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20th August to 6th September 2011

Nordic Design Helsinki Turku Stockholm Reykjavik Copenhagen Ă…rhus

NORDIC DESIGN - OVERVIEW In partnership with the Great Dane, Australia’s eminent purveyor, master, and collector of classic Scandinavian furniture, 50 Degrees North is introducing this magnificent 18 day design tour to the Nordic region. We are escorted by Owner & Director of the Great Dane, Anton Assaad, who will help discover the history and secrets behind the simplicity and beauty of Scandinavian design. In Helsinki, the World Design Capital of 2012, we dedicate time to Alvar Aalto’s life, architecture and design. We will have a go at glass blowing in the Fiskars Ironworks Village, and tour Turku, the 2011 European Cultural Capital. Sailing through the magnificent archipelago to Stockholm, we visit the small town of Gustavsberg, and the ‘Design House Stockholm’. In Iceland young designers at the Iceland Design Centre show off their talent, and we enjoy a full day out in the spectacular Icelandic nature. A design tour to Scandinavia is not be complete without spending time in Denmark, where we have ample time to connect with the works of famous designers such as Poul Kjærholm, Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl. At PP Møbler, a family owned Danish joinery workshop, we witness the production of Hans J Wegner’s ’The Chair’. We also vist some of the Great Dane suppliers in and around the town of Århus. This is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Scandinavian design at its best - with doors exclusively opened into the factories and workshops to meet artists and workmen of the local design community.

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DAY TO DAY ITINERARY Day 1 – 20th August Depart Australia Depart Australia in the afternoon for your comfortable business class flight via Bangkok to Helsinki. Day 2 – 21st August Helsinki Arrival in Helsinki in the morning, and receive a private transfer to your hotel. After a long international flight from Australia we have the morning free in Helsinki to get accustomed to the time difference. Helsinki has been appointed as the World Design Capital of 2012 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid). Design is an important factor of the urban lifestyle of Helsinki and is manifested through city planning, architecture, industrial design and service design. It plays an integral role in the city’s development. At midday we take a gentle walk through the Design District of Helsinki in search of some great Finnish design secrets, as well as a bite to eat. The Design District is located in the centre of town and only a short walk from our hotel. It is an area full of fashion stores, antique shops, art galleries, showrooms, design studios and restaurants, and is a perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness and Finnish city culture. This is an ideal place to get a first hand insight into contemporary top class Finnish design products, and one of the stores we will be sure not to miss is the Aero Design Furniture store. Alternatively, you can join our optional 3 hour guided tour of Helsinki with sights including the Senate Square, Uspenskij Cathedral, Parliament House, Finlandia Hall, University of Helsinki, New Opera House, Sibelius Park & Monument and Underground Temple. In the evening we have organised a welcome dinner at one of Helsinki’s many great restaurants, and hope to offer you a taste of the ‘New Nordic Cuisine’. Meals included: breakfast (in-flight) and dinner Overnight at Klaus K Hotel in superior/deluxe rooms. Page 3

Day 3 – 22nd August Helsinki In the morning we are treated to a guided tour of Finlandia Hall, a masterpiece by the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Finlandia Hall was completed in 1971 and is one of Helsinki’s most important architectural buildings, and the leading congress, event and entertainment venue in Finland. Our guided tour will give us a great insight into the architecture and history of the building. After lunch we jump on a local tram to visit the Design Museum of Helsinki, a specialist museum that selects and maintains a collection of design exhibitions. There will be ample time to wander through and enjoy the exhibits at your leisure. The rest of the evening is at your own disposal. Meals included: breakfast & lunch Overnight at Klaus K Hotel in superior/deluxe rooms Day 4 – 23rd August Helsinki – Jyväskylä - Helsinki This day is dedicated to Alvar Aalto’s life, architecture and design. Born in Kuortane, Finland in 1898, Alvar Aalto grew to become one of the greatest names in modern architecture and design. The most famous item to the Australian home may be the beautifully curved iittala vases (Aalto Vase), however, to many it was the Aalto architecture that captured the essence of his career. We start early to make a trip north to the town of Jyväskylä to experience the Alvar Aalto Museum. The design for the museum was completed in 1973, and together with the Museum of Central Finland the area forms a centre of culture in the immediate vicinity of the University of Jyväskylä. The drive takes us along some of Finland’s thousand lakes and through beautiful scenery, and is a perfect opportunity to view some of the picturesque Finnish countryside On the way back we stop at Alvar Aalto’s House located just outside central Helsinki. We are back in Helsinki in the late afternoon for our last night in the Finnish Capital. Meals included: breakfast & lunch Overnight at Klaus K Hotel in superior/deluxe rooms Page 4

