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With the first blast happening 75 years ago, the celebrations at Crazy Horse Memorial® in 2023 are going to be remarkable. Discover more about Korczak and Ruth Ziolkowski (pictured on cover) on page 26.


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PRAIRIE EDGE 606 Main Street, Rapid City Art of the Lakota & More Within our historical building you’ll find the finest collection of Plains Indian Arts, Crafts and Jewelry, plus Fine Arts and Prints, Glassware, Pottery, Toys, an incredible selection of Native American and Pioneer Books, Tapes, CDs, Videos, Out-of-Print Collector Books and unique Craft Supplies.


Hover your phone's camera to learn more about the world's largest motorcycle rally.


From August 4 to 13, the Black Hills will be filled with the rumbling of motorcycles. This year will be the 83rd Annual Rally with numerous events scheduled.


Some of the best scenic rides on your motorcycle are Spearfish Canyon and Iron Mt. Road. Find more on page 16.


Throughout the warm months in the Black Hills, you will often come across motorcyclists on the road. Watch as you are making turns and lane switches.


In South Dakota, every motorcycle must be equipped with at least one, but no more than two, headlamps. Handlebar heights and riding gear are also regulated by law.


the motorcycle museum during your trip or stop by one of the many retailers throughout the
Black Hills.


Hover your phone's camera to find local events happening throughout each of the communities in the Black Hills.


On August 23-27, Deadwood will take a step back into the past as classic cars line the streets and free concerts play on the main drag. It's a 50s & 60s sock hop – Deadwood style.


Enjoy a free concert every Thursday night in downtown Rapid City and every Friday night in Spearfish.


On July 14-16, Spearfish Park will be filled with art vendors, food, and music for the 45th Annual Festival in the Park. Enjoy local talent in all its forms.


Looking for the headlining bands you love? Be sure to see the lineup at The Monument, Deadwood Mountain Grand, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


This annual Custer celebration is going to be the biggest yet! July 21-23.


Hover your phone's camera to learn more about South Dakota's most treasured mammal – the American Bison.


On Friday, September 29, hundreds will gather to witness cowboys and cowgirls drive a herd of nearly 1,300 buffalo for testing and branding.


Bison are the largest mammal in North America, weighing up to 2,200 pounds. But, be careful! They can run as fast as (or up to) 40 mph.


Visitors can see roaming bison near Bear Butte, Wind Cave, and in Custer State Park. Do not approach these animals as they are wild and dangerous.


If you say either bison or buffalo, people will know what you are referring to. However, the correct term is "bison" due to their large heads, smaller horns, and shoulder hump.


To the Lakota, buffalo sustained all life. The Lakota hold the animal in high regard as a gift of the Great Spirit.

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An Island in the Plains

Have your camera ready as you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Black Hills and local communities in every direction.

Above Whether you drive Needles Highway or hike Cathedral Spires Trail, don't miss out on one of the most stunning views in Custer State Park. The geological formations here are so unique, Cathedral Spires was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1976.

When you look at the Black Hills from above, they form the shape of a human heart in the middle of the prairie. Our small mountain range is the oldest in the nation, and has been the heart of many cultures throughout the ages. From the Native American tribes that originally inhabited this area to gold prospectors and entrepreneurs, our history is as rich as the ponderosa forests that cover the hills.

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Between rolling plains where the buffalo roam, the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains, and incredible geology that will leave you breathless, the Black Hills are incredibly diverse in both terrain and climate. No matter your age or fitness level, whether you seek picturesque drives, easy strolling trails, or significant peaks requiring solid climbing gear, the Black Hills are an ideal stage for a great vacation experience.

Needles Highway

The best way to get a sense of the Hills is to get out and explore them,

and Needles

Highway is the perfect starting point. This 14-mile stretch of SD Highway 87 showcases unique formations, including the Cathedral Spires in Custer State Park. Marked by narrow tunnels and sharp turns, the road is a favorite for motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts. The Needles also sport famous climbing routes, many of which are not recommended for novices. Even so, the area beneath the Spires is perfect for a family picnic and a hike!

Many of the roads in the Black Hills are two-laned. Consider the slower pace an opportunity. Savor the experience.

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Devils Tower/Bear Lodge Butte

This iconic igneous butte near Hulett and Sundance, Wyoming, rises a dramatic 867 feet from base to summit. It was the country’s first National Monument, established in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Native Americans have several names for the butte, including Bear’s House. However, the name Devils Tower came from a mistaken translation of a conversation with a Native speaker during a military expedition.

While Devils Tower is a favorite climbing spot that attracts hundreds of climbers each summer, several Plains Indian tribes consider climbing a desecration of a sacred place. Most climbers honor a voluntary climbing ban during the month of June each year, when Native American tribes conduct ceremonies around the monument.

Black Elk Peak

At 7,244 feet tall, Black Elk Peak is the tallest mountain between the Rockies and the Swiss Alps. At the top, hikers can explore the stone fire tower (pictured to the left) and witness a magnificent view across the Black Elk Wilderness Area. The approximately seven-mile round-trip hike features terrain ranging from easy to strenuous and requires a half-day to complete. When bringing children, you might plan on a full day. Carry water, lunch, and rain gear—sudden afternoon summer storms are common.

Hover your phone's camera to read more about the name change and the Lakota holy man who is the peak's new (and original) namesake.

SEE & DO at More things to TRAVEL SENSE OF PLACE
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On Lake Time

Although western South Dakota has only four natural lakes, 18 additional engineered lakes and reservoirs provide both natural beauty and endless recreation.

Find an oasis of serenity as you visit one of the six most popular lakes in the Black Hills. Take a swim, enjoy the sun, and stay awhile!

Horse Thief Lake (pictured above) includes an ADA accessible fishing pier where anglers are able to snag trout with a little patience.

All year long, outdoor enthusiasts swim, boat, fish, water ski—and in winter, icefish. This season, make sure to pack your swimwear, along with sturdy water shoes for lake bottoms.

Pristine bodies of water can be found throughout the Black Hills, from north to south. Here are our “main attractions.”

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Orman Dam—Belle Fourche

Also known as the Belle Fourche

Reservoir, Orman is more than 8,000 acres with 58 miles of shoreline. When built in 1911, it was the largest earthen dam of its time and was designated as a National Historic Engineering Landmark. Camp, fish, and play here.

Pactola Reservoir—Central Hills

This 785-acre lake is the largest within the Black Hills proper. Located on US Highway 385, Pactola is popular with boaters, including speed boats and

water skiers. Fishing, camping, and hiking are also available.

Sheridan Lake—Hill City

Just seven miles from Hill City, Sheridan Lake's 383 acres include two swimming beaches, a marina, two campgrounds, and picnic areas.

Deerfield Lake—Hill City

Tucked into the forest, Deerfield Lake is a “no-wake” lake, perfect for paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking. It’s popular for year-round fishing, and also known for its 11-mile loop trail.

Didn't bring your kayak, paddleboard, or boat to the Hills? No problem! Rental facilities are spread throughout the area.
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Sylvan Lake—The Needles

A small lake in Custer State Park, Sylvan rests at the main trailhead for Black Elk Peak. Its jutting granite centerpieces and surrounding walking trail add to its appeal. At just 17 acres, it’s an intimate spot to swim, picnic, rent paddle boats, or set up camp.

Angostura Reservoir—Hot Springs

The large 4,612-acre lake is our area’s southern-most water recreation spot. Near Hot Springs, the lake lies outside the Hills’ mountainous terrain and offers high-prairie views. With 36 miles of shoreline, warm waters, excellent sandy beaches, and four campgrounds, Angostura is busy all summer long with boaters, fishers, and swimmers.


While trout are not native to the region, the cool and swift streams of the Hills have allowed stocked trout to thrive over the past century. Anglers pursue rainbow, brook, and brown trout—and that’s not all. Yellow perch, crappies, walleye, bass (large and smallmouth), catfish, and northern pike are also favorites. One-day, threeday, and annual fishing licenses are available at stores throughout the Hills and through the SD GFP's website and app.

Ghost towns

Two former mining towns, founded in 1874-75, are now at the bottom of local lakes. Both Pactola and Sheridan, in the Central Hills, were populated by miners during the Gold Rush; when gold supplies dwindled, the towns were abandoned. The dam above Sheridan was finished in 1942, and whatever churches, schools, and businesses that remained were covered by the reservoir. Most of Pactola’s buildings, on the other hand, were removed before flooding in 1956. Only a CCC dynamite bunker remains underwater there.

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Explore the wonderful hideout of pirates. Test your skills on 18 challenging holes. 1500 LaCrosse St. • Rapid City • (605) 343-8540 Open Daily Beginning May Scan Me! RENT WHATEVER YOU NEED TO PLAY OUTSIDE! RENT WHATEVER YOU NEED TO PLAY OUTSIDE! 10619 ROUGHLOCK FALLS RD LEAD. 605.584.3435 #BHVisitor 23

Mount Rushmore

Discover a piece of history as you meet four United States presidents carved in stone. Your visit will be a lifetime treasure.

Nestled into the side of granite hills, the carved faces of four United States presidents are a sight to see for many—and an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Your trip to Mount Rushmore should include all the National Memorial has to offer. After you park, make your way up to the grandview terrace through The Avenue of Flags—an aisle of 56 state flags and territories

Before you go, grab a bite to eat at Carvers Café And don't miss the ice cream! It's President Jefferson's recipe.

established in 1976 as part of the celebration of America’s Bicentennial. Then, say hello to Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln from the amphitheater viewing deck. Make it extra special and go at sunset when dusk is settling behind the monument. Looking for a quick hike? Walk the half-mile loop (which includes 422 stairs) for unique

More things to
24 #BHVisitor

views from the base of the Monument.

After you walk through all there is to see outside, visit the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center and Museum and be entranced through interactive exhibits and two 125-seat theaters showing “The Shrine,” a short film that provides an introduction to the memorial. Take the audio tour, and visit the gift shop to find the perfect memento to take home. Whether it is a keychain, stuffed animal, or a beautiful piece of Black Hills Gold, it's a great way to remember your time here!


President Calvin Coolidge formally dedicated the carving project of Mount Rushmore on August 10, 1927, and efforts continued on the carving for the next fourteen years.

Hover your phone's camera to read more about the mysterious Hall of Records at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

At the site

Hours and Seasons

The visitor facilities at the Monument are open all year, seven days a week, with the exception of December 25, when buildings are closed, but grounds are open.

Entrance Fees

There is no admission fee charged to see the Memorial, per the wishes of Borglum himself. However, a fee-based system provides convenient parking: $10 per vehicle and free for active duty military.

Events to Attend

Evening Lighting

Ceremonies are held beginning the Friday before Memorial Day to Sept. 30 each year. Late May–mid Aug.: Nightly at 9 p.m.; mid Aug.–Sept. 30: Nightly at 8 p.m. Check with the attraction in advance for updates to their schedule.

Mount Rushmore was originally envisioned to consist of Old West heroes carved into the

13000 SD-244, Keystone, SD 57730. Open 5 a.m.–11 p.m.
Needles' granite spires.
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Carving a Dream

Be a part of history in the making as you visit Crazy Horse Memorial®—the world’s largest carving in progress.

The Purpose

Crazy Horse Memorial® exists to honor all Indigenous people of North America. American Indian history and cultures are shared through museums, cultural programs, and the Mountain Carving in progress.

The History

The Crazy Horse Memorial® dream began in 1939 when Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear asked

75 years ago, on June 3, 1948, the first blast on the Mountain took place. Among those in attendance were five survivors of the Battle of Little Bighorn.

sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski to create a memorial to pay tribute to American Indians. Standing Bear and others chose Lakota warrior Crazy Horse to be the subject.

In the early years, Korczak, his wife Ruth, and their ten children were responsible for Mountain progress and visitor center operations. In 1982 Korczak passed away, leaving Ruth and the children to continue the work. In 2014, Ruth passed away but had laid

26 #BHVisitor
Photos ©Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

12151 Ave. of the Chiefs, Crazy Horse, SD 57730. See for hours. 605-673-4681

Details for your visit


Located north of Custer at 12151 Avenue of the Chiefs. Crazy Horse Memorial® is hard to miss as you drive along Highway 16/385.

Fees and Donations

The project, founded and operated on a strong belief in free enterprise, is funded by visitor entrance fees and donations and does not accept government funding.

groundwork to ensure the Memorial was in good hands with Ziolkowski family members, a dedicated Board of Directors, and talented staff and management. The Present Experience Growth continues in all areas of the Memorial; the Indian University of North America®, the Museums, and the Mountain Carving. Recent Mountain progress includes revealing the shape of much of Crazy Horse’s Left Hand and Arm, and rock removal from the Horse’s Mane.

Don’t Miss Inside

The 40,000-squarefoot Welcome Center is where the storytelling begins. Two theaters show the must-see 26-minute video "What is Crazy Horse."

The Mountain Carving Gallery focuses on the Mountain Carving, showing a short DVD of recent tools and carving.

Current progress is focused on the carving of Crazy Horse's Left Hand, Arm, and the Horse's Mane area. The entire carving 641' Long x 563' High Hover your phone's camera to read more about the size and scale of the world's largest Carving in progress.
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Photos ©Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation


crazy horse memorial®


Crazy Horse Memorial®

So much to see!


American Indian-made and exclusive Crazy Horse gifts

EAT lunch or dinner* and snacks

(*in season)


The Mountain Carving is the centerpiece yet there is more to experience at the Memorial. The Indian Museum of North America® is home to a large collection of art and artifacts. The Ziolkowski Family life museum features a view into the original log home and studio of Korczak and Ruth, and their family. The fascinating Mountain Carving gallery is where you get deeper understanding of the Mountain Carving work. Visitors are also able to partake in the cultural programming; performances, speakers, hands-on activities, and more.

This is part of what you will be exposed to at Crazy Horse Memorial®. Dining options are available on-site operated by the Memorial’s official concessionaire, Korczak’s Heritage, Inc.

