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Welcome to the second issue of FACES of the Black Hills. The community’s response from last year’s edition of this yearly publication couldn’t have been better. We heard from people all over the Black Hills about how this magazine did such a great job of celebrating the excellence of this region.

FACES is unlike any other magazine in this community. In the world of publishing, we call the content of these pages native advertising or sponsored content. In this style of content, we partner with businesses and organizations to craft the words and the pictures that you see here. The businesses get to choose what message they’d like to share, and we, as storytellers, help them tell it. The businesses and organizations featured this year each represent an outstanding contribution to our community. That’s why we only allow one representative from each category.

The Black Hills are full of stories that are worth telling — and worth telling well. We hope you enjoy the 2024 edition, and know that the FACES that you’ll meet in these pages are really the best of the best, and each of them is ready to serve you and your families in whatever ways they can.


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Dolsee Stephen Dawn Erica Joe John Kim Kayla Justin Rainey



When I was a kid, I moved to Rapid City from Texas. I remember feeling like my life was being turned upside down. One day, we were driving through town, and I looked up and saw a dinosaur on a hill in the middle of the city. My dad asked me, “Did you see his head move?” That made me smile, and I felt so much better — like I was home. Seeing Dinosaur Park at that moment helped me a lot as a kid, and I still treasure that memory. When my kids were young, I would use that same line about the dinosaur’s head moving, and I’m sure plenty of other Rapid City dads have done the same thing with their kids.

For me, the dinosaur that overlooks our city represents a lot about our community and the Black Hills region. It’s fun, family-friendly, and unique. We shouldn’t fight these things; we should embrace them. We’re Rapid City, and there’s no place like Rapid City. It’s no secret that Rapid City and the rest of the Black Hills region is growing. In fact, Rapid City is the fastest growing city in the Midwest. The question that I ask myself, though, is how do we grow and still keep what makes us special?

The true essence of what makes our community special comes

down to each and every person. So the more people we can add to our community who are doing what is good, true and beautiful, the better. I hope that as you open this magazine and flip through the pages, you get a glimpse of those kinds of people who are all around us here in the Black Hills — the ones doing good, true and beautiful things.

300 Sixth Street Rapid City, SD 57701 mayorsoffice@rcgov.org

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Throughout the country, there’s a well-known rivalry between police and fire departments. In Rapid City, though, any competitiveness between these two departments is overshadowed by a spirit of cooperation and a shared vision for serving the people of this city.

Police Chief Don Hedrick said that, of course, there’s friendly gibes between these two groups of first responders, but the mutual respect between these men and women is the foundation of their shared mission of service.

Fire Chief Jason Culberson surmises that this spirit of excellence comes from a deep desire of the people of Rapid City to support each other. “I’m always so impressed by the kindness and generosity of this community,” he said. “Rapid City just seems to be a great mix of good, solid people who want to help each other.”

Chief Hedrick agreed. “We have an amazing community. I think the first responders here receive a lot of support from the people whom we serve.” Chief Hedrick also praised his officers. “I love working with these dedicated police officers. They’re out there doing a very difficult job at times, and I’m just thankful that we have good folks who are willing to do such a tough job.”

Rapid City, these two chiefs said, is lucky to have some of the highest caliber first responders in the country. Chief Culberson said that the public might be surprised by the breadth of training his staff has. “It’s not just about firefighting. They’re also all medical professionals,” he said. “We have people in our department who speak nationally and are the experts in their field.”

Chief Hedrick added, “Our officers are the 24/7 caretakers of our community. A lot of the work that we do comes down to social issues; working with individuals to get them out of crisis. That, a lot of times, comes down to building connections, building rapport and building trust.” And trust is something that the people of Rapid City can count on when it comes to these two groups of first responders.

Rapid City Fire Department 10 Main Street, Rapid City, SD 57701 rcgov.org/departments/fire-department Rapid City Police Department 300 Kansas City Street, Suite 302, Rapid City, SD 57701 rcgov.org/departments/police-department
Pictured left to right: Chief Jason Culberson and Chief Don Hedrick











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Angelica's Boutique
LiveWell Medical Aesthetics
United Way of the Black Hills
Found by weathered vane
Pizza Ranch
Wear it Again, Sam
Crazy Horse Memorial®
Besler's Cadillac Ranch
Kicks & Giggles Baby and Kids Boutique
Formanek Electric
Stroke Care - Monument Health 18 Pain & Movement Solutions 19 Black Hills Tire 20 Audra's Bridal Gallery 21 Rapid City Mental Health Professionals LLC 22 Bariatrics - Monument Health 23 Samuelson Development, LLC 24 Gene HuffordAmerican Family Insurance 26 Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op
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Angelica Wojtanowicz opened up Angelica’s Boutique in May of 2023, and she’s using her passion for fashion, marketing and business to create a fresh and unique shopping experience in Rapid City. “I love this as a creative outlet,” she said. “And it’s been incredible to see women loving the space and styles that they’re taking home with them. It gives inspiration as I work on future orders and collections.”

All of the pieces featured at the shop are lovingly hand-selected by Angelica. “We like to bring in the trends, but we also like to focus on having classic pieces that women can have in their closets for years,” she said. “And we usually carry only a small size-run in each style, so you’re not going to be having the same dress as 30 other people in Rapid City.”

This boutique is not Angelica’s first foray in bringing elevated fashion to Rapid City. She previously opened the Shangri La Boutique located in downtown Rapid City, and found tremendous success in connecting women with fun, classic and high quality clothing. She took a break from Shangri La to focus on family for a season, and now she’s excited to continue to connect with clients both from those Shangri La days and new ones at Angelica’s Boutique.

“Anyone who is curious about the shopping experience at the boutique is welcome to stop by — whether you’re looking to make a purchase that day or not,” Angelica said. Angelica’s Boutique is open Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Private shopping experiences are available upon request.

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5th Street Rapid
Pictured: Angelica Wojtanowicz
City, SD 57701 instagram.com/angelicason5th



You’ve heard the expression age gracefully, but have you heard of aging peacefully? The team at LiveWell Medical Aesthetics is prepared to help you do just that.

“Whatever aging looks like to you is beautiful; embrace that,” said Courtney Vesely, CNP, MSN, RN, BSN, owner and CEO of LiveWell. “Our goal is not for you to look like a different person. We want to help you embrace the features that make you, you.” LiveWell offers treatments that are extremely customizable to the patient, including options that are regenerative, or use your own body’s healing abilities, to treat the aging process.

While treatments can address signs of aging, an effective skincare regimen creates a strong canvas for treatment and prolongs the results. When asked if there is one product everyone should have in their arsenal, Courtney responded, “Sunscreen! Everyone should be wearing sunscreen every day. So much of the aging process is affected by sun damage.”

Beyond your daily skincare routine, a full facial consultation is an ideal starting point for your peaceful aging journey.

The professionals at LiveWell Medical Aesthetics focus on

outcome-driven approaches that provide natural, beautiful results. With aesthetics evolving at a rapid pace, the LiveWell team prioritizes continuing education to provide the best, evidencebased treatment options available.

Whether you are looking to create a routine from scratch or address specific concerns with treatments, all new patients can expect a full-face consultation lasting approximately one hour. “When we meet with new patients, we’re talking through everything. Current routine, goals, treatment options, everything. It’s very comprehensive and it allows us to honor you as an individual.”

LiveWell Medical Aesthetics is more than a day at the spa, it’s an investment in your future face and skin.

811 Columbus

Rapid City, SD 57701 livewell605.com

Pictured left to right: Marissa Gonzalez, LE; Courtney Vesely, CNP, MSN, RN, BSN; Christa McCormick, RN, BSN Street



How can the average person in the Black Hills make a meaningful impact in their community? According to United Way of the Black Hills Executive Director, John Cass, volunteering is an extremely powerful answer to that question. “People underestimate the power of volunteering and the value of their time,” he said. “Stretch yourself — two hours a quarter. If you can, try two hours a month. Find different organizations. Find the one that you really enjoy.”

The Black Hills depends on a healthy network of nonprofits. “Our local governments are simply not able to fill in all the gaps of the needs of our communities,” John explained. “That’s why it’s important for the people of the Black Hills to support our local agencies through volunteering and funding.”

By becoming involved with a nonprofit, an individual starts to take ownership of the work of that agency. That’s why John and his staff encourage the residents of the Black Hills to take an active role in the work of local nonprofits.

The United Way of the Black Hills has a long, 80 year history of serving the region by investing in and empowering local nonprofit

organizations. Long term change happens in a community when its residents are united and working together. An organization like United Way of the Black Hills is in the business of fostering that kind of cooperative atmosphere. To take the next step of volunteering or partnering financially to create long term change in your community, visit the United Way of the Black Hills’ website.

100 Rapid City, SD 57701 unitedwayblackhills.org

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Pictured left to right: Edwina Kertzman, Kathy Cruse, Terri Berg, John Cass, Mari Sheldon, Carmen Keehner, Hanna Glissendorf 621 6th Street, Suite



Gone are the days of retail therapy at your favorite boutique with staff that have become friends. Or are they?

Walking through the doors of Found by weathered vane is like stepping back into old-fashioned retail, in the best way. From apparel to greeting cards to home decor and gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets, the staff at Found await the opportunity to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. You’ll likely find something for yourself as well.

Owners Marlow and Janet Scherbenske opened the store in 1999 and with it, they have built a space that makes guests feel welcome at every turn. “The store really is an experience,” said Marlow. “From the items to the soundtrack and fragrance. It’s old-school retail where customers can expect to be greeted and helped by our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.”

Marlow and Janet have worked over the last 25 years to curate a shopping experience for men and women alike. “We want the gentlemen in our lives to know this store is for them, too,” said Janet. “You can feel comfortable here and we’re happy to help you find the perfect item for your home or to give.”

While the store has changed locations and names since its origination, one thing has remained the same. “No matter who walks in the store, they can feel at ease here and find a beautiful, meaningful gift at any price point,” shared Marlow.

While much of retail is conducted online these days, you won’t find a website for Found. Janet shared, “Part of the experience is engaging with our customers; getting to know them and their likes and dislikes. The relationships we have built by doing business this way have been truly rewarding and humbling.”

With exceptional customer service and attention to detail, you never know what you’ll discover at Found.

Pictured left to right: Marlow and Janet Scherbenske, Owners

719 Mountain View Road Rapid City, SD 57702




Whoever said that you can’t change the world with pizza hasn’t met Terry Larsen and Steve Cronin. These two friends and business partners grew up in Fort Pierre where Terry’s parents opened the Fort Pierre Pizza Ranch in the ‘90s. “My parents opened up their Pizza Ranch when I was 8 years old,” Terry said. “So I grew up in Pizza Ranch. It was my first job and Steve’s first job when he was 14.”

Terry and Steve, through their years of working every role at Pizza Ranch, have gained a comprehensive understanding of the ins-and-outs of the restaurant. So, in 2010, they opened their first location in Rapid City on Luna Avenue and their second one on Stumer Road in 2013.

It wasn’t just the procedures that Steve and Terry have learned along this journey. The two friends also picked up crucial aspects of the Pizza Ranch culture — namely, the organization’s mission to create legendary experiences for its guests. And for Terry and Steve, that mission happens inside and outside the walls of their restaurants.

Terry and Steve’s two Pizza Ranch locations have served

countless hungry families and groups. The Stumer Road location has even expanded to include a brand new FunZone Arcade — nearly 2,500 square feet of high tech games and a massive redemption wall. But most importantly, Steve and Terry have invested over $500,000 back into the community through charitable giving and partnerships. Partly thanks to this community-first attitude, Steve and Terry were recently recognized as Franchisees of the Year by Pizza Ranch Inc. “We could not do this without our amazing managers and team,” Steve said.


1556 Luna Avenue

Rapid City, SD 57701

405 East Stumer Road

Rapid City, SD 57701 pizzaranch.com

left to right: Terry Larsen and Steve Cronin
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Tara Morgan, owner of Wear It Again, Sam, just seems to have been born with an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s what Wear It Again, Sam’s founder and original owner, Janis Jones, saw in a young Tara over 30 years ago.

