 A

Clear Lk












Turtle Lake


Cattail State Trail

Wanderoos Deronda

Horseshoe Lk



Pine Lk


le R


Wapogasset Lake


Cedar Lake

Wild Goose Lake


Big Horseshoe


T East Lake


Swede Middle Lk Pine Lk Lower







Horse Creek



Bear Lk




Long Lk


Balsam Lake

M East Farmington

Fox Creek


Pipe Lake

Deer Lk

Big Lake

Osceola Lake



Half Moon Lk

Balsam Lake


State Trail

Big Round Lake


Long Lk

Gandy Dancer 1

Polk County Recreational Trails See page 11 for trail information.




Ice Age National Scenic Trail



Bass Lk


Tuttle Lake


Lamont Lake



Largon Lake

Pine Lk



Rice Lk

Ice Age National Scenic Trail


Ward Lake

Big Butternut Lake

Little Butternut Lake



I Straight Lake


Center Lake


Clam Falls Flowage

Somers Lake



35 B

Indian Creek



8 48

G Eureka Center

Clam Falls


Freedom Lakes




7 Coon Lk







Tarbert Lk



West Sweden

Atlas Z



Diamond Lake

Blom Lk

Clear Lake Clayton Trail


Clear Lake


Just an easy hour drive from Minneapolis/St. Paul and an hour and a half from Duluth/Superior. Polk County is served by U.S. Highways 8, 35 and 63 and by major Wisconsin highways. From the Twin Cities take Interstate 35 North to U.S. Highway 8 East (Taylor Falls exit). From the Twin Ports take Wisconsin Highway 35 South. Local village maps are available at the Polk County Information Center in St. Croix Falls.

? 6

Polk County Information Center Coordinates: -92.64 45.40 Decimal Degrees -92º 38’ 10.48”W 45º 24’ 6.06” N Degrees Minutes Seconds

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A new season of fun

Spring is when Mother Nature can … well, spring some surprises on us such as a late snowfall. But come May winter is in the rearview mirror and we’re looking through the windshield at the sunrise heralding another gorgeous spring day. The rivers and streams are flush with snowmelt and rainfalls, so the kayakers and canoeists ply the water routes used for hundreds of years by Native people. Numerous hike/bike trails in the county, including the Stower Seven Lakes Trail and the Ice Age Trail, bring walkers and runners out in droves. Little white balls can be seen flying across the manicured links of our seven golf courses. Ever seen a woolly mammoth? Nope? But their offshoots can be spotted during the Woolly Mountain Bike Race May 19 in St Croix Falls.

Shake it Up


Memorial Day throws down a friendly gauntlet to sun worshipers, fishermen, boaters who pick it up and run with it during the endless days of summer. We have 431 lakes, several rivers and 36 trout streams in which to fish, swim, splash and make waves. Landing a five-pound largemouth bass gets the blood rushing; landing a five-pound smallmouth bass might require a 9-1-1 call! Our parks and beaches are perfect for a summer tan, for kids to build sandcastles, and for family picnics. Summer is when we reach our full stride in fun activities and festivals. If you can’t make one, there’s always another festival the following weekend. If your favorite pie is rhubarb, make sure you visit Osceola’s Rhubarb Festival in June. There’s a big Fourth of July parade in Clam Falls and the Freedom Festival in Balsam Lake runs July 4-7 this year. St. Croix Falls has “Music on the Overlook” throughout the summer, one of several communities that showcase local musical talent. Make a rainy day date with one of the museums, including at Balsam Lake, Clear Lake and Milltown. Summer’s not over until you visit the Moon Lake Threshing Bee in Turtle Lake in August.


Fall Fashion Tips

Looking for fashion tips? Autumn has a bunch, but mostly in colors of red, orange and yellow. Be prepared to be wowed and more likely, awed! Colorama in Polk County is about the colorful trees, deep blue lakes and clear skies. Don’t forget the camera; here’s a hint: early morning and late afternoon are ideal times to capture the saturated leaf colors. Herd the kids into the back seat and go for a leisurely drive along the county’s rural roads. When the kids chirp, “Are we there yet?”, stop at a local ice cream shop and get an extra 25 miles out of them. Then stop at a farmer’s market and let them pick out a pumpkin while you bag a dozen ears of sweet corn. Late fall is when the serious fishermen hit the open water, looking to score a trophy muskie. Amery and Turtle Lake light up the parks with dazzling Christmas displays at the end of November and first week of December, respectively.

Winter Make tracks to the snowy season

Whether there’s snow on the ground or not, you can kick start the riding season with a visit to the Frederic Vintage Snowmobile Show in late December. If Santa left you a new snowmobile under the Christmas tree, bring it to Polk County where you can explore the 365 miles of state funded snowmobile trails here. Members of Polk County snowmobile clubs work hard to brush, mark and groom the trails. Restaurants, pit stops and lodging are nothing short of outstanding. For snowmobile trail maps and current trail condition reports, call the Polk County Information Center, (800) 222-POLK, or visit Trollhaugen welcomes alpine, cross-country skiers and snowboarders, and now has a zip line! Book a cabin, a motel room or B&B for an evening away. Anglers have come to love the winter season: power augers, modern electronics, snowmobiles & ATVs make ice fishing a breeze. Clam Falls has a fishing contest during the Winter Carnival. Check the calendar of events for other ice fishing tournaments and other activities throughout the four seasons.

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Seas ons


Snow m ob il ing / ATV

Polk County’s snowmobile clubs lead the way in brushing, signing and grooming the trails. They invite out-of-area riders to join them for a club ride. The public can also enjoy the fun at their fundraisers, such as poker runs and meals. They welcome new members anytime. The clubs are also excellent sources of information for trail rides. Contact a representative at the listing below: Snowmobile and ATV Clubs

Rev it Up in Polk County

Polk County is home to over 360 miles of groomed and marked snowmobile trails. Major routes such as the Gandy Dancer State Recreation Trail will take you quickly to your destination. Or, ease off the throttle and explore remote trails as they meander through breath-taking scenery.

• • • • • • • • • • •

The well-marked trails pass through farmland and forests of Polk County. Enjoy the hospitality of the communities and businesses along the way. You can find sled rentals, repairs, fuel, dining, lodging and other necessities for your snowmobiling adventure. Snowmobile trail maps are available at many businesses. Snowmobilers put their sleds to good use when in Polk County, and not just for trail riding. Once lakes freeze solid snowmobiles transport anglers and their shelters to their favorite fishing spots. If Mother Nature cooperates, an early snowfall in mid- to late November means hunters can use sleds as well as ATVs. Polk County trails connect to those in neighboring counties for extended trips. The Cattail State Trail travels nearly 18 miles on a former rail corridor from Amery to Almena in neighboring Barron County. All-terrain vehicles are allowed on the trail year-round. There is one tunnel and six bridges along the way.

All Terrain Excitement

ATV and motorbike enthusiasts can find three ATV trails in Polk County that will provide hours of riding enjoyment. Polk County is in the heart of northern wilderness with beautiful scenery.

cattail trail runs from Amery to Almena for a total of 18 miles of which 12 miles are in Polk County. The trailhead is in Amery where restrooms and picnic areas can be found. Along the trail you will spot lots of wildlife. The trail is a former railroad bed that runs across six bridges. The multi-use trail is open all year to ATVs and motorcycles. the sterling trail offers seven miles of closed loop wooded trail. Sterling Trail is open from June 1 through Nov. 15. No dirt bikes or horses are allowed on the trail. 8

• • •

Amery Snowmobile Club / Dan Gullickson (715) 554-3884 Amery Area Cattail ATV Club Balsam Lake Snociables: Centuria Sno Drifters: William Schultz (715) 646-2562 Clear Lake White Knights / Janelle Paulson Cushing Jack Pine Savages / Tammy Jensen (715) 648-5311 Farmington ATV Club: (715) 294-2074 Frederic-Lewis EIO Snow Riders / Orval Johnson Fox Creek Foxtrotters / Doug (715) 307-8004 Joelmobilers / Pam Van Heuklom (715) 948-2551 Luck Snowmobile Club / Mary Erickson (715) 822-4152 Milltown Sno-Rovers / Marie Sogge (715) 825-4356 / Osceola Valley Sno-Goers/ (715) 294-2074 S.N.O.W. - Snow Neighbors of West Sweden / Bob Coen (715) 327-8975

If your sled is not registered in the state of Wisconsin, you will need a non-resident snowmobile trail pass on all county trails. Trail passes are available at any DNR licensing station: Amery True Value, Amery; Arrow Marine, St. Croix Falls; Bikeman Performance Plus, Osceola; Breezy Bay Motor Sports, Balsam Lake; Brenizer Motorsports, Frederic; Deer Lake Sports, St. Croix Falls; Lakeland Power Sports, Inc., Clear Lake; Luck Sport and Marine, Luck; and Morks Big Lake Store Remember, too, that there is a maximum speed limit of 55 mph during nighttime hours. Please practice snowmobile etiquette and stay on marked trails, as most trails are located on private property.

