2022 Summer Quarterly Flyer

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Summer 2022

Propelling You Forward At 21st Century Equipment, our team is dedicated to our brand promise, “Developing Solutions. Delivering Success.,” to keep your operation moving forward. By offering you the quality products you’ve come to expect, the precision agriculture technology you need and the service you can depend on, we’re proud to act as your trusted partner.

A Note from Owen To our valued friends & customers...

I’m sure most of you would agree this year has been full of surprises…some good…some not so good. As we move into the heat of summer, let’s hope some semblance of normalcy returns to the agriculture value chain. On our end of the business, we continue to struggle with shipping delays from Deere…most all of which have impacted many of you. Deere continues to be challenged by COVID-19 and its variants in their labor pool, the scarcity of labor, component shortages and rising inflation-driven costs on nearly all their manufacturing raw materials. The only bright spot appears to be on parts availability, which is noticeably improving of late. On the geopolitical front, I hope Russia’s war on Ukraine has ended by the time you read this letter, but unfortunately, I doubt it will be. Even if that were true, the damage that has been wreaked by the invading Russian army will have a multi-year global impact on energy, fertilizer and grains. As you will read elsewhere in this flyer, we had an employee in Ukraine at the time of the Russian invasion, so through his eyes, we have seen firsthand the terrible devastation to critical agricultural infrastructure this war has created. Fortunately, our employee, Alex, has made it home safely, and I hope you enjoy reading his story. What his story doesn’t tell you is we have been shipping “4th trade” sprayers and combines to Ukraine since 2011, so it looks like we are going to have to look for a new outlet for those high-hour last trades for the foreseeable future! In other company news, I am pleased to announce that we have reactivated our daily parts courier service between our locations. The ongoing challenges of parts availability from the parts depots, plus our desire to get the needed parts in your hands when you need them, has led to this decision. We are still trying to optimize routes and timing, but the courier should soon make a positive impact on parts availability for your operation. I would also like to thank F&DD Farms (Burlington), LRK Farms (Scottsbluff) and Troy Killen (Holyoke) for allowing us access to some farm ground so our employees in each of those areas could get some real “stick time,” actually operating planters and sprayers equipped with the latest Deere technologies, such as ExactEmerge™ and ExactApply™. It probably doesn’t surprise you that the majority of our employees have never operated modern farm equipment in field conditions, but yet we expect them to sell this equipment, provide parts and repair this equipment every day. We believe we can provide you a higher level of support in the long-term if our sales, parts and service personnel have actually experienced the challenges of operating the equipment and technology you work with every day. I really do appreciate these three cooperators who have allowed us to continue this training over the entire growing season. As I close this letter, I want to thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate through these unprecedented times of equipment shortages, higher prices and uncertain lead times for the equipment we do have on order. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to a great growing season. Sincerely,

Owen P. Owen Palm President/CEO


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Aftermarket Summer Specials It's time to make hay. 21st Century Equipment is your one-stop shop for hay season. Stop by and stock up on net wrap, twine and wear parts to keep you running in the field.

Stock up on bulk oil and DEF before harvest! Customers who take advantage of our Bulk Oil Program can have quality John Deere oils delivered right to their location. In addition to the FREE monthly delivery* offered by this program, customers can take advantage of various tank assemblies, reels and pump options. Don't park your planter in the shed. Bring it in for a PSP (Priority Service Program) and get a head start on repairs and maintenance for next season.

Precision Ag Why you need to update from a 2G or 3G modem to 4G: A 4G modem is what keeps your equipment connected to cellular networks that send communications from your equipment to MyJohnDeere. Cellular networks are shutting down their 3G networks, which rely on older technology, to make room for more advanced network services. As a result, any devices with 2G or 3G technology will no longer be supported by the networks. Update your equipment to 4G to ensure you stay connected to services like JDLink and Remote Display access, and to continue any data sync to the John Deere operations center. We have 4Gs in stock and ready to install on your equipment. Give us a call and ask to upgrade your equipment to 4G.


*21st Century Equipment reserves the right to limit bulk oil service to customers within our area of responsibility. To see if you’re eligible, contact your local 21st Century Equipment dealership parts representative to check the availability of this service in your area, or call Gregg Lockman at our Sterling, CO, location at 970-466-6064.

