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Scandinavia, Russia, Arctic & Antarctica Tours, Treks, Voyages & Expeditions 2011/12

Scandinavia, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Shetland, Orkney, Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan & Antarctica

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Where do you want to be? Draw a line along the 50th parallel north and look at everything above – that is our specialist region. At 50 Degrees North we have developed an exceptional concept specialising in this unique, beautiful and sometimes extremely remote area of the world. It is an area of distinct seasons where light plays a more significant part of life than anywhere else. It is a region where they have a public holiday on the day the sun re-emerges back over the horizon after a long winter; it is where the northern light will throw waves of purple and green light across the sky in an incredible spectacle; and it is where you can enjoy 24 hour sunlight. In this northern region of our earth we also find unique wildlife and flora. The king of the forests, the awe-inspiring moose, lives here, and so does the myth-like Polar bear, whose fascinating habitat

is threatened due to the melting ice. You may also encounter lynx, lemmings, brown bears, muskox, reindeer, wolves and wolverines in the expanses of pine and birch forests. In spring a blanket of colourful wildflowers stretch across meadows and fields. Wild berries and wild mushrooms of various kinds are abundant. Rivers are crystal clear and full of rainbow trout and salmon, who after time at sea detect their river of birth by a remarkably developed sense of smell. The 50th parallel travels through the northern part of mainland Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and Canada. 50 Degrees North is where mainland Europe ends and Northern Europe starts; it is where the Central Asian deserts meet the deep forests of the Siberian taiga and where Canada freezes over.

People are friendly and hospitable, always more so in summer than in winter, simply because it takes more to reach a heart with clothes on. The far north is inhabited by minority groups that have a great say in their independency and autonomy. These are the Inuit of Greenland & Canada, the Sami people of northern Scandinavia, Finland & Russia, the Mongols, and the various indigenous groups of Siberia. Although research and evidence is not necessarily conclusive it is widely believed that the indigenous groups inhabiting the region above the Arctic Circle (66° north latitude) are closely related in customs, language and DNA. There is nowhere like it. Set fire to your senses, join us 50 Degrees North and go further... Tietse Stelma Director - 50 Degrees North

Polar History Front cover photo:

Over the centuries the north has brought to life some of the world’s greatest explorers. Research suggests Norsemen had settlements in America (‘Vinland’ – New Foundland) 500 years before Columbus reached its shores. Other Norse explorers reached as far as Constantinople (toady’s Istanbul) in their famous ‘Viking’ longships. Norwegians were the first to travel the Northwest Passage in the early 20th century. They were the first to reach the South Pole in 1911. Swedish explorers travelled through Central Asia and discovered the Trans-Himalayan range, and the sources of the great Brahmaputra and Indus rivers. What inspired these great explorers can only be incredible natural beauty, remote wilderness, and a desire to explore it. One of the visions of 50 Degrees North is to bring to life these achievements and their importance to Arctic and Antarctic history and research. It is to raise the flag of northern Polar history and its importance to whom we are today.

Dog Sledding Photo: Filippo Barbanera

Helgelandskysten, Norway 2

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway

Hot springs of Uunartoq, Greenland

Nansen across Greenland, 1888

Photo: Karsten Bidstrup

Photo:Norwegian Polar History archive

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THE COMPANY & CREW From Longyearbyen to Å, and Helsinki to Ulaanbaatar & Vladivostok, 50 Degrees North is about inspiration, unparalleled experiences and personal achievements undertaken beyond the 50th parallel north. Our product is high on quality, not for luxury standards, but for the unique and groundbreaking focus. 50 Degrees Northis a specialist travel company that aims to give you a little more than just a holiday. We specialise regionally, as we believe it is not possible to be good at everything. We also focus on offering the most enriching style of travel. Not necessarily cheap, but rewarding, full of real life experiences and with incredible value for money. Our knowledge and expertise will allow you to get deep under the skin of the northern region, and take home with you learning and understanding that others will miss. Our concept is about taking you off the main tourist track and out in those lesser known or accessible areas of the high north. Going that bit further does not need to be strenuous, and it does not need to be rough. Sleeping on a reindeer skin is comfortable and warm; sipping a glass of iced aquavit in front of the camp fire is cosy; spending a night in a remote Mongolian ‘ger’ is beautiful; and cruising among icebergs in search of polar bears under the midnight sun is just an extraordinary experience that may not be possible for much longer….

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Tietse Stelma - Founder

Valberg Lárusson - Web Development

Sustainable Development

Tietse, a Norwegian, joined the travel industry in the early 90’s and established the China and Mongolia product for a major adventure tour operator in Australia. He has also headed up the global operations team for a second major tour operator to ensure high class product delivery. With 20 years in the industry, Tietse has spent years exploring the extraordinary northern region, which he brings with him to assist you in going further...

Valberg Lárusson, son of Lárus, son of Valberg from Húnavatnssýsla, is a software developer from Iceland. After setting the first non-stop sailing record around Iceland, he migrated to Australia for fresh and bigger challenges. Valberg is the main developer of our website.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism is at the forefront of the 50 Degrees North philosophy.Our sustainable focus is perfectly matched with the region in which we operate. The area north of the 50th parallel comprises some of the last true wilderness on earth. We like to call it the last frontier wherein some areas the development of sustainable tourism infrastructure is still in its experimental stage. Our aim is to ensure that this development takes a sustainable path.

Jayde Kincaid - Co-founder Jayde has been a tour leader in China, Europe and North Asia. Early in life she learnt Japanese and has a strong affection for Japan. Jayde has spent the past 15 years in the outdoor education industry in Australia, and has used her skill in education, training and development to establish 50 Degrees North’s programs to be rewarding and of a superior quality.

Jan Wigsten - Local Partner Jan is Swedish and our main contact in Mongolia. He migrates to Mongolia every summer, when operations are in full swing, while in the winter months he is engaged in ecotourism advisory consulting, lending himself to communities, the Sami reindeer people of Sweden and other international funding agencies.

Jan Ravnholt - Advisor Jan is the President of the Danish Club of Melbourne, and has helped set up Denmark House in Melbourne. He is also the General Consul of Denmark in Victoria, and has a keen interest in food and Nordic cuisine. Jan has joined 50 Degrees North as an advisor for our Real Food program.

Hans-Jørgen Jahr - Graphic Design Hans is a freelance graphic designer, living in Melbourne. He is an active and adventurous Norwegian who loves the sun and surf, snow and mountains, on bike, board or foot. He also builds guitars in his spare time.

The Arctic Council We recognise the work done by the Arctic Council, which eight members states are Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, USA, Sweden and Finland.

