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The Brain By Ryan 5MH



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Control of the body

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Important part of the Brain

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Problems with the Brain

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About the Author

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The Brain is the part which controls the most things happen to the body or inside the body. It looks like so simple, but it is the part where most work is done and controlled. The brain is the place where everything you can remember is collected. the memories, the things that you have learned is all collected inside the brain. there are still somethings that people doesn’t understand. Get more information about the secrets of the brain.

Control of the Body The brain is one of the most important organs of your body. It looks like it does nothing, but without you noticing that you were using the brain, you were using it every time and seconds. Even now, when you are reading this book you are using the brain. It is generally the control center of your body. Also without this brilliant brain, you won’t be able to control your mood and your body. Which means there’ll be a huge chaos if people don’t have the brain inside their head. The world will come to an end without the humans or every living thing on earth by kicking, hitting, and destroying another. Well fortunately it won’t happen because the entire living thing This the difference of the brain of African Elephant and on earth have a brain.



This is the nervous system inside the brain. These things are made out of neurons.

Nerves If the other people hit you and if you don’t have a brain, you won’t feel it because your nerves wouldn’t work. The nerves have more parts than other organs do. They have some parts that reach out from the cell body called processes and the cell body is called soma. Also, the nerves (or neurons) have gaps called synapse, when the electrical information reaches the terminal (where the information goes out to synapse) the neurotransmitters (small information cells) gets out to synapse and stick to other nerves again. Then the cycle goes again and again until the information gets to brain. The nerves can send information from few meters away from the brain and get to brain only in fraction of seconds. That how you realize that you get hurt and do what you want to do. The neurons are the nerves. The neurons have their own systems inside the body. Also the neuron system is related to the brain and it is really important to have the perfect or nondamaged neuron system because without the neuron system you won’t be able to live an ordinary life. You won’t feel some bugs touching you right away, but a lot later or if it is worse you wouldn’t feel anything at all.

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Important part of the brain

This is the diagram of the brain. the brain is divided in 3 parts.

The brain is the most important body part of the body. It is mostly divided into to three parts. The biggest part of the brain is the cerebrum. It is the part where everything you see is complex. Also it is the part where you can think, feel and do a lot of other things. The cerebellum is where the balance of your body and help with your physics. The cerebellum is the small part right below the cerebrum and it is not so complex. The next part is the brain stem and the spinal cord is the extension of the brain stem. The brain stem is where the information goes out to the body or sends information. There are more parts that we don’t know yet or the information can change. Just now you were using the cerebrum to think about the change of the information.

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Problems with the brain

The brain is not always perfect. Some people have cerebral palsy (it is the problem that brain has and can’t control the body part) the cerebral palsy can be made when the baby is born earlier than they predicted. The lung of the baby is not fully formed and the brain has to use 20% of the air that the baby breathes, but the brain can’t get enough air. If the brain can’t get enough air then the brain gets damaged and they can't work the way the ordinary brain does. When they grow up, they can’t control the body and they have slow reactions with the part that damaged brain controls. They have problem walking around, talking or any other things related to the brain. There are still some ways to help those people who have cerebral palsy. They have the medical tools for walk, and live an ordinary life.

This is a boy has cerebral palsy but is working hard to play football. Page 6

Cerebellum: the small part right below the cerebrum it is the part where the body’s balance is controlled. cerebrum: The big complexed part and it is the part that a lot of people is familiar with.

Glossary Synapse: small gap between the nerves and the place where the neurotransmitters come out.

Chaos: the disobedience and confusion made by the disobedience. Extension: the parts that come out longer than other parts from the center Neurotransmitter: small information cells

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about the author

I always liked the way how brain works and I think the brain is the most amazing thing inside the body. The brain can be disgusting, but it is still awesome. I liked the brain since I was 9 and I collected a lot of information and by this amazing opportunity to write a non-fiction book about the brain.

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