4-H Canada Annual Report | 2021-2022

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Annual Report

2021-2022 Learn To Do By Doing


Our Mission

To empower youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders that effect positive change in the world around them.

Our Vision

Thriving communities in partnership with youth leaders.

4-H Pledge

I pledge

My head to clearer thinking,

My heart to greater loyalty,

My hands to larger service, My health to better living,

For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

4-H Motto

Learn To Do By Doing


4-H in Canada is open to all without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability. We are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment that allows for universal access and participation.

4-H Canada 960 Carling Avenue, Building 106 Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6 1-844-759-1013 info@4-h-canada.ca

Follow @4HCanada on: 4-h-canada.ca

2 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
6 36 9 20 Executive Letter Innovative Program Delivery
National Programs
4-H Impact from Coast to Coast Meet our Youth Advisory Committe 4-H in Canada: By the Numbers Leadership & Governance Growth Business Excellence


one word, “evolution”


The current Strategic Plan is a result of the hard work, collaboration, and expertise of many different stakeholders across the 4-H movement in Canada, including the national and provincial staff and governance stakeholders. As a bold pathway to 2025, it calls for a focused effort in three impactful areas that you will have the opportunity to learn more about throughout this Annual Report: Growth, Business Excellence, and Innovative Program Delivery. Key objectives range from serving more youth to enhancing business intelligence to continued creation and advancement of safe, fun, inclusive, and welcoming programs.

Despite the fact that the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan was created and kicked off in the midst of a global pandemic, where change and uncertainty sometimes felt like the only constants, the thing that never changed was the 4-H community’s strong commitment to positive youth development and mission to nurture caring and contributing youth leaders.

Heading into the second year of the pandemic, it was incredible to see all levels of 4-H across the country working hard to serve youth while navigating restrictions in their particular area, and adjusting to suit the realities – whether that meant creating virtual programming, implementing safety protocols for modified in-person activities, or facilitating a hybrid of both.

While we look forward to returning to more in-person programming and events in the year ahead, a silver lining to hosting more virtual events during the past fiscal year was the opportunity to connect the 4-H movement from coast-to-coast at a whole new level. The 2022 4-H Canada Leadership Awards is a perfect example of this unity. Held virtually for the second year in a row in 2022, this hallmark national celebration sold over 760 tickets across the country and marked a new fundraising record for the event - raising more than $58,000 for the Canadian 4-H Foundation, including a 43.5% increase in Virtual Auction proceeds.

From conferences to career programming, 4-H Canada also rolled out a wide range of virtual opportunities for youth members this past year. The virtual editions of Members Forum and Citizenship Congress

provided over 20 hours of virtual programming in valuable areas like career exploration, community building, and civic engagement. The Careers on the Grow initiative also went full steam ahead, offering four webinars, two career exploration modules, and four eMentorships, all designed to support youth in discovering their passion, gaining realworld skills and experience, and setting and achieving career goals. 4-H leaders also had the chance to expand their skills and knowledge from the comfort of home in 2021-2022. Not only did 4-H Canada launch the Youth Safety Refresher Course, enabling leaders to stay up-to-date on industry-standard screening and youth safety training resources, but four Leaders Learn Webinars were also rolled out to support their passion for learning and continuous evolution of skills and knowledge to mentor today’s youth.

However, in the past year, 4-H Canada’s reach extended beyond the 4-H community to families and educational organizations across the country through the 4-H at Home Outreach Initiatives. Thousands of youth and families enjoyed hands-on activities right from the comfort of home, all while learning about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and discovering how to make meaningful contributions to their communities, country, and the world.

Looking back on the past year, the pandemic certainly brought home the fact that youth need 4-H now more than ever, and highlighted the need to ensure inclusivity and support for the diverse group of youth in Canada - from all backgrounds, cultures, and geographic areas, from urban to rural. This made it even more fulfilling to see the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan hit the ground running. And, while we have a lot to accomplish by 2025, we have no doubt that with our strong, passionate, and dedicated group of partners and stakeholders, we will continue to meet our strategic objectives through our unwavering shared commitment to supporting today’s youth leaders.

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 3
If 4-H Canada’s 2021-2022 fiscal year could be summed up in
would certainly be a contender. This past year saw the successful close of the
2021 Strategic Plan and a strong start to the 2021-2025 edition.
Carlie Whetter Chair, 4-H Canada Board of Directors Todd Klink Chair, Canadian 4-H Foundation Shannon Benner Chief Executive Officer, 4-H Canada


Our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) represents the national youth voice for 4-H Canada, ensuring that youth perspectives are integrated into all departments and programs. YAC members from across the country work together to support national initiatives, while gaining valuable leadership skills and experiences.

YAC Composition & Mandate

• Representation from each province.

• Ambassadors for their province and 4-H Canada.

• Responsible for making recommendations to 4-H Canada regarding programming, policy development, and more.

• Represent 4-H Canada at events and conferences in a variety of roles.

YAC Working Groups: Impact on National Activities Marketing

& Communications

Contributions to brand awareness initiatives and the production of national publications.

4-H Canada Conferences

Insight on the design, planning, and delivery of Members Forum and Citizenship Congress, MCs and active participants at Leadership Summit.

Board Representatives & Admissions

Representation on the Board of Directors and participation in scholarship reviews. Program & Policy

Advising on new programs, resources, and initiatives.

Through the network that I developed as a YAC representative, I received a job offer in my chosen field.

The best part about being a YAC representative was being able to connect with 4-H’ers across the country, especially during the pandemic. I really missed having 4-H leadership positions while I was at school, and it felt great to get back into it.


4 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
Annual Report 5
2021-2022 4-H Canada
Brandon Callahan New Brunswick Laurie Campeau AJRQ Kayla Emmerton Ontario Sophie MacDonald Prince Edward Island Moira McRann Alberta Secretary Devin Keenan Quebec Hannah Boulton British Columbia Brett Rumpel Saskatchewan George Meggison Manitoba Chair Matt Boutilier Nova Scotia Vice-Chair The Youth Advisory Committee is supported by:
McAuley Bellows Newfoundland and Labrador
6 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 16,082 4-H Members 939 Clubs 16 New Clubs Started 5,774 Leaders 26,983 Projects Member Demographics 39.2% Female 58.4% Male 2.4% Other 63% Farm 26.1% Rural 10.9% Urban Average Member Age: 12.6 *Stats reflect the year ending Dec. 31, 2021 4-H IN CANADA: BY the NUMBERS AB 5,310 Members 1,971 Leaders 282 Clubs SK 2,590 Members 762 Leaders 157 Clubs BC 1,810 Members 527 Leaders 127 Clubs
2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 7 ON 2,648 Members 1,241 Leaders 103 Clubs AJRQ 347 Members 25 Clubs NB 328 Members 115 Leaders 18 Clubs NL 86 Members 30 Leaders 4 Clubs PEI 392 Members 215 Leaders 19 Clubs NS 1,257 Members 523 Leaders 64 Clubs MB 1,119 Members 358 Leaders 131 Clubs QC 195 Members 32 Leaders 9 Clubs Although the COVID-19 pandemic had a strong impact on 4-H clubs and activities in 2021, thanks to the resilience and creative problem solving of the 4-H community, positive youth development programming continued to reach and benefit more than 16,000 youth across the country.