More things to SEE & DO at 28 #BHVisitor
Photos ©Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation
(605) 673-4681 | Between Hill City and Custer, SD on Hwy. 16/385 | OPEN YEAR-ROUND Museums Mountain Carving in progress year-round Mountain Carving Gallery Sculptor’s Home and Studio Modern and Historical Art and Artifacts Native American Artists and Performers in-season and according to schedule off-season Restaurant | Gift Shop

Up Close & Personal

Create memories as you discover encounters with free-roaming wildlife in an outdoor enthusiast’s haven of new adventures.

Custer State Park is a 71,000-acre vacation paradise located in the southern part of the Black Hills, loaded with picturesque views and family activities.

Jeep tours are a great family adventure and will bring you close up to the magnificent wildlife. Visit in late spring and early summer and you may be able to see the baby buffalo prancing around the pastures.

Open year-round, the park boasts nine campgrounds filled with a variety of setup options from tents, RVs and motorhomes to cabins and resorts. Take in the fun around you and hike a nearby trail, kayak at Sylvan Lake, or go for a horseback ride.

A great hike to find is the Lover’s Leap Trail—a four-mile loop that has views of the spires and Black Elk Peak. Take a photo with the

Trek through the park in search of pronghorns, elk, and the noble buffalo. Take your own vehicle, or take a guided tour if you want to enjoy the ride without having to watch the road.

Temporary entrance license: $20 per vehicle

30 #BHVisitor

famous sign reading, “Custer State Park is a place where one can still be an unworried and unregimented individual and wear any old clothes and sit on a log and get his sanity back again.”

The Visitor Center offers an array of features that include a large, interactive map; a 20-foot-tall scale model of the Cathedral Spires; and numerous displays depicting the natural world of Custer State Park. It also has a 100-seat theater where a 20-minute film, narrated by Kevin Costner, immerses viewers in many different aspects of the park so they can enjoy all there is to offer during their visit. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or simply traveling through to see the scenic views, Custer State Park has something special for every Black Hills adventurer and visitor.

Several hiking trails in the park lead to Black Elk Peak, which rises to 7,242 feet (2,207 metres) and is the highest point in North America east of the Rocky Mountains. Hover your phone's camera to read more about the trails within Custer State Park.

Did you know?

Educational opportunities

Take a guided nature walk led by park naturalists, participate in a canoeing class, or try your luck catching fish. For the kids, the Junior Naturalist Program teaches outdoor learning through hands-on activities.


Over the past 100 years, the park has become a model of conservancy and land use with the reintroduction of elk, bison, pronghorn antelope, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, and goats into the preserve. Remember, all of these creatures are wild and should not be approached; view them from a safe distance.

Thousands gather every September to watch as riders gather the bison herd during the annual Buffalo Roundup.

13329 US Hwy 16A, Custer, SD 57730. 605-255-4515
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Badlands & Wall Drug

Drive through the scenic, rugged landscape of ancient sediments, then stop by one of America's favorite

roadside attractions.

Native Americans have used the Badlands as a hunting ground for generations. Today you can catch a glimpse of bighorn sheep, bison, prairie dogs, and blackfooted ferrets. Black-footed ferrets were brought to the brink of extinction in the 1960s due to habitat loss and disease, and were declared extinct in 1979. They were reintroduced into the Badlands in the 1990s, but sightings are still rare. Millions visit the Badlands every year, and the park is known for its

impressive collection of fossils and geological formations. Wide open skies undisturbed by light pollution attract locals and tourists alike to the park to catch incredible sunrises and to stargaze. Whether you choose to hike a trail, drive the scenic loop, or take a break on an overlook—Badlands National Park is one stop you won't want to miss. After your drive through the Badlands, follow the signs to Wall Drug. What started as a pit stop for free ice

32 #BHVisitor

244,000 acres of pristine wilderness in Badlands National Park. Plan to spend several hours here, if not all day!

Hover your phone's camera to read more about beautiful Badlands National Park.

At the site

Entrance Fees

Weekly passes to Badlands National Park are $30 per vehicle, or get an annual pass to the park for $55.

Visitor Center

Enjoy interactive exhibits, view a film in the theatre, and visit the bookstore. The center is open daily from 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

water is now one of America's favorite roadside attractions. Stand in front of the drugstore that started it all and you can almost imagine what it was like years ago. Now, the boardwalk hosts retail outlets, a restaurant, a café, and a place for families to get outside and play. The entire complex has so much to offer the building encompasses nearly 76,000 square feet! Fortunately, there's a handy map you can use to navigate it all so you don't miss a thing. After you’ve seen the T. Rex, tasted a delicious, locally sourced buffalo burger, and purchased a jackalope souvenir, you'll be ready to make the rest of your trek.

When hiking in the Badlands, bring water and sun protection, wear appropriate footwear, and stay a respectful distance from wildlife. A good rule of thumb: if the wildlife react to your presence, you are too close!

Don’t Miss It

Be sure to grab free ice water, 5-cent coffee, and an infamous homemade donut when you are at Wall Drug.

Dorothy and Ted Hustead opened Wall’s one and only drugstore on the edge of the small town in 1931.
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Ancient Wonders


The story began more than 140,000 years ago, when Ice Age fauna were trapped and died in a spring-fed pond near the edge of Hot Springs. Over the course of the next 50,000 years, the sinkhole filled with sediments and mammoth remains. Discovered by chance in 1974, while excavating for a housing

back in time to the Ice Age and learn about creatures that roamed the prairie and Black Hills thousands of years ago.
34 #BHVisitor


development, earth-moving equipment exposed one of South Dakota’s greatest treasures. The Site was found to contain the largest concentration of Columbian mammoths in the world and over 87 other species. The Mammoth Site was preserved as a resource for

scientific study in 1980 and added to the list of National Natural Landmarks. Through the work of local citizens, these 9.8 acres are recognized as an outstanding geological resource. Today the location is not only an attraction for visitors; it is an indoor working paleontological dig site, an Accredited Museum, and a laboratory and research facility where Ice Age fossils are preserved. It's also host to educational programs that allow participants to help excavate new areas and prep bones for removal. Enclosed and protected by a climate-controlled building, the sinkhole and exhibits attract visitors year-round. The fossils are on display as they were discovered for an in-situ exhibit. As the only late Ice Age facility of its kind in North America, the Mammoth Site is a valuable research facility and educational resource that must be preserved for future generations.

There have been 61 mammoths unearthed so far — including 58 Columbian Mammoths.

1800 US-18 BYB, Hot Springs, SD 57747. 605-745-6017 #BHVisitor 35
Mr. George Hanson's bulldozer discovered the world's largest concentration of Columbian mammoths
ESCAPE ROOMS BLACK HILLS WILL YOU ESCAPE IN TIME Jump back in time into the rich history of the Black Hills. Rooms based on Western South Dakota’s past, present and future. These scenarios offer heart racing and addictive fun for players all ages. Take the challenge and escape the room in 60 minutes, if you can! 605.731.8050 705 Main Street, Rapid City SWIM, SPLASH AND SOAK IN THE NATURAL, WARM WATERS OF EVANS PLUNGE MINERAL SPRINGS OPEN YEAR ROUND! 605-745-5165 | WWW.EVANSPLUNGE.COM 1145 NORTH RIVER STREET, HOT SPRINGS, SD 57747 FAMILY FUN FOR OVER 130 YEARS! #BHVisitor 37

City and Nature

As the "Gateway to the Black Hills," Rapid City blends the happenings of city life with the adventure of nature.

Founded in 1876 by a group of prospectors, Rapid City stands as the second largest city in South Dakota. It offers a variety of shops, boutiques, family attractions, parks, galleries, and restaurants. No matter where you're staying, Rapid City is a must-see community in the Hills. Stroll through a downtown of bustling streets lined with a cozy collection of historic buildings featuring phenomenal architecture that has been restored to its

original state. Peek into the town’s unique shops and galleries, and pick up one-of-a-kind pieces of Native American artwork and local craft goods. Shoes, clothes, gifts, and more will be a perfect keepsake to remember your trip to the Black Hills.

While you’re here, don’t miss Art Alley, located between 6th and 7th Streets, for a colorful expression of the area’s urban artists. It’s a mosaic of sanctioned graffiti that is constantly evolving.

7 life-size concrete dinosaur statues overlook the town.

43 life-size bronze statues of our nation’s presidents line the city’s streets and sidewalks.

38 #BHVisitor

Main Street Square is a fun-filled public space in the downtown district where you can enjoy free activities, including special events, art, fairs, and concerts.

You’ll be able to see families running through the interactive fountains, eating handmade ice cream cones, and drinking fresh smoothies from the café out on the green daily.

Surrounded by 1.5 million acres of ponderosa pine forests, parks, trails, and breathtaking geologic formations, consider venturing out to go hiking, biking, climbing, or horseback riding—and then come back for drinks, dinner, nightlife, and a good night's sleep.

Ellsworth AFB Located just a few miles away from Rapid City is Ellsworth Air Force Base. This base will be the home of the B-21 Raider, the most advanced aircraft ever built.

Experts estimate that the introduction of this aircraft could bring as many as 1,600 new jobs and 4,000 more people to the area over the next ten years.

Home of SD Mines

Founded in 1885 to provide instruction in the mining industry, the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is operating today as a world-class science and engineering research university. From neutrino experiments in an underground laboratory to collaborations with NASA, research at SD Mines brings talent and innovation to local, national, and global initiatives.

Visitors can tour the Museum of Geology in the O'Harra Building to see fascinating exhibits the entire family will enjoy.

Main Street Square: 512 Main St., Ste. 980, Rapid City, SD 57701. 605-716-7979
The Dahl Arts Center is located on 7th Street in Rapid City. Discover some of the best of regional art at this downtown venue.
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90 EXIT 55 79 44 44 To I-90 16 228 228 Omaha St. Deadwood Ave. N. Plaza Dr. Lien St. W. Main St. SooSanDr. CanyonLakeDr. JacksonBlvd. Hillsview RedDale 44th St. W. Chicago St. NemoRd. Sturgis Rd. Sheridan Lake Road CatronBlvd. Chapel Lane Skyline Dr. Mt . View Canyon Lake Stavkirke Chapel in the Hills Fish Hatchery Canyon Lake Park Meadowbrook Golf Course Storybook Island Fitzgerald Stadium Sioux Park Dinosaur Park Wilderness Park Founder’s Park Fountain Springs Golf Club To Sturgis & Deadwood — LEGEND — Hospital U.S. Post Office Picnic Area Tennis Swimming Golfing Bike/Jogging Path © 2020 Visitor Magazine Rapid City, South Dakota COMMUNITIES
Alex Johnson Hotel......... G-5 America’s Best Value Inn G-2 AmericInn I-3 Baymont Inn .....................K-3 Best Western Ramkota .... I-2 Big Sky Lodge ..................F-8 Cambria Suites.................J-3 Canyon Lake Resort B-7 Comfort Inn & Suites, Mt. Rushmore Rd ............ G-7 Comfort Suites, I-90........K-3 Country Inn & Suites........K-3 Courtyard by Marriott K-3 Days Inn, I-90 I-3 Days Inn, Jackson Blvd ....................E-5 EconoLodge ...................... I-2 Fair Value Inn C-4 Fairfield Inn & Suites K-3 Foothills Motel I-3 Garden Cottages Motel C-7 Gold Star Motel I-4 Grand Gateway Hotel.......I-3 GrandStay Suites ............ G-2 Hampton Inn......................I-3 Happy Holiday Motel ...... E-9 Hilton Garden Inn I-2 Holiday Inn Express, I-90 ..................... I-2 Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza Hotel & Convention Center G-4 Home 2 Suites-Hilton K-3 Howard Johnson Express............. G-4 LaQuinta Inn & Suites ......K-3 Lazy U Motel G-7 MainStay Suites J-3 Microtel Inn & Suites I-3 Motel 6 I-3 My Place Extended Stay Hotel K-2 Quality Inn & Suites I-3 Quality Inn G-6 Ramada Inn I-3 Rodeway Inn I-3 Sleep Inn K-3 Staybridge Suites ............. I-2 Super 8, I-90 ..................... I-2 Super 8, Rushmore Rd G-7 The Nest Hotel H-4 The Rushmore Hotel ....... G-5 Town House Motel .......... H-5 Travelodge Rapid City .... G-7 GOLF COURSES Meadowbrook C-7 Executive ..........................F-4
I9 0 I9 0 90 EXIT 57 EXIT 58 EXIT 59 EXIT 60 EXIT 61 79 79 44 16 16B 16 St Patrick St. EglinSt. Omaha St. Omaha St. E. North St. Fi fth St. Fifth St. Maple Av e. LaCrosse St . Haines Av e. Silv er St. East Blvd. West Blv d. Mt . Rushmore Rd . KansasCitySt. St.JosephSt. MainSt. NewYork Quincy Anamosa Disk Dr E. Disk Dr. Mall Dr. CatronBlvd./TruckBy-pass Minnesota St. Elk Vale Road FairmontSt. Elm St. Cambell St. TowerRd. Rapid Creek Monument Health Rushmore Crossing Shopping Center Horace Mann Park Executive Golf Course Civic Center NorthSt. Roosevelt Park Swim Center & Ice Arena Western Dakota Technical Institute Star of the West Softball Complex South Dakota School of Mines & Technology National American University Geology Museum DahlCenterArts DOWN TOWN DISTRICT Wilson Pa rk Robbinsdale Park Parkview Water Park Parkview Softball Complex rk Central States Fairgrounds Rushmore Mall RegionalToRapidCity Airport To Hot Springs To Mt. Rushmore N 3 5 6 F G H I J K 7 8 9 4 2
1314 N ELK VALE RD • RAPID CITY, SD 57703 • 866.WATIKI.FUN • WATIKIWATERPARK.COM Admissions valid same day only. Must present at time of order. May not be combined with any other offers or discounts including military and hotel discounts. Management reserves all rights. No cash value. Blackout dates apply. Photocopies not accepted. Expires 8/31/23. Code: BHVISITOR BUY 3, GET 1 FREE WATERPARK ADMISSION Book Here WaTiki Stay & Play Located in Box Elder, SD, in the heart of the Badlands and the Black Hills, a short distance from Mt. Rushmore, WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort, I-90, several restaurants, and numerous other attractions. EXTENDED STAY HOTEL EXTENDED STAY HOTEL On-Site Dining Guest Laundry Facilities Convenient Location Pet-Friendly Options
SHOP OUR NEW WEBSITE! You deserve the best. Our prices make it possible. Now In Stock 800.347.8107 Get factory outlet prices at: Rapid City 2017 Mt. Rushmore Rd. Wall 505 Main St. Hill City 241 Main St. Keystone 127 Winter St. WORLD’S LARGEST SELECTION BLACK HILLS GOLD & GOLD ON SILVER JEWELRY






