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Cover Photo by Dean Acheson
3 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

There is a lot to discover and much to savor when you visit Baraga County in the U.P. of Michigan. Nestled on the southern tip of Keweenaw Peninsula of Lake Superior, our large landscape stretches down into the Ottawa National Forest.

You surely won’t want to miss the breathtaking Canyon Falls and Gorge, nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of Michigan,” or the views from Mt. Arvon – Michigan’s highest point!

Drive the twisty dirt road up Abbaye Peninsula to see the soul-stirring vistas of Point Abbaye’s sandstone shelf, Keweenaw Bay and the distant Huron Islands. If you treasure fall colors, Point Abbaye and the Skanee area will rival any “leaf peeping” place in the nation.

The Huron River offers some of the best steelhead fishing in the U.P. Craig Lake State Park, Michigan’s most remote state park, offers you a chance to see moose! A 7.5-mile portion of the 4,200-mile long

North Country National Scenic Trail cuts through Baraga County. You’ll find folks enjoying open air concerts in Covington on Tuesdays and along L’Anse’s picturesque waterfront on Thursdays. Or visit area historic sites that pay tribute to Bishop Baraga and Henry Ford and his workers.

Our hospitality folks accommodate all levels of restful sleep, including campgrounds, motels and cabins. Unique shops and restaurants boasting BBQ and Friday night fish fry will delight your taste buds.

We can’t wait to welcome you. At the end of your journey, you will understand why Baraga County is a special place for visitors, as well as us who call it home!

Baraga County Convention & Visitors Bureau

4 2023 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |
Welcome to Baraga
CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU Baraga Baraga Baraga County County 755 Broad St, L’Anse, MI 49946 | (906) 524-7444 | This guide is produced by 5 Star Marketing & Distribution, 409 South Park Drive, Tomahawk, Wisconsin
County, Michigan

A Bit About Ourselves

Baraga County was named after Bishop Frederic Baraga, consecrated as the Upper Peninsula’s first bishop on November 1, 1853. In 1875, the state legislature officially approved the county’s formation. As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,069 square miles, of which 898 square miles is land and 171 square miles (16%) is water. Population totaled 8,158 at the time of the 2020 Census.

The villages of Baraga and L’Anse (county seat) are located at the base of Lake Superior’s Keweenaw Bay. The L’Anse Indian Reservation of the Ojibwa is within Baraga County. The eastern two-thirds of the county includes much of the Huron Mountains, including Mount Arvon — the highest natural point in Michigan.

Baraga County is bordered by Houghton County to the west, Iron County to the south, and Marquette County to the east, with Lake Supe-

rior bordering approximately 75% of its northern shore. The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community holds approximately 19 miles of Lake Superior shoreline, 3,000 acres of wetlands, and 80 miles of rivers on the L’Anse Indian Reservation.

A rich history, one rooted in the struggles of the mining, logging, and railroad industries, tells of the county’s natural beauty, its resiliency, and the ever-present drive to push forward.

To learn more about the history of Baraga County, please visit the Baraga County Historical Museum website at

What’s Inside: Welcome 4 Calendar of Events ................................................ 6-7 Seasons at a Glance ...................................................8 Flat Water Paddling and Whitewater Thrills .........9 Nature’s Best – A Guide to Our Waterfalls ..... 10-13 Happy Camping – Stay a While 14-15 Baraga State Park .................................................... 16 Don’t Forget Your Bike........................................... 17 ORV Trails ............................................................... 17 Baraga Lake and County Tour 18 Adventure Here Begins One Step at a Time ....... 19 Go Where the Fish Are .......................................... 20 Fun at Lake Trout Festival ..................................... 21 Huron Mountains Range .................................. 22-23 Baraga County - Your New Winter Destination......................................... 24-25 Heritage Sites in Baraga County ...................... 26-27 Business Directory ............................................ 28-29 5

Calendar of Events

*All events subject to change. All times are EST. Phone numbers are (906) prefix. Please contact ahead of time to confirm date/times.

June 2024

07 DNR Free Fishing Weekend

08 Lake Trout Festival Barb McEwen (906) 524-7444

08 Baraga County Yard Sale Baraga County Chamber (906) 353-8808

13 UP Gumbo

7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

13-16 Houghton County Bridgefest Keweenaw Chamber (906) 482-5240

15 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

20 Keweenaw Brewgrass

7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

22 Spring Artisans Market & Car Show Michigamme Township (906) 323-6608

22 L’Anse Farmers Market

9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

27 Derrell Syria Project 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

29 Alberta Fest Alberta 10am to 4pm (906) 487-4384

29 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

30 Old Victoria Day Old Victoria Restoration


3 Baraga Lumberjack Days Street Dance Theme: Eras (906) 524-7444

3 Fireworks, Live music Township Park Michigamme Township (906) 323-6608

3 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

4 Baraga Lumberjack Days Parade & Fireworks Theme: Eras (906) 524-7444

4 Independence Day Parade Michigamme Township (906) 323-6608

4 A Place to Land Fireworks at dusk 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

6 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

8 Copper County Strawberry Festival Chassell Lions

9 Belinda Maki Covington Concert 7pm

10 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

11 Rolling Thunder 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

13 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

16 Jack Jolliff Covington Concert 7pm

17 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm, Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

18 Aura Jamboree Preview 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

19-20 Aura Jamboree Aura Community Hall (906) 524-7279

20 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

20 Chamber Golf Scramble Baraga County Chamber (906) 353-8808

23 Lightning Ridge Covington Concert 7pm

24 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

25 Gordon Lightfoot Tribute 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

26-27 Copper Fest Ontonagon Fair (906) 884-4735

26-28 46th Annual Keweenaw Bay Pow Wow Ojibwa Campground (906) 353-6623

27 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

30 Cathy Isaacson Covington Concert 7pm

31 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

6 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |


1 Lightning Ridge

7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

2-4 Baraga County Fair Pelkie Fairgrounds (906) 353-6542

3 L’Anse Farmers Market

9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

6 Rolling Thunder Band Covington Concert 7pm

7 L’Anse Farmers Market

3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

8 Black Pearl

7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

10 L’Anse Farmers Market

9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

13 Chad Borgen Covington Concert 7pm

14 L’Anse Farmers Market

3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

15 One Voice

7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

17 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

17 Copper County Pasty Fest Calumet (906) 337-6246

20 Wingnuts

Covington Concert 7pm

21 L’Anse Farmers Market

3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

22 Gypsy Soul Food 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

22-25 Houghton County Fair Houghton County (906) 482-6200

24 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

27 Randy Seppala Covington Concert 7pm

28 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

29 Chad Borden Collective 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

31 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790


4 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

5 Uncle Pete’s Red Hot Revu 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

7 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

11 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

12 The Knockabouts 7pm Waterfront L’Anse DDA (906) 524-6116

14 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

18 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

18 Business after Hours Baraga County Chamber (906) 353-8808

21 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

25 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

28 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

28 ATV Wilderness Adventure Baraga County Chamber (906) 353-8808


2 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

5 L’Anse Farmers Market 9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

9 L’Anse Farmers Market 3 to 5:30 pm Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

11 Boo on the Bay L’Anse DDA Downtown L’Anse (906) 524-6116

12 L’Anse Farmers Market

9-Noon Meadowbrook Park (906) 334-2790

16 Business after Hours

Baraga County Chamber (906) 353-8808

26 Halloween Party Michigamme Community (906) 323-6608


30 Small Business Saturday Baraga County Chamber (906) 353-8808


13-15 Frozen Cup Youth Hockey Baraga County Chamber (906) 353-8808

14 Michigamme Childrens Christmas Party Michigamme Community (906) 323-6608

21 Light Up Baraga County CVB Downtown L’Anse (906) 524-7444

7 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Baraga County Seasons at a Glance