the clear lake-clayton trail, another multi-use trail, is open year round. It follows 11 miles of railroad trail. There is an ATV trail through the Village of Clear Lake. Motorcycles not licensed for highway use cannot use that village trail. Your machine must be registered in the state of Wisconsin or have a trail pass in order to use these trails. Remember to obey all speed limits and other signs. For more information, call the Polk County Parks Department at (715) 485-9278 or visit www.polkcounty

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Snow m ob il ing /ATV

Photo by Dean S. Acheson

Polk County SNOWMOBILE Trails

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Riv er s & L akes

Rivers & Lakes Where it all begins

Thousands of years ago, a massive glacier inched its way from the north and onto this land. The weight of the glacier and ensuing meltwater carved up the landscape upon its retreat, leaving spectacular features such as the 200-foot high bluffs that guard the mighty St. Croix River. Elsewhere, lakes by the hundreds were formed – 431 in all in what would become modern-day Polk County. Rivers and streams carved their own niches. The St. Croix and Apple rivers attract boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and tubing enthusiasts. Over 36 trout streams cover 98 miles, offering fly fishermen fantastic casting opportunities. These bodies of water provide resting, feeding and nesting places for bald eagles, ospreys and other wildlife, including the shy white-tailed

Photo ©

deer that come to drink at water’s edge. Sandy beaches with easy public access and clean water for swimming can be found most anyplace in the county.

Larger Fishing Lakes with Public Boat Access Balsam Lake ....... 2,054 acres * Public Boat Access: 1 on West shore off Hwy. 46, 1 on Northwest shore off Hwy. 46, 1 on Northeast shore off Co. Rd. I, 1 on Northeast shore off Co. Rd’s G & GG.

Deer Lake................. 807 acres Public Boat Access: Located on West shore of lake off Hwy. 35.

Long Trade Lake ...... 153 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Northeast shore of lake off Co. Rd’s Z & B.

Sand Lake..............187 acres * Public Boat Access: Located on Southeast shore of lake off Co. Rd. Y & 110th Ave.

Lotus Lake............... 246 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North end of lake off Co. Rd. MM & 90th Ave. Maximum depth of 17 ft.

Sandhill Lake.............. 44 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Northwest shore of lake off Hwy’s 87 & 35 and Co. Rd. N.

Half Moon Lake.......579 acres * Public Boat Access: 1 on West end off Hwy. 46 & 200th Ave., 1 on Southeast shore off Co. Rd’s GG & G.

Loveless Lake........... 141 acres Public Boat Access: Located on South end of lake off Hwy. 46 & 150th Ave.

Somers Lake............. 101 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Northeast shore of lake off Co. Rd. I & 320th Ave.

Herby Lake................. 69 acres Public Boat Access: Located on West shore of lake off Hwy. 87 & 240th St. Maximum depth of 37 ft.

Lower Pine Lake......... 90 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Southeast shore of lake off Co. Rd. M & 192nd St.

Staples Lake............. 305 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North shore of lake.

Bear Trap................. 241 acres Lake is located off Hwy. 46 & Co. Rd. F.

Horse Lake............... 228 acres Public Boat Access: Located on South end of lake off Co. Rd’s M & Y.

Magnor Lake............ 224 acres Public Boat Access: Located on South end of lake off Hwy. 63.

Big Black Lake.......... 302 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Northeast shore of lake off Co. Rd. G & 80th St.

Horseshoe Lake ....... 377 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Southwest shore of lake off Hwy. 8 & Co. Rd. T.

Big Round Lake..... 1,015 acres Public Boat Access: Located on West shore of lake off Co. Rd. I & Big Round Ave. Bone Lake........... 1,781 acres * Public Boat Access: 1 on North end off Hwy. 48 & Co. Rd. I, 1 on South end off Co. Rd’s I & G. Bass Lake ................ 138 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North end of lake off Hwy. 48.

Big Butternut Lake... 378 acres * Public Boat Access: 1 on Northwest shore off Hwy. 48, 1 on North end off Hwy. 35. Big Lake................... 259 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Southeast shore of lake off Hwy. 65 & Co. Rd. K. Bridget Lake............... 95 acres Public Boat Access: Located on South end of lake off Hwy. 65 & 120th Ave. Church Pine Lake ..... 107 acres Public Boat Access: Located on South end of lake off Co. Rd. K & 180th St. Coon Lake.................. 54 acres Public Boat Access: Located on East shore of lake off Hwy. 35 & Ash Street.


Diamond Lake.......... 126 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North shore of lake off 360th Ave./ County Line 150th St.

Lake McKenzie............ 60 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North end of lake off Co. Rd. I & 280th Ave. Lake Wapogasset ... 1,186 acres Public Boat Access: 3 located along West shore off Co. Rd’s C & F, 2 on Southeast shore off Co. Rd’s C & F. Largon Lake............. 129 acres Public Boat Access: Located on South shore of lake off Co. Rd. E & 280th Ave. Little Butternut Lake.189 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North end of lake off Hwy. 35 & Co. Rd. N. Long Lake................ 272 acres Lake is located off Hwy. 46 & Co. Rd. I.

Pike Lake................. 159 acres Public Boat Access: Located on West shore of lake off Co. Rd. H & Pike Lake Rd. Pine Lake................... 82 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Northwest shore of lake off Co. Rd. M & W. Church Rd. Pipe Lake................. 270 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Northeast shore of lake off Co. Rd. G & 220th Ave. Maximum depth of 68 ft. Connects to North Pipe Lake. Pipe Lake (North)....... 55 acres Maximum depth of 38 ft. Connects to Pipe Lake. Poplar Lake.............. 125 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North shore of lake off Hwy. 8 & 208th St. Rice Lake................. 128 acres Public Boat Access: Located on South end of lake off Hwy. 35 & 200th Ave.

1-800-222-7655 •

Swede Lake................ 68 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North end of lake off Co. Rd. M & 35th Ave. Twin Lake (North)..... 135 acres Public Boat Access: Located on East shore of lake off Hwy. 46. Twin Lake (South)....... 74 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North shore of lake off Co. Rd. F & 105th St. Lake Vincent.............. 70 acres Public Boat Access: Located on Southeast shore of lake off Co. Rd. I & Vincent Lake Rd. Ward Lake.................. 91 acres Public Boat Access: Located on West shore of lake off Hwy. 48 & Co. Rd. O. White Ash Lake......... 153 acres Public Boat Access: 2 located on West shore off Co. Rd. E, 1 on East shore off Co. Rd. G & 70th St. White Ash Lake (North). 119 acres Public Boat Access: Located on North shore of lake off Co. Rd. E & 180th Ave.

Public Beaches....... *

Please call ahead to check trail conditions before traveling to your destination.

14. st. crOix Falls trails

“City of Trails,” excellent hiking trails within scenic, hilly city limits. (715) 483-3929. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing.

15. riDge view trail

Near the St. Croix River south of St. Croix Falls. Trailhead parking off County Road S. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing.

16. wilkie glen & OsceOla BluFF trail

See Map on Page 6 for Trail Locations 1. ganDy Dancer trail Starts at the Polk County Information Center, 98 miles along old railroad grade between St. Croix Falls and Superior. 47 miles from St. Croix Falls to Danbury is surfaced with crushed limestone and is a state recreational trail. (800) 222-POLK. Summer: Hiking, Biking: Bikers 16 and older need bike pass or DNR patron license. Passes available at local retailers or Polk County Information Center. Winter: Snowmobiling.

4. sterling FOrest 7-mile closed loop, wooded. Dirt bikes, motorcycles and horses prohibited. (800) 222-7655. summer: ATVing.

5. sOmers lake trail 5-mile closed loop divided into shorter loops. Woods and lakeview. (715) 485-9294 or 1-800-222-POLK. summer: Hiking. winter: Showshoeing.

6. Balsam Branch

2. cattail trail 18 miles from Amery to Almena. Trailhead and trailer parking next to Apple River in Amery. (800) 222-7655, (715) 483-1410. summer: Hiking, Biking, ATVing, Horseback Riding, Motorcycling winter: Snowmobiling, ATVing.

3. interstate park 12 trails, 10 miles through unique glacial terrain overlooking St. Croix River. Four observation points; warming shelter for skiers. Ice Age Interpretive Center serves as trailhead, access to the Ice Age Trail. (715) 483-3747. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing.

