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Fall 2021

Maximizing your harvest for a stronger yield The last year has proven just how resilient and formidable growers around the world are—and how important you are to the world’s progress. No matter what challenges you face, you rise to the occasion. And 21st Century Equipment is proud to be a partner in helping you harvest those results. As you prepare and begin your fall harvest, our team is here to help you maximize every hour and every acre to yield more.

A note from Owen To our valued customers and friends... As we prepare for fall harvest, I hope your growing season has been successful thus far. I’m sure you will agree that saying the last year and a half has been challenging is an understatement—a nearly year-long, world-wide pandemic followed by an acute shortage of almost everything. I appreciate your patience as we work through our used equipment availability issues, back-ordered repair parts and unprecedented demand for new John Deere equipment. There are two questions I get asked almost daily. One is “How long do you think these high grain prices are going to last?” The second is “When do you think the supply chain is going to resolve the parts and equipment availability issues we are experiencing?” I don’t have a crystal ball, but the answer to the first question really depends on how long demand for U.S. meat and grains from China will continue. When I look at the various drivers for Chinese demand for our ag products, these are some of the factors I found: 1. China has 20% of the world’s population, but only 7% of the world’s arable land. 2. China’s communist party has accepted the fact that their national food security will require them to be a corn and soybean importer well into the future. 3. The U.S. provides only 16% of the ag product imports that China purchases annually, so China is spreading their ag product purchases around the world and not putting their eggs in one basket. 4. China’s steadily improving GDP means that every year there is more disposable income available to buy higherprotein foods, such as beef. Bottom line, China has no choice but to keep buying our agricultural products. Given these facts, my prediction is commodity prices will remain strong for the next 3-5 years—barring another black swan event. To answer the second question—without getting into the politics of how we let key component manufacturing, such as microprocessors (chips), get manufactured everywhere in the world except the U.S.—is a complicated one. If there is one thing that we learned as a result of the pandemic, it’s how important bringing back the production of all key manufacturing components is to our national interests. But constructing new manufacturing facilities, such as a microprocesser foundry, is expensive and takes a couple of years to complete. The other fact driving inventory shortages of everything from refrigerators to pickup trucks goes back to the serious supply chain disruptions (mostly labor-related) during the pandemic, which was then followed by unprecedented demand for these products post-pandemic because consumer savings were at an all-time high since you couldn’t spend money (assuming you had a job) and many of us had generous doses of federal stimulus money burning a hole in our pocket. So my answer to the second question is, it’s a complicated mess that’s going to take another 1-2 years to straighten itself out! Personally, I believe it will be early 2023 before things get back to what we remember as NORMAL. In closing, I want to assure you we are not taking the various inventory issues we are facing lightly. We will do everything we can to keep you up and running during harvest over the next couple of months. May you have a safe and bountiful harvest.


Owen P. Owen Palm President/CEO

Latest News and Updates Gen 4 Displays and StarFire™ 6000 Receiver availability Manufacturers around the world and across industries are facing serious shortages in the supply of technology components. Because John Deere is one of many manufacturers dealing with the effects of this global challenge, we are in the difficult position of informing and serving customers who may be frustrated by product unavailability—like with display and receiver microchip delays.

How the pandemic impacted product availability Demand for electronics during COVID increased so fast that it’s proving difficult for the industry to catch up. Here’s what happened: • The tech industry forecasted lower demand for electronics before the pandemic and therefore planned to manufacture fewer components. • Demand for personal computers, monitors, smartphones and other electronics surged as more people worked and studied from home during the pandemic. This surge in demand created a shortage of computer chips and semiconductors. • COVID also forced some tech manufacturers to temporarily close production facilities, disrupting production and supply. 21st Century Equipment is doing everything possible to minimize the impact to our customers. Right now, we ask that if you have concerns about incoming inventory or future purchases, please contact your 21st Century Equipment location to discuss a plan of action.

John Deere Rewards Partners

For more information and a complete list of John Deere rewards partners, visit


Our Priority Service Program

Helping you get more of a return on your investment 21st Century Equipment is committed to reducing risk, increasing productivity and improving profitability. Program overview Our program starts with a dealer-performed technical inspection. From this thorough inspection, we prioritize any problems into one of two categories:

▪ ▪ ▪

Requires immediate repair Should be repaired in the next 12 months Will not affect the performance of your machine this season

Next, we review the findings and you select which program works best for you:

Priority Program

Priority™ Plus Program

Based on the review, you decide which repairs should be completed. This program identifies the state of your machine and allows you to repair only what you feel is necessary.

By repairing areas based on dealer findings, this program provides real peace of mind, knowing the equipment is covered during the first season of use. Includes full-service call and trucking coverage and one-year warranty on all repairs performed in the least amount of downtime possible.