Mother Nature at this point wraps her warm arms around us, with low humidity and cool nights for the most part. Lots to discover. The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

THINGS TO DO: Go on a bicycle trip, waterski a pristine lake, visit area attractions and museums, tee up at the local links, slurp down an ice cream cone, shop the quaint shops, paddle a river, enjoy an outdoor concert, camp under the stars, and later, toast the day with friends at a pub.


It’s another transition period with cool breezes, sun-filled days, gorgeous foliage, pumpkins and apples, and fall festivals.

THINGS TO DO: Visit a farmer’s market, take photos of the colorful woods and sapphire-colored lakes, drive scenic roads, go on a horseback ride, fish for walleyes, visit a festival, check out the migration of birds, and at night chart the stars and wait for a meteor to streak across the sky.


It’s hibernation time for our furry animals, but not for you and us. There’s snow-much fun to be had with friends and family. Groomed snowmobile and cross-country ski trails patiently await.

THINGS TO DO: Fire up the snowmobile, strap on the snowshoes or cross-country skis, ice fish the lake you discovered last summer loaded with walleye and pike, maybe (wonder-of-wonders) discover a snowy owl, spend a romantic night before the fireplace and clink wine glasses with that special one.


April and May in the Northwoods is a time of awakening and a burst of anticipation. The snow gives way to gushing waterfalls, gorgeous forest flowers with their heads up, baby deer who have emerged from hiding places, and nesting birds that will soon have more mouths to feed.

THINGS TO DO: Hike to the waterfalls, photograph forest flowers and birds, and make reservations to return the following summer to Baraga County!

8 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Flat Water Paddling & Whitewater Thrills

While in Baraga County you’re never far from water, from peaceful flat water to exciting whitewater. Recreationists wanting to float their canoe, kayak or SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) are invited to dip their paddle on any of the inland lakes, rivers or the big water of Lake Superior. For the ultimate in adrenaline rush, try rafting or kayaking on our whitewater expanses of rivers!

Explore miles and miles of pristine shoreline in the protected waters of Huron Bay with free access at the Silver River boat launch on Skanee Road just north of Town Line Road and at the Arvon Township Park and boat launch area SE of Skanee on Park Road. Plenty of free parking.

Put in for free at the L’Anse Waterfront Park, the beach at the head of Keweenaw Bay along US Hwy. 41 between L’Anse & Baraga, First Sand Beach south of Pequaming on Pequaming Road and Second Sand Beach between Pequaming and Aura on Aura Road. Plenty of free parking.

Keweenaw Water Trail: The KWT follows the shoreline and circles the northern most tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula as it juts into the waters of Lake Superior. Visit their website for more information and maps.

For kayaking and rafting whitewater experiences try these:

• Falls River (Mead Rd. to Lake Superior) 2.0 miles –Class III – IV

• Perch River (Hwy. 28 to Sturgeon River) 6.8 miles –Class II (III)

• Ravine River (Silver Rd. to Skanee Rd.) 6.6 miles –Class II & III

• Rock River (Worm Lake outlet to Sturgeon River) 5 miles – Class II & III+

• Silver River (Silver Rd. to Arvon Rd.) 2.3 miles –Class III – IV

• Silver River (Arvon Rd. to Silver River Park) 4.2 miles – Class III – IV (V)

• Slate River (Quarry to Quartzite Falls) 2.5 miles –Class III – IV

• Sturgeon River (US Hwy. 41 to Upper Falls) 1.3 miles

– Class IV – V

View the USGS river level gauge on the Silver River at the following website: no=04043150&PARAmeter_cd=00065,00060.

9 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Nature’s Best—a Guide to our Waterfalls

No matter the season, a visit to one of our many waterfalls here and nearby will leave you overflowing with wonder and awe. Happy is the day when you can view one of our natural wonders. Don’t forget your camera and hiking shoes or boots (a few require crossing a bit of rough terrain to reach them), as well as water and bug repellant.

One of the more visited waterfalls is Canyon Falls, dubbed “The Grand Canyon of Michigan.” A boardwalk to the falls constructed in 2021 provides easy access for all. Read more below in our baker’s dozen of suggested waterfalls to complete your journey.

1Eric’s Falls – Huron River

Skanee: 25-1/4 miles from the Visitors Bureau. In L’Anse take Main St/Skanee Rd., to Black Creek Rd., turn right, go approximately 6.9 miles on dirt road until you reach a bridge. Falls is on left side of the road.


Slate River Falls – Slate River

L’Anse: A remarkable falls 9 miles from the Visitors Bureau. At Broad St. & Main St. blinking lights turn right. Take Main St/Skanee Rd., go over bridge at Slate River, turn right at first road. Parking lot is right there.

3Quartzite Falls & Back Slate Falls – Slate River

L’Anse: 15-1/2 miles from the Visitors Bureau. Take Main St./Skanee Rd., out of L’Anse to Arvon Rd. Turn right, go 3.3 miles and park near the wooden bridge. There will be a trail on left side of Arvon Rd. that leads to the falls. Falls are a short distance and within a few hundred feet of each other. Falls can be accessed by a short, easy trail through the forest. The farthest falls is Black Slate Falls,

which starts as a rapid, then drips over rock formations in three distinct sections before it continues downstream a few hundred feet to Quartzite Falls.


Canyon Falls

L’Anse: Canyon Falls is a beautiful box canyon and waterfall with several levels of falls. It is considered the Grand Canyon of Michigan. Canyon Falls is located eight miles south of L’Anse on the south side of US-41 at the roadside park. The trailhead starts in the parking lot. A new boardwalk was constructed in 2021. About a 10-minute walk to view the falls. Picnic tables and rest rooms are available. Difficulty level: 1-2


Falls River Trail

L’Anse: Nice cascading falls less than 1 mile from the Visitors Bureau. In L’Anse, take Broad St. down the hill to the intersection of Broad & Main, at the blinking light. Turn left on Main St., and go 2 blocks to the CertainTeed Plant, don’t cross the bridge. Park in lot on the left. Follow the path upstream to the Lower Falls.