4-H in Canada Strategic Plan 2021-2025

4-H in Canada’s Strategic Plan is a testament to the shared values and priorities of the provincial and national 4-H organizations and boards. It is the result of a full year of consultations with youth, volunteers, provincial staff, boards, stakeholders, and partners.

The Strategic Plan ensures we are poised to achieve success as we work together to empower even more youth across Canada, focusing on the following strategic priorities:

Our Vision Our Mission

To empower youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders that effect positive change in the world around them.

Thriving communities in partnership with youth leaders.

8 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report


Strategic Plan Snapshot: Growth



Serve more youth

• Work with stakeholders

Grow financial resources

• Provide more opportunities and sources of funding to support stakeholders at multiple levels of 4-H.

Develop tools, resources, and training that attract and retain excellent leaders

• Work with provinces to understand the greatest needs to support the recruitment of highly engaged leaders that support us in achieving our mission and world-class training opportunities.

Grow awareness of the 4-H brand

• Cultivate more resources to invest in national initiatives that tell the 4-H story and elevate 4-H in Canada as a leader in positive youth development.

Growth Committees & Working Groups

Research & Data Committee


The purpose of this strategy-focused growth committee is to convene conversation, consult on strategic projects, and hear recommendations from stakeholders on national priorities of the 4-H movement regarding digital platforms and data to improve infrastructure and insights.

2021-2022 OBJECTIVES

Year one objectives focused on developing plans to:

• Conduct research and gain insights on external and internal audiences to support provincial organizations in refining target audiences, and deepen understanding of opportunities in youth sector markets.

• Research external audiences to develop a national strategy to support inclusivity and increased access to 4-H programming.


• The 2021-2022 Committee was comprised of a blend of cross-departmental national and provincial staff, including representatives from BC, AB, MB, ON, QC, and NS.

Brand Committee


The purpose of this strategy-focused growth committee is to convene conversation, consult on strategic projects, and hear recommendations from stakeholders on national marketing priorities of the 4-H movement to support growth.

2021-2022 OBJECTIVES

Year one objectives focused on developing plans to:

• Conduct research to discover where infrastructure may be created through national initiatives.

• Work with provincial organizations to understand greatest needs to support the recruitment of highly engaged leaders.

• Work with stakeholders to develop a national plan that targets increasing retention and engaging more youth.


• The 2021-2022 Committee was comprised of a blend of cross-departmental national and provincial staff, including representatives from BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, NB, NS, and PEI.

Canada Annual Report 9
2021-2022 4-H

Marketing, Communications, & Fundraising Working Group


The purpose of this operations-focused working group is the stewarding and advancement of established communications initiatives, as well as coast-to-coast fundraising initiatives.

2021-2022 OBJECTIVES

The ongoing objectives of this working group include:

• Consulting on national brand initiatives that engage provincial organizations, and strategies to work collectively toward growth goals.

• Strengthening the network of brand leaders in the 4-H movement.

• Providing a forum for sharing ideas for brand stories and communications initiatives, as well as recommendations for grassroots resources that support brand use.

• Providing feedback and increasing engagement in national grassroots fundraisers to grow contribution to provincial organizations.


• The 2021-2022 working group was comprised of national and provincial staff who are engaged in marketing and communications and/or fundraising portfolios within their organization, and included representatives from BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, and NS.

10 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
Our Reach Social Scene Over 1.8 million+ cross-channel impressions 46,000+ cross-channel engagements 4,979 followers 7,999 followers 1,480 followers 20,600+ likes 4-H-CANADA.CA 294,000+ unique page views 2,620 Club Logo Generator downloads Top visited pages: 1. Find a Club 2. About 3. Scholarships 4. Programs 5. Scholarships and Awards PRINT MEDIA 2,840+ articles about 4-H published by Canadian media 14,000+ households reached by The 4-H Advantage magazine THE4-H Advantage HEAD • HEART • HANDS • HEALTH Spring 2022 4-H Canada’s national magazine for members SPRING ACTIVITY GUIDE: FIVE FUN BOREDOM BUSTERS UNBOX YOUR MIND TO BECOME A MENTAL HEALTH CHAMPION HELP YOUR CLUB GET CAREER-READY! GET TO KNOW THE CLIMATE ACTION SUPERHEROES!

2022 4-H Canada Leadership Awards Recipients



Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D.) – Supported by CN

Awarded annually, L.E.A.D. recognizes outstanding 4-H youth who have become exceptional leaders through their 4-H experience, and who share the best of themselves with their community.

Four recipients are selected each year – one under each of 4-H Canada’s Leadership Development Pillars.




• $20,000 scholarship for higher education

• Recognition during the 4-H Canada Leadership Awards



British Columbia

Pillar: Community Engagement & Communications

Mentor: Dr. Eliane Kobayashi, MD, PhD

Field of Study: Bachelor of Science Institution: University of British Columbia Career Goal: Pediatric Neurologist

4-H Club: Golden Ears 4-H Community Club


Prince Edward Island

Pillar: Science & Technology

Mentor: Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, MD, PhD

Field of Study: Bachelor of Health Sciences Institution: Queen’s University Career Goal: Neurosurgeon 4-H Club: Cavendish 4-H Club

• Ongoing mentorship from an expert in their field of study

• Opportunity to become a L.E.A.D. spokesperson


British Columbia

Pillar: Environment & Healthy Living Mentor: Barb Shellian, RN, MN

Field of Study: Bachelor of Nursing Institution: Thompson Rivers University Career Goal: Anesthesiologist Nurse 4-H Club: South Thompson 4-H Club



Pillar: Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

Mentor: Alanna Koch

Field of Study: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Institution: University of Saskatchewan Career Goal: Progressive Livestock Producer

4-H Club: Saskatoon 4-H Beef Club

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 11

National Volunteer Leader of the Year Award –Supported by Co-operators

This award recognizes the volunteer leaders whose support and guidance provide outstanding experiences and skills to 4-H members who in turn become responsible, caring, and contributing individuals who effect positive change in their environments.


A total of 45 youth were awarded 4-H scholarships, totaling $127,000 during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

$80,000 Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D.) Scholarship, supported by CN

• 16 recipients

• $5,000 awarded per recipient

$30,000 TD 4-H Agriculture Scholarship

DUCHAK Brandon, MB

Gainsborough Combined 4-H Club

• 12 recipients

• $2,500 awarded per recipient

$15,000 John Deere Canada 4-H Scholarship

• 15 recipients

• $1,000 awarded per recipient

$2,000 Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers 4-H Scholarship

Provincial Volunteer Leader of the Year Awards

• Angela Letendre, SK –Boreal Rangers Outdoor Adventure 4-H Club

• Caitlin MacDougall, QC – Ormstown 4-H Club

• Carol Pollock, ON – Wellington County 4-H Club

• Ross Stafford, BC – Spring House 4-H Club

Distinguished Alumni Award –Supported by Glacier FarmMedia

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes outstanding 4-H alumni and their contributions to their community, country, and the world.

• 2 recipients

• $1,000 awarded per recipient

WATSON Medicine Hat, AB

Photo Credit: Canada Beef

Honourary Member Award –Supported by FCC

Honourary Memberships are bestowed upon individuals whose dedication and passionate contributions have advanced the 4-H movement in Canada.

Brandon, MB

Photo Credit: 4-H Manitoba

FCC 4-H Club Fund

Thanks to the generous support of FCC, $100,000 in funding was distributed to over 200 4-H clubs, districts, and regions across Canada during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

The FCC 4-H Club Fund provides up to $500 in funding per club, district, or region to support initiatives and activities, such as developing existing programs, the purchase of resource materials, volunteer supports, or covering costs associated with local events.

