4-H in Canada Strategic Plan 2021-2025

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4-H in Canada

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Our Mission

Our Vision

To empower youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders that effect positive change in the world around them.

Thriving communities in partnership with youth leaders.

Strategic Priorities 2021-2025

GROWTH Objectives Serve more youth

Grow financial resources

Work with stakeholders to develop a national plan that targets increasing retention and engaging more youth.

Provide more opportunities and sources of funding to support stakeholders at multiple levels of 4-H.

Develop tools, resources, and training that attract and retain excellent leaders

Grow awareness of the 4-H brand

Work with provinces to understand the greatest needs to support the recruitment of highly engaged leaders that support us in achieving our mission and world-class training opportunities.

Cultivate more resources to invest in national initiatives that tell the 4-H story and elevate 4-H in Canada as a leader in positive youth development.

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE Objectives Strengthen our business infrastructure Research and discover where there may be infrastructure created through national initiatives.

Inspire business excellence

Enhance our business intelligence

Provide access to resources and learning opportunities for 4-H professionals and governors to continue to grow in leading the business of 4-H.

Conduct research and gain insights on external and internal audiences to support provinces refining target audiences and deepen the understanding of opportunities in youth sector markets.

INNOVATIVE PROGRAM DELIVERY Objectives Safe, fun, inclusive and welcoming programs

Strengthen the communities of practice

Research external audiences to understand the barriers to entry with the 4-H program (relevancy, financial, cultural, geography) and develop a national plan to support inclusivity and address barriers to entry with the 4-H program.

Revitalize and support program incubators that co-create innovative, relevant learning opportunities for youth across Canada that may be scalable.


Development Pillars Community Engagement & Communications

Science & Technology

Environment & Healthy Living

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

4-H in Canada

Positive Youth Development Formula

Positive Values


Safe, fun, Inclusive Environment Caring Adults Sense of Purpose

Learn To Do By Doing

Planning and Decision Making

Skill Mastery

Leadership Development


Responsible, Caring, Contributing Leaders