Day 5 – 24th August Helsinki – Fiskars - Turku In the morning we make a short bus trip to the Fiskars Ironworks Village, founded in 1649. Over the years the village has seen much change, but has today become a centre for Finnish art and design with more than 100 creative professionals as local residents. At the village we will have an opportunity to see the art of ironworks and glass blowing at work, as well as wandering around the many artisan workshops and studios. After a beautiful lunch in Fiskars Village we continue to Turku, the 2011 European Capital of Culture. Before arrival at our hotel we stop by at the island of Hirvensalo just outside the city of Turku, where, on a mound amidst pines we find St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel. Designed by Matti Sanaksenaho and built in 2005, it resembles an upturned boat with an exterior of pine and green copper plating merging with the landscape. Later we check into our hotel, and have the opportunity to go for a walk along the Turku waterfront where we find the 13th-century red-brick cathedral, the national shrine and some old clapboard buildings, one of which now holds the Aboa Vetus/Ars Nova. This evocative museum houses a collection of mediaeval ruins alongside gallant contemporary art. Meals included: breakfast & lunch Overnight at Radisson BLU Hotel Marina in superior/deluxe rooms Day 6 – 25th August Turku – Stockholm In the morning we travel to the Turku pier and board a ferry from Turku to Stockholm. The whole day is spent on board sailing through the thousands of islands in the picturesque archipelago between Turku and Stockholm. This is a great day to relax on deck and enjoy the views or sit back with a good book. On arrival in Stockholm in the early afternoon we are taken to our hotel by our Swedish hosts. The evening is free to walk around Stockholm getting a feel for this modern Scandinavian city. Meals included: breakfast Overnight at Sign Hotel Stockholm in superior/deluxe rooms

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Day 7 - 26th August Stockholm Rising early we travel by bus to Gustavsberg located in the inner archipelago and east of Stockholm. Gustavsberg is a small industrial community set in a tranquil area in the Swedish countryside with a ceramics factory, and an adjoining porcelain museum displaying porcelain from 1825 up to the present day. We visit the small charming Ceramics Studio with Lisa Larsson’s hand-painted stoneware. In Gustavsberg we have a chance to walk through the Antique House (Antikhuset), which is specialized in china and works of art made by the well-known artists from Gustavsberg: Gunnar Wennerberg, Josef Ekberg, Wilhelm Kåge, Berndt Friberg, Stig Lindberg, Lisa Larson, Anders Bruno Liljefors, Karin Björquist, Bengt Berglund and Margareta Hennix. Antikhuset i Gustavsberg sell items that are no longer produced, and have one of the largest selections of Gustavsberg porcelain produced 1850-1990. We have set off some time in Gustavsberg for a lunch at your own leisure at one of the small cafes in the village. Returning to Stockholm we are invited to meet the people behind Design House Stockholm. Founded by Anders Färdig, Design House Stockholm started as a creative product development company for other brands in 1992. Using his vast knowledge in design management from prior experience managing companies such as Boda Nova and Höganäs, Färdig created a network of independent designers that remains the platform from which they operate today. In 1997 the Design House Stockholm product collection was launched, starting with Harri Koskinen’s Block Lamp that immediately became a worldwide success. The Block Lamp has remained one of their top selling products to this day, and is represented in MoMA’s permanent design collection. For an evening meal we have booked a table at one of the many great restaurants in the Swedish Capital. Meals included: breakfast & dinner Overnight at Sign Hotel Stockholm in superior/deluxe rooms Day 8 – 27th August Stockholm Today is a free day to enjoy Stockholm, and you can either spend it for a stroll through the Swedish capital. Alternatively, you can join an optional city tour of Stockholm visiting the Royal Palace, the Parliament Buildings, the island of Djurgården and the Old Town (Gamla Stan), with its narrow cobbled streets and numerous antique shops. During your spare time a place to visit is SoFo, an area “south of Folkungagatan Street” on Södermalm where you will find many interesting, trendy, creative stores with fashion, design, furnishings, jewellery, cuPage 6

