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Corporate Design


Guy Carpenter HOK Architects Varia Ecoresin and color create a cohesive brand identity窶電ramatic lighting ties it all together.

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Ghost & Midnight Location – New York, NY Photography – Peter Paige



Corporate Environments Telling Stories 3form empowers designers with limitless possibilities for achieving corporate design visions with a sustainable approach. Develop design narratives through color, texture, shape, and translucency. In a world of online collaboration and wireless relationships, clients demand designs that powerfully anchor people to their location. Using translucent materials provides a sense of attachment to a structure and more meaningful face-to-face engagement. Infuse the built space with a sense of branded corporate identity. 3form is ready to get into your business.







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First impressions are critical. Make a lasting impact on both visitors and employees. Stunning entries instill confidence in customers and convey a sense of investment in workers who see the space every day.




Wilfrid Pelletier MSDL Architects Nothing says sophistication like a breathtaking lobby area that enlivens the senses.

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Clear with SFX Frost Location – Montreal, Quebec Photography – Stephane Groleau



Materials – Wovin Wall™ | Chill & Whip (Custom Tile Size) Location – Mirabel, Quebec Photography – Stephane Groleau


3form | Studio™ A collection of striking, easy-to-install, three-dimensional solutions.

Syscomax Pur-Design

Transform walls, develop artistic partitions with modular solutions, add subtle privacy to glazing installations or create stunning centerpieces that bring your spaces to life and inject unique beauty.

Custom Wovin Wall tiles altered the perspective of this corporate lounge space and provided an eye-catching view for the street below.

LOBBY Materials – Shapes™ | Legato, Varia Ecoresin® | Pure White Location – Quincy, MA Photography – © Anton Grassl/Esto.


Two Adams Place Perkins+Will Like a ship’s billowing sails, 3form Shapes form a basket-weave cascade in this four story atrium.


Perkins+Will Office Perkins+Will The Perkins+Will office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, occupies a two-story loft on the fifth floor. To make optimal use of the height, designers created a sculptural cube that redefines the space with luminous material. The multi-purpose space utilizes natural light via solar tubes above the cube, transforming space through form. The feature serves as both a gallery of the design firm’s work, and an example of it – inspiring visitors and instilling confidence in the firm. Light being central to the concept, but glass being impractical in a freestanding structure and far too expensive, designers immediately recognized that 3form Varia Ecoresin was the perfect fit for the project. Additionally, the sustainable nature of Varia Ecoresin played an important role in the design decision.

“Clients want brand colors to be represented in an elegant, three-dimensional way – not just a painted wall.”

Materials – Varia Ecoresin® | Clear with Supermatte Location – Research Triangle Park, NC Photography – Mark Herboth


- Steve Hall, Perkins+Will


Materials – Varia Ecoresin® | Linea Ochre Location – Steamboat Springs, CO Photography – David Patterson


Vertical Arts Vertical Arts Architects An intriguing contrast of raw steel and wood with refined Varia Ecoresin surfaces. The translucent skin plays with light and shadows as people meet in the conference room and move throughout the office.


HSBC Wright Heerema Architects The 3form Advanced Technology Group developed custom hardware for this complex installation. This accommodated in-field adjustment of the position of curved panels in relation to the faceted plywood structure.

Design firm Wright Heerema Architects received recognition for this project, winning the Best Ceiling Award 2008 CISCA (Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Vapor Location – Chicago, IL Photography – Werner Straube



Move beyond the initial handshake. Introduce more of the true character of an organization.

Materials – Ditto™ | Varia Ecoresin® | White Out, Vapor & Bliss Location – San Francisco, CA Photography – Matthew Millman



Skype Design Blitz An abstract arrangement of Ditto tiles, in company colors, conveys an element of whimsy and modernity perfectly suited to Skype’s brand identity.

APX Alarm Headquarters Pollack Architecture Designers accented this clean space with strong touches of corporate brand colors to integrate design concepts together – but not overwhelm.

