2023 Spring Quarterly Flyer

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Spring Into Action

If you can count on anything in life, it’s that with every season change, there’s new work to be done. We’re proud to support our customers by providing the things you need to take care of business. Whether you’re working on the farm, at the ranch or around your property, 21st Century Equipment is here to help you spring into action.

Spring 2023

A Note from Owen

To our valued friends & customers...

For most of us, it’s been a long winter. Growing up in Minnesota, some days have felt like I’m back home, but the days are getting longer and the snow is slowly melting. Hopefully, the mountain snowpack continues to build so we have adequate irrigation water supplies this summer.

In my last flyer letter in December 2022, I noted, “Older approaches to increase production are no longer viable. In the past, to increase production, we could rely on planting more acres, increasing horsepower, building larger implements or applying more nutrients. In short, we could always do more with more. However, today in agriculture, we have to do more with less.”

In other words, what got us here today won’t take us where we need to go tomorrow. I’d like to expand those thoughts a little further.

In agriculture, we have a tradition of learning from each other, passing along knowledge gained over the years. We know the value of doing things a little bit better every growing season, and over time, those incremental improvements have turned into something big. But while we continue to build on those improvements, it’s not enough to propel agriculture into the future. We need more ideas, more energy and more passion about feeding a hungry world. After all, that’s our job - feeding and fueling the world.

On November 15, 2022, the world’s population clock struck 8 billion people. That’s 8 billion people relying on us to feed and nourish them. More importantly, the United Nations estimates that today’s food production will need to double by 2050 in order to feed an incredible world population of 9.8 billion people. Boosting productivity on our farms and ranches is essential, and we will have to do it with less land, less water, less inputs and more regulation.

Part of how we’re going to be able to produce more with less lies in the utilization of Precision Ag technology - not only utilizing technologies that are available today, but adopting exciting new technologies that are coming not that far down the road. I hope many of you were able to watch John Deere’s keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past January. If you missed it, I encourage you to watch this presentation for great insight into Deere’s vision of how we can produce more with less. You can find this presentation at www.Deere.com/CES. I really hope you take the time to watch this video.

Finally, as I have said in previous letters, the key to doing more with less is data, and data is only useful if it can be managed and analyzed. John Deere’s Operations Center is an online tool that can help you manage your data. You can share that data with others, collaborating to make the best possible decisions for your farming operation. The Operations Center and its associated mobile apps also allow you to see what’s happening across your farm in real time and direct work plans to remote planting or harvesting equipment from your desktop or tablet. An Operations Center account is free. If you need help setting one up or a little training to get the most out of your account, please contact your sales professional or someone in our Precision Ag technology group here at 21st Century Equipment.

In closing, I want to thank you for your business and wish you a great start to the 2023 growing season.



more bushels per acre

It’s possible with Revline Hopper Throttle Corn.

21st Century Equipment is proud to develop solutions and deliver success for our customers. We do this by offering things like Revline Hopper Throttle Corn, a planter box treatment and microbial system for building root mass and optimizing nutrient uptake. In fact, a 2022 study with one of our very own customers resulted in an increase of 7 bushels per acre when this product was incorporated vs. without. Ask our team how Revline Hopper Throttle Corn can contribute to higher yields for your operation.

Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

Overview and Package Comparison

NextCentury Productivity Packages

Agricultural demands are increasing and pushing for more efficient and productive farm operations. At 21st Century Equipment, we’re your partner in developing and maintaining your operation to meet those demands. Our NextCentury Productivity Packages are uniquely designed, and can be bundled together, to maximize equipment performance; optimize field utilization and agronomics; ensure accurate data collection and transmission; or provide advanced data management, analysis and consultation services—making you more competitive than ever.

Why Choose a Productivity Package?

Designed to Suit Every Need

We understand that every organization has different Precision Ag support needs. That’s why our NextCentury Productivity Packages provide the freedom to choose exactly the level of support you require. Whether you need one package or you need them all, we have the solution and bundle of services to drive your success.

• Uptime Package helps maximize equipment performance

• Equipment Optimization Package helps boost field utilization and agronomic influence

• Hardware & Software Package helps manage data with technology hardware, software/firmware updates and maintenance

• Advanced Data Management Package provides advanced data management, analysis and consultation services for agronomics and equipment support

Plus, we offer additional services, like our expansive and reliable RTK Network signal provision, to ensure you’re always connected.