No Payments No Interest* This offer ends March 31, 2022 and is subject to approval by John Deere Financial. Ask our team for more details. If approved, you’ll have no payments and no interest until July 1, 2022. *Must request program

The Priority Service Program includes all John Deere agricultural equipment. Ask your 21st Century Equipment representative about pricing and multi-unit discounts. Other features of our inspection include:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

FREE trucking Machine wash and detail FREE horsepower check on all PTO-equipped tractors Engine oil scan, fluid sample testing of antifreeze and hydraulic fluids are provided in all inspections

Priority Guarantee

The Priority Service Inspection Program offers one-year parts and service warranty on all dealer-installed John Deere parts. 21st Century Equipment’s PRIORITY GUARANTEE will provide for those machines that complete both categories of our Priority™ Plus Program, the highest priority available, including free mileage on service calls.

Call your dealership to enroll or sign up on our website at 4

The completion of repairs in categories A and B also provides extended coverage that will eliminate any service call mileage or hauling charges regardless of the repairs required throughout the season of use.

Our Priority Service Program Tractors 123-point inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Fluid analysis ECU codes Lighting system Air conditioning system Hydraulic cooling system Axles









$ $ $


+$100 WITH ATTACHMENTS (loaders, tanks, dozers)

Combines Inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Feeder house Feed accelerator and housing Threshing and separation system Cleaning shoes Residue disposal Elevator Rotor Electrical system Cooling system






Gear case, clutch, auger, deck plates, height sensors, stalk roll & roll shaft






Gear case, sickle sections, knife guards, knife holddowns, belts, pulleys and idler, cutter bar, fingers

Beet Harvesters Inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Puller & bearings Bed chains Idlers & rollers


Hydraulics Gear cases Lighting


Our Priority Service Program

140-point inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Fluid scans Check codes Engine system Cooling system Electrical system Steering & brakes Hydraulic system Operators station




▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Planters Inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Vacuum system

Drive lines


Belts & drives




$40 per row without seed metering

Closing wheels


Hydraulic system

Reel & auger

Gauge wheels & bearings

Cutting components

Seed metering

Wheels, tires & bearings Safety

Platform drive system Fuel system

Sprayers 140-point inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪



Forage Harvesters 120-point inspection includes:

Inspect solution support

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Iron guard system

Inspect Marker system

Hydraulic system

Inspect Booms

Fluid scans

Fluid scans

Feed roller

Check codes

IVLOC Steering

Winterization available through your local dealership


Chains & sprockets Drive lines & clutches Rolls & bearings Pickup Belts




Round & Small Square Balers

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Does not include head

Electrical system

Inspect Suspension

85-point inspection includes:



▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Hydraulics Monitor & electrical Twine & net wrap systems Wheels, tires & bearings Safety

Our Priority Service Program Skid Steers 21-point inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪



Hydraulic system

Utility Vehicles Inspection includes:

▪ ▪ ▪



Electrical system

Cooling system



Fuel system

Steering adjustments

300-hour service and full inspection. Parts not included.

Electrical system

Mowers The following mowers do not qualify for the Priority Service Program Plus option: Z-Trak Mowers Replace spark plugs; change engine oil, oil filter, air cleaner and precleaner elements, transmission filter, fuel filter; check oil level; check and adjust parking brake, transmission neutral adjustment and tracking; check safety systems and tire pressures; lubricate front axle, spindles and wheel bearings; adjust spindle brake; lubricate pivot points and seat; inspect belts/replace; install maintenance kit; clean engine cooling fins; battery; sharpen blades; clean and level mower deck

Lawn Tractors Replace spark plug, change oil and filter, check air intake, adjust carburetor, check power train, check all electrical systems, check belts and pulleys, check steering and brakes, level deck, sharpen blades, adjust controls, clean unit, add tire sealant and grease machine

Walk-Behind Mower Replace spark plug, change engine oil, check air intake, adjust carburetor, sharpen blade, adjust controls, replace oil filter, clean unit and grease machine



Plus parts



Plus parts



Plus parts


Parts & Service Managers Alliance, NE

Bridgeport, NE

Burlington, CO

Service Manager: Tony Gonzalez

Service Manager: Pat Alexander

Service Manager: Norm Fauson

Parts Manager: Trevor Rasmussen

Parts Manager: Kyle Austin

Parts Manager: Jeff Neibert

Cheyenne Wells, CO

Flagler, CO

Fort Morgan, CO

Service Manager: Sheldon Specht

Service Manager: Jim Laurita

Service Manager: Vern Mastin

Parts Manager: Kevin Van Allen

Parts Manager: Kevin Van Allen

Parts Manager: Cory Ball

Gordon, NE

Holyoke, CO

Imperial, NE

Location Manager: Ross Jansen

Service Manager: Kyle Blochowitz

Service Manager: Eric Peterson

Parts Manager: Keith Sauer

Parts Manager: Stephen Gerk

Parts Manager: Zach Patterson

Ogallala, NE

Scottsbluff, NE

Sidney, NE

Service Manager: Matt Warner

Service Manager: James Hinterdgart

Service Manager: Brandon Marsh

Parts Manager: Dan Eddie

Parts Manager: Murray Plett

Parts Manager: Keith Frank

Sterling, CO

Torrington, WY

Wray, CO

