2021 Winter Quarterly Flyer

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Winter 2021

‘Tis the season for winter service When it comes to preparing for the colder months or planning for a new year, 21st Century Equipment has you covered. From snow-approved attachments to precision ag data support to our Winter Inspection Priority Service Program, let us help make your season brighter.

A note from Owen To our valued friends & customers... It is hard to believe it is almost Christmas. What a year this has been as we have continued to struggle with COVID-19 and issues like vaccinating or not vaccinating, mask or no mask, supply chain challenges that have affected equipment availability, labor strikes and its ensuing parts availability issues, and on and on. But through all that, we did harvest a crop, and by all accounts, a good one at that. I’d like to spend a little time sharing my thoughts on data, specifically digital data. Among the other things that happened this past year, we also saw the continued rise of digital currency. Bitcoin, a completely virtual form of currency, exceeded the physical value of gold. This turning point is another sign that our comfortable analog and physical surroundings are rapidly changing. So trying to stay “old school” could become very uncomfortable and maybe even downright unpleasant! This digital evolution is not just about shopping for your seed and chemical needs online, although studies I have seen suggest that practice is increasing at a rapid rate. The rapid growth in that segment of agribusiness tells me that businesses, including yours and mine, that invest in digital technology are separating and distinguishing themselves from their competitors. So why am I rambling on about digital data? I’d suggest the answer is that your on-farm data is the currency of the 21st century (no pun intended). Precision agronomy has matured to mean much more than just precision grid sampling. It means that a producer focused on collecting more and better data has a leg up on those that do not. The idea is to collect enough layers of data to actually make better decisions about seed variety performance, planting dates, fertility programs, irrigation scheduling and crop care chemicals. We now can make management decisions, not by the farm or the field, but by the acre….and not too far down the road, by the plant. The next big challenge, after careful and disciplined data collection, is storing and managing the data. Our answer to data management is the John Deere Operations Center. The Operations Center is built around a four-step plan: Set up your organization, plan your work, monitor various operations as they occur on your farm in real time, and analyze the year’s results for insights to prepare next year’s plan. Using the Operations Center is secure and free of charge. You manage who your data is shared with and who can access it. The Operations Center is an open platform that enables you to digitally connect with your preferred partners and farm software tools to analyze, edit and make collaborative decisions. And did I tell you it’s free of charge? I have only touched on a few of the many capabilities of the Operations Center. If you are not using it today and want to learn more—or if you are using it and want more training—please contact your sales professional, local Technology Specialist or our Integrated Solutions Specialists. In closing, on behalf of all of us at 21st Century Equipment, I want to wish you a joyous Christmas season and a great new year. We appreciate your business in 2021 and look forward to supporting your John Deere sales, parts, service and technology needs in 2022. Sincerely,

Owen P. 2

Owen Palm President/CEO

Latest News and Updates

Holidays at The Shed Shop early this season and get the perfect John Deere gift for dad, mom, grandparents or even the little ones.

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21st Century Equipment Leasing We know every farm, machine and budget is different. As an independent, private finance company that solely supports 21st Century Equipment, we offer flexible, same-day financing options and direct support to find the right plan to fit your needs. Plus, we have a one-page application and one-call approval for a simple and hassle-free experience. Get to know our team:

Matt Keller | Director of Leasing Matt has an international background in Oil and Gas, Tech, and Agriculture. He’s in the process of moving to Scottsbluff from Grand Island, Nebraska, with his wife Katie and 5-year-old son Tommy. Corey Palm | Leasing Coordinator Corey graduated from the University of Wyoming and has experience in Oil and Gas Pipeline Sales. Before joining the leasing team in 2019, he was a Parts Manager at 21st Century Equipment in Bridgeport and later at Scottsbluff. He has two young daughters, Zoe Jane and Peyton. Kim December | Finance Specialist Kim graduated from Cardinal Stritch University and joins the leasing team to support on lease quotes and financing options. She previously worked for John Deere Financial and brings significant experience in credit, collections and financial analysis. Kim and her husband Dave moved to Scottsbluff in November 2019.

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Innovation Spotlight

Celebrating 75 years of harvest innovation

Harvesting innovation since 1947, John Deere self-propelled combines are known for their productivity, reliability and efficiency. Bridging our historic past with the future of integrated technology, the S Series is engineered and built to help you make the most of every harvest season.