Read more:

Local Employment 50 Degrees North promotes partnerships with local businesses in the destinations we travel rather using international chain hotels or companies. This also means that the people you meet on the ground are locals who know their area better than anyone, and can take you deep under the skin of their home country or region.


True specialist destination knowledge

We partner only with the best suppliers

High quality travel experiences

Value for money

Expert local leaders

Great & unique overnight stays

Come home with something special

Savour a unique region

Sustainable tourism

...and, if you chose one of our more hardy expeditions; •

Challenge yourself

Our Pledge

Photo: Rinie van Meurs


“The Arctic Council was formally established by way of the Ottawa Declaration of 1996 as a high level intergovernmental forum to provide a means for promoting cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States, with the involvement of the Arctic Indigenous communities and other Arctic inhabitants on common Arctic issues, in particular issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic.”

50 Degrees North has pledged to donate a percentage of our annual profit to Arctic conservation efforts, with particular emphasis on protecting the habitat of the majestic Polar Bear - the symbol of the Arctic with its content being a gauge of our success in fighting dangerous climate change.


Lavvo on the Finnmark mountain plateau Photo: C.H./Innovation Norway


(Norway, Denmark & Sweden) Design-Right, Fjords & Wild Berries Scandinavia is claimed by many to be the most beautiful region on earth, with the fjords of coastal Norway the jewel in the crown. Find yourself on a cruise through the fjords, or traversing the mountain plateaus on foot with vistas only limited by the

curving of the earth. Cliffs plummet more than 1000 meters into the fjords with small mountain farms clinging to the mountainside. Enjoy the exciting and modern cuisine of Scandinavia under the shades of a street side marquise in Copenhagen. Take a cruise on the GĂśta Canal stretching from Gothenburg to

Stockholm enjoying a sip of ice wine while you scan across a tranquil and lushly green countryside. Frolic through the back streets of Tromsø at 3 am when the sun is still on your face, or don your skis and go as far as you can see on pristine white snow, and then enjoy a hot chocolate in front of the fire at a

mountain hut that appeared out of nowhere. Scandinavia is one of our favourite destinations, as it combines a lively culture, modern design, old traditions, adventure and a magnificent landscape. Scandinavia offers something for all travellers; from a leisurely coastal cruise combined with a tour of the most well

known attractions, to a hut to hut trek across spectacular mountain ranges. There is new Nordic cuisine prepared by world leading chefs, and there is rafting, kayaking and cod fishing off the Lofoten islands. All under long light days of summer, or accompanied by the spectacle of the northern light.

Our tours in Scandinavia include: Touring & Cruising Treasures of Scandinavia & Finland - 14 day tour (easy) See the main highlights of Scandinavia and Finland on this all encompassing tour Fjords of Norway - 8 day tour (easy) Experience the scenic fjords and mountains of Norway Lofoten Aurora Borealis - 8 day sail cruise (moderate) Sail among the spectacular island cliffs of Lofoten, and witness the Northern Lights

Active Across Jotunheimen - 5 day trek (strenuous) Trek across central Norway staying in mountain huts Mountain, Glacier, Valley & Fjord - 7 day trek (strenuous) Experience the most spectacular glacier area of Norway Highlights of Rondane - 7 day skiing (moderate to strenuous) Ski through the Rondane National Park in central Norway See for more details.

The Jostedals glacier

The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway

Evening in Denmark

Photo: Anders Gjengedal/Innovation Norway

Photo: Johan Berge/Innovation Norway

Photo: Niels Thye


Lysefjord, Norway Photo: Per Eide/Innovation Norway



NORWEGIAN COASTAL VOYAGES In cooperation with Hurtigruten, 50 Degrees North offers several cruise options along the beautiful Norwegian Coast, which can be combined with a number of land programs and excursions. With daily departures from Bergen year round, a selection of itineraries and several vessels to choose from there will be a Norway cruise to suit your taste, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.

Pearls of the Baltic Sea 11 day voyage taking in the highlights of the Baltic Sea This voyage takes you to some of the most captivating destinations in Scandinavia and the Baltic. Visit charming Copenhagen and follow the trail of Hanseatic merchants, exploring some of the most fascinating cities in Northern Europe. Enjoy the slow sailing Photo: Hurtigruten through the fascinating Kiel Canal, let yourself get charmed by the island of Bornholm, see beautiful Stockholm and modern Helsinki before setting course for St Petersburg of Russia, where you will have an overnight stay and plenty of time to take in the sights.

Hurtigruten’s M/S Fram and her skilled and knowledgeable crew offer a dazzling choice of life changing experiences that take you into the heart of some of nature’s most spectacular landscapes. These are regions where the people and the wildlife are unique. Just as the original Fram was a ship that opened up the wonders of the world to men like Nansen, Amundsen and Sverdrup, let the M/S Fram expand your own horizons. We journey to some of the most ecologically fascinating and diverse landscapes on Earth, on voyages of discovery that take you into a world where the natural beauty is matched only by the diversity of its remarkable cultures.

The Hurtigruten fleet on the Norwegian Coastal route consists of eleven ships operating at any one time. On this page we present a taste of the many voyages on offer.

ITINERARY Day 1 Embarkation in Oslo, Norway Day 2 Copenhagen, Denmark Day 3 Baltic Sea Day 4 Helsinki, Finland Day 5-6 St. Petersburg, Russia

See, or contact us for more information and voyages.

Norwegian Highlights

Classic Voyage North

11 days cruise through the fjords of southern Norway Join us as we celebrate Easter in the magnificent Norwegian fjords! Learn more about the Easter traditions of northern Europe and sample some of the Easter specialties, as you sail along Norway’s western coast. A land of breathtaking fjords, mythical creatures and pristine natural beauty, Norway’s unique charm is also found among the tiny hillside villages and bustling cafés of its modern cities.

7 days Bergen to Kirkenes This classic 7-day voyage begins in Bergen and calls at all 34 ports as you make your fascinating journey north. After crossing the Arctic Circle, you’ll notice the landscape change to suit the cooler climate before reaching your final destination, Kirkenes, a remote outpost of Northern Europe next to the Russian border. HIGHLIGHTS • See the beautiful UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord (departures between 15 April and 14 September) • Sightsee in the colorful Art Nouveau town of Ålesund • Cross the Arctic Circle • Visit mainland Europe’s northernmost point, North Cape (optional excursion) • Explore the Capital of Arctic Norway, Tromsø • Enjoy a wide selection of exciting excursions, including snowmobiling, dog-sledging, Lofotr Viking feast and much, much more ITINERARY Day 1 Embarkation in Bergen Day 2 Ålesund and Geirangerfjord Day 3 The Royal City of Trondheim Day 4 Arctic Circle and Lofoten Islands Day 5 Tromsø, Gate way to The Arctic Day 6 Honningsvåg and the North Cape Day 7 Disembark in Kirkenes (connected to Oslo by flight)

Trollfjorden Photo: Hurtigruten

Classic Voyage South 6 days Kirkenes to Bergen Travel with Hurtigruten along the beautiful coast of Norway from Kirkenes to Bergen, and get to experience the world´s most scenic sea voyage. The 6 day voyage south calls at over 30 ports, clinging close to the coast as you weave through the legendary Lofoten Islands famous for stunning nature and idyllic fishing sites. Arriving in Bergen you have numerous possibilities to extend your holiday to see more of this spectacular country.