Allergies/Allergic reactions


Athlete’s foot/fungus




Diaper rash

Ear infection/ache

Eye infection




Insect bites


Minor burns



Sinus infection

Sore throat

STD testing & treatment

Stomach discomfort

Urinary tract infection

INJURY (ADULT & PEDIATRIC) Fractures (Casting & Splinting)


Minor burns




Strains X-rays


Pre-Employment School

Sports, walk-in


Custer 1220 Montgomery Street 605-673-9400


71 Charles Street 605-717-6431

Rapid City 1303 North Lacrosse St. 605-755-2273

2116 Jackson Blvd. 605-755-2273

Spearfish 1420 North 10th St. 605-717-8595

Sturgis 2140 Junction Ave. 605-720-2600

OrthoExpress Walk-In Clinic 1635 Caregiver Circle

Rapid City 605-755-6180

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Offering an upscale cigar experience PRIVATE EVENT SPACE AVAILABLE IN A SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT 605-341-8466 ◊ 518 7th Street ◊ Downtown Rapid City ◊ Offering an upscale cigar experience PRIVATE EVENT SPACE AVAILABLE IN A SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT 605-341-8466 ◊ 518 7th Street ◊ Downtown Rapid City ◊ an upscale cigar experience PRIVATE SPACE AVAILABLE A SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT 605-341-8466 ◊ Street Downtown ◊ Offering an upscale cigar experience PRIVATE EVENT SPACE AVAILABLE IN A SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT 605-341-8466 ◊ 518 7th Street ◊ Downtown Rapid City ◊ Offering an upscale cigar experience PRIVATE EVENT SPACE AVAILABLE IN A SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT 605-341-8466 ◊ 518 7th Street ◊ Downtown Rapid City ◊

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50 #BHVisitor CONTENTS 52 6 Ways to Savor Downtown Downtown Rapid has what you're hankering for. 54 Downtown Rapid City Map Start exploring. 56 A Path Less Traveled Take a local tour of the city sites. 60 10 of the Fest You won't want to miss these. 70 Downtown Business Index
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#BHVisitor 51 A P P A R E L | G I F T S | A C C E S S O R I E S A P P A R E L | G I F T S | A C C E S S O R I E S A P P A R E L G I F T A C C E S R I S
529 Main Street, Rapid City, SD 57701 605-718-1456
located in historic downtown Rapid City across from Main Street Square

6 Ways to Savor Downtown

Lunch, libations, lattes and more all await you in Downtown Rapid City. You’ll be able to discover a unique take and an excellent rendition of whatever you’re craving while you live, work or play in Downtown Rapid City.

Creative Caffeine

Get your day started on the right foot with a great cup of coffee. Stop in Alternative Fuel Coffee House for an array of handcrafted beverages and smoothies. If you want some to take home with you, Dark Canyon Coffee will set you up with everything from espresso to your new favorite breakfast blend. Prefer something a little lighter? Stop in The Spice & Tea Exchange for a wide variety of tea, spices, and gifts.

Delectable Dinners

If you’re looking for an elevated dining experience, check out Tally’s Silver Spoon. Their Indecision Menu takes diners on a culinary adventure with delicious twists and turns you won’t expect. All you have to do is choose two, three, four, or five courses and let Tally’s take it from there. Delmonico Grill is another way to discover fine dining in Rapid City — splurge and order the best steak you’ve ever eaten.

SEE & DO More things to at 52 #BHVisitor

Sensational Suds

Did you know South Dakota is in the top 5 states for beer consumption per capita? When you have craft breweries like ours, it’s easy to see why. Firehouse Brewing Company was the first brewery in our state. They’ve been crafting quality beer since 1991, and they’ve only gotten better with age. If you like a little adventure with your brew, make sure you check out Hay Camp Brewing Company, too. Their handcrafted, small-batch ales focus on quality over quantity, and their entire crew is trained to help you find your new favorite beer.

Visionary Vino

If you prefer grapes over grains, you’re in luck. Firehouse Wine Cellars is the perfect addition to the brewery next door. All their wine is fermented and bottled on site, and their list of award-winning wines will please even the most discerning sommelier. For the full wine-and-dine experience, grab a reservation at Wine Cellar Restaurant.

Laudatory Lunches

You’ll find locals and visitors alike taking their mid-day meal at restaurants throughout Downtown Rapid City. The Bashful Bison serves classic deli fare with a South Dakota twist. Philly Ted’s Cheezsteaks is a local favorite and offers a taste of Philadelphia right here in Rapid City.

Family Favorites

What pairs best with a family meal? How about arcade games? Press Start is serving family favorites like burgers and pizzas all set in a gamer’s playground. Mom and dad can enjoy one of the video game inspired cocktails, and the whole family can try their luck (and skill) at winning prize tickets in the two story arcade.

After a long day of hiking and sightseeing, a cocktail could help you unwind.


The Path Less Traveled Memorial Park

If you want to take a pause on the hustle and bustle of downtown, head to Memorial Park. This green space is the perfect oasis between downtown Rapid City and The Monument, where you can stroll along the paths, play in the park, or simply relax in the grass. You can also enjoy the various sculptures, the Flood of 1972 Memorial Fountain, and one of the largest Berlin Wall exhibits in the country.

City View Trolley

Ready to get off your feet and learn all there is to know about some of our favorite landmarks? Look no further than the City View Trolley! This local gem runs during the summer, from June through August. You can hop on and off at any of the boarding locations — the trolley makes an hourly loop so you have time to explore and then continue on your way. The entire tour has 15 stops, including Memorial Park, the Journey Museum, Dinosaur Park, the Chapel in the Hills, and, of course, Main Street Square.

Monday-Saturday in the summer. Adult tickets are only $2, while children 12 and under and seniors are only $1.

More things to 56 #BHVisitor at

Historical Walking Tour

The Rapid City Historic Preservation Commission has put together a great walking tour of the downtown area that showcases the incredibly diverse architectural styles of our homes and buildings. You can find a copy online that shows all six designated tours, or simply look for QR codes placed on buildings around town. Some of our favorites include the Hotel Alex Johnson, the Buell Building, and the Elks Building.

Presidents Walking Tour

Rapid City is known as the City of Presidents, and a quick stroll around downtown will show you why. We have life-sized statues of every president up to Barack Obama, with plans for Donald Trump to be added soon. Each statue shows the likeness of our nation’s presidents while also showcasing details from their time in office or facets of their personalities. See Visit Rapid City online for a map of the statues’ locations and a fun scavenger hunt, or you can find printed maps at locations around downtown.

#BHVisitor 57 The
City View Trolley begins and ends at the downtown bus transfer facility.
The City of Presidents Sculpture project began in 2000. Each of the sculptures is privately funded.



An event venue in Downtown Rapid City for any corporate or private events. / (605) 389-8027


For info about at tractions, arts and culture, outdoor recreation, and events stop by the Visit Rapid City office on the second floor. / (605) 718-8484

ROAM'N Rapid both Camping, to mention town!



Full service espresso bar and eatery with fast, fresh options.



Local, independent bookstore. Feat uring bestsellers, gifts and an enchanting children's section.

WOBBLY Enjoy Whiskey

58 #BHVisitor 58 #DowntownRapidCity
THE SILVER Fresh, cream www.SilverLiningC

and and City



Fresh, handcrafted, small batch ice cream made using Midwest Dairy. www.SilverLiningC ream


Locally owned toy store stocked with thousands of toys for all ages.


Rapid City's local outdoor shopboth new and consignment items. Camping, Climbing and Travel. Not to mention the best shop dog in town! www.RoamnA round .com


Award-winning Mexican food. Authentic dishes, beautiful rooftop seating, handcrafted cocktails and Rapid City's best tequila selection. Qu


Enjoy 48 beers on tap, an impressive Whiskey selection and daily specials.


Cooked from fresh ingredients, enjoy the only authentic cheezsteak in town. Just Like Philly!

#BHVisitor 59 #DownTownRapidCity 59
kstore. and an section.

10 Best Fests

Downtown Rapid City is your destination for fun, no matter who you are. Music, food, drink and amazing activities are waiting for you throughout the year. Here’s our ten favorite festivals that are happening this year in Downtown Rapid City.

Native POP

This annual festival celebrates the arts and cultures of the tribal nations of the plains. Native POP (people of the plains) features a fine arts show and cultural events, and is a free and family-friendly event for all.

July 8-9

Cruiser Car Show

Check out some of the coolest classic cars around while you stroll downtown and enjoy everything Downtown Rapid City has to offer. Make sure to cast your vote for the coolest car.

September 30

60 #BHVisitor at STOP & SHOP More places to LOCALS' GUIDE

Kids’ Carnival

This one’s for the kids — and the kids at heart. Main Street Square becomes a playground with inflatables, games and loads of other activities. June 3


Celebrate the coming of warmer weather with Frühlingsfest, an annual festival that combines good beer, good food and (hopefully) good weather. May 20

#BHVisitor 61
The elevation of Rapid City is 3,202 feet, roughly 2.5 times the height of the Empire State Building.
The majority of events in downtown are free to enjoy!
Photo Travel South Dakota

Pumpkin Festival

Join locals as they welcome the beginning of fall with the fifteenth annual pumpkin festival. Local gardeners hoist, haul and heave their enormous pumpkins to Downtown Rapid City to compete in a weight competition. Pick out your perfect gourd and participate in many other autumnal activities.

September 23

62 #BHVisitor STOP & SHOP More places to LOCAL'S GUIDE

Bierbörse Festival

Happening for a thirteenth year, this beer festival puts a new spin on imbibing. The festivities include a beer olympics and a beer stock exchange (popular beers go up in cost; less popular beers can sink to a low of $2). July 22

Downtown Trick-or-Treat

Downtown businesses prepare for little ghosts and goblins each year by stocking up on candy galore. Trick-ortreaters can pick up a map of participating locations. October 28

Veterans Day Ceremony

Show your support of the armed forces by attending the 2023 Downtown Veterans Day Ceremony. Watch the parade and enjoy free hot chocolate or coffee.

November 11

Golden Hour Live featuring Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck pays tribute to the legendary Australian rock band AC/DC. This group captures the original energy of legendary showman Angus Young and is sure to shake Rapid City all night long this summer. For those about to rock, we salute you.

August 5

Holiday Celebration and Winter Market

Say hello to the holiday season with a downtown winter market and the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. November 25

Don't forget the fountain fun that can be had at Mainstreet Square.

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For the
latest on events at Main Street Square, visit
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Welcome reception, deluxe hot continental breakfast, high speed WIFI, airport shuttle, room microwave & fridge, in room safe, guest laundry, exercise room, indoor pool with two hot tubs, large meeting area.

Welcome reception, deluxe hot continental breakfast, high speed WIFI, airport shuttle, room microwave & fridge, in room safe, guest laundry, exercise room, indoor pool with two hot tubs, large meeting area.

Welcome reception, deluxe hot continental breakfast, high speed WIFI, airport shuttle, room microwave & fridge, in room safe, guest laundry, exercise room, indoor pool with two hot tubs, large meeting area.

hot continental breakfast, high speed WIFI, airport fridge, in room safe, guest laundry, exercise room, with two hot tubs, large meeting area.



66 #BHVisitor
605-737-4656 950 WYNDHAM PROPERTY
605-737-4656 950 WYNDHAM PROPERTY OF THE
605-737-4656 NORTH ST. RAPID CITY, SD 5770
#BHVisitor 67 THE SPICE & TEA EXCHANGE® OF RAPID CITY 519 6th Street | Rapid City, South Dakota | 605.791.2900 | 10% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE* *Only valid at this location. Must present coupon to reedeem. ROCKS! THIS PLACE VISIT US South Dakota Mines O’Harra Building 501 E. Saint Joseph St. Take Gold Entrance to Technology Ct. FREE ADMISSION ESCAPE ROOMS BLACK HILLS WILL YOU ESCAPE IN TIME 605.731.8050 705 Main Street, Rapid City Jump back in time into the rich history of the Black Hills. Rooms based on Western South Dakota’s past, present and future.
#BHVisitor 69


Holiday Inn – Downtown Rapid City - Convention Center 505 N. Fifth Street 605-348-4000

Hotel Alex Johnson 523 Sixth Street 605-342-1210

Howard Johnson Inn & Suites 950 North Street 605-737-4656

The Rushmore Hotel & Suites 445 Mt. Rushmore Road 605-348-8300

Town House Motel 210 St. Joseph Street 605-791-3987

Art & Galleries

Dahl Arts Center 713 Seventh Street 605-394-4101

Perfect Hanging Gallery 621 Main Street 605-348-7761

Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries 606 Main Street 605-342-3086