rios, vintage/second hand, modern antiques, books, magazines, records and more. Several contemporary fashion labels have stores here. There is an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and malls. The atmosphere is very consciously laidback. Another well worth visit is the classic interior furnishings boutique ‘Svenskt Tenn’ situated on the beautiful shoreline boulevard Strandvägen Street on Östermalm. The timeless, patterned and brilliantly colored fabrics and furniture by Swedish/Austrian Josef Frank still cause people to make pilgrimages to the store. The store originated with the fortunate combination of two courageous people with fresh ideas; stylist and businesswoman Estrid Ericsson and designer Josef Frank. The store has modern classics, a lovely gift department with glass, pottery and objects by young established designers. Meals: breakfast Overnight at Sign Hotel Stockholm in superior/deluxe rooms Day 9 – 28th August Stockholm - Reykjavik The morning is free in Stockholm until we transfer to the Stockholm Arlanda airport for a short midday flight to Reykjavik. On our way from Keflavík airport we stop at the Blue Lagoon for a refreshing soak in the healing waters before continuing to Reykjavík. We arrive at our hotel in the evening. We have not pre-organised any dinner for tonight, as the restaurant in our hotel is excellent and you have the opportunity to dine there at your own leisure. Meals included: breakfast & lunch (on plane) Overnight at Hotel 101 in superior/deluxe rooms Day 10 – 29th August Reykjavik In the morning we take to our feet for a short orientation walk of Reykjavik accompanied by a local expert Icelandic guide. We visit the Iceland Design Centre, which foundation was a long-cherished dream of Icelandic designers and architects. The principal objective of the Design Centre is to develop an image and a unique status for Icelandic design, as well as to nurture innovation and promote development. While design has significant historical roots from Icelandic society, it is over the past decade that Icelandic dePage 7

sign has developed a clearer identity and a unique character. Education within design is relatively new in Iceland, which has meant that an abundance of promising young Icelandic designers have permeated the design environment with new life, curiosity, sanguinity and courage. After a couple of hours at the Iceland Design Centre an amazingly fresh seafood lunch at the Fish Market restaurant is awaiting. Thereafter, we continue our stroll down to the harbor where we visit the Armoury, exhibiting Sruli Recht’s arsenal of non-products, and the illustrated paper products of Megan Herbert. As a real treat we will dine tonight at the Dill restaurant, which is famous for the pioneering of the New Nordic Cuisine. Restaurant Dill is located in the Nordic House in Reykjavík, which was designed and built in 1968 by renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Restaurant Dill is run by Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason, captain of the Icelandic culinary team, and Ólafur Örn Olafsson, president of the Icelandic sommelier association. Meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner Overnight at Hotel 101 in superior/deluxe rooms Day 11 – 30th August Reykjavik After breakfast we head out for a tour into the spectacular Icelandic nature, visiting the World Heritage Site of Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area, as well as the Gullfoss waterfall. We enjoy a local lunch of the famous Icelandic meat soup at a country inn along the way. We are back in Reykjavik in the early evening for some free time. Meals included: breakfast & lunch Overnight at Hotel 101 in superior/deluxe rooms Day 12 – 31st August Reykjavik - Copenhagen The morning is at leisure in Reykjavik before we transfer to Keflavik Airport for our flight to Copenhagen. We arrive in Copenhagen in the evening and transfer to our hotel. Weather permitting we can recommend walking down to Nyhavn for an outdoor meal at one of the restaurants along the waterfront. Meals: Breakfast Overnight at The Square in superior/deluxe rooms Page 8