Proudly supported by

12 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cervus Equipment


2022 4-H Canada Leadership Awards


4-H Canada’s signature annual event, the Leadership Awards were held virtually on Feb. 23, 2022, setting a new fundraising record, while celebrating the outstanding achievements of 4-H youth, leaders, supporters, and alumni.

The 2022 edition was hosted by Peter Mansbridge, who displayed his trademark eloquence while putting the spotlight on recipients of four prestigious national awards through inspirational storytelling that celebrated the 4-H movement across Canada.

Show Your 4-H Colours

As 4-H Canada’s flagship brand awareness initiative, Show Your 4-H Colours is celebrated every November and highlights the incredible things 4-H youth are doing in their communities and how the 4-H program is creating responsible, caring, and contributing young leaders.

Socially distanced activities took place across the country in 2021, with youth, leaders, alumni, and supporters wearing their best green on November 4 for 4-H!

Show Your 4-H Colours is also a valuable fundraising opportunity for the 4-H community, and 2021 saw the continuation of a successful t-shirt fundraiser first launched in 2020. Limited-edition Show Your 4-H Colours t-shirts were sold, with $4 from each sale supporting provincial 4-H programming, providing an easy, visible, and impactful way for individuals and organizations to give back to 4-H.


• 35 Canadian landmarks illuminated in green in support of 4-H. 2x more than 2020

Thank you to our partners, table champions, and auction donors, as well as everyone who purchased tickets, made donations, and bid on auction items, for helping us raise over $58,000 for the Canadian 4-H Foundation to support the long-term success of 4-H in Canada.


• $58,000+ raised in total (15% growth in net contributions over 2021)

• $52,439 raised through Virtual Auction (+43.5% over 2021)

• Over 760 tickets sold

• Earned media reached 1.4M

• 35% increase in event sponsorship over 2021

raised for the Canadian 4-H Foundation

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 13
2022 4-H Canada Leadership Awards host and Canadian icon, Peter Mansbridge. Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Lavin Agency
#ShowYour4HColours Day social media reach of 1.5M people
• Over 1,400 t-shirts sold
• $5,600+ raised for provincial 4-H programming

Canadian 4-H Foundation

Revenue directed to the Canadian 4-H Foundation supports the longevity and sustainability of 4-H in Canada. The investment portfolio is overseen by an Investment Committee of the Foundation Board of Trustees.

Investment Portfolio $3,183,334

Fixed Income Bonds $1,156,451 Canadian Equities $1,399,627

U.S. Equities $627,256

Total Assets $3,526,497

Total Revenue $603,819

Investment Income from Dividends & Interest $95,183

14 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report

Financial Statements: Canadian 4-H Foundation

Internally restricted Externally restricted Unrestricted 2022 2021 Assets


Current assets: Cash $- $- $ 267,554 $ 267,554 $ 252,705 Due from Canadian 4 H Council 75,609 75,609 60,506 343,163 343,163 313,211

Investments 185,412 23,498 2,974,424 3,183,334 3,110,223

Total $ 185,412 $ 23,498 $ 3,317,587 $ 3,526,497 $ 3,423,434

Liabilities and Fund Balances

Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $- $- $ 5,753 $ 5,753 $ 5,200 Due to Canadian 4 H Council 100,000 100,000 $ 105,753 $ 105,753 $ 5,200

Due to Canadian 4 H Council 450,000

Fund balances: Internally restricted 185,412 185,412 162,283 Externally restricted 23,498 23,498 19,432 Unrestricted 3,211,834 3,211,834 2,786,519 $ 185,412 $ 23,498 $ 3,211,834 $ 3,420,744 $ 2,968,234

Deferred gifts

Total $ 185,412 $ 23,498 $ 3,317,587 $ 3,526,497 $ 3,423,434

Approved by the Board


Internally restricted Externally restricted Unrestricted 2022 2021 Revenue


$ 900 $ 20,994 $ 21,894 $ 20,149 Investment income 5,445 673 89,065 95,183 88,128 Other 63,530 63,530 58,049 Realized gains (losses) from sale of investments 14,568 1,799 289,097 305,464 (9,506) Unrealized gains 5,616 694 111,438 117,748 682,588

Total $ 25,629 $ 4,066 $ 574,124 $ 603,819 $ 839,408


Canadian 4 H Council grant $ 2,500 $ 122,500 $ 125,000 $ 125,000 Investment counsel fees 18,973 18,973 17,408 Professional fees 6,253 6,253 5,352 Office and general 1,083 1,083 3,370

Total $ 2,500 $ 148,809 $ 151,309 $ 151,130

Excess of revenue over expenses $ 23,129 $ 4,066 $ 425,315 $ 452,510 $ 688,278

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual

Report 15

Canadian 4-H Council Revenue

16 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
Public Sector Sponsorships Private Sector Sponsorships Scholarships Program Registration Fees Canadian 4-H Foundation Grant Memberships & Donations Retail & Sales National Youth Program Direct Expenses 4-H Canada Administration Funds to 4-H Provincial Organizations Funds to 4-H Clubs Youth Scholarships 29% 45.3% 58.1% 4.6% 3.7% 11.9% 21.7% 4.4% 1.2% 6.7% 7% 6.4%
$2,857,335 secured during the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Expenses $2,722,335 directed toward the youth programs and activities of clubs, districts, regions, and provincial organizations.

Financial Statements: Canadian 4-H Council

2021 Assets


Current Assets: Cash $ 68,228 $ 178,938 Accounts receivable 1,151,704 891,512 HST recoverable 40,015 57,809 Inventory 34,529 41,647 Prepaid expenses 140,691 65,212 1,435,167 1,235,118

Due from Canadian 4-H Foundation 24,391 389,493 Tangible capital assets 29,878 39,704

Total $ 1,489,436 $ 1,664,315

Liabilities and Net Assets

Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $ 369,515 $ 651,541 Deferred contributions 450,000 452,080 819,515 1,103,621

Deferred contributions 150,000 200,000 Deferred revenue - programs 24,700 Net assets 495,221 360,694 Commitment

Total $ 1,489,436 $ 1,664,315



2022 2021

$ 2,123,592 $ 2,447,719 Scholarships 190,850 262,450 Program registration fees 34,262 22,630 Canadian 4-H Foundation 125,000 125,000 Memberships 121,919 110,134 Administration 157,704 42,408 Donations 79,457 15,294 Retail Sales 24,551 37,423

Program contributions

Total $ 2,857,335 $ 3,063,058


National programs 1,707,253 1,998,659 Administration 978,545 1,011,448 Insurance 14,151 17,799 Cost of goods sold 22,859 31,409

Total $ 2,722,808 $ 3,059,315

Excess of revenue over expenses $ 134,527 $ 3,743

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 17

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

The 4-H movement in Canada would not be possible without the committed group of national partners and donors who invest in our mission of empowering youth to become responsible, caring, and contributing leaders who effect positive change in the world around them.

