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North West Auctions Weekly Report and Newsletter – 13th June

J36 Beef Breeding Sale Thursday 7th June On Thursday 7 June, NWA J36 held the Summer Sale of Beef Breeding Cattle which attracted buyers from throughout the Northern Counties, Scotland and Wales. A strong trade was experienced for all classes of cattle with buyers keen to secure replacement stock. The sale topped at £2200 for a British Blue x heifer with a Limousin heifer calf at foot from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg who sold Limousin x heifers with heifer calves to £1920. Limousin x heifers from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland sold to £1880 with heifer calves at foot with others £1700. An entry of British Blue x heifers from C Wilson, Witherslack sold to £1720 with bull calves at foot and heifer calves at foot to £1620. A larger entry of older cows attracted keen interest and were eagerly bid for. A third calved Limousin x cow with heifer calf from Forest Hall Farm, Selside sold to £1680 with others £1450 – 1600 from the same home. DJ & EA Park, Crook sold 10 year Limousin cows with heifer calves to £1400 with others at £1200-1350. A consignment of Beef Shorthorn cows with Charolais x calves from TM & D Dobson, Crosthwaite with bull and heifer calves sold to £1500, twice, and olders cows to £900-£1100. Bulling heifers achieved a top price of £1290 for a Limousin x from Forest Hall Farms, Selside who sold other Limousins at £1220, £1200 and a British Blue x at £1180. In-calf heifers from TLB & J Knowles, Selside sold to £1150 for a British Blue x and £1120 Limousin x due September to a Limousin. A 4 year old Angus bull from T Roper, Whitehaven achieved £1500 with a 6 year old British Blue x at £1100 from A & L Huddleston, Wray. Top Prices: Limousin x heifers with bull calves - £1800, £1720, £1680 Limousin x heifers with heifer calves - £1920, £1880, £1820 British Blue x heifers with bull calves - £1720, £1620 British Blue x heifers with heifer calves - £2200, £1580, £1500 Cows with bull calves - £1550, £1550, £1520 Cows with heifer calves - £1680, £1580, £1550 In-calf heifers - £1150, £1120, £1100 Bulling heifers – £1290, £1220, £1200, £1180

Beef Breeding Cattle - Thursday 12th July Sale to include 30 In-Calf Cattle & Bulling Heifers Also today Calves, Cast Cows & Store Cattle Entries for the catalogue close Wednesday 4th July

e. NWA Lancaster , Wyresdale Road, Golgotha, Lancaster, LA1 3JQ

e. t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

e. t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

NWA J36, J36 Rural Auction Centre, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7FP

Lancaster Sale Reports Friday 8th June The weekly sale of Store Cattle had a smaller entry forward this week of 200, with more needed as buyers express strong demand for all cattle. There was a buoyant trade throughout as all stores forward sold to an average of £1099. Top of the trade today was WT Eastham & Sons of Goosnargh selling Angus bullocks to £1470. This was closely followed by R & E Ladds of Kendal who sold British Blue Bullocks to £1450 and Herefords to £1370. Heifer trade topped at £1380 for Angus heifers from J Hesketh of Preston. There were numerous pens of cattle selling at £1200 and more. A very good entry of black and white bullocks forward saw the trade top at £1270 and £1180 from J Prest & Sons, with all black and white bullocks well bid for. Store Cattle Top Prices: Store Bullocks: ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1470 Wood Nook Farm, £1340 Benson Hall, £1320 Ivy Barn, Spout House, £1300 Intack Farm, £1280 Benson Hall. BRITISH BLUE: £1450 Benson Hall, £1280 Old Glasson Farm, £1270 Intack Farm, £1120 High House, £960 Throstle Nest Farm. HEREFORD: £1370 Benson Hall, £1200 Ivy Barn, Spout House, £1140 Bradley Farm, £1130 Rose Hill Farm, £1020 Fern Lea. LIMOUSIN: £1340, £1280 Old Glasson Farm, £1220 Underhelm Farm, £1150 Downlands Farm, £1120 Challon Hall Farm. SIMMENTAL: £1300 Intack Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £1270, £1180 Upper Foxholes, £1010 Old Glasson Farm, £980 Old Glasson Farm, Downlands Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £1270 Upper Foxholes. FLEKVIEH: £1030 Mill House Farm, £910 Throstle Nest Farm. BEEF SHORTHORN: £960 Bouthwaite Farm. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £860 Throstle Nest Farm. Store Heifers: ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1380 Middle Grange Farm, £1290 The Dingle, £1200 2 Church Street, £1160 Sunderland Brows Farm, £1090 Holmes Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1280 High House, £1270 Holmes Farm, £1240 2 Church Street, £1160 Kays Farm & Isle of Syke Farm, £1090 Little Fell Farm. HEREFORD: £1230 Middle Grange farm, £1070 Bouthwaite Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1200 High House. BRITISH BLUE: £1190 Windy Hill Farm, £1100 Bouthwaite Farm, £1090 Wood Nook Farm, £1020 Bouthwaite Farm, £940 Buck Bank Farm. FLEKVIEH: £1140 Bradley Farm. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £1060 Buck Bank Farm. Store Bull: LIMOUSIN: £1140 Old Glasson Farm.

