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North West Auctions Weekly Report and Newsletter – 30th November

NWA J36 Calves, Cast Cows and Store Cattle Thursday 24th November On Thursday 24th November NWA J36 had on offer 45 Calves, 22 Store Cattle and 49 Cast Cows at their fortnightly sale. There were 45 Calves forward. It was a British Blue bullock calf that topped the calf sale this morning, consigned by JW & D Robinson & Sons, Hollins Farm, which realised £265. A British Blue Heifer, also from JW & D Robinson & Sons, topped the Heifer trade selling to £240. Native bred calves sold to £255 for a Hereford consigned by AK & AM Robinson & Son, Kitchlow Farm and Limousin heifer calves were selling to £110, from BM Nelson & Son, Halforth Farm. Stronger Friesian type calves sold away to £130 for a bull, from JW & D Robinson & Sons, Hollins Farm. Trade today for calves was brisk for any continental types, strong type Friesians were well bid for with younger smaller black and white calves being harder to sell. Calf Top Prices BULL CALF: FRI: £130 Hollins Farm, £120 Kitchlow Farm, Hollins Farm, Elm Tree Farm, Kitchlow Farm. LIM: £160 Wyke Farm, £120 Halforth Farm. HERE: £255 Kitchlow Farm. BRIT BLUE: £265 Hollins Farm, £240 Sunny Bank. FKV: £150 Far Audlands. HEIFER CALF: LIM: £110 Halforth Farm. BRIT BLUE: £240 Hollins Farm, £235 Sunny Bank, £210 Sunny Bank, £200 Hollins Farm, £180 Sunny Bank

A relatively strong show of Cast Cattle again this week at J36 with 49 forward. A lot of dairy cattle were forward this week with only a small amount of beef bred cattle. Cull cattle sold well and to an eager ringside of regular buyers with all classes of cows selling to a good trade. Topping the trade this morning was a blonde cow from BT Atkinson, Meadow Veiw, at 134.5ppk or £1034.31. Topping the dairy cull cattle trade was B & MJ Nelson & Son, Halforth Farm at 99.5ppk or £799.98. OTM heifers were also getting away well topping with a Holstein Frisian at 109.5ppk from Barker Farms LTD, Warton Grange. Cast Cow Top Prices OTM COW: FRI: £99.50 Halforth Farm, Toadpool Farm, Mire House Farm. £94.50 Hawes Farm, Halforth Farm. £87.50 Warton Grange Farm, Halforth Farm, £84.50 Carter House, £81.50 Paddock View, £77.50 Warton Grange Farm. ANG: £94.50 Archers Hall, £49.50 Ashstead. SHO: £74.50 Strickley. CON: £87.50 Lickbarrow Farm, £71.50 Lickbarrow Farm. LIM: £127.50 Water Blean, £124.50 Low House, £119.50 Low House, £64.50 Low Newton Farm OTH: £84.50 Strickley. BRIT BLUE: £99.50 67 Laurel Gardens, Mireside Farm, £94.50 Water Blean, £84.50 Archers Hall. SRW: £79.50 Low Stanger Thwaite , £77.50 Low Stanger Thwaite. BLO: £134.50 Meadow View, £129.50 Meadow View, £111.50 Granby Road. OTM HFR: FRI: £109.50 Warton Grange Farm, £104.50 Natland Park Farm. CAST BULL: BLO: £97.50 Lile Yaks.

The fortnightly sale of Store Cattle saw a smaller entry with 22 cattle forward for the sale. It was an Aberdeen Angus Bullock from JE Read, Midllerigg that topped the sale, selling to £1010. Aberdeen Angus Heifers from the same home sold to the top price, for heifers, to £890. A run of Continental Cattle from TW & J Beaty, Long Green Head Farm, saw Limousin bullocks and heifers sell to £860. Strong Friesian bullocks from JE Read, Mealrigg, realised £800 and British Blue heifers peaked at £680 from BT Atkinson, Meadow View, the same farm also topped the store bull trade at £760 with a Limousin. Store Cattle Top Prices STORE BULLOCK: FRI: £800 Mealrigg, £490 Carter House. ANG: £1010 Mealrigg. LIM: £860 Long Green Head, £810 Long Green Head, £700 Carter House. BRIT BLUE: £670 Meadow View. STORE HEIFER: ANG: £890 Mealrigg, £800 Mealrigg. LIM: £860 Long Gate Head. BRIT BLUE: £680 Meadow View, £600 Meadow View. BULL: LIM: £760 Meadow View.