L’Anse: Less than 1 mile from the Visitors Bureau. Follow the same directions as the Lower Falls. When you reach the Lower Falls, continue on the path upstream that runs alongside a high bluff. Middle Falls can be viewed from atop this bluff. Difficulty level: 1-2


Mitten Falls

L’Anse: Less than 1 mile from the Visitors Bureau. Falls are by the bridge on US-41, just north of L’Anse. There is a small parking area by the bridge.

10 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |


Power House Falls – Falls River

L’Anse: 2 miles from the Visitors Bureau. Take US-41 approximately 1-1/2 miles south of L’Anse. Turn right at Power Dam Rd. Follow Power Dam Rd. until you pass railroad tracks, road takes a sharp right, go straight ahead on dirt road to a Y, turn right, this brings you to the falls.


Silver Falls – Silver River

L’Anse: 8-1/2 miles from the Visitors Bureau. Enjoy this scenic picnic spot with very easy access. Go six miles northeast of L’Anse on Skanee Road, turn right at Falls Rd., travel to end of road. From there you can view the first falls, then walk 100 feet down the foot trail to a second, even more beautiful falls.


Sturgeon Falls/Gorge

Covington: Absolutely beautiful falls on the Sturgeon River, 17 miles southwest of Baraga. From Baraga: Take M-38 west and go 8-10 miles to Prickett Dam Road. Turn left (south) and go approximately 2-1/2 miles, and turn right towards Silver Mountain. Go past Prickett Lake Dam & boat launch area (approx. 2-3 miles) and you’ll come to the Silver Mountain access road (about 3-4 miles). Climb 300+ steps to the top and you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Prickett Lake. At this point, you’ve gone 5-7 miles, next you will cross the bridge over the Sturgeon River & continue southeast along Forest Road 2270 about 2-3 miles to Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness trailhead, which is on your right, and the parking lot is on your left. The hike down will take you about 25-30 minutes. If you want to continue on to the Sturgeon Gorge Overlook it’s another mile. When you come to the T-intersection, take a right and there’s a sign that says “Bears Den.” There is a parking lot and then a 5-minute walk to the overlook. From Sidnaw: Take M-28 (1/2 miles east of Sidnaw) to Forest Road 2200 and go north. Cross the Sturgeon River near the campground and continue to junction w/Forest Road 2270. Go left 1/2 mile to Gorge trailhead.

Tibbets Falls

Sturgeon Falls

11 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |
Lower Falls Quartzite Falls Pea Can Falls West Branch Falls Big Falls Canyon Falls
2 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 Baraga Township Arvon Township Covington Township Spurr Township M-38 HWY41 Map Legend
Snowmobile Trails ATV/UTV Trails Beaches Parks Boat Landing Baraga County Convention & Visitor Bureau
Waterfall Locations (details on reverside side)
Camping Mountain S. Kanee Road SKI TRAIL M-28 HWY 141 HWY 41 A B C D F G 3 Lanse Township 10 Mount Arvon E
Mount Curwood - 1978 feet


Tibbets Falls

L’Anse: Go south to M-28 (approx. 12 miles), take M-28 to Plains Rd. (2 miles west of Covington), turn north, go 3 miles until you cross the Sturgeon River. Continue on road until it makes a right curve. Turn left on the first dirt road, go approx. 0.2 miles to fork, then left. There are some signs to mark road. Falls are about 1/2 mile further, road ends here, and you can easily turn around. It is about a 5-minute walk to the falls. Use caution during wet weather as the road may not be passable.


Tioga Falls

Covington: Tioga Falls is located 20 miles south of L’Anse on the south side of US41 at a State Roadside Park complete with picnic tables and restrooms. From the roadside park it is an easy 5-minute walk to the falls.

Want More?

Can’t get enough of waterfalls? We understand that rush to see these places. Baraga County is situated nicely when it comes to waterfalls in nearby counties. Stop by the Convention and Visitors Bureau, 755 Broad St, L’Anse, and we’ll give you directions to some other waterfalls that are just a short drive away. Among them are these:

Agate Falls

Bond Falls

Forty Foot Falls

Leatherby Falls

Ogemaw Falls

13 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 | 1 Township LODGING A Baraga Lakeside Inn Bear Paw Inn Carla’s Inn L’Anse Motel Motel 41 Ojibwa Casino Hotel Baraga Three Lakes Motel B C D E F
1979 feet
Eric’s Falls Mitten Falls Tioga Falls Power House Falls Leatherby Falls Upper Leatherby Falls Silver Falls Black Slate Falls

Happy Camping – Stay a While

Camping offers a perfect blend of being shoulder-to-shoulder with nature and that of affordability. And what can beat being seated around a blazing campfire, swapping tales of the day’s adventures, watching the stars and later, lying in a tent listening to the loons serenading you to sleep?

Baraga County offers a mixture of campgrounds to fit your style from primitive to those with electrical service, showers and even Wi-Fi! In addition to campgrounds and parks-with-campgrounds, there are parks where you can bring the family for a picnic or serious tanning time on the beach.

L’Anse Township Park & Campground: Located 2 miles north of L’Anse on the Skanee Road. 30 modern sites. Situated on a hillside, which offers a beautiful view of Keweenaw Bay. Historically, it is the site of the first trading post and the original townsite of L’Anse.

• Owned and operated by L’Anse Township.

• Open mid-May to mid-October. Hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Pets allowed, but must be on a leash at all times.

• Electricity (20, 30 & 50 amp), free Wi-Fi, showers, water (not at sites), playground, swimming, pavilions, flush toilets, RV dump station, firewood, hiking trail.

• For rates and other info, call (906) 524-6985

• Online reservations at

Baraga State Park: Situated a quarter mile south of Baraga along US-41. There are 95 electric grassy campsites and a mini-cabin that overlook scenic Keweenaw Bay of Lake Superior. Popular for hiking, kayaking, camping and ORV-friendly recreation. One of the oldest state parks in Michigan, it’s also a great base camp for those touring western Upper Peninsula destinations. The park allows ORV operation between the campground and nearby ORV trails. There is a mix of back-in, pull-through, full hook-up and

accessible campsites, some with gravel or paved pads. Most sites are flat, generous in size and shaded by oaks, maples and pines. There is also free Wi-Fi.

• A Recreation Passport is required for all Michigan state parks.

• Many pull-through campsites and 20/30, 20/30/50 amp electrical service, 13 sites also have water and sewer.

• Pets must be under the owner’s control (on a leash, not left unattended in a vehicle or camper) and pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly (i.e. not in fire pits, vault toilets, restrooms).

• Playground, pavilion, water spigot, vault toilet, modern restrooms & showers, sanitation station, picnic area, and hiking trail.