National Partners

Based on fiscal year: April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022

EMERALD CLOVER ($250,000+)

PLATINUM CLOVER ($150,000 - $249,999)

SILVER CLOVER ($50,000 - $99,999)

BRONZE CLOVER ($25,000 - $49,999)

GREEN CLOVER ($10,000- $24,999)

BFL Canada


Masonic Foundation of Ontario

WHITE CLOVER ($5,000 - $9,999)


FRIEND ($1,000 - $4,999)

Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture

Canadian Canola Growers Association

Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers


Donald’s Fine Foods

GK Jim Farms

JBS Foods Canada JGL

The Kershaw Group Inc. (Avison Young)

MacDon Industries Ltd. Madson & Associates

National Bank of Canada

Ottawa Valley Grain Products Ltd.

The Semex Alliance TELUS Agriculture Xarvio

18 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report


2021 2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 19 Emerald Clover ($10,000+) Estate of Judy Anne Whitteker Gold Clover ($1,000-$4,999) The Honourable Rob and Julie Black Sherri Betker and Gene Fraser FCC Glacier FarmMedia Nancy K. Orr Dr. Jamie and Valerie Pearson Camille Ryan Krista Scaldwell, In Loving Memory of Tom Hutchinson Karen Smith Wawanesa Insurance Silver Clover ($500-$999) Todd Klink Kim McConnell TELUS Agriculture Bronze Clover ($250-$499) Morley Handford Chris Milburn Friend (up to $249) All Charities Campaign Manitoba Peter Battye Carole Bell Megan Bomberry Michael Bomberry Diana and Larry Frizzle James and Dorothy Hewitt Hugh and Sondra Hoard Lois James Kiwanis Organization - Key Club Xavier – Melissa CollisGrenier W. Brian Little Theo Muraca Paul Saabas United Way East Ontario LYLE AND SHARON VANCLIEF LEADERSHIP ENDOWMENT FUND DONATIONS
Honourable Lyle and Sharon Vanclief Vanessa Vanclief Gifts in Kind 4-H Canada Anne of Green Gables Chocolates
Gourmet Products Ltd. Anderson Watts Ltd. Anonymous Arla Foods Inc. Brad & Heather Adams Azotic North America James Baker Bayer BDO Canada LLP BFL Insurance
Honourable Rob and Julie Black BOGS Footwear
Outdoor Farm Show
Calgary Stampede Canada’s
Agricultural Human Resource Council
Agricultural Safety Association
Co-operative Wool Growers Ltd.
Edith & Joe Stone Syngenta TELUS Agriculture Turkey Farmers of Canada Uniglobe Travel Viterra Sage Watson Western Family Carlie & Darren Whetter The Wonderful Company Tributes DONATIONS WERE GIVEN IN HONOUR OF: Errol & Shelly Armella Sam Demma Carm Hamilton Kim McConnell Brad Orr DONATIONS WERE GIVEN IN MEMORY OF: M. Yvan Deschênes Orton Eby Evan Graham Ruth Ann Haley Pat Hamilton Scott Hamilton Johnathan Garth Inglis John Megans Mark Smith Gordon Earl Striker National Donors Donations made April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022 *Contributions for the fiscal
2021 to
List does not include donors who wish to remain anonymous. 2
CANTERRA SEEDS Chicken Farmers of Canada The Coca-Cola Company Corteva Agriscience The Cove Desjardins Detente Financial Press Ltd. (Tom Deans) Epicure Farm Family Coach Seeds of Encouragement (Elaine Froese) FCC Federated Co-operatives Ltd. FMC of Canada Ltd. FranklinCovey Canada Gourmet du Village Harvest Meats John Deere Canada ULC Keg Brands Inc. The Kershaw Group Inc. (Avison Young) Leader Products Canada Maple Leaf Foods McSweeney’s Direct Plus Stefanie Nagelschmitz Nutrien Olds College Save-on-Foods
year, April 1,
March 31, 2022.


Strategic Plan Snapshot: Business Excellence



Strengthen our business infrastructure

• Research and discover where there may be infrastructure created through national initiatives.

Inspire business excellence

• Provide access to resources and learning opportunities for 4-H professionals and governors to continue to grow in leading the business of 4-H.

Enhance our business intelligence

• Conduct research and gain insights on external and internal audiences to support provinces refining target audiences and deepen the understanding of opportunities in youth sector markets.

Business Excellence Committees & Working Groups

Standards & Youth Safety Working Group


The purpose of this operations-focused working group is ongoing work to support world-class youth development standards and youth safety.



The ongoing objectives of this working group include:

• Providing a mechanism for provincial organizations to bring forward any standards requiring improvement or development on a three-year cycle.

• Discussion and development of resources related to risk preparedness and mitigation strategies for 4-H organizations.

• Forum for sharing best practices and identifying the need for resources related to critical areas, such as youth safety, risk management, and crisis management.

• Reviewing aggregate data of incident trends across the 4-H movement in Canada and making recommendations.


• The 2021-2022 working group was comprised of national and provincial staff who oversee youth safety and/or are familiar with program delivery and risk management within their organization, and included representatives from BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, and NS.

20 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report

Youth Safety Training

Following on the momentum of the standardized Youth Safety Training, implemented in 2020-2021, 4-H Canada successfully developed and launched the Youth Safety Refresher course in early 2022.

The Refresher Course is the next step in advancing the 4-H movement as a leader in meeting or exceeding industry standards in the youth-serving sector by supporting 4-H leaders in understanding, communicating, and implementing youth safety screening and training requirements. Required every three years, the Refresher Course keeps leaders up-to-date on industry-standard Youth Safety and Commit to Kids training. Nearly 150 leaders and staff completed the Refresher Course in early 2022, with the 4-H provincial organizations to continue supporting roll-out throughout the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Leaders Learn

4-H youth are renowned for constantly developing and refining their knowledge and skills in everything from communications to STEM to sustainable agriculture. But, let’s not forget that 4-H leaders are lifelong learners too!

To support a passion for learning and continuous evolution of skills and knowledge to mentor and empower today’s youth, 4-H Canada hosted four Leaders Learn Webinars in 2021 and early 2022. The Webinars were led by engaging experts, and covered a wide range of important topics.

• 95 participants

• Four webinars

Talk, Ask, Listen: Mental Health in Agriculture with Do More Ag

Created by farmers, for farmers, the Talk, Ask, Listen Webinar focused on helping yourself and others break down barriers and dispel the mental health stigma through three actions – talking, asking, and listening.

Fast Facts

• 1582 leaders and staff completed Commit to Kids Child Protection Training in 2021-22, for a total of 5877

• 90% of leaders and staff across Canada have completed 4-H Youth Safety Training

• 150 leaders and staff have completed the Youth Safety Refresher Course

This session was excellent. Recognizing the very unique stresses those who work in agriculture face is long overdue. Children cannot help but be impacted by the stresses their farming parents deal with. Thank you for bringing this topic to the table.

2021-2022 4-H Canada

Annual Report 21

How to Build Trust and Connection Online

Led by Leah Coss of Build a Biz Kids, this webinar could not have been more timely. Held in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Coss’ webinar helped leaders navigate how to increase confidence and feel more connected when interacting online, as well as how to reduce Zoom fatigue for themselves and others, and build trust faster and more authentically with new youth members through online interactions.

• 100% of participants surveyed strongly agreed this session provided information they can use in their roles within 4-H.

Bias Awareness

Annemarie Shrouder, who has spent more than 20 years in the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, led leaders through an impactful webinar based on her warm approach that creates opportunities to lower defenses and open lines of authentic communication.

• 100% of participants surveyed strongly agreed this session provided information they can use in their roles within 4-H.