Smarter Way to Manage Expenses

Balancing operational expenditures against performance can be a challenge, but our NextCentury Productivity Packages help manage annual expenses for ongoing support by offering customized bundles that meet your needs and budget. From maximizing equipment performance to better managing your data, let us help you better predict expenses and make more informed decisions when it comes to your operation.

Protect Your Valuable Investment

Adding technology to equipment is expensive, so protect your investment with the support and insights to keep you running at maximum productivity and profitability. With our NextCentury Productivity Packages, you’ll experience fewer problems and minimal downtime because your Precision Ag technology is continually optimized. And whether you’re operating with strong Precision Ag knowledge or learning the ropes, our experts are here to help when and where you need it. That way you can focus your resources where they’re needed most—on your core business activities.

Experts in Service. Experts in Precision Ag.

“Developing Solutions, Delivering Success” is not just a tagline; it is how we approach everything we do. We continually strive to provide the service and solutions you need to improve your operations.

Our entire team of experienced and highly trained sales, service and Precision Ag consultants provide first-class customer support and value-added services. As a member of the 21st Century Equipment team, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve reliable, executable outcomes in the field.


Overview and Package Comparison

Productivity Package Comparison


Unlimited access to Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) services

2 machine or implement inspections of customer’s choice

Free freight on inspected equipment if breakdown occurs (with all As and Bs repaired on inspection)

Free loaner of similar make and model. Machines qualifying for the loaner program must be seven years old or newer AND only if the down machine had all recommended As & Bs completed from a prior inspection by 21st Century Equipment in the last twelve months (loaner is subject to availability). 21st Century Equipment reserves the right to make substitutions at its discretion.

1-year John Deere parts and labor warranty on items installed by 21st Century Equipment

Free year-round freight on parts installed by 21st Century Equipment

Installation of machine software updates on inspected equipment at no additional charge (non-Precision Ag components)

10% year-round discount on John Deere packaged oil products, filters and net-wrap

Customer’s choice on 2 operations for in-field startup and optimization (tillage, planting/ seeding, crop care, harvest)

Customer/dealer team meetings to review equipment optimization and performance after each season

Installation of software updates on Precision Ag hardware components (display, receiver, rate controller, app controller)

Seasonal Precision Ag hardware/data setup assistance for field activities to/from John Deere Operations Center (assumes fundamental C, F, F structure established and organized; see Advanced Data Management Package for repairs, overhauls and corrections)

Seasonal Precision Ag collected data transmission assistance to/from John Deere Operations Center

John Deere Operations Center data manipulation and support (corrections, analysis, sharing, reports, etc.)

On-farm operator training (up to 8 hours)

Annual JDLink utilization report/review on up to 3 equipped machines (owned by single entity)

Customer creates a customized support package by choosing 1 or more groups to accumulate into a fixed-cost bundle for a 12-month (calendar year) period per an organization/operation. For example, the Equipment Optimization Package, Hardware & Software Package and RTK Access for 2 vehicles mean $2,200 + $2,500 + $2,500 = $7,200 per calendar year.

2023 NextCentury Productivity Packages from 21st Century Equipment


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Uptime Package Equipment Optimization Package Hardware & Software Package Advanced Data Management Package
● ●
Package Pricing $2,200 $2,200 $2,500 $4,000 TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Pricing for Technology Services (established annually at current market prices) RTK Network signal provision (rover(s)/equipment owned by single entity) 1st rover - $1,500 2nd rover - $1,000 3rd - $500 ($500 per additional rover) Variable rate Rx seeding/planting/application creation or manipulation - per acre $3.50-$5/acre Soil EC survey collection - contracted - per acre - 80' swath intervals $7.25/acre Soil sampling (zone) - contracted - per acre (grid available at higher price) $7.25+/acre

Bulk Fluids and DEF Program

It’s time to get ready for spring.

You may be wondering, why invest in Bulk Fluids or Bulk DEF? Two words: savings and convenience. Less time will be spent handling drums and jugs, plus cost savings at bulk price.

21st Century Equipment’s Bulk Fluids/Bulk DEF Program offers FREE delivery throughout our operating area on a monthly basis with our optional KEEP FULL Program. We offer most reels, pumps and tank options, with the most popular being two stackable, 120-gallon tanks with stand.