J36 Carol Concert Monday 5th December at J36 Rural Auction Centre With Kirkby Lonsdale Brass Band at 7pm In aid of R.A.B.I Adults £5 Children £1 Tickets available from J36 & Kendal NFU e. t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster) t. 015395 66200 (J36 Kendal)

NWA Lancaster , Wyresdale Road, Golgotha, Lancaster, LA1 3JQ

e. t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

e. t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

NWA J36, J36 Rural Auction Centre, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7FP

Lancaster Sale Reports Friday 25th November There were just under 300 Store Cattle forward today at Lancaster. Suckler bred and well fleshed cattle were once again good to sell to a full ringside of buyers. Weathered and Leaner Cattle were harder to place. Topping the market was for a British Blue Bullock from J & M Cockett, Foredales Farm reaching £1390. The Heifers topped at £1140 for a Charolais from JS & KM Wilson, High House. Store Cattle Top Prices: STORE BULLOCKS – BRB: £1390 Foredales Farm; £1260 Pasture House Farm; £1210 Foredales Farm. AA: £1380 Old Glasson; £1240 Sowerby Lodge; £1240 Underhelm Farm.LIM: £1360 High House Farm; £1320 Fellside Farm; £1300 High House Farm SIM: £1330 Littlewood Hall Farm; £1070 Ballacutchel Farms. CH: £1280 High House Farm; £1200 Bouthwaite Farm; £1160 Ellers Farm. FR: £1160 Bensons Farm; £1140 Old Glasson. DEV: £1090 Ballacutchel Farms. FKV: £1070 Low Hundhowe. HE: £1060 Windy Hill Farm. MON: £1000 Fanny House Farm. STORE HEIFERS – CH: £1140 High House; £1090 Cross House Farm; £1060 Bouthwaite Farm. SIM: £1120 Ballacutchel Farms; £1110 High House; £1080 High Fell Gate. AA: £1090 Foredales Farm; £1080 Cragg Farm; £1040 Hallbeck. HE: £1060 Windy Hill Farm. LIM: £1030 High House Farm; £920 Wood Nook Farm; £900 High House Farm. BRB: £1020 Cracalt Farm; £1020 High House; £940 Carlingwha. FKV: £1020 Holme Head. BULLS – MON: £1010 Cumming Carr Farm.

A smaller show of Cast Cows forward this morning, with the trade being sharper on the week. The trade was topped per head by GM & AJ Jackson, Little Eccleston Hall for a Limousin Cow making £1136.25. The top price per kilogram was topped by Ballacutchel Farms, Mount Murray for a Simmental Cow. Cast Bulls sold to 139.5p/kg for a Limousin from ME Guy, Broad Head. Overall Cast Cows averaged 99.24p/kg. Cast Cow Top Prices: CAST COW – SIM: 154.5 Ballacutchel Farms. FR: 141.5 Downlands Farm; 119.5 Holme Head; 117.5 Ballacutchel Farms.LIM: 141.5 Little Eccleston Hall; 129.5 Field Head; 124.5 Low Moor Head Farm. AA: 124.5 Low Moor Head Farm. BRB: 121.5 Corney Hill Farm. CH: 119.5 Ballacutchel Farms. FKV: 117.5 Holme Head. HE: 117.5 Middle Lee Farm. CONT: 109.5 White Lund Farm. SRW: 107.5 Holme Head. MON: 99.5 White Lund Farm; 97.5 Cumming Carr Farm. CAST HEIFER – FR: 144.5 Hoggetts Lane Farm; 134.5 North Farm; 114.5 Green Dragon Farm. CAST STEER – FR: 149.5 Old Glasson. HIGH: 114.5 Southwoods Hill Farm. CAST BULL – LIM: 139.5 Broad Head. MRI: 131.5 Littlewood Hall Farm.SIM: 107.5 Ballacutchel Farm.