Diet Culture and Cultivating Body Inclusion with Our Youth

At a time when youth are increasingly anxious about appearances and fitting in, it’s more important than ever to have open conversations to support their healthy and happy development. That’s why Ary Maharaj and Emily Huynh of the National Eating Disorder Information Centre spoke to 4-H leaders about how to best support body-image in youth while breaking down myths about health, weight, and physical development.

22 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
The quality of the content was worldclass, and I feel lucky to have had the chance to learn from such knowledgeable and interactive speakers for zero cost.
The bias tests gave me insight into how the brain establishes bias without conscious thought. The presenter was great and very well informed. It felt very comfortable even though the topic was sensitive.


Strategic Plan Snapshot: Innovative Program Delivery



Safe, fun, inclusive and welcoming programs

• Research external audiences to understand the barriers to entry with the 4-H program (relevancy, financial, cultural, geographic), and develop a national plan to support inclusivity and address barriers to entry with the 4-H program.

Strengthen the communities of practice

• Revitalize and support program incubators that co-create innovative, relevant learning opportunities for youth across Canada that may be scalable.

Program Committees & Working Groups

Program Innovation Committee


The purpose of this strategy-focused growth committee is to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders with programfocused expertise related to youth programming.

2021-2022 OBJECTIVES

Year one objectives focused on developing plans to:

• Research external audiences to take data-driven approach to developing a national plan to support inclusivity and ensure 4-H programming addresses relevancy, and increase accessibility, regardless of financial, cultural, or geographic considerations.

• Revitalize and support program incubators that co-create innovative, relevant, and scalable learning opportunities for Canadian youth.

• Provide access to resources and learning opportunities for 4-H professionals and governors to continue to grow in leading the business of 4-H.


• 2021-2022 Committee comprised a blend of crossdepartmental national and provincial representation, including representatives from BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NS, and PEI.

Canada Annual Report 23
2021-2022 4-H
= Responsible, Caring, Contributing Leaders Safe, fun, Inclusive Environment Responsibility Skill Mastery Leadership Development Planning and Decision Making Sense of Purpose Positive Values Caring Adults Learn To Do By Doing 4-H in Canada Positive Youth Development Formula 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report


Programming for the 4-H movement in Canada has major impact across four Leadership Development Pillars.

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security Science & Technology

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 25
Environment & Healthy Living
Engagement & Communications

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security


4-H Canada launched two Career Exploration Modules in 2021, supporting youth in building career readiness skills and practicing them through personalized, hands-on challenges.

• 49 secondary students participated in the Growing My Career Choices module, learning more about themselves, different career sectors, and career options.

Being part of 4-H prepares youth for their future career. The Careers on the Grow program supports senior 4-H members in exploring career paths, applying their skills, and gaining hands-on work experience.

A full suite of Careers on the Grow programming was provided to 4-H youth during the 2021-2022 fiscal year, including:


• Eight 4-H members were placed in Summer 2022 internship positions with top employers across the country, including BASF Canada, Canadian Red Cross, Food Banks Canada, and Cargill.


From learning how to create winning scholarship applications to gaining tips on writing a standout resume and cover letter, 4-H youth had the opportunity to participate in two interactive webinars with top employment specialists in 2021, plus access a digital library of past webinars any time, from anywhere.

• 23 youth participants across two webinars.

• 100% of surveyed participants agreed the webinars:

• Added to their understanding of the subject matter.

• Provided information they can use to prepare for postsecondary life and future careers.

• 30 post-secondary students took their career exploration even further with the Cultivating Career Possibilities module, which encourages a mindful approach to setting and reaching career goals.


Mentorship and networking connections are invaluable when it comes to career preparation. That’s why 4-H Canada launched the eMentorship Pilot Program in the fall of 2021. Members aged 18-25 had the chance to connect with experienced professionals working in sectors that align with their career interests and goals. Throughout the five-week mentorship, 4-H youth met virtually with their mentor, learning the ins and outs of the industry, and gaining valuable advice to apply to their own career paths.

• Four 4-H members were connected with mentors.

• 100% of participants indicated they would be interested in participating in a 4-H Canada mentorship program again.


26 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
What a great opportunity to learn some valuable lessons from someone who has been in your shoes before, and navigated challenges throughout their careers.
Supported by:

Science Fair

Science & Technology

Supported by:

MARCH 3-7, 2022 - VIRTUAL

The 2022 4-H Canada Science Fair saw an impressive group of youth from grades 7 to 12 (or enrolled in CÉGEP) showcase their skills in STEM, while exploring their personal passions through experimentation, innovation, and invention.

Following an initial virtual judging round in January 2022, finalists were invited forward to the second round in March, also held virtually.

• Four finalists

• Seven judges from dynamic range of locations and industries

• 100% of participants plan to pursue a career in agriculture, and felt their involvement in 4-H has helped advance their career goals.


Mac D. British Columbia Project: A Simple, Scalable Method for Reducing Stress in Chicks During the First Seven Days Post-Hatch


Mark N. Alberta Project: A Comparison of Natural Corrosion Inhibitors on Metals

Alexandra O. Saskatchewan Project: Do Cattle Impact the Canadian Grasslands?


All three 4-H Canada Science Fair winners also earned their berth forward into the 2022 Canada-Wide Science Fair, held virtually from May 16-20, 2022, where they went up against entrants from across the country. The 4-H youth had an impressive showing, taking home the following awards:

Mac D.

• Canadian Acoustical Association Award

• The Challenge Award – Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food

Mark N.

• Silver Medal – Excellence Award

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 27
The 4-H Canada Science Fair was an amazing and interesting experience for someone who is really interested in the STEM field. I got to learn new things, meet new people, and get involved deeper into the industry I am interested in.

Community Engagement & Communications

Citizenship Congress

MAY 4-9, 2021 – VIRTUAL

First introduced in 1972, the goal of Citizenship Congress is to provide youth with the opportunity to develop strong public speaking skills, while gaining an understanding of democratic processes and civic engagement. In 2021, the conference allowed delegates from across Canada to delve into issues of income security and public programs, under the theme, Examining Public Programs: Exploring the Issue of Universal Basic Income After participating in a variety of workshops on parliamentary procedure, careers, and citizenship, Citizenship Congress closed with the signature annual Mock Debate.

• 100% of delegates came away from the conference confident in their understanding of the parliamentary debate procedure.


“Be it resolved that the Government of Canada will provide a guaranteed basic income for all Canadian citizens over the age of 18.”

• 100% of youth participants felt the debate resolution was fun, challenging, and relevant.

I gained an immense confidence boost being able to participate in Citizenship Congress this year. I was reminded that I didn’t need to be ‘smart’ to contribute thoughts and ideas, and it put me in a position to consider the opinions of others.


Global 4-H Youth Committee

During the 2021 Global 4-H Digital Summit in September 2021, the inaugural Global 4-H Youth Committee was introduced, with Canada’s own Logan Emiry elected as Chair. Under Logan’s leadership, the Committee has created a statement that outlines the focus of their group. The statement includes their commitment to increasing the inclusivity of 4-H programs worldwide, and to making real, lasting impacts addressing the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

Working side-by-side with 4-H’ers from around the globe is an incredibly rewarding experience. Although we all come from different countries and backgrounds, and have different life experiences, we all share a common interest in 4-H and a united goal of improving the world around us


28 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
Supported by: BFL Canada The Masonic Foundation of Ontario BASF Canada Agricultural Solution

Environment & Healthy Livings

Members Forum

Outreach Initiatives

Since launching in 2020, the 4-H at Home Outreach Initiatives have empowered over 5,900 youth to enjoy hands-on activities any time, from anywhere, while making meaningful contributions to their communities, country, and the world.


