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North West Auctions Weekly Report and Newsletter – 15th February

Anniversary Show & Sale of Prime Pigs & Prime Hoggs Tuesday 14th February The anniversary show and sale of Prime Pigs saw a competitive line up of over half a dozen pairs of prime pigs for Judge Mr Frank Robinson of Crooklands to cast his eye over. Some top quality pigs were forward which saw a couple Pietrain x pigs from Peter Woof of Stainton weighing in at 125kg. Prime pigs sold to a brisk trade with white well shaped pigs most sort after. The trade peaked, twice, at £150, firstly for the champion pair from Peter Woof and then another pair from the same good home. Prime Pigs sold to a top price per kilo of 130p/kg for good quality white pigs from D Nicholson of Cockermouth selling to £130 a head. A very respectable average of 115p/kg for all prime pigs forward was achieved. Prime Pig Show Results Judge Mr F Robinson Pair of Prime Pigs 1st PK & R Woof, Storth End Farm 125kg £150 2nd D Nicholson, Brigham 97kg £95 3rd NJ Wilkinson, Rooscote Farm 82kg £88

The Anniversary Show and Sale of Prime Hoggs on Tuessday 14th Februray which saw 20 Pens forward for judging, pairs of Butchers Hoggs and Pens of five Hill Bred Hoggs, which were capably judged by Mr S Airey, Snowdrop Villa with the show was kindly sponsored by Green Coat Farm. The Champion Rosette was awarded to a super pair of 44kg Texels from regular vendor Messrs TS & SM Park of Millom Castle, which realised £91 and bought by Mr Micheal Lomax on behalf of Higginsons Butchers. The Reserve Champion rosette went to a shapely pair of 49kg Texel X Hoggs consigned by Thomas Fishwick from Fishwick Farms which sold £110 and, again, purchased by Mr Micheal Lomax, on behalf of Higginsons Butcher. The Hill Bred section was won by Thomas Fishwick, Fishwick Farms for his pen of five smart Cheviots weighing 48kg and realised £87. Second prize winners were consigned by Amy Harrison, Millriggs, for her well-bred Rough Fells, scaling 44kgs and realising £69.50. Other top prices for butchers pairs A G Butler, Park Farm Barn 46kg Tex X Bel - £102 M G & H M Capstick, Park House Farm 60kg - Texel - £98 A E Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm 45kg - Tex X Bel - £97 B J Bowness, 28 Blea Tarn Road 40kg - Tex X Bel - £94 G Hargreaves, Ivy Bank Farm 48kg - Texels - £94 M G & H M Capstick, Park House Farm 51kg - Texels £94 Pens of five hill breed Messrs Hodgson, High Borrans - 45kg - Mules - £75.50 Messrs Hodgson, High Borrans - 41kg - Herdwicks - £73 Amy Harrison, Millriggs - 41kg - Herdwicks - £70 Prime Hogg Show Results Judge Mr S Airey Class one: Pair of Butchers Hoggs 1st TS & SM Park, Millom Castle 44kg £91 2nd Fishwick Farms, Bank House 49kg £110 3rd G Hargreaves, Ivy Bank 48kg £94 Class two: Pen of 5 Hill Bred Hoggs 1st Fishwick Farm, Bank House 48kg £87 2nd AEA Harrison, Millriggs 44kg £69.50 3rd AEA Harrison, Millriggs 41kg £70 Champion TS & SM Park, Millom Castle Reserve Champion Fishwick Farms, Bank House

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e. t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster) t. 015395 66200 (J36 Kendal)

NWA Lancaster , Wyresdale Road, Golgotha, Lancaster, LA1 3JQ

e. t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

e. t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

NWA J36, J36 Rural Auction Centre, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7FP

