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Spring 2021

For those who work the land At 21st Century Equipment, we know you need a partner that can deliver the expertise and offerings to empower your success every day. That’s why we provide the leading resources, innovative technologies, data-driven strategies, products and services to best support your evolving needs. With 16 locations and over 350 team members, our family is always here for you—developing solutions, delivering success.

A note from Owen To our valued customers and friends... What a difference a few months make. Who of us last September thought we would see March ’21 corn pushing $5.50/ bushel or KC wheat futures over $6.00/bushel? The best part is that these prices are being sustained by both strong export demand as well as tight old crop supplies—a great combination! Unfortunately, most of us sold out long ago, but the current price run-up provides some good pricing opportunities for contracting our upcoming crops. Speaking of next year, 2021 is upon us and spring planting is not that far off. In some areas, field work has already started. So, hopefully, our dry conditions get replaced by a wetter weather pattern in the months to come! In other news, we’re also seeing the demand for equipment, both new and used, increase sharply with the run-up in commodities—not just for us, but for dealers across the country. We are currently sold out of new 8R and 9R tractors with no signs of a replenishment from Deere until June. New sprayer production for Deere is also sold out for the upcoming growing season. However, we do have some new sprayers on hand. What this goes to show is new equipment availability is going to be tight for the foreseeable future, requiring all of us to plan and forecast new equipment needs earlier. The demand for new equipment has also impacted the used equipment market. Late models in all product categories are scarce. This has led to stronger prices and, more importantly, increased trade values, which is good news if you are looking to purchase. If you haven’t been to our website lately, I would invite you to take a look around. Over the past winter, we invested heavily in our digital presence. We hope you’ll agree that our new site is much more engaging, easier to navigate and provides quick access to tools like MyDealer for finding and purchasing OEM parts online. You can also find our popular Build Your Own tool to build, equip, price and finance a utility tractor, lawn tractor, zero-turn mower or Gator. Plus, a new online store to purchase licensed merchandise, including toys, clothing, tools and more—check it out at 21shed.com! Speaking of digital tools, the Operations Center on MyJohnDeere.com has added several new features that can help analyze and report on completed work across multiple fields. You can also create agronomic recommendations and prescriptions for this spring’s field work. And finally, it has never been easier to manage varieties, chemicals, fertilizers and tank mixes prior to going to the field. If you need help getting up to speed with the Ops Center’s new capabilities, just give us a call—and don’t forget to download the Operations Center mobile app in the App Store. As spring planting activities begin in earnest over the next month or two, everyone here at 21st Century Equipment looks forward to providing you the very best solutions for your equipment, parts, service and precision ag technology needs. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to working together throughout the upcoming growing season.

Owen P. Sincerely,


Owen Palm President/CEO

Latest News and Updates Introducing our new website We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our all-new website and online merchandise store. In an effort to better serve you, our customers and community, we have worked hard to enhance browsing, ordering, finding support and so much more—all to drive your success.

Visit 21stCenturyEquipment.com and 21shed.com today to experience it all!

Sign up for the digital quarterly flyer We encourage you to sign up for the digital version of our quarterly flyer. Simply use the link below to start receiving the flyer directly in your inbox. It’s easy and convenient!

Visit 21stCenturyEquipment.com/quarterly-flyer to sign up.

John Deere Rewards Partners

For more information and a complete list of John Deere rewards partners, visit deere.com/en/rewards/affiliations


John Deere Parts Promotion

Not ready to trade? Just upgrade. 12% off* select planter upgrades Valid through March 31, 2021 You don’t have to buy new to get better results; you can upgrade instead. With advanced technology now available for older planters, you can increase yield potential and extend the life of your John Deere MaxEmerge™ planter for years to come.

Easy adjust row cleaners

Reduce single-row adjustment time by 75%. Adjust your entire planter from the cab to accommodate for wet ground, waterways or end rows.

Pneumatic closing wheels

Eliminate time-consuming manual adjustments. Change force settings on seed trenches from the comfort of the cab to improve emergence.

Variable rate drive

Adjust your seeding rate on the go. Change seeding rate (manually or automatically) based on prescription maps to maximize profit per acre.

Row command

Minimize overplanting and maximize seed placement. Reduce yield drag and improve harvest capabilities on Pro-Shaft™ and MaxEmerge™ 5 row units.

Active pneumatic downforce

Fully automate downforce control. Sync with SeedStar™ 3 HP and SeedStar XP systems to set row unit for precise soil penetration.