Bulk Product Offerings

Hy-Gard PLUS-50 II 15W40 DEF

65-Gallon Portable Dispensing Unit

APX by Aile DEF Tote Pumps


Includes: 7-8 GPM flow rate, 20’ discharge hose, poly nozzle, micro-valve RSV drum coupler, two-year warranty

120-Gallon Stacked Oil Tanks


Includes: 12V pump, poly nozzle, 20’ hose Includes: Two 120-gallon containers, stand, drip tray kit, valves and hose. $200 with purchase of minimum 100 gallons of each oil.

Filling Options: Through camlock cap for nozzle filling or closed system filling through RSV valve system

330 Gallon DEF Cage Tote


Includes: Blue lid, 4-cam micro-valve, dip tube, 2” one-way bottom valve



Includes: 50’ retractable hose reel, APX 3:1 air-operated pump, suction tube, ball valves, manual meter and turnkey system

Learn more about bulk product offerings at 21stCenturyEquipment.com/Parts-and-Service/Order-Parts/Bulk-Oil.

Mount Kit with Manual Meter
Other Sizes Available: CT120 - single tank CT60 - single tank CTS24 - single tank stand

Data Transfer

As another planting season approaches and you’re prepping your tractors and planters for the spring rush, don’t forget to fully utilize all the technology tools John Deere provides to make your farm as productive as it can be. John Deere offers the Operations Center to not only Deere customers, but to any farmer to manage their data free of charge. The web or mobile version of the Operations Center has four main areas to help keep data clean, organized and usable anytime, anywhere.

Setup Plan Monitor

The first area of the Operations Center you should get organized is the setup area. This includes your client, farm and field lists. This area should only reflect one name for each field you farm. If it doesn’t and you have multiple names from operators over the years, we recommend getting them merged or deleted to prevent any confusion by not having a consistent naming structure. It’s also important to clean up and get rid of old guidance lines and boundaries that are no longer relevant. These result in wasted time searching on the displays for the correct guidance lines.

The second area in the Operations Center is the plan area. This is where we can set up exact products, rates and guidance lines to be used ahead of time, so when the operator gets to the field, they can spend more time doing the task rather than inputting things into the display.

With a properly equipped vehicle, users can monitor real-time work progress and see exactly what’s getting done within the third area of the Operations Center. This allows you to make necessary adjustments as things are happening. You don’t need the latest piece of equipment to get this done either. With a Gen 4 display and an MTG, we can make any piece of equipment stream real-time data to help your operation utilize cutting-edge technology.


The fourth area found in the Operations Center allows users to analyze all the data coming off the machines, implements and documentation layers. In the Machine Analyzer portion, you can see many things to help determine your true cost of operation, like total engine hours and total gallons of fuel used per operation or season, just to name a few. In the Field Analyzer portion, we can compare many different data layers over the course of the season to measure what is and is not making positive impacts on your farm.

Whether you’ve been using the Operations Center and Wireless Data Transfer for years or you’ve never heard of it and want to know more, reach out to your local 21st Century Equipment location. From there, we’ll get you in touch with one of our Precision Ag consultants to help position you for an easy and successful planting season.

Precision Ag

Tractor Spotlight

John Deere 5 Series

At 21st Century Equipment, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality John Deere equipment to fit your every need. From machinery for agricultural use to the ideal product for residential property owners, our knowledgeable team has you covered.

We’re going to discuss what is arguably one of the most useful pieces of equipment any moderate-to-large property owner can have at their disposal: a John Deere 5 Series tractor. This line ranges in size and strength, from the 5075E to the 5090M.

What makes John Deere 5 Series Utility Tractors so versatile?

1. Power

The 5 Series family of tractors features machines that range in horsepower from 50hp-128hp. Such a range puts this series right in the sweet spot for most rural property owners. Multiple transmissions options are also available.

2. User-Friendly Features

This line is incredibly operator friendly. With Precision Ag capabilities (more on this to come), a comfortable operator station, a wide range of easy-to-use attachments and features that make use of this machine more comfortable overall, the 5 Series line is a user’s dream.

Did you know you can customize your tractor to your needs, including options for things like a premium cab and adjustable air ride seats, Bluetooth radio and more? Ask your local 21st Century Equipment representative for ideas on how you can make your 5 Series tractor just right for you. The inclusion of AutoTrac also makes these tractors even easier to operate than models of the past.

