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Photo by Martyna Gumula JUNE ISSUE 44 2014

FABRICA www. benetton.com

FABRICA www. benetton.com




JUNE ISSUE 44 2014


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Photo by Martyna Gumula

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Martyna Gumula Martyna Gumula


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Jose Grimm



email: info@josegrimm.com

Amy M. Phillips


Martyna Gumula

Martyna Gumuła was born in September 14, 1988 in a small countryside. She graduated from Wyższa Szkoła Humanistyczna in Gdańsk, where she studied journalism and PR. She’s been a devoted artistic photographer for five years and a lover of fashion photography for a year. Martyna tries to present the original way of doing the whole work. She’s dedicated, persistent and ambitious in pursuit of her own dreams. Martyna wasn’t looking for it, photography found her itself, in moments of sadness or despair she took the camera. Later she became overwhelmed with fascination for women, trying to reveal their souls she dipped in art photography creating her own style of capturing moments and post-production, few years later she started to search the completely new way until she was fascinated by beautiful simplicity, so she started to learn and create her own fashion portfolio. She says, that she will never be perfect, because there’s nothing worse than self-aggrandizement, you should learn during the whole life. She was also publicated in such magazines as Invited Magazine, Confashion Magazine, LaMode Info, Live & Travel, Prestiż, Nous Magazine, Positive Magazine, Modo Magazine, Invision Magazine, Vogue It. Martyna takes photographs from passion and with passion. When you ask her a question, whom she would like to be for the whole life, she answers that she can’t imagine her life without what she does now – photography.

email: martyna_gumula@vp.pl


email: amyphillips@eyemgmnt.com

Eddie Leschinsky



editorial_ The Shadow Muse


editorial_ Sand Band

Fashion and product photographer. Was born in former USSR (Ukraine), repatriated to Israel in 1990 and currently lives in Tel-Aviv district. Have Master degree in Computer Science, Bachelor in Business Administration. Primarily work in Hi-Tech industry. During business trip 4 years ago, accidently purchased first DSLR and since then photography becomes important part of his life and real passion. Studied different aspects of photography in Galitz school from several talented teachers, was thrilled completely by Fashion course with Shay Kedem. Was lucky enough to assist Shay during his photo sessions and while teaching. Later on got a job in one of the world leader medium format photography company, where met fantastic photographers from all over the world and discovered product photography with Igor Sakharov. This winning combination (fashion and product) makes possible to use both spheres of brain, “creative” and “engineering”. Speaks English, Hebrew and Russian. Hobbies besides photography is traveling with his amazing wife, playing guitar and mountain biking. Finally realizes, that “Simplicity isn’t simple”.

email: 123@reflection-studio.com




Andrea Cencini

editorial_ Intimitates

I was born 31 years ago in Bologna (Italy), where I live now. I have always been interested in photos, a passion inherited from my father. I was intrigued by photography because I felt that I could hold an instant of time, of emotion, a memory, right in my hands. Only a few years ago I started myself actively to work in the field of photography. I did not have school, I learned along the way, looking at hundreds of images of renowned photographers, trying to understand the used techniques and steal their secrets. Photography is my passion; it’s my escape, my way of being, of expressing myself. It’s a way of seeing the world but also a way to express my feelings and thoughts, which I could have never done through words. As Richard Avedon says “if a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up.

email: andrea@cencini.it

Martinez Abraham



editorial_ Nomad

Abraham Martínez (A75Photography) I was born on April 25, 1975, in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona). I'm a photographer and professionally dedicated to it. Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English Country/address: Aigua 92, Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)

email: info@a75.es

Nagy Christopher



editorial_ Dark Inspiration

editorial_ In that Moment

email: chrisnagy@chrisnagytakespictures.com

Kobi Alony



editorial_ JAPANIKA

I am a fashion and art photographer from Israel. I’v been working with graphics and design for the past 20 years and love putting the art into the photos. I’m very inspired by fantasy art and my dream is to make all the crazy ideas in my head come alive. I also play rock guitar and music is the fuel of my art. Language: English and Hebrew. Country: Israel Facebook: www.facebook.com/KobiAlonyPhotography

email: mkalony@smile.net.il]