Lancaster Sale Reports Friday 10th February The Lancaster weekly sale of Store Cattle had another good entry of over 300 cattle in the market. Good quality and well fleshed cattle sold to a continued strong trade with leaner and plainer types cheaper on the week, but still a nice trade with leaner black and whites were harder to place this week. Limousin bullocks sold to a top of £1,390 from M & RW Stirzaker of Milnthorpe, native cattle sold to a top of £1,300 for an Angus bullocks from J Hesketh of Hutton. Heifers sold to a top of £1,280 from JD & GM Bracken of Greenlands with a pair of Angus’. A consignment of cattle from the Isle of Man sold to a strong trade selling to a top of £1,300 for a Simmental bullock. Store Cattle Top Prices: Store Bullock: Lim £1390 Station Hotel, £1370 High House Farm, £1340 Millbeck, £1310 Station Hotel, £1300 High House Farm. Brb £1370 Shaws Farm, £1200 Low Fell End, Walmsley Fold, £1150 Low Fell End. Char £1320 High House Farm, £1300 Millbeck, £1190 Low Moor Head Farm, £1020 Corney Hill Farm. Ang £1300 Middle Grange Farm, £1250 Chestnut House Farm, £1220 Wyre Farm, £1200 Greenlands, £1180 Isle of Skye Farm. Sim £1300 Oatland Farm, £1120 Mount Pleasant Farm. Blo £1280 Daniel Fold Farm, £1190 Mealsgate Avenue. Sho £1240, £1180, £1140 Oatland Farm. Here £1240 Oatland Farm, £1170 Daniel Fold Farm, Oatland Farm, £1000 Greenalls, £990 Corney Hill Farm. Mon £1210 New House Farm, £1000 Cock Hall Farm, £930 Old Woodhouse. Ang £1100 Oatland Farm, £1040 Foredales Farm, £970 Park House, £940 Foredales Farm, £930 Oatland Farm. Stab £1040 Park House Farm. BB £990 Oatland Farm, £860 Eskew Beck. Store Heifer: Ang £1280 Greenlands Farm, £1180 Manor House Farm, £1160 Rowell Farm, £1140 Newsham Hall, £1120 Windy Hill Farm. Brb £1230 Manor House Farm, £1180 Windy Hill Farm, £1050 Bridge Farm, £1040, £1000 Kendal Hill. Here £1170 Windy Hill Farm, £1120 Raw Head, £1020 New House Farm. Lim £1160 Daniel Fold Farm, Rowell Farm, Manor House Farm, £1090 Manor House Farm, £1030 Birks Farm. Char £1110 New House Farm, £1020 Low Groves. Baz £1100 Lower Swain head. Sho £1070, £1020 Newhouse Farm, £720 Cabus Nook Farm. Stab £1060 Park House Farm. Mon £990 Cumming Carr Farm. BB £920, £870 Oatland Farm. Store Bull: Ang £1030 Cumming Carr Farm.

The strong Cast Cow and OTM Cattle trade continued this week where an entry of 119 sold to a market average of 114p/kg. OTM bullocks and heifers continue to be eagerly bid for selling to a top of 189.5p/kg for Charolais bullocks from JF & AW Sutton of Longsleddale and OTM Black and White heifers sold to a top of 159.5p/kg from R & C Raby of Scorton. British blue cows sold to a top of £1,202 from J & M Sanderson of Wesham and a few stock bulls in the market today sold to a top of 129.5p/kg from TE & M Kidd of Booth Hall with Angus bulls topping at £1,171 from RG & B Lewis of Middleton. Black and white cows sold to a top price per kilo of 129.5p/kg from the Wallbank Family of Abbeystead with to a top price per head of £1,045 from SH & LE Birkett of Nether Kellet. Cast Cow Top Prices: OTM Cow: Mon 154.5, 127.5, 124.5, 109.5 Cumming Carr Farm. Ang 149.5, 144.5 Ellers Farm, 129.5 Causeway Farm, 114.5 Moss House Farm. Brb 141.5 Pasture Barn, 124.5 Causeway Farm. Sim 131.5, 124.5 Intack Farm. Fri 129.5 Tills Farm, 124.5 Stubb Hall Farm, Moors Farm, Park House, Cumming Carr Farm. Lim 127.5 Nether House Farm, Brunstow, 119.5 Moss House Far, Brunstow, 117.5 Low Pleasant. Stab 121.5 Park House Farm. BB 121.5 Intack Farm. SRW 119.5 Sandvilla, £109.5 Holly Farm. OTM Heifer: Lim 159.5 Oak Head Bank. Fri 159.5 Bracken Lee Farm, 129.5 Stubb Place, 114.5 Whinney Carr Farm. Mon 139.5 Cummng Carr Farm. Cast Steer: Char 189.5. 174.5 Nether House Farm. Lim 164.5 Newsham Hall Farm. Here 159.5 Newsham Hall Farm. Mon 159.5 Fanny House Farm. Fri 159.5 Ivy Farm, 154.5, 141.5 Fanny House Farm, 139.5 Ivy Farm. Cast Bull: Lim 129.5 Booth Hall, Ang 119.5 Bainsbank Farm.