There was a small entry of OTM CATTLE forward with 70 in the market, selling to an average of 145p/kg. The vendors are strongly urged to take advantage of this good trade and market cast cows through the live weight system. OTM bullocks sold to a top of 214.5p/kg from EJ Ward & Sons of Nether Kellet. OTM Beef cows topped 209p/kg from GE & GA Hayhurst of Ellel. Black and white cattle sold to a top of 177.5p/kg from DJ A & L Sutcliffe of Winmarleigh with plenty of good meaty cows selling between 160-175p/kg. Black and whites topped at £1275 from J & G Thornley of Kirkham with numerous good black and white cows selling to over £1000. Cast Cow Top Prices: OTM Cows: LIMOUSIN: 209.5 Brunstow, 174.5 Hazelslack Tower, Hawkswell Farm, 149 Little Scar Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 177.5, 167.5 Throstle Nest Farm, 164.5 High House, 159.5, 157.5 Throstle Nest Farm. MONTBELIARDE: 171.5 Throstle Nest Farm, 154.5, 149.5 White Lund Farm. SIMMENTAL: 167.5 Throstle Nest Farm. CHAROLAIS: 164.5 Brunstow. CONTINENTAL: 164.5 Throstle Nest Farm, 134.5, 94.5 Meadow View. FLEKVIEH: 159.5 Holme Head. BROWN SWISS: 154.5 Lathwaite Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 151.5 Holme Head, 119.5 White Lund Farm. AYRSHIRE: 149.5 Lathwaite Farm, 137.5 Rose Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 141.5 Croft Closes Farm. HEREFORD: 131.5 Border Rigg. OTM Heifers: LIMOUSIN: 194.5 Intack Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 174.5 High Snab. OTM Steers: LIMOUSIN: 214.5 Intack Farm. HEREFORD: 184.5 Intack Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 124.5 Corney Hill Farm. OTM Bull: ABERDEEN ANGUS: 139.5 High House

The weekly sale of Calves saw a larger entry forward this week in which more could have been sold to the advantage of the vendor. We strongly advise vendors to take advantage of this good trade and use auction markets not collection centres. British Blue bull calves topped the trade at £400 from Wallbank Farms of Over Wyresdale. This was closely followed by British Blue heifer calves from R & V Walmsley of Cockerham. Plenty of young beef calves sold in the mid £200s. Montbeliarde bull calves sold to £260 and £240 from JR Newsham & Son of Conder Green. Once again a buoyant black and white selling to £145 from R & V Walmsley of Cockerham. Just a handful of stirks today saw Angus heifers sell to £490 from Masons of Over Kellet. Calf Top Prices: Heifer Calves: BRITISH BLUE: £375 Richmond Hall, £175 North Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £340 Richmond Hall. SIMMENTAL: £185, £180, £170 Sellerley Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £150 Cinder Barrow, £130 Gibsons Farm. Bull Calves: BRITISH BLUE: £400 Tills Farm, £350 Moss House Farm. HEREFORD: £275 Birkland Barrow, £235, £140 Sellerley Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £260, £240 Sellerley Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £200 Gibsons Farm. SIMMENTAL: £200 Sellerley Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £145 Richmond Hall, £80 Tills Farm, £65, £52 North Farm. Heifer Stirk: ABERDEEN ANGUS: £490 Birkland Barrow.

Monday 11th June - 1000 Sheep Forward at Lancaster There was a larger entry of Spring Lambs forward today with plenty of demand due to the approach of the end of the Ramadan festival. A mixed entry of lambs, saw better quality lambs a dearer trade than the previous week. There was an overall market average of 251p/kg achieved. Topping at 323p/kg was S Wilson and Son of Scotforth with a pair of Beltex lambs. There was numerous pens of good conformation lambs selling in excess of 300p/kg. Top price of the day went to Andrew Butler of Hambleton with a smart 44kg Texel lamb selling to £134 with 45kg Texels from ST Birkett and Son of Carnforth. Prime Lamb Top Prices: TEXEL: £134 Park Farm Barn, £131 Hall Croft Barn, £129.50 Moss Gate Farm, £129 Burrow Heights Farm, £127 Hallbeck. SUFFOLK: £129 Kitchen Ground Farm, £122 Hall Croft Barn, £113.50 Park Farm Barn, £113 Hallbeck. CHAROLLAIS: £108 Moss Gate Farm, £94, £92 Springfield Farm, £91 Little Fell, £86.50 Springfield Farm. BELTEX: £95 Willow Farm.