John Deere Ag Tech Graduates

Congratulations to the following students for graduating from the John Deere Ag Tech Program. These students will be joining the 21st Century Equipment team full time. Graduating from the program this year are the following:

Isaiah Bryner Alliance, NE SCC

Rope Anders Alliance, NE SCC

Morgyn Johnson Burlington, CO GCCC

Jacob Wojcik Gordon, NE SCC

Robert Stratton Holyoke, CO NJC

William Bittner Imperial, NE SCC

Hayden Hofrock Sidney, NE SCC

Taner Brander Yuma, CO NJC

Congratulations to the following high school students that have been accepted into the 21st Century Equipment John Deere Ag Tech program. Here is a list of the students we are sponsoring for this fall:

Tyler Allen Yuma, CO SCC

Lili Ramos Fort Morgan, CO SCC

Westen Filter Sterling, CO NJC

Gunnar Crisp Flagler, CO NJC


Team Member Story

From Scottsbluff to Kherson Alex Tkachenko's Story

On February 24, 2022, Alex Tkachenko awoke to the sound of explosions. As export coordinator at 21st Century Equipment, Alex was visiting family in his hometown of Kherson, Ukraine, during a business trip to the country. Little did he know he would bear witness to the day Russia invaded Ukraine, effectively igniting a war between the two nations. “[Russia is] always threatening to invade,” said Alex in a recent interview. “People were still in need of equipment, so I went on the trip in order to do my job. When the threat was made real, it was a shock.” Those explosions set off a flurry of activity. First and foremost, Alex’s concerns were with his family, both those with him in Ukraine and his wife and daughter at home in Nebraska. Alex has served as part of the 21st Century Equipment team for 11 years. He and his wife, Natasha, immigrated to the U.S. along with their daughter in 2011. The family became naturalized citizens in 2017. Alex’s instinct was to urge the family he was visiting to flee the country, but he was initially met with hesitation. “I understood. This was their home. They worked all their lives, made payments; they have it paid off, and I’m telling them we need to go, leave and maybe never come back,” he said. “They simply kept asking where they would go. They said they had no relatives or close friends in western Ukraine, and it made more sense to just stay where they were in their home.” Still, Alex knew inactivity was not an option. He ventured out into the town to gain a better understanding of what was going on and determine how he could help. It was during this time Alex would experience something more harrowing than many of us can even imagine. During a traffic stop, Alex was approached by two armed Ukrainian soldiers. One asked if he could hide in the back of Alex’s car, which had tinted windows, in an effort to get a better look at what some Russian troops nearby were doing. Reluctantly, Alex agreed. “As we [turn] onto the bridge, we see the Russian troops. I know because I see the Russian Kamaz trucks with the ‘Z’ sign with artillery in the back,” he said. “I felt like I was about to start panicking — what to do and where to go.


But the guy told me, he was like, ‘Don’t panic, they’re not touching civilians.’ … And I just rolled down my windows in the front so they would see me and [see] that it looks like I’m alone in a car.” After this, Alex made an illegal U-turn on the bridge (because “Who cares that day?”) just 30 feet from the Russians, allowing the Ukrainian soldier in his vehicle to take a closer look in order to report back on the situation. “While the guy was reporting the situation, of course, I left the engine running because I knew we may have to get out fast,” Alex said. “Then when he was done, he starts yelling in Ukrainian language to get out of there, and we just took off. I didn’t know that a 1.3-liter sedan car with front-wheel drive [could] drive that fast.” By the following day, many Russian soldiers would lay dead on that same bridge, where much of their machinery was also destroyed. With that, Alex knew he and his family could no longer risk staying in Ukraine. Eventually, he was able to persuade them to flee. After much stress and effort, they were all able to escape the country. “I went to Ukraine with two suitcases, but I came back with one,” said Alex when speaking of the haste in which he and his family were forced to take action. Since his arrival back in the U.S., Alex has vowed to help his countrymen still battling in Ukraine. He’s created a GoFundMe page, the proceeds of which will go towards helping Alex transport aid from Poland to Ukraine. His gratitude for his 21st Century Equipment co-workers and customers is immense. “During my time being stuck in the warzone, I got tons of emails from my 21st Century [Equipment] colleagues…giving me good words of support and understanding,” said Alex. “That was amazing to be a part, and feel a part, of a family.” To learn more about Alex’s story or donate, visit GoFundMe.com/f/Help-Alex-Transport-Aid-From-Poland-To-Ukraine.

"During my time being stuck in the warzone, I got tons of emails from my 21st Century [Equipment] colleagues...giving me good words of support and understanding. That was amazing to be a part, and feel a part, of a family."