• For rates and reservations, call: 800-447-2757 or visit

• For park information, call: 906-353-6558 or visit michigan. gov/baraga.

Aura Community Campground: Located at 13726 Townline Rd., L’Anse. 4 seasonal campsites. Short drive to beaches and several waterfalls.

• Firepit, electrical service at campsites. Porta toilet, potable water and emergency phone at nearby Aura Community Hall.

• Pets on leash at all times and attended.

• For rates and other info, call 906-370-2289.

Ojibwa Campground and Recreation: 16429 Beartown Rd., Baraga. The Ojibwa Campground offers a serene setting among pine trees to enjoy the outdoors with your family. The campground hosts the annual Keweenaw Bay Maawanji’iding Pow Wow every summer in July. Public is welcome. It’s the largest pow wow in Michigan. There is a full-time caretaker on the premises.

• Restrooms with showers, fire pits, RV dump station, electrical outlets, playground, and pavilions to host a family get-together.

• For rates and other info, call 906-201-4174.

14 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Big Eric’s Bridge State Forest Campground: Skanee. Rustic campground with 21 sites for tent and small trailer use located on the Huron River.

• A Recreation Passport is required for all Michigan state park sites.

• Weather dependent - generally open from April through November.

• Non-reservable. Sites available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Vault toilets, hand pump well.

• For more information, call Baraga State Park 906-353-6558.

Big Lake State Forest Campground: Big Lake Road, 5 miles north of Watton. Rustic campground with 12 sites for tent and small trailer use located on the east shore of Big Lake.

• A Recreation Passport is required for all Michigan state park sites.

• Non-reservable. Sites available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Vault toilets, hand pump well.

• Weather dependent - generally open mid-May through mid-October.

• Big lake is a 127-acre shallow, sand bottom lake. A carry-down launching area suitable for cartop boats, kayaks and canoes only. Parking available within 150 feet of the launch area; the site is signed.

• For more information, call Baraga State Park 906-353-6558.

Craig Lake State Park & Trails: 851 County Road Ake, Champion. Craig Lake State Park is the most remote state park in the system. It spans more than 6,900 acres in Baraga County. Craig Lake offers a touch of wilderness and access into the park is somewhat of an adventure. Vehicles with high ground clearance are recommended due to the rocky conditions of the road. The park contains six lakes and numerous small ponds along with a variety of wildlife including a portion of the Upper Peninsula moose herd. Craig Lake is 374 acres and features six islands and high granite bluffs along its northern shoreline.

• Craig Lake Main Trail: 8 miles, loops around Craig Lake and is open to cross-country skiing, hiking.

• Craig Lake North Country Trail: 7.5 miles. The trail covers some rough terrain, but is well worth the effort. Open to cross-country skiing, hiking.

• 6 parking spaces available at the access.

• For more information, call 906-339-4461.

King Lake State Forest Campground: King Lake Road, Covington. Rustic campground with six sites for tent and small trailer use located on the north end of King Lake.

• A Recreation Passport is required for all Michigan state park sites.

• Non-reservable. Sites available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Vault toilets, and hand pump well.

• Weather dependent - generally open mid-May through mid-October.

• Boat Launch - A hard-surfaced ramp with sufficient water depth and lake size to accommodate most trailered boats. Four parking places available at the access site.

• For more information, call Baraga State Park 906-353-6558.

Witz Marina: 21790 Nelson Rd., Skanee. 50 campsites.

• Located on Huron Bay.

• Accommodates 50-60 boats; gas pumps, and convenience store.

• Summertime hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

• For more information, call 906-524-6920.

Additional Parks

Arvon Township Park: Park Road, 1 mile north of Skanee. A hard-surface ramp with sufficient water depth and lake or impoundment size to accommodate all trailered watercraft (minimum of 2.5 - 3 feet deep at a distance of 20 feet from shore).

The site is signed.

• Operated by Arvon Township.

• Courtesy pier, toilets, 58 parking spaces available at the access site.

• For more information, call 906-524-6776

L’Anse Waterfront Park: Located on the waterfront in downtown L’Anse, this scenic day use park has concerts and Farmers Market during the summer. Magnificent view of Keweenaw Bay.

• Sandy swimming beach, children’s playground, picnic area, barbeque grills. and benches, shaded pavilion, amphitheater, showers, walking path on beach, flush toilets, splash pad, boat launch, marina.

• For more information, call 906-524-6116.

Second Sand Beach Park: Pequaming. Beautiful sandy beach. For more information, call 906-524-7444.

15 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Park Here, Go There

Baraga State Park is your base camp for fun adventures

Baraga State Park is a perfect base camp to explore the wealth of scenic, historic, cultural and recreational opportunities, not only in Baraga County, but the surrounding areas in the Western Upper Peninsula. The popular park is located a quarter mile south of Baraga along US-41.

Situated along Lake Superior’s scenic Keweenaw Bay, this historic 101-year-old Michigan State Park has many modern amenities for campers. There are 95 campsites with electricity, some with gravel or paved pads, or long pull-through sites. Of those, 13 sites are full hookup (electric, water, sewer). And with free Wi-Fi in the campground, you can work from your camper, stay connected with family and friends, surf the web or stream your favorite shows. Additional campground amenities include two restroom buildings with showers, a sanitation station, a 3/4-mile hiking trail, and a pavilion for campers.

Want to go camping but don’t own a tent or camper? The “Antlers” mini-cabin sleeps four and is furnished with a bunkbed and cots. It has a kitchenette with a microwave, mini refrigerator and coffee pot. There’s also a picnic table, fire ring and outdoor grill.

Baraga State Park is ORV-friendly, so you can park your vehicle and trailer and head out to nearby ORV trails. The park connects to Twin Lakes and Bewabic state parks and the Bond Falls Scenic Site via several motorized routes.

A Recreation Passport is required for vehicle entry into Michigan state parks, recreation areas, state forest campgrounds, and most boating access sites and state trailheads. Visit for more details and to purchase.

For camping or lodging reservations at Baraga State Park visit or call 800-447-2757. For questions, call Baraga State Park at 906-353-6558 or visit or

16 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |
Photos courtesy of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Don’t Forget Your Bike

Biking the paved roads, gravel sideroads and logging trails is the “Goldilocks” of exploring the Northwoods – not so fast as in a vehicle where you miss something, not so slow as walking where the day’s hours fade away before the next attraction.

Bring your bike and make Baraga County your hub to explore not only our friendly towns, but also to Marquette or Houghton in our neighboring counties. As you pedal your road bike or fat bike, you’ll come across breathtaking waterfalls, historical sites, roadhouses for a tasty burger and fries, and much more, including sunsets over Lake Superior that make even the locals’ hearts skip a beat!