First offered in 1931, Members Forum is 4-H Canada’s longestrunning program, having celebrated its 89th edition virtually in 2021. This iconic event is the premier opportunity for 4-H youth from across Canada to come together for an impactful, engaging, and fun-filled conference. The goals of the conference are to expose youth to career opportunities, and support them in exploring their interests and developing a career plan.

The 2021 edition was centred on the theme, Growing Strong Futures, asking how we can empower youth to grow strong futures for themselves and the world around them.

Key highlights included:

• The opportunity to ask questions and gain insight from top professionals and executive leaders in a variety of fields, from agriculture to healthcare to communications, during Mentorship Circles.

• Engaging career exploration and skills workshops, including Fostering Collaboration and Connection, delivered by Youth Employment Services, and The Secret to Happiness and Personal Fulfillment from Build a Biz Kids.

• Interactive Careers on the Grow programming that allowed youth to explore and discuss their career future during a Mind Map activity

• 85% of youth delegates felt the conference helped them develop new skills and strengthen existing ones.

In 2021, the Outreach Initiatives were made available through 4-H at Home, expanding access beyond 4-H members and clubs to encourage all families and educational organizations across the country to enjoy the activities in group settings, or from the comfort of home.

Two new Outreach Initiatives launched in early 2022, bringing the total to five. Each Initiative gives youth the chance to explore the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 goals that encourage global citizens of all ages to help address critical issues like poverty, health, education, and the environment.

• 679 Outreach Initiative kit registrations

• 800+ digital resource downloads

Powered Up! - Presented by Cargill, and supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation, Corteva Agriscience, and Desjardins

SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Powered Up! is an exciting new initiative that encourages youth to explore alternative and clean energy sources through hands-on activities, such as making s’mores with the power of the sun.

Making a Splash – Presented by Cargill, and supported by Corteva Agriscience and Desjardins

SDG 14 – Life Below Water

Also launched in early 2022, Making a Splash guides youth through experiential activities to discover their personal role in supporting healthy water ecosystems.

Proud to Bee a 4-H’er –Presented by Syngenta Canada SDG 15 – Life on Land

As one of 4-H Canada’s longest-running Outreach Initiatives, Proud to Bee a 4-H’er is centred on planting a pollinator-friendly garden to support a healthy ecosystem and sustainable food supply.

Dig into Soil –

Presented by Syngenta Canada

SDG 13 – Climate Action & SDG 15 –Life on Land

At Members Forum, you meet new people and make new connections. It is a great networking experience that is also educational.

Dig into Soil provides hands-on learning experiences for youth to discover how healthy soils contribute to addressing climate change, while championing soil conservation activities in their own communities.

Annual Report 29
2021-2022 4-H Canada
Supported by:


During the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the 4-H movement in Canada continued to face unprecedented adversity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet the provincial 4-H organizations were a testament to the fact that when we join together as a unified movement, we can come out other side even stronger.

4-H provincial organizations continued to achieve milestones, launch innovative programming, and provide a wide range of activities, resources, and supports to 4-H youth from coast-to-coast. Keep reading to learn about some of the highlights from each province.

4-H British Columbia

Agri-Career Quest

In May 2021, 4-H British Columbia gave members the chance to embark on a virtual journey to explore the wide variety of agriculture careers in BC. During an action-packed four days, members gained valuable skills to help plan and build their careers.

Youth Action

The 2021 Youth Action program consisted of four one-day camps across the province, providing nearly 50 youth with unique leadership-building activities, including a Q&A with Canadian Olympian Natasha Watcham-Roy.

Fast Facts

• 21 4-H BC volunteer leaders attended the 2021 Leadership Symposium, which ran under the theme, Mission Possible.

• 66 youth entered the 2021 Field to Fork Challenge, with the winning recipes published in a cookbook.

• 21 4-H youth entered the inaugural 4-H BC Great Pumpkin Challenge gardening contest.

30 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
The inaugural 4-H BC Great Pumpkin Challenge was a big hit, especially the Miniature Pumpkin Craft Creation category. Nearly 50 youth across BC enjoyed valuable leadership-building activities during Youth Action 2021. 4-H BC members made a valuable statement during the Agri-Career Quest virtual event - “Fields are for the future”. All Photo Credits: Courtesy of 4-H British Columbia

4-H Alberta



Following 4-H Alberta’s organization restructure in 2020, the staff started their first full club year as a team in 2021-2022. Highlights include:

• Delivering 15 provincial programs, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Developing nine new virtual programs, plus several workshops and webinars covering everything from coding to nutrition to the environment.

• Appointing 4-H Alberta’s first-ever elected Board of Directors during the 2021 Annual General Meeting. Members were elected based on business, competency, skills, diversity, and geography.

Fast Facts

• 7,000+ 4-H Alberta Facebook followers

• 5,000+ 4-H Alberta members, including over 700 Cleaver Kids

• 2,350 leaders and volunteers

• 282 registered and active clubs

• Representation across seven regions and 57 districts in Alberta

4-H Saskatchewan

Discover Program Pilot

4-H Saskatchewan introduced a new pilot program targeted toward urban youth, ages 6-12, called the Discover Program. The program embodied all the traditional aspects of 4-H, while meeting the needs of urban youth. Participants completed a variety of projects under the four Leadership Development Pillars, and had the opportunity to showcase their achievements at the end of the program term.


After a 10-year tenure, Cera Youngson stepped away from her role of Executive Director at 4-H Saskatchewan to take on a new chapter as Executive Director for the Saskatoon Zoo Society. 4-H Saskatchewan thanks Cera for her invaluable contributions to 4-H Saskatchewan and wishes her all the best on her new adventure.

Fast Facts

• 2,000+ 4-H at Home learning kits sent out in 20212022 to support hands-on learning, including a Pumpkin Contest, which will return in 2022-2023.

• Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 4-H Saskatchewan continued to host nearly all of their programming in 2021-2022 in either virtual, hybrid, or in-person formats.

On the Horizon in SK

• Growing the Discover Program for urban youth will continue to be a priority.

• Set to host the first-ever Golf Tournament Fundraiser for the Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation.

• Revising the Beef and Light Horse project materials to modernize and provide the most current information and best practices.


The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t slow 4-H Alberta down, with staff delivering nine new virtual programs, plus workshops and webinars during the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H Alberta Saskatchewan sent out over 2,000 4-H at Home learning kits in 2021-2022, which included the popular Pumpkin Contest, set to return in 2022-2023. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H Saskatchewan
Annual Report
4-H Canada

4-H Manitoba

Introducing “Clover” the Cow

4-H Manitoba was thrilled to introduce “Clover” the life-size model cow and calf during the 2021-2022 club year. This interactive initiative simulates the bovine birthing process, and allowed beef club members to learn how to safely assist a cow during birth when required. Clover can be customized to mimic a variety of birthing scenarios, allowing members to practice repositioning for a safe birth under the advisement of a veterinarian. Clover will continue to live at the Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives Learning Centre, where she will be available to urban and rural youth and adults during workshops and educational activities related to the life cycle of a cow.