Winter Maintenance

Protect against cold weather

When the temps start dropping, it’s important to take a few extra steps to protect your investment. And your local 21st Century Equipment location is here to help! From maximizing the life of your John Deere machine to finding snow-approved products like the ones below, schedule a service or talk to one of our experts today.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner and maintains ▪ Cleans fuel system cold filter plugging ▪ Lowers point and pour point a deicer and ▪ Contains prevents fuel lines from freezing

Emergency Thaw gelled diesel fuel ▪ Reliquifies wax and melts ice in ▪ Unplugs fuel filters* fuel flow to ▪ Restores the engine *Does not remove water as a result of melting ice


Join Our Team

Find the right opportunity for you

Now hiring! Do you have a passion for agriculture? Are you ready to be at the forefront of farming technology and learn from industry experts? Do you want to be part of something bigger? Our 21st Century Equipment team is made up of farmers, ranchers, neighbors and friends— all industry experts who are passionate about what they do and who they do it for. If you’re ready for an exciting and rewarding John Deere career, then we’re ready for you.

Our benefits

Competitive wages

PTO & paid holidays

401(k) retirement savings plan with match

Health & dental insurance

Company-paid & voluntary life insurance

Supplemental insurance

Employee purchase discounts

Job training

Career advancement


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Campus connection

The agriculture industry is essential to our futures. From equipment that helps feed growing communities to precision technology that saves energy and time, we are driven to help our customers make the most out of their land, resources and precious hours of the day— because we know how vital they are. So if you’re looking for a future career in agriculture that is full of opportunity, passion and great people, then this is the place to be.

Ag tech program

The 21st Century Equipment 2-year diesel Ag Tech Program and John Deere TECH program are amazing opportunities for students to gain valuable industry experience and work side-by-side with talented experts using the latest agriculture technology and equipment.


At 21st Century Equipment, we’re committed to helping our neighbors make the most of their land—and their livelihoods. Every day, we push ourselves to provide the best support, service and John Deere products to ensure a job well done. And we take great pride in finding veterans who are ready to empower the success of our community with us.

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Meet The Newest Members

Alex Frerichs Parts Counter Specialist Bridgeport, NE Alex is originally from Gurley and brings with him years of experience both at Rain and Hail as well as Triple O’s. In his extra time, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé and three children.

Bryan Funk Customer Service Representative Fort Morgan, CO With a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University, Bryan has many years in the farm and ranch industry. When he isn’t working, he spends his time with his wife and seven children raising show pigs and camping.

John Hooten Transportation Specialist Sterling, NE John comes with several years of experience as well as U.S. Army military service. In his spare time, he enjoys building old cars and spending time with his family, including five children and seven grandkids.

Randy Gage Technician Sidney, NE A Nebraska native, Randy is familiar with the Western Panhandle and has spent over eight years as a mechanic. With a passion for classic cars, he enjoys spending time rebuilding them as well as hanging out with his wife and sons, Liam and Jayden.


Amanda Mathis Parts Specialist Ogallala, NE Hailing from Big Springs, Amanda has a diverse background in education and a Bachelor in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. Outside of her professional life, Amanda loves spending time with her three kids and being outside.

Cory Natale Utility Worker Scottsbluff, NE Born in Denver, Cory has been in the Scottsbluff area for over 26 years. He brings with him a varied background in construction. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his large Italian family, riding his Harley, fishing, foraging, bowling and BBQing.

Kenzy Hernandez Financial Support Scottsbluff, NE A Scottsbluff native, Kenzy has spent over 19 years in the financial field before joining 21st Century Equipment. When not busy at work, she enjoys her photography business, urban farming, and spending time with her husband and blended family of four children.

Sheldon Specht Service Manager Cheyenne Wells, CO Originally Sheldon hails from Lamar, CO, and brings with him several years of mechanical knowledge. In his off time, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and three children.

Blake Mari Salesman Holyoke, CO Blake is well accustomed with the area customers and looks forward to getting to know them better. He spends his time away from work at his co-owned cattle operation and looks forward to marrying his fiancé MegAnn.

Derick Kiel Lead Production Specialist Fort Morgan, CO Originally from Sterling, CO, Derick brings with him several years of on-the-job knowledge as well as an education from Milford, NE, in the John Deere Tech Program. He enjoys time outdoors and is looking forward to the birth of his first child.

Paige Knowles Service Coordinator Sterling, NE Paige brings a degree in Fire Science and EMS as well as an extensive background in management. In her spare time, she enjoys hunting waterfowl and fly fishing with her husband and three dogs. She also enjoys remodeling their home and working in her antique/vintage business.

Tyler Oxford Salesman Ogallala, NE Originally from Imperial, Tyler brings lots of experience selling in the agriculture world. In his free time, he enjoys being outside golfing and pheasant hunting. He also enjoys watching sports and spending time with his wife Mallory.