Adjacent to Kennedy Environmental Area near Amery. Groomed for classical and skate skiing. (715) 268-7565, (715) 268-2920. winter: Cross-Country Skiing. For skiing conditions: or

7. cOOn lake trail 5.3k trail groomed for classical and skate-style skiing. (715) 327-4294 or (800) 222-POLK. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing. For skiing conditions: or

8. traDe river trail 8.5k groomed for classical and skate skiing. (715) 327-4294 or (800) 222-POLK. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing. For skiing conditions: or

9. clear lake-claytOn Between Clear Lake and Clayton. Popular for mountain biking. (800) 222-7655. summer: Biking, Hiking, ATVing, Motorcycling. winter: Snowmobiling, ATVing.

10. ice age trail

National Scenic Trail. Starts in St. Croix Falls and crosses the state. Hiking only. (800) 222-7655. See trail map for uses.

11. Dry creek trails North of Hwy. 8 near Deer Lake. Park on 140th Ave. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing.

12. rOck creek trails North of Hwy. 8 near Deer Lake. Park on 140th Ave. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing.

Descend 156 steps into Wilkie Glen, past Cascade Falls and along the St. Croix River. summer: Hiking. winter: Snowshoeing

17. stanDing ceDars On the bluffs of the St. Croix River south of Osceola. One trail extends to the riverbank. summer: Hiking. winter: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing.

18. Stower Seven Lakes Trail Non-motorized 14-mile Stower Seven Lakes Trail begins at Soo Line Park (off Harriman Avenue) in Amery and ends at Lotus Lake County Park, about one mile from Dresser on 90th Avenue. Summer: Hiking, biking Winter: Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing. For skiing conditions: or

13. traDe river hOrse trails

35 miles of maintained and marked trails, primitive camping. Located in southern half of Gov. Knowles State Forest. (715) 463-2898. All year: Horseback Riding, Horse-Drawn Driving.

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Tr ail s

Discover, Explore & Enjoy Our Beautiful Trails

Mileage between towns along the Gandy Dancer Trail is as follows:

St. Croix Falls-Centuria........................................ 4.5 Centuria to Milltown............................................ 6.2 Milltown to Luck ................................................. 3.7 Luck to Frederic ................................................. 6.1 Frederic to Lewis................................................. 5.4 Lewis to Siren...................................................... 5.7 Siren to Webster................................................. 6.6 Webster to Danbury............................................ 8.9

miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles

ganDy Dancer trail




ile s

Starts at the Polk County Information Center, 98 miles along old railroad grade between St. Croix Falls and Superior. 47 miles from St. Croix Falls to Danbury is surfaced with crushed limestone and is a state recreational trail. (800) 222-POLK. Summer: Hiking, Biking: Bikers 16 and older need bike pass or DNR patron license. Passes available at local retailers or Polk County Information Center. Winter: Snowmobiling.



6.1 miles


48 3.7 miles



Brickhouse Getaway


(715) 501-0178




The entire Gandy Dancer Trail is marked with mile post signs. Maps available at 800-222-POLK or





1995 St. Rd 35 Centuria, WI 54824





The entire place is yours to use however you choose and as long as you desire.







Fine Acres Market

Natural Foods Local Produce • Bakery Dairy • Gifts • Trail Food Open 7 Days a Week M-F 10-7 Sat 9-5 • Sun 11-4 See us on Facebook

Main Street • St. Croix Falls



The home comes fully equipped with dishes, cookware, linens, towels, television, games, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, deck, large front porch, playhouse, campfire, goats and llamas. A large barn and hayloft will accommodate your family gatherings and weddings. Use it for family vacations, holidays, reunions, birthday parties, crafters weekend, weddings or a Getaway just for You.

4. 5

St. Croix Falls






G andy Danc er Tr ail

Gandy Dancer State Recreational Trail



Alternative Co-op Bulk Food Coffee & Tea Selections Produce • Vitamins Groceries • Gluten Free


Bean’s Country Griddle Great Breakfast & Lunch Menu

241 Main St • Luck

Only one block from trail. Great atmosphere. (At the 4-way) Hwy 35 • Frederic



Open to the Public Mon-Fri, 9-6 • Sat, 9-4


1-800-222-7655 •


Depot/Museum 1901 Soo Line Depot • Museum • Trail Rest Stop • Open Sat & Sun & Holidays 11am-4pm, Memorial Day Weekend through Leaf Season

210 Oak Street West

715-327-4892 715-327-4271

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Ar ea Par ks

Polk County has amazing

Area Parks

Saint crOix natiOnal scenic riverway

lOtus lake park

Extends for some 250 miles along both sides of the St. Croix and Namekagon Rivers. Primitive camping only. Excellent fishing, canoeing and wildlife watching. Visit or call (715) 483-3284.

Southeast of Dresser. This 18-acre park offers flowery views of American lotus beds. Picnic shelter, playground and well. Boat landing, fishing, hiking on interpretive trail. Access to Stower Seven Lakes Trail.

interstate park

D.D. kenneDy envirOnmental area

Oldest state park in Wisconsin. Unique geology found nowhere else. Ice Age Interpretive center open daily. Year round camping on St. Croix River; some sites handicap accessible. Several picnic shelters, scenic overlooks. Swimming beach with bathhouse but no lifeguards. Hiking, snowshoe & crosscountry ski trails, boat access, shore fishing. Open year-round, park sticker required. Call (715) 483-3747 or visit land/parks/specific/interstate/.

106 acres along Balsam Branch Waterway south of Balsam Lake. Canoeing, fishing, hiking and cross-country ski trails. Picnic shelter and playground.

apple river cOunty park

sOmers lake recreatiOn area

Woods, trails, 18 acres along the Apple River north of Amery. Picnic shelter, playground, restrooms, well. Hike, canoe, snowmobile. Camping available.

East of Frederic. Hiking trail plus hunting in season; snowshoe trail.

atlas cOunty park On Long Trade Lake northwest of Luck. Comprises three land areas separated by water. Foot bridge, ballfield, boat landing, picnic shelter and playground. Fishing, hiking, snowmobiling.

Wisconsin’s newest state park and Straight River Wildlife Area located northeast of Luck near intersection of Hwy. 48 and County Road I. Over 2,700 acres includes mature hardwood forest, three flowages and varied habitat for rare plant and bird species.

Black BrOOk cOunty park

lake wapOgasset park

Large dam creates the Black Brook Flowage of the Apple River southwest of Amery. Boat landing, picnic shelter, playground.

Located off County Road F on the southeast shore of Lake Wapogasset in the town of Garfield. Fishing piers, 24-hour boat launch, playground, picnic shelters, restrooms.

garFielD recreatiOn area A 188-acre area in Garfield Township between Balsam Lake and Amery south of Hwy. 8. Cross-country skiing and mountain biking, plus hunting in season.

straight lake wilDerness state park

plus many mOre lOcal parks Call (800) 222-POLK for information on the many fine county and city parks offered in every part of the county. 1-800-222-7655 •


Chur c hes


Amery Free Lutheran (715) 268-9218 Dial-a-Devotion (715) 268-2222 Apple River Evangelical Free (715) 268-2176, 268-8764 Balsam Lutheran (715) 268-9291, 268-8406 Congregational Church (715) 268-7390 Deronda Lutheran Church (715) 268-2098 East Immanuel Lutheran (715) 268-2143, 268-2449 East Lincoln (715) 268-2350 Elim Lutheran Church (715) 268-7799 First Baptist (715) 268-2223, 268-8528 First Lutheran (715) 268-7135 Joyful Praise with One Accord (Full Gospel Apostolic) (715) 268-9817 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses (715) 268-2194 Little Falls Lutheran (715) 268-9409 New Life Christian Fellowship (715) 268-6989 Our Savior’s Lutheran (715) 268-7290 Redeemer Lutheran (715) 268-7283 St. Joseph’s Catholic (715) 268-7717, 268-7743 Trinity Lutheran, Garfield (715) 268-9577


Atlas United Methodist (715) 648-5387, 463-2081


Balsam Lake United Methodist (715) 485-3363 East Balsam Baptist (715) 857-5411 Faith Lutheran (715) 485-3800 Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic (715) 405-2253


Centuria United Methodist (715) 485-3363

Fristad Lutheran (715) 646-2357 Holy Cross Orthodox Mission (715) 646-2146 New Wine Church (715) 338-8912 North Valley Lutheran (715) 825-3559 St. John’s Lutheran Wis. Synod (715) 483-3401


Clam Falls Lutheran (715) 653-2630


Bethany Free Lutheran (715) 948-2913 Faith Lutheran (715) 948-2867 Holy Trinity Orthodox (715) 948-2493 Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran (715) 948-2421 Immanuel Lutheran (715) 948-2494 Moe Lutheran (715) 948-2867 Silver Creek Lutheran (715) 357-6135


Child Evangelism Fellowship (715) 263-4344 First Lutheran (715) 263-2846, 263-2847 Grace Lutheran (715) 263-2140 Immanuel Lutheran (715) 263-2249 Moe Lutheran (715) 263-3990 Reeve Evangelical Free (715) 263-2126, 263-2438 St. Barnabas Episcopal (715) 263-3961, 263-2715 St. John’s Catholic (715) 263-2032 Seventh Day Adventist (715) 263-3034 United Covenant (715) 263-2665, 263-2567 United Methodist Church (715) 263-2700 Word of Life Fellowship (715) 263-2904