“Janis, who started the store back in 1990, offered me a job because she thought I was 16,” Tara recounted, “but I was only 13.” Tara would have to wait another year before Janis could actually employ her. But this first job would turn out to change the trajectory of Tara’s life.

After promotions, leadership experience, a college graduation and learning the ins and outs of creating a boutique resale shopping experience, Tara would go on to buy the business from Janis in 2016. “It was very bittersweet,” Tara explained, “because then shortly thereafter, Janis passed away. She taught me everything I know about business, and she was just always so good to me.”

Tara has honored the leadership and business acumen of her mentor by continuing to cultivate Wear It Again, Sam’s signature experience. “Every single day we’re putting out hundreds of new items, so you truly never know what you’re going to find,” Tara said.

Shoppers are able to experience the thrill of the hunt for designer label clothing that may not be available in the region. And Janis’ effective leadership lives on in Tara’s team. “I’ve got a team of eight right now. I’m super grateful for them. I obviously couldn’t do what I do without them.” Tara is excited to continue and grow the legacy of Wear It Again, Sam. And Rapid City and the Black Hills are a more fashionable place for it.

402 East Fairmont Boulevard Rapid City, SD 57702 wearitagainsam.com

Pictured: Tara Morgan
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Crazy Horse Memorial ® is the largest in-progress mountain carving in the world. The carving of Lakota hero Crazy Horse is a breathtaking feat of art and engineering that has inspired countless visitors. The Mountain is a remarkable achievement, and progress can be observed each time one visits the Memorial. The Dream of Crazy Horse Memorial ® started when Chief Henry Standing Bear wrote a letter to famed sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, asking him to carve a Memorial honoring the Indigenous people of North America. The two exchanged correspondence for years, with the first blast on the Mountain happening in 1948. The mission of Crazy Horse Memorial ® has been faithfully upheld for all of those years and will continue to be kept for generations to come.

Chief Executive Officer of Crazy Horse Memorial ®, Whitney Rencountre II, described what that mission is: “Our mission is to protect and preserve the culture, tradition and Living Heritage of the North American Indians. We advance our mission through the Mountain, which attracts people from all over the world. When those people are here, then we get to share the arts, traditions and culture through the Indian Museum of North America®.”

Caleb Ziolkowski, Chief Mountain Executive, added to that thought and said, “The initial request by Chief Henry Standing Bear was to carve a mountain so that the whole world knows that Native Americans have great heroes, too. But I think it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that even though the Mountain that we’re carving is quite large, that the vision and the mission are even bigger.”

One of those big ideas at the Memorial is The Indian University of North America®. Whitney explained, “Native American students get to come here and prepare for higher education and their life and they get the tools that they need to thrive.” The Indian University of North America® was started in 2010. Students are encouraged to dream big and set goals worthy of their highest potential and how to navigate college while also completing a semester of college in a worldly setting. In addition to the University, Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation has awarded over $2 million in scholarships to students.

“The overarching goal is to really help people understand Native Americans,” Caleb said. “And to help people come to a new realization of the Living Heritage of the Native Americans — to understand more about their history and their lives in the present day. The Mountain, in some ways, is the easiest thing that we’re doing.”

Chief Financial Officer, Joe Konkol, echoed Caleb’s sentiment about the Memorial’s perpetual mission. “What I tell people is that, someday, the Mountain will be done,” he said. “The University will continue to grow and the Museum will continue to expand. But, Crazy Horse Memorial ® will never truly be finished because it will always be our mission to educate the public about the Living Heritage of the Native Americans.”

Pictured left to right: Caleb Ziolkowski, Whitney Rencountre II, Joe Konkol

12151 Avenue of the Chiefs Crazy Horse, SD 57730-8900 crazyhorsememorial.org




History, beauty and memories all come together at one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the Black Hills — Besler’s Cadillac Ranch. Josh and Alison Besler manage the ranch, and for them, the unspoiled beauty of this property starts with its rich history.

Recently, Alison has dedicated some of her busy schedule to studying that history. Through this research, Alison has discovered how deep the storied past of the ranch goes — the gold rush, Deadwood, trains and more. Guests are able to immerse themselves in this story. “Many of the buildings here are original; for instance, brides are able to get ready in the authentic farmhouse,” Alison said.

The western romance of Besler’s is as real as it gets. This working ranch boards horses and raises cattle to this day, and wedding parties are able to take full advantage of this. “We’ve had a lot of weddings where the groom is into roping,” Josh said. “So we’re able to have him and his buddies come out into our arena and rope.” The Redwater River, which weaves through the property, is also a favorite feature of the venue. Apart from the

soothing sound and the photo opportunities, the river offers visitors with hours of memorable entertainment. “If any of the groomsmen want to fish or anything, there’s trout in the river,” Josh shared.

All of these one-of-a-kind features and more result in the most authentic western wedding experience in the region. There’s a reason that people from all over the country — and world — have celebrated their big day at Besler’s Cadillac Ranch.

Saint Onge, SD 57779

Pictured left to right: Alison and Josh Besler 19314 Helmer Road
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Friends meet friends at Kicks and Giggles — that’s what they say here. “It’s about the relationships being built here,” said founder and owner Lisa DenHerder. When you spend time in this downtown Rapid City store, you’ll experience this people-first approach in action.

Seven years in, Kicks and Giggles is a one-stop shop for children’s clothing, baby gear and gifts galore for kids up to age eight. Miranda Whitcher, five-year manager said, “It’s a privilege to be in this kind of environment. We meet people before a baby is born, get to know them personally, and become a part of their journey. It’s such a great, local store.”

“Sharing the experience of parenthood is an enriching aspect of working in a children’s store,” said Taylor Guthmiller-Martin, four-year administrator and buyer. “Combining my passion for motherhood with my roles at Kicks and Giggles is very fulfilling. When I’m able to share my journey, it nurtures the connections we’re making.”

Six-year team member Sue Provost, added, “We’re honored to be part of a place where stories are shared and friendships

blossom. The connections made within our store create a sense of community, which extends beyond our walls.”

In December 2022, Lisa was blessed with these connections for herself. “When my fourth grandchild, Julian, was born, he was diagnosed with craniosynostosis. It’s a birth defect in which the bones in his skull fused together too early. When I shared the news he would need surgery,” Lisa said, “I saw God in it with me and working for me.” Having witnessed it happen over the years for others, it didn’t surprise Lisa when one customer had very specific work experience with the condition, and another personally knew the Boys Town surgeon who would perform the procedure in August of 2023. So you see, Kicks and Giggles is more than just a store — it’s where friends meet friends.

Main Street, Suite 3 Rapid City, SD 57701 shopkicksandgiggles.com

Pictured left to right: Miranda Whitcher, Lisa DenHerder, Taylor Guthmiller-Martin, Sue Provost 329



Investing in the local community is a multifaceted endeavor for businesses. It can involve supporting local nonprofits that positively impact the area or delivering products and services that exceed the expectations of residents. Formanek Electric, based in the Black Hills, embodies this commitment. The company not only partners with several local nonprofits but also boasts a team of electricians whose precision and attention to detail are unparalleled locally.

Beyond these contributions, Formanek Electric stands out for fostering a workplace culture centered on support, excellence and growth. Allen Leland, an electrician with the company, said that working on this team makes him reflect on some advice his grandfather shared with him. “My grandfather always told me you need a handful of good friends and a handful of mentors. And I feel like I have both here,” he said. “This is a good company with integrity and a good name.”

Jake Sellers, another team member, highlights the collaborative spirit at Formanek Electric. “We’re really able to help each other out and that improves our knowledge of the electrical fields.”

Similarly, Nick Stetson talks about his personal and professional development within the company. “I’ve been able to grow a lot while I’ve been here. I’ve had a lot of opportunities and it’s been great to be trusted with a higher level of responsibility.”

For Nick Formanek, the founder and owner, investing in his team is not just a strategy but a cornerstone of his business’s success. This investment reflects the team’s commitment to their work and the community they serve. “Building a strong community starts from within our own walls,” said Nick. “Investing in our team is investing in the Black Hills community. Each electrician’s growth and success contribute not only to our company’s excellence but also to the vitality of the area we call home.”

2519 Bridge View Drive, Suite 200 Rapid City, SD 57701 formanekelectric.com

Pictured left to right: Cayden Vanvugt, Conner Formanek, Kole Formanek, Nick Fees, Allen Leland, Nick Formanek, Thomas Anderson, Jared Reed, Nick Stetson, Jake Sellers
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When you or a loved one suffers a stroke, timing is one of the most important elements in ensuring a full recovery. That’s why one of Monument Health’s newest services is a full spectrum of stroke care.

Ryan Gianatasio, M.D., is one of the neurologists on this new Stroke Team. He is excited to be a part of a team bringing this level of care to the region. “Providing a full spectrum of stroke care is really good for a community like this because there’s nobody else who can do this kind of work,” he said.

The caregivers who make up the Monument Health Stroke Team are passionate about providing the most comprehensive stroke care in the region. “If you do have a clot and you aren’t getting better,” Dr. Gianatasio explained, “you would normally need to be flown out to Sioux Falls or Denver. That wastes a lot of time while neurons are dying due to the stroke.” The sooner caregivers can reestablish blood flow and administer treatment, the better the chances of recovery. The addition of the Stroke Team is buying those precious moments by keeping stroke patients right here in the Black Hills. This new team is just another example of how Monument Health

is dedicated to their mission of making a difference every day. For stroke patients and their families, the reality of this mission couldn’t be more apparent. Dr. Gianatasio pointed out that the Stroke Team at Monument Health is always available to the community. “We’re 24/7. If you need us, we’re here.”

Pictured left to right: Ryan Gianatasio, M.D.; Jae Kim, M.D.; Lien Diep-Plagie, M.D.; Lee McCraney, D.O. 353 Fairmont Boulevard Rapid City, SD 57701 monument.health/stroke




What Moves You? Julie Wingen, PT, DPT, opened her physical and occupational therapy practice in 2012 with the mission to help people live their best lives, which she believes is greatly impacted by how we move. Dr. Wingen reported, “It is such a rewarding opportunity to help people be successful with that every day.” Pain & Movement Solutions is a distinguished private therapy practice that has grown to operate throughout three Black Hills communities — Belle Fourche, Sturgis and Rapid City.

Dr. Wingen stated, “Our teams are comprised of top-performing physical and occupational therapists that empower individuals to take charge of their musculoskeletal health.” The Pain & Movement Solutions team has advanced training and specializes in a wide array of conditions, including orthopedic and spine pain, pre- and postsurgical care, women’s health, neurological conditions (Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, post-stroke), cancer rehab, lymphedema and chronic pain management. They also serve as a first-choice provider for sports injuries, whiplash, headaches and various joint, muscle or spine pain issues.

The care model at Pain & Movement Solutions utilizes a handson approach with an emphasis on manual therapy, including instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, spinal mobilizations and dry needling; the therapists address both the pain and tissue dysfunction to get to the source of your impairment. Dr. Wingen explained, “This comprehensive strategy, coupled with tailored home programs, ensures long-lasting outcomes and can eliminate the need for surgery or prescription drugs.”

Patients do not require a referral to initiate care at Pain & Movement Solutions. The practice has garnered recognition for surpassing patients’ expectations and producing long-term results compared to previous conservative treatments. Dr. Wingen confidently states, “Our clients know they will not only receive excellent care with the highest level of professionalism, but they will also be treated like good friends and valued like family.”

511 National Street, Belle Fourche, SD 57717 1238 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785 3064 Covington Street, Suite 104, Rapid City, SD 57703 painandmovementsolutions.com

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One car, one customer and one opportunity at a time — that’s the sort of individualized care you can expect at Black Hills Tire. The team at this full-service auto center, located in Rapid City, is proud to stand behind their work by guaranteeing repairs, and clients are sure to discover a refreshing experience with Black Hills Tire’s uncommon level of customer service.