Customer Story

How a third-generation farm grew into a treasured local winery The Kauffman family lives on a third-generation family farm in Fort Morgan, Colorado—a farm where Dan Kauffman learned to set irrigation tubes at the age of 9, grow corn and alfalfa on 400 acres, and where his love of wine took root. In 2018, Dan and his wife Sharon decided to take that hobby and turn it into a business—“a place where friends and wine meet.” They called it Country Road Vines and Wines. They started their major investment by planting 120 vines, and Sharon started the long process of obtaining a license for a limited winery. But the next year, COVID-19 brought new obstacles. Building timelines tripled, and there was limited labor to help with the vineyard and tending to the vines. So Dan and Sharon turned to their community. They partnered with local businesses to spread the word and enlisted the help of 21st Century Equipment experts for solutions to their labor challenges. And it worked. They invested more in the winery, planted 168 additional grape vines and continued to grow the business—which officially opened its doors on July 4, 2021! Dan and Sharon are proud of the space they’ve created and are hopeful that others will also be inspired to take their hobby to the next level. But most importantly, their story shows how important it is to support local businesses and count on your community. “Stay, play, shop local as much as possible,” Sharon says with a big smile.

To read Dan and Sharon’s full story and how 21st Century Equipment helped, visit 21stCenturyEquipment.com/Winery 9

Used Equipment


2018 JOHN DEERE S770 COMBINE 1167 Eng Hrs, 740 Sep Hrs, Located at Fort Morgan, CO C090261



2018 JOHN DEERE 560M BALER 11,049 Bale Count, Located at Imperial, NE C098071




5150 Bale Count, Located at Alliance, CO C097115




16,625 Bale Count, Located at Gordon, NE C098672



2011 JOHN DEERE 956 MOCO 200 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport, NE C098990



2018 JOHN DEERE 712C CORNHEAD Located at Yuma, CO C099215



2020 JOHN DEERE L341 BALER 5832 Bale Count, Located at Torrington, WY C090856



2012 AMITY 3700 BEET DEFOLIATOR Located at Alliance, NE C097897



sold 2013 LANDOLL 5531 BOX DRILL

8000 Acres, Located at Fort Morgan, CO C098771



2014 JOHN DEERE S690 COMBINE 2529 Eng Hrs, 1876 Sep Hrs, Located at Wray, CO C080665



2018 JOHN DEERE S770 COMBINE 1647 Eng Hrs, 1100 Sep Hrs, Located at Alliance, NE C091259



2020 JOHN DEERE S780 COMBINE 876 Eng Hrs, 564 Sep Hrs, Located at Sterling, CO C088355



sold 2018 JOHN DEERE S780 COMBINE 1600 Eng Hrs, 1248 Sep Hrs, Located at Imperial, NE C096484


259,900 10

2012 JOHN DEERE S670 COMBINE 1050 Eng Hrs, 693 Sep Hrs, Located at Gordon, NE C099184



2019 JOHN DEERE 712C CORNHEAD Located at Ogallala, NE C091732



2019 JOHN DEERE S780 COMBINE 945 Eng Hrs, 661 Sep Hrs, Located at Scottsbluff, NE C088362



sold 2013 JOHN DEERE 612C CORNHEAD Located at Imperial, NE C099716



2010 BRENT 882 GRAIN CART Located at Scottsbluff, NE C089186



For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com

Used Equipment


137 Eng Hrs, 80 Sep Hrs, Located at Fort Morgan, CO C088254


14,000 Acres, Located at Scottsbluff, NE C088946



25,000 Acres, Located at Bridgeport, NE C088374


2013 JOHN DEERE 1720 PLANTER 16,453 Acres, Located at Wray, CO C099298



Located at Burlington, CO C093463







2255 Acres, Located at Imperial, NE C095979






Located at Imperial, NE C092158



2020 JOHN DEERE 735D HEADER Located at Sidney, NE C099380



sold 2020 JOHN DEERE 740FD HEADER Located at Sidney, NE C099381




970 Eng Hrs, Located at Imperial, NE C091537




1336 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport, NE C095159




2454 Eng Hrs, Located at Sidney, NE C096014



1241 Eng Hrs, Located at Fort Morgan, CO C068338





4730 Eng Hrs, Located at Sidney, NE C097284




688 Eng Hrs, Located at Fort Morgan, CO C095565




1726 Eng Hrs, Located at Fort Morgan, CO C092508



For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com


135 Eng Hrs, Located at Bridgeport, NE C098559




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