A continued strong trade for Calves at Lancaster saw British Blue bull calves sell to £410 and £405 from MJ Fell of Chapel House, where more good British Blue bull calves could have easily of been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Angus bull calves sold to a top of £360, twice, more than other local centres, from the Wallbank Family of Abbeystead. British Blue heifers sold to a top of £345 from GH Sanderson and Family of Catforth. Black and whites of all sizes continue to be eagerly bid for with all ages and sizes getting away nicely today. Calf Top Prices: Bull Calf: Brb £410, £405, £380 Chapel House, £345 School House, £325 Chapel House. Ang £360, £355, £320 Tills Farm, £182 Gibsons Farm. Lim £160 North Farm. Mon £102 Hatters Farm. Fri £90 Newhouse Farm, £82, £80, £78, Blackleach, £70 Newhouse. Heifer Calf: Brb £350 Tills Farm, £345 Blackleach, £330 Chapel House. Ang £250, £230 Tills Farm, £162, £155 Gibsons Farm. Lim £130 North Farm.

Monday 13th February The weekly sale of Prime Hoggs saw a similar number forward today which sold to a market average of 162p/kg. The trade topped at £94 from GH Sanderson and Family of Catforth with heavy weight Texel hoggs with better types of commercial hoggs sold between 170p/kg and 180p/kg. Mules sold to a top of £73 from WI & A Atkinson of Bleasdale with Swaeldales selling to £73 from KM & KJ Curwen of Abbeystead. Prime Hogg Top Prices: Tex £94, £85, £84 Blackleach, £84 Lane House. Char £77 Walmsley Fold, £71 Park Farm Barn, £65.50, £63 Corney Hill. Mule £73 Holme House, £70 Little Fell, £69 Sykes Farm, £68 Holme House, £67.50 Wyresdale Park. Swale £73 Marshaw Farm, £65 Holme House, Marshaw Farm, £64.50 Holme House, £64 Rooten Brook. Dors £70 Corney Hill Farm. Suff £69 Glenway, £65 Sykes Farm, £64.50 Thornbrush Farm, £63 Glenway. Cont £69 Sykes Farm. Bel £68, £53.50 Post Office Farm. Sco £65 Tarnwater Farm. Rough £64.50 Millbeck. Horned £64.50, £62 Tarnwater Farm.

A sharp Cast Ewe trade today where all classes were eagerly bid for, selling to a top of £95 for Charolais x tups from WT & EM Townley of Higher Westhouse. Suffolk ewes topped at £93 from S Wilson and Son of Scotforth with Mule ewes topping at £68 from James Burr of Quernmore. Cast Sheep Top Prices: CAST SHEEP – Suff £93 Burrow Heights Farm. Tex £76 Little Fell, £69 Burrow Heights, £61, £60 Springs Farm, £54 Little Fell. Mule £68 Little Fell, £61 Middle Lee Farm, £59 Wyresdale Park, £55 Springs Farm, £40 Burrow Heights Farm. Cast Tup – Char £95 Burnt House.

Just a single Prime Bull forward sold to a strong trade of 177.5p/kg for a Hereford bull out of the dairy herd from P & A Bell of Pilling. More prime cattle required to fulfil buyer’s requirements.

J36 - 015395 66200

J36 Sale Reports Thursday 9th February The weekly sale of Calves had an entry mainly consisting of Black and Whites and were eagerly bid for, selling to a strong trade. Black and whites sold to a top of £120 from RA & E Edmondson of High Barnes with calves from the same home too £105. Just a couple of British Blue bulls forward today sold to £235 from ML & SM Dobson of Espford Farm. A large number of calves are promised for next week’s anniversary show. There are show classes for Beef Bull and Heifer and Black and White Bull. Calf Top Prices: Bull Calf: BB £235, £210 Espford Farm. Fri £120, £105, £90 High Barnes, £78 Espford, £70 Low Brundrigg.