Excellence like this doesn’t just happen, though. Owners, Weston and Tenise Chapman, have built their business on a foundation of service, and one of the biggest ways they have accomplished this is through an intentional investment in people.

One example of this investment is how Black Hills Tire awards scholarships to aspiring technicians. One scholarship, named after one of Weston’s mentors from Western Dakota Technical College, the Jim Schnaible Memorial Scholarship, honors this influential instructor who recently passed away. Through this scholarship and other investments in the community, Black Hills Tire has given away over $100,000 in the last three years.

And the Black Hills Tire story is only beginning. Last year, the

Chapmans launched an innovative new camp, Camp DRIVE, for high school-aged kids to experience the life and work of an auto technician. “There’s a shortage in our industry,” Weston said. “We’re going to need great young technicians, especially these younger kids who are into computers and electronics because that’s where our vehicles are going.”

Camp DRIVE was a huge success, and the Chapmans are excited to witness the camp grow year after year. “It was a light bulb moment for us,” Tenise said. “It’s possible for us to make a difference for an individual, our community and our business.”



2223 Jackson Boulevard Rapid City, SD 57702 blackhillstire.com

left right: Tenise and Weston Chapman



When you first step foot into Audra’s Bridal Gallery in Rapid City, you can’t help but feel excitement for your upcoming event — whether that’s prom, your wedding, or another formal gathering. It’s hard not to imagine how gorgeous your bridesmaids will look or how sharp your date will be. You’ll immediately be inspired and the staff at Audra’s Bridal Gallery are ready to help you to achieve the look you’re going for. Whatever style you choose, the words used to describe your experience and the final result are easy to find: beautiful, unique, unforgettable. This award winning bridal store has long been relied upon by bridal parties, prom-goers and others looking for the best formal wear in the Black Hills region.

Frankie Stone owns and operates Audra’s Bridal Gallery. As she reflected on how she and her team served the Black Hills community this year, there was one idea that kept filling her with gratitude: “I love that I have a seasoned staff so I can take time off,” she said. “This year was incredibly busy for me, and I’ve had to be away. It’s nice to be able to have that trust and to be able to step away from the store and know that it’s being run properly while I’m gone.”

Frankie and her team are unified in their approach, putting their clients first. In fact, one of their newest ways to accomplish this was creating an additional sitting room to accommodate more clients and their guests, allowing them a separate, special area. “I find inspiration, even after being in the bridal business for all these years,” Frankie said, “because people depend on us to be here.” Frankie and her team are excited to continue serving the Black Hills for years to come.

601 Saint Joseph

Rapid City, SD 57701 audrasbridalgallery.com

Pictured back row, left to right: Brynn Treiber, Anya Hammond, Frankie Stone, Helga Gates, Barb Downen Front row, left to right: Meghan Haas, Lexus Sandberg, Jacey Miller, Sam Trueblood
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Our focus as seasoned mental health care providers is to provide a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with treatment options for a variety of mental health concerns,” said Jennifer Erdman, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, founder of Rapid City Mental Health Professionals LLC. “We achieve this by providing a neutral, safe environment so patients can express their concerns and assist in devising a plan of care. We accomplish this through patient involvement along with their support systems.”

Jennifer and her experienced providers Amy Newstrom, DNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, LP-C, QMHP, and Rachel Waddell, FNPBC, PMHNP-BC, are experienced in the selection of psychotropic medications. “If the patient is looking for alternate treatments, we promote healthy lifestyle changes, suggest medical grade supplements and are skilled genetic testing interpreters,” Amy said. “We offer a Spravato suite for treatment resistant depression and suicidal ideation. And for those patients looking for treatments that do not involve medication management, we can schedule sessions in our full body red LED light bed which treats a variety of issues from depression to chronic pain.”

Michele Delzer, FNP-BC, an accomplished nurse practitioner specializing in primary care, brings with her extensive knowledge of pain management to Rapid City Mental Health. Michele joined the group to provide a well-rounded experience for the patient seeking one health care facility to meet most of their needs.

All four nurse practitioners possess a vast array of unique nursing experiences and expertise — ranging from outpatient clinics, inpatient facilities, work with incarcerated individuals on probation or currently incarcerated, and with our young athletes. “Our nursing backgrounds prior to our graduate degrees involved work in the areas of ER, OB/GYN, labor and delivery, cardiology and wound care. Our vast experiences enable us to offer effective outpatient, individualized, mental health care,” Jennifer explained. The nurse practitioners at Rapid City Mental Health Professionals view their work as a privilege in helping the community that they are proud to be a part of. Pictured left to right: Amy Newstrom, Rachel Waddell, Jennifer Erdman, Michele Delzer 3939 Canyon Lake Drive, Unit A, Rapid City, SD 57702 rapidcitymentalhealth.com




While maintaining a balanced diet and regular physical activity go a long way in helping people manage their weight and reduce the risk of serious diseases, sometimes it isn’t enough. Weight management is a complex issue with many factors to consider. Where diet and exercise work for some, others may need surgical intervention to reach and maintain a healthier weight.

Weight-loss or bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and adjustable gastric banding, work by changing the anatomy of your gastrointestinal tract (stomach and digestive system) or by causing different physiological changes in your body that change your energy balance and fat metabolism.

By changing your gastrointestinal anatomy, certain bariatric procedures affect the production of intestinal hormones in a way that reduces hunger and appetite and increases feelings of fullness. The end result is less desire to eat. These surgically induced changes in hormones are different from those produced by dietary weight loss alone.

David Fromm, M.D., General Surgeon at Monument Health in Rapid City, noted, “The majority of our patients do very well. I think this is due, in part, to the multidisciplinary team approach. Our patients are thoroughly evaluated and treated prior to undergoing surgery. Bariatric surgery really becomes a life-changing event.”

“It’s about a six-month process beforehand where the team evaluates numerous factors,” said Andrew VanOsdol, M.D., General Surgeon at Monument Health in Spearfish. “We’ll identify problems with things like acid reflux or hernias, look for anything that needs to be taken care of before the surgery or to determine what kind of surgery, if any, is best in each case. Patients see a dietician and talk about medication before surgery, they’ll undergo a psychological evaluation.”

353 Fairmont Boulevard

Rapid City, SD 57701

1445 North Avenue

Spearfish, SD 57783


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Pictured, top photo/Spearfish Team Laura Morris, RD, LDN, CDCES; Keena ByrdMoro, DNP; Katy Caffee, DNP; Amanda Taglioli, PA-C; Andrew VanOsdol, M.D. Bottom photo/Rapid City Team David Fromm, M.D.; Tricia Hoffman, PA-C; Natalie Peterson, CNP; Danielle Heins, PA-C; Brianne Edwards, PA-C; Kirsten Butz, M.D.; Pial Hope, D.O.



Samuelson Development, LLC has become synonymous with elevated living in the Black Hills. Anyone who’s either lived in or has visited a Samuelson apartment knows that this team of professionals has worked hard to bring big city luxury to the Black Hills by offering things like full fitness centers, resort-like clubhouses and double-wall construction.

“The quality of construction along with how we take care of people is the foundation of our culture,” said President of Samuelson Development, John M. Samuelson. John M. went on to say that achieving this level of excellence wouldn’t be possible without his remarkable team.

John Anderson, Rapid City Market Manager, said that this pursuit of excellence flows from a people-first culture. “My time at Samuelson Development has been great. They have encouraged me to grow and invested in me since day one. It’s rare to find a company that values its employees to this level.”

Matt Petersen, Sioux Falls Market Manager, agreed. “It’s a very unique company that really listens to and values their employees. There’s really a lot of heart that goes into the products that we

provide and the services that we offer.”

Geoff Hutcherson, Construction Project Manager, values the integrity of this team. “We treat our subcontractors like partners,” he said. “Our policy is to pay quicker than net 30.” He pointed to this as just one example of the honest way that Samuelson Development does business.

Controller, David Schmalz, takes pride in the fact that he gets to serve the people of his community in this profound, fundamental way. “I love what we do, which is provide a quality place for people to live.”

In fact, the whole Samuelson team takes pride in the work that they provide. “How we do what we do is through good people who are leaders with an ownership and service mindset,” John M. said. “And I’ve been blessed to have that kind of great team.” Pictured left to right: Geoff Hutcherson, David Schmalz, John Samuelson, John Anderson, Matt Petersen 512 Main Street, Suite 210 Rapid City, SD 57701 samuelsondevelopment.com

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Scratch agent isn’t a term that’s heard very often anymore, but that’s how Gene Hufford started his insurance agency in Rapid City in 1989. “A scratch agent is someone who starts out without a book of business,” Gene explained. “That just doesn’t happen anymore.” Gene was 28 years old when he decided to start work on his college education. He first attended Black Hills State University. His first daughter, Mistina, was born during the final weeks of his first semester. He later attended the University of Montana School of Business. He started out as a pre-law major there, but finished with a business finance degree. He pursued a law degree after that from the University of South Dakota. Following a year of full time law classes, Gene decided to re-assess how he could use his education. Gene soon discovered that insurance was a very good fit. From there, he set out to start his own insurance agency in Rapid City, and American Family Insurance considered his unique background in business, finance and law a perfect combination to serve the clients of the region.

From that point, Gene rolled up his sleeves and started working to establish his agency as a fixture of the Rapid City community. “There was a building right next door to our current location here on Jackson Boulevard — it doesn’t exist there anymore — but they used to sell vegetables out of that building,” Gene said. “So, I rented that little building, moved the corn and the vegetables out, and I remodeled it myself. I put in a desk, three chairs and a phone — and I went to work.”

From that hard-working, boot-strapping spirit, Gene has found tremendous success. “Over the course of 34 years, I built one of the largest agencies in the Dakotas,” he said. Today, Gene has five people on his team, and they’re all bringing that same level of service and dedication that Gene started all those years ago.

The Gene Hufford Insurance Team is made up of individuals with unique backgrounds, training and expertise. This wide scope of experiences has prepared them well to help meet the insurance needs of the people of the Black Hills region. Additionally, as residents of the community, they understand how important it is to be there for you — trusted friends and neighbors. Together, the Gene Hufford Insurance Team is building strong partnerships that help everyone succeed.

If you’re looking for a team of insurance professionals who are dedicated to expertise and service, Gene Hufford’s American Family Insurance Team is ready to help protect what is most important in your life.

2127 Jackson Boulevard

Rapid City, SD 57702

amfam.com/agents/south-dakota/rapid-city/ gene-hufford

Pictured left to right: Alexis Rodriquez, life specialist; Isabella Hernandez, agent assistant; Gene Hufford, agent; Darla Spies, agent assistant; Jodie Pooler, office manager; Justin Claussen, agent assistant Gene Hufford Agency, Inc.
American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. & Its Operating Companies, - American Family Insurance Company, Life insurance products underwritten by American Family Life Insurance Company, 6000American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783 - ©2023 015967 -2/19-11477143



We want grocery shopping to be the highlight of your week. We want it to be something fun — something you actually look forward to,” said Sharissa Hermanson, General Manager at Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op. She, the Breadroot staff, the board and over 2,300 members want to see a transformation in the region around how people buy and consume their food.

“We offer high quality, good, healthy and reasonably-priced options for people,” Sharissa said. “And other places just can’t compete with our locally-produced products. Plus, it’s just a really pleasant shopping experience.” Breadroot started over 20 years ago when a small group in Rapid City wanted to create more opportunities for themselves and others to buy whole, natural and organic food in an affordable way. This small club started in a living room but quickly grew out of that space. And after out-growing a few other buildings, Breadroot now offers its shoppers a full grocery shopping experience in its current location.

Sharissa wants everyone in the area to know that they don’t need to wait for certain national chains of grocery stores to come to the

area to be able to enjoy natural and whole foods — residents of the Black Hills already have access to an outstanding selection of organic and natural foods, and they have for a while.

Breadroot is open to members and non-members alike.