3. JDLink Connectivity

The John Deere 5 Series line is compatible with JDLink. JDLink connectivity allows for remote diagnostic operations to be performed. This feature also allows for routine maintenance notifications to be sent, troubleshooting to be performed and much more.

Many users find JDLink's ability to keep track of your equipment’s precise location to be incredibly helpful when multiple pieces of machinery are operating at once.

Whether you’re a rancher whose day includes things like baling hay and feeding cattle, a property owner completing road maintenance tasks or anything in between, a John Deere 5 Series tractor from 21st Century Equipment may be just the machine your operation is missing.

Find the 21st Century Equipment John Deere dealer location nearest you to learn more!


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10 For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com. Used Equipment 2012 VM 665 Located at Gordon, NE C096378 $15,900 2020 JOHN DEERE 9900 Located at Sterling, CO C088254 $555,000 2020 JOHN DEERE 9900 Located at Sterling, CO C101414 $434,900 2008 BESTWAY FIELD PRO IV Located at Sidney, NE C104151 $10,900 2011 JOHN DEERE 956 Located at Torrington, WY C100128 $19,900 2020 JOHN DEERE L341 Located at Scottsbluff, NE C090855 $124,900 2015 JOHN DEERE 569 Located at Gordon, NE C100441 $19,900 2019 JOHN DEERE S770 Located at Burlington, CO C103757 $269,900 2015 JOHN DEERE L340 Located at Ogallala, NE C100131 $62,900 1989 CASE 1660 Located at Sterling, CO C095167 $8,900 1994 CASE 8465 Located at Bridgeport, NE C102603 $4,900 SS MSF-8650 Located at Holyoke, CO C101177 $19,900 2017 JOHN DEERE 1725 CCS Located at Holyoke, CO C102882 $84,900 2016 JOHN DEERE 569 Located at Gordon, NE C102128 $23,900 2012 NEW HOLLAND BR7090 Located at Gordon, NE C099189 $10,900 2000 VM 605XL Located at Gordon, NE C095910 $4,500 2018 JOHN DEERE 1775C Located at Ogallala, NE C102343 $262,900 CASE 5300/5310 Located at Wray, CO C099309 $16,900 2011 JOHN DEERE 568 Located at Alliance, NE C096250 $19,900 2021 JOHN DEERE S770 Located at Burlington, CO C103103 $386,900
11 For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com. Used Equipment 2021 JOHN DEERE X9 1000 Located at Imperial, NE C105517 $699,900 2000 ML AVALANCHE 10 Located at Fort Morgan, CO C103883 $29,900 2018 JOHN DEERE 6105E Located at Alliance, NE C106196 $42,900 2021 JOHN DEERE 9900 Located at Fort Morgan, CO C107065 $679,900 2020 JOHN DEERE W170 Located at Imperial, NE C105780 $176,900 2019 JOHN DEERE 560M Located at Imperial, NE C105230 $29,900 2017 JOHN DEERE 8320RT Located at Gordon, NE C106005 $259,000 2015 JOHN DEERE R4045 Located at Scottsbluff, NE C104911 $144,900 2021 JOHN DEERE PLANTER PERF Located at Bridgeport, NE C104986 $109,900 2018 JOHN DEERE 560M Located at Alliance, NE C105110 $43,900 2019 JOHN DEERE R4044 Located at Cheyenne Wells, CO C098313 $274,900 2020 JOHN DEERE S780 Located at Ogallala, NE C107447 $395,900 JOHN DEERE 569P Located at Bridgeport, NE C107383 $18,900 2019 JOHN DEERE 1025R Located at Ogallala, NE C107521 $16,900 2018 JOHN DEERE 560M Located at Bridgeport, NE C105183 $28,900 2016 JOHN DEERE 1725 CCS Located at Bridgeport, NE C104549 $72,900 2009 BESTWAY FIELD PRO IV 1850 Located at Sidney, NE C106148 $15,500 2020 JOHN DEERE S770 Located at Sidney, NE C106006 $254,900 2019 JOHN DEERE 1025R Located at Cheyenne Wells, CO C105131 $14,900 2021 JOHN DEERE 2025R Located at Sterling, CO C105997 $23,900

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