There was 21 Calves forward at the weekly sale, topping the calf sale this morning was a Hereford bull consigned by J R Newsham & Son, Sellerley Farm, and realised £300. Simmental bull calves peaked at £280, also from the same farm. Heifer calves sold to a top of £260 for a Limousin from J Bargh & Son, North Farm with Simmental heifer calves made £255 from J R Newsham & Son, Sellerley Farm. Messrs Bland, Arnside Tower Farm topped the BRB trade at £225. We had a well-supported ringside of buyers this morning with nice continental types selling to a firm demand and Black and Whites maintaining recent rates. The monthly sale of Stirks saw an entry of 24 forward which saw a cracking Limousin bull Stirk from S Blades, Hill Top that hit the high spots, which realised £700. Native bred stirks sold to £590 for Herefords from EA & E Lund & Son, Pump House Farm with Friesian stirks making £380 consigned by I Atkinson & Son, Boon Town Farm. Smart Limousin heifers realised £580 from CA & J Alty & Son, Cragg Foot and Simmental heifer stirks reached £575 from J Knipe, Todds Farm, Native heifers also from J Knipe, realised £395 for AA. Trade for stirks met a brisk demand this morning, with well-bred shapely types well bid for. Black and White animals met a sound trade. Calf Top Prices: HEIFER CALF – LIM: £260 North Farm. BRB: £255 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £225 Arnside Tower Farm. HE: £220 Sellerley Farm. BULL CALF – HE: £300 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £280 Sellerley Farm. BULL STIRK – LIM: £700 Hill Top; £590 Moss House Farm; £490 Boon Town Farm. HE: £590 Pump House Farm. SIM: £560 Boon Town Farm; £540 Todds Farm. FR: £380 Boon Town Farm. STAB: £340 High Foulshaw Farm. NOR: £200 Pump House Farm.

Helpful Reminders Sheep Annual Inventory Don’t forget that you should complete and return your form with all your sheep Numbers as of the 1st December. You must also note the numbers in your flock register in case of inspection by RPA.

Temporary Holding Numbers and links The new initiative from DEFRA is causing a lot of confusion and headaches, particularly at BCMS links are no longer being renewed. If you need any help please call and see Kathryn or Rodney.

Agricultural Waste Exemptions Many of these will have expired in the last few months and although we did lots of applications three years ago, we have done a few renewals. If you have renewed your own exemptions that is good, but if not please contact us and we will help.

Basic Payment Scheme 2016 Although there are still clients who have not been paid fully in 2015, the payment window for 2016 opens on the 1st December. RPA are still saying they will pay 90% of farmers by the end of December, but whether this payment will actually be correct we are not sure. If you receive any money this is wonderful and we expect payments to be 17% higher that 2015. If there is much difference please let us know and we can check to see if your 2015 payment was actually correct, as many we were not.

Lancaster - 01524 63308

Lancaster Sale Reports Monday 28th November Following an improvement in Prime Lamb trade last week a strong trade was expected at Lancaster, with a market average of 171ppk and an SQQ average of 174ppk, with vendors leaving well satisfied with the trade. The trade topped at £85 from J & R Waller of Hallbeck with a pen of Beltex lambs. Beltex type lambs sold to 191ppk from TR Prickett of Hutton Roof. Plenty of pens of commercial Texel lambs sold between 180ppk and 190ppk. Mule lambs in strong demand and good to sell today at Lancaster, the trade topped at £81.50 for 46kg from WI & A Atkinson of Holme House with all mule lambs forward averaging £78.49 or 175ppk with over a quarter of lambs forward in the market today being mules. Horned lambs in stronger demand for all weights with 41kg Dalesbred lambs selling to £69 from BD Gill of Yarlsber Prime Lambs Top Prices: BEL: £85 Hallbeck; £71.50 Oak Avenue; £69 Corney Hill Farm. TEX: £84.50 Newhouse Farm; £83 Low Bendrigg Farm; £84 Hutton Roof Hall. SUFF: £83 North Farm; £81 Fell End Farm. MULE: £81.50 Holme Head Farm; £80 Fell End Farm; £79.50 Bank Farm.CH: £80.50 Low Bendrigg; £80 High Hallbeck; £79.50 Stirzakers Farm CHEV: £79 Hutton Roof Hall. SCO: £75.50 Tarnwater Farm. MASH: £74.50 Fell End Farm; £69 Yarslber. LEI: £74 Fell End Farm; £74 Yarslber. DALES: £69.50 Yarslber; £64 Low Hall Beck. DORS: £68 Corney Hill Farm. SWALE: £65 Yates Farm.

