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Elena Rizza was born in 1981 capital of Noto in Sicily, the land full of culture and art. She grew up in a small picturesque town right by the coast, the sea and the sun providing her with plenty of artistic inspiration. You can clearly see this by looking at her work, as many of her


KAM is a New York / Istanbul based studio, established in 2010 by Atalay Yeni, working on a wide variety of projects, focusing mainly on Photography. KAM STUDIO aims to go beyond what’s in our minds and in the clients’ minds when they start a project, to take the challenge a little

Andreu Olivé _editorials. WHERE DEATH IS MOST ALIVE

Andreu Olivé begins as a photographer in the year 2000. After working as a photojournalist, portraying with his look the world that surrounds us, he feels captivated by the search of beauty and fashion. Once finished his top degree studies in image he

Neta Birenbaun & Anna Raidman _editorial. ROYAL BEACH

Neta Birenbaun “I was born on 03/17/87 in Israel. I speak - Hebrew, English and Spanish. I studied styling and fashion production at Shenkar College. My ambition is to become a fashion designer and

Nick LaFontaine _editorial. FISHERMAN’S DAUGHTER

Born in Montreal (QC) Canada, studied in media Arts and School of commercial photography. He has always been Playing the Drums and taking photos of everything. He loves the nature.-Fashion photography has got to be the strongest inspiration

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Raw Talents Issue XX

Stylist Elena Monti Make Up & Hair Andrea Sheehan @ Victoria’s Models Anastasia & Marcela Cervenkova @ WhyNot Models Milan 110 2beMag

Shirt Silvio Bettarelli Skirt American Apparel

photography by

Elena Rizza

Necklace Tarina Tarantino Dress OVSindustry Shoes Cinti

Shirt Sinequanone Belt Stylist’s Vintage wardrobe Leggings Alison Bianchi Shoes Jimmy Choo private collection

Hairband Accessorize Jacket Malloni Body American Apparel Underwear Woldford Bracelets Sharra Pagano Shoes Stylist’s Vintage wardrobe

Trench Stylist’s Vintage wardrobe Dress Sinequanone Skirt Malloni Stockings Gallo Shoes Gianna Meliani

Necklace Sharra Pagano Shirt American Apparel Skirt See by Chloè

Shirt Stylist’s Vintage wardrobe Pants See by Chloè Belt Tosca Blu Bracelets NoNu

Necklace Sharra Pagano Jacket Stylist’s Vintage wardrobe Underwear Intimissimi Belt Accessorize Hot pants Levi’s

Hairband Accessorize Body American Apparel Bracelets Marina Fossati Shoes Cinti http:// http:// Discovering Raw Talents http://behance.

Mientras en el año 1982 en las pantallas triunfaba la película WildStyle, nacía Nados. Un escritor de graffiti y diseñador gráfico de la ciudad de Barcelona que se ha criado entre sprays y tardes de pintura, forjando su propio estilo y ganas de hacer. Aunque aún no sabía que era un tag, un throw up o un graffiti, pronto crecería al estilo más salvaje en una ciudad donde las influencias te asaltan en cada esquina. Respirando el olor de cada spray y pasando horas mirando esa pared inundada de complejas líneas y colores. Descubriendo la forma de comunicar, de expresar y de decir muchas cosas. Nados trabaja las letras con una mezcla de colores contrastados que crean ritmos e impactos, combinando el graffitti tradicional con el diseño de última tendencia. Jugando con formas geométricas y estridentes, Nados representa el mestizaje con un estilo rectilíneo donde se muestra claramente su faceta de diseñador gráfico y actualmente como director de arte en su estudio de diseño y publicidad “Tois estudio”.

XX 2beMag

Nado’s Work

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Raw Talents Issue XX

photography by

Ata Kam

Art Director Atalay Yeni Stylist & Designer Yusuf Kayi Hair & Make Up Tamay Karaloglu Models Johanna Wagner & Hasan Sigirci Production Serkan Tunc Music April’s Legacy by Shelby Grey Holographic People

photography by

Andreu Olivé

Stylist Emma Burés Make Up & Hair Silvia Robles Muse Elane Fe Accesories Designer Nitanfita Silver Accesories Designer Cris Giménez Location Cementiri de Poble Nou

Skirt Emma BurĂŠs Corset Vintage Accessories Nitanfita

Shirt Topis Belt and shoulders Fabric Ribes i Casals (Emma BurĂŠs) Necklace Cris GimĂŠnez

Dress Mango Outlet Necklace Nitanfita

Trousers Mango Shirt Bershka Shoes Martinelli Accessories Nitanfita

Dress All Saints Earrings Nitanfita Bracelet Cris GimĂŠnez

Blazer H&M Bra Oysho Stockings Calzedonia Accessories Nitanfita

Fabric Ribes i Casals Dress Vintage Accessories Nitanfita


XX 2beMag


8 Hours in Brooklyn

New York - a center of creativity and fountain of inspiration for many artists. This unexhausted scenario for performances, photography and movies has been portrayed from many different angles. This time around, Next Level Pictures presents its new project «8 Hours in Brooklyn», directed by Jonathan Bregel. The opportunity – availability of the Phantom Flex camera; the challenge - to reflect Brooklyn street culture in 8 hours only. Without any kind of pre-production and with a minimal production team, they took to the streets with this high velocity professional cinema camera, commonly used to create slow motion effects. The filmmaker proved that if you know how to use natural light and there is good assistance, there is no need for the big lighting equipment that is usually used with this camera. Five minutes are enough to portray the tendencies in this New York district: sunsetting on a skate, movements of skin being tattooed or the tensed bodies of b-boys and basketball players. Shots assuring future use in advertising projects of the production company. Next Level Pictures was founded by cinematographer Khalid Mohtaseb and specializes in documentaries, music videos, TV series and commercials, carried out for such clients as Sony, ABC and MTV channels.

Raw Talents Issue XX

A day in the life BY MAX ADAM

The event behind these wonderful images is called ‘Pferdefest’, in English ‘horse party’, in Swedish ‘hästfest’ and for some participants simply a feast. A song called ‘Pferdefest, ist ein schönes Fest’ (The horse party is a nice party) might become a blockbuster some day, the party itself is for sure, I’d put my shirt on that party. I have attended this magical get-together since day one, alongside more or less fifteen other horses that always try to set up an event that is organized right down to the last detail. I would love to welcome all of you at my house that is interested in this extraordinary party in order to experience it, but I honestly can’t, because most likely all the rooms are already taken and my parents and rabbit would suffer heart attacks. What I can do is arrange accommodations, so do not hesitate to contact me! Horses can be designers too, stay tuned for the first ‘Pferdefest’ clothing line… and like us on Facebook! For more images, visit my blog!

And here is the clip about the last Pferdefest, by!



photography by

Ekaterina Belinskaya

Bra & Shells Underwear Costume Made Especially Hair Bow as a Necklace H&M Bracelet H&M

Stylist Anna Raidman & Neta Birenbaum Hair Style Menahem Haluba Make Up Sabina Harel Muse Anastasia Tur@ Roberto

Bra Afrodita Dress Costume Made Especially Necklace Private Collection Earrings Accesorize Shoes Steve Madden

Bra & Shells Underwear Costume Made Especially Hair Bow as a Necklace H&M Bracelet H&M

Bra Costume Made Especially Hair Piece Privat e Collection

photography by

Stylist Hilary Murphy Make Up Savannah Belsher-Maclean Muse Robyn Christensen

Nick La Fontaine

2beMAG 15  

The Raw Talent's magazine issue 15. If you want to see the animated version with videos, links & movement visit: 2beMAG Raw T...

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