First Lutheran (715) 648-5323 Laketown Lutheran (715) 648-5323

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses (715) 825-3187 Milltown Lutheran (715) 825-2453



Bethesda Lutheran (715) 755-2562 Peace Lutheran elca (715) 755-2515 Solid Rock Foursquare (715) 755-2525, 483-9215

EuREkA CENTER Eureka Baptist (715) 483-9464


Assumption Catholic (715) 294-2213 Zion Lutheran (715) 294-3489

fox CREEk

Georgetown Lutheran elca (715) 857-5580, 822-3001 Round Lake Chapel (715) 857-5537


Crosswalk Community Church (715) 327-8767 Immanuel Lutheran Mo. Synod (715) 327-8608, 327-8486 Pilgrim Lutheran (715) 327-8012 Seventh Day Adventist (715) 327-4911 St. Dominic Catholic (715) 327-8119 St. Luke’s United Methodist (715) 327-4436 Trade Lake Baptist (715) 327-8402 West Sweden Grace Lutheran (715) 327-4340 Zion Lutheran, Trade Lake (715) 327-8384


Lewis Memorial Methodist (715) 653-4195

LuCk/boNE LAkE

Bone Lake Lutheran (715) 472-2535 Faith Baptist (715) 472-2677 Luck/Bone Lake Assembly of God (715) 472-2538 Luck Lutheran (715) 472-2605 Dial-a-Devotion 472-2345 McKinley Trinity Lutheran (715) 857-5580 St. Peter’s Lutheran LCMC (715) 472-8190 West Denmark Lutheran (715) 472-2383


First Baptist (715) 825-3186


Grace Lutheran Wis. Synod (715) 247-2438


First Baptist Church of Osceola (715) 294-3454 Hope Evangelical Free (715) 294-2112 Living Waters Christian Fellowship (715) 755-4644 St. Joseph’s Catholic (715) 294-2243 Trinity Lutheran (715) 294-2828 United Methodist (715) 755-2275 West Immanuel Lutheran (715) 294-2936

pIpE LAkE/comstock Christ Lutheran (715) 822-3096


Elim Lutheran (715) 268-7799


Alliance Church of the Valley (715) 483-1100 Calvary Church of the Nazarene (715) 483-3696 Church of Christ (715) 472-2258 First Presbyterian Church (715) 483-3550 Redeemer Ev. Lutheran Wis. Synod (715) 483-3401 River Valley Christian Church (715) 483-JESUS Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Missouri Synod (715) 483-1186 St. Croix Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (651) 465-6900 El Salem/Twin Falls Christian Center (715) 483-3113, 755-2969 United Methodist (715) 483-9494


Grace Community Church (715) 986-4700 St. Ann’s Catholic (715) 822-2948 Parkview Methodist (715) 986-2467 Zion Evangelical Lutheran (715) 986-4927

woLf CREEk

United Methodist (715) 483-9494

1-800-222-7655 •

There is a lot going on



Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: Student Art Exhibit

5 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: A Writers Forum 11 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm 19 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: Visiting Artists Series 19 DD Kennedy Vinterfest Cross Country Ski@11am

8 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm 9 Clam Falls Winter Carnival/Fishing Contest 9 St Croix Falls Candlelight Ski @ Interstate Park 15 Osceola Community Homestead Community Center Valentines Dance

18 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: Love Poems for Valentines

19-20 Statewide Free Fishing Weekend 26 Frederic Frederic Winter Fun Day 26 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: Celebrating Haggis 26 Amery Candlelight Ski @ Soo Line Park

23 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: Concert:“Hymn Sing/Her Sing” 23 Amery Lion’s Club Pike Lake Fishing Contest

27 Amery St. Joseph’s Ice Fishing Contest

March 8 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm

February Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: Art Exhibit

1-3 Balsam Lake Winterfest

7-10 Luck Winter Carnival

17 Clayton Lake Magnor Fishing Contest – 11am

19 Clear Lake Fireman’s Oyster Supper @4pm


Balsam Lake Sportsman’s Club Booya

15 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: An Art Exhibit Opening 16 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: “Somethin’ for the Wearin’ O’ the Green” 16 Osceola Community Homestead Community Center Spring Craft Fair


5-7 Amery Spring Home, Garden & Rec. Show 6 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: “Turning toward the Morning” Folk Singers 11 Milltown Area Ambulance Pig Roast Fundraiser 12 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm

Amery Wanderoos/Lake Wapogasset Annual Ice Fishing Contest

4-5 Polk County Earth Arts Tour 10 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm 11 Frederic American Cancer Society walk/run 11 Milltown Ambulance Fundraiser Pig Roast 12-18 Turtle Lake Casino Anniversary Week

19-21 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: Guild Performance

18 Turtle Lake Spring Market

20 St. Croix Falls Mammoth Gravel Classic Bike Race

19 St Croix Falls Woolly Mountain Bike Race

20 Balsam Lake Rod & Gun Club Smelt Fry 20 Osceola Osceola Expo @ High School 20 Cushing Spring Bash & Auction- Comm Ctr 21-27 Turtle Lake Earth Week 28-29 Amery Northern Lakes Center for the Arts: “An evening of Classical Favorites” Concert

May 3 St. Croix Falls Falls Sampler@The Fairgrounds 4 Luck Aebleskiver Supper @ West Denmark Lutheran Church

23-24 Amery Glenna Farms Maple Fest 2

4 Milltown Rivers Run & Ride Rally

29-31 Dresser Spring Gun Show @Trollhaugen 30 Amery Easter Egg Hunt @Soo Line Park

1-800-222-7655 •

18-24 St. Croix River Assoc. Paddle

24-27 Dresser Total Off Road Rally @ Trollhaugen 25-27 Luck Café Wren Garden & Art Sale 25 Balsam Lake Polk County Museum Opens

June 1 Clayton Handicap/Elderly Free Fishing 1 Amery Trail Days 1 Milltown 16th Annual Kids R 1st Fishing Contest 1

St. Croix Falls City of Trails 5K

1-2 Statewide Free Fishing Weekend 2 Nationwide State Park Open House National Trails Day 7 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30pm 7-8 Osceola Rhubarb Festival 8

Osceola Osceola Dairy Days


Cal endar


in Polk County


Cal endar

8 Amery Triathlon @ Stower 7 Lakes 8 Frederic Bicycling Classic 8

Deer Lake Neil McKenzie Youth Fishing Contest

8-9 St. Croix Falls Fete de Fleurs@Chateau St. Croix Winery & Vineyard 14 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30pm 14 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm 14 St Croix Falls Medical Center Salad Luncheon 14-15 E. Farmington Fun Daze 14-16 Clayton Cheese Days 14-16 Frederic Family Days 14-16 Frederic Art Medley 15 Amery Women’s Club Art Fair @ North Park 15 Frederic Hist. Soc. Strawberry Shortcake @ Soo Line Depot Museum

3 Osceola Fireworks Train Ride


Clam Falls 4th of July Parade

4-7 Balsam Lake 6th Annual Freedom Festival 5 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30pm 5-7 Turtle Lake Inter-County Fair 11 Osceola Music in the Park 12 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30 pm 12 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm 12 Osceola Music in the Park 12-14 Centuria Memory Days 13-21 St Croix River SC River Assoc Awareness Week 18 Osceola Music in the Park

Osceola Music in the Park

2 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30pm 3

St Croix Falls Lamar Music Festival

3 Luck FFA Tractor/Truck Pull- Noon 6

Turtle Lake National Night Out

8 Osceola Music in the Park 8-11 Lewis Methodist Church Revival 9

St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30 pm

27-30 Clear Lake Heritage Days

19 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook

28 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30pm

19-21 Luck Lucky Days 19-22 St. Croix Falls Wannigan Days 20 St Croix Falls Timber Swindler Running Race at CyclovaXC 20 Balsam Lake Pro Bass Tournament

17-18 Turtle Lake Moon Lake Threshing Bee 17-18 Cushing Fun Days @ Community Center 22 Osceola Music in the Park 23 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30 pm 29 Osceola Music in the Park 30 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30 pm 31 Balsam Lake Demolition Derby 31 Balsam Lake Corn on the Curb Days 31 Clayton Benefit Tractor/Truck Pull 31 Cushing Softball Tournament@ Stan Peer Memorial Field 31 Balsam Lake Corn on the Curb Days

9 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm 9-11 Lewis Charles E. Lewis Days 10 Dresser Muck Ruckus@ Trollhaugen