A good entry of 200 Prime Hoggs forward, met plenty of demand especially for the time of the year and all were well bid for due to the end of the Ramadan Festival. The trade topped at £116 for a pen of 10 Texel hoggs from M Carr of Out Rawcliffe, with others selling to £110.50. There was an overall market average of 189p/kg. Prime Hogg Top Prices: TEXEL: £116 Carrisholme Stables, £110.50 Mill House Farm, £110 Overhouses, Carrisholme Stables, £107 Throstle Grove Farm. MULE: £96 Overhouses, £83 Park Farm Barn, £76 Overhouses, £61 Park Farm Barn. HERDWICK: £76, £73 Lee End Farm, £72 Park Farm Barn. CHEVIOT: £75.50 Dove Cote Farm, £74 Cragg Farm, £73.50, £66.50, £58.50 Dove Cote Farm. DORSET: £73 Field House. HORNED: £72.50 Crombleholme, £70.50, £66, £63.50 Overhouses. CHAROLLAIS: £72, £55 Mill House Farm. SCOTCH BLACKFACE: £71, £70 Dove Cote Farm. SUFFOLK: £70.50 Park Farm Barn, £65 Cobble Hey Farm.

The Cast Ewe trade was equally as strong this week with plenty of demand. The trade topped at £122 for Texels from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham. This was closely followed by other Texels to £119 from R & DL Cornthwaite, Preston and £117 from WM Pye, Ashton-with-Stodday. Zwartbles sold to £115, again, from R & DL Cornthwaite, Mules sold to £104 from KA Purtil, Hindley Green and Suffolks sold to £98 from JA & VM Lamb, Conder Green. A few cast rams in today sold to £111 for a Texel from Ripley St Thomas School Cast Sheep Top Prices: Cast Ewes: TEXEL: £122 Cock Hall Farm, £119 Humblescough Farm, £117 Tarnwater Farm, £115 Hall Croft Barn, £113 Cock Hall Farm. ZWARTBLE: £115 Humblescough Farm, £102 Cobble Hey Farm, £86 Humblescough Farm, £78 Yates Farm. LLEYN: £105 Newhouse Farm. MULE: £104 11 Oak Avenue, £101 Old Woodhouse, £100 North Farm, £98 Little Fell, £96 11 Oak Avenue. SUFFOLK: £98 Conder Green Farm, £90, £80, £60 Lyndale Farm. CONTINENTAL: £90 Old Glasson Farm, £62 11 Oak Avenue. BELTEX: £90 Higher Barn Farm. DALESBRED: £67 Cobble Hey Farm. CHAROLLAIS: £67 Greenwell Hill Farm. CHEVIOT: £60 Cragg Farm. SWALEDALE: £39 Greenwell Hill Farm, £31 Appletree Farm. Cast Tups: TEXEL: £111 Ashton Road, £92 Sandy Hill Farm.