Nicole Demeshik

email: demeshik8@gmail.com



editorial_ Lilia


Martyna Gumula


Muse: Viktoria Zgiblova Stylist: Viktoria Zgiblova Hair & Makeup: Nayar by Oscar Sanchez Assistan photographer: Michelle Grina

dresses & accesories designed by Viktoria Zgiblova


Muse: Courtney Shallcross of Eye Management/ @Muse NYC Hair and Makeup: Betsy Briggs Cathcart of Studio BBC Hair and Makeup Assistant: Sara Wilson

Wardrobe and Styling: Hunter Thompson for Epicene

Photography by Amy M.Phillips Eye Photography

The Shadow MUSE

Amy M.Phillips

Photography by Eddie Leschinsky

Muse: Noa Bachmann & Pemi Abehassera

Dresses and accesories: Arine, Aline Bashi Sides, Enat Maoz Stylist /Tali Rogev & Monica Fitz MUA: Eran Saada


Eddie Leschinsky

INTIMITATES Photography by Andrea Cencini

Muse: Chiara del Serra Kofi Adoko@grupo4 Stylist: Madalena Lazzarini Make-up: Valentina Sbb infra RED Studio


Andrea Cencini


Photography by


y Martyna Gumula


Martyna Gumula

LILIA Muse: Lilia, @Look Models Russia Stylist, Vera Salikova Makeup, Pavel Bulgar Retoucher, Artem Temin We express gratitude of a photographic ViewFinder-Studio

overalls, /DASH rings, oll MAGIA DI GAMMA

overalls, /DASH leather belt, MIU MIU rings, all MAGIA DI GAMMA

sweater, SEE BY CHLOÉ

sweater, SEE BY CHLOÉ jeans, ACNE gold-plated ring, bracelet all MONICA VINADE

blouse, GV jacket, trousers all BYGAKOFF leather belt, MIU MIU gold-plated rings,l MONICA VINADER

maxi dress, BYGAKOFF belt put on as a necklace, ATOS LOMBARDINI rings, all MAGIA DI GAMMA

stretch-jersey dress, RICK OWENS coat, CHARLOTT

cotton shirt, JUST CAVALLI

Nicole Demeshik

NOMAD Photography by A75 Photography

Chaleco Levi’s Top Zara Short Top Shop Bolso & Other Stories Medias Philippe Matignon Deportivas Nike

Muse : Izabelle Paludo “Francina BCN Karla RODRIGUEZ @ Mademoiselle Agency Makeup artist/Hair : Elisabeth Bueno Stylist /Yvonne Granada

Kimono TopShop Top Zara Pantal贸n Pepe Jeans Gorra & Other Stories Bolso & Other Stories Medias Philippe Matignon Deportivas Nike

Camisa & Other Stories Top Zapa Vestido Zara Bolso & Other Stories Medias Philippe Matignon Deportivas Nike

Chaqueta Levi’s Men Camisa Levi’s Pantalón Pepe Jeans Cadena Vintage Bolso & Other Stories Medias Philippe Matignon Deportivas Nike

Chaqueta & Other Stories Falda Zara Bolso & Other Stories Medias Philippe Matignon Deportivas Nike

Camisa Sandro Paris Camiseta TopShop Blusa TopShop by Kate Moss Pantalones Top Shop by Kate Moss Bolso & Other Stories Medias Philippe Matignon Deportivas Nike

Camiseta Sandro Paris Falda & Other Stories Bolso & Other Stories Medias Philippe Matignon Deportivas Nike

A75 Photography






Muse: Tabitha

Christopther Naqy

Japanika Photography by Kobi Alony

Muse: Yulia Rai-Raus Styling: Yana Zernitsky Make Up & Hair: Yana Zernitsky A. Photo: Arina Kortchov

Swords: Ori Nitzan Clothes & Accessories: Private collection of Yana Zernitsky Makeup: MAC Matchmaster, Face Powder- Vichi Dermablend, Blush- IL Makiage, Shimmer- IL Makiage Mineral Make up, Shadow- bh cosmetics, Brow Color- Kriolan -black, Bottom shadow- Kriolan white, red,black, Eyeliner gel- Mac, MascaraBourjois Liner Effect ,black . Lip color- Kriolan deep red.


Kobi Alony

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