The Arctic Circle Photo: Frithjof Fure/Innovation Norway

ITINERARY Day 1 Embarkation in Dover, UK Day 2 Cross the North Sea to Norway Day 3 Stavanger Day 4 Lysefjord and Rosendal with views of the famous walls of Preikestolen Day 5 Ulvik and Eidfjord in Hardangerfjord

Tale of two Ice Lands 12 day cruise from the west coast of Greenland to scenic Iceland This voyage takes you through the highlights of Disko Bay and on to the less visited southern regions of Greenland. En route you will visit traditional Inuit communities and historic Viking settlements, the thriving Greenlandic capital of Nuuk, the impressive alpine landscapes of southern Greenland, before sailing across the Denmark Strait to the volcanic island of Iceland.

Day 6 Flåm, Nærøyfjord and Gudvangen in Sognefjord Day 7 Ålesund and Geirangerfjord Day 8 Olden, Nordfjord and Hyenfjord Day 9 Bergen, the cultural capital Day 10 At sea Day 11 Disembark in Oslo

ITINERARY Day 1 Embarkation in Kangerlussuaq Day 2 Qeqertarsuaq, on the volcanic island of Disko Day 3 Ilulissat and the Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier Day 4 Sisimiut Day 5 Nuuk, the country’s capital

HIGHLIGHTS • Spend time in the world’s northernmost town, Hammerfest • Sail through the incredible Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands • Visit Norway’s former capital, Trondheim • Taste delicious seafood in the beautiful harbour town of Bergen • Enjoy a wide selection of pre-bookable and exciting excursions ITINERARY Day 1 Embarkation in Kirkenes Day 2 Hammerfest and Tromsø (option to visit the North Cape) Day 3 Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands


Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

Arctic Circle and Seven sisters Trondheim and Kristiansund Rocky Islands and disembarkation in Bergen

Day 7 Tallinn, Estonia Day 8 At sea Day 9 Gudhjem, Bornholm Day 10 At sea Day 11 Disembark in Oslo, Norway

Day 6-8 Southern Greenland Day 9 Icebergs of Prince Christian Sound Day 10 Crossing the Denmark Strait Day 11 Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Grundarfjordur, Iceland Day 12 Disembark in Reykjavik See for more details and cruises.

M/S Fram in Arctic waters Photo: Hurtigruten


M/S Fram - Suite balcony Photo: Hurtigruten

Our vessel, the M/S Fram M/S Fram was built in Italy in 2007 for the purpose of exploratory cruising. She has 128 comfortable twin and superior cabins, including a number of suites. There is a glass-enclosed observation salon, excellent leisure facilities, including gym, sauna and heated Jacuzzis.

Northern Lights over Tromsø, Norway

Photo: Bård Løken/Innovation Norway





ICELAND Quirky, Magnificent & Pure The Icelandic people were once some of the most daring seafarers around. They made extended journeys in ‘Viking’ long ships across the Atlantic discovering Greenland and Vinland, today know as New Foundland. The country itself is tiny, with a population of mere ¼ of a million. It offers incredible scenery and unparalleled geological attractions that can bring a whole continent to a standstill.

FAROE ISLANDS, ORKNEY & SHETLAND horse. Without boundaries on skill levels and experience, our tours, treks and active adventures in Iceland give you a powerful experience of the island’s natural beauty and landscapes. Our Icelandic partners have over 15 years experience in organising the most rewarding and fun filled holidays. See for more details.

You can chose a comfortable touring option or you can go trekking, ice climbing, super-jeep riding, fly fishing (see page 32) or jump on the back of the infamous Icelandic

Our tours in Iceland include: Touring

Kingdom of Volcanos and Glaciers - 5 day tour (moderate) Travel across southern Iceland taking in the main natural highlights The Wonders of South Iceland - 4 day luxury super jeep (easy) Go where others can not in a 4WD trip among the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland Highlights of Faroe Islands, Iceland & Greenland - 11 day self guided tour (easy) Get a glimpse of the awesome islands of the North Atlantic

Weather-Beaten, Sea-Birds & Norse Perched in the North Atlantic Ocean, only a short flight from mainland Europe, the jagged cliffs of the Faroe Islands will take your breath away. This is a true adventure destination, not necessarily for the active nature of a visit, but for the feeling of remoteness and isolation. To us, the Faroe Islands are a hidden secret not sought by many, and spending time here will give you an unforgettable experience of remote living at the edge of the open sea.

Only a short hop south are the distinct Islands of Shetland and Orkney. Mostly low-lying and treeless, they are very similar in geology to the Faroe Islands. Shetland and Orkney are British rather than Nordic, however, ask anyone about their origin and the answer will more often than not be ‘Norse’. These unique and remote isles of the North Atlantic are of volcanic origin where glaciers from the last ice age have transformed the landscape to an archipelago with high mountains, deep valleys and

narrow fjords. Animal life is sparse, but there is a rich and varied bird life, with seabird colonies hanging onto every cliff. Our tours and adventures on the islands of the North Atlantic range from comfortable sightseeing tours, food safaris, cruise stopovers and cabin hire - or join us for an out of the ordinary island hopping experience.

Bird watching Faroe Islands - 6 day tour (easy) See enormous colonies of sea birds hang onto the cliffs of the Faroe islands North Atlantic Odyssey - Whale Safari & Summer Solstice - 11 day cruise (easy) Watch out for whales among the islands of the North Atlantic

Ultimate Shetland – 8 day tour (easy) The most comprehensive wildlife holiday visiting Mousa, Noss, Yell, Unst, Fetlar and Northmavine.

Vatnajökull Glacier Expedition - 9 day ski expedition (challenging) Join a skiing expedition over one of Iceland’s most spectacular glaciers

‘Up Helly Aa’ Fire Festival – 5 day festival tour (easy) Britain’s biggest fire festival and torchlight procession takes place in Lerwick on the last Tuesday of January.


Hiking at the End of the World - 5 day trek (strenuous) Hike through the magnificent landscapes of Iceland, ending each day in a hot spring Super jeep adventures

Touring & Cruising

Ultimate Orkney – 8 day tour (easy) Join us in the archipelago of Orkney - a complex jigsaw of land and water, and with a wealth of wildlife.