Suzie Cappa Art Center 722 St. Joseph Street 605-791-3578

Activities & Attractions

Black Hills Community Theatre 601 Columbus Street 605-394-1787

Black Hills Escape Rooms

705 Main Street 605-731-8050

Elks Theatre 512 Sixth Street 605-343-7888

The Journey Museum & Learning Center 222 New York Street 605-394-6923

Main Street Square 526 Main Street 605-716-7979

Mount Rushmore Society & Gift Shop 830 Main Street 605-341-8883

Performing Arts Center of Rapid City 601 Columbus Street 605-394-1786

Rapid City Rush 444 N. Mt. Rushmore Road 605-716-7825

The Monument 444 N. Mt. Rushmore Road 605-394-4111

SD Mines Museum of Geology 501 E. St. Joseph Street 605-394-2467

VR Den Virtual Reality 505 7th Street 605-389-4632

Books Again Books & Bazaar 612 St. Joseph Street 605-343-3618

Dinosaur Park

Christian Science Reading Room

530 St. Joseph Street


Mitzi’s Books

510 Main Street



Karma Boutique

529 Main Street


Decades Vintage Clothing


Michael’s Men’s Wear

617 St. Joseph St. 605-342-0127

Shirt Shack

517 Main Street


SoleMate Shoes & The Uniform Center

723 Main Street


Furniture & Home

B.E.S. Lighting

333 Omaha Street, Ste. 3 605-348-3393

Black Hills Flooring & Kitchen Tune-Up

333 Omaha Street, Ste. 1


Furniture Mart

430 Main Street


Knecht Home Center

320 West Boulevard


St. Joe Antiques Mall

615 St. Joseph Street



Landstrom's Jewelry

620 St. Joseph Street


Neugebauer's Jewelry, Design & Service

601 Main Street


On the Rox

510 Ninth St., Ste. # 207


Specialty Shops

Alex Johnson Mercantile 608 St. Joseph Street 605-343-2383

Black Hills Vinyl 622 St. Joseph Street


Celtic Connection of the Black Hills

517 Sixth Street


The Clock Shop

610 Seventh Street 605-355-0505

Dark Canyon Coffee

324 East Boulevard, Ste. 100 605-394-9090

First Stop Gun Shop 701 Main Street


Heroes Magic & Sports Cards

513 Main Street


Kicks & Giggles

329 Main Street, Ste. 3 605-343-8722

Presidential Pawn & Gun 629 St. Joseph Street


The Quilt Connection, Etc. 522 St. Joseph Street 605-355-0178

Roam’n Around 512 Main Street, Ste. 140


SD Mines Downtown Rocker Shop

616 St. Joseph Street 605-394-2374

The Spice & Tea Exchange 519 Sixth Street 605-791-2900

Storyteller Comics & Games 520 Sixth Street 605-348-7242

Victoria’s Garden 320 Seventh Street


Vita Sana Olive Oil Company

628 St. Joseph Street


Western Stationers

714 St. Joseph Street


Who’s Hobby House

715 Main Street


Who’s Toy House

512 Main Street, Ste. 160 605-716-4386

Sweets & Treats

Armadillos Ice Cream Shoppe

130 Main Street


Mary’s Mountain Cookies

526 Sixth Street 605-791-0463

Rocky Mountain

Chocolate Factory

507 Sixth Street 605-716-4700

The Silver Lining Creamery 512 Main Street, Ste. 100 605-791-1141

Food & Drink Alternative Fuel Coffee House 512 Main Street, Ste. 110 605-791-3791

Black Hills Contraband Distillery 601 Kansas City Street, Ste. 6 605-791-4757

Blind Lion

510 Ninth Street 605-939-0095

The Brass Rail 624 St. Joseph Street 605-341-1768

Delmonico Grill

609 Main Street 605-791-1664

Firehouse Brewing Company 610 Main Street 605-348-1915

Firehouse Wine Cellars 620 Main Street 605-716-9463

Gold Bison Grill 505 N. Fifth Street 605-348-4000

Hay Camp Brewing Company 601 Kansas City Street 970-215-9859

Ifrit’s Hookah Lounge 725 St. Joseph Street 605-716-6986

Independent Ale House 625 St. Joseph Street 605-718-9492

Murphy’s Pub & Grill 510 Ninth Street 605-791-2244

Oasis Lounge 711 Main Street 605-342-9809

Paddy O’Neill’s Irish Pub 523 Sixth Street 605-342-1210

Philly Ted’s Cheezsteaks 502 Main Street 605-791-2229

#BHVisitor 71 Filled with a variety of businesses, Downtown Rapid City has a little bit of everything you are looking for! View a full list of businesses and links to their websites at

Pour 54 Taphouse

615 Main Street

Opens at 3 p.m.

Press Start

504 Mt. Rushmore Road

¿Que Pasa? Cantina

502 Main Street


Slangin Dough Bakery

523 Main Street



523 Sixth Street


Tally’s Silver Spoon 530 Sixth Street


Tinder Box

518 Seventh Street 605-341-8466

Vertex Sky Bar

523 Sixth Street


Wine Cellar Restaurant

513 Sixth Street 605-718-2675

Wobbly Bobby British Pub 510 Main Street



Bob’s Phillips 66

721 Mt. Rushmore Road


Frontier Auto Glass

301 Main Street



Black Hills Community Bank

840 Mt. Rushmore Road


Black Hills Federal Credit Union

225 Main Street 605-718-1818

Dacotah Bank

125 Main Street


First National Bank 632 Main Street


First Western Federal Savings Bank

402 Main Street 605-341-1203

Galt Investments

1819 West Boulevard


Great Western Bank

14 St. Joseph Street


Highmark Federal Credit Union

725 Fifth Street


Morgan Stanley – Vicki Schilling

909 St. Joseph Street, Floor 6


Pioneer Bank & Trust

2018 Mt. Rushmore Road


Security First Bank

805 Fifth Street


U.S. Bank

701 St. Joseph Street


Wells Fargo Advisors

625 Main Street


Wells Fargo Bank

825 St. Joseph Street


Whitesell Financial Group

817 Ninth Street


Health, Beauty & Wellness

AJ’s Wicked Salon & Spa

610 St. Joseph Street


Black Hills Barbershop

516 Sixth Street


Breadroot Natural Foods Co-Op 1000 East Blvd. N. 605-348-3331

Grace & Grit Fitness

710 St. Joseph Street


Core Connections 815 St. Joseph Street


Downtown Dental

623 Quincy Street, Ste. 103 605-342-4882

The Market

333 Omaha Street, Ste. 2


Mystique Edge

318 Mt. Rushmore Road, Ste. E 605-737-0095

Precision Eyecare

605 St. Joseph Street


Vision Source 825 Columbus Street, Ste. E 605-343-4703


Bangs McCullen Law Firm

333 West Boulevard, Ste. 400 605-343-1040

Costello Porter Law 704 St. Joseph Street


DeMersseman Jensen

Tellinghuisen & Huffman, LLP

516 Fifth Street 605-646-2839

Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLP 506 Sixth Street 605-342-1078

Media & Marketing

Evergreen Media 329 Main Street, Ste. 1 605-343-7684

HomeSlice Media Group 660 Flormann Drive, Ste. 100 605-343-6161

Rapid City Journal

507 Main Street 605-394-8300

Organizations Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting 415 Main Street 605-394-6994

The Hope Center 615 Kansas City Street 605-716-4673

Elevate Rapid City 525 University Loop 605-343-1744

Rapid City Public Library 610 Quincy Street 605-394-6139

South Dakota School of Mines 501 E. St. Joseph Street 605-394-2511

United Way of the Black Hills 621 Sixth Street, Ste. 100 605-343-5872

Visit Rapid City 512 Main Street, Ste. 240 605-718-8484

YMCA of Rapid City 815 Kansas City Street 605-718-9622

Personal Services

AAA of South Dakota 815 St. Joseph Street 605-342-8482

SEE & DO More things to 72 #BHVisitor at

Professional Services

All Seasons Pest Control



440 Mt. Rushmore Road



519 Kansas City Street


Black Hills Insurance Agency 820 St. Joseph Street


Casey Peterson & Associates

909 St. Joseph Street, Ste. 101


Chris Bro Hospitality 415 Main Street


Dakota Mill & Grain

224 Founders Park Drive


First American Title Company

801 Mt. Rushmore Road, Ste. 100


FourFront Design

517 Seventh Street


Ketel Thorstenson, LLP

810 Quincy Street


KT Connections

829 Quincy Street


Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.

718 Steele Avenue 800-638-3278

Pennington Title Company

725 Kansas City Street


Ponderosa Screen Printing & Embroidery

619 St. Joseph Street


Wyss Associates, Inc.

728 Sixth Street


Real Estate

919 Main Apartments

919 Main Street


Hills Properties

3213 W. Main Street, Ste. 586



Faith Temple Church

715 Kansas City Street


First Presbyterian Church

710 Kansas City Street


First United Methodist Church

629 Kansas City Street


Fountain Springs Church Offices

321 Seventh Street


Rimrock Exchange

514 St. Joseph Street


Friends of Downtown

ABRA Auto Body & Glass

350 N. Lacrosse Street


Behrens – Wilson Funeral Home

632 St. Francis Street


Black Hills Surgical Hospital

216 Anamaria Drive


Bursch Travel Agency

803 St. Patrick Street


Climate Control

801 Deadwood Avenue


Comfort Suites Hotel & Convention Center

1333 N. Elk Vale Road


Conrad’s Big “C” Signs

1750 E. North Street


Dean Kurtz Construction

1651 Rand Road


Fisher Beverage, Co.

3636 Seger Drive


Fort Hays Chuckwagon

2255 Fort Hays Drive


Jolly Lane Greenhouse

2962 Jolly Lane


KEVN Black Hills FOX TV

2001 Skyline Drive


Kieffer Sanitation

2426 E. St. Patrick Street


MAC Construction 4440 Universal Drive


MainStay Suites

3321 Outfitter Road



537 Century Road 800-888-1300

Monument Health

353 Fairmont Boulevard



3824 Jet Drive 605-394-6400

Scull Construction Services

803 Industrial Avenue


SECO Construction

3305 Craig Street 605-348-7085

Signs Now

1161 Deadwood Avenue, Ste. 7 605-721-6465

Simpson’s Printing 2410 S. Plaza Drive



1600 Mt. View Road


#BHVisitor 73 Filled with a variety of businesses, Downtown Rapid City has a little bit of everything you are looking for!
View a full list of businesses and links to their websites at
76 #BHVisitor 100 years of history Housed within Rapid City’s first firehall, we offer a diverse menu and over 100 years of firefighter history. Sit next to the original fire pole inside, or join us outside on the patio! Enjoy a tasting of our award-winning crisp whites and bold reds! Compliment your favorites with a delicious charcuterie board while sitting on our sunny front patio. SOUTH DAKOTA’S FIRST BREWPUB Our craft brewery makes a variety of styles from hearty stouts to crisp lagers. 610 MAIN STREET DOWNTOWN RAPID CITY FIREHOUSEBREWING.COM | FIREHOUSEWINECELLARS.COM 1915 firehouse 1915 firehouse INTL. AWARDED WINERY FAMILY FRIENDLY DINING
#BHVisitor 77 Again Books & Ba zaar • Unique Jewelry • • Thousands of Well Organized Used Books • • CDs • DVDs • T-Shirts • Greeting Cards • (605) 343-3618 612 Saint Joseph St. • Rapid City

The Wild West Comes to Life

Play your cards right, and be one of the two million people who visit the legendary town of Deadwood. History and fun await.

The historic town of Deadwood has been well established in books, television shows, and movies. Classic characters such as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and Seth Bullock are all part of Deadwood’s rich and varied history as a rowdy mining camp. Today, you can visit the streets as they once were and strike it rich like thousands of prospectors did long ago.


The year Wild Bill Hickok is shot from behind by Jack McCall. The hand that Wild Bill was holding when he was shot, a pair of aces and a pair of eights, is still known as a "deadman's hand."

Museums and historic landmarks come to life in Deadwood. Here families can see artifacts and displays of the town’s vibrantly preserved heritage.

Begin a self-guided walking tour at the Visitor Center, which has been renovated in the old train depot, then meander over to the Adams Museum, Days of ’76 Museum, and the Historic Adams House. See the Mount

78 #BHVisitor

Moriah Cemetery that serves as the resting place for infamous western outlaws, and learn how Deadwood went from a lawless gold camp to a modernday restoration project—and everything in between.

The easiest way to see all of Deadwood is through a guided tour. Watch performers reenact history right before your eyes on a narrated trolley or bus tour of this Wild West town.

For more entertainment, check out the calendar of events at, and attend one of the many concerts and events the town offers.

Your adventure begins in Deadwood, as it serves as the northern trailhead for the George S. Mickelson Trail—a railroad right-of-way that has been converted for running, hiking, biking, and horseback riding

Mount Moriah Cemetery houses the graves of real-life Wild West legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

History buffs can discover an extremly rich experience in Deadwood. Hover your phone's camera to read more about Kool Deadwood Nites.

throughout the year. There are more than 100 converted railroad bridges, as well as four scenic, hard-rock tunnels along the infamous trail providing Black Hills visitors and adventurers a unique rails-to-trails outdoor experience.

Outlaw Square is the newest addition to Deadwood's Main Street. This year-round venue is the perfect gathering space for concerts, movies, holiday and sporting events, and lots more.

501 Main St., Deadwood, SD 57732. 800-999-1876
Many of Deadwood's historic characters come to life in summer months walking the street. Watch for (staged) shootouts downtown!
#BHVisitor 79

Lead is situated near the Mickelson Trail and widely considered an outdoor enthusiasts’ dream. Visitors are able to explore to their hearts' content just minutes from downtown.

Past Meets Future

Visitors can walk the streets of a quaint downtown district, visit locally owned shops and boutiques, and grab a bite to eat at one of the many exceptional local restaurants. After dinner, take in a performance at the Historic Homestake Opera House, fondly known as the Jewel of the Black Hills. Built in 1914, this beautiful building still operates as a venue for concerts, theatre, music, dance, events, and more.

Lead (pronounced “leed”) was founded in 1876 after the discovery of gold had the Black Hills booming.

In 2007, Lead’s fame shifted from mining to science when the Homestake Gold Mine was turned into the Sanford Underground Research Facility. Above ground, learn about the mining history at

Drive farther than you ever have before and get your first hole in one! With a hole a mile wide and a mile long, your shot is sure to find its mark—and add about 1,250 feet to your drive.

The Homestake Visitor Center. They offer free viewing of the historic 1876 Open Cut mining area, artifacts, an informational mining video, historic and educational memorabilia, and a gift shop. Be sure to attend one of Lead's community events throughout the warm-weather months. From festivals and parades to outdoor concerts and fireworks displays, the area boasts a diverse mix of entertainment everyone can enjoy!

4,850 feet below ground, scientists at Sanford Underground Research Facility search for answers to the most fundamental questions about the universe.

40M ounces of gold were mined by the Homestake Mining Company between 1876–2001.


would be the value at today's prices.