A slighter smaller entry of sheep today, selling to a stronger trade. The day’s trade topped at £81 and then £80 for Texel ewes from K Whitaker & Son of Stirzakers Farm with plenty of strong ewes in the seventies. Mule ewes sold to a top of £70 from WM Pye of Tarnwater. Cast Sheep Top Prices: TEX: £81 Stirzakers Farm; £78 Tarnwater Farm; £76 Blackleach House Farm. CHEV: £76 Hutton Roof Hall. MULE: £70 Tarnwater Farm; £62 Tarnwater Farm; £59 Low Bendrigg. SWALE: £30 Holme House Farm; £30 Thornbush Farm.

There was just one Prime Bull forward today selling to its value.

J36 Sale Reports Tuesday 29th November Topping the Prime Lambs today was T Parkin, Meadow Oaks, for 64kg Suffolks from T Parkin, Meadow Oaks, which realised £93 J & D Chapman, Wray Farm, sold a pair of Beltexs scaling 40kg which sold for 227.5p. Charollais bred lambs peaked at £87 consigned by RR & J A Knowles, Myers Farm. E Dodgson, Spital Farm, topped the Texel prices at £86, Hill bred lambs made £82 for Cheviots from L A & M Lambert, Brow Head. F & S A Edmondson, Netherhouses Farm realised £81 for a pen of Mules Good shape lambs were selling away to 170-180p, heavier types, 50kg plus sold away from £85-£90. Lambs which were lighter and leaner were harder to sell. 2281 Prime Lambs avg - 160.71p Prime Lambs Top Prices: SUFF: £93 Meadow Oaks; £92 Netherhouses Farm; £88 North Farm. BEL: £91 Wray Farm; £89 Poppy Farm; £78 Gibraltar Farm. CH: £87 Myers Farm; £79.50 Netherhouses Farm; £79 High Oxenfell. TEX: £86 Spital Farm; ££86 Low Longmire; £84.50 The Galleon. CHEV: £82 Brow Head; £75 Green Head; £70.50 Howriggs. MULE: £81 Netherhouses; £80 Catshaw Hall Farm; £76 Bank House Farm. SWALE: £70 Netherhouses Farm; £66 Middale Farm; £62 Low Newton Farm. DORS: £66 Brow Head. DALES: £62 Middale Farm. CONT: £61 Brow Head; £61 Bellart Howe. MASH: £60 Moss House Farm. LEI: £60 Low Newton Farm.

A strong entry of just shy of 600 Cast Sheep selling to a continued firm trade, despite weaker trades elsewhere in the country. A mixed entry of ewes, with alot being plain and lean. Good quality ewes were in short supply. Topping the day’s trade was a consignment of quality ewes from TS & SM park of Millom Castle selling to £99 for Texel ewes. All Texel ewes forward averaging in the mid-sixties to include the good, the bad and the ugly. Plenty of Texel ewes selling towards the late eighties regularly. Mule ewes sold to a top of £77 from Peter Woof of Stainton, strong mule ewes regularly towards the seventy pound mark. Llyen ewes sold to a top of £72 from P Knowles of Cragg Farm. A good number of horned sheep in the market selling to their value, with Rough ewes selling to £55 from Fishwick Farms, with strong fit horned ewes of all breeds selling towards £50 regularly. A small selection of rams in the market looking tired and lean after a busy autumn, good to sell with more required to satisfy buyer’s needs. Lean rams selling to the late eighties Cast Sheep Top Prices: TEX: £99 Millom Castle; £87 Nook Farm; £85 Bank House Farm. SUFF: £87 Mint View; £84 Millom Castle; £81 Harbarrow Farm. MULE: £77 Storth End Farm; £70 Hollins Farm; £69 Maddison Avenue. CHEV: £67 Howriggs; £57 Moss House Farm; £57 Harbarrow Farm. LLEYN: £72 Cragg Farm. LEI: £69 Low Longmire; £61 Kit Cragg; £51 High Oxenfell. RGH: £55 Bank House Farm; £54 Croft Foot Farm; £50 Station Hotel. MASH: £55 Harbarrow Farm. SWALE: £51 Yoat Pot; £45 Catshaw Hall Farm; £44 Low Longmire. HRN: £49 Harbarrow Farm