*12% off the agreed-upon purchase price of select John Deere planter upgrades. Offer valid on qualified purchases made between December 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021. The 12% offer is applied to the total before shipping/delivery charges and consistent with applicable sales tax requirements. Some restrictions apply. Available at participating U.S. dealers. Prices, models and savings may vary by dealer.

Our Priority Service Program

Helping you get more of a return on your investment 21st Century Equipment is committed to reducing risk, increasing productivity and improving profitability. Program overview Our program starts with a dealer-performed technical inspection. From this thorough inspection, we prioritize any problems into one of two categories:

▪ ▪

Requires immediate repair Should be repaired in the next 12 months

Next, we review the findings and you select which program works best for you:

Priority Program

Priority™ Plus Program

Based on the review, you decide which repairs should be completed. This program identifies the state of your machine and allows you to repair only what you feel is necessary.

By repairing areas based on dealer findings, this program provides real peace of mind knowing the equipment is covered during the season. Includes full-service call and trucking coverage and one-year warranty on all repairs performed in the least amount of downtime possible.

No Payments No Interest* This offer ends March 31 and is subject to approval by John Deere Financial. Ask our team for more details. If approved, you’ll have no payments and no interest until July 1, 2021. *Must request program

The Priority Service Program includes all John Deere agricultural equipment. Ask your 21st Century Equipment representative about pricing and multi-unit discounts. Other features of our inspection include:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

FREE trucking Machine wash and detail FREE horsepower check on all PTO-equipped tractors Engine oil scan, fluid sample testing of antifreeze and hydraulic fluids are provided in all inspections

Priority Guarantee

The Priority Service Inspection program offers one-year parts and service warranty on all dealer-installed John Deere parts. 21st Century Equipment’s PRIORITY GUARANTEE will provide for those machines that complete both categories of our Priority™ Plus Program, the highest priority available, and free mileage on service calls.

Call your dealership to enroll or sign up on our website at 21stCenturyEquipment.com The completion of repairs in categories A and B also provides extended coverage that will eliminate any service call mileage or hauling charges regardless of the repairs required throughout the season of use.


Precision Ag Spotlight

NextCentury Productivity Packages Agricultural demands are increasing and pushing for more efficient and productive farm operations. At 21st Century Equipment, we’re your partner in developing and maintaining your operation to meet those demands. Our NextCentury Productivity Packages are uniquely designed, and can be bundled together, to maximize equipment performance; optimize field utilization and agronomics; ensure accurate data collection and transmission; or provide advanced data management, analysis and consultation services—making you more competitive than ever.

Why choose a NextCentury Productivity Package? Designed to suit every need

Protect your valuable investment

We understand that every organization has different precision ag support needs. That’s why our NextCentury Productivity Packages provide the freedom to choose exactly the level of support you require. Whether you need one package or you need them all, we have the solution and bundle of services to drive your success.

Adding technology to equipment is expensive, so protect your investment with the support and insights to keep you running at maximum productivity and profitability. With our NextCentury Productivity Packages, you’ll experience fewer problems and minimal downtime because your precision ag technology is continually optimized. And whether you’re operating with strong precision ag knowledge or learning the ropes, our experts are here to help when and where you need it. That way you can focus your resources where they’re needed most—on your core business activities.

▪ ▪ ▪

Uptime Package helps maximize equipment performance Equipment Optimization Package helps boost field utilization and agronomic influence Hardware & Software Package helps manage data with technology hardware, software/firmware updates and maintenance

Advanced Data Management Package provides advanced data management, analysis and consultation services for agronomics and equipment support

Plus, we offer additional services like our expansive and reliable RTK Network signal provision to ensure you’re always connected

Smarter way to manage expenses Balancing operational expenditures against performance can be a challenge. But our NextCentury Productivity Packages help manage annual expenses for ongoing support by offering customized bundles that meet your needs and budget. From maximizing equipment performance to better managing your data, let us help you better predict expenses and make more informed decisions when it comes to your operation.


Experts in service. Experts in precision ag. “Developing Solutions, Delivering Success” is not just a tagline; it is how we approach everything we do. We continually strive to provide the service and solutions you need to improve your operations. Our entire team of experienced and highly trained sales, service and precision ag consultants provide first-class customer support and value-added services. As a member of the 21st Century Equipment team, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve reliable, executable outcomes in the field.