80 #BHVisitor
Photo Travel South Dakota

For one outrageous week in August, hundreds of thousands of bikers and vendors descend upon Sturgis, making it one of the most famous motorcycle rallies in the world. What started as a dirt-track motorcycle race over 80 years ago has now evolved into South Dakota’s largest tourism event.

Move Your Soul

Founded in 1876, Sturgis was named after Fort Meade commander Major Samuel D. Sturgis. Fort Meade was a nearby cavalry post established to protect those who were flocking to the Black Hills after the discovery of gold, and later became the home for the Seventh Cavalry after the massacre at Little Bighorn.

Defined by its duality, Sturgis serves as both a mountain town and a ranch community, nestled in the northeastern Black Hills. Boasting a population of 6,900 residents, the town hosts multiple events that attract visitors from around the world.

One of its main natural attractions is Mato Paha “Bear Mountain”— the name given by the Lakota to the sacred site of Bear Butte State Park outside of Sturgis. The park is still important in American Indian

ceremonies and offers great hikes for visitors. On a clear day, you can view four states in the distance from the 4,426-foot summit.

Motorcycles fill the streets in early August for the world-famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and then sports cars take a turn in early September for the annual Sturgis Mustang Rally. During the event, Mustangs of every model year can be viewed roaring through the streets. Participants and attendees enjoy events from autocross and drag racing to burnouts, auctions, and everything in between.

Sturgis' moniker of "The City of Riders" has multiple meanings. Certainly motorcycle enthusiasts seek out this community, but with its evergrowing trail system, Sturgis has also become a destination for mountain bikers and horseback riders to hit the trail, too.

#BHVisitor 81

Spearfish Canyon’s winding roads are dotted with breathtaking views of waterfalls and streams. The canyon features countless trails, including Roughlock Falls and local favorites like Devil’s Bathtub, Community Caves, and Eleventh Hour Gulch.

Even More Miraculous

Famous Architect Frank Lloyd Wright once visited the Spearfish area and was astonished by its breathtaking features. He later commented that it was a shame that people typically talk more about the Grand Canyon than Spearfish Canyon, calling the local canyon "even more miraculous" than Arizona's most well-known geological feature. This community’s unmatched combination of exquisite scenery, boundless outdoor adventure, and first-rate accommodations makes it the perfect destination to visit during any season of the year.

Start your day with breakfast at a local café or diner, then wander downtown. You can visit boutiques offering everything


years ago, a great inland sea covered this area. When the waters started to subside, the canyon was carved out by water eroding away the softer rock.

from home furnishings and art to antiques. Stop for some ice cream and snacks, then venture toward Spearfish Canyon. It’s common to see people rock climbing, biking along the designated paths, or fly-fishing in Spearfish Creek. When you're ready to grab lunch, take it to-go and enjoy your meal in one of the town’s 26 developed parks, pocket parks, dog parks, or sport field areas. Many are next to the creek where you can watch for fish as you eat. Enjoy dinner at one of the numerous restaurant options. Locally owned establishments, as well as chain dining experiences, are available. Kick back and enjoy a drink at a local wine bar or brewery, or dive into an energetic night of performances or events.

82 #BHVisitor

The Center of the Nation

Defined as "the Beautiful Forks" in French, Belle Fourche (pronounced “Bell Foosh”) is noted for being the geographic Center of the Nation — marked by a granite monument and a path of flags.

Sheriff and rancher Seth Bullock persuaded the railroad to build through his ranch, ultimately creating this western cow town. In 1893, more range cattle were shipped out by rail from here than at any other railhead, with a record 4,700 carloads.

Orman Dam, also known as the Belle Fourche Reservoir, was created to give the agriculture community a large boost. Today, many residents enjoy camping

Although the monument is placed in Belle Fourche, the actual center of the nation is 21 miles outside of town on private land in a nearby pasture. If you're looking to visit the remote location, follow the directions on the city's Chamber of Commerce site and look for a patriotic sign and a US Flag. Watch out for cow pies!

and spending the day at the dam swimming, fishing, and boating. Belle Fourche is proudly known for their Fourth of July celebrations. Red, white, and blue decorations adorn the streets for the mile-long parade. Enjoy the carnival downtown filled with family-friendly rides, and don’t miss the city-wide barbecue. The Black Hills Roundup held during Independence Day Weekend, is one of the oldest continuously held outdoor rodeos in America. Cowboys and cowgirls come from all over to compete.

200 antique cars, trucks, and hot rods wow visitors from a 12-state area at the Center of the Nation All Car Rally

21,000 square miles in NW South Dakota, NE Wyoming and SE Montana call this town a hub for livestock auction and wool shipping

Frontiersman Buckskin
Johnny's cabin can be found at the Tri-State Museum—the first cabin built in this area.
#BHVisitor 83
• Feed the Fish • Walk Nature Trails • Shop the Gift Store • Tour Historic Hatchery Buildings • Underwater Trout Viewing Area 423 Hatchery Cir. Spearfish, SD FREE FAMILY ATTRACTION! GROUNDS OPEN DAILY Venues open May - September 9am to 6pm VISIT US IN Belle Fourche 605-723-1200 FREE ADMISSION Museum • Johnny Spaulding Cabin Center of the Nation Monument Hands-on activities for kids Memorial Day to Labor Day Mon-Sat 9a.m. to 5p.m. Sun 1-4p.m. 415 Fifth Avenue Deadwood, SD • NEW CLUBHOUSE MEMBERS RECEIVE $20 IN FREE PLAY NEW CLUBHOUSE MEMBERS RECEIVE $20 IN FREE PLAY 84 #BHVisitor
#BHVisitor 85

Healing Waters

Originally called Minnekahta (warm waters) by its founders in 1879, Hot Springs is located on the southeast edge of the Black Hills. Early town entrepreneurs touted the health benefits of the city’s warm, dry climate and healing warm-water spas. With the arrival of the railroad in 1891, thousands of people descended upon the town for the medicinal attributes of the healing water. The city's Historic District was largely built during this boom, and includes beautiful sandstone buildings.

You can still relax in the historic spas that utilize the naturally


the year Evans Plunge opened their doors for the first time

87 degrees, the average temperature of the water at Evans Plunge

warm waters from the springs below—like Evans Plunge, the largest natural warm-water indoor swimming pool in the world. The world’s largest mammoth research facility, the Mammoth Site, is another famous attraction. This paleontological dig site offers visitors an in situ (bones left as they were found) exhibit of mammoth bones year-round. Continue your Hot Springs adventure at Wind Cave National Park. Ten miles north of Hot Springs, it is the sixth-longest cave in the world, and the first cave site in America to be designated a national park. Then head to Angostura State Recreation Area—home to the largest lake in the Black Hills—where visitors can boat, swim, camp, and fish.

at STAY & VISIT More places to

On Track for Adventure

Hill City has a past rooted in discovery. After the gold rush moved further north, tin was found within nearby rocks and the industrial railroad moved in.

Hill City has continued to evolve into a geological hub of exploration, as well. Researchers from the Black Hills Institute discovered the largest T-Rex skeleton, named “Sue,” in 1990. Although the fossil has been moved to Chicago, Ill.,

Hill City displays its very own T-Rex named "Stan."

The Hill City experience is one-of-a-kind, and you'll soon become accustomed to the whistle of the authentic steam locomotive on its way to and from Keystone. Enjoy the tastes of the city, too! Hill City boasts locally owned restaurants with unique flavors, as well as award-winning breweries and wineries.

1880 Train

Add something unique to your South Dakota adventures and take a ride on a vintage steam train. Running between Hill City and Keystone, this attraction is fun for all ages.

With a vibrant arts and culture scene, this quaint town is home to galleries, wineries, boutiques, and more.

#BHVisitor 87

Play & Stay in Keystone

Nestled in a valley within the beautiful Black Hills, the tiny historic mining town of Keystone rests only three miles from the base of Mount Rushmore National Memorial. While only about 350 people live here year-round, the village comes to life with adventure during the summer season.

You can view the gorgeous scenery of the pine-covered Black Hills from a chairlift, play miniature golf, ride the trails on horseback, and tour the Hills on a helicopter ride. But the fun doesn't end there! Pet cute little critters, take an old time western photo, ride a vintage passenger train

to a nearby town, and explore a cave deep underground like the miners once did. You'll be able to experience gravity gone crazy, play brand new state-of-the-art arcade games, and see lifelike re-creations of all of our nation’s presidents, notable chiefs, and popular political figures in wax.

Filled with eclectic retailers and delicious treats, walking the boardwalk of stores in Keystone will be a trip highlight for the whole family. Once you're finished here, be sure to cross the street and head downtown for more trinkets, sweets, and mementos of your Black Hills vacation.

This Black Hills community is a great base camp and hub, and it’s a refreshing, fun stop along the way to other area destinations. Make sure to put time in Keystone on your travel plans; its charming personality is contagious.

Left Whether you want to take an exhilarating ride down the hill, or a relaxing scenic trip, you’re in control when you ride the alpine slide!
Below The 1880 Train is the scene of the crime throughout the summer months with their Old West Shootout.
14 miles to Custer State Park 26 miles to Wind Cave 19 miles to Crazy Horse Memorial® 36 miles to Jewel Cave 88 #BHVisitor
☆ ★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★ ★★★★★★★ OITANEHT N AL PRESIDENTIAL WA X MUESUM OITANEHT N AL PRESIDENTIAL WA X MUESUM TOURS START ANYTIME! Famous for Diamonds & Black Hills Gold Rapid City’s Oldest & Finest Full Service Jewelry Store Dial Dia-mond (605.342.6663) 620 St. Joseph Street Downtown Rapid City TOURS & GOLD PANNING BIG THUNDER MINE .COM IN KEYSTONE, HOME OF MT. RUSHMORE AND “CITY OF GOLD” Award winning, hands-on historic learning experience for the whole family Mining Museum is a replica of 1895 mill built on the Big Thunder property. See a stamp mill, crushers, winches, blacksmith equipment. • Restaurants & Gift Shop • Drive-up Espresso Cabin • Original Underground 1892 Mine Tour • Mining Museum • Geode Cutting • Gem Panning • On site and creek panning 8 am to 8 pm June, July, August Last tour at 7:00 pm May, Sept. - Oct. 31 9 am to 6 pm Last tour at 5:00 pm 605.666.4847 #BHVisitor 89

Base Camp to Adventure

This mile-high mountain town benefits from its location: a prime, central setting on the edge of Custer State Park, crisscrossed with miles of trails and backcountry roads left behind by early western pioneers, ranchers, and loggers.

Visitors who choose Custer as a hub are minutes from the best climbs, trails, and family fun in the Black Hills. Stay in the town itself or in the Park, which offers unique lodging, dining, swimming, camping, fishing, and shopping opportunities.

In no time at all, you can be

150ft wide Main Street—wide enough to u-turn a team of oxen—was requested by gold prospectors in 1875.

scaling a granite needle, hiking to the top of the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains, or heading off-road for a real wilderness adventure—and then heading back into town for a lovely dinner. Keep the exploration going when you dash into Custer State Park for the Black Hills Playhouse summer stock theater, or ride your motorcycle on some of the country’s most acclaimed curves. Watch the sun set over nearby Crazy Horse Memorial® or Mount Rushmore. Sound good? Then Custer’s your place.

Custer was the first town in the Black Hills, established in 1875. It was named after the infamous Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer.
90 #BHVisitor

Art in the Hills

As you venture through the Black Hills, enjoy the local art adorning our state highways, gallery walls, and main streets throughout our communities.

To start your tour of art in the Hills, visit downtown Rapid City and take The City of Presidents free walking tour. The tour features bronze statues of our nation’s past presidents, often showcasing a unique aspect of their personality or highlight of their time in office.

If you are in Custer, you will see beautiful creations from modern horse sculptures to hand-painted buffalo created by local artists

adorning the streets downtown. If galleries are what you’re looking for, each community will have something for you to see. Rapid City has options ranging from contemporary visual art to a gallery for artists of all abilities. For a free-form outdoor art experience, visit Rapid City’s Art Alley between 6th and 7th Street. The display is always changing, with new murals replacing old ones at regular intervals. The Black Hills’ rich native

On the streets in Hill City, stop to see the captivating horse made of scrap metals called Iron Star by sculptor John Lopez. representation of local art and very hard to miss!

at More places to STAY & VISIT MUST DO ART
92 #BHVisitor

Lakota culture can be seen at downtown art galleries and craft stores, with items like fine art, beadwork, books, music, and cultural artifact reproductions. Hill City is an artistic oasis in the central Hills. Visitors can find a gallery for landscape watercolor paintings of South Dakota scenes. Downtown shops offer stunning paintings, carved art, pottery, sculptures, glasswork, and wearable fiber art.

Historic architecture is valued in the Black Hills, with each community investing in the preservation of its classic buildings. Walking through northern and central towns like Spearfish, Deadwood, Lead, and more—take in the old-west feel of 1800s architecture that has been restored to its original state.

As you venture to the southern Hills, you will notice stunning warm colored sandstone buildings. Hot Springs is known for its wealth of sandstone architecture, from the historic Evans Hotel, to the library and the imposing Pioneer Museum. Due to the town's proximity to multiple quarries, a good percentage of the town's buildings are constructed out of sandstone.

Catch performance art at a local theatre while you're here. The historic Homestake Opera House was founded by the Hearst family in Lead and

There's no better way to remember the artistic flair of the Black Hills than to take some of it home with you. Shops found throughout the Hills sell the works of local and regional artists.

has become one of the Black Hills’s premier performing arts centers. Custer State Park may not strike you as a place for performing arts, but one of the best playhouses in the Hills is housed there. Rapid City’s Performing Arts Center has two venues and produces performances from concerts to theatrical plays. On your drive across the state, whether you're coming to visit or leaving after a great vacation, stop and visit "Dignity" in Chamberlain. It stands 50-feet tall, and is a striking tribute to “the courage, perseverance, and wisdom of the Lakota and Dakota culture.”

are rich in creativity.