4-H Ontario

Discovery Box Program

4-H Ontario launched the Discovery Box Program pilot in 2021. Inside the Discovery Boxes, youth found self-directed activities they could do by themselves or with their families. Sponsored by Beef Farmers of Ontario, 136 families ordered the boxes. Following the successful pilot, the program will continue under the re-branded name Clover Kits.

First-ever Province-Wide Judging Competition

4-H Ontario hosted its inaugural province-wide judging competition in 2021. Made possible through a virtual format, the competition saw over 140 youth participate, testing their critical thinking skills in both life skills and livestock classes.

Fast Facts

• Three new/updated projects rolled out in 2021 – Dairy, Careers, and Field Crops – Species & Management.

• The top-five most completed projects in 2021 included Virtual Cooking.

On the Horizon in ON

• The 4-H Ontario Podcast will be re-branded to 4-H 4-U, with a minimum of two episodes per month being released.

• Virtual opportunities for youth will continue in 2022-2023, but the majority of club programming, camps, conferences, and more will return to an in-person format.

Association des Jeunes Ruraux du Québec (AJRQ)

AJRQ Highlights – 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 club year was marked by the return of the Quebec Rural Youth Classic, with more than 120 youth participating. Other in-person events included the General Assembly, and the Genius AJRQ educational event for youth, which brought together 40 members from across Quebec.

New Website

AJRQ was proud to launch a new website in 2021. Visit ww.ajrq.qc.ca to check out the organization’s new and improved digital space.

On the Horizon in MB

• 4-H Manitoba will host Agri Career Quest, supporting senior 4-H members through skill building, resume writing, interview techniques, in-person industry tours, and more.

• After a three-year hiatus, the Manitoba 150 Rally will take place in 2023, showcasing workshops for equine, beef, foods, small animal, crafts, and much more. The tradition of the Club Parade will be brought back to life to celebrate 110 years of 4-H in Manitoba.

32 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
Clover the life-sized model cow simulates the bovine birthing process, and has allowed 4-H beef club members to learn how to safety assist a cow during birth, when required, under the advisement of a veterinarian. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H Manitoba

4-H Quebec

At-Home Activities a Success

Over the 2021-2022 fiscal year, 4-H Quebec rolled out a wide range of at-home activities, and successfully carried out events in a virtual space. Offerings included seasonal competitions, as well as the annual Innovative Ag Tour with new farms and businesses. A major milestone included the modified 2021 Rally taking place in three regions across Quebec.

Fast Facts

• 4-H members in Quebec engaged in virtual club activities that ranged from cooking classes and vet classes to online games and movie showings.

On the Horizon in QC

• In-person activities will commence in 2022-2023, with clubs excited to participate in the Provincial Rally, Leadership Camp, and in-person Innovate Ag Tour.

4-H New Brunswick

In-Person Events Return

4-H New Brunswick staff worked hard to resume the regular programming schedule, including the return of the Provincial Communications Competition in early 2022 following a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19. The event had a great turn-out, with representation from all five districts.

Fast Facts

• The 2022 Carleton County Spring Show and Sale achieved the sale’s highest price per pound on a 4-H calf to date, at over $14.

On the Horizon in NB

• A new bilingual 4-H NB website will launch in 2022, designed to better suit the needs of the 4-H community in New Brunswick.

• Plans are underway to launch a Youth Committee for senior members, consisting of two members per district. Committee representatives will lead content creation for marketing 4-H events in the province.

2021-2022 4-H Canada

Annual Report 33
4-H New Brunswick resumed the in-person Provincial Communications Competition in 2022. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H New Brunswick 4-H’ers participated in a modified 2021 Rally format, which allowed youth to enjoy in-person activities while still maintaining COVID-19 safety measures. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H Quebec

4-H Nova Scotia

100th Anniversary

2022 marks the 100th anniversary of 4-H in Nova Scotia, which was founded in 1922 in Antigonish County. Celebrations kicked off in early 2022, and will continue throughout the year. This special anniversary year is poised to be one for the books, with 4-H NS membership numbers having doubled in 2021-2022.

Welcome Jay Woodworth

In early 2022, 4-H Nova Scotia welcomed Jay Woodworth as the Executive Director. A 4-H alum, Jay’s background includes agriculture research, environmental farm planning, and agrienvironmental agrology.

Fast Facts

• Following a challenging two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, 4-H Nova Scotia membership numbers doubled for the 2021-2022 membership year.

• There are active 4-H clubs in all 18 counties of Nova Scotia.

4-H PEI Leader Appreciation Day

In 2021, 4-H PEI was able to return to an in-person Leader Appreciation Day, with 35 leaders coming together to learn, craft, eat, and brainstorm ideas for the upcoming 4-H year. It was exciting to give leaders the opportunity to reconnect in person, and there was lots of enthusiasm for the future.


Congrats to Long-Time Leaders

4-H PEI was honoured to give recognition to inspirational and dedicated leaders, Louise and Walter Andrews. Combined, this husband-and-wife team has devoted 90 years to the Wheatley River 4-H Club. Walter has been the woodworking leader for 40 years, while Louise has achieved 50 years as a volunteer leader, with her involvement spanning the club, regional, and provincial level.

Fast Facts

• Three-year grant received from the PEI Alliance for Mental Well-being to fund provincial and regional projects that support youth mental well-being.

On the Horizon in PEI

• Plans are underway to expand regional and provincial projects to assist leaders, make new connections within the province, and allow members to explore new opportunities.

• It’s an exciting time for 4-H PEI as the organization evolves to improve the experience of members and leaders.

34 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
4-H Nova Scotia is celebrating its 100th year in 2022, highlighting a long and successful history that all began in Antigonish County in 1922. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H Nova Scotia 4-H PEI Western Region Director Brenda Larsen, presents Leader Recognition. Awards to Louise (50 years) and Walter (40 years) Andrews. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H PEI had the opportunity to return to an in-person Leader Appreciation Day in 2021, giving leaders the opportunity to reconnect in person. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H PEI

4-H Newfoundland and Labrador

4-Minutes with 4-H

4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee Representative for Newfoundland and Labrador, McAuley Bellows, hosted a 4-Minutes with 4-H session in the fall of 2021 to get answers to important questions around youth entering the workforce. Through a Q&A with Courtney White, Head of Human Resources for BASF Agricultural Solutions North America, McAuley dug into vital topics from building a personal brand to how companies can successfully recruit recent grads into the talent pool.