NextCentury Productivity Package comparison Package Overview Unlimited access to Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) services

Uptime Package

Equipment Optimization Package

Hardware & Software Package

Advanced Data Management Package

3 machine or implement inspections of customer’s choice ($550 for each additional machine)

Free freight on inspected equipment if breakdown occurs (with all A’s and B’s repaired on inspection)

Free loaner for units under warranty or with recommended A’s and B’s completed from prior inspection

1-year John Deere parts and labor warranty on items installed by 21st Century Equipment

Free year-round freight on parts installed by 21st Century Equipment

Installation of machine software updates on inspected equipment at no additional charge (non-precision ag components)

10% year-round discount on John Deere packaged oil products, filters and net-wrap

Customer’s choice on 2 operations for in-field startup and optimization (tillage, planting/ seeding, crop care, harvest)

Customer/dealer team meetings to review equipment optimization and performance after each season

Installation of software updates on precision ag hardware components (display, receiver, rate controller, app controller)

Seasonal precision ag hardware/data setup assistance for field activities to/from John Deere Operations Center (assumes fundamental C, F, F structure established and organized; see Advanced Data Management Package for repairs, overhauls and corrections)

Seasonal precision ag collected data transmission assistance to/from John Deere Operations Center

John Deere Operations Center data manipulation and support (corrections, analysis, sharing, reports, etc.)

On-farm operator training (up to 8 hours)

Annual JDLink utilization report/review on up to 3 equipped machines (owned by single entity)

Package Pricing

Technology Services RTK Network signal provision (rover(s)/equipment owned by single entity) Variable rate Rx seeding/planting/application creation or manipulation - per acre Soil EC survey collection - contracted - per acre - 80' swath intervals Soil sampling (zone) - contracted - per acre (grid available at higher price)





Pricing for Technology Services (established annually at current market prices)

1st rover - $1,500 2nd rover - $1,000 3rd - $500 ($500 per additional rover) $3.50-$5/acre $7.25/acre


Customer creates a customized support package by choosing 1 or more groups to accumulate into a fixed-cost bundle for a 12-month (calendar year) period per an organization/operation. For example, the Equipment Optimization Package, Hardware & Software Package and RTK Access for 2 vehicles mean $2,000 + $1,950 + $2,500 = $6,450 per calendar year.


Precision Ag Spotlight

Our large and reliable RTK Network 21st Century Equipment continues to be the regional leader in building our RTK Network to help you make the most of your investment in precision agriculture technology. Our large and reliable network provides access to RTK signal corrections for customers across various parts of four states.

RTK Network benefits include:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

24/7/365 signal for any guidance or documentation field operations throughout the year Industry-leading accuracy and repeatability for all RTK Network customers Experienced and highly trained precision ag consultants to provide first-class customer support and value-added services Supporting your operation with assistance on vehicle and implement guidance, operational documentation, data analysis or any map-based variable rate applications

Network agreements customized to meet individual requirements

Our network provides you the assurance of reliable access to an RTK correction signal—keeping you in the field to complete your time-sensitive operations. It’s just one more way 21st Century Equipment is developing solutions and delivering success.


Telematics Upgrade Limited-time offer

SAVE $300 per machine with John Deere’s MTG 4G LTE upgrade*

Take advantage of this special pricing on a 4G MTG update for your JDLink and Wireless Data Transfer functions. Includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Upgraded 4G hardware 3 Years of JDLink Connect 5 Years of Remote Display Access 5 Years of JDLink Access 180 days of No Payments/No Interest

Cellular network providers in the United States have begun to sunset the 3G communication protocol used since 2005 and most will complete that effort in 2022. Accordingly, John Deere customers with equipment containing a 2G or 3G Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) will have JDLink functionality disabled on those pieces on December 31, 2021. JDLink activities like receiving diagnostic trouble codes or Expert Alerts remotely, using Remote Display Access, using ServiceADVISOR™ Remote, and transmitting agronomic information to or from vehicle displays will cease using a 3G MTG beyond that date. Upgrade any 2G or 3G MTG with this limited time offer today!

About John Deere’s MTG 4G The Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG 4G) is a mobile communications and processing platform designed and manufactured by John Deere Electronic Solutions. It integrates 4G LTE, GNSS, wireless, Bluetooth and on-board communications via CAN, Ethernet and RS-232. The Modular Telematics Gateway is ideally suited for advanced telematics applications such as machine health monitoring, advanced logistics, machine control, over-the-air programming and remote diagnostics. It is environmentally sealed and rigorously tested to ensure long life and performance in the most demanding environmental conditions. Upgrade for the ability to:

▪ ▪ ▪

See critical and timely machine health information Coordinate advanced labor and machine logistics Keep your operation running with timely, remote support

Storage: 8GB onboard flash

Designed and tested to extreme environments

Supports 12V and 24V systems

*Offer ends April 30, 2021. Contact 21st Century Equipment for complete details.