“Becoming a member only takes a small investment of $20 each year,” Sharissa explained. And the benefits of being a member quickly add up. “You get 5 percent off locally-produced products, you get access to member-owner appreciation events and you’re able to order in bulk,” Sharissa went on. “And members get to be a part owner of your grocery store. How neat is that?”

100 East Boulevard North Rapid City, SD 57701 breadroot.coop

Pictured left to right: Mark Sonnenfeld, Courtney MillerCarter, Erin Bender, Jim Razzano, Sharissa Hermanson, Chuck Rice, Jamin Hubner, Nell Krsnak, Cassie Kindred, Paul Abbott, Dylan Weltmer
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No one likes to discuss problems with their kidneys or urinary incontinence, but those experiencing problems are continually reminded of it. Urologists at Monument Health are experts in treating a wide range of these concerns.

“A majority of our practice focuses on treatment of the prostate — be it enlargement or malignant disease — as well as kidney, bladder and ureter cancers,” said Robert Santa-Cruz, M.D., FACS, board-certified urologic surgeon and director of the robotics program at Monument Health.

Monument Health urologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract problems involving the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra in both men and women. They also treat conditions involving the prostate and other reproductive organs in men.

While one of the first things people think of regarding urology may be erectile dysfunction, or ED, Monument Health specialists see far more of the previously mentioned conditions. “ED is a very small percentage of what we see,” said Dr. Santa-Cruz.

“We treat a variety of complex concerns that really make a difference in people’s lives.”

When the condition allows, the team at Monument Health Urology offer minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery options. One of these options includes the use of the da Vinci SP Robotic Surgery System.

“The SP is a single-port robotic-assisted surgery platform. What that means for a patient is that instead of four incisions, they will only have one small incision,” said Dr. Santa-Cruz. “This allows for faster surgeries, minimized risk, shorter hospital stays and dramatically reduced pain levels. In some instances, I’ve had patients go home the same day with zero pain.”

Rapid City, SD 57701 monument.health/urology

Pictured left to right: Robert Santa-Cruz, M.D., FACS; Levi Hamilton, M.D.; Brennan Tesdahl, M.D.; Melissa Brown, M.D., FACS; Bradley Anderson, M.D., FACS; Nicholas Hopson, D.O. 2805 5th Street



Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, or AE2S, is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in water and wastewater. “We are about people. Our clients, the people they serve, and our employees and their families,” said Joe Noble, Operations Manager at the Rapid City and Spearfish offices of AE2S. This engineering firm serves much of the Midwest and has offices in seven states, including three in South Dakota — Rapid City, Spearfish and Sioux Falls.

The projects that AE2S has designed and worked on range from water infrastructure and drainage of entire municipalities to water and wastewater systems for small subdivisions. “We really cover the gamut in water and wastewater,” Joe said. “Whether that’s treatment, distribution or environmental impacts of water.” As Joe went on to point out, “The trust AE2S earns from our clients is our greatest achievement. Being able to respond to clients’ needs and work on amazing projects provides a lot of career satisfaction to AE2S staff.”

Speaking of staff, Joe notes, “The sky’s the limit when working at this employee-owned firm. Part of my role is to make sure that our young engineers are getting the training that they need,” he

said. “I sure didn’t fall out of the sky with the experience that I have now. I had people here who were committed to lead me and mentor me, and now I’m able to lead and mentor others. That is a great reflection of the type of culture that AE2S values – where integrity, attitude and passion are the norm.”

AE2S is able to tackle enormous projects, but the firm hasn’t lost sight of the even bigger picture of what it means to be a part of the community. “One of our priorities is to spend time in our communities whether it’s investing in young people at a local STEM event or talking to college students about their career goals,” Joe said. “Every relationship is important to us and that’s what really helps us to deliver our unique brand of extreme client service.”

610 East Boulevard, Rapid City, SD 57701 120 West Hudson Street, Spearfish, SD 57783 ae2s.com

Pictured left to right: Callen Hecker, Casey Skillingstad, Justin Huntley, Rick Fox, Keith Peterson, Jim Jones, Erik Joens, Ron Williams, Rachel Miller, Lisa Dorch, Joe Noble, Dan Egan, Christian Heinrich (not pictured: Jason Huntley)
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Black Hills Institute of Geological Research (BHI) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024. With such a rich history of renowned fossil discoveries and research quality fossil replicas produced by BHI adorning museums worldwide, there is much to look back on.

Changes are on the horizon for Black Hills Institute. Joining BHI founder Pete Larson and long-term ally Sam Farrar on the board of directors are Adam Weaver, Rachel Farrar and Dr. Sharon Weaver. “We are having our 50th anniversary in 2024, and it’s time to bring in the next generation,” said President Peter Larson. With the new skill sets brought by the team, the Institute is going to see more growth.

The most notable area of growth will be the expansion of the Institute’s celebrated in-house museum on Main Street in Hill City. With the recent purchase of a motel property next door, the company will expand their museum facility four-fold. The Museum at Black Hills Institute plans to change its name to Black Hills Museum of Natural Science with the expansion. This means many of those treasures previously only seen by niche researchers will

be put on exhibit for all visitors. This development will culminate in a comprehensive display of Earth’s history that will be on par with the largest in the Great Plains region. And if there’s one thing Institute staff are passionate about, it’s sharing the paleontological story of South Dakota and beyond. “The wonders of life on earth, including the end of the age of dinosaurs, are preserved right here for us to discover,” Pete said.

Black Hills Institute invites the Black Hills community and natural history fans far and wide to help celebrate its 50th anniversary with a weeklong series of special tours and events, from March 11-16. Follow Everything Prehistoric and Museum at Black Hills Institute on Instagram/Facebook or visit bhigr.com for more details on this special week or other museum events throughout the year.

Pictured left to right: Adam Weaver, Dr. Sharon Weaver, Rachel Farrar, Peter Larson, Sam Farrar 117 Main Street Hill City, SD 57745 bhigr.com



The idea of professional sports can conjure up certain images for people. Owner of the Rapid City Marshals, Wes Johnson said, “A lot of people think of pro sports and think of corporations or business models that are out of touch with the community — that they’re there to sell tickets, make money and take that money elsewhere.” But, as Wes went on to say, that couldn’t be further from the truth for the Marshals. “We’re embedded in this community. We’re as mom and pop of a business as you can get.”

Wes and his sister, Rebecca Chapman, co-own this indoor arena football team. They bought the Marshals in 2022 and are excited to be a part of the team’s continuing story. For anyone who’s not familiar with arena football, Wes described it as “high energy. Lots of fun. It’s for everybody. You can go to an arena football game and be entertained from the time it starts to the time it ends.”

For Rebecca and Wes, the potential of the team to be a force for good in the Black Hills community is particularly thrilling. “We want our dreams to come true, and we want to inspire others to make their dreams come true, as well,” Rebecca said. The players

have spent time with young people at Wellfully and Rapid City Public Schools, and future plans are in the works to use the team to promote literacy in the region.

Rebecca and Wes bring an impressive list of experiences and expertise to the Marshals, but the real shift in culture for this team really originates in the hard work and honest leadership of these two ranch kids. And that culture has spread throughout the entire organization. “This is our winning era,” Wes said. The story of the Marshals is just beginning, and Rapid City is in for one epic ride. Pictured left to right: Rebecca Chapman and Wes Johnson

444 Mount Rushmore Road

Rapid City, SD 57701 marshalsfootball.com

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Zachary Berbos, M.D., FACS, is excited to be making an impact in the Black Hills in a very needed and unique way. “What I do is pretty cool and I really love being in this community,” he said. “I feel like I get to make a big difference here.”

Dr. Berbos, who was born and raised in South Dakota, is the region’s only ophthalmic plastic surgeon. “It’s a really small subspecialty,” he explained. “I work on eyelids and other tissues around the eyes. That’s a very unforgiving area to operate on.” Dr. Berbos is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He’s been published in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals and has given lectures, both locally and nationally, on the subject of facial plastic surgery.

When it comes to these precise and specialized surgeries, Dr. Berbos is ready to meet each of his patients with individualized attention and an uncommon level of expertise. “My practice in Arizona was extremely fast paced; I did about 1,500 eyelid surgeries per year. In Rapid City, I am focusing more on delivering high

quality care to my patients and spending time with my family being a husband and a father,” he shared.

Ophthalmic plastic surgeons perform both cosmetic and medically necessary procedures — surgeries that are associated with accidents, skin cancer reconstructions and other medical conditions that are generally considered medically necessary. Dr. Berbos has extensive experience with both types of surgeries.

Dr. Berbos and his wife, Fleur, who is an endodontist, were both practicing in their fields in Arizona before coming to the Black Hills. They are both grateful for the hospitable and warm welcome that the area has offered to them and their family. “I’m so glad to be here raising our son,” Dr. Berbos said. “I’m glad that he gets to experience the joy and beauty of living here.”

Pictured: Zachary Berbos, M.D., FACS 2800 Third Street Rapid City, SD 57701 blackhillseyes.com




When individuals think of being on the frontlines, numerous professions come to mind. But what about Neurosurgery? In the Black Hills region, neurosurgeons at Monument Health are prepared to be part of the frontline response when a patient has suffered a trauma to the back, neck, spine or a traumatic brain injury.

“Our highly-skilled neurosurgeons address conditions affecting the brain, spine and central nervous system — areas commonly in need of treatment following a motor vehicle accident or any trauma incident,” said Kyle Schmidt, M.D., from Monument Health Neurosurgery. Just as accidents occur at all hours of the day or night, Monument Health’s Neurosurgery Team is committed to being available anytime they’re needed.

In addition to traumatic neurological concerns, the Neurosurgery Team at Monument Health specializes in treating pain conditions in the lower back, legs, neck and arms. Spinal cord, skull and peripheral nerve disorders are treated as well.

“We offer numerous treatment options based upon the condition, some are surgical and minimally-invasive, while others are non-

surgical options or spinal treatments,” said Dr. Schmidt.

Dr. Schmidt went on to explain that providing care includes open communication with patients regarding recommended treatment options and answering questions in easily understandable terms. From diagnosis to treatment and beyond, the experts at Monument Health Neurosurgery are prepared to join you on your way to recovery.

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Pictured, back row, left to right: Kyle Schmidt, M.D.; Glen Pollock, M.D.; Robert Gantz, ACNP-BC Front row, left to right: Jennifer Kang, M.D.; Natasha Gray, DNP 677 Cathedral Drive Rapid City, SD 57701 monument.health/neurosurgery



The Sturgis Soccer Association is, according to President, Richelle Bruch, a secret in the region. “And it shouldn’t be,” she said. “If something is this great of an opportunity, then it shouldn’t be a secret. We have a phenomenal atmosphere with a phenomenal environment. Our coaches are beyond talented.” Richelle, the board, the volunteers and the families who are involved in the Sturgis Soccer Association want every soccer-loving family in the area to know that their best option for youth soccer is in Sturgis.

But, according to Richelle, this soccer club won’t be such a hidden gem for long. “All enrollment has increased over the last year,” she said. “We’re seeing significant increases. We had 32 percent growth in the fall season, which is insane because we compete with other school sports during that time of year.”

Vice President, Paul Smith, said the thing that is driving this growth comes down to passion. “All of our board and all of our coaches are volunteers. So everyone who is involved is coming from a place of pure love for the sport.” And these volunteers aren’t making a casual commitment when they choose to serve these

families. “It’s almost like having another full time job,” Paul said. “So it is truly a passion.”

The future is bright for this soccer club that is serving families, not only in Sturgis, but throughout the Black Hills region. And with a planned expansion of facilities, Richelle said that the volunteer board and coaches really do have their eye on legacy. “We don’t want to leave a legacy that helps us today,” she said. “We want to leave a legacy that helps tomorrow. We want to make sure that in 20 years our kids have a place to play.”