RECEPTION Material – Chroma® | Surf Location – Provo, UT Photography – Eric Laignel

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“A great corporate workspace builds a sense of well-being that engenders employee retention.” - Hakee Chang, POLLACK architecture

CCMP Capital Swanke Hayden Connell Architects Illuminated Stone enhances this space with a rich luster and complements the alabaster reception desk.


Material – Stone™ | Alabaster White with Brown Location – San Francisco, CA Photography – Adrian Wilson

Material – Chroma | Cranberry Location – Chicago, IL Photography – Hedrich Blessing ®

Skender Perkins+Will This double-sided feature makes a powerful color statement, while providing privacy for the adjoining meeting space.

Material – Chroma® | Renew Location – Irving, TX Photography – Terry Wier


Irving Convention Center RMJM Hillier Draw the eye and focus the attention with luminous form.

3form | LightDesign™ 3form understands the unique challenges of lighting translucent materials. 3form Light Design combines art and science to offer specialized service from initial consultation to final installation. Light Design delivers turn-key lighting solutions that make the most of your corporate design environment.


Fabricated six-sided transaction lighbox



Materials – Chroma® | Vitamin C & Wovin Wall® | Chill Location – Ogden, UT Photography – Benjamin Lowry



600 . 02 . 02 LG


ReadytoGo™ Ready to Go solutions are pre-packaged options for creating easy-to-specify partitions, doors, tables and more; including material, fabrication, hardware and CAD drawings. Ready to Go solutions can be installed as-is or used as a starting point and modified to fit your design needs.

XANGO Headquarters FFKR Big and bold off the shelf. Make a powerful statement with light and brand colors using convenient Ready to Go solutions.

Bullivant Pollack Architecture Organic interlayers in Varia Ecoresin complement the linear aesthetic of wood grain.


Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Bear Grass Location – San Francisco, CA Photography – Cesar Rubio

Material – 100 Percent® | LineUp Turf, Varia Ecoresin® | Thicket + Moss, Chroma® | Ghost Location – Salt Lake City, UT Photography – Kirsten Hepburn

LineUp Offices 3form Studios One hundred percent committed. 3form 100 Percent makes a sustainable statement while maintaining high design.

It’s more than just getting from Point A to Point B. The areas that connect different functional spaces have a function all their own – to tie together themes and unify the whole business.




“Clients are very interested in making their buildings as resource-responsible as possible – 3form helps us accomplish that goal.”

Materials – Varia Ecoresin® | Mesa & Linen White Location – Berkeley, CA Photography – Tim Griffith

- Bill Leddy, LEDDY MAYTUM STACY Architects



Ed Roberts Campus Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects The Ed Roberts Campus integrates advanced strategies of universal and sustainable design. It is the foremost disability rights center in the world. The sweeping spiral ramp at its center, clad with bold red, is an iconic focus of the entire building, and has actually become the symbol for the organization.

3form materials enabled designers at Leddy Maytum Stacy to meet multiple project goals: durability and impact resistance, low maintenance, memorable translucent aesthetics that avoid an “institutional� appearance, a visible glow from the street, and a strong sustainable design story.


The Ashforth Company Roger Ferris + Partners, Architects Designers at Roger Ferris + Partners created an illuminating wood wall that runs 140 feet, the full length of the interior of the lobby. This impressive glowing architectural accent invites the street traffic into the space. The feature suggests warmth, innovation and quality.

One of the major objectives of the project was to change the exterior perception of the building. This was achieved by inviting more natural sunlight into the building in the daytime – and enabling the energy, spirit and creativity of the interior design to spill out to the exterior at night.

CORRIDORS Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Custom Wood Veneer Location – Stamford, CT Photography – Caryn Leigh


“One of our thoughts behind our selection was how diverse and well-made the 3form products are. It appears traditional and modern at the same time, and the quality of each panel makes it a natural selection for a high traffic and high design area.” - Andrew B. Ashforth, Co-CEO, The Ashforth Company

Material – Chroma® | Renew (Custom Gauge) Location – White Plains, NY Photography – ©Francis Dzikowski/Esto.