#BHVisitor 93
From traditional Lakota pottery and beadwork to modern performance and fiber art, the Hills
More things to SEE & DO at
Perfect Gift 94 #BHVisitor Photo Travel South Dakota

Vacations are filled with memories. Whether you tour museums and monuments, relax at the campground, explore our web of hiking and biking trails, or try your luck at the casino, you'll be sure to walk away with a little piece of the Black Hills. As unforgettable as these experiences will be, it’s also fun to capture them in a way that can make great keepsakes or gifts.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry is a diverse selection of pieces that can be produced only here in the Black Hills. The signature hues are created by mixing pure gold (yellow) with copper (for pink) and silver (for green).

Artisans then design their own patterns of

The Black Hills area is home to signature products, including originals reflecting its indigenous culture, geologic riches, or mining history. Museum gift shops, galleries, and other specialty stores offer everything from child-friendly souvenirs to fossils, fine art and jewelry. Take a trip to locally owned boutiques, galleries, and stores to find the perfect memento of your vacation.

fit your gift into your luggage for the flight home?

No worries! Ask the retailer for their shipping options.

18+ discounts can be found on page 122. 100s of local artists, vendors, and businesses can be found at countless events throughout the summer. Learn more on page 10.
#BHVisitor 95

grapes, leaves, and stems. Have confidence in your purchases —shops that market Black Hills Gold can only sell pieces that are produced here in the Hills. Learn more on page 118.

Artists from our local area, as well as regional and national talents, show their work at art galleries, museum shops, and boutiques in towns throughout the Hills. Items such as traditional instruments, original paintings and prints, bronze and mixed-media sculptures, pottery, leatherwork, textiles, clothing, handmade jewelry, soaps, and candles can all be purchased throughout the communities of the Black Hills.

If you're shopping for a child, or if your family is with you, you’re in the right spot. Stuffed animals and trinkets commemorating each of the attractions you visit, photos, stickers, and even clothes will be easy to spot no matter where you go. Bookstores, children’s boutiques, and toy stores are scattered throughout each of the Black Hills communities and are a great way to make their trip extra special.

Cultural Finds

A unique part of South Dakota’s history is preserved and reignited through Lakota artwork. Beads, leatherwork, and drums are just a few of the beautiful creations you will find at the galleries and stores throughout the area.

Sioux Pottery

Made from the red clay of the Black Hills of South Dakota is sacred to many Native American tribes. Each piece of handmade pottery is crafted by Sioux Indian artists and decorated with designs and symbols important to their Lakota culture. Check out local stores to see hand-crafted arts on display, which are often available for purchase.

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WE CAME TO SOUTH DAKOTA just for babies, toddlers, kids & moms CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES, TOYS, GEAR & MORE! NEWBORN TO 7-YEARS Come and See! ^ and Kids 605.343.8722 • 329 Main Street, Rapid City @shopkicksandgiggles

Food, wine, and beer are also local specialties that make great gifts or personal indulgences. Create a unique and personalized gift basket with smoked pheasant, turkey, buffalo, elk, and beef salami combined with cheese, sweets, and snacks. Don’t forget locally made wines and beers, as well as South Dakota candy, jams, honey, popcorn, nut butters, and other delicious products.

If brand names are what you’re looking for, the largest collection can be found at Uptown Rapid Mall and Rushmore Crossing in Rapid City; each offers a variety of clothing, sporting equipment, home, and pet supply stores. Locally owned boutiques and shops also carry household names, in addition to original artisan goods, quirky gifts, and local culinary delights that will inevitably find their way into your luggage. When you’re shopping for the ones you love, don’t forget to buy yourself something, too. If you find you've bought more than you can carry, many stores offer shipping as well.

Do you collect snow globes from everywhere you've been? Maybe spoons, magnets, or a new t-shirt? Whatever your fancy, you'll find the perfect souvenir of your Black Hills vacation in our local gift shops and boutiques.

Stories to tell

For a vintage find, there are many antique and collectibles shops in the area, both large and small. Create your own “Antiques Roadshow” while you’re in a local downtown or on a scenic highway. These shops reflect life in the Black Hills and house some unexpected treasures. Along with antiques, a lot of pieces have the Black Hills within them. Stone taken from the largest inprogress mountain carving and wood materials are used to make furniture, artwork, and collectibles in communities from Hot Springs to Belle Fourche.

98 #BHVisitor


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Flavors of the Hills

More things to TASTE & TRY at TRAVEL FOOD & DRINK
100 #BHVisitor

The saying ”eat, drink, and be merry” is especially true when you're on vacation. No matter if you’re a die-hard foodie or casual nosher, some things should just be tasted right from the source. Make meals a central part of your Black Hills adventure by trying dishes unique to the area and experiencing things you normally wouldn’t try. We’ve chosen a few iconic South Dakota experiences you won't want to miss during your time in the region. Take in the monuments and dine with four of the nation’s presidents at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone and Chief Crazy Horse at Crazy Horse Memorial® near Custer. Enjoy delicious cuisine from a homey and delicious breakfast to a full-course gourmet meal, while you sit in front of a cascading wall of windows showcasing one of the magnificent carvings and admire the work in front of you.

Mix it up from the norm and try regional favorites by local restaurateurs. The Black Hills are filled with traditional American cuisine, as well as Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and everything in between. Dive into something new; you're sure to find a bite you like!

See some of our favorite places to dine by turning to the Black Hills Visitor Dining Guide on page 114.

#BHVisitor 101

Saddle up for an authentic Western family dinner under the stars. Chuckwagon Suppers and Dinner Shows are a cowboy experience like no other. A fun mix of entertaining and memorable, you'll enjoy Dakota-grown beefsteaks grilled over the campfire, sides roasted in a Dutch oven, and specialty dishes you won't want to miss. Shows feature a variety of acts, often showcasing the country music genre. Looking for something upscale for a night out with your sweetheart? The Black Hills boasts a variety of dining options perfect for a nice evening or celebration. Get dressed up and enjoy a unique combination of ingredients, textures, and tastes crafted by award-winning chefs located in Deadwood, Rapid City, Custer, and beyond!

Save your seat at one of our small local diners, restaurants, and eateries. Although quaint, these venues are packed with unexpectedly big flavors—which makes them popular with locals. Many places take reservations, but even if there's a line out the door, take a chance and wait! Most lines go quickly, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of homestyle cooking you'll find.

A MustTry Meal

Bison is one of the most popular menu items to try during your trip to South Dakota. The meat has a slightly sweet yet rich flavor, is very low in saturated fat, and naturally loaded with nutrients. Appetizers such as skewers and main course meals like burgers and steaks are common. For the best flavor, order your bison medium-rare to rare; with such a low fat content, the meat will dry out fast the more it’s cooked.

TASTE & TRY at More things to TRAVEL FOOD & DRINK
102 #BHVisitor
Hover your phone's camera to find more of our favorite places to dine & drink throughout the Hills.
103 Follow us: 140 Mt Rushmore Rd, Custer, SD 605.673.4200

Go sky high and enjoy your lunch or dinner on a rooftop bar or patio. The scenery, urban sounds, and delicious plates will be the perfect culinary experience your trip is looking for.

Find a food truck in Rapid City! There are numerous vendors with an array of eats from Jamaican, Mexican, and American favorites like stuffed burgers, cheese steaks, and BBQ. Where are they hiding? They are typically parked near one of the local craft breweries, by a park, or even at events throughout the Black Hills. Follow along on Facebook to discover local favorites and find out where they're parked during your stay. Taste a little bit of everything by going for a buffet-style dinner. These restaurants are an excellent option, especially for picky eaters. From homestyle favorites to seafood platters and sushi bars, you'll find the perfect fit for your travel group no matter which community you're in. Pizza is a local favorite everywhere, but in the Hills we do things differently. If you can think of a concoction of flavors, you're likely to find it here. We've got jalapeno popper pizza, mashed potato

Indian Fry Bread is a Native American quick bread. The exact recipe varies from region to region, with different tribes favoring their own unique balance of flavors.

South Dakota designated Indian Fry Bread as the official state bread in February 2005, so you know it has to be delicious.

Indian Fry Bread is surprisingly light and crispy, has a perfect flavor profile of satisfyingly salty and lightly sweet. You'll find it used in a variety of ways, but Indian Fry Bread makes the best tacos since, well, tacos! Most are filled with seasoned beef or buffalo meat and other traditional taco toppings.

TASTE & TRY at More things to TRAVEL FOOD & DRINK
104 #BHVisitor
Hover your phone's camera to read more about the mixture of influences that have lead to our multicultural cuisine
#BHVisitor 105

pizza, cheeseburger pizza, and the increasingly popular Reuben pizza. Thick crust, thin crust, cauliflower crust, gluten-free—we have it all. Pair your pizza with a Black Hills craft brew and you have a dinner of champions!

A sweet tooth’s haven is here! Grab yourself a slice of homemade pie at Custer's Purple Pie Place. Enjoy homemade fudge, turtles, or caramel apples at candy and chocolate stores. Truffles are a Black Hills favorite, and you'll find each town has their own specialty the locals swear by. Try a scoop of homemade ice cream at a parlor in every town you visit—many of them use fresh, local ingredients or have secret recipes. Some even pair up with bakeries to deliver a new twist on classic frozen treats. No matter where you go in the Black Hills, you will find sweet memories to cap off the perfect dining experience.

To live a full life, you have to fill your stomach first, as some may say. The same could be said for vacation: to pull off the perfect getaway, you have to find the perfect meal.

Did someone say dessert? There are a lot of people unsure about bread pudding, but you can’t say you don’t like it until you’ve tried it at the Alpine Inn; trust us—it’s worth it! And when you want the best caramel rolls, Rapid City locals choose Colonial House hands down. You can even think outside the box and order dessert for breakfast; we won’t tell. Remember, you’re on vacation; calories don’t count. There are so many yummy specialty desserts to choose from, go ahead and ask for the dessert menu or get a flight of options. When paired with a little cup of espresso, it's the best way to wrap up an amazing meal. TASTE & TRY
More things to at
106 #BHVisitor


More things to at TASTE & TRY SOUTHERN HILLS NORTHERN HILLS Pactola Lake Rapid City Deadwood Sturgis
Belle Fourche Lead Hill City Custer Hot Springs Keystone Hermosa Piedmont ELLSWORTH AFB Exit 30 34 34 34 79 79 79 79 89 40 40 44 44 36 471 244 9 0 9 0 9 0 16 85 85 14 85 16 18 385 385 385 385 385 212 14A 14A 16A Mount Rushmore Crazy Horse Memorial® Mammoth Site CUSTER STATE PARK 2 3 8 11 12 18 17 15 16 6 5 4 1 9 21 23 25 20 19 26 27 22 24 breweries Spearfish 1. Crow Peak Brewing Co. 2. Sawyer Brewing Co. 3. Spearfish Brewing Co. Sturgis 4. The Knuckle Brewing Co. Deadwood 5. Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Co. Lead 6. Dakota Shivers Brewing Co. 7. Jailhouse Taps Rapid City 8. Lost Cabin Beer Co. 9. Dakota Point Brewing 10. Hay Camp Brewing Co. 11. Firehouse Brewing Co. 12. Zymurcracy Beer Co. 13. Last Mile Brewery 14. Cohort Craft Brewery Hill City 15. Firehouse Brewing Co. 16. Miner Brewing Co. 17. Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Co. Custer 18. Mt. Rushmore Brewing Co. distilleries Deadwood 19. Deadwood Distillery Rapid City 20. Contraband Distillery wineries Sturgis 21. Belle Joli Winery Deadwood 22. Naked Winery 23. Belle Joli Winery Tasting Room Rapid City 24. Firehouse Winery Hill City 25. Prairie Berry Winery 26. Naked Winery 27. Twisted Pine Winery 13 BLACK HILLS B E ERAND WINETOU R 7 10 14 108 #BHVisitor

Nestled in Scenic Spearfish Canyon

from scratch goodness! FEATURING COMFORT FOODS FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER! Highway 14A and 85 at the upper entrance to beautiful Spearfish Canyon 605.584.3510 •
#BHVisitor 109
We also provide full service catering for weddings, events, and more!

25+ local breweries, wineries, and distilleries can be found throughout the Black Hills.

4-6 different brews are available to taste when you ask for a flight!



New breweries pop up in the Black Hills every year, offering a variety of craft beer and guided tours of the behindthe-scenes production. Many also offer a variety of choices for beer tasting. Watch for both free individual samples and beer flights—a rack of four or more testers. Most breweries will also fill a growler or crowler of your favorite tap for you to take back to your hotel to enjoy later. Expect lighter, crisper beers, some of which feature locally grown, hand-picked ingredients when you visit. Summer brews like lagers and wheat beers feature honey or floral herbs, but as the season begins to change, enjoy heavier porters, stouts, and IPAs with heavier spices and seasonal ingredients.

Brews & Views

Brewmasters in the Black Hills claim it’s the local water that gives their beer its unique flavor—making these craft brews one-of-a-kind drinks that you don’t want to miss.

Not sure where to start? Many tour companies around the hills offer beer and wine tours so you can taste a little of everything!

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Step away from the grapes you know for a little while, and try some of the area’s award-winning flavors. Allow your taste buds to journey through the countless options of wines, starting with the lightest whites and progressing to the heaviest reds. A sip of water and a plain cracker between tastes will help to clear your palate.

Wineries located around the Black Hills provide the perfect excuse for you to explore something new. Whether you're a “grape novice” or an experienced wine connoisseur, you will love tasting the different flavors available here. Black Hills tasting rooms tend to be a laid-back experience. Personable, wellinformed guides will introduce you to the wines the winery produces, along with the local stories behind each label. Many offer free tastings, and some even allow you to make

1,040 wine competition awards won by Prairie Berry Winery since 2001

10 specialty cocktails will bring the beach to the Black Hills when you visit Sliders Bar & Grill

reservations ahead of time if you have a large group. If you want to make a day of it, the Black Hills Wine Trail along Highway 385 connects the charming tasting rooms in Hill City and Custer to those in Deadwood.