Pictured, top row, left to right: Tyrel Droppers, Samantha Jensen, Richelle Bruch, Paul Smith

Bottom row, left to right: Maranda McGillivary, Alicia Salazar, Audrey Hines, Jodee Olive P.O. 833 Sturgis, SD 57785 sturgissoccer.com




As the Black Hills continue to grow, the need for a robust workforce has never been more apparent. Western Dakota Technical College, WDTC as it’s commonly called, has been up to the challenge of training the next generation of skilled professionals since 1968. President of WDTC, Ann Bolman, Ed.D., points to this technical college’s continued pursuit of excellence as one of the things that fuels its success. “Excellence is an important part of what Western Dakota Tech does because we want our students to know that when they take classes here and graduate, that they’re going to have some fantastic career opportunities as a result.”

WDTC prides itself on its enduring legacy of connecting its graduates with well-paying and in-demand careers in western South Dakota. With such a wide variety of programs combined with affordable tuition and an extensive selection of scholarships, everyone has the opportunity to discover their full potential at WDTC. “It doesn’t matter which program they’re going into,” Dr. Bolman explained, “our graduates are going into careers where there is already a lot of demand for individuals with those

skills or licenses or credentials.”

Last year, WDTC won several awards that recognized this accredited college’s commitment to higher education. Pictured left to

Graduate Raulie Rojas, Silver Medal, 2023 SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Competition in the HVAC-R division; WDTC President Ann Bolman, Ed.D., 2023 Great Colleges to Work For & Honor Roll Designation; graduate Kuwaaupe “Julius” Morris, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program, 2023 American Technical Education Association (ATEA) Outstanding Technical Student; Nursing Program Director Kristen Hybertson, 2023 ATEA Outstanding Technical Program – Practical Nursing; Assistant Director of Medical Simulation Roger Habermann, 2023 ATEA Outstanding Technical Instructor; and student/graduate Austin Evans, Gold Medal, 2023 SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Competition in the Information Technology Services division. 800 Mickelson Drive Rapid City, SD 57703 WDT.edu

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For 30 years, Black Hills Receptions & Rentals has wowed their clients with their picturesque and romantic Black Hills setting and exceptional commitment to service. Owners Andy and Jen Pfister take pride in the legacy of this iconic facility and are thrilled that they’ve had the opportunity to expand and update the amenities. “Those updates are another way we get to serve our clients,” said Andy. But the ways that Black Hills Receptions & Rentals can serve their clients goes beyond just their iconic venue.

“People might not realize that we can help with weddings and other big events that aren’t at our venue,” Jen explained. “Even at other venues, we can seamlessly transform those spaces into something unique and memorable.” Black Hills Receptions & Rentals is able to personalize any special event with its vast offerings of rentals, including white frame tents, tables, chairs, decorations and accessories.

Black Hills Receptions & Rentals offers specialty props and lighting packages. They also rent china, silver-plated flatware, glassware, linens, napkins, centerpieces, dance floors, and

much more to help your wedding, reception or other special gathering reflect your style and personality. “We have nine onsite storage units packed with special event inventories and we’ve traveled over a four-state area creating fantastic spaces and fun events at a variety of venues,” Andy added. “We rent event tents of all sizes. These tents have high quality frames that can serve as a venue for any event. They range in size from as small as 10 feet by 10 feet to as huge as 40 feet by 120 feet. We are able to put these up in our state or surrounding states.”

With an outstanding staff and an impressively large selection of rentals to choose from, the experts at Black Hills Receptions & Rentals are in the business of creating elegant and bespoke events — whether or not that’s at their iconic facilities located off of West Highway 44.

Pictured left to right: Jen and Andy Pfister

10400 West Highway 44 Rapid City, SD 57702 blackhillsreceptions.com




Angel started Angel’s Catering in 1996. I started working with him in 2001. We got married in 2007. We worked 24 hours a day together. He’s my best friend. This story is about us,” said Amanda Adams, owner and head chef of Angel’s Catering. Angel Adams, her husband and founder of the business, passed away in 2022.

“I had to step up and take it over when Angel got sick in August of 2018. I just continued on. I’m just trying to continue his legacy,” Amanda said. She isn’t alone in continuing Angel’s legacy, though. “Luckily, I have some good staff — 90 percent of which are my family,” she said. “Angel described my family as ‘the Waltons’ because they’re just a good, wholesome kind of family. They’ve helped me step up and continue on with everything.”

The unforgettable food of Angel’s Catering was built on Angel’s culinary experience. “Angel spent his summers with his grandma in New Mexico; she’s a famous chef. He learned a lot from her,” Amanda shared. “Then later he went to culinary school in Denver.” Angel trained Amanda to make all of his signature recipes. From Angel’s famous smothered green chili burritos to his legendary lasagna, Amanda is ensuring that this special food continues to wow clients.

And Amanda isn’t just set on maintaining Angel’s legacy; rather, she’s excited to grow it. Angel and Amanda purchased the Stagestop Receptions building, and over the downtime of the pandemic, Amanda and her team were busy at work renovating and refreshing this space. “It turned out beautifully,” she said.

The legacy of Angel Adams continues with the awardwinning food of Angel’s Catering and the outstanding service that Amanda and her team bring to every event that they cater — they’ve won Best of the Black Hills every year since 2018. “Our tagline is food so heavenly it could only be Angel’s,” Amanda said, “which now means a lot more.”

Pictured: Amanda Adams 12340 Jenter Road Summerset, SD 57718 angelsreceptions.com

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Dixon Coffee Company evolved from a dream. Owner and operator, Kayleigh Dixon, after working as a barista in college, fell in love with the world of coffee. She cared deeply for the company she worked for but when the business was sold, she and her husband decided to take a chance. Dixon Coffee was born on a drizzly morning in September 2014, and it’s been caffeinating our community ever since.

Ordering a drink from Dixon has a multitude of benefits, including feeling good about what you’re consuming and how it was sourced. “My family and I are passionate about health,” Kayleigh said. “I believe in altering ingredients as little as possible — getting back to our roots is our unofficial slogan!”

Kayleigh and her team are intentional about where they source their ingredients, especially coffee. “Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with dangerous pesticides,” she explained. “The way you treat the ecosystem where your beans are grown and cultivated will impact not only the place where the crop originated, but will travel all the way to our consumption.” She continued, “Coffee has many benefits including a high level of antioxidants, but

we must watch how it is processed in order to consume them in a safe and healthy way.” Dixon works with a small roaster, Grounds For Change, on the Pacific coast that not only sources fair trade and organic coffee, but also is the first roaster in the nation to become carbon-free in their processes.

Kayleigh and her team are proud of what they serve. They feel strongly about being a part of their community, offering a variety of not only drinks and food but merchandise from local vendors as well. “At the end of the day, our lives are about people and the relationships that we cultivate. This business is unique in that we are able to interact positively with so many, which in turn has the ability to create a profound impact on both their lives and ours.” What a treat!

Pictured, top row, left to right: Emma, Gabby, Lucy, Elaina, Molly, Kira. Bottom row, left to right: Justine, Kayleigh, Genevieve, Jorie, Sylvan (not pictured: Alex, Marley, Jordyn) 915 Omaha Street Rapid City, SD 57701 dixoncoffeecompany.com




We, as endocrinologists, see a vast variety of diseases that range from diabetes, thyroid and pituitary tumors, adrenal masses, low testosterone in men and high testosterone in women, to name a few,” explained Sonalika Khachikian, M.D., an Endocrinologist at Monument Health. “We work closely with cardiology, nephrology and diabetes education to help manage the conditions of our patients.”

With such a wide and diverse range of conditions to treat, the endocrinologists at Monument Health make sure to stay on the cutting edge of endocrine medicine and research. They also take an individualized approach with each patient, spending time customizing treatment plans. Dr. Khachikian adds, “We are very fortunate to also offer pediatric endocrinology. Staying on the forefront of research and cutting edge technology to help local families and children with endocrine diseases.”

Diabetes is the most common endocrine disease in the United States, affecting roughly seven percent of the population. “Unfortunately, it’s getting more common,” Dr. Khachikian said. She

also pointed out that diabetes, whether it’s type 2 or type 1, impacts both older and younger people. “And remember,” she said, “it’s a chronic disease, so its management is ongoing.”

Dr. Khachikian is passionate about helping these patients who need ongoing management or treatment of an endocrine disease. “For me, my passion comes from putting it all together — getting to know patients, whether that’s a young patient with a college lifestyle or somebody who’s older who may be hesitant about treatment — and then seeing them move forward.” She and the rest of the Endocrinology Team at Monument Health are committed to continuing to make a difference in the lives of patients with endocrine conditions.

Pictured left to right: Sonalika Khachikian, M.D.; John Palmer, D.O.; Kayla Sayer, CNP; Rachel Edelen, M.D. 640 Flormann Street Rapid City, SD 57701 monument.health/endocrinology

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Here’s a common quandary for many families: what do you do with that tote of family photos, negatives, picture albums and home movies? Taking these treasures to the curb would be tragic. After all, boxes like this are where family history lives — both the stories that can inspire future generations and reminders of beautiful, well-lived lives.

As founder and owner of Digital Downsizing, Stephanie Csornok, reminds people, “Every day counts. The clock’s ticking, especially on video. VHS, for instance, will degrade about 10 to 20 percent every 10 years.”

Stephanie started Digital Downsizing when she was tasked with preserving her own family’s genealogy. “I actually found photos from my parents’ honeymoon. My mom got emotional when she saw those,” Stephanie said. “They’ve been sitting in a box forever, and, you know, stuff like that doesn’t deserve to sit in a box.”

As Stephanie worked to preserve the memories and history of her own family, it occurred to her that no one in the Black Hills was providing this kind of full service restoration and preservation of photos, video and audio. So, in 2017, Stephanie started offering her

services to the public, and the response has been remarkable. From audio recordings on vinyl, to 8 and 16 millimeter film, Stephanie is able to restore and digitize practically any media format.

But she does emphasize that once a reel or a photo degrades to a certain point, there’s very little that can be done to restore it, and it could be potentially lost forever. “That’s why, if you’re thinking about doing this, don’t delay. Do it now!”

2040 West Main Street, Suite 309 Rapid City, SD 57702


Pictured: Stephanie Csornok



Beer tastes better when it’s enjoyed with friends and family. And it tastes even better when it’s brewed in a way that doesn’t compromise patience, technique or taste. Those are two tenets that the owner of Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company, Janet Boyer, and her team live by. “All of my brewers are very accomplished, very savvy and very dedicated to their craft,” she said. “They are very much Old World brewers.”

Old World brewing techniques involve time, patience, commitment and a refusal to take shortcuts, as Head Brewer Tom Robbins explained. “We sour our beer in the old school Belgian way. A lot of people now are souring beer in the kettle with an agent, but we still let the sour form naturally in wood barrels.”

Tom and his fellow brewers find that these brewing techniques are worth the extra care and skill because it creates flavors that can’t be experienced any other way. And for Tom, these increasingly rare techniques are a way to connect to history and culture, too. “I spent six months in Europe learning these techniques. I have a huge respect for the process and the history behind it.”

The commitment to this hard-earned quality doesn’t just apply to

the beer at Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company. “I am blessed to be able to work with a young man by the name Angel Rangel Marin,” Janet said. “He is our Executive Chef, and he brings such a fresh take to our cuisine in all three of our kitchens: Pounding Fathers, the Tap Room and the Barrel Room.” Guests are able to discover a fine dining experience or a beer-centric menu of elevated bar food from these menus. “I love seeing people enjoying our beer and food, but my favorite part of it all is seeing people slow down and visit with each other. Sometimes I’ll even see people connect with a new friend here.”

Pictured: Janet Boyer

140 Mount Rushmore Road Custer, SD 57730 mtrushmorebrewingcompany.com

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Can you envision a future in which the Black Hills are home to a thriving and innovative tech industry? Founders of Wildfire Labs, Todd Gagne and Mike Vetter sure can. In fact, they and many others say that this transformation has already begun. Mike and Todd, with help from Elevate Rapid City, wanted to throw some accelerant on the growth of the tech sector in the region — Wildfire Labs was created with this vision in mind.