3form | Advanced Technology The 3form Advanced Technology Group (ATG) delivers cutting-edge projects that reinvent the built environment. ATG is an innovative team that maximizes expertise from diverse disciplines to execute boundary-breaking sustainable solutions from conception to installation.

ITT Headquarters RMJM Hillier One word: wow. The ethereal staircase is a dramatic focal point for this large corporate lobby.

SRG Office SRG Partnership Inc.

It’s all about color. Tie it all together with over 50,000 C3‰ color options.


Material – Chroma® | Cobalt Location – Portland, OR Photography – Charles Ingram

Material – Chroma® | Moss, Pressed Glass™ | Seaweed Location – Quebec City, Quebec Photography – Pur l’agence Interactive

RTC CCM2 Coté Chabot Morel Architects

“Natural materials are making a comeback – contrasting wood and stone with long ribbons of colorful resin creates an intriguing aesthetic.”

Materials – Varia Ecoresin® | Tanaka + Sable, Sable x2, Drift Brown, Linea Ochre & Nutmeg Location – Seattle, WA Photography – Scott Leen

- Ryan Smith, 3form | LightArt


Hagens Berman EHS Design Woven strands of lit Varia Ecoresin establish connections and speak to a cutting edge company character.

3form | LightArt™ 3form LightArt provides functional and unique lighting solutions for interior features. With discerning expertise in architecture, sculpture and lighting, LightArt creates custom, yet cost-effective solutions.

McDermott HOK Architecture

Custom Imagery. Tell the story through pictures.


Material – Varia Ecoresin® | HighRes™ + Ghost Location – Houston, TX Photography – Joe Aker

Material – Pressed Glass™ | HighRes™, Varia Ecoresin® | Ginko Thatch Location – San Francisco, CA Photography – Bruce Damonte

Mission Walk Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

Interdesign: Firm – dRN Architects Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Connection Repose Location – Santiago, Chile Photography – Pedro Mutis


CONNECT Break the boundaries of office space. Develop a casual environment where people can work together in comfort, surrounded by inspiring design.

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Fossil Leaf + Cranberry Location – Los Angeles, CA Photography – Seth Boyd


Dastmalchi Tag Front The perfect balance of openness and privacy, organics and color working together to provide a spacious, yet secluded work area.

3form | HighRes

Orchid Conference Room 3form Studios

Leverage the power of custom images. Specify without an opaque layer for maximum transparency; or add a vapor interlayer for backlit applications, increased privacy, and a more saturated image. HighRes is the best choice for large scale installations, offering precise panel-to-panel registration.


Materials – Varia Ecoresin®, Pressed Glass™ & Chroma® | HighRes™ Location – Salt Lake City, UT Photography – Kirsten Hepburn


Material – Chroma® | Renew (Custom Double-Sided Laser Etch Pattern) Location – Chicago, IL Photography – Linda Bergonia


Herman Miller Divider Herman Miller Create custom double-sided Laser Etch patterns to create separation without isolation.

Herman Miller Partition Herman Miller

If the walls could talk... Now they can. Tell a story through custom interlayers and fabrication.


Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Clear (Custom Laser Cut Pattern) Location – Chicago, IL Photography – Linda Bergonia

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Custom Interlayer Location – St. Petersburg, FL Photography – HOK

Office Depot HOK Architects

Materials – Chroma® | Renew Location – Chicago, IL Photography – Jon Evans


Davis Showroom Davis Furniture Industries The little things. An elegant bevel can draw a person in and create grace and comfort.

3form | Fabrication 3form Fabrication crafts personalized products, giving creativity support to succeed. From complex projects to simple finishing details, 3form offers world class fabrication capabilities to deliver turnkey solutions.