Photo: Icelandic Mountain Guides

Our tours in Faroe Islands, Orkney & Shetland include:

Hiking the Faroe Islands - 8 day hike (moderate to strenuous) Take a hike across the cliff tops with endless views of the North Atlantic

See for more details.

See for more details.


SHETLAND ORKNEYS Laki, South Iceland

Hot Springs

Cliffs of the Faroe Islands

Photo: Icelandic Mountain Guides

Photo: Icelandic Mountain Guides






Our tours in Greenland include:



Touring & Cruising Northeast Greenland - 13 day cruise (easy) Voyage along the remote Greenland coast with frequent shore landings

Adventure, Indigenous & Majestic Greenland, despite its name, is mostly covered by an enormous white ice cap covering 1,710,000 square kilometres making it the second largest ice body in the world. The cap was first traversed in 1888 by Norwegian explorer, zoologist and oceanographer Fridtjof Nansen. In 2010 Greenland closed the ice cap for the first time in known history for any expedition crew wanting to traverse it – all due to the melting ice. However, Greenland has far more to offer; from trekking in the southeast, kayaking, and dog sledding, or just cruising along its magnificent coastline. You can join us for one or all of these experiences, either aboard one of our expedition cruise ships, or in the company of our experienced Greenlandic travel partners.

Icebergs and Glaciers - 8 day tour (easy) Discover the magnificent nature of western Greenland Treasures of Greenland - 12 day tour (easy) Join an all encompassing, unique and in-depth adventure through Greenland from north to south

Active Trekking in East Greenland - 14 day trek (moderate to strenuous) A unique adventure on foot around the exceptional beauty of Ammassalik island

Greenland’s Inuit population are exceedingly hospitable to say the least. Travelling with 50 Degrees North you will have Inuit guides taking you around. They will share tales and secrets of their homeland with you, as you cruise, tour, paddle or trek through the infinite expanses of the Greenland territory.

Midnight Sun, Polar Bears & Pack Ice Svalbard forms the northernmost part of Norway and combines as a station for Arctic research, climatology, and an adventure holiday destination. Dog sledding, glaciers, boat cruising, polar bears, the midnight sun and the beautiful northern lights are highlights on your travel to Svalbard. Our partners operate a unique hotel in the city of Longyearbyen that has kept intact the trapper traditions of this remote outpost. With driftwood, old woodwork from Barentsburg, slate and sealskins as building materials, they have created a comfortable and pleasant arctic hotel for those wishing to spend their holiday experience of their life up north, on Svalbard. During the winter months you

can also stay aboard the ice trapped 46 meters long two-mast schooner ‘Noorderlicht’ built in Flensburg, Germany in 1910. Summer and winter are both excellent for visiting Svalbard, each with their unique characteristics summer in perpetuity of light, and winter with the amazing Aurora Borealis.

The ultimate challenge Take the ultimate challenge and embark on a ski journey for the last degree to the North Pole. Reaching the North Pole is a dream for some, and following the deeds of Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen and Robert Peary, inspires a desire to explore. The pack ice, the cold and the light are the same now as then. This kind of skiing expedition is on request, and only for the very fit and serious candidate.

Greenland Winter Dog Sledding Adventure - 8 day dog sledding (strenuous) The ultimate Greenland experience! See for more details.

Kayaking the traditional way

Town of Uummannaq

Noorderlicht frozen in the ice

Enjoying the Arctic view

Photo: Isak Kleist

Photo: Jens Henrik Nybo

Photo: Ole Bernt Frøshaug/Basecamp Explorer

Photo: Rinie van Meurs



Our tours on Svalbard include: Touring Encounter Spitsbergen - 7 day tour (moderate) See azure blue glaciers, unspoilt scenery and Polar Bears Full Moon Winter Weekend Svalbard - 4 day stay (easy) Escape the heat and enjoy a unique winter weekend under the Aurora Borealis

Active Dogsled Expedition to Ship in the Ice - 5 day adventure (moderate) Treat yourself to a unique expedition staying aboard the SV Noorderlicht frozen in the Arctic ice See for more details. M/v Plancius

Our expedition voyages in the Arctic include:

Photo: Rolf Stange


The voyages offered are in cooperation with Oceanwide Expeditions, who are a full member of AECO.

Cruises 180°

board. Moreover, we can be flexible, easily changing the course of the vessel and have our inflatable Zodiacs ready in no time for cruises among ice-floes and local wildlife. A friendly and experienced expedition crew, most of who have been with us for many years, will be anxious to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with their guests. The reliable ice-strengthened vessels, completely rebuilt and renovated, allow us to navigate safely through pack-ice and occasional remote narrow waterways.

Our small-group expedition voyages in the Arctic allow passengers to enjoy the natural wildlife and scenery of some of the world’s most spectacular and pristine shorelines, above and below the oceans. The North Atlantic & Arctic season between May and September enables detailed exploration of the spectacular scenery with its fascinating flora and fauna including Polar Bears, Musk Oxen, Walruses and a myriad of seabirds. As the number of participants is limited to between 50 to 100 passengers, our expedition vessels offer a friendly, intimate atmosphere. Accommodation and on-board-life is cosy and comfortable. Our voyages are primarily defined by an exploratory travel program, spending as much time ashore as possible, combined with educational lectures on

The itineraries include the rarely visited Scottish islands - Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland’s, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Jan Mayen, Bear Island, Spitsbergen, Greenland and Lofoten. Many of the voyages include the option for diving and kayaking.

North Spitsbergen - 8 day cruise (easy) Voyage north of Spitsbergen in h comfort and style onboard our e ll Beringhavet Kamtsjatka expedition vessel Sti OkhotskM/v Antarctic Dream -Twin cabin South Spitsbergen Aurora Borealis havet - 8 day sail cruise (moderate) Alaska Take a unique Arctic sailing cruise M/v Antarctic Dream bukta Photo: David Fone Bering- aboard the schooner SV Noorderlicht stredet

t ave

Our vessels


M/v Plancius



M/v Antarctic Dream


Gulf Bankstogether with the rest of the crew, they ait øyato eensure Str will do everything possible that r lu VictoriacC you have a wonderful øya andM unforgettable Dronning Melvilleadventure. The Noorderlicht øya has no ice Prince class, but has a strengthened bow.ElizabethEllef Ringnes of Wales Island