Wildfire Labs offers leaders of start-up companies a unique opportunity to receive mentorship and encouragement from fellow entrepreneurs with the goal of getting their startup from idea to revenue. “We’re not finance people or industry leaders trying to build a program; we’ve actually been in software,” Todd said. “We always talk about ourselves as entrepreneurs, helping entrepreneurs, because all of us have done this.”

Accelerating and de-mystifying the process of starting a software company is the name of the game for the Wildfire team. “There’s a lot of people with ideas or the desire to start a company, but they don’t know what the pathway is,” Mike said. “That’s a big reason

why we decided to start Wildfire — we’ve seen a lot of great ideas out there dying on the vine.”

For Mike, Todd and the rest of the Wildfire team, leaving a lasting legacy that centers around people is paramount to their work. This proven and always-evolving process of mentorship has already taken root in the area by galvanizing local entrepreneurs and even attracting out-of-state leaders to plant their businesses here. “You can’t build something that is great without people investing in each other,” Mike said. “There’s a lot of work left to do, but it’s possible.”

Pictured left to right: Todd Gagne and Mike Vetter 605 Quincy Street Rapid City, SD 57701 wildfirelabs.io




It’s one thing to talk about taking care of the environment; it’s another thing entirely to invest the time, energy and resources into making it a reality. Coeur Wharf is a gold mine that started in Lead in 1982, and, like other mining operations in the U.S., abides by a strict set of environmental regulations. But, as Coeur Wharf’s HR and Community Relations Manager, Shelly Rose, explained, it’s more than these regulations that the team at Coeur Wharf answers to. “We strive not just to be compliant, but to do the right thing. We call it responsible mining, and we mean that.”

This idea of environmental excellence isn’t just an abstract concept, either. It’s something that the more than 250 employees at this mine can proudly point to. “We’ve got well over 100 monitoring points for surface water, ground water and air,” said Matt Zietlow, Environmental Manager at Coeur Wharf. “We also do vibration monitoring, weed control — all of the things that one would expect, but a lot of people don’t realize the scale at which we’re doing it.”

Matt went on to say that some of the land reclaimed by Coeur Wharf has been returned practically to its original state, and that deer, elk and other animals frequent these pristine sections of

wilderness. Matt pointed to Terry Peak as another vivid example of Coeur Wharf’s commitment to preserving the beauty and health of the Black Hills — some of the slopes of this ski resort are restored sections of the mine.

“It’s important that we remember that these critical rare earth metals have to be mined somewhere, so let’s do it in a way that does the least amount of harm to the environment,” Shelly said. “We’ve shown that at Coeur Wharf, with our responsible mining practices, we can do just that.”

Pictured, back row, left to right: Blair Street, Steve Podoll, Justin Thorp, Matt Zietlow, Shelly Rose


10928 Wharf Road

Lead, SD 57754 coeur.com/operations-projects/wharf-sd

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row, left to right: Leon Merkel, Ben Evans (not pictured: Brett Sheeder)



Hospitality, according to Tim Johnson, is the art of helping people make memories. Tim owns Rushmore Destinations, a collection of properties that includes the Howard Johnson by Wyndham, Downtown Rapid City; Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort, Trademark Collection by Wyndham and the Ramada Sioux Falls Water Park & Convention Center. Each of these properties brings something unique to their guests. The newly updated Deadwood Gulch, for example, is a dream come true for anyone looking for a Black Hills getaway. This picturesque hotel features ample parking for trailers and it’s the perfect launching point for both snowmobilers and cyclists looking to get the most out of the Mickelson Trail. And the new Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar located there is a return to the classic food from that well-beloved restaurant. Also, the newly renovated convention center is an ideal space for weddings and other large gatherings looking for a stylish setting.

Tim is excited for the future of the Howard Johnson in Rapid City. This property has already won several national awards from Wyndham and has even been recognized by the Governor,

winning the George S. Mickelson Award in 2019. It’s also slated to go through a major transformation this year, becoming a part of Wyndham’s Trademark Collection — gaining its own independent style and feel. The Ramada in Sioux Falls has experienced a similar transformation — a major renovation of the rooms and water park, and the addition of another Boston’s restaurant is teeing this property up to become the best sports bar in town and one of the best stays in the region.

Tim’s journey to owning these remarkable destinations is a study in the power of encouragement. Born and raised in the Black Hills, Tim experienced his ups and downs, but a consistent theme throughout his story is the people who believe in him.

The encouragement Tim has received throughout his life and career has been instrumental in where he is today. Tim is grateful to those encouragers in his life — his family, especially. And he counts his staff as an extension of that. “I have an amazing family and extended family,” he said. “I couldn’t do it without them.” Pictured: Tim Johnson rushmoredestinations.com




Heart failure is a chronic condition in which the heart is unable to pump blood adequately throughout the body. This condition can be lifelong, but there are exciting developments in heart failure treatment, including new medications, advanced devices and therapies. The team at Monument Health’s Heart and Vascular Institute is well positioned to offer these cutting-edge treatments when appropriate, and provide guidance on the best options for each individual patient.

“Heart failure treatment has advanced so much in about the last seven years and now we are at the forefront of bringing these treatments to South Dakota,” said Luis Hernandez, M.D., FACC, a cardiologist and member of a team specializing in heart failure at Monument Health’s Heart and Vascular Institute.

Because many of these advancements in the treatment of heart failure have been so recent, Dr. Hernandez said that many people don’t realize that some of these treatment options even exist. “My goal is to make sure that our patients are able to return to normal life,” said Dr. Hernandez. “But I tell people this isn’t the heart failure clinic, this is the heart success clinic,” he joked.

Monument Health is committed to making a difference in the lives of the people of this region, a large part of that commitment involves investing in the most cutting-edge medical treatments available. Dr. Hernandez said that he loves being able to bring this level of care to the Black Hills region. “I know that the phrase heart failure is scary, but I want our patients to know that they’re not alone. We have treatments. There are ways we can make their lives better.”

Rapid City, SD 57701 monument.health/heart

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Pictured, back row, left to right: Luis Hernandez, M.D., FACC; K. John Heilman III, M.D., FACC; Alexander Schabauer, M.D., FSVMB, FACC Front row, left to right: Megan Hullinger, CNP; Jessica Tvedt, CNP, AGACNP- BC; Audrey Bickerdyke, DNP 353 Fairmont Boulevard



Hearing loss isolates us from our friends and family. The improved technology of today’s hearing aids should leave no one facing the isolation of hearing loss and increased risk for earlier onset of dementia behind.”

Dr. Pamela Feehan, who holds a Doctorate in Audiology, has worked with the people in Rapid City and the Black Hills for over 40 years to help them hear better.

Throughout her career she has worked with many different patients of all ages in a medical setting. She has been a part of several medical teams serving people with strokes, head injuries, dementia, learning and developmental disabilities, and cleft palate. She has worked with an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeon as well. She also developed infant hearing screening programs for high risk babies in the neonatal unit and newborn unit at a local hospital.

Hearing loss is so much more than not being able to hear sounds as well as one used to. Our actual understanding of what we hear takes place in the language center located in our brains. When our brain receives a distorted message due to hearing loss, our ability to understand those around us is distorted. We may answer questions

incorrectly; others may interpret this as a lack of caring about what they were saying. This starts to isolate us from others.

When hearing loss interferes with the brain’s ability to understand what is said, our memory can be impacted. It is harder to remember something that doesn’t hold meaning for us. This is one of the reasons hearing loss can lead to earlier onset of dementia. “Recent studies have shown that hearing loss certainly affects memory and is associated with dementia.”

What can you do if you notice a hearing loss or hearing loss in a family member? Having a professional audiological hearing evaluation by an audiologist, such as Dr. Feehan, is a start to hearing better. A professional evaluation can also provide information about what type of hearing aid would be most helpful. There are so many advanced hearing aids to work with for most any type of hearing loss. Now is the time to start hearing better and participate more with your loved ones. Hearing your grandchild better…priceless.

Pictured: Pamela Feehan

30 Knollwood Drive, Suite C, Rapid City, SD 57701 feehan-hearingaids-audiology.com





Doing the right thing and putting people first — those are the guiding principles of The Village at Skyline Pines. And that’s the only way that husband and wife team Cory and Kelli Back know how to lead. Cory, the General Manager at The Village, explained, “We’ve always believed that if you lead with care, if you just do the right thing, the money part will work out.”

Kelli, The Village’s Administrator, agreed. “I’ve always asked myself: how can I help? How can I better serve those families?” Kelli and Cory believe deeply that the most important thing in healthcare is the people.

The Village at Skyline Pines is unlike any senior living community in the region. The pristine facility fosters both a sense of community and privacy. Families are able to comfortably visit their loved ones, and the chefprepared meals are something the residents and visitors are sure to look forward to. This outstanding assisted living and memory care facility has been met with rave reviews and is experiencing something rare in the world of senior living: full staffing. All of these achievements have led to a wait list of clients, but Kelli and Cory view this list as bittersweet. “We’re at capacity, and we have people on waiting lists,” Cory said. “But we don’t necessarily see that as a win because there are people who need services that we can’t provide for them right now.”

The residents of The Village are a priority, and Kelli and Cory are grateful to two groups of people who maintain that priority: their staff and their board. Both groups contribute to the people-first culture at The Village. “We’ve told our board of directors that the future of The Village isn’t policies and procedures. The future is finding people who are critical thinkers. We need people who write policies, not people who just know how to follow them,” Kelli said. And the board agrees.

Cory and Kelli meet the challenges and triumphs of leading The Village in a similar way as many great leaders — with dedication and passion. But this couple brings something unique to the table: being an effective husband and wife team. There are obviously challenges, but Kelli and Cory love that they get to share the wins of the day. “We come up with the best outcomes because we’re two minds working together that have the same passion,” Kelli said.

Cory went on, “You have wins every single day at your job and you get to go home and you tell your spouse about it, but they don’t get to share it. They don’t get to feel that same emotion, they don’t get to see that. There’s tears, sometimes there’s sweat, sometimes, there’s blood. There’s all of those things and we get to share it together. Does that work for some people? Maybe not, but it sure works for us.”

The Village at Skyline Pines is a study in many things — the power of a unified vision, a glimpse at how a married couple can lead together in an amazing way — but most of all, it’s a picture of what happens when you put people and their needs first.

Pictured left to right: Kelli and Cory Back 1050 Fairmont Boulevard Rapid City, SD 57701 thevillagerc.com VILLAGE AT SKYLINE



The Breast Clinic at Monument Health Rapid City Hospital is a dedicated breast center treating benign and malignant breast diseases, as well as acute problems such as abscess, mastitis and cellulitis. “Being there to walk with a woman as she goes through her breast cancer journey is such a unique experience,” said Ashlea Semmens, M.D., a board-certified general surgeon, breast surgical oncologist and medical director of the breast surgery program.

This multidisciplinary team is equipped to provide state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and prevention of all breast-related conditions. The breast clinic works collaboratively with radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and multiple ancillary staff members to provide the most comprehensive care to their patients.

Dr. Semmens has recently noted two important reminders, which are to “get your mammograms as they are a critical component of early detection. Also, breast cancer is not exclusive to women. It is important that men are also evaluated if they have a breast concern.”

The Rapid City team is comprised of Ashlea Semmens, M.D., Alice Police, M.D., FACS


DNP. In addition, Spearfishbased providers Nicholas Czosnyka, M.D. and

Hatten, CNP, have a special interest in breast surgery and maintain a strong relationship with the Rapid City team.