Check out these suggested tour routes with family and friends:

Mountain Biking

Tour De Mt. Arvon – 29 miles

Road Biking

Tour da Aura – 26 miles

Tour da Houghton – 42 miles

Tour da Skanee – 51 miles

Tour da Pequaming – 22 miles

Tour da Pelkiie – 16 miles

Tour da Baraga – 5.6 mile

ORV trail expansion underway

Baraga County Trail Authority has started to make Baraga County more ORV friendly. They took over the MI-Trale trails in Baraga County and have been working hard to add more state funded ORV trails.

Those efforts include getting a loop trail over by Mt. Arvon, a trail to connect Baraga and L’Anse, and a trail to get from Baraga State Park to Covington/ Sidnaw. We will know more in early summer if these are approved. Go to for maps to be announced.

17 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Point Abbaye

Baraga Lake & County Tour

1. L’Anse Waterfront Park - begin & end tour.

2. Pequaming (“Pequa quaming” Ojibwa name) – homesite and ceremonial grounds of the Ojibwa before the arrival of the Europeans. First European visitor was the Jesuit priest Rene’ Menard who wintered here in 1660. Site of the Hebard & Thurber Sawmill (1877) later Charles Hebard & Sons – purchased by Henry Ford in 1923, and operated until 1942 making wooden floorboards for automobiles, wood panels for station wagons and crating for auto parts manufactured in Kingsford, MI. The population of this company town peaked at nearly 800 in 1897.

3. Second Sand Beach on Lake Superior’s Sand Bay -- swimming and picnicking.

4. Aura Lutheran Church – Circa 1930.

5. Aura - Following the labor strikes at the copper mines on the Keweenaw Peninsula in 1913-14, the Charles Hebard and Sons Company began offering 40 acres of harvested land for $300 with attractive financing. In the summer of 1914, six Finnish pioneer families from the Copper Country wishing to realize the American dream of owning their own land began arriving and created the agricultural community of Aura. The word Aura is the Finnish word for plow. Aura Town Hall adjacent to the Aura Fire Department - sometimes referred to the “Red” Finn Town Hall, following a socialist schism that occurred among the Finnish immigrants across the country and living in the USA in the 1920s and early 1930s – circa 1926.

6. Pointe Abbaye – beautiful views of Lake Superior, the Keweenaw Peninsula and the Huron Islands. Primitive camping. Turn left at Townline Rd and turn right on Pointe Abbaye Rd – approximately 8 miles to Point Abbaye.

7. Aura Hall Co-op and Community Hall – circa 1932 – site of the Aura Fiddler’s Jamboree since 1977 held on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of July each year.

8. Slate Falls and old Slate Quarry - turn right up Arvon Rd approximately 3 miles - in use from 1870 – 1892 and reopened again in the 1920’s for a short period of time by Ford.

9. Arvon Historical Society in the old parsonage for the Zion Lutheran Church – circa 1907/1908. Hours 1-4 on Saturdays or call 906-524-4942 or 906-524-4843 for special access.

10. Mount Arvon – Highest natural point in the State of Michigan – elevation of 1,979 feet. Turn right on Roland Rd and follow the blue signs driving approximately 8 miles to the parking area below the summit.

11. Big Eric’s Bridge, Big Eric’s Falls and primitive campground -- named for Big Eric Erickson, who was Henry Ford’s lumber camp foreman. Located on the Huron River – turn right for one mile on Big Eric Bridge Rd.

12. Mouth of the Huron – beautiful Lake Superior beach overlooking the Huron Islands, swimming and primitive camping. Turn right on Huron Rd.

13. Arvon Township Park -- Located on Huron Bay – turn right on Park Rd. in Skanee – 1 mile - picnicking and boat launch ramp.

14. Skanee – founded in 1870 by Swedish ship captain Walfred Been as he was seeking shelter from a storm on Lake Superior. Town is named after his home province of Skåne in Sweden. Skanee Town Hall – circa 1915.

15. Silver River Falls – turn left on Silver River Falls Rd – less than 1 mile.

16. Zeba – An Ojibwa community said to have first become a Methodist Mission settlement in 1835. The Zeba Indian Mission United Methodist Church on Marksman Road, was erected in 1888 and is an area landmark.

17. L’Anse Township Park – site of the American Fur Company trading post operated by French Canadian Peter Crebassa after moving the trading post from the west side of the Keweenaw Bay to this location in 1836. Full service camping is available.

18. The Village of L’Anse was incorporated in 1871 and became the county seat of Baraga County when it was created in 1875. L’Anse Township was established in May of 1846 with the first county elections held in L’Anse in July of 1848 after the U.P. was recognized as a part of the State of Michigan in 1837, and soon after becoming part of Houghton County.

18 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Adventure Here Begins One Step at a Time

One hour, one day, one weekend, one week – it’s all up to you how much time to spend as you follow the footpaths that lead you through deep woods, past picturesque lakes and gurgling streams, and up to vistas that are breathtaking. Sturdy hiking footwear, water and food, and bug repellant are suggested.

Baraga County is home to a number of trails that speak to the soul of hikers and bikers, birders, hunters and others throughout the year. For more information on trail opportunities, stop by at the Baraga County Convention & Visitors Bureau, 755 E. Broad St., L’Anse.

North Country National Scenic Trail: Or simply NCT, the premier hiking and backpacking trail stretches more than 4,800 miles to link communities and wilderness areas across eight northern states, including 7.5 miles in Baraga County! More than 1,700 miles have been certified off-road. When completed it will be the longest off-road hiking trail in the United States.

Point Abbaye: Located on the tip of Huron Bay overlooking Lake Superior with a great view of the Huron Islands and Huron Mountains. The shoreline is comprised of jagged rocks of many different formations and levels. From L’Anse, take Main Street to Skanee Road, then turn left onto Townline Road. At the 4-way stop, go straight, take the next dirt road on your right, which should be the Pt. Abbaye road. Follow the road to the point.

Silver Mountain: Climb the stairs to enjoy a panoramic view of the Sturgeon River Valley and Prickett Dam Lake. Go west on M-38 about 8-10 miles, turn left on Prickett Dam Road and then follow the signs to Silver Mountain. About a 25-minute walk, including through the remains of the quarry area that dates back to the 1800s.

Craig Lake State Park: Day hike and camp in one of Upper Michigan’s most remote State Forest parks.

Falls River Trail: Easily accessed trail provides views of falls. Directions can be found at Waterfalls of Baraga County.

L’Anse Township Park: Baraga County Trails in Motion has developed these 2 paths for all to enjoy. Cathy’s Path and Soup’s Loop: Ideal for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing. Parking is located on the Skanee Road, 2 miles northeast of downtown L’Anse and just 800 feet past the L’Anse Township Park entrance.

Little Mountain: Footpath to the top with a view of Lake Superior down below.

Mount Arvon: Highest point in Michigan at 1,979 feet. Drive all the way to the top or stop at the parking area and hike the 2-mile trail.