Distilleries and speakeasies bring back memories of the roaring 20s when the Wartime Prohibition Act put a ban on the sale of all alcoholic beverages. While Prohibition has long since passed, the feel of speakeasies and lounges live on. Today, there are a handful of distilleries where you can experience

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one-of-a-kind liquors. From whiskey and bourbon to vodka and rum, tasting the local flavors of moonshine the area has to offer is an experience all its own. Get the full experience at local venues that host events throughout the year. Visitors can experience stand-up comedy shows—from open mic nights to nationally acclaimed comedians—as well as themed food-and-drink pairing dinners. If live music is your thing, you can find musicians performing around the Hills at bars and clubs almost any night of the week during the spring and summer.

Enjoy a martini, margarita, or whatever you can imagine at bars and restaurants throughout the Black Hills. From high-class nightclubs to laid-back bars, mixologists at venues around the area have prepared unique concoctions you’re sure to enjoy. Many use spirits from around the Black Hills and South Dakota, not to mention local ingredients that give cocktails an extra flair. Watch for rooftop decks with incredible views or patios surrounded by trees or next to a creek for the ultimate refreshment.

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The Black Hills are home to award-winning wines and brews that compete with—and win against—the best in the country. Photo Travel South Dakota

Dining Guide

Looking for a place to dine? Whether it’s a quick bite to eat or something with western flavor and charm, search our listings to find the perfect dining experience for you.



Blue Bell Lodge

Begging Burro Mexican Bistro


529 Mt. Rushmore Rd,. 605.673.3300

Hwy. 87 South - Custer State Park 605.255.4531

Legion Lake Lodge

Serving up true Western flavor.

Begging Burro Mexican Bistro

Authentic Mexican bistro for lunch & dinner, plus a tequila bar! Outdoor seating available

529 Mt. Rushmore Rd,. Custer


Authentic Mexican bistro for lunch & dinner, plus a tequila bar! Outdoor seating available.

Hwy. 16A - Custer State Park 605.255.4521

Offering fast-casual dining.


Blue Bell Lodge

Hwy. 87 South - Custer State Park 605.255.4531

Serving up true Western flavor.

CUSTER Mt. Rushmore Brewing Co. 140 Mt. Rushmore Rd. 605.673.4200

Mt. Rushmore Brewing Co. 140 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer


Laughing Water Restaurant™ at ©Crazy Horse Memorial 605.673.4681

Everyone’s favorite comfort foods

Full service taproom, house craft beers, elevated pub fare, patio & fido friendly 605.673.4200

Full service taproom, house craft beers, elevated pub fare, patio, kids & fido friendly.



Pounding Fathers & Mt. Rushmore Brewing Co. 140 Mt. Rushmore Rd. 605.673.4200

Mt. Rushmore Brewing Co. 140 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer

Full service taproom, house craft beers, elevated pub fare, patio & fido friendly 605.673.4200

Full service taproom, house craft beers, elevated pub fare, patio, kids & fido friendly.

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Custer TASTE
More things to at


State Game Lodge

Hwy. 16A - Custer State Park 605.255.4521

Casual yet elegant dining.


Oggie’s Sports Bar & Emporium

100 Pine Crest Dr. 605.571.2120

Stop in for Good Food and Great Times!


Sylvan Lake Lodge

Hwy. 87/89 JCT - Custer State Park 605.574.2561

Featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.



555 Main Street 605.571.2255

Carefully crafted, elevated chef-inspired experience.


The Deadwood Grille

100 Pine Crest Dr. 605.571.2120

Enjoy casual fine dining at the Deadwood Grille.


Alpine Inn 133 Main St. 605.574.2749


Earl of Sandwich

360 Main Street 605.578.1500

Best variety of sandwiches & soups in Deadwood.


Lunch M-Sat 11am-2:30pm & Dinner M-Sat 5pm-10pm. Steeped in old-world charm.

From outdoor patios to charming atmospheres, these places to dine will have you asking for more.


Hill City

Prairie Berry Winery 23837 HWY 385 877.226.9453

Fresh, local food service in a beautiful atmosphere.

Prairie Berry WInery 23837 HWY 385, Hill City 877.226.9453

Fresh, local food service in a beautiful

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Looking for a place to dine? Whether it’s a quick bite to eat or something with western flavor and charm, search our listings to find the perfect dining experience for you.


George’s Grill at Rushmore Tramway Adventures 203 Cemetery Road 605.666.4478

Classic American food - brats, bison burgers, & chicken sandwiches

RAPID CITY Sliders Bar & Grill 1416 N. Elk Vale Rd. 605.718.2445

Watch the waterslide run through it.


The Latchstring Restaurant 10619 Roughlock Falls Rd, Lead. 605.584.3333

Cuisine that is as magnificent as the scenery.

Ruby Tuesday Rapid City – 821 Fairmont Blvd. 605.343.1700 Gillette – 420 E. Bowelder Rd. 307.682.0707
116 #BHVisitor Find more dining experiences online at More things to at TASTE & TRY

Caves & Mines

Limestone encircles the Black Hills, and our limestone caves are some of the longest and deepest in the world. Water has worked like a chisel to create these underground masterpieces for thousands of years, and each cave features distinct formations including stalactites, stalagmites, columns, spiraling helictites, frostwork, cave popcorn, and even a rare boxwork formation. Caves in the Black Hills contain some of the most unusual formations geologists have ever seen, and experienced spelunkers are still mapping unexplored areas of the caves to this day. Within a short

Jewel Cave has over 210 miles of mapped and surveyed passages and is the third longest cave in the world.

140+ miles of underground passages have been mapped so far, making Wind Cave the sixth longest cave in the world.

span of time you are taken into a different world where dripping water, sparkling crystals and illuminated passages reveal the wonders of the Black Hills—underground. Visitors can also tour the underground shafts of gold mines in the Black Hills that are no longer in working order. Several mines offer guided tours where you can see the actual stamp mill, crushers, and other equipment used during mining operations. These educational tours explain the mining processes used during the gold rush in the late 1800s. Some mines even teach gold panning techniques and visitors get to keep the gold they find while panning.

Wind Cave National Park is the home to eight species of bats, six of which are cave-dwellers. Photo Travel South Dakota

Unique Black Hills Gold

Originating from a legend, Black Hills Gold jewelry has ultimately become one of the area's most recognized and collectible products. The familiar tri-colored leaf and grape design of Black Hills Gold has become a symbol for over the past century and into the new millennium.

It is widely acknowledged that a would-be gold prospector named Henri LeBeau was the father of Black Hills Gold’s distinctive pattern. The legend of the design is attributed to a dream said to have been experienced by LeBeau while

he was wandering in the Hills in the late 1870s. Upon falling asleep in a remote location in the northern Black Hills, LeBeau dreamed of a creek with numerous grape vines growing along its banks. When he awoke, he stumbled over the next hill to see a scene much like the one in his dream. LeBeau later began making a line of jewelry reflecting this dream and went on to train many of the early Black Hills craftsmen in this style of design now known as Black Hills Gold jewelry.

By federal mandate, production of Black Hills Gold jewelry is limited to companies actually manufacturing in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They produce a diverse selection of special themes based upon this famous original design of rose, green, and yellow gold in the grapes and leaves pattern.

SEE & DO More things to at HISTORY GOLD RUSH
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Glimpse of the Gold Rush


- 1874

After Horatio N. Ross—a civilian prospector—found the first public traces of gold in French Creek in 1874, the town of Custer became the site of one of the major encampments of the Black Hills Expedition.

Deadwood - 1874

The legendary reputation of Deadwood got its start in 1874 as a rowdy camp after the discovery of gold in the area. In 1876, miners moved into the northern Black Hills where a gold strike was found in a gulch of dead trees, and the community of Deadwood was born.

Keystone - 1875

Miners began to flood presentday Keystone in 1875 when gold was discovered in Battle Creek. Harney City became home to nearly 300 miners who made millions of dollars panning the streams and gravel beds.

Gold mining gave the town its name in 1891.

40M+ ounces of gold was produced at the Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, SD under the direction of George Hearst.

10 percent of the world's gold supply from 1876 to 2001 was prospected in the Black HIlls region of South Dakota.

Lead - 1876

Lead was founded in early 1876, and was known to be more civilized than its sister city of Deadwood down the gulch. A year later, a group of investors led by George Hearst purchased the Homestake Gold Mine. Hill City – 1876

A group of miners staked their claim along Spring Creek, later to be known as Hillyo, then renamed Hill City.

As gold topped $800 an ounce in the early 1980s, another wave of a gold rush swept the Black Hills.

Mine for your own piece of gold at attractions throughout the Black Hills. #BHVisitor 119

Boots, Barrels, & Bulls

Break out those boots and saddle up as you head to a high-energy rodeo event in numerous area communities. Step out of the city routine this summer and enjoy an AllAmerican cowboy experience while you are on vacation in the Black Hills.

Rodeo action began in South Dakota in the late 1890s when area ranchers competed against each other in everyday chores. Events included aspects of everyday ranch life including cow milking, branding, and doctoring livestock. Captivating audiences with entertainment, rodeo has evolved into a nationwide sport.

Sutton Rodeo, of Onida, SD, is a sixth generation rodeo company. Founded in 1926, they are best known for award winning PRCA events including Top Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year, Bucking Stock of the Year & Hall of Fame Stock Contractor James Sutton, Sr.

Attending a Rodeo Spectators from all over the world watch competitors in individual and team events. Calf roping, bull riding, barrel racing, steer wrestling, and bronc riding are just a few you can see at a rodeo this summer. Be sure to watch the halftime show! Rodeo clowns often act out skits, kids will compete in stick horse races and even mutton busting–where they hold onto a sheep for a mock “bull” ride.

Cowboys and cowgirls from all over the nation compete in local professional rodeos, several of which have been honored as the best in the

120 #BHVisitor

World-class competitors come to compete at Black Hills rodeos every year.

nation. Participants go to local and state rodeos to earn money to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR). Once a cowboy/cowgirl makes the cut, they become a “card holder” and are given preference at multiple rodeos. Where to Go Rapid City, Belle Fourche, Deadwood, and many other communities throughout the Black Hills boast PRCA rodeo events, where professionals come to compete for top-dollar prizes. From county fairs to indoor rodeos, there’s always something to attend at a nearby arena.

Each rodeo is a serious competition, but big on family fun, too. So, round up the family, pull on your boots, and embrace the culture as you head out to the rodeo!

Pennington County 4-H Rodeo, Wall

May 28

Mount Rushmore Rodeo at Palmer Gulch

June 10, June 17,

August 3, August 19,

August 19, August 26

SDHS SW Regional Rodeo, Wall, June 2-4

104th Annual Black Hills Roundup, Belle Fourche

June 30-July 4

Wild West

Wednesdays Hart Ranch Rough Stock Series, Rapid City Wednesdays June 28-Aug. 16

115th Annual Wall Celebration

July 7-8

Butte 4-H Rodeo, Belle Fourche

July 16

Days of ’76 Rodeo, Deadwood

July 23-29

NURC 4-H Rodeo, New Underwood

July 22

Central States Fair, Rapid City

August 18-27

Rodeos are entertaining for the entire family. Enjoy the concessions, the stock, and of course, the clowns!

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COUPONS BLACK HILLS AREA SEE AD ON PAGE 37 SEE AD ON PAGE 29 SEE AD ON PAGE 19 SEE AD ON PAGE 19 SEE AD ON PAGE 89 SEE AD ON PAGE 19 Certain restrictions may apply. Must present coupon at time of visit. No cash value. One coupon per family per day. Not valid with any other promotional offer. $1 OFF EACH Adult Admission 50¢ OFF EACH Child Admission $5 OFF EACH Claim Gold Panning 50¢ OFF EACH Site Gold Panning Highway 40 • Keystone 605-666-4847 ESCAPE ROOMS BLACK HILLS 605.731.8050 705 Main Street, Rapid City 4 PEOPLE FOR THE PRICE OF 2 Must call for reservation. Limit 1 coupon per group; No cash value; Not valid with other promotions; Non-refundable; Cannot make reservation online. Certain restrictions may apply. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Crazy Horse Memorial®, Hwy 16/385, just 17 miles to Mt. Rushmore Open Daily-Year Round. See website for hours. $1 OFF PER CAR 2023 Season. Not valid with other offers. No photocopies. • • (605) 673-4681 Blue Bell Lodge 605-255-4531 2023 - $3 OFF PER PERSON - 2023 Old-Fashioned Hayride & Chuck Wagon Cookout Park Entrance License Required Reservations Required to be Made Online with Promo Code: BHVISIT3 Certain restrictions may apply. No cash value. One promo code per reservation. Blue Bell Stables 605-255-4700 2023 - $3 OFF PER PERSON - 2023 Guided Horseback Ride Park Entrance License Required Reservations Required to be Made Online with Promo Code: BHVISIT3 Certain restrictions may apply. No cash value. One promo code per reservation. State Game Lodge 605-255-4541 2023 - $3 OFF PER PERSON - 2023 Buffalo Safari Jeep Ride and Jeep Ride & Cookout Park Entrance License Required Reservations Required to be Made Online with Promo Code: BHVISIT3 Certain restrictions may apply. No cash value. One promo code per reservation. 122 #BHVisitor
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Your Black Hills Bucket List probably features the "big stops," but taking time for the little experiences can make your trip even more memorable. Here are some of our favorite "must-do's" while visiting the Black Hills.

A Trip Back in Time Museums housing the history of aviation and aerospace, presidents and historical figures, pioneer and western heritage artifacts, and other rotating exhibits will take you back in time.

Did we mention that downtown Deadwood has (staged) shootouts? You can take a tour of different communities by trolley and experience the history in both Rapid City and Deadwood. Or, hop on the historic 1880 Train in the Southern Hills and immerse yourself in an authentic historical experience.

Just Plain Good Fun If you're traveling with the kids or if you're just young at heart, take a light-

150 years Maximum lifespan of the giant tortoises at Reptile Gardens


Length of Maniac, Reptile Gardens' giant saltwater crocodile

800ft of ziplines are waiting for you at Rushmore Tramway Adventures in Keystone

hearted break. Soar through the skies, find your way through a maze, or cruise around a racetrack. You may find yourself on a zipline or playing miniature golf! No matter where you go, explore dozens of kid-friendly attractions throughout the Black Hills. Fossil Record Explore the lives of creatures from thousands and millions of years ago.