New Team Members

John Brachtenbach Parts Specialist Yuma, CO

Clayton Burough Service Tech Torrington, WY

Brandon Foose

Hannah Haun

Joe Fournier

Stephen Hayes

Utility Burlington, CO

Service Tech Alliance, NE

Location Clerk Sidney, NE

Utility Imperial, NE

Garrett Crownover

Curtis Gerig

Latrisha Davis

Tommy Glatfelter

Michael Irons

Service Tech Sterling, CO

Service Tech Holyoke, CO

Gannon Dvorak

Jessup Graham

Michael Johnson

CTAC Specialist Fort Morgan, CO

Parts Counter Specialist Torrington, WY

Shane Harger

Dane Lerdal

Salesman Fort Morgan, CO

Location Clerk Yuma, CO

Transportation Tech Alliance, NE

Matthew Endecott Service Tech Torrington, WY


Service Tech Fort Morgan, CO

Transportation Tech Ogallala, NE

Jessica Hoerler

Parts Counter Specialist Alliance, NE

Parts Specialist Sterling, CO

New Team Members

Adrian Levario Parts Specialist Burlington, CO

Roland Peters

Parts Counter Specialist Bridgeport, NE

Darren Wells Service Tech Yuma, CO

Brian McCasland

Cody Rarick

Steven Winkler

Machelle McCloskey

Kyle Rolf

Accounting Specialist Corporate/Ogallala, NE

Transportation Tech Gordon, NE

Ryan Woehlecke

Charles Miles

Jerry Sinner

Randy Nestor

Jeffery Swartz

Parts Counter Specialist Wray, CO

Customer Service Rep. Alliance, NE

Transportation Tech Sterling, CO

Robbie Parrish

Parts Counter Specialist Wray, CO

Parts Counter Specialist Flagler, CO

Service Tech Scottsbluff, NE

Service Tech Yuma, CO

Parts Specialist Torrington, WY

Colton Wright Parts Specialist Scottsbluff, NE

Utility Ogallala, NE

Nathan Vidmar Salesman Sterling, CO


Used Equipment

2020 JOHN DEERE L341 SQUARE BALER Located at Torrington, WY - C090856




Located at Torrington, WY C103880



2020 JOHN DEERE 956 Located at Scottsbluff, NE C100895



1998 JOHN DEERE 566 Located at Sterling, CO C098698


6,499 10

2020 JOHN DEERE L341 SQUARE BALER Located at Torrington, WY - C090855



2007 HAYBUSTER H1100 BALE GRINDER Located at Burlington, CO C100417



2011 JOHN DEERE 956 Located at Torrington, WY C100128



2019 JOHN DEERE 560M Located at Alliance, NE C097115



2006 HAYBUSTER H1100 BALE GRINDER Located at Flagler, CO C102948




Located at Sterling, CO C103797



2013 JOHN DEERE 569 Located at Bridgeport, NE C100454



2018 NEW HOLLAND SPEEDROWER 260 Located at Imperial, NE - C096510



2005 KRAMER 6 BALE PROCESSER Located at Gordon, NE C092654



2015 DARF 1017LFMWC Located at Fort Morgan, CO C099619



2016 JOHN DEERE 569 Located at Gordon, NE C102128



2011 JOHN DEERE 568 Located at Gordon, NE C096250



2020 JOHN DEERE 560M Located at Sterling, CO C099155



2004 JOHN DEERE 567 Located at Gordon, NE C102602



For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com.

Used Equipment

2021 JOHN DEERE S770

2021 JOHN DEERE S780

Located at Bridgeport, CO - C103103


2018 JOHN DEERE S780

Located at Sidney, NE - C103131



Located at Wray, CO - C094708



sold 2019 JOHN DEERE S770 Located at Sidney, NE C103757



2015 JOHN DEERE S680 Located at Bridgeport, NE C100887



2016 JOHN DEERE S680 Located at Imperial, NE C102697




sold 2017 JOHN DEERE S670S

sold 2016 JOHN DEERE S670

Located at Burlington, CO C099647

Located at Cheyenne Wells, CO C101077







sold 2007 JOHN DEERE 9860 Located at Cheyenne Wells, CO C099158



2005 JOHN DEERE 9660 STS

Located at Burlington, CO C101705



2001 JOHN DEERE 9650 STS

Located at Gordon, NE C100378



Located at Fort Morgan, CO C089747



Located at Gordon, NE C091801



sold 2021 JOHN DEERE 735D Located at Imperial, NE C103748



2021 JOHN DEERE 740D Located at Sidney, NE C104072




Located at Imperial, NE C100217



For more used equipment, visit us online at 21stCenturyEquipment.com.

2010 BRENT 882

Located at Scottsbluff, NE C089186



1999 JOHN DEERE 930R Located at Flagler, CO C097926




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