11 Turtle Lake Cars & Crafts in the Park

21-23 Milltown Fisherman’s Party

30 Wanderoos Independence Day Celebration


10 Luck Fireman’s Corn Feed 2-8pm

21-23 Turtle Lake Pow Wow @ Casino

30 Cushing 75th Settler’s Potluck Dinner


4 Amery Fireworks

21 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30pm

30 Osceola Country Banquet at Community Homestead’s Community Center

27-28 Frederic Indianhead Gem & Mineral Show at Frederic High School

September 1-2 Cushing Softball Tournament@ Stan Peer Memorial Field 5-8 Osceola 89th Annual Community Fair

15 Osceola Music in the Park

7 Osceola 33rd Annual Wheels & Wings

16 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook 6:30 pm

13 Amery ArtZGallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm

17 Osceola Pig Roast/Folk Dance @ Community Homestead’s Community Center

14-15 Amery Apple River Quilt Show

17 Frederic Ambulance 975 Fundraiser

17 Frederic Ambulance-975 Fundraiser

25 Osceola Music in the Park

17 Frederic Hist. Soc. Pie & Ice Cream SocialSoo Line Depot Museum

25-28 St. Croix Falls Polk County Fair

17 Frederic Arts & Crafts Fair

26 St Croix Falls Music on the Overlook

17 St Croix Falls Energy Fair @ Fairgrounds

27 Clayton Lion’s Club Brewfest

17 Turtle Lake First Responders Benefit

17 Frederic Historical Society Pie Social

17 Frederic Arts & Craft Fair 12-15 Amery Fall Festival

21-22 St. Croix Falls Fall Harvest Festival @ Chateau St. Croix Winery 28 Cushing River Road Ramble

17-18 Balsam Lake Indianhead Muskie Tournament


1-800-222-7655 •

9 Osceola W. Immanuel Lutheran Church Lutefisk Supper

October 1-31 Amery Glenna Farms Pumpkin Patch 5


St Croix Falls AutumnFest & Art Fair

Turtle Lake American Legion Vet’s Dance

16 Osceola Homestead CC Holiday Craft Fair

5 St Croix Falls Tour de Taste/Classic Mammoth Gravel Bike Race

16 Cushing Annual Venison Feed

5 Amery Changing Colors Ride- Stower Seven Lakes Trail 5 Amery Oktoberfest 5 Turtle Lake WI Colorfest & Pitchfork Fondue

23 Wolf Creek Methodist Church Chili Feed 26 Amery Light up the Park & Lighted Parade


5 Osceola W Immanuel Church Bazaar & Harvest Festival

1-31 Turtle Lake Christmas Lights in the Park

5 Frederic Lion’s Fall Color Classic Car Show

7 Amery Glenna Farms Breakfast with Santa

11 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception

7 Centuria Cozy Country Christmas 7

12 Milltown Pumpkin Festival

Turtle Lake Chamber Christmas

7-8 St. Croix Falls Rivertown Holiday

12-13 Turtle Lake Fire District Gun Show

8 Amery Holiday Stroll

12-13 Webster Mixed Sampler Quilt Guild@ Webster High School 10-4pm

13 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm

19-20 Turtle Lake Railfest Model Railroad Show

14 Osceola Holiday Craft Fair @ Homestead’s Community Center

20 Turtle Lake Toy Tractor Show

14 Milltown Santa Day

26 Frederic Halloween Party & Dance

21 Frederic Christmas in Frederic

26 Turtle Lake St. Ann’s Flea Market 26 Amery Spooky Displays@Boo Line Park

Novemeber 2 Balsam Lake Polk County Homemaker’s Fair 2 Milltown American Legion Turkey Party

Great Golf Courses

E v ent s / G ol f

8 Amery ArtZ Gallery: Artist Reception, 5-8pm

28-29 Centuria Baker Orchard Fall Festival

21 Frederic Hist. Soc. Vintage Snowmobile Show 31 Clear Lake Fireworks @ Park Chalet 31 St Croix Falls Masquerade Ball @ Chateau St. Croix Winery

Await you in Polk County Amery Golf Course • 601 Deronda St., Amery (715) 268-7213 18 holes, par 71, 6,292 yards

Clear Lake Golf Course • 100 Golf Dr., Clear Lake

(715) 263-2500 9 holes, par 36, 3,014 yds

Echo Hills Golf Course • 1511 Hwy. 63 N., Turtle Lake (715) 986-2662 • (888) 739-4176 9 holes, par 36, 2,659 yds Five Flags Golf Course • 1855 145th St., Balsam Lake (715) 825-2141 • 9 holes, par 36, 3,136 yds

Frederic Country Club • Hwy. 35 S., Frederic

(715) 327-8250 • (877) 333-3460 • 18 holes, par 72, 6,470 ds

Krooked Kreek Golf Course • County Rd. M, Osceola (715) 294-3673 • 18 holes, par 72, 6,341 yds Luck Golf Course • 1520 S. Shore Dr., Luck (715) 472-2939 • (877) 472-2939 • 18 holes, par 70, 6,014 yds St. Croix Valley Golf Course

U.S. Hwy. 8, St. Croix Falls (715) 483-3377 • 9 holes, par 36, 2,940 yds

Weekends & Vacation Packages Some of our golf courses team up with local hotels and inns to provide special package rates for golf weekends and golf vacations. Call individual golf courses for more information.

1-800-222-7655 •


Lake LiveBalsam and Work Where You Love to Play Welcome to Balsam Lake Established in 1905, the Village of Balsam Lake rests on the southwest shore of Balsam Lake in one of the most prime tourist locations of northwest Wisconsin. Whether you are looking to relax or take part in a wide variety activities, both on and off shore, Balsam Lake is the place for you!!!!! Nestled in the center of all your entertainment options, Balsam Lake has many things to offer all year long. Just minutes away are movie theaters, golf courses, casinos, antique and boutique shopping, a water park and downhill skiing. Many trails go through Balsam Lake which include cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, ATVing and snowmobiling. In the winter, Balsam Lake is transformed into a dreamy state of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing for the silent sports crowd. Snowmobile routes become active, as riders thrill to the rush of their sleds. A meal at their favorite local establishment provides energy for the next stretch of trail. In addition to providing trail links, the frozen lake is a magnet that draws anglers seeking a bag limit of game fish and panfish.


w w w. B a l s a m L a k e C C . c o m

Bal s am L ake

Balsam Lake Area Chamber PO Box 366, Balsam Lake, WI 54810 Balsam Lake Village Office

PO Box 506, Balsam Lake, WI 54810 715-485-3424

In the summer, the lake embraces water sport enthusiasts of all descriptions. Several quality public accesses are available where you can launch your water craft and enjoy the lake. Take part in water sport activities or relax while taking a leisurely cruise enjoying the beautiful shorelines and scenery. Get out on the lake early to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and stay out late to take in the stunning sunset views. While on the lake you can dock up for gas, bait and snacks at SunnySide Marina located right on the water. Imagine living in Balsam Lake and being adjacent to the lake of the same name with 2,054 acres of water! Anglers have a ball seeking out bass, walleye, pike and panfish. Many come to take part in pro and amateur tournaments. Personal watercraft and skiers have plenty of room to carve up a wake. You might even see a sailboat or two catching the summer breeze. Summer months bring the opportunity to relax on a beach towel and soak up the sun or take a swim at the town beach. What a beautiful lake!!! Looking for a place to camp or enjoy a picnic? Point the picnic basket toward Pine Park, a local favorite. There you will find camping facilities, showers/rest rooms, a picnic shelter, grills, softball field, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, a playground, frisbee golf course and a skateboard park. Having fun must have written in the bylaws of the community’s charter because


there’s so much to see and experience during all four seasons. Don’t feel like camping? Stay at the newly remodeled Balsam Lake Motel (under new management), Wards Balsam Beach Resort, Sunnyside Marina & Resort, Dream Catcher Inn or Thirsty Otter Tavern & Resort.


The Balsam Lake Chamber of Commerce sponsors several events which are fun for all ages!!!! Winter Fest features 4X4 truck ice drag racing, polar plunge, adult and kids games on the ice and an ice fishing contest in February on Balsam Lake. Freedom Fest is held over the July 4th weekend and includes craft fair, fire department water fights, a parade, car show and many other activities. The new event in 2012 was the Cruz In Fest over Labor Day weekend which was a huge success!! So much fun we are adding the Cruz In Fest to our list of annual events. Don’t forget to participate in the annual visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus and the Christmas Day dinner. The Chamber is always looking to add more fun activities throughout the year so make sure to visit their website at balsamlakecc. com or visit their facebook page on a regular basis to keep up to date. There is always more fun to come!!!!