Supports multiple SIM options

Wireless and Bluetooth® communication


Prepare for Spring

How to care for your lawn this season

It is just beginning to get a little brighter and warmer outside, so spring is on the way! Getting your mower or tractor ready prior to spring cleanup is especially important. When it comes to your equipment, think about service early. It will save time and money and make your experience with your machine less stressful. I have prepared a list of items that I recommend when preparing for your upcoming projects.

Head to 21stCenturyEquipment.com/prepare-for-spring to see the full list. And don’t forget, every 21st Century Equipment location is here to help with parts, testing, blade sharpening and more. Plus, ask about our great pricing on mower and tractor inspections for spring!

Cathy Segelke Turf Product Specialist Sterling, CO location

John Deere product specials

Get 15% off the products below in the month listed!


Electrical cleaner



Heavy-duty wipes


Carpet cleaner

Don’t miss these Priority Service specials



Plus Parts

Lawn Tractors

Plus Parts with PSP Inspection

Replace spark plug, change oil and filter, check air intake, adjust carburetor, check power train, check all electrical systems, check belts and pulleys, check steering and brakes, level deck, sharpen blades, adjust controls, clean unit, grease machine and tire sealant available

Z-Trak Mowers

Replace spark plugs; change engine oil, oil filter, air cleaner and pre-cleaner elements, transmission filter, and fuel filter; check oil level; check and adjust parking brake, transmission neutral adjustment and tracking; check safety systems and tire pressures; lubricate front axle, spindles and wheel bearings; adjust spindle break; lubricate pivot points and seat; inspect/replace belts, install maintenance kit; clean engine cooling fins; check battery; sharpen blades; and clean and level mower deck

Build your own John Deere today Build and finance your very own John Deere utility tractor, Gator™ or mower right online!


OWN utility tractor • gator • mower

To get started, visit 21stCenturyEquipment.com/byo

John Deere Drive Green Events Stay tuned for announcements of Drive Green events! 11

Used Equipment

$10,000 parts credit plus 36 month interest waiver

2018 JOHN DEERE S780 STS Combine 915 Eng Hrs, 662 Unit Hrs, Located at Yuma Dealership, C080654



$10,000 parts credit plus 36 month interest waiver

2018 JOHN DEERE 8400R 400HP Tractor 712 Eng Hrs, Located at Ogallala Dealership, C083249



2017 JOHN DEERE S670 STS Combine

1,649 Eng Hrs, 1,000 Unit Hrs, Located at Alliance Dealership, C077408



sold 2016 JOHN DEERE S670 Combine 1,456 Eng Hrs, 969 Unit Hrs, Located at Sterling Dealership, C075462



2007 JOHN DEERE 9760 STS Combine 4,079 Eng Hrs, 2,906 Unit Hrs, Located at Cheyenne Wells Dealership, C083059



sold 2012 JOHN DEERE S670 Combine 1,922 Eng Hrs, 1,373 Unit Hrs, Located at Fort Morgan Dealership, C081027



2018 JOHN DEERE S770 Combine 1,366 Eng Hrs, 862 Unit Hrs, Located at Sidney Dealership, C081421



2018 JOHN DEERE S780 STS Combine 1,072 Eng Hrs, 597 Unit Hrs, Located at Scottsbluff Dealership, C080659



sold 2020 JOHN DEERE 8R 310 Row Crop Tractor 200 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C091501



2020 JOHN DEERE 8R 280 Row Crop Tractor 200 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C091514



2020 JOHN DEERE 8RX 410 Tractor 200 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C091482



2020 JOHN DEERE 9620RX Track Tractor 200 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C091476



2020 JOHN DEERE 9470R Articulated 4WD Tractor 200 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C091481



sold 2012 JOHN DEERE DR2430 24R30 Planter 17,350 Acres, Located at Scottsbluff Dealership, C085743