Day 13 – 1st September Copenhagen In the morning we drive north to visit Louisiana, the Museum of Modern Art located 2 hours north of Copenhagen. On the way we stop at Finn Juhl’s estate at Ordrupgaard. The estate is normally closed during the week, but the doors will be opened for a private tour with no other guests around. This is a unique opportunity to view some of Finn Juhl’s excellent furtniture design. There is also time for a wander through one of the newest buildings at Ordrupgaard designed by the prize-winning Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. The building opened in 2005, and with its special architectural style it adds an extra dimension to our visit. Once we reach Louisiana we have time to take in the rich collection of modern art, as well as the wonderful surrounding area. Time at Louisiana is free for you to wander around, and there is a cafe and restaurant on the grounds for those who like a bite to eat during their time here. On the return trip to Copenhagen we stop over at the PP Møbler (Furniture) workshop in Allerød. PP Møbler is a family owned Danish joinery workshop, established in 1953, with a strong tradition for crafting design furniture of high quality. In production at PP Møbler are numerous pieces for handcrafted furniture, and in particular we will witness the production of Hans J Wegner’s ’The Chair’. We are treated to a personal tour by Søren Holst Pedersen himself who runs the workshop. We return to Copenhagen in the afternoon, and have the evening at our own leisure. Meals: breakfast Overnight at The Square in superior/deluxe rooms Day 14 – 2nd September Copenhagen – Århus In the early morning we take a 4 hour train ride through the tranquil Danish landscape north-west to the city of Århus. Århus is where many of Great Dane’s suppliers are located and we will have the opportunity of visiting these together with the Great Dane owner. The time in Århus will be an exclusive opportunity to discover some of the secrets of Scandinavian design, and to meet in person some of the people behind the beautiful furniture available at the Great Dane’s showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. Meals: breakfast Overnight at Hotel Guldsmeden Page 9

Day 15 – 3rd September Århus, return to Copenhagen In the morning we visit the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson’s spectacular artwork, Your Rainbow Panorama, on the roof of ARoS Århus Kunstmuseum. At AroS we will also get a chance to admire ‘Boy’, the 5 meter high and 500kg sculpture of a crouched boy created by Australian artist Ron Mueck in 1999. ‘Boy’ was first exhibited in the Millennium Dome in London in 2000, and thereafter at the Biennale in Venice in 2001 where the director of ARoS, Jens Erik Sørensen decided to bid for the sculpture. ‘Boy’ is now one of ARoS’ most important exhibits, and surely is an impressive sight. At midday we catch the train back to Copenhagen where we are honoured to meet Thomas Kjærholm Poul Kjærholm’s son, for a unique chance to experience Poul Kjærholm’s furniture, and one or more examples of where they are in use. This is a very exclusive encounter with the son of one of Scandinavia’s most renowned designers. Poul Kjærholm was a strong proponent for industrial production, and his work stands out from his Danish contemporaries because of his extensive use of steel frames rather than the traditional wood. He was also probably the furniture designer in Denmark who most uncompromisingly sought to simplify and scrape off anything unnecessary. In the evening we have booked a table at Albert K restaurant in the former SAS Royal Hotel. Alberto K is named after Alberto Kappenberger, who managed the hotel for 25 years since its opening in 1960. It was also Kappenberger who commissioned Arne Jacobsen, one of the twentieth century’s most prominent Danish architects, to design the big hotel project. The restaurant’s furnishing bears the stamp of the design heritage, and you will enjoy your 5-course dinner with Arne Jacobsen’s cutlery and see examples of his furniture design when you look around the restaurant. Meals: breakfast & dinner Overnight at The Square in superior/deluxe rooms Day 16 – 4th September Copenhagen, board flight in evening In the morning we make the short walk back to the former SAS Royal Hotel (now Radisson Blu Royal Hotel) built in the 1960’s with every facet designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Only room 606 features the original Arne Jacobsen décor with grey, blue-green colors, wengé wood and a selection of representative furniture. We have prebooked the room to ensure it is not occupied for our visit. Page 10