February 2-3 – Winterfest Booya 2 (on the ice at Winterfest and American Legion Hall) April 20 – Rod & Gun Club Smelt Fry May 25 – Polk County Museum opens June 29 – Balsam Lake Invitational Ski Show July 4-7 – Freedom Fest 20 – Balsam Lake Classic Fishing Tournament August 31 – Balsam Lake Demo Derby 31 – Corn on the Curb September 1 – Cruz’ In Fest 1 – Balsam Lake Water Ski Show Team 1-2 – Corn on the Curb November 2 – Balsam Lake Homemaker’s Fair Recurring Events: Balsam Lake Farmer’s Market Fridays 3-5 p.m., June 14 – October 11


Looking for more things to do?? The active Fire Department crew holds an annual Easter Egg Hunt, a fundraising spaghetti dinner in March, softball tournament during the Freedom Fest and a Demolition Derby during Corn on the Curb Days over Labor Day weekend. Enjoy some delicious food at the smelt fry in April which comes courtesy of the Rod & Gun Club. Specific dates for all events can be found on the Chamber website. Numerous options exist when it’s time to treat your taste buds to an ice cold drink or a great meal. There are several local establishments that offer both fine and casual dining. Several establishments offer internet access as well. Speaking of food, a local farmer’s market is held in the Village on Friday afternoons June - October. The extensive selection covers all types of produce, flowers, plants, baked goods and many more items. The full story of the area’s history can be found within the Polk County Historical Museum which is housed in the historic courthouse in Balsam Lake. Nearby, the Public Library overflows with over 20,000 items for your reading and viewing pleasure and also offers internet service. Balsam Lake is the county seat of government services. It has an industrial park with availability for your business expansion or relocation. Our community has a Chamber of Commerce, SMART growth committee and dedicated Village Board who are actively working together to bring more businesses into the Village and help our current businesses succeed. Visit Balsam Lake and enjoy all of the things to do both on and off the lake. You will want to keep coming back!

Bal s am L ake

Nichole Reed Realtor


Cabins • Camping Swimming • Volleyball Playground • Kayaks Winter Rental Yours Hosts: Kyle & Dawn Ward Balsam Lake, WI 54810


Follow us on

w w w. B a l s a m L a k e C C . c o m


Bal s am L ake


Explore the Past at Polk County Museum

ales of bygone eras will come to life for the entire family when they visit the Polk County Museum in Balsam Lake. Built in 1899, the museum was the Polk County courthouse until 1975. The magnificent edifice is on the National Register of Historic Places. You’ll find no shortage of history lore. The museum’s three stories are filled with numerous artifacts and exhibits, including items that date back to the Revolutionary War! Guided tours are available; call (715) 485-9269 for more information. The museum also hosts special exhibits throughout its season. The museum is located on Main Street, downtown Balsam Lake. Walk back into time as you step into the first floor galleries that feature a barber shop, country store and doctor’s office, among others. The nation’s military forces are honored with exhibits and artifacts dating from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War. Before there were settlers and farmers in Polk County, Native people occupied the land. A full-size wigwam, Indian art and many other authentic items are on display. More ethnic exhibits are located on the museum’s second floor, including those of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Irish, Scottish, English and French descendants. As with most of the exhibits, the second floor galleries reflect life as it was in the early 1900s. You can view clothing styles and home furnishings along with writing and musical instruments of that era. Imagine a world without iPods or the Internet!


uilt in 1899, the Polk County Museum was the Polk County Courthouse until 1975. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and is an absolute treasure. You’ll find three floors of galleries

showcasing items that date back as far as the Revolutionary War!







O P EN : Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE


A D M I S S I O N:

Thursday through Sunday including Holidays Noon - 4:00 p.m.

Adults $3 • Students $1 Under 12 FREE when accompanied by adult.

P.O. Box 41 • Hwy 46 (Main Street) Balsam Lake, WI 54810 • E-mail:



w w w. B a l s a m L a k e C C . c o m

Bal s am L ake

Old-time courthouses were built with lots of space, so don’t think of the basement as a crawl-space! Because there you will find numerous other exhibits on farming, railroading and brick making, along with a kitchen and laundry and even items from a 1930 gasoline station (when full service was the norm). The museum is handicapped accessible and has an elevator on its new addition. Just a block south and a block west of the museum is the Rural School Museum. Both the museum and Rural School Museum have the same hours: Thursday through Sunday, including holidays, noon to 4 p.m., Memorial Day through Labor Day. Admission is a bargain, especially when you can spend hours visiting all the galleries. Adults $3, students $1 and children 12 and under admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

w w w. B a l s a m L a k e C C . c o m


snowmobile • boat • fish atv ride • bike • walk

Amery, wi



h • canoe • kayak • shop • hike • vacation • ski



Am er y

Access the Apple River

at Amery The Apple River, which flows through Amery, is famous throughout the region as a popular place for tubing, kayaking and canoeing. Amery is a great place to practice your kayaking and canoeing skills, whether solo or with family and friends. Canoeing and kayaking on the Apple River just got easier with the installation of the new canoe and kayak portage around the Amery Dam that was installed in June of 2010. There is a dock to use on the north side of the dam and the easy access portage is located east of the Amery Dam on the other side. If you want to enjoy a picnic before you continue on your journey there are several picnic tables to have a relaxing lunch or dinner. The Apple River is a tributary of the St. Croix River, about 70 miles long, in northwestern Wisconsin in the United States. Via the St. Croix, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River. Its headwaters is Staples Lake in Barron County. It flows generally southwestwardly through Polk and St. Croix Counties, through several lakes and past the City of Amery. It joins the St. Croix River seven miles northeast of Stillwater, Minnesota and the village of Star Prairie. In the Ojibwe language, the Apple River is called Waabizipinikaan-ziibi, meaning “River Abundant with Swan Potatoes.” This name was translated into French, but only pomme (apple) of the French word for “potato” (pomme de terre - apple from the earth) was translated into English. The Apple River was once an important route of trade for the logging industry. The Amery Dam was first constructed in 1888 to run a sawmill and aid log driving on the river. Timber was floated downstream from logging camps in the north to the Amery sawmill where it was cut, loaded onto trains and transported throughout the region. The dam is now used exclusively to maintain water levels on the flowage, which extends from the city of Amery to near Highway 8. This is about a seven-mile distance and comprises a 640-acre body of water. Today, the river generates tourism revenue through recreation and resorts. Its relatively gentle rapids make it very popular for canoeing, tubing, camping and is a popular fishing spot through all seasons.


1-800-222-7655 •

Am er y

1-800-222-7655 •


Am er y

Camelot Motel 359 Keller Ave S. WI-Fi Laundromat & Restaurants Close By Reservations Only 359 Keller Avenue S. Amery, WI 54001

800-899-7014 Photo ©

Club 53 Bar & Lanes Downtown Amery Call To Reserve Daily Specials 125 Keller Ave N Amery, WI 54001


Indigo Iris Natural Food Store

Hours Open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Sat 9am - 4pm • Closed Sun The big blue building in the Heart of Amery E-mail:

128 Keller Avenue Amery, WI 54001


Hours Open Sun-Thur, 11am-9pm Fri & Sat, 11am-10pm 337 Keller Ave S. Amery, WI 54001


start right. start here.

For all your hardware needs!

Amery True Value

(715) 268-7170

1080 Riverplace Mall Amery, WI 54001


1-800-222-7655 •

Cus hing / Dr esser

Suzy Q’s

Snowshoe Tavern “Where Family & Friends Meet” Full Menu Breakfast Served Daily Sponsor of Local Fast Pitch, Pool, Bowling, Trap Shooting & Race Cars Happy Hours: Monday - Friday

10 - Noon • 5- 6pm

2493A 240th St • P.O. Box 476 Cushing, WI 54006


The Dug Out Bar & Grill DAILY SPECIALS HAPPY HOUR: MON - THURS 4-6, 6-8, 9-11, 11-? Sponsor of Fastpitch, Pool, Bowling and Trap Shooting E-mail:

2491 240th St Cushing, WI 54006


1-800-222-7655 •


Cl ear L ake

A great place to visit, live or work!


he village of Clear Lake in the southeastern section of Polk County is named after the lake which lies about one-half mile from town. The water in the lake is supplied from living springs, which makes for good fishing and swimming. The lake is part of a 260-acre park that has a playground, shelters, picnic sites, modern campsites, an archery course, horseshoe court and softball field. The village of Clear Lake has a nine-hole golf course with dining facilities, and is the trailhead for a multi-use trail for ATV, snowmobile, mountain bike and motorcycle riders. Main Street is occupied by several small businesses including a quilt shop, restaurants and bars. Professional services include a medical clinic, veterinarian, optometrist, chiropractors, massage therapist and funeral director. Clear Lake also has a grocery store, hardware store, car wash, auto repair shops, and a public library. The industrial park offers room for business expansion. Clear Lake has its own museum, featuring U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day, and Burleigh Grimes, the last legal spitballer and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Nelson and Grimes are buried in the Clear Lake Cemetery, which has a Veterans’ Memorial. Tours are available for both places. The annual Oyster Supper, hosted by the Clear Lake Fire Department, is held each January. June 27-30 are the dates for the 2013 Heritage Days, an annual celebration featuring a parade, carnival, games, races, concerts and a demolition derby.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Clear Lake Village Office: (715) 263-2157 Clear Lake Public Library: (715) 263-2802 E-mail: Visit: or 30

1-800-222-7655 •

Clear Lake’s Founder of Earth Day Senator Gaylord Nelson Gaylord Nelson was born in Clear Lake in 1916, the son of the local doctor. After graduating from Clear Lake High School in 1934 and the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1942, he fought in the Pacific in World War II. He served in the Wisconsin State Senate from 1948 to 1958, when he was elected governor. He later served as U.S. Senator from Wisconsin from 1962 through 1980. Nelson was an advocate of conservation since his earliest days in politics. He created Earth Day in 1970 as a way to heighten awareness of conservation and environmental concerns. Information on Gaylord Nelson is available at the Clear Lake Historical Museum, Polk County Museum and libraries throughout the county.