The monthly sale of in lamb Breeding Sheep and gimmer hoggs had a strong entry of sheep forward selling to a brisk trade. The trade topped at £132 for two crop mule ewes scanned with twins from F Carr of Nissan Huts. The flock reduction on behalf of Ben Holland of Tatham saw 2 and 3 crop mule ewes sell to £128. A consignment of Swaledale three and four crop ewes scanned in lamb to the Leicester sold to a top of £122, with plenty of Swaledale ewes in-lamb selling around the £100 mark. Mule gimmer hoggs sold to £80 from F Carr of Nissan Huts. As the end of the Store Hogg season draws ever closer a smaller number of hoggs were forward with over 250 selling to a strong trade with a good number of buyers present looking to purchase. The trade topped at £66.50 for strong Texel hoggs from DR & C Galbraith of Sunny Bank with other stronger short keep hoggs selling in excess of £60. Medium keep continental bred hoggs continue to sell in the mid-fifties. Hill hoggs saw Swaledale hoggs sell to £42.50 from JA & CA Gibson of Longwell with Herdwicks selling to £38.50 from C Raven of Staveley. Next sale of store hoggs will be on Thursday 23rd February. Store Hogg Top Prices: Tex £66.50 Sunny Bank,£64 Marsh Grange Farm, £59 Singleton Park, £58 Yealand Conyers, £57 Blea Tarn Road. Mule £64 Low Brundrigg, £52 Croziers Croft, £48 Long well, £42 Marsh Grange Farm. Suff £53 Low Woodedge Farm, £51.50 Low Brundrigg, £50 West Plain Farm, £45.50 Tarnside Farm. Char £53, £47 West Plain Farm, £46.50 Croziers Croft. Bel £50.50 Blea Tarn Road, £49.50 Low Brundrigg.

Tuesday 14th February The monthly sale of cast, store and weaner pigs were eagerly bid for which saw cast pigs top at £90 from B Jones, Ratlingate Farm. There was more interest in weaners today with white weaners selling between £22 and £30. Fishwick Farms topped the Prime Hogg sale at £95/221p/kg for a cracking Texel X weighing 43kg. JG Harryman, The Galleon had a good run of hoggs with his top pen realising £92.50/215p/kg for 43kg Texels. A trio of Beltex Hoggs peaked at £87 or 212p/kg for a trio scaling 41kg, consigned by AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm. Leading the Suffolk trade was F & SA Edmundson, Netherhouses and MG & HM Capstick, Park House Farm with both pens selling to £85. DE & DR Ewart & Son, Nunfield saw their five Charollais sell to £80 and £78 for their pen of Cheviots. ME Wannop & Sons Ltd, Heaton Hall Farm, topped the Mule trade at £76 and then £74. Masham Hoggs sold to £74 for a pen of four from JE Read, Mealrigg with Swaledales from Messrs Hodgson, High Borrans selling to £73.50, and AJ & CM Harrison of Boundary Beck sold Rough Fells to £72. There was a very mixed show of Hoggs forward today with wide and varied weight ranges. Nice meaty, well-bred types maintained recent rates, with the heavier and plainer Hoggs stiffer to cash. 1117 Prime Hoggs averaged 164.36p/kg, with an SQQ of 167.32p/kg. Due to technical problems we had at the beginning of the sale we would like to thank all staff, buyers and vendors for all their patience and help yesterday after having to move to a different ring, it was greatly appreciated. Thank you. Prime Hogg Top Prices: Tex £110 Bank House Farm, £102 Park Farm Barn, £98 Park House Farm, £97 Stubb Farm. Chev £87 Bank House Farm, £78 Nunfield Farm, £72 Park Farm Barn, £67.50 Brow Head, £65 Hutton Roof Hall. Bel £87 Stubb Farm, £70 Hutton Roof Hall. Suff £85 Netherhouses, Park House Farm, £80 Underley Estate, Netherhouses, £79.50 High House Farm. Char £80 Nunfield, £71.50 Charley Crag Farmhouse, £71 Low Mill House, £70 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £69 Charley Crag. Mule £76 Heaton Hall, £75.50 High Borrans, Bank House Farm, Red Scar, £75 Nunfield. Mash £75 Mealrigg. Swale £73.50 High Borrans, £70 Netherhouses, Bramaskew, £68 Bramaskew, £61 Low Hall Farm. Herd £73 High Borrans, £70, £60 Millrigg, £53.50 High Biggarsbank. Rough £72 Boundary Beck, £71.50 Mealrigg, £71 Seedhowe Cottages, £69.50 High Borrow bridge. Cont £72, £69, £68.50 Garnett Folds, £63.50 Crabtree Farm, £58 Skiddaw Farm.