The Breast Surgery Team provides patient centered care, utilizes a shared decision-making approach, cares for each patient through all aspects of the breast cancer journey and strives to be compassionate advocates for their patients. They feel fortunate for the opportunity to serve this wonderful population.

and Storm, Kayla Pictured, top photo, left to right: Ashlea Semmens, M.D.; Kendra Storm, DNP Bottom photo, left to right: Nicholas Czosnyka, M.D.; Kayla Hatten, CNP 353 Fairmont Boulevard, Rapid City, SD 57701 1445 North Avenue, Spearfish, SD 57783 monument.health/breast



Carrie Gerlach, founder and owner of Black Hills Adventure Tours, wanted to bring some adventure to the guided tour offerings in the region. With that vision in mind, Black Hills Adventure Tours was born. Being a tour guide, according to Carrie, is all about human interaction and making people feel safe and confident.

When Carrie talks about the services her team provides, it’s clear that her passion is still strong after 19 years. While the majority of their client base comes from out of state, the holiday light tours have recently captured the hearts of locals. Some of the biggest fans of this new route are two unexpected groups — residents of assisted living facilities and the staff of Black Hills Adventure Tours.

“I’ve got an amazing staff,” Carrie said. “I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to have them. They’re just awesome.”

Denny and Julie, two members of the staff, had Carrie smiling wide. “They’re my parents. I get to work with my family and I love every minute of it,” she explained. “Some of my favorite family memories are our adventures in the Black Hills and now we, as a family, get to share those traditions with our guests.”

Carrie and her staff are dedicated to providing a memorable, family-friendly experience while helping visitors explore their adventurous side. Not only are they exposing guests to the beauty of the landscape and local attractions, they are showcasing the welcoming spirit unique to the Black Hills. Beyond the Black Hills, Carrie also leads women’s expeditions all around the world. The most recent trip took the women for an unforgettable adventure in Costa Rica.

In addition to providing a great experience for their guests, Carrie’s team firmly believes in being stewards of the land and maintaining the sustainability of the Black Hills. While the team may leave no trace behind in the outdoors, they’re making lasting impacts on their guests — from Scottish visitors to incoming Airmen.

Pictured: Carrie Gerlach blackhillsadventuretours.com




Otolaryngology is a specialty treating conditions of the ears, nose, throat, mouth, neck and face. This specialty is most commonly referred to as ENT, which stands for ears, nose and throat. Otolaryngologists at Monument Health in Rapid City and Spearfish specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and surgical evaluation of benign and cancerous conditions affecting these areas.

“Our teams treat a full spectrum of conditions, from ear infections to tumors or masses of the head and neck,” said Jay White, D.O., Otolaryngologist at Monument Health in Rapid City. “We’re prepared to evaluate and treat these conditions in all age groups.”

“Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive, office-based treatments,” said Loren Jones, M.D., Otolaryngologist at Monument Health in Spearfish. “However, when needed, we offer a number of surgical options.”

One unique option, used to treat persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD), is Eustachian tube balloon dilation. During this procedure, the surgeon uses a catheter to insert a small balloon through the patient’s nose and into the Eustachian tube. Once inflated, the balloon opens up a pathway for mucus and air to flow. Dr. Loren Jones and Dr. Vaughn Bowen perform this procedure.

The Rapid City ENT Team is comprised of Vaughan Bowen, M.D., Robert Burgess, M.D., Stacie Collins, CNP, Ronald Guy, M.D., and Jay White, D.O. The Spearfish ENT Team includes Loren Jones, M.D. and Jeanette Carlson, CNP. These teams are strong advocates of seeking treatment early and strive to provide the most advanced, comprehensive care while

Rapid City, SD 57701 1445 North


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keeping patients close to home. Pictured, top photo, Rapid City, left to right: Robert Burgess, M.D.; Ronald Guy, M.D.; Jay White, D.O.; Vaughan Bowen, M.D.; Stacie Collins, CNP Bottom photo, Spearfish, left to right: Loren Jones, M.D.; Jeanette Carlson, CNP 4150 Fifth Street Avenue Spearfish, SD monument.health/ent



Sports are a unifier,” said Domico Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Rapid City Sports Commission. “In a postCOVID America, we realized how important sports are. Not having them as an outlet really brought that to light.” In Rapid City, teams — from youth to semi-professional leagues — have been part of the fabric of the community for decades. Domico and others dream of sports having an even greater influence in the region.

The idea of developing a sports commission in Rapid City began back in 2012. Fast forward 10 years, and Visit Rapid City invested in the idea understanding the community was ready and well-positioned for an evolution in sport. “Development in the sports space is all a part of driving quality of life — one piece to a bigger puzzle,” Domico said. “I’m glad so many partners see the value of the work we’re doing and are willing to support our efforts.” Domico is excited for the future of both the Sports Commission and Rapid City.

The work being planned today promises to benefit locals and regional athletes for years to come. “I’d love to see Rapid City

expand our tourism season by offering more sports in the off season and through upgrading or building new facilities,” shared Domico. This effort will benefit families and kids in Rapid City and increase visitation. “It’s not going to be easy, but we’ve got some amazing opportunities here.”

City, SD 57701

Pictured left to right: Dave Dolan and Domico Rodriguez, Rapid City Sports Commission; Mark Longacre, Monument Health; Brook Kaufman, Visit Rapid City; Jeff Biegler, City of Rapid City; Councilman Greg Strommen, City of Rapid City 512 Main Street, Suite 240 Rapid RCSportsCommission.com



There are so many options available to women that they may not know about. It’s our job to educate them and support those informed decisions,” said Cassie Applegate, CNM. Cassie is one of two certified nurse midwives at Black Hills OB/GYN. In the state of South Dakota, certified nurse midwives are permitted to provide well-woman care, prescribe medications and obtain hospital privileges.

“We’re fortunate to work in collaboration with a great team in the labor & delivery unit at the hospital. They are very supportive of women and their babies.”

Keirsta Ragels, CNM, the second of the Black Hills OB/GYN certified nurse midwife duo, explained that when their team cares for pregnant women, they aren’t just addressing pregnancy. For some women, the only time they have health insurance is during pregnancy and for a short window after delivery. With this in mind, they collaborate with other providers — such as behavioral health and gastroenterology — to help patients get the care they need for underlying conditions. “One thing that many people don’t consider is that, for a lot of women, their introduction into the healthcare

setting is pregnancy and childbirth,” she said. “We want to make that first impression a good one.”

Women and their babies are able to enjoy full prenatal and birth care at Black Hills OB/GYN. This practice also offers preventative visits, screenings and care after delivery. “This is your experience, these are your choices. We’re here to support you through your journey — from puberty to menopause,” said Cassie.

The region served by these providers is quite broad — “We see patients from Wyoming, Montana, Pine Ridge and the areas surrounding Rapid City,” Keirsta explained. With this wide geographical reach, it’s not surprising that the practice delivered more than 360 babies in 2023 and touched countless lives.

Pictured left to right: Keirsta Ragels, CNM and Cassie Applegate, CNM

6015 Mount Rushmore Road, Suite 2 Rapid City, SD 57701 blackhillsobgyn.com

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To make a child feel safe in a dental chair, you genuinely have to care about them. The team of dentists, assistants and hygienists at Dakota Dental 4 Kids (lovingly known as DD4K) see their role in children’s lives as a privilege and a responsibility. “A true gift of children is that they are intuitive and perceptive. Kids who visit DD4K know they are safe and cared for,” shared Dr. Paul Stevens, one of the board-certified pediatric dentists at DD4K.

Children are not just small adults; their dental and human needs are unique, necessitating a specialized approach. With four boardcertified pediatric dentists, in addition to general dentists with over 70 years of combined experience, DD4K offers unparalleled expertise. The team within DD4K approaches each child as they would want their own child or loved ones cared for.

At DD4K, the child and their parent or accompanying loved one are VIPs! Crucial to DD4K’s mission is empowering both the child and the parent/child’s decision-maker. The DD4K team does this by genuinely listening, engaging the family in the care model and presenting treatment options. The family is the epicenter of the

decision-making process.

Providing an outstanding patient/parent experience motivates every decision and practice within DD4K. Fostering a positive association with dental care that follows children into adulthood is paramount. DD4K takes great pride in nurturing a fun, loving, familycentered care environment where the child is the star of the show. DD4K commits heartfelt dedication to children’s overall health and well-being both now and into their bright futures.

DD4K is pleased to share the opening of another Rapid City location, expanding its dedication to children of the Black Hills Area.

Tom Schmanski,

Paul Stevens, DMD, MS

5509 Bendt Drive, Suite 302, Rapid City, SD 57702

544 Century Road, Suite 106, Rapid City, SD 57701 dakotadental4kids.com

Pictured left to right: Nathan Green, DDS, MS Jeffery P. Godber, DDS DDS



Founded in 1931, Midco is the region’s leader in fiber-based internet, phone and TV services. And this nearly 100-yearold company is ready for the future. “We’re continuously upgrading,” said Shawn Doherty, General Manager of Field Operations at Midco. “We’ve always been on the forefront of technology and have introduced a lot of new products to the region.” The reliable and always-improving products and services of Midco keep residents entertained and connected and businesses productive and efficient.

Top-notch phone and internet services are only the beginning of how Midco can add value to local businesses. “In addition to all of the really great services that we provide, we are also known in the business community for our marketing and advertising solutions,” said Regional Sales Manager of Advertising, Jeana Wintersteen. “We pride ourselves in helping small and medium-sized business owners grow their bottom line.” Through an impressive array of digital advertising opportunities, Midco can help effectively spread the message of businesses both on TV and the internet.

Videographer and Producer, Tim Reilly described one more way

that Midco serves the Black Hills: through public service messages and through the Midco Foundation. “This foundation has given away over a half a million dollars over the last 20 years,” he said. “That and our ability to create and air commercials for nonprofits is an amazing way for Midco to help these organizations in the area that are making a difference.” And service — whether that’s the outstanding customer experience and products or finding ways to give back to the community — is at the heart of who Midco is.

1335 Eglin Street, Suite 100 Rapid City, SD 57701 midco.com

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Pictured left to right: Shawn Doherty, Jeana Wintersteen, Tim Reilly



Carpenter Dental has been serving the Rapid City community for nearly 20 years. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing world-class dental care in a comfortable atmosphere. With best in class technology and processes we are able to provide comprehensive care to our patients. Our exam process is customized to meet each patient’s unique needs.

On top of regular care services, Carpenter Dental offers same day crowns for those with tight schedules, Invisalign for those who want straighter teeth, implants for those who want to replace missing teeth, digitally guided full mouth rehabs for patients who need more advanced care, sedation for patients with anxiety, and Zoom whitening for those who just want a whiter smile and more. With 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D X-rays we have developed fully digital workflows that help dental appointments move more smoothly, more quickly and with less discomfort.

Doctors Carpenter, Thorsen and Rieman along with our entire dental team at Carpenter Dental prioritize your dental health journey. From the moment you step into our office we are here for you every

step of the way as you embark on your path to a radiant healthy smile. We understand that dental appointments can be stressful for some, it is a priority to make the entire dental experience positive and stress free.

Discover the difference of personalized dentistry where you are not just a patient; you are a valued member of our dental family. Trust us to guide you towards optimal dental health and a brighter, confident smile. Your journey to a lifetime of healthy smiles starts here.

Pictured left to right: Andrew Thorson, DDS

Jaicee Rieman, DDS

Chad M. Carpenter, DDS 5610 Bendt Drive

Rapid City, SD 57702 carpenterdental.net



My name is Matt Ketel. My dad, Greg Ketel, and I are financial advisors with Edward Jones in Rapid City. We were both born and raised in Rapid City and, in our family, helping the people around us has always been a priority. Now, as financial advisors with Edward Jones, we’re able to use the skills we’ve gained to help families and businesses achieve their financial goals — whether that’s retirement, education, estate considerations, insurance, tax considerations, or any combination of those.

At Edward Jones, we strive to make sure clients feel heard, and that we understand their unique story. We also work to help clients understand the investment world in terms they can relate to. If you’re concerned about inflation, the economy or the performance of your investment portfolio, we’d love to sit down with you to hear your thoughts and discuss the different solutions we have available to meet your needs.