Senator Gaylord Nelson

Save Our Earth. Go


Civil War Buffs visit the paulson brothers ordnance corporation If you’ve ever been to a Civil War re-enactment you may have seen heavy artillery fired by the re-enactors. But did you know that the gun carriage for the field piece might have been produced by Bernie and Bruce Paulson, who own Paulson Brothers Ordnance Corp., right here in Clear Lake? The Paulson brothers have been producing Civil War gun carriages and related parts since 1976. They produce and sell aluminum carriages for permanent outdoor displays (the life-span of a wooded carriage is less than five years; an iron carriage subject to the elements might last upwards of 50 years; but an aluminum carriage lasts at least 100 years). The aluminum carriages are patterned with oak grain so that they look original. Among their clients was The Walt Disney Company. The two brothers have been collecting Civil War artillery since 1970. Their collection of nearly 30 original pieces includes nearly every type of START RIGHT. START HERE. cannon used during the Civil War. For all your hardware needs! You can visit the facility at 120 Bean Maytag Appliances Street, Clear Lake, for free. Visiting hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-W and Hunting & 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Some Fishing Supplies days you may get a guided tour, Clear Lake True Value other days, if they are busy, it’s self(715) 263-2375 guided. In addition to field pieces, 530 Third Ave. N.W. there are photographs, muskets, etc. Clear Lake, WI 54005

1-800-222-7655 •


Fr eder ic • 715-327-4836

Frederic Depot/Museum

Downtown Looking East on Oak Street Antique Cars Visit the Soo Line Depot each September.

Frederic Lions Car Show in Coon Lake Park Boardwalk connecting the East and West sides of Coon Lake

Indianhead Gem & Mineral Show


Vintage Snowmobiles Stop at the Soo Line Depot/Museum in

photos by William Johnson 32


A Beautiful Place to Visit, Fr eder ic

A Great Place to Live


he Village of Frederic is a rural community located in western Wisconsin an hour and a half north of the Twin Cities and an hour and a half south of the Duluth – Superior area on State Highway 35. Farms, forests, open land and many lakes characterize the Frederic area. Originally a logging community, Frederic was founded in 1903 and over the next 70 years grew into a retail and ser- Popular events include the Classic Bike Race and Frederic vice hub serving northern Polk county and southern Burnett Family days, both in June; the Gem & Mineral Show in July, county. farmers market each fall, and Winter Fun Day and the Vintage Snowmobile Show and Ride each winter. Included in the village are over 40 acres of public parklands and a 20-acre public lake with access and docks for public use. Three shelters, a ballpark, basketball court and a bandstand are available for family outings, special events or just peaceful afternoon picnics. Winter activities include snowmobiling, ice skating on the public ice skating rink, cross country skiing on trails around the lake and ice fishing. Frederic also boasts a flourishing arts and cultural community. In 2000, the community dedicated the renovated original Soo Line depot as the Frederic area museum. In addition, the community renovated the old theater building turning it into a new 6,000 square foot public library – the second largest in the county. Frederic is a wonderful place for someone raising a family, for a person wishing to retire, or for the young entrepreneur.

Mud Hut Gifts & Crafts Stamp & Scrapbook Supplies

Stocking a huge selection of items for the craft enthusiast SATURDAY CLASSES

(Others by Appointment)

OPEN: Tue-Fri 10am-7pm • Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

114 W. Oak Street Frederic, WI 54837

715-327-8903 The Rose Garden Floral & Greenhouse Fresh Flowers & Plants Gifts, Home Decor & More Spring Garden Center

Fresh Meats • Award-Winning Bacon Locker Rental • Custom Processing Our Own Smoked Ham & Sausage State-Inspected Slaughtering Ph: 715-327-4456 • Fax: 715-327-4457 Toll-Free: 888-327-4456 315 Oak St • P.O. Box 248 • Frederic, WI 54837

Complete Weddings Flowers • Tuxedo Rental Invitations • Linen Rental 308 Wisconsin Ave S. • Frederic

715-327-4281 1-800-676-4281



Luc k

Luc k/ M I l t ow n

Shafer’s Bar & Café Restaurant Hours

Sun - Thurs: 6am - 9pm Fri - Sat: 6am - 10pm

Bar Hours Mon - Thurs: 12pm - 12am Fri - Sat: 9am - 2:30am

88 W Main St • Milltown

Bar: 715-825-4017 Restaurant: 715-825-4018 Visit us on:

1-800-222-7655 •



O s c eol a

Twin Attractions in

BalOssam c eol L aake


Osceola Bluff, a limestone bluff that overlooks the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, has been an area landmark for thousands of years and one that today still draws visitors to Osceola. The bluff is a resting place for resident bald eagles. Whitetail deer walk its trails. Hepaticas, dogtooth violets and trillium grow in profusion. Today the bluff is owned by the Village of Osceola. You can hike to the top of the bluff, which rises 300 feet above the river. The trailhead can be found behind the Cascade BP. The trail is gated against motor vehicle traffic: park on Depot Road and walk up the hill to find the trailhead. The trail is approximately 0.7 mile in length and goes through a hardwood forest. Spectacular views of St. Croix River and downtown Osceola, especially during fall leaf colors, await you. Another natural attraction, also in downtown Osceola, is Cascade Falls, created by the drop of Osceola Creek some 25 feet. The falls was a stop for excursion steamboats in the late 1880s, according to a historical marker at the site. A set of stairs on the main road (Hwy. 35) takes you into Wilke Glen, which is the base of the falls. You can walk up and touch the water falling from up above. Follow the trail along the Osceola Creek to the St. Croix River.

1-800-222-7655 •


O s c eol a

Osceola Antiques & Victorian Cellar Gifts Area’s Largest Antique & Gift Shop

Over 11,000 sq. ft. of Antiques, Collectibles and Lower Level Gift Shop. Ice Cream, Candy & Cappuccino Parlor.

Hwy 35, 117 Cascade Street Osceola, WI 54020

715-294-2886 Open Daily



Fridays 2PM-6PM.

Wheels & Wings

“Wheels & Wings” is Osceola’s annual family event held in early September with fun activities based both on ground and in the air! A free shuttle bus service during the day takes visitors to the various events. The day begins with the Rustic Road 5K/10K run and fun walk at the Osceola Intermediate School. Call (715) 294-2127 for details. A car show at the L.O. Simenstad Municipal Airport attracts more than 1,000 classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Spectator admission to the event is free. Those entered in the car show can race their vehicles down the runway with speeds clocked by radar. For more information, contact the Osceola Chamber of Commerce/Main St. at (800) 947-0581. The Osceola Airport also hosts a Fly-in with pancake breakfast and lunch served. Enjoy the helicopter rides, and view new and classic aircraft on display.

Wildwood Flowers Home Comforts

Gifts • Garden Jewelry • Vintage Architectural Antiques Hours: M - Sat: 8am - 6pm Sun: 11am - 4pm

407 S. Cascade Street Osceola, WI 54020

715-294-2962 38

Make An Appointment Today with One of Our Professionals! 213 1st Avenue Osceola, WI 54020


Other events during that day include a craft fair, flea market, and the library’s used book sale and special programs. The ArtBarn’s “ArtExplosion Day” offers hands-on activities for a nominal fee, live music and food throughout the day. ArtBarn is located at 1040 Oak Ridge Drive. Travel into the past aboard the Osceola and St. Croix Valley Railway. Rides depart from Osceola. Call (715) 755-3570 for reservations and more information or visit www.trainride. org.