See LaptevM/v Antarctic Dream is a Dutch built for more details Canada Polhavet havet ice-reinforced vessel that served under the name Piloto Pardo for the Chilean Navy. She was rebuilt as a passenger Island Severnaja Amund Ringnes Island vessel and completely refurbished in Sommerset drup Ch an Semlja n el Sver Island Norwegian Nordpolen 2005, and features a spacious dining S/v Noorderlicht 90°V Bay Axel Heiberg Island Photo: Remy Marion room / observation lounge, bar, lecture øyene EllesmereKaraHudsonøya room, fitness room plus sauna and an havet bukta Foxe accessible passenger bridge. The vessel Frans Josefs Qaanaaq Basin 85°N (Thule) offers accommodation for 84 passengers land in 42 twin cabins with private toilet and Baffinøya BaffinNovaja Kvitøya Hudsonbukta shower. Semlja stredet NordaustParry Chan n el


S/v Noorderlicht M/v Plancius - Twin cabin

More details and deck plans on Zodiac - Northeast Greenland

Polar Bear & cubs

Photo: David Fone

Photo: Rinie van Meurs


TsjuktsjerActive havet Around Spitsbergen Walking expedition - 10Vrangeløya day cruise (easy with adventurous options) Øst-Sibirhavet Bring your hiking boots for a hiking voyage around Spitsbergen based out Nysibir of our expedition vessel øyene

Viscou nt Melville Sound

M/v Plancius was built in 1976 as an oceanographic research vessel for the Royal Dutch Navy, and sailed for the Navy until 2004. She was completely rebuilt as a passenger vessel in 2009. M/v Plancius accommodates 114 passengers in 53 passenger cabins with private toilet and shower. All cabins offer comfortable lower berths (except for the 4 quadruple cabins). The vessel has a restaurant/ lecture room, a spacious observation lounge (with bar), large open deck space (with full walk-around possibilities), and is equipped with 10 zodiacs for off ship and shore excursions. M/v Plancius was built for ice conditions, and has a strengthened bow and stern.


80°N Spitsbergen


DavisBarentsQeqertarsuaq Svalbard The Noorderlicht was originally built in 1910 (Godhavn) stredet havet Grønlandsin Flensburg, Germany as a three-masted Grønland Bjørnøya Nuuk havet schooner. In1991 she was re-rigged and (Godthåb) Ittoqqortoormiit refitted thoroughly. The Noorderlicht now (Scoresbysund) Jan Mayen has 20 berths, and a well-balanced two- LabradorTasiilak l Qaqortoq Danmark70°N ke masted schooner rig capable of sailing (Julianehåb) sjøen si r stredet lar o p Norskethe seven seas. The qualified captains Uummannarsuaq lig e (Kap Farvel) havet Nord have great experience of the oceans, and Island







FINLAND Saunas, Reindeers & Ice Hotels The facts about Finland are; Finlandia vodka, saunas, a thousand lakes, pesäpallo (Finnish baseball), reindeers and quirky ice hotels. The Finns may be the odd ones out in Europe, but they inhabit a country with some of the most beautiful natural scenery and untouched wilderness of Europe. There are thousands of lakes where you can go canoeing, camping, fishing and enjoying long summer evenings

Our tours in Finland include:

under a canopy of stars. Helsinki, the capital, is trendy and historic at the same time, and serves as a gateway to the east if you are on your way to Russia, or further by train to China.

Touring Winter Lapland Ultimate Arctic Adventure - 7 day tour (easy) Experience the traditional Sami culture of Finnish Lapland

In winter Finland transforms into a fairytale landscape of whites and ice. Reindeer sledding is a favourite winter holiday highlight, and an ice cocktail and a sleepover on a reindeer skin in an ‘ice hotel’ is one of those not to miss life experiences.



Multi Activity Holiday in Finland - 8 day multi activity (moderate) Take to the deep forests and wilderness of Finnish Lapland for a wild multi activity week Finnish sauna Photo:

Finland Wilderness Week (Winter) - 8 day multi activity (moderate) Snow mobiles, snow shoes and warm evenings by the fire place See for more details

Welcome aboard the youngest fleet in Europe. Flying Finnair is likely to be the most direct route from your nearest Australian airport to your northern European destination. For instance, via one of our ten Asian gateways, on a choice of our oneworld partner airlines, you can fly from Sydney to Helsinki within 20 hours. Because all Finnair intercontinental flights are non-stop to Helsinki, you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep and you will sleep even easier, knowing this Finnair trip is also minimising your travel carbon footprint. Then we can fly you on to more than 50 European destinations, including 27 in Scandinavia and a further six throughout Russia and the Baltic states. Start or finish your European experience in the beautiful, Nordic design Via Lounge and Via Spa while transiting hassle-free Helsinki International Airport. It is a unique and wonderfully relaxing way to enter and leave Europe – and lounge and spa entry is complimentary to Finnair Business and Combination Class intercontinental passengers. Finnair offers competitive year-round fares in Economy, Business or Finnair’s excellent value Combination Class. To book your Finnair flights please follow the ‘How to book’ advice in this brochure. Visit Finnair at

Reindeers in Finnsih Lapland Photo:


19 FA3584/50D


MONGOLIA Bears crossing the river - Kamchatka. Photo: Irina Daletskaya

Onion Domes, Wilderness & Infinity By sheer landmass Russia is the largest country on earth, by remote wilderness Siberia is wilder than most, and by accessibility Siberia is far off the beaten track. Russia has 101 nature reserves and 40 national parks, which are strewn from Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East to Lake Baikal in the southeast, and the subtropics of the Caucasus to the mouth of one of Siberia’s largest rivers - the Lena. These are tremendously vast expanses of wilderness across various climatic zones.

Find yourself in the wilderness areas of Kamchatka or Baikal; go trekking, wildlife viewing or fishing in pristine rivers. We can also hire you a remote log cabin for a week if you are in search of solitude. If you are looking for an adventure, we offer plenty in a remote and spectacular last wilderness frontier. 50 Degrees North can also organise your classic tours comprising the metropolis of Moscow, the canals of St Petersburg and the kremlins, monasteries and cathedrals of the cities of the Golden Ring. Just ask or visit

Our tours in Russia and Siberia include: Touring Highlights of Russia - 7 day tour (easy) Visit the main sights of Moscow and St Petersburg on a comfortable highlights tour Train Siberian Railway - Variable length tour (easy) Travel by comfortable train from east to west through the Siberian wilderness Lake Baikal for Nature Lovers - 8 day tour/walk/cruise (moderate) Explore the beauty and wildlife of Lake Baikal – a unique wilderness area

Active Bear & Volcanoes of Kamchatka - 10 day tour/walk (moderate) Spot brown bears and stay below volcanoes in remote Kamchatka

Our tours in Mongolia include:

Wild, Nomadic & Steppes Mongolia is still a nation where more than half the population live off the land keeping livestock as herders. Living a nomadic lifestyle has been the way of life for 1000’s of years, and you will find Mongolia one of those countries where little has changed in the past millennia. There are no fences and very few sealed roads, and the main form of transport is still on horseback, though we can organise you a 4WD.