Lancaster - 01524 63308

J36 Sale Reports Tuesday 12th June - Over 1500 Sheep Forward at J36 There was the largest entry of Pigs for several months today, which saw 118 forward and all selling to a competitive trade with vendors leaving pleased with the prices achieved. The sale commenced with prime pigs which had 39 forward. Top priced in this section was £160 (170p/kg) for Large White x Pietrain gilts from JR Corlett, Cockermouth who sold others at £150, £148 and to 173p/kg. Other heavy prime pigs sold to £142 with mediums £110 £130, lighter weights were £85 - £105 dependent on breed and finish, gilts and hogs were easiest to sell with boars a more selective trade. A better entry of sows and boars with more weight and finish forward today. Top priced sows came from DC Miller, Preston achieving £165 with others £162, £160, £152 sows generally 50p/kg – 65p/kg. A full row of stores and weaners attracted a large crowd of buyers with everything easily sold. Best white weaners from B Harrison sold to £72 with others from the same home £68. Stores achieved £62 for Saddleback x hogs with Pietrain x £58, younger stores were £42 - £55. The next sale of pigs is Tuesday 26th June for Prime/Cast only. Please advise the office of entries or contact Mathew Probert on 07540446667. There was a larger entry of Spring Lambs forward this week with strong demand from all buyers with the end of the Ramadan this week. There was an overall market average of 256p/kg achieved, with 40-50kg lambs averaging 261p/kg. More lambs could have easily been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Top price of the day was for 54kg Suffolks from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet selling to £147 closely followed by Suffolks to £138 from J Atkinson, Underbarrow. Texels peaked at £132 from JA Airey of New Hutton with others to £131 from RJ & KR Wilkinson, Levens. Top price per kilo was 313p/kg from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor with others from the same good home selling to 300p/kg. Plenty of pens of good conformation lambs selling in excess of 275p/kg. Quite a large number of light weight lambs forward saw best conformation 36kg lambs sell to £100 with 33kg lambs selling to £81. Prime Lamb Top Prices: Suffolk - £147 Lane Ends Farm, £138 Dale View Farm, £130 High Foulshaw Farm, £125 Dale View Farm, £122.5 Cracalt Farm. Texel - £132 Old Croft, £131 High Foulshaw Farm, £130 Skiddaw View, £125 High Foulshaw Farm, £121 Johnson House Farm. Dorset - £122 Hallbeck. Beltex - £119 Stubb Farm, £119 Trees Farm, £117 Stubb Farm. Charollais - £119, £115 Crosscrake Farm, £100 Redbank Farm, £99 Low House, £98 Crook O Lune Farm. Hampshire - £95.5 Gibsons Farm. Zwartble - £80 The Cresent.

There was a bumper entry of Prime Hoggs forward for the end of Ramadan with just short of 400 in the market. There was a buoyant trade throughout which saw well-fleshed hoggs sell in the region of 200p/kg. Top price per kilo was 222p/kg from RF Towers of Wray. Top price per head was £99 from RJ & KR Wilkinson, Levens for Texels. Horned hoggs sold to a top of 206p/kg or £80.50 for Swaledales from GM & A Jackson, Little Eccleston. Prime Hogg Top Prices: Texel - £99 High Foulshaw Farm, £94 Curwen Hill Farm, £89 Overhouses, £86 Cobble Hey Farm, £85.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Suffolk - £96 High Foulshaw Farm, £92 Low Longmire, £81 Low Groves Farm, £55 Hill Top Farm. Charollais - £89, £62 High Foulshaw Farm. Mule - £89 Overhouses, £82 Cobble Hey Farm, £77 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £76 The Borrans, £73 Curwen Hill Farm. Swaledale - £80.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £69 Old School House, £64.5, £62 Overhouses, £60 Old School House. Hampshire - £80 The Borrans. Herdwick - £79.5, £76.5 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £65 Rydal Farm. Horned - £79 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £56 Higher Salter, £50.5 Old School House. Scotch - £77, £74.5, £73.5, £69 Curwen Hill. Cheviot - £75, £56 Hall Bank. Masham - £75 Cobble Hey Farm. Rough Fell - £75, £66, £57 Howes Lodge. Dales Bred - £66 Ghyll Farm. Continental - £52 Cobble Hey Farm.

A large entry of Cast Ewes forward this week, saw 500 pass through the ring. JR Corlett of Cockermouth topped the trade selling Texel tups to £149 and Suffolk tups to £143. The ewe trade was topped by RF Towers of Wray selling Beltex Ewes to £139 and £133 with Texel ewes from the same home selling to £131. Plenty of strong Continental and Suffolk ewes sold in excess of £110. Mule ewes sold to a top of £87 from J BL & I Ellis, New Hutton with plenty of pens of Mule Ewes selling in the eighties. Swaledale Ewes sold to a top of £75 from the Inman Family of Witherslack. Cast Sheep Top Prices: Cast Ewe: Beltex - £139, £133, £123 Curwen Hill Farm, £122 Storth End Farm, £116 Trees Farm. Texel - £131 Curwen Hill Farm, £110 Crosscrake Farm, £103 High Foulshaw Farm, £97 Cock Hall Farm, £97 Crosscrake Farm. Suffolk - £106 Ashstead, £99, £90 Skiddaw View, £90 Trees Farm, £90 Woodside. Leicester - £101 Summerhill, £92 Skiddaw View, £80 Summerhill, £42 Boundary Beck. Mule - £87 Hawkrigg End, £86 High Underbrow Farm, £86 Woodside, £85 Curwen Hill Farm, £84 Deansbiggin. Cheviot Mule - £93 Woodside, £89 Green Lane End Farm, £85 Kirket Nook. Cheviot - £80 Hutton Roof Hall, £75 Crosscrake Farm, £58 Hall Bank. Swaledale - £75 Strickland Hill, £59 Flodder Hall, £55 Low Longmire, £52 Strickland Hill, £49 Rydal Farm. Dales Bred - £73 Ghyll Farm. Rough Fell - £72 Howes Lodge, £62 High Borrowbridge, £47 Old School House. Kerry Hill - £68 Lupton High Farm. Masham - £67 Woodside. Zwartble - £61 Ivy House, £61 Lupton High Farm, £40 Crosscrake Farm. Herdwick - £51 Rydal Farm, £46 Old School House. Cast Ram: Texel - £149 Skiddaw Farm, £106 Swainshead Hall Farm, £102 Tarnside Farm, £92 Hillcroft, £87 Hallbeck. Suffolk - £143 Skiddaw View, £74 Hawkrigg End. Zwartble - £88 Lupton High Farm. Swaledale - £69 Oak Tree Farm, £59 Higher Salter, £50 Rydal Farm. Kerry Hill - £45 Lupton High Farm.