Government House Goes Green

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 35
4-H NL leaders and members celebrated Show Your 4-H Colours Day on Nov. 3. 2021 at Government House in St. John’s, NL, which was lit in green for the occasion. Photo Credit: Courtesy of 4-H Newfoundland & Labrador


2021-2022 4-H Canada Board of Directors

Youth Advisory Committee Representatives to the Board

36 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
Carlie Whetter, MB Chair Shelley Jones, SK Director Matt Boutilier, NS David Hansen, MB Vice-Chair Brett Rumpel, SK Valerie Stone, ON Past Chair Robert Larsen, PEI Director Ken Clark, BC Director John Ross, ON Director Eric Dalke, AB Director Todd Klink, SK Chair, Canadian 4-H Foundation

2021-2022 Canadian 4-H Foundation Trustees


Provincial Advisor

2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report 37
Todd Klink, SK Chair Gene Fraser, MB Trustee Bianca von Nagy, AB Scaldwell, ON Vice-Chair Arron Madson, AB Trustee Stefanie Nagelschmitz, ON Past Chair Ryan Riese, AB Trustee Brad Adams, ON Trustee Carlie Whetter, MB Chair, 4-H Canada Board of Directors Ben Graham, AB Trustee

Past Chairs – Board of Directors

1931-1932, 1943

Reginald S. Duncan

1933, 1944

Norman C. MacKay

1934 R.S. Hamer

1935, 1946

Dr. Willard V. Longley 1936, 1947 John G. Rayner 1937, 1948 J. Charles Mangan

1938 W.J. Elliott

1939-1940, 1950 Stanley Wood 1941 Dr. J.B. Munro 1942, 1952 Stewart C. Wright 1945 A.W. (Pete) Peterson 1949 George S. Black 1951 Dr. Echo Lidster

1953 Edward S. Pineau 1954 Earl S. Manning

1955 R. Gordon Bennett

1956 D.C. (David) Foster

1957 Frank E. Wolff

1958 Charles A. Douglas 1959 John E. McArthur 1960 J. Ernest Dubé 1961 John C. Bremner 1962 Joseph Racine 1963 Gordon Landon 1964 Norman D. Hogg 1965 David B. Young 1966 Lawrence Murphy 1967 Robert E. Brack 1968 Ralph E. Cudmore 1969 C. Les Usher 1970 John E. Moles 1971 Walter V. Grant 1972 Donald C. Matthews 1973 Joseph E. Audet 1974 William Fulton 1975 Dale V. Dewar

Past Chairs – Canadian 4-H Foundation

1971-1972 C. Les Usher

1973-1974 Ralph E. Cudmore

1975-1976 Don Wales

1977-1978 Helgi Austman

1979-1980 Donald C. Matthews

1981-1982 Gordon Muirhead

1983-1984 Gordon Nixon 1985-1986 Alex Budge 1987-1988 Archie McKenzie 1989 C. E. Baskier 1990 Jack Gilliland

1991-1992 James Fraser 1993-1994 Murray Stewart

1976 George W. Arnold

1977 Glen Hass

1978 David M. Adams 1979 David E. Freed 1980 Gordon Nixon 1981 John E. Redden 1982 Jack Gilliland 1983 Ruth Thoen 1984 Claude Lalonde 1985 Mervie Ford 1986 Duane Bristow 1987 Gwyneth Jones 1988 Tom Hennessey 1989 Sharon Nussey 1990 Don Canning 1991 Gordon Bryant 1992 W. Brian Little 1993 David Inglis 1994 Ted Youck

1995 Mary Magee

1996 Keith Wilkinson 1997 Bob Boulton 1998 Ted Young

1999 Morley Handford 2000 John J. MacDonald 2001 Gary Skogberg 2002 Elizabeth Crouse 2003 Mary-Ann Carson 2004 George Klosler

2005 Bertram Stewart

2006 Marie Logan 2007-2008 Bob McAuley 2009-2011 Judy Shaw

2011-2013 Rob Black 2013-2015 Valerie Pearson 2015-2017 Donna Bridge 2017-2019 David Hovell 2019-2021 Valerie Stone

1995-1996 Morley Handford 1997-1998 Duane Bristow 1999-2000 W. Brian Little 2001-2002 James Hewitt 2003-2004 David Inglis 2005-2006 Ted Youck 2007-2008 Dori GingeraBeauchemin

2009-2011 Lyndon Carlson 2011-2013 David Hovell 2013-2015 Kim McConnell 2015-2017 Randy Mowat 2017-2019 Brad Adams 2019-2021 Stefanie Nagelschmitz

38 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report

Lifetime Honourary Members

1950 R.S. Duncan

N.C. MacKay

R.S. Hamer

Dr. W. V. Longley

W.J.W. Lennox

S.E. Todd

John Tucker D.M. Johnson G.H. Clark F.W. Walsh S.J. Changnon F.M. Morton

Dr. J.B. Munro

W.A. Brown 1955 Alex MacLaurin

1958 R. Gordon Bennett

1959 Frank E. Wolff 1964 Charles A. Douglas

1968 John E. McArthur

Raymond P. Frey 1971 Thomas McBeath

1973 Thomas P. Devlin 1974 Gordon Nixon 1975 Frank Binnie

1977 David Barrie Miriam Barrie Jean Scott

1979 Isabel Percival 1982 Henri Caron 1985 Don Wales 1986 Dr. Florence O’Neill Hutchison Dr. Echo Lidster 1987 Stanley Wood 1988 Gordon Muirhead 1990 Jack Redden 1995 Donald C. Matthews C. Les Usher

1997 Clint Whetter

Melva Hornbrook 1998 Joy Palmer Alice McKay

2000 William Fulton George Arnold Lucy Duke

2001 Dick Huggard David M. Adams

2002 John Flintoft

2003 Cathy Wilson Pinkney Jack Gilliland

2004 Shaunda Rossington Brian Little 2005 Ruth Thoen

Ted Youck

2006 Bob Boulton 2009 Gordon Bryant John J. MacDonald

Gary Skogberg

2010 Lois James 2011 Elizabeth Crouse Marie Logan

2013 Dori GingeraBeauchemin Marguerite Stark Bertram Stewart 2014 Morley Handford

2015 E. Ward Jones (awarded posthumously)

2016 Rob Black

2017 Lyndon Carlson Linda Porter

2018 Kevin Charlebois 2019 Carm Hamilton Kim McConnell 2020 Duane Bristow Nancy Orr 2021 Dawn Krinke

Canada Annual Report 39
2021-2022 4-H

4-H Canada Members

For membership year Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2021

50+ Years

Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Canadian Meat Council

John Deere Canada ULC

Manitoba Agriculture RBC Royal Bank

25-49 Years

4-H Alberta

4-H British Columbia

4-H Manitoba

4-H New Brunswick

4-H Newfoundland and Labrador

4-H Nova Scotia

4-H Prince Edward Island

4-H Quebec

4-H Saskatchewan R. Duane Bristow

Canadian Pork Council

Farm Credit Canada MacDon Industries Inc. SeCan Co-operators

The Semex Alliance

Under 25 Years

4-H BC Foundation

4-H Ontario

Association des jeunes ruraux du Québec

Brad Adams

Bayer CropScience McCauley Bellows

Rob Black

Hannah Boulton Matt Boutilier

Donna Bridge Brandon Callahan

Laurie Campeau

Canadian Western Agribition

Ken Clark CN Eric Dalke Cera Ellingsen Kayla Emmerton Stan Figley Gene Fraser Rayanne Frizzell

Mary-Belle Fulton William Fulton Glacier FarmMedia Ben Graham Glenn Gress David Hansen David Hovell Shelley Jones Devin Keenan Todd Klink

Brenda Larsen

Robert Larsen

Brian Little

Nancy Luscombe

Sophie MacDonald Arron Madson

Mary Magee Scott Masters Kim McConnell Moira McRann George Meggison Casey Morey Randy Mowat Stefanie Nagelschmitz Mark Nairn

Ontario 4-H Foundation

Robert James (Jamie) Pearson Valerie Pearson Ryan Riese John Ross Brett Rumpel Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation Krista Scaldwell Rob Schmeichel Leanne Sprung Marguerite Stark Valerie Stone Cheryl Sullivan Syngenta Canada Inc.

Ida Thomas Turkey Farmers of Canada

Uniglobe The Premiere Travel Group Roy Westlake Carlie Whetter

40 2021-2022 4-H Canada Annual Report
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