Touring Mongolian Classical Odyssey - 9 day tour (easy) Experience a nomadic culture largely unchanged for over a 1000 years Mongolian Naadam Festival- 4 day festival (easy) The Naadam Games bring thousands of nomads together for the annual horse races

Camping on the steppe

Mongolia lies on the southernmost edge of the Arctic; where the Central Asian deserts and the steppe meets the deep forests of the Siberian taiga of the north. A trip to Mongolia allows you to soak up vast open landscapes and enjoy the incredible hospitality of nomadic herders. Our partners have developed four low impact and semi permanent Ger (nomadic tent) camps that are small and intimate, powered by nature. And all the camps are operated by the local people who own them with profits benefiting locally.

Photo: Tietse Stelma


When you travel with us in Mongolia, you take part in developing an interesting Ecotourism concept, therefore we seek travellers who are willing to share their unique Mongolian experience with us, and help provide ideas for our local partners - often herdsmen themselves - to develop a kind of ecotourism adapted to the Mongolian situation, which strikes a balance between sustainability and profitability.

Special Interest Altai Eagle Festival - Length to be advised Something out of the ordinary even for us – experience the Altai Eagle Festival! Mongol Horse Riding Trails - 12 day horse trek (strenuous) Mount a Mongolian horse and join nomadic horsemen for a ride on the wild side

Trekking the Volcanoes of South Kamchatka - 19 day trek (strenuous) Trek among volcanoes in the wilds of the Kamchatka Peninsula

See for more details.

See for more details.

Blagoveshchensky Cathedral, Moscow

Maly Semyachik Crater

Archery during the Naadam Festival

Photo: Tietse Stelma

Photo: The Lost World

Photo: Tietse Stelma


Camel Trek in the near Gobi - 6 day trek (moderate) With camel carts and a traditional Mongolian ger we venture out into the open spaces of the Gobi


JAPAN Traditional, Punctual & Culinary The most authentically traditional country in Asia, Japan offers an amazing contrast between new and old - from bustlingly modern Tokyo to secluded countryside retreats. Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony in the tranquillity of Kyoto, a picnic under the blooming branches of a ‘sakura’ tree in spring, or climb the impressive Mt Fuji on a misty morning. Japan is always on time, gardens are meticulously manicured and the varied local cuisine is simply mouth watering. Take a stroll through the backstreet alleys of Osaka and Nara for

CHINA Ancient history, Diversity & Great Walls

a taste of the local beer and delightful snacks, or get seduced by the mystery of a secret temple in the mountains. Winter in Japan is a delightful time to visit if you enjoy skiing, followed by a snugly warm after ski sake party. The adventurous will find deserted powder white slopes for their downhill run of a lifetime. For others, a mountain hideaway surrounded by pine trees and snow covered golden temples, or the vista over the frosty rooftops and lantern-lit laneways from your intimate ryokan inn will amplify a winter visit.

Photo: Paul Taylor

Our tours in Japan include: Touring Real Food Japan - 10 day tour (easy) Tour the highlights of Japan while savouring some real Japanese food Japan Winter Adventure - 10 days (moderate) Combine the winter beauty and culture of Japan with a white powder ski adventure See for more details

China is arguably one of the most diverse countries in the world, with tropical forests, high mountain plateaus with towering snow capped peaks, vast deserts, raging rivers and grand cities. The country is home to 55 ethnic minorities and close to 300 different languages. Its written history is one of the oldest and well documented in the world, and its people the inventors of papermaking, gunpowder, the compass and printing.

Old men in Lijiang Photo: Tietse Stelma

Our tours in China include: Touring Highlights of China - 8 day tour (easy) Tour the highlights of 3 cities, Shanghai, Xian and Beijing

It can be argued that not much of China touches 50 Degrees North, however, it is a magnificent country with an incredible variety of things to see and do. In addition, the founders of 50 Degrees North have a particularly wide knowledge base of China, as they have travelled the country from east to west and north to south.

China in Depth - 17 day tour (easy) Explore Beijing, witness the Terracotta Army, cruise the Yangtze and see the limestone karsts of the south Great Wall Luxury Escape - 3 day stay (easy) Spend a luxury weekend under the Great Wall in architecturally designed apartments See for more details

Our range of tours in China concentrates on a couple of well designed itineraries that take in the main highlights, such as the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, the limestone karsts of the south and a cruise along the mighty Yangtze, combined with some of our hidden secrets. You can also just spend a few days at a stunning top class designer resort underneath the Great Wall of China. Our local guides and leaders will ensure your trip to their home country is the best on offer, taking you deep under the façade of how China reveals itself to the rest of the world. Longji Rice Terraces, South China

The Golden Temple (Kinkakuji)

Photo: Tietse Stelma

Photo: Paul Taylor


23 S/v Noorderlicht Photo: Remy Marion






Our vessels

ANTARCTIC VOYAGES Penguins, Whales & Blue Ice During the Southern summer months of November to March, our vessels explore the islands of the South Atlantic, and Antarctica where towering snow-capped mountains and enormous numbers of penguins, whales, seals and seabirds offer unparalleled photographic opportunities. Antarctica is among the last unspoilt regions of the world. The mysteries of this great white continent have been the root of many unprecedented achievements in Polar exploration. Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen are all names that provoke thoughts of bravery and accomplishment. Our small, specially designed expedition ships journey south, taking full advantage of the long hours of daylight during the austral summer,

Our expedition voyages to Antarctica include:

Antarctic Peninsula - 11 day cruise (easy) Cruise along the Antarctic Peninsula in the comfort of our ice strengthened expedition vessel

The voyages offered are in cooperation with Oceanwide Expeditions, who are a full member of IAATO.

their ice-strengthened hulls allowing us to navigate safely through the pack ice and narrow waterways. Our zodiac excursions, guided by Antarctic experts, offer the freedom to explore remote locations and get close to Antarctica’s abundant wildlife. With the comfort of our expedition ships you can observe an abundance of wildlife in the food-rich waters along the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic shores. Many of the voyages include the option for diving and kayaking. Our voyages visit the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands, Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia and the South Orkney Islands. The Atlantic Odyssey voyage leaving Ushuaia in mid March includes seldom visited jewels such as Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension Island and Cape Verde Islands.