In addition to serving our community through outstanding financial service, my dad and I both take pride in being rooted in our community. We’ve both played active roles in our churches

and other organizations. My dad even served as the president of the Lions Club and served on the board of the Rapid City Economic Development’s Learning Lunch Committee.

Here at Edward Jones, we are focused on you. The firm has thousands of people and advanced technology supporting our office so that we can provide you with comprehensive wealth strategies. Please feel free to contact our office and let us know how we can serve you. We look forward to meeting you.

Pictured left to right: Matt Ketel and Greg Ketel

740 Sheridan Lake Road, Suite C Rapid City, SD 57702 (605) 342-0037

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Tourism plays a critical role in Rapid City’s economy,” shared Brook Kaufman, CEO of Visit Rapid City. “Last year, we proudly welcomed 3.8 million visitors who collectively contributed $463 million into the local economy. This financial influx not only fueled growth but also enabled reinvestment in the community, ensuring Rapid City remains a vibrant destination for future generations.” But the significance of tourism is more than just dollars and cents; it is a powerful engine that puts over 7,000 people to work each day. These hardworking men and women form the backbone of the tourism industry, tirelessly dedicating themselves to serving visitors and showcasing our beautiful city. Each year during National Travel and Tourism week, Visit Rapid City recognizes local tourism professionals to thank them for their commitment to driving the industry forward. “In the tourism industry, every smile, every gesture, is a small act that has the power to inspire big adventures and lifelong memories for our visitors,” said Brook. “The people who work in our industry are what makes Rapid City a much-loved, can’t wait to visit again destination.”

Pictured award winners from left to right: Dan and Kathie Brusseau RAPaws for Passengers – Front Line Star, Adam Weaver and Chris Pelczarski National Speleological Society – Black Hills Hero, Representative Becky Drury – Tourism Advocate of the Year, Johnny Brockelsby Reptile Gardens –Legacy Award, Kelsey Stein Accessible Black Hills – Partner of the Year, Representative Mike Derby – Extra Mile Award, Jeff Oldham Reptile Gardens – Legacy Award. (not pictured: Storybook Island – Brennan & Scott Award) VisitRapidCity.com



Injuries happen suddenly and to people of all ages. Monument Health Orthopedics specializes in helping you regain the quality of life that you’ve lost. Comprehensive musculoskeletal services expedite your road to recovery.

“At Monument Health, you can expect top-notch care by our team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons and a comprehensive team of orthopedic specialists,” said Joseph Humpherys, D.O., a boardcertified orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon with Monument Health Orthopedics in Rapid City.

“Orthopedics is more than care for injuries, though we do that, too,” said Dr. Humpherys. “Our teams have decades of combined experience in providing quality, comprehensive orthopedic care that can help you regain the quality of life that you’ve lost because of injury, arthritis or joint wear-and-tear.”

Cutting-edge techniques and technologies are utilized at Monument Health to ensure the best-possible outcomes to help you get back to the things you love. Monument Health orthopedic surgeons are proud to offer minimally-invasive orthopedic procedures, arthroscopic

procedures, regenerative medicine techniques and the latest in advancing robotic-assisted procedures. Their comprehensive musculoskeletal services will move you from diagnosis to treatment, recovery and beyond.

Monument Health offers orthopedic services in Rapid City at Monument Health Orthopedic & Specialty Hospital, in Spearfish at Monument Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic, and in Gillette, Wyo. at Monument Health Gillette Clinic. Monument Health Orthopedic & Specialty Hospital’s OrthoExpress offers an orthopedic walk-in clinic with same-day care for patients of all ages.

1635 Caregiver Circle, Rapid City, SD 57702

2479 East Colorado Boulevard, Spearfish, SD 57783

620 W Four-J Court , Gillette, WY 82716 monument.health/orthopedics

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Pictured left to right: Daniel Lochmann, M.D.; Eric Krohn, D.O.; Richard Little, M.D.; Ray Jensen, D.O.; Steven Maser, M.D.; Joseph Humpherys, D.O., FAAOS



Buying and selling real estate of any kind is a very complex process. An experienced agent, a creative negotiator and someone fighting for you is definitely someone you need on your team in the midst of buying or selling real estate,” said Ashley S. Goodrich, SRS, a Seller Representative Certified Agent at RE/MAX In The Hills. She helps her clients buy and sell not only residential properties, but ranch land, commercial real estate, investment properties, new construction and more. “Pouring rain, blizzard conditions or negative temperatures — I’ll be there for you.”

Ashley is a California native who was captivated by the magic of the Black Hills. She moved to Spearfish in 2009 to raise her family, and she went to work immediately to serve this beautiful community. She used her know-how that she’s gained from working in the field of communications for 25-plus years to quickly build a thriving real estate business. Her formula for success is simple: work hard, be honest, be ethical, be creative. “I treat my clients as if they were my family. I work with a Platform marketing firm that sets me apart from the crowd, while creating videos, supporting local businesses and utilizing creative media marketing.”

In the 14 years of being a Realtor at RE/MAX In the Hills, she has achieved many goals, and she’s very grateful to have received the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. “The thing that I’m proudest of in my career is knowing how many families, clients and friends I’ve help achieve home ownership.” In 2019, she was named the number one top selling individual agent in the state of South Dakota. “I want to thank my family for the support. I was able to achieve my career goals while raising our three little girls. I’m very proud of them. They’re honor role students and very active in sports.”

And this commitment to outstanding service shows — 90% of Ashley’s clients are referrals, and most of her clients become friends and clients for life. “I wouldn’t be able to do this without the wonderful administrative team at RE/MAX In The Hills,” she said. And remember, when Ashley is your agent, she’ll be with you through the whole process — from day one to closing.

Pictured: Ashley S. Goodrich Direct Line (605) 645-2479 homesintheblackhills.com/agents/ashley-goodrich




Being a member of a community means that you give back however you can. One of the many ways Monument Health gives back to the Black Hills community is through its Sports Medicine program. “One of our main goals of sports medicine is to be an excellent, comprehensive provider in our community.” said Tia Boyer, sports medicine supervisor with Monument Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

The presence of caregivers in schools during games, practices and training is a service that Monument Health provides at no charge to its partner school districts and universities. Caregivers on the Sports Medicine Team are responsible for establishing and maintaining the performance programs for the athletes of these schools. Trainers establish programs with three major goals in mind: improving athletic performance, reducing athletic injuries and teaching lifelong fitness and movement skills.

“We provide services to 10 area high schools and 3 area universities. We cover large scale rodeos like the Black Hills Roundup, Days of '76 Rodeo, and Rodeo Rapid City,” said Tia. “We also cover running, biking, wrestling events and anything that takes place in the Summit Arena of The Monument.

The life of an athlete has its uncertainties — wins and losses, injury and recovery. In the Black Hills area, though, athletes can always count on the caregivers of the Monument Health Sports Medicine Team. Whether that means working with

during training to reduce

possibility of



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Our goal is to provide athletes at our events and on our courts with the best possible care when they're competing.” athletes the injury, on the sidelines during a game or recovery post-injury, Monument Health Sports Medicine is a constant in the lives of athletes in the Black Hills. Pictured, top photo, back row, left to right: Traci Stout, ATC; Cree Bown, ATC; Shawn Mechling, ATC Front row, left to right: Kristin Whitley, ATC; Kylie Daughtery, ATC Bottom photo, left to right: Jacob Digmann, ATC; Jessica Bragg, ATC; Katelyn Woodrum, ATC; Tia Boyer, ATC; Sonnie Neiman, ATC; Jessica Brave Heart, ATC Caregiver Circle, Rapid City, SD 57702 East Colorado Boulevard, Spearfish, SD 57783 monument.health/sportsmedicine



Mother and daughter team, Linda Ingalls and Bailey Stensby, know how a dog’s diet can impact their quality of life. “Research has shown that 90 percent of the ailments that plague our canine and feline companions are diet-related,” Linda said. “Just like in humans, if you have the proper nutritional building blocks, the body can make its own repairs when a health issue arises.”

Possessing a knowledge of how to optimize the diets of dogs is one thing. It’s an entirely different thing to have access to the products necessary to make that lifestyle a reality. And that lack of high-quality pet food selection is exactly what Bailey and Linda ran into. “We just couldn’t find the help and the products that we needed for our own dog,” Bailey explained. “So we decided to open a store to solve that problem.”

Linda and Bailey opened Healthy Paws in 2012 to create a new kind of pet food shopping experience in the region. And that new experience centers around two ideas. First, Healthy Paws is committed to offering only the highest quality products — natural, research-backed food and treats for both cats and dogs.

Second, pets and their people come first at Healthy Paws. Once pet parents start shopping at Healthy Paws, they keep coming back. Stop by Healthy Paws and you can see why. “We’ve gotten to know our customers really well,” Linda said. “We know their dogs, their families. It’s just a great, homey experience shopping here.”

Pictured left to right: Kyliegh Stensby, Linda Ingalls, Bailey Stensby, Ellie Stensby

425 Bentley Lane

Rapid City, SD 57701 healthypawsbh.com




The competitive dancers of Prima School of Dancing recently had the opportunity of a lifetime. Studio Director and owner, Christy Remington, explained, “We took 39 dancers and their families to New York City, where we had the amazing opportunity of dancing on the Rockette’s stage at Radio City Music Hall.”

Company Director, Tricia Baltzer, submitted videos of the Prima dancers to audition for this prestigious opportunity. “They chose four studios from across the nation, and we were one of those,” Christy explained. “The Rockettes taught a master class for our dancers in their rehearsal hall and the dancers actually performed on the Great Stage at Radio City Music Hall. We’re just really honored to be selected for this, knowing the caliber of dance studios that have been selected for this in the past.”

While in New York City, the dancers were also able to enjoy some of the best and most iconic experiences that the Big Apple has to offer. “Being in New York City around the Christmas season was just amazing,” Christy said. “Our dancers also had the opportunity to take a private master class with Sean Stewart, one of American

Ballet Theatre Company’s instructors, and cast members from the Broadway show ‘Aladdin.’”

Teaching dance, transforming lives. That’s more than a motto for Prima School of Dancing. When someone can discover their passion and connect with a community of care and support, the possibilities are endless. Every student at Prima receives this same relentless commitment to possibility. “Prima is a place to belong,” Christy said. “It’s a place where students and teachers can express themselves artistically and grow as dancers and, just as importantly, as people.”

To view the names of the dancers pictured, visit primadancing.com/nyc (not pictured: Christy Remington, Tricia Baltzer)

3401 Sturgis Road Rapid City, SD 57702 primadancing.com

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Connecting clients with the right product — that’s where it starts at Thornton Flooring. “I start by asking if you have kids. Do you have pets? Do you live on a gravel road? Do you live in the city? What are your surroundings?

What does your day-to-day look like?” said Darcie Strehlow, Store Manager of the Rapid City location of Thornton Flooring. She, along with her team, take a careful and personalized approach to every flooring project they take on.

According to Darcie, every one of their clients is unique because, “every house is different. Every apartment is different. Every commercial space is different.” For her, that variety makes her role exciting, but it also means that each job is a new challenge. Residential, commercial and leased properties each come with their own sets of needs. With this in mind, Thornton Flooring employs installers who specialize in each of these areas.

Thornton Flooring was started in 1975 in the Sioux Falls garage of Richard and Dawn Thornton, but Darcie has a message to the people of the Black Hills. “The Thornton name might not be local,” she said, “but the person running it sure is.” The Rapid City location

of Thornton Flooring is proud of its contributions to the Black Hills region in both providing outstanding products and services, but also supporting local construction-focused organizations.

Whether you’re re-carpeting your basement, flooring an entire new house, installing durable flooring for a leased property or flooring thousands of square feet in a commercial building, Thornton Flooring is ready to help you tackle your next flooring project.

240 Knollwood Drive Rapid City, SD 57701 thorntoncarpets.com

Pictured left to right: Ann Hovdenes, Devin McManus, Darcie Strehlow, Tyler Johnson, Dee Terrell, Todd Schaffer

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