There was a similar entry of 400 Cast Sheep forward this week which sold to a continued strong trade. The cast rams also continued to sell to a solid trade topping at £111 for a Texel ram from J & J Postlethwaite, Bramaskew with Leicester rams selling to £103 from Fishwick Bros of Middle Sadghyll. Strong continental ewes topped at £98 from E Dodgson of Spital Farm with other strong continental and Suffolk ewes selling around the ninety pound mark. Mule ewes sold to a top of £75 and £71 from J, BL & I Ellis of Hawkigg with strong Mule ewes selling in the mid to late sixties. Horned ewes sold to a strong demand with rough fell ewes topping at £63 from JE Read of Mealrigg with stronger fitter Rough Fell ewes selling into the fifties. Swaledale ewes topped at £58 from Fishwick Bros of Middle Sadghyll with plenty of Swaledale ewes selling in the forties. Cast Sheep Top Prices: Cast Ewes: Tex 98 Spital Farm, £92 Morrland Cottage, £90 Hallbeck, £86 Spital Farm, £83 The Barn. Chev £84 The Courtyard, £75 Todds Farm, £69 Seedhowe Cottages, £68 The Courtyard, £58 Moorland Cottage. Suff £84 The Courtyard, £70 Garnett Folds, £65 Moorland Cottage, £61 Tock Howe Farm. Bel £79 Stubb Farm, £78 Blea Tarn Road, Todds Farm, £73 Moorland Cottage. Mule £75, £71 Hawkrigg End, £67 Garnett Folds, £66 Nether House Farm, The Barn. Mash £68 Mealrigg. Rough £63 Mealrigg, £59 Croft Foot Farm, £51 Archers Hall, £50 Croft Foot Farm, £49 Mealrigg. Llyren £61 Cragg Farm. Swale £58 Middle Sadghyll, £48 Archers Hill, £46 Nether House Farm, £40 Archers Hall, Middle Sadghyll. Cast Rams: Tex £111 Bramaskew, £92 The Barn, £53 Hartsop. BFL £103 Middle Sadghyll, Bramaskew, £90 Seedhowe Cottages, £82 Middle Sadghyll. Suff £99 The Barn, £78 Nether House Farm. Llyen £70 Cragg Farm. Chev £68 Seedhowe Cottages. Rough £53 High Swinklebank Farm.

J36 - 015395 66200

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CAREFUL DRIVER WANTED 2 DAYS PER WEEK Geldard Farm Eggs are looking for a driver to deliver eggs to customers every Tuesday and Wednesday, approx. 7.5 hours per day and 7.5ton wagon driver for one day a week in South Lakes, North Lancs and N Yorks area. Position available immediately. Clean driving licence, careful driving and excellent customer service skills needed. Contact 07950 875 836 or 015395 52997 for further information.

Deadweight Service Both our centres offer a deadweight service for those customers who prefer the direct option or find themselves on a 6-day standstill at any time during the year. We have regular contact with many of the major abattoirs who also support our live markets throughout the year. Contact Bradley Thompson on 07867 000244 for up to date prices and specs.

Private Sales Herd Dispersal of Native Cattle.8 Blue Grey Heifers born spring 2016 11 Pedigree Galloway cows herd ages in calf to the Pedigree White shorthorn bull due May 2017. 1 Pedigree White shorthorn breeding bull, Bred by Keith Laurie of Hexham, All cattle are tick bitten and in are Bravoxin vaccinated.

J36 Rural rdAuction Centre Thursday 23 February at 10.15am Weekly Sale of Calves + sale of Store Hoggs Tuesday 28th February at 10.30am Sale of Prime Pigs Thursday 2nd March Please note no Sale this day Tuesday 7th March Opening Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs

Lancaster Auction Mart th Monday 20 February at 11.15am Monthly Sale of DAIRY CATTLE from Bilsrow, Garsby, Inspired, Kirkwood, Pennine, Saltoke, Sandcrest, Shorline, Stardale & Witherslack 9am 800 Prime Lambs & 100 Cast Sheep


Friday 24th February 9.45am Monthly sale of 80 STIRKS Weekly Distinguished Sale of 60 CALVES,

100 CAST COWS & 300 STORE CATTLE Monday 6th March Opening Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs

Selection of Breeding Sheep

Contact Ian Atkinson 07766 521472

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Woodland, BroughtonBroughton-inin-Furness For Sale by Auction

Wallenrigg Farm Which is to be offered for sale by auction (subject to conditions and unless sold previously) on Tuesday 28th February 2017 at J36 Rural Auction Centre at 7pm The property comprises of a detached 3 bedroom farmhouse, having a date stone of 1788 and enjoys good views over the Duddon Estury together with a garden area and paddock. EPC Band F Full details available from the Auctioneers

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