109,900 12

2012 JOHN DEERE Integral Planter Located at Scottsbluff Dealership, C090879



2011 JOHN DEERE 1720 (16R30) Planter 26,000 Acres, Located at Ogallala Dealership, C084624



2010 JOHN DEERE DB90 36R30 Planter Located at Gordon Dealership, C086039



2013 JOHN DEERE 1770NT 24R30 Planter 25,000 Acres, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C088374



For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com

Used Equipment

2013 JOHN DEERE S670 STS Corn Combine 2,176 Eng Hrs, 1,364 Unit Hrs, Located at Burlington Dealership, C075947



2018 JOHN DEERE R4028 Self-Propelled Sprayer

774 Eng Hrs, Located at Imperial Dealership, C091537



2016 JOHN DEERE L340 Baler 10,403 Bales, Located at Scottsbluff Dealership, C084990



2018 JOHN DEERE 9900 Forage Harvester w/ 772 and 659 Head 1,361 Eng Hrs, 835 Unit Hrs, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C088029



2020 JOHN DEERE 8370R 370HP Tractor 541 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport Dealership, C091134



2016 JOHN DEERE R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayer 2,165 Eng Hrs, Located at Scottsbluff Dealership, C075568



2020 JOHN DEERE L341 Large Square Baler 10,984 Bales, Located at Torrington Dealership, C090855



2010 Krause Strip Tiller 1200 8,000 Eng Hrs, Located at Yuma Dealership, C091472



2018 JOHN DEERE R4038 Self-Propelled Sprayer

1,389 Eng Hours, Located at Fort Morgan Dealership, C088133



2019 JOHN DEERE 560M Round Baler 8,300 Bales, Located at Torrington Dealership, C091715



2018 Artsway Beet Harvester BE692Z6R30 Located at Alliance Dealership, C090218



For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com

2015 JOHN DEERE S680 Combine

1,427 Eng Hrs, 1,013 Unit Hrs, Located at Scottsbluff Dealership, C073615



2013 JOHN DEERE 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayer 3,370 Eng Hrs, Located at Cheyenne Wells Dealership, C075570



2014 JOHN DEERE 569 Round Baler 14,991 Bales, Located at Wray Dealership, C091434



1995 Quinstar LZ5-40

Located at Cheyenne Wells Dealership, C089575



2015 JOHN DEERE R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayer 2,477 Eng Hrs, Located at Burlington Dealership, C087594



2016 JOHN DEERE W235/500R Windrower/ Platform

1,119 Eng Hrs, Located at Alliance Dealership, C089790



2020 JOHN DEERE 2660 VT (33’) Located at Gordon Dealership, C088497




Planter Upgrade

Do more with John Deere planter attachments Contact your preferred 21st Century Equipment location today to learn how attachments can add more to your planter.

Coulter/row cleaner combination

Liquid storage tanks

1.6 bushel hopper

Cast-iron closing wheel

Ideal for those times when opener disks need help penetrating tough soil and residue—plus, for tilling the seedbed to help the closing wheels create good seed-to-soil contact.

The 56.4-L (1.6-bu) hopper can be installed on planters with the ExactEmerge meter. This can be beneficial for seed corn growers who want to add hoppers to specific rows.

Fertilizer openers

Choose the size that fits your needs for storing liquid insecticide or fertilizer. See your local dealer for more information for correct applications

These closing wheels are best for tough soil and heavy residue conditions when more pressure is needed to close the furrow. Angle and stagger adjustments are identical to standard rubber wheels.

Single- and double-disk, frame-mounted fertilizer openers work well for a wide range of tillage conditions, including conventional, reduced, moderate no-till and more.

Low-rate financing options are available for select planter attachments sold through parts, including Easy Adjust Row Cleaner Performance Upgrade, Pneumatic Closing Wheel Performance Upgrade or ME5 Performance Upgrade kits $4,000 and above. Time to upgrade your planter with a Performance Upgrade kit? We have low-rate finance offers available through John Deere Financial. Please see your John Deere dealer for additional details on these offers.

▪ ▪ ▪

365 days of No Payments/No Interest (12 months) 24-month 1.9% fixed rate with 24 equal payments 36-month 2.9% fixed rate with 36 equal payments

Note: Minimum purchase for each offer is $4,000. Offer ends April 30, 2021.


All programs subject to John Deere Financial approval credit on a Multi-Use Account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. Program options are available for Agricultural and Commercial Account holders only. After promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue at the Multi-Use Account rate. Available at participating John Deere dealers, see your local dealer for complete details.

Meet the Newest Members Riley Gary Parts Specialist Torrington, WY location

Jack Draper Transportation Specialist Torrington, WY location Jack is originally from Louisville, CO, and got his education from Aims College. His work background includes construction, mechanic, oil and trucking. In his free time, Jack enjoys fixing up the old property he bought, vehicle maintenance, relaxing, motorcycle riding, hunting and fishing.