1-800-222-7655 •

S t Cr oix F al l s

Deer & other forest animals Visit Old MacDonald’s Farm to meet our Farmyard Animals Pony Rides (Memorial Day - Labor Day) Petting & Feeding Area & Picnic Area Large Gift Shop - Something for everyone! OPEN MID-MAY - MID SEPT: 10AM - 5PM • WEEKENDS OCT (Weather permitting)

2 Miles East of the scenic St. Croix River on US Hwy 8


1-800-222-7655 •



St . Cr oix F al l s

S t . Cr oix F al l s


Turtle Lake RV Park

$26 a Night (plus tax) Full Hook Ups • Pull thru sites Outdoor Pool • Bath House 30/50 Amp Service Casino Shuttle Route Free Wireless Internet ATV Welcome

750 US Hwy 8 & 63 S Turtle Lake, WI 54889

715-986-4140 42

w w w. Tu r t leL a keWI .com


Reg ional Bus inesses

find it b love it b here

Find yourself in a . . .

Lakeside Cabin, ResoRt, CampgRound, HoteL, moteL, RetReat Home in tHe Woods

Eat Shop Cook Relax Create . . . experience

We have what you’re looking for!

b Acorn Pantry – Quality Kitchenware & Pantry Supplies, Cooking & Baking Classes, Gift Registry, 715-349-8995 b Chattering Squirrel Coffee Café – Espresso Bar, Bakery, Deli, Breakfast & Lunch, Kids Menu, Soups, Sandwiches, Treats, Gifts, Box Lunch Catering, 715-349-8282 b Nouveau Salon Spa – Experience Rejuvenation, 715-349-5880 b Making Memories & More – A Unique Scrapbooking & Rubber Stamping Store, 715-349-8900 b Syren General Store – Home & Cabin Decor, Gifts, PandoraTM, Minnetonka, WoodWick®, Jewelry, Resortwear, Accessories, 715-349-8484

Open Daily • Gift Certificates Available

St. Rd. 35/70 • Siren, WI •



Take A Leisurely Ride, Enjoy Dinner & Drinks, Then Stay Overnight on our Historic Train

• First Class Overnight also Available • Friday or Saturday Evenings May 10 ~ December 21, 2013 • 4 Drink Tokens included ~ Cash Bar • Complimentary Hors d’oeuvres • 5-course Elegant Dinner on a Moving Train with 4 Entrée Choices • 6:00 pm Departure ~ 9:00 pm Return • Relax in Private Lounge • Private Double Bedroom • Hot Breakfast in Morning • 10:00 am Check Out • FREE Reserved Parking at Station

Gift Certificates Available!

Reservations 715-635-3200 or 44

1-800-222-7655 •

Ma O t h e r Tn y r A v a i l a ba i n s All Sea le so Long n

A Fun, Interactive Learning Experience at a Unique Historical Site!

9-Hole Regulation Course 9-Hole Par 3 Course

Pay for 9*, Play 18

When you bring in this ad. *Carts additional. Green fee only. 2013 season. PC

GUIDED TOURS OF FUR TRADE POSTS & OJIBWE VILLAGE with traditionally dressed interpreters MUSEUMS • GIFT SHOP GARDENS • HIKING/SKI TRAILS Special events for 2013 . . .


27536 St. Rd. 35 • 2 miles North of Webster, WI

Yellow River Echoes

Fri. thru Sun., June 21 thru 23

The Great Folle Avoine Fur Trade Rendezvous Friday thru Sunday, July 26 thru 28

Christmas at the Fort

Saturday & Sunday, December 7 & 8 • Saturday, December 14 Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wed. thru Sun., May 25 thru Sept. 1; plus Sept., Sat. & Sun.

Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park

Your Year-Round Vacation Destination

715-866-8890 • Between Danbury & Webster, WI on Co. Rd. U

Access to thousands of Travel & Activity Related Businesses & Family-Oriented Events!





Must present coupon. One coupon per person.





Must present coupon. One coupon per person.

For the finer moments of life . . .

Distinguished, Organic, Wisconsin Wines & Brandy We use only clean spring water from Wisconsin’s beautiful Bashaw Valley and the freshest organic fruits to create our wines and brandy.

IN THE All summer long . . . bring the family & enjoy the day!

We’ll provide the wine tastings! Like us on Facebook for special information!



Open Thurs. thru Sat., 12 to 9 p.m.; Sun., 12 to 6 p.m. 715-468-4224 • 23396 Thompson Rd. • Shell Lake, WI 1-800-222-7655 •


R eg ional Bus inesses Regional Businesses

Making great memories, one round at a time . . .

A dv ert is er Dir ec t or y

Advertiser Directory Accommodations


amery Camelot 28 Forrest 26 Balsam lake Balsam Lake 23 Dream Catcher 19 Ward’s Balsam Beach 21 centuria Brickhouse 12 luck Luck Country 2 OsceOla Pleasant Lake B& 38 River Valley Inn & 37 St. Croix River 37 Siren Burnett County Resort & Campground 44 st. crOix Falls Dalle’s House Motel........................................... pg. 41 turtle lake Canyon Road Inn Bed & 43 Moon Lake Resort & 43

turtle lake Turtle Lake RV 42

Arts & Crafts amery Art Z Fine Art 28

Attractions amery Club 53 Bar & 28 balsam lake Polk County 22 cushing The Dug Out Bar & 29 Danbury Forts Folle Avoine Historical 45 Dresser Trollhaugen Ski 29 FreDeric Frederic Depot/ 12 Frederic Golf 33 Timberland Hills Orchard & 33 OsceOla Osceola Train 37 siren The Shops at the 44 spOOner Historic Dinner 44 st. crOix Falls Dancing Dragonfly 39 Fawn Doe 39 Polk County 31 TURTLE LAKE St. Croix 43 weBster Fox Run Golf 45


Financial luck Frandsen Bank & 35

Food & Spirits amery 27 Ellie’s Ice Cream 26 Garibaldi’s Mexican 28 Ida Mae’s Café 26 Tac-Two Sports Bar & 28 The Village 26 Wolter’s Shoreview Supper 28 cushing suzy Q’s Snowshoe 29 FreDeric Bean’s Country 12 luck Café Wren............................................... pg. 12 & 35 Milltown Shafer’s Bar & Café 35 shell lake Clover Meadow 45 st. crOix Falls Polar Pete’ 2 turtle lake Frontier 42 Lake Country 42 Spare Time Bowl Bar & 42

General Services

Polk County 35 amery Chet Johnson 28 City of 24 Pedal Paddle 11 Balsam lake Basically 21 Balsam Lake Area Chamber of 23 Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn 18 Interfaith 14 Lakeside 23 Sunnyside 19 Village of Balsam 18 clear lake Village of Clear 30 centuria Polk County Economic Development 29 FreDeric Daeffler’s Quality 33 The Rose 33 Village of 32 luck

Luck Village 34 OsceOla Farmers 38 Osceola Chamber of 36 Studio A Salon & 38 st. crOix Falls Falls Chamber of 40 turtle lake Village of Turtle Lake...............................Back Cover

Medical Services amery Amery Regional Medical Center......................See Inside Back Cover balsam lake Unity 23 st. crOix Falls St. Croix Regional Medical 39

Real Estate Edina Realty-Nicole 21

Retail amery Dragonfly 28 Indigo Iris Natural 28 Phyllbea’s of 27 True 28 Village 27 balsam lake Hardware 18 21 clear lake True 31 frederic Frederic 33 Mud Hut Gifts & 33 luck Natural Alternative 12 milltOwn Autumn 35 OsceOla Osceola 38 Wildwood 38 st. crOix Falls Fine Acres 12 Glenna 27 turtle Lake Countryside 42

1-800-222-7655 •

State-of-the-Art Facility with State-of-the-Art Care! Providing quality healthcare since 1956


ur focus is to provide patients with more - more services, more comfort, more privacy. ARMC is a place of solace; a healing, caring environment with rain gardens, a green roof, and a community walking path along the Apple River.

From Family Medicine to Specialty Care, we offer all the healthcare services you’re looking for in a medical facility. And, it’s close to home. We provide cutting-edge technology, MRI’s, PET/CT scans, and digital mammography. All of this is available right here, locally.

Don’t wait; call us today at (715) 268-8000 and experience the difference. Experience compassion and care. Experience ARMC.

265 GRIFFIN STREET E • AMERY, WI 54001 • (715) 268-8000 • (800) 424-KARE • ARMC LOCATIONS Behavorial Health Center ARMC West Campus 230 Deronda Street Amery, WI 54001 (715) 268-0060

Clear Lake Clinic 357 Third Avenue Clear Lake, WI 54005 (715) 263-3100

Luck Medical Clinic 137 First Avenue Luck, WI 54853 (715) 472-2177

Luck PT & Fitness 2547 State Road 35, Suite 5 Luck, WI 54853 (715) 472-5225

The Fitness Center 220 N Keller Avenue Amery, WI 54001 (715) 268-1001

Turtle Lake Medical Clinic 550 Martin Avenue Turtle Lake, WI 54889 (715) 986-4101

1-800-222-7655 •

Wound Healing Center ARMC West Campus 230 Deronda Street Amery, WI 54001 (715) 268-0175



1-800-222-7655 •

Polk County Visitor Guide  

Polk County, Wi 2013 Visitor Guide

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