Mouth of the Huron: Dense woods, sand beaches and views of the Huron Islands. This is one of the Upper Peninsula’s hidden gems.

Waterfalls of Baraga County: 13 waterfalls to hike to and visit in and around Baraga County.

19 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Go Where the Fish Are

Picture yourself in Baraga County where on the first day you’re standing on the bank of a trout stream with a fly rod in hand as you temp trout, then the next day looking for walleyes that roam our many pristine lakes, and to wrap up the 3-day fishing trip, out on Lake Superior battling a trophy lake trout or salmon. Baraga County is known as the Lake Trout Capital of the Great Lakes!

In addition to walleye, there are northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, muskie, and panfish in our inland lakes. We suggest the following lakes for your catch-of-the-day: Big, Beaufort, Burns, Crooked, Craig, Fence, George, Keewaydin, King, Laws, Parent, Prickett, Roland, Ruth, and Vermillac. Of course, there are many more to explore.

Looking for rainbow trout or steelhead close by? The Huron River offers some of the best steelhead fishing in the U.P. Tie on a Beadhead Prince Nymph and head to one or more of the following streams and rivers: Carp, Clear, Falls, Huron, Kelsey, Menge, Perch, Ravine, Silver, Six Mile, Slate, and Sturgeon.

For a taste of big water fishing for salmon, whitefish and lake trout head out to Lake Superior, Keweenaw Bay or Huron Bay for a day of adventure.

If you forgot some fishing gear or need a Michigan license, or if you want to know what the locals are using for bait, visit one of the following vendors:

Fishing License & Supplies

• Woodland Firearms & Supply: (906) 353-1911 -- 513 Michigan Ave., Baraga

• Indian Country Sports: (906) 524-6518 – 17 S Front St, L’Anse

• Wilkinson’s Store: (906) 353-6257 – 117 Superior Ave., Baraga

You will find any number of public watercraft landings to launch your boat on inland waters. For the big water, head to these marinas:


• Baraga Municipal Marina: (906) 353-8110 – US Hwy. 41, Baraga

• L’Anse Municipal Marina: (906) 524-6116 – L’Anse

• Ojibwa Marina: (906) 353-9655 –Ojibwa Campground – US Hwy. 41, Baraga

• Witz’s Marina: (906) 524-7795 – Skanee

20 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Fun at the Lake Trout Festival

The annual Baraga County Lake Trout Festival will take place Saturday, June 8, 2024, which coincides with Michigan’s Free Fishing Weekend. No fishing license is necessary on that weekend. (In case of inclement weather, the fishing tourney will be held Sunday, June 9.)

Baraga County has been named the Lake Trout Capital of the Great Lakes and the free (no admission charge) festival will combine the Keweenaw Classic Fishing Tournament with family-oriented events such as Trout Run/Walk, kids’ run, kids’ carnival, kids’ fishing pond, coloring contest, 3-on-3 basketball tourney, pie-eating contest and a junk art sculpture contest.

Food and drink booths, coffee and baked goods, watching the “Duck Pluck,” shopping at the art and crafts fair, and listening to music by area talent will ensure fun for all, regardless of age.

The Classic Fishing Tournament will have separate classes for lake trout and salmon with many cash and merchandise awards, as well as door prizes. There are discounts available for early registration. All events will take place at the Waterfront Park and marina in downtown L’Anse.

L’Anse is located on beautiful Keweenaw Bay of Lake Superior on US Hwy. 41 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The UP has been named one of the Top 50 Vacation Destinations by Disney Travel.

For entry forms and information, including a schedule of events, visit For maps and accommodation information, visit the website of Baraga County Convention and Visitors Bureau, or send an email, or call 906-524-7444.

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Huron Mountains Range

Two contenders...and the winner is…Mt. Arvon

This is a tale of two siblings, each vying for the honor of being the highest elevation in Michigan. Both are located in Baraga County and are part of the rugged Huron Mountains in the Upper Peninsula.

For some 30 years, it was thought Mt. Curwood in Baraga County was the highest point in Michigan. It was no slouch, coming in at 1,978.24 feet above sea level.

But in 1982, a team from the U.S. Geological Survey, using advanced equipment, determined nearby Mt. Arvon rightfully owned the crown. Mt. Arvon registered in at 1,979.238 feet above sea level – a difference of just 11 inches over Mt. Curwood!

Mt. Arvon is located in the beautiful Huron Mountains Range, approximately 27 driving miles from L’Anse. The property is currently owned by Lyme Timber, which graciously allows people to enjoy the vista from the top.

The road to Mt. Arvon is a windy gravel road that’s often used for logging. The road is well graded and suitable for most

passenger vehicles, but there are a few rough areas. But come rain, you might want to have a four wheel-drive vehicle. Also, the road is closed and becomes a snowmobile trail from Dec. 1 to March 31. When it reopens, it can be very muddy and not passable until graded for summer. Please call the Convention and Visitor Bureau for road conditions.

Blue Mt. Arvon signs will guide you from town all the way to the summit parking lot. The road takes you through the untouched forest of Northwoods splendor.

As an option, you can hike the last segment to the summit of Mt. Arvon. Look for the parking area and hiking trail sign. The twomile route will take you by a couple of breathtaking waterfalls. A half mile from the top is a beaver pond where – if the scenic gods are with you – you might see a moose snacking on aquatic vegetation.

No matter how you get there, at the summit you’ll find the USGS benchmark, a picnic table and charcoal grill. A short walk further takes you to a cleared area for a great view across the forest as

22 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

it falls away below the mountain, to the huge expanse of Lake Superior. Anytime is a perfect time to visit Mt. Arvon, but when the leaves brim over with autumn color it’s spectacular!

For complete driving directions, pick up the Mt. Arvon brochure from the Convention and Visitors Bureau, 755 Broad St., L’Anse.

Our other mountains

Mt. Curwood is located about 6 miles southwest of Mt. Arvon as the crow flies. The road to Mt. Curwood is admittedly rougher than its sibling (it’s in our nature!). Four-wheel drive is recommended. Suitable for experienced summit hikers.

Silver Mountain is one of many easily accessible and highly scenic “mountains” in Michigan’s UP. It is not really part of any range, or any major geologic formation, as it is pretty much just an anomaly of resistant rock that made it past the massive glaciation that took place in the last Ice Age. Silver Mountain is southwest of Baraga, near the Sturgeon River Gorge and Wilderness area.

Little Mountain (1,150’) is a peak that lies just south of L’Anse, but is virtually unknown. Don’t let its diminutive size stop you from visiting, the panoramic views of the Huron Mountains and Keweenaw Bay are amazing! Trailhead is at the end of Golf Course Road, 4-1/4 miles from the Visitors Center.