Riley is originally from Curtis, NE, and attended Chadron State College. He previously worked with Deer Meadows Outfitters and Landmark Implement. In his free time, Riley enjoys hunting, golf and spending time with family and friends.

Heidi Smith Parts Specialist Sterling, CO location

Randy Meredith Detail Specialist Wray, CO location After graduating from Fleming High School, Randy attended NJC before transferring to CSU in Pueblo and graduating with a degree in Mass Communications. In his free time, he likes to watch sports and movies, listen to music, collect and sell sports memorabilia, and play both video games and fantasy football.

Heidi is originally from Siebert, CO, and attended Northeast Junior College. She’s been working with Wickham Tractor since 2015. In her free time, Heidi likes to work cattle, garden, tend the yard, can produce from her garden and spend time with her husband and baby.

Cole was born in CA but has been in the Holyoke area since he was a kid. He graduated from Holyoke High School in 2019 and is currently studying Ag Business in Cheyenne, WY. His work experience includes a hand for Kroskob Bros Farms and a mechanic helper with Superior Diesel. In his free time, Cole enjoys being outdoors or just generally being productive. Luke Turner Service Tech Torrington, WY location Luke has previous experience as a mechanic. In his free time, he likes to hunt and spend time with his wife and three children.

Ashlee Wright Parts Specialist Bridgeport, NE location

Seth Williams Parts Specialist Imperial, NE location Originally from Rolla, KS, Seth completed a year with a vo-tech program for welding. His prior work history includes farming, operator experience, retail, contracting and tree service. In his free time, Seth likes to do woodworking projects and spend time with his two daughters.

Cole LeBlanc Parts Specialist Holyoke, CO location

Ashlee is originally from Warner Robins, GA, and has six years of Rangeland Wildlife Management education. Her prior work experience includes a mechanic at S&J Repair in Chadron, carman at BNSF and driver for UPS. In her free time, Ashlee likes to paint, hike, swim, cook and watch Top Gear/Grand Tour.

Come be part of our winning team

Attention high school students

To see a full list of job openings and to apply online, visit 21stCenturyEquipment.com

For more information, call 1-844-308-JOBS or email recruiting@21stCenturyEquip.com

21st Century Equipment currently has positions open at various locations across our territory. We are looking for individuals in parts, service, integrated solutions and sales who have a passion for agriculture and drive to best serve our John Deere customers. We offer a small company feel with BIG opportunities like competitive compensation and an excellent benefit package.

Are you thinking about a career in the ag industry? Then we want to speak to you about starting an exciting career as an agricultural technician with our Ag Tech Program. Find out how you can qualify for 100% college tuition and fees paid for—PLUS, $7,000 worth of snap-on tools and a rolling toolbox.


21st Century Equipment Corporate Headquarters 601 5th Avenue, Scottsbluff, NE 69361

Our Locations COLORADO


Burlington 17777 Hwy 385 (719) 346-8213 • (866) 871-6463

Alliance 1520 West 10th St. (308) 762-5870 • (888) 762-5870

Cheyenne Wells 44578 Hwy 40 (719) 767-5605 • (800) 275-4396

Bridgeport 9738 US 26 (308) 262-1110 • (800) 682-5121

Flagler 4707 County Road V (719) 765-4428 • (800) 764-4428

Gordon 6742 State Hwy 27 (308) 282-0665 • (800) 535-4450

Fort Morgan 20911 Hwy 34 (970) 867-9434 • (888) 529-5261

Imperial 1001 North Hwy 61 (308) 882-4326 • (800) 525-4934

Holyoke 39924 Hwy 6 (970) 854-3112 • (800) 584-9199

Ogallala 101 Road East 80 (308) 284-4049 • (800) 658-4227

Sterling 18793 Hwy 6 (970) 522-6697 • (800) 874-6291

Scottsbluff 3609 Hwy 26 (308) 632-4440 • (800) 658-4440

Wray 36535 Hwy 385 (970) 332-4141 • (877) 260-0241

Sidney 1901 Link 17J (308) 254-2511 • (866) 233-2511

Yuma 704 East 8th Ave. (970) 848-5482 • (800) 848-5482

WYOMING Torrington 5180 US Hwy 26 (307) 532-7071 • (800) 658-3254

Profile for 21st Century Equipment LLC

March 2021 Quarterly Flyer  

March 2021 Quarterly Flyer  

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