Badlands National Park is a hot bed of fossils of Eocene and Oligocene mammals. SD School of Mines Museum of Geology has free admission

More things to at 124 #BHVisitor

to paleontology exhibits. The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs has more mammoth remains than any other location. Hill City’s Museum at Black Hills Institute has more dinosaurs per square inch than any museum in the world. Wet and Wild A variety of water adventures can be found throughout the Black Hills. Enjoy our lakes and reservoirs where you can fish, swim, boat, hike, and camp. Or cool off at the pool, slip down a waterslide, or float through a lazy river at one of the Black Hills' waterparks, which include Spearfish’s Rec and Aquatic Center and Rapid City’s WaTiki. We even have a mineral spring at Evans Plunge in Hot Springs, which features everything from slides to soothing soaks.

Animal Craze

Bison or Buffalo?

The shaggy beast that can be found roaming Custer State Park and elsewhere is an American bison. The word buffalo refers to species of cow-like animals found in Asia and Africa. Putting aside zoological identification, the two terms are used interchangeably.

Get up close with alligators, snakes, and lizards at Reptile Gardens, then take a drive through Bear Country USA to see elk, bighorn sheep and (of course) bears—with a finale in Babyland to see the cute cubs. In Spearfish, feed the fish at D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery, and in Rapid City, go to Old MacDonald’s Farm for pig races, pony rides, and plenty more. While you're in South Dakota, don’t miss the begging burros at Custer State Park!

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Photos Travel South Dakota
COUPONS BLACK HILLS AREA SEE AD ON PAGE 3 SEE AD ON PAGE 99 SEE AD ON PAGE 7 SEE AD ON PAGE 127 SEE AD ON PAGE 42 One coupon per family. Not valid with any other sales or offers. Entire Purchase 10% Off Fossils from South Dakota | World Class Mineral Collection Summer - Mon - Sat: 9am-6pm | Fall/Spring - Mon – Sat: 9am–4:30pm 605.394.2467 | 501 E. St. Joseph Street • Rapid City, SD 57701 | 821 Fairmont Blvd. | Rapid City, SD | 605-343-1700 420 E. Boxelder Rd. | Gillette, WY | 307-682-0707 CODE: 16033665031 One coupon per visit. Not valid with limited time offers, daily specials, or for alcoholic beverages. Discount will be applied to the item of least value. Coupons cannot be duplicated and have no cash value. Tax and gratuity excluded. Valid at the Rapid City, SD and Gillette, WY locations only. Offer valid for dine-in or TueGo! Valid: April 1 to October 1, 2022 BUY ONE ADULT ENTREE GET SECOND ENTREE 50% OFF CELDQM1300 October 31, 2023 2 GREAT ATTRACTIONS FOR 1 LOW PRICE Save $5 when purchasing together. DEADWOOD TOUR Open year round. 100 Tatanka Dr. 605-584-5678 Tours mid-May - mid-Oct 675 Historic Main St. 605-578-2091 KEVIN COSTNER’S DEADWOOD EXPERIENCE 1314 N ELK VALE RD • RAPID CITY, SD 57703 • 866.WATIKI.FUN • WATIKIWATERPARK.COM Admissions valid same day only. Must present at time of order. May not be combined with any other offers or discounts including military and hotel discounts. Management reserves all rights. No cash value. Blackout dates apply. Photocopies not accepted. Expires 8/31/23. Code: BHVISITOR BUY 1, GET 1 HALF OFF WATERPARK ADMISSION 126 #BHVisitor SEE AD ON PAGE 42 1314 N ELK VALE RD • RAPID CITY, SD 57703 • 866.WATIKI.FUN • WATIKIWATERPARK.COM Admissions valid same day only. Must present at time of order. May not be combined with any other offers or discounts including military and hotel discounts. Management reserves all rights. No cash value. Blackout dates apply. Photocopies not accepted. Expires 8/31/23. Code: BHVISITOR BUY 1, GET 1 HALF OFF WATERPARK ADMISSION

Winter Hours Beginning Labor Monday - Saturd 9 AM - 4:30 PM

1923-2023 100 Years Open to the Public

Summer Hour Beginning Memor Monday - Saturd 9 AM - 6 PM 501 East Saint Joseph St Rapid City, SD 57701

Who says your vacation has to break the bank? Take advantage of generous offers from these Black Hills attractions.

BET ON 128 #BHVisitor
At ELEMENTS of South Dakota, we take pride in having products that are South Dakota Made. From our own stunning “Jewelry by DeCory” lines of wearable art, to locally sourced Honey, Buffalo Jerky, Soaps, Clothing, as well as Sculptures, Photography, Wood and Iron Crafts, and more. 605-716-8010 ELEMENTSOFSD.COM 611 MAIN ST. (DOWNTOWN RAPID CITY) HANDMADE@JEWELRYBYDECORY.COM Elements of South Dakota LOCAL • HANDMADE • DOWNTOWN (605) 737-4815 23691 Busted Five Ct. • Rapid City, SD Rapid City on HWY 16 — the road to Mount Rushmore. Your family can enjoy over 100 popular farm animals in a clean, relaxed, hands-on environment. Pet them... Feed them... PLAY with them! #BHVisitor 129

Along the Way

Whether you are heading to or from the Black Hills, countless one-of-a-kind sites await you along I-90.

In eastern South Dakota, Sioux Falls, south of I-90, stands as the largest city in the state. Stop at Falls Park to break up the drive.

As you approach the Missouri River, take a pit stop at the Chamberlain Rest Area—the location of Dignity, a 50-foot sculpture of a Native American woman wearing a traditional star quilt. Look to the north to view the Chamberlain Bridge, a historic connector for the towns of Chamberlain and Oacoma.

Near Kadoka, to the south as you follow I-90 through western South Dakota, the Badlands appear.

Interstate Exit 131 is the east entrance into Badlands National Park and the Visitor Center of Minuteman Missile Site.

Wall Drug is where you will find everything from souvenir shops to a giant animated T. Rex and plenty of space for the kids to unwind after a long day on the road.

Rapid City, the second largest city in South Dakota, has something for everyone. Fine dining, unparalleled shopping, festivals and special events, recreation, and entertainment come together in the city in new and unforgettable ways. From Rapid

130 #BHVisitor

The highest elevation along I-90 is in South Dakota, at 1,729 feet

City through the foothills of the Black Hills—to Sturgis, Whitewood, and Spearfish, and into the Bear Lodge Mountains as you near Sundance, Wyoming—drivers cross the northern part of the “Red Racetrack.” Believed by the Lakota Sioux to encircle the entire Black Hills, the legendary track was the site of the “Great Race” between humans and buffalo. The story is associated with the origins of several traditional practices.

While 90 percent of the Black Hills lies within the state of South Dakota, the Black Hills National Forest does continue 10 to 40 miles beyond the

Far left Don't miss our nation's first National Monument, Devils Tower. It's a popular climbing destination, but the sheer size of it will leave you speechless; the tower rises 867 feet above the surrounding prairie.

Left Located near the banks of the Missouri River and visible from I-90, the striking 50foot sculpture "Dignity" is an iconic work of public art by South Dakota Artist Laureate, Dale Lamphere.

South Dakota border into Wyoming. West of Sundance, as you near Moorcroft, look to the north for occasional glimpses of Devils

Tower National Monument across the rolling hills and high plains. At Ranchester, take scenic US Highway 14 over the Bighorn Range and through Shell Canyon to Cody. This part of Wyoming is where Buffalo Bill Cody, along with diverse cultures associated with Western life, are celebrated. Cody is also known as the eastern gateway to our nation’s first established National Park in 1872—Yellowstone.

The rugged 244,000 acres of the Badlands draws visitors from around the world with its unique landscape.
#BHVisitor 131

South Dakota Mileposts along I-90:

• 399 to 396—Sioux Falls: lodging, dining, shopping, museums, and attractions

• 335 to SD 38E to SD 25N— DeSmet: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Homestead

• 332 to 330—Mitchell: The world’s only Corn Palace, dining, lodging

• 265 to 263—Chamberlain: between exits are the 50-foot Dignity sculpture and the Lewis & Clark Visitor Center. Relive Lewis and Clark’s journey with interpretive panels that explain the Corps’ traveling adventures through present day South Dakota. This is a great place to get out, stretch, and enjoy views of the Missouri.

• 260—Oacoma: Al’s Oasis and Cedar Shores Resort

• 212 to US 83N, SD 53—Pierre: South Dakota’s state capital

• 191 to 192—Murdo: Pioneer Auto Show features more than 250 antique classic cars

• 131—Cactus Flats: Badlands National Park northeast entrance, Minuteman Missile National Historic Site Visitor Center

• 110 to 109—Wall: Wall Drug Store, National Grasslands Visitor Center

• 67B— Box Elder: South Dakota Air and Space Museum

• 67A—Box Elder: Ellsworth Air Force Base Main Gate

• 61 to 52—Rapid City: lodging, dining, shopping, museums, and attractions

• 30—Sturgis: Bear Butte State Park, Old Ft. Meade

• 7 to US 85S—Deadwood, Lead: gaming and museums

• 14 to US 14A— Spearfish: The town of Spearfish, Spearfish

Canyon Scenic Highway

• 10 to US 85N— Belle Fourche: Center of the Nation, Tri-State Museum

• 1—State Line: South Dakota Visitor Center and rest stop

Wyoming Milepost along I-90:

• 205—Beulah: Vore Buffalo Jump

• 199 to WYO 111—Aladdin: Devils Tower

• 185 to 187 (Sundance) to US 14—Devils Tower

• 153—Moorcroft

• 124 to 128—Gillette: Lodging, dining, shopping, historic sites

• 56 to 56B (Buffalo) to US 16 to Cody—Yellowstone National Park

• 20 to 25—Sheridan: Lodging, dining, shopping, historic sites

• 9 (Ranchester) to US 14 to Cody—Yellowstone National Park

UNTAMED . UNTOUCHED . UNLIKE ANYWHERE ELSE. Plan your trip today at CodyYellowstone.Org or call 1-800-393-CODY
TRAVEL RESOURCES SEE & DO More things to at BELLE FOURCHE Tri-State Museum ......................... 84 CUSTER Begging Burro ....................... 103, DL Blue Bell Lodge DL, C Crazy Horse Memorial® ... 29, DL, C Custer Chamber of Commerce . 91 Custer State Park ...................... 19, C Korzack’s Heritage, Inc ................ 28 Legion Lake Lodge DL Lewis Realty ..................................127 Mt. Rushmore Brewing 103, DL State Game Lodge ................... DL, C Sylvan Lake Lodge........................DL DEADWOOD Cadillac Jacks 128 Deadwood Gulch Resort ............. 48 Deadwood History 77 Earl of Sandwich............................DL Oggies Sports Bar & Emporium ...DL Outlaw Square 109 Sick Boy Motorcycles................. 136 Tatanka Story of the Bison 7, C The Deadwood Grille ..................DL The Lodge at Deadwood ............. 85 Tin Lizzie ..................................84, DL HILL CITY 1880 Train .......................................... 1 Alpine Inn .................................. 2, DL Gold Diggers ............................. 43, C Miner Brewing Co ........................107 Prairie Berry Winery 107, DL HOT SPRINGS Evans Plunge Mineral Springs...37, C The Mammoth Site .................. 36, C KEYSTONE Big Thunder Gold Mine 89, C Gold Diggers ............................. 43, C National Presidential Wax Museum ................................. 89 Rush Mountain Adventure Park 3, C Rushmore Tramway............. IBC, DL Sprockets Fun Foundry 77 LEAD Cheyenne Crossing 109, DL 134 #BHVisitor


When visiting these local businesses, let them know you saw them in Black Hills Visitor!

RAPID CITY ATTRACTIONS Black Hills Caverns ..........................7 Black Hills Escape Rooms 37, 67, C Flags & Wheels Indoor Amusement Park......................... 7, C Main Street Square.......................44 Museum of Geology ......... 67, 127, C Old MacDonald’s Petting Farm .............................129, C Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf 23 Who's Toy House..................... 51, 59 WaTiki Indoor Waterpark ........ 42, C DINING & DRINKS Alternative Fuel 58 Firehouse Brewing Co.................. 76 Hay Camp Brewing Co................. 75 Independent Ale House. .............. 68 Philly Ted's Cheezsteaks............. 59 Que Pasa Cantina 59 Ruby Tuesday .................... 99, DL, C Sliders Bar & Grill DL The Silver Lining Creamery ........ 59 Wobbly Bobby Pub ....................... 59 LODGING Courtyard by Marriott 42 Fairfield by Marriott ...................... 42 Home2 Suites by Hilton ............... 42 Howard Johnson ........................... 66 LaQuinta by Wyndham ................ 42 Residence Inn by Marriot 42 SERVICES Black Hills Visitor...................85, 128 Climate Control.............................. 65 Monument Health 46 Streamline Plumbing .................... 65 The Hive 58 Visit Rapid City .............................. 58 SHOPPING Again Books ................................... 77 Christmas Village 105 Elements of South Dakota......... 129
COUPONS CAN BE FOUND ON PAGES 122 -126 DINING LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGES 114 -116 Gold Diggers ............................. 43, C Jolly Lane Greenhouse ................ 74 Karma Boutique .............................. 51 Kicks & Giggles Boutique ........97, C Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold Creations .............................IFC Landstrom’s Downtown ............... 89 Mitzi's Books .................................. 58 Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold Factory & Outlet Store BC Prairie Edge ................................8, 65 Roam'n Around 59 St. Joes Anitque Mall.................... 67 The Spice & Tea Exchange ......... 67 Tinder Box ...................................... 49 Who’s Toys................................ 51, 59 SPEARFISH DC Booth Fish Hatchery ......... 84, C Spearfish Canyon Lodge...... 23, DL STURGIS 44° North Whiskey & Seltzer Bar 99 WALL Gold Diggers ............................. 43, C BEYOND SD Buffalo Bill’s Yellowstone Country .................. 133 Devil’s Tower Trading Post.......... 99 #BHVisitor 135

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