High Pointers

We can’t leave our favorite mountain without noting there’s an organization called High Point Club. “High Pointers” seek out the tallest spot in each of the 50 states, record their visit, and log it on their website, After you complete the trip to Mt. Arvon’s summit, stop by the Convention & Visitors Bureau to pick up your free High Pointer achievement certificate.

23 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Baraga County Your New Winter Destination

Discover all that Baraga County has to offer winter enthusiasts when you visit our Upper Peninsula winter wonderland. Skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling opportunities abound, with some trails available right from the doorstep of your lodging. Even in winter, the area’s beautiful waterfalls are a major attraction for visitors.

Baraga County stretches along the south shore of Lake Superior and reaches down into the Ottawa National Forest. It is bordered to the east by Marquette County, to the south by Iron County and to the west by Houghton County. It benefits from the lake effect snowfall in the region.

There are 145 miles of groomed snowmobile trails taking you to all points in Baraga County, including Mt. Arvon – the highest natural point in Michigan! Information concerning snow conditions in Baraga County can be found in the snow and trail report, listed on the Baraga County Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website: There are almost 450 miles of trails across the entirety of the Ottawa National Forest (ONF) for snowmobile riding. For more information on snowmobiling opportunities on the ONF, visit: www.fs.usda. gov/activity/ottawa/recreation/wintersports

Nordic-style warriors can explore the Pinery Lakes Cross-Country Ski Trails located off Indian Cemetery Road, five miles north of L’Anse on Main Street/Skanee Road. Set in a thick forest of red pines, the trail features three marked trail loops which can be combined for a total of five miles of groomed trails. The trails are groomed for the traditional skier. (Sorry, no snowshoers, hikers or dog walkers on this trail.)

For those favoring big ‘shoes, take a trip to L’Anse Township Park where you can snowshoe Cathy’s Path and Soup’s Loop. Parking is located on the Skanee Road, 2 miles northeast of downtown L’Anse and just 800 feet past the L’Anse Township Park entrance. Another local favorite is the peaceful Pinery Lake Cross-Country Ski Trails east of L’Anse. Each February brings a lantern lit snowshoe outing on the L’Anse Township Trails. Check the Convention and Visitor Bureau’s website for details.

Ice anglers aren’t forgotten in Baraga County, which boasts any number of lakes. Try your luck and skill ice fishing on Lake Superior’s Keweenaw or Huron Bay, or on the many inland lakes in Baraga County. Pick up fishing supplies and licenses at local retail outlets. There are a number of resorts and motels that offer relaxing accommodations.

25 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Heritage Sites in Baraga County

Baraga County’s unique and interesting history can be explored at numerous historical sites and museums throughout the county. We’ve compiled a heritage tour that will appeal to all ages and interests. Stop by at the Baraga County Convention & Visitors Bureau, 755 Broad St, L’Anse, for updated information and maps.

Huron Island Lighthouse

Constructed in 1868 on Huron Island to guide vessels from Marquette, through Pequaming, into the L’Anse and Baraga ports, or the Portage Canal and Isle Royale. Walkways have been built by the U.S. Coast Guard. The Huron Island Lighthouse Preservation Association is restoring the structure. The lighthouse, accessible only by water, is located approximately 5 miles off shore from the mouth of the Huron River and is built on jagged, rocky knolls.

Aura Community Town Hall

Home of the famous Aura Jamboree the 3rd weekend in July. The association promotes strong local traditions focusing on ethnic folk music programs and community arts. For more information call 906-524-7842. From the 4-way stop in downtown L’Anse, turn right on Main Street, which becomes Skanee Road; continue on for 10 miles to Townline Road, turn left and go 3 miles to the hall.

Arvon Township Historical Society

The museum is located in the former parsonage of the oldest Zion Lutheran Church in Michigan built in 1909. Features displays of artifacts portraying time from 1871 to early 1900s. It is currently being restored. From June - August open on Saturdays from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Call Mary Erickson at 906-524-7689 for appointments. From the 4-way stop in downtown L’Anse, turn right on Main Street, which becomes Skanee Road. Go 13 miles to the museum.

Historic Zeba Indian Mission-United Methodist Church

The Methodist Mission was established in 1832 by John “Shawundais” Sunday, who also fought in the War of 1812 and

is the oldest missionary church in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is listed as a Michigan Historic Site and on the National Register of Historic Places. The outdoor chapel was built in 1924 where the “Camp Meetings” have been held annually since the 1880s and were also held in Pequaming. Historic Zeba is located halfway between L’Anse and Pequaming. Zeba means “Little River or Stream.” Once a post for the Hudson Bay Fur Company, it was also here that the Pines Casino opened in 1983. On the southeast corner of Whirl-I-Gig and Zeba Roads. Take Main Street/Skanee north out of L’Anse and after about 2.9 miles, bear left on Whirl-I-Gig until you come to Zeba Road on your right. Plenty of streetside parking.

Baraga County Historic Courthouse Building

Constructed in 1891. Now houses probate, circuit and district courts, and county departments. Local photography is on display. For information call 906-524-6300. Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 16 N. 3rd Street, downtown L’Anse.

Herman Historical Society

Herman Hall is a historical building constructed in 1931 by members of a Finish Amateur Athletic Society. The hall has been recognized by historians in Finland and in the U.S. as one of the best surviving “Fin Halls” in the country. The society maintains Herman Hall for community promotion and preservation of local cultural heritage. Herman Road is located 2 miles south of L’Anse on US-41. Take Herman Road 5 miles to the top of the hill.

Alberta Village Museum

Henry Ford built this picturesque village in 1936 as a model sawmill town and self-sufficient rural community. The site is along the Plumbago Creek, which he dammed forming Lake Plumbago to provide water for the mill and recreation area. You can relive the Ford dream and learn about many other Ford venues. US-41, about 8 miles south of the Visitors Center.

26 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |
by Dean S. Acheson

Covington Historical Society

The museum is open to the public June through August, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 906-355-2174. Located on Elm Street in downtown Covington. M28 and US-141.

Covington Parks & Recreation

The new pavilion and recreational area is the site of the Finish Music Festival, held every 4th of July. It also hosts other annual festivals. Food, beverages and fireworks. For event information: (906) 3552174. Located on M-28 just a few short miles west of Covington.

Bethany Lutheran Church

Painting done in cryptic, also stained-glass windows and woodcarvings. Artwork directed by Forsberg curator of Chicago Art Institute. Shown upon request. 906-355-2326. US-141, Covington, south on M-28.

Historic Covington School – Artist Market

The Historic Covington School is located at the junction of M-28 and US-41, (four miles from the M-28/US-41 junction). Quiet grounds with RV parking, picnic tables, and a playground. You will have room to stretch and relax in a sunny or tree shade area. All of this in addition to a unique shopping experience. Open May-Oct Fri thru Sunday 906-355-2727.