M/v Quest

M/v Quest - Twin cabin

Photo: Jonneke van Eijsden

Photo: Rolf Stange

Emperor Penguins Photo: Hanneke Dallmeijer-Veda

M/v Plancius

M/v Quest

M/v Plancius accommodates 114 passengers in 53 passenger cabins with private toilet and shower. The vessel has a restaurant/lecture room, a spacious observation lounge (with bar), large open deck space (with full walk-around possibilities), and is equipped with 10 zodiacs for off ship and shore excursions.

M/v “Quest” was built in Denmark in 1992 and served in Greenland as an ice-strengthened passenger vessel. The vessel offers accommodation for 56 passengers in 4 quadruple cabins, 11 twin cabins with windows and 9 superior cabins, all with seaside view (windows), private toilet and shower. M/v “Quest” is a cosy vessel, offering an informal, intimate atmosphere. The vessel has a dining / lecture room and an observation lounge on the top deck, offering full panorama view. The vessel is furthermore fully equipped for scuba diving.

Weddell Sea and Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp Plancius - 12 day cruise (easy with adventurous options) Join an expedition cruise where we maximise the possibility for land based adventures, diving and kayaking

More details and deck plans on

See for more details.

Our voyages in the Antarctic regions are and will still be primarily defined by an exploratory educational travel programme, spending as much time ashore as possible. This vessel will fully meet our demands to achieve this. M/v Plancius was built for ice conditions, and has a strengthened bow and stern.

Zodiac cruising in Antarctica

Patagonia & South America Are you planning to combine a trip to Antarctica with a South American experience? Ask us and we will call on our local South America partners to help you with a quote.

M/v Plancius Photo: Priska Abbuehl

Humpback whale Photo: David Bosher


Falklands - South Georgia - Antarctic Peninsula, 19 day cruise (easy) Cruise among the South Atlantic islands, and the amazing white continent


Atlantic Odyssey - Ushuaia - Ascension Island, 31 day cruise (easy) Sail from the tip of South America, via Tristan de Cunha, St. Helena to Ascension Island


The expeditions offered are in cooperation with Adventure Network International, who are a full member of IAATO.


Arial view of ANI camp Photo: BC Alexander

Our adventures to the Antarctic Interior include:

These incredible journeys allow you to experience firsthand some of the challenges and insights that faced early explorers, as you travel by skis to reach the most southerly point on earth - the Geographic South Pole. The rewards for your effort are tangible; the bonds of friendship built through shared challenge and the knowledge that you have arrived at the ultimate destination, the South Pole, through your own effort and determination.

Emperor Penguin Photo Safari - 7 day photo safari (moderate) Camp close to an Emperor Penguin colony in the depths of the Antarctic continent


Flags of the Treaty Nations surround the pole

Ski the Last Degree - approx 14 day ski trek (expedition) Ski from 89 to 90 degrees in the depths of the Antarctic interior Ski South Pole All the Way - approx 60 day ski trek (expedition) Follow in the ski tracks of great Polar explorers all the way to the South Pole 0° See avet t er h an for moreA t ldetails. 60°S Bouvetøya



rsi pola lige




You will need to book at least 12 months in advance, and the earlier the better, as capacity is limited and the demand to join the celebrations is high.

an Gra h a m L

Weddell Sea


Larsen Den Ice Shelf antarktiske Pa halvøya lm

Coats Land

d En


Ronne Ice Shelf

De (T

n ra ra

Marie Byrd Land

nta rkti ske tic

ta rc



Photo: Norwegian Polar History archive


ta in



Wilhelm II Land Queen Ma

ry Land


West Ice Shelf

Shackleton Ice Shelf




kje ell ) n de



ns an

n La

Princess Land



Ellsworth Land

Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition in 1911


n rtso obe c. R Ma Amery Ice Shelf d Lan


Peter I Øy

an yL

mp Ke


Bellingshausen Sea

Getz Ice Shelf

Wilk es Lan d

toria Land Vic

Ross King Edward VII Ice Shelf Land

Ross Sea

Cape Adare





b er

Filchner Ice Shelf

d Lan er

(Antarctic Peninsula)


Dr onning Maud Land




Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition in 1911

Terre Adélie

Photo: Norwegian Polar History archive

George V Land Oates Land






Travelling with 50 Degrees North to Antarctica in any 90°V form, on skis or by ship, you will always have first time expert regional knowledge on hand when arranging your trip of a lifetime. We pride ourselves in our close connections with current day Polar explorers who have made the complete journey in Amundsen and Scott’s ski-tracks, and know the continent better than any.


See for more details.


Photo: BC Alexander

Why travel with us to Antarctica?

ka Sø



fr i


South Georgia



These expeditions are for those who want the challenge of a serious polar expedition, and who are willing to join a strict training and preparation program. Depending on your prior experience, such a training program may include a mandatory winter exercise in the Canadian Arctic, so you can familiarise yourself with the harsh conditions you may encounter in the Antarctic Interior with temperatures dropping below -40 °C. !

In partnership with Adventure Network International (ANI), 50 Degrees North is offering a ground breaking range of adventures to the Antarctic Interior. ANI is the only company in the world offering flights into this frontier of stunning, desolate beauty, and offers a variety of programs to suit all polar travel desires. These range from private flights to the Geographic South Pole to photo safaris with the magnificent Emperor Penguins.

Our journeys to the Antarctic Interior include round trip travel from Punta Arenas, Chile to Antarctica onboard a private jet, all travel within Antarctica, accommodation at our base camp in Union Glacier, all meals prepared by our professional chefs, as well as the full support of our experienced polar field guides. Nestled within the heartland of Antarctica, Union Glacier is the home of ANI’s base camp. It is the only private camp in Antarctica, and will serve as your primary accommodation for the duration of your stay. The camp is at 79º 45’ south latitude and 82º west longitude, 800m above sea level and 1140km from the South Pole.

Photo: BC Alexander

In this magnificent land of wide open landscapes, majestic beauty and rugged tales of exploration, 50 Degrees North introduces a set of challenging expeditions following in the spirit of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen 100 years after his feat of being the first to reach the South Pole on 14th December 1911.

Antarctic Odyssey - 4-7 day tour/flight/trek/ski (moderate to strenuous) Experience the Antarctic Interior on an adventure of a lifetime

The South Pole, Extreme Climate & Explorers Territory

Ski South Pole All the Way

Mer Dumont d'Urville


Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition in 1911. Map: Norwegian Polar History archive Real Food Japan Photo: Paul Taylor

FAMILY HOLIDAYS Our Family Holidays concept has been developed out of own experience and interests. As the founders of 50 Degrees North, we regularly take our young family to the northern part of the world, and we like to make sure every trip is special and out of the ordinary. Rather than joining a family tour we like to see our kids

SPECIAL INTEREST - Real Food run around in the wilds of nature, go swimming, fishing, sailing or blueberry picking. Therefore, we often end up renting a charming little cabin somewhere remote and beautiful, surrounded by nature, but not too far away from civilisation and a shop. Our Family Holidays program shares these secrets with you and we have

Nordic Real Food

listed a handful of cabins that we ourselves have found worth revisiting more than once.