RECHARGE Time for a break. Replace the cold cafeteria with an inviting lounge atmosphere where coworkers can unwind and unplug.

COTY: Firm – Ted Moudis + Associates Materials – Varia Ecoresin® | Hive Large + Powder Puff Location – New York, NY




Mattel Design Center Rottet Studio

When converting an old aircraft manufacturing cafeteria into an inviting new space for Mattel employees, Rottet designers were thrilled to discover the 3form Varia Ecoresin Wave product that could provide a water aesthetic– perfectly solving their dilemma of how to obscure an unattractive view while still allowing daylight through. The translucence and the color achieved the design intent, provided excellent texture, and was easy to install – all while meeting budget goals.

Materials – Varia Ecoresin® | Wave + Surf Location – Los Angeles, CA Photography – Eric Laignel

Rottet Studio took the challenge of developing a corporate space that reflected the active, creative, collaborative ethos of the world’s largest toy company.


“Wireless technology has created a broader definition of the work space; now, instead of a big computer at a desk, it may just be an iPad on a couch. This accommodates a warmer, more casual and social environment.� - Patricia McCaul, Rottet Studio

Swept Cafeteria 3form Studios Use optically clear Pressed Glass to provide a rich atmosphere.


Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Shapes™ | Alta, Pressed Glass® | Swept Copper with Frame™ & Slide 05™ Chroma® | Rosé + Reflect with Stand™ Location – Salt Lake City, UT Photography – Skylar Nielsen

Material – Pressed Glass® | Seaweed Location –Cleveland, OH Photography – McGuire Photographics

Key Bank Vocon Design Ditch the desk. In a wireless world, work areas take on a new paradigm.

XANGO FFKR Architects

Curves and color. Push the mere lunchroom beyond, creating an inviting, branded corporate area.


Material – Chroma® | Marigold + Whiteout Location – Ogden, UT Photography – Benjamin Lowry

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Crush Orange Location – Dallas, TX Photography – Chipper Hatter

State National Bank Alliance Architects

Create the corporate character from the outside in. Use light, color and texture to sculpt a structure and put a recognizable face on a company.




Material – Koda XT® | Crystal Clear Location – Salt Lake City, UT Photography – Kirsten Hepburn


Big D Construction GSBS Architects Custom canopies. Let the corporate identity spill out to the world through functional, inspiring exterior designs.

WHYY KSS Architects, Hunter Douglas Façades & Barbara J. Sales Ultimate flexibility. Luminescent panels to display the corporate brand – or anything else desired.

Materials – Koda XT®/Quadroclad® Location – Philadelphia, PA Photography – Brett Drury



Innovation Sound Wall Hanna Gabriel Wells Architects in collaboration with Nowell Associates Landscape Architects

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Atlantic Location – Lakeside, CA Photography – Sasha Nielsen


varia ecoresin®


pressed glass®

Select the color, choose the interlayer, and specify a finish. Varia Ecoresin offers design freedom with easy specification and 40% pre-consumer recycled content.

10,000 luminous color options. Chroma boasts 40% preconsumer recycled content and is engineered to be resurfaced for a second life.

Laminated architectural glass with optical clarity. Select the color or choose the interlayer.



100 percent®

koda xt ®

Reminiscent of natural stone but altogether unexpected. Captivating translucency creates intriguing effects.

The Struttura collection offers superior structural capabilities, with color customization in a lightweight format.

100 Percent is an exciting, design-driven material with a minimal environmental footprint, made entirely from post-consumer recycled HDPE.

High performance, exteriorrated material with 40% preconsumer recycled content.



The industry’s most extensive hardware line, from standoffs to sliding doors and partitions. 3form Hardware is custom designed for turn-key specification.

A collection of striking, easy-to-install, 3-dimensional solutions. Transform walls, develop artistic partitions with modular solutions, add subtle privacy to glazing installations or create stunning centerpieces that bring your spaces to life and inject unique beauty.

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Collection of corporate installations using 3form's innovative resin products.

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