Baraga County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Information center for Baraga County. Stop in for more information on historical sites. Promoting tourism in Baraga County all seasons of the year. 906-524-7444. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Located at US41 and E. Broad St., By the “Welcome to L’Anse” sign in L’Anse.

Bishop Baraga Shrine

Visit the shrine of Bishop Baraga, the “Snowshoe Priest.” This historic, nondenominational shrine rises some six stories above the Red Rocks Bluff. It offers breathtaking views of Keweenaw Bay. Site holds a 7 ft. high cross and snowshoes 26 ft. long built of native bronze and weighs 4 tons. Floats on clouds of stainless steel supported by five laminated wood beams representing Bishop Baraga’s major mission. Located 1 mile north of L’Anse on Lambert Road on the head of the Bay.

Baraga County Historical Society Museum

Features include many exhibits from Baraga County including a lumber camp of the 1800s, impressive mineral rock collections, war veteran and Indian displays. Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. during the summer months. For more information: 906-353-8444. Located on US-41 in Baraga.

Ojibwa Pow Wow & Campgrounds

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community holds its annual Pow Wow the fourth weekend in July. Traditional stories and ground blessing are held mid-week and the dancers and drummers begin procession of the Grand Entry on Friday evening at 7 p.m., Saturday at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., and Sunday at 1 p.m. Camping is available spring to winter and it’s open to the public. Call 906353- 6955. US-41 North, Baraga.

Father Baraga’s Historical Mission & Native Genealogy Center

To preserve historical sites, artifacts and spiritual traditions of Christian Native Americans of the surrounding area. Scenic hiking trail. Native Catholic Church and cemetery, one-room schoolhouse, native genealogy center, orphanage, and site of Bishop Baraga’s last mission. Assinins, US-41, 2.4 miles north of Baraga, MI.

Assinins Cemetery

As far as anyone can remember, the burial ground has been here. The Ojibwa Nation was casting its nets in Keweenaw Bay near Assinins in the 1600s. At the time of death, the deceased would be dressed in their finest clothing and their body removed from their wigwam or house from a westerly window. A Feast of the Dead is celebrated each year during the spring. Visitors are welcomed from sunrise to sunset. Located just north of Assinins on US-41.

Hanka Finnish Homestead

A self-sufficient, 1920’s Finnish farm featuring a sauna, blacksmith shop, complex of barns, and self-cooling millhouse. It’s one of the few and maybe the only historical farm in Michigan that has been restored on its original site. This site is on the National Register of Historical Places and is a stop on the Western UP Heritage Trail. Hours of operation are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day inclusive. For information call 906-334-2601. Travel 10 miles north of Baraga on US-41 and turn left on Arnheim Road and go 6 more miles.

Pelkie One-Room Schoolhouse

Historic, restored one-room school house built in 1907. Served as a school unit until 1932. Here you can sit at a desk and imagine what school was like in a bygone era. Hours: Sundays from 11 a.m.—4 p.m. during the summer months. For information call 906-535-6709. Take M-38 west from Baraga for 7 miles to Pelkie Road, turn right, go 3 miles to Mantila Rd., corner of Pelkie Rd. and Mantila Rd., in Pelkie.

Sand Point Lighthouse

The Sand Point Light Station was established in 1878 near Baraga on the shore of Lake Superior. The naturally protected harbor of L’Anse Bay served the iron and lumber industries of the Upper Peninsula and the establishment of lighthouses served in the important shipping industry. After many years of active use, the light station passed into private ownership and became the property of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community in December of 1993. No tours are available but taking pictures is welcomed.

27 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Baraga County Business Directory


Bishop Baraga Association 615 S Fourth St Marquette, MI 49946 (906) 524-4495

L’Anse Golf Course 15267 Golf Course Road

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6600


American Legion Post 144

115 N Front Street

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7746

Cozy Inn Bar

26498 US Hwy 41 Michigamme, MI 49861 (906) 272-2675


Baraga County Federal Credit Union

101 E Broad Street

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6151

Superior National Bank

201 S Superior Baraga, MI 49946 (906) 353-6695

Tailored CPA 10 South Main Street

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7889


Baraga Lakeside Inn

900 S US Highway 41 Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-7123

Bear Paw

276 US Highway 41 Michigamme, MI 49861 (906) 323-6144

Carla’s Lakeshore Motel 14258 US Hwy 41

Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-6256

Ford Bungalow 137 Ford Drive Pequaming

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7595

Greenlight Cabins & Campground 22095 Creamer Rd Chassell, MI 49916 (906) 370-5175

L’Anse Motel and Suites 960 US Highway 41 L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7820

Motel 41 18033 US Hwy 41 L’Anse, MI 49946

Ojibwa Casino 16449 Michigan Ave Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-6333

Three Lakes Motel 27837 US Hwy 41 Michigamme, MI 49861 (906) 323-6101


Bay Auto Parts

346 S US Hwy 41 Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-6685

Erickson True Value 17752 US Highway 41

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6295

Hoffman Building Supply 18172 US Highway 41 L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6945

Inland Seas Trading Co. 20 S Main St

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-2774

L’Anse Furniture Mart 15 S 3rd Street L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7883

Nature Way Woodworking 21251 Model T Lane L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-5268

Northern Oil 150 S US Highway 41 Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-6185

Pines Convenience Center 501 US Hwy 41 Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-6223

Superior Truck & Tire 18042 US Highway 41 L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-1144

Wilkinson’s Store 802 Michigan Ave Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-6257


5 Star Marketing PO Box 10 Tomahawk, WI 54487 (715) 453-4511

Baraga County Chamber 1 N Main Street

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 353-8808

Baraga County Memorial Hospital

18341 US Hwy 41

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-3300

28 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

Bayshore Veterinary Clinic

438 N Main Street

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-5678

Bianco Plumbing 710 E Broad Street

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7315

Dave Whitman Construction

16850 Skanee Rd

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7500

Haataja Truck’n 16796 Skanee Rd

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-5756

Johnson & Berry Manufacturing 15442 Roth Road L’Anse, MI 49946

Kahkonen Excavating 18272 US Highway 41

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7738

Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College

770 N Main St

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-8400

L’Anse Family Dental 12 S 4th Street

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6420

L’Anse Methodist Church 304 North Main St

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-7939

L’Anse Pharmacy 18341 US Highway 41 L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6202

L’Anse Township PO Box 82

L’Anse, MI 49908 (906) 524-7377

Lyme Great Lakes Forest Management 15800 Mead Road

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-2040

Reid Funeral Home PO Box 81

L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6824

United Lutheran Church 21 Mesnard St L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6484

Up North Realty 2 E Broad St L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-2211

Village of Baraga 100 Hemlock Steet Baraga, MI 49908 (906) 353-6237

Village of L’Anse 101 N Main St L’Anse, MI 49946 (906) 524-6116

29 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |
30 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |
31 2024 Area Guide | (906) 524-7444 |

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