Nordic cuisine has always been a little eccentric in the eyes of southerners; however, it has recently seen a revolution with a number of restaurants, chefs and dishes claiming international awards and acclamation. Our Nordic Real Food tour takes you through this exciting region of the world to savour its delicacies, accompanied by the atmosphere that brings the Nordic cooking to life. You will be hosted by a number of awarded Nordic chefs throughout the region from Stockholm, Sweden to Torshavn on the Faroe Islands. This is a true Real Food experience.

In addition to our cabin hires, we have also developed a selection of family friendly itineraries that is sure to captivate and challenge your kids. Husky pup Photo: Ole Bernt Frøshaug/Basecamp Explorer

See for more details.

Real Food Japan The island state of Japan is one of the countries in Asia having held onto traditions and customs better than any other. The preparation of food and drink follows age old rules and techniques, and more often than not turns into the most delicious fare. Nothing beats a good Tempura dish, Okonomiyaki with hot wasabi and cheese, or a delicious Sushi lunch.

Although any itinerary in Japan can easily turn into a food lover’s delight, what we aim at with this specific tour is chasing the real food of Japan, combined with visiting some of the main sights and highlights, such as the backstreets of Kyoto, Hiroshima, beautiful Takayama and bustling Tokyo.

Other culinary delights Go online and check out our menu of other Real Food experiences in the region beyond the 50th parallel north. These programs are developed by staff who themselves have a keen interest in food and cooking, and we can promise that they bring you highlights as well as hidden secrets. See for more details.

Geiranger, Møre og Romsdal Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway


Over the campfire in Jotunheimen

Arne Brimi

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Innovation Norway

Photo: Vianvang/Brimiland


Jotunheimen, Norway Photo: CH//Innovation Norway

SPECIAL INTEREST - Go Fishing Cod Fishing World Cup - Lofoten When March turns to April; the sun wakes from hibernation, the cold air provides fantastic vistas of the islands from the sea, and the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway come to life. Keen fishermen from near and far congregate for the annual Cod Fishing Championships. For centuries adventure seekers have been drawn here to harvest the treasures of the sea, securing their families well-being for a new year to come. To say it is a well known attraction is unjust, but the championships should be on everyone’s itinerary for a fun filled and quirky few days of fishiness. The event takes

place at Svolvær, and is one of the most exotic adventures a fisherman can find. Over the years, since its inception in 1991, the championships growth in popularity has made it difficult to make room for everyone, so it is important to register early. And, you should take your family too, as this is an event for all ages. Stay in one of the many small charming traditional ‘Rorbus’ (fishing cottages) erected on poles on the water’s edge. The vistas are magnificent, as is the intense smell of dried cod.

Wild rivers, remote locations & great fishing Come away with 50 Degrees North to one of the remote rivers

of Mongolia or Siberia for the fishing expedition of a life time. Or go fly fishing in some of the many rich rivers of Iceland with the backdrop of the spectacular Icelandic landscape. We have teamed up with locals who themselves are keen fishermen, and who would normally not share their favourite river with anyone. However, we’ve talked them into taking a select few to share some of the world’s greatest fishing spots. It’s all tailored on an ad hoc basis depending on your time available, your budget and your sense of adventure. Let us know, and we’ll send you our proposal.


See for more details. Lofoten fishing boat Photo: CH//Innovation Norway

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Lofoten cod Photo: CH//Innovation Norway



TOUR & EXPEDITION GRADING All tours are graded in various difficulty levels, depending on physical activity and technical skills required. These are our grade levels: 1





Easy Challenging Easy - 1 Suitable for most people in good health. Activities and walking included, but not of a strenuous nature.






Challenging Easy Moderate - 2 Suitable for those in good health, who exercise regularly. Activity or walking in all kinds of terrain for 4 to 6 hours per day. Carry daypack only.






Easy Challenging Strenuous - 3 Suitable for physically active people in good health, and who have some trekking and/or skiing experience in mountainous terrain. Activity, trekking and/or skiing for 6 to 8 hours a day. Carry daypack only.





Världen. No one offers more destinations in Scandinavia and Northern Europe than we do. Check out all our destinations and timetables at By the way, “Världen” means the world in Swedish. As in, when traveling to our part of the world – make the most of your time. We offer you fast, smooth and comfortable flights to more than 60 destinations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.


Easy Challenging Challenging – 4 Our challenging trips demand a good level of fitness and some endurance. A good level of trekking and/or skiing experience is necessary. Activity, trekking and/or skiing for 6 to 10 hours a day. You may need to carry your own full pack. Mandatory health and fitness assessment is required.






3: Complete the booking form, and pay a non-refundable deposit as per the Booking Conditions, or make full payment if closer to tour departure.

1:Contact 50 Degrees North, your travel agent, or go to to check dates and prices.

4: Finalise your booking early, and ensure all the required booking details are submitted to us and are correct. Late adjustments and changes may incur additional charges.

2: Read, understand and agree to the Booking Conditions. Upon submitting the booking form and paying a deposit (or full payment) you are entering into a binding contract with us, and agree to be bound by the Booking Conditions.

5: Make final payment at least 60 days before tour departure (earlier for cruises and expeditions - see Booking Conditions). 6: Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance, visas and travel vaccines.

Choose Business, Economy Extra or Ec onomy!


Easy Challenging Expedition - 5 Our Expedition grading requires a high level of stamina and endurance, as we visit areas with extreme weather and terrain. These expeditions often require specialist skills, sometimes of a technical nature. Solid preparation is necessary, and mandatory pre departure gathering where we will assess your suitability for the expedition may be required. You will carry your own full pack. Mandatory health and fitness assessment is required.

Safety We are doing our utmost to ensure the highest safety standards are met on all our tours. With 20 years experience in the industry we have chosen only the best local operators, who adhere to minimum safety and risk management measures. Good preparation is one of the keys to a safe and enjoyable tour, or expedition, and this is our priority. “I may say that this is the greatest factor ... the way in which the expedition is equipped ... the way in which every difficulty is foreseen, and precautions taken for meeting or avoiding it. Victory awaits him who has everything in order ... luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck.” From “The South Pole”, by Roald Amundsen.

Photo: Michael Damsgaard

Always with SAS Entertainment at every seat Baby and child meals Free on-line seat reservation EuroBonus points

Copenhagen Stockholm Oslo Helsinki and more than 60 other Scandinavian destinations.* or call 1300 727 707 *Including SAS code share, Blue1 and Widerøe destinations.


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