We thereafter have the day is free in Copenhagen to do some shopping. Anton Assaad will gladly take you around to some of his favourite shops, like Royal Copenhagen, Illums Bolighus and Georg Jensen. Day rooms are available for our disposal at The Square Hotel until our evening transfer to Kastrup Airport. Our comfortable flight with Finnair departs for Helsinki in the mid evening and from here onwards to Asia and Australia. Meals: breakfast Day 17 – 5th September In flight via Asia to Australia Our flight stops over in Bangkok on our return, before continuing on to your home port in Australia. Alternatively, we can arrange a stopover if you want to spend a few days in the metropolis of Bangkok. Please let us know early should you wish to arrange such a stopover. Day 18 – 6th September Arrive Melbourne Arrive in your Australian destination in the early morning where your tour ends.

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PRACTICAL DETAILS Price from Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane: Business class flights and superior/deluxe rooms: AU$ 21,450 per person twin share Excluding int’l flights (Helsinki to Copenhagen only): AU$ 15,450 per person twin share Single supplement: AU$ 3,950 Group size minimum 10 and maximum 16 (plus escort) Dates: 20th August to 6th September 2011 Included: • Flights Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane – Scandinavia return in business class, including all taxes • All accommodation in superior/deluxe rooms at hand-picked design hotels • Meals as described in the itinerary • Local transport in minibus and trains • Ferry from Turku to Stockholm through the archipelago • Domestic flights Stockholm – Reykjavik – Copenhagen in business class including taxes • Behind the scenes ‘design’ visits and sightseeing with expert local English speaking guides • Encounters with designers, cabinet makers and other key locals behind Scandinavian design • Visit of room 606 at former SAS Royal Hotel • Tour escort from Melbourne Not included: Meals not mentioned, gratitudes, items of personal nature, transport to/from airport in Australia, alcoholic beverages.

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Great Dane & tour escort - Anton Assaad Great Dane was established in Melbourne in 2003 by Anton Assaad, and is now Australia’s leading importer and retailer of Scandinavian furniture and design. The business concept was originally based on original/vintage Scandinavian furniture by the Danish masters of the time. In 2011, Great Dane has grown into an emporium of Scandinavian design and culture, life and style. The Great Dane concept seamlessly blends the old and the new, providing fresh and surprising design products to consistently delight customers and re-affirm the relevance and beauty of Scandinavian design to the Australian lifestyle. As well, Great Dane offers the high quality and environmentally sound restoration service of the classic pieces. Through his passion, Anton has formed exclusive relationships with designers and manufacturers throughout the region. His experiences and travels in Scandinavia provide an unparalleled view into the mindset of the designers and manufacturers whose products he lovingly brings back for Australian’s to appreciate and own. Today, Anton travels to Scandinavia 4-5 times a year and hand picks every piece of furniture. Most recently, Anton fostered a groundbreaking partnership with legendary designer Arne Vodder that has resulted in a range of his mid-century furniture brought back into production nearly 60 years after their conception. He has also just started a new exclusive relationship with the family of Illum Wikkelsø and is launching Illum Wikkelsø, the V11 series in another world wide exclusive. Great Dane Furniture has showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. For details see: www.greatdanefurniture. com About 50 Degrees North 50 Degrees North is a boutique, independently owned, specialist travel company that aims to give you a little more than just a holiday. We specialise regionally, as we believe it is not possible to be good at everything. We focus on offering the most enriching style of travel, full of real life experiences with the opportunity to take home with you learning and understanding that others will miss. Read more on For details and booking see: or call 50 Degrees North on 1300 422 821 Please ask us about extensions & extras: • Additional accommodation in Helsinki and Copenhagen • Norway fjord extension packages • Bangkok/Thailand stopover alternatives

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