Early Breeding Sheep Sales Special Sales of Ewes & Gimmer Shearlings suitable for Early Breeding Purposes Lancaster Auction Mart - Friday 20th July TO INCLUDE BREEDING RAMS. Entries Close Tuesday 10th July J36 Rural Auction Centre - Thursday 19th July TO INCLUDE STORE LAMBS - Entries Close Wednesday 11th July

J36 - 015395 66200

North West Auctions

Suffolk Prime Lamb Show Show for Pens of Five Lancaster Auction Mart Monday 25th June Lambs to be penned by 8am

J36 Rural Auction Centre Tuesday 26th June Lambs to be penned by 11.30am

Coming up at North West Auctions

J36 Rural Auction Centre th Tuesday 19 June 1pm 1000 SPRING LAMBS, 500 PRIME HOGGS & 750 CAST SHEEP Tuesday 26th June – PRIME PIGS Please advise office of entries Thursday 28th June 10.15am 80 REARING CALVES 10.30am 60 CAST/OTM CATTLE 11am 100 STORE CATTLE Entries close Wednesday 20th June Saturday 7th July at 10.30am Collective Sale of TRACTORS, MACHINERY & IMPLEMENTS Sale of POULTRY, WATERFOWL, HATCHING EGGS & EQUIPMENT Poultry Entries close Tuesday 19th

Save the Date! Lancaster Auction Marts Stock Judging & Social Evening Thursday 9th August from 6.30pm Hog Roast, Bar & Cash Prizes More details available in due course

NWA Property WHINFELL – LAKE DISTRICT NATIONAL PARK For Sale by Private Treaty Ashstead Farmhouse comprises a traditional 3 bedroom semi-detached Westmorland Farmhouse together with a small stone barn/garden shed, small front & rear garden and a paddock which includes a tennis court.

Lancaster Auction Mart th Monday 18 June 9am 700 SPRING LAMBS, 200 PRIME HOGGS & 200 CAST SHEEP

Tuesday 19th June at 11.15am Monthly sale of Pedigree & Commercial 40 DAIRY CATTLE Bilsrow, Carwood, Ingleview, Lupton Hall, Pennine, Saltoke, Sandcrest, Sandley, Stardale, Wattall, Whitecarr, Witherslack & Wyredale. In Conjunction with the Hassall Brothers Friday 22nd June 10.15am 80 REARING CALVES 10.15am 150 CAST/OTM CATTLE 11.15am 300 STORE CATTLE Last Wk Blks to £1470 & Hfrs to £1380 Friday 29th June Monthly Sale of 100 STIRKS

For Sale Privately 1 Pedigree Angus Breeding Bull 15 months 3 Pedigree Limousin Bulls 15-20m (from renowned breeding)

Ashstead Farmhouse benefits from a fantastic location, situated within the Lake District National Park and World Heritagesite and in close proximity to the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

4 Pedigree Angus Bulling Heifers, 24 months old

Additional land is available by separate negotiation. This comprises 13.89 ac/5.62 ha of pasture land, with fishing rights, and a separate block of woodland, extending to 5.19 ac/ 2.10 ha.

3 Pedigree Polled Hereford Cows (1st-2nd Calvers) with Hereford Calves (from renowned breeding)

Full details and plans available from the Agents.

1 Charolais Breeding Bull, 18 months old Contact Ian Atkinson on 07766521472

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Wednesday 13th June 2018

NWA Newsletter  

Wednesday 13th June 2018