J36 - 015395 66200

Christmas Shows at North West Auctions J36 Rural Auction Centre

Lancaster Auction Mart

Thursday 8th December

Friday 9nd December

Show and Sale of Calves Judging: 9.30am Sale: 10.15am Classes 1. Beef Bred Bull Calf 2. Beef Bred Heifer Calf 3. Dairy Bred Bull Calf Show and Sale of Cast Cows Sale: 10.30am 1. Highest Price Beef Bred per kg 2. Highest Price Black & White per kg 3. Highest Price per head overall Show and Sale of Prime Butchers Cattle Judging: 10am Sale: 10.30am Classes 1. Prime Heifer 2. Prime Bullock 3. Prime Bull Show and Sale of Store Cattle Judging: 9.30am Sale: 10.30am Classes 1. Store Bullock 2. Store Heifer

Tuesday 13th December Show and Sale of Prime Pigs Judging: 9.30am Sale: 10.30am Classes 1. A Pair of Pigs Show and Sale of Prime Butchers Lambs Judging: 11.30am Sale: 1pm Classes 1. 5 Lowland Sired Prime Lambs 2. 2 Beltex/Beltex x Prime Lambs (Pairs) 3. 5 Mule/Masham Prime Lambs 4. 5 Horned/Herdwick Prime Lambs 5. 5 Rough Fell from Members of the RFSBA Prime Lambs 6. 5 Cheviot and other hill breed Prime Lambs Champion Pen to receive the Jack Ireton Silver Challenge Cup Champion & Reserve Champion Champion to receive the G Winder Perpetual Challenge Cup

Thursday 22nd December Dressed Poultry Judging: 5pm Sale: 6pm Classes 1. Champion Turkey 2. Champion Goose Entries invited and taken to time of Sale

Tuesday 27th December Young Handlers Judging: 11am Sale: 1pm Classes 1. Single Lowland Lamb 2. Single Upland Lamb to include Mule/Masham/Cheviot 3. Single Horned Lamb to include Swaledale/Rough Fell Dalesbred/Herdwick 4. Best Young Handler (all ages up to 26) To be shown by a Young Handler (age 26 or under) Show Classes for ages under 10yrs, 11-16yrs & 17-26yrs

Show and Sale of Calves Judging: 9.30am Sale: 10.15am Classes 1. Beef Bred Bull Calf 2. Beef Bred Heifer Calf 3. Dairy Breed Bull Calf Show and Sale of Cast Cows Sale: 10.15am Highest Price Continental per kg Highest Price Black & White per kg Highest Price per head overall Show and Sale of Store Cattle Judging: 9.30am Sale: 11.15am Classes 1. Pair of Bullocks 2. Pair of Heifers To compete for the Tom Owen Memorial Trophy kindly donated by the Family of the late Tom Owen. Awarded to the Best Pair of Bullocks.

Monday 12th December LANCASTER FESTIVE FAIR Show and Sale of Prime Lambs Judging: 8am Sale: 9am Classes 1. 5 Lowland Sired Prime Lambs 2. 2 Beltex/Beltex x Prime Lambs (Pairs) 3. 5 Mule/Masham Prime Lambs 4. 5 Horned/Herdwick Prime Lambs 5. 5 Cheviot and other Hill Breeds Prime Lambs Champion Pen to Receive Kellet Trophy Prime Butchers Cattle Judging 10am Sale 10.30am Classes 1.Prime Heifer 2. Prime Bullock 3. Prime Bull Champion to Receive the Lancaster Auction Mart Trophy The Best Limousin to Receive the Casson Trophy Please Advice the office of your entries Dairy Cattle Christmas Spectacular In Association with the Lancashire Holstein Club Judging: 10am Sale: 11.15am Classes 1. Dairy Cow 2. Halter Led Dairy Heifer 3. Un-Halted Led Heifer 4. Pair of Heifers Champion & Reserve Champion Entries Close Friday 2nd December

Wednesday 21st December Dressed Poultry Judging: 10am Sale: 11am Classes 1. Champion Turkey 2. Champion Goose Entries invited and taken to time of Sale

Monday 2nd January Young Handlers Judging: 8am Sale: 9am Classes 1. Single Lowland Lamb 2. Single Hill Lamb to include Mule/Masham 3. Best Young Handler To be shown by a Young Handler (age 26 or under) Show Classes for ages under 10yrs, 11-16yrs & 17-26yrs

J36 - 015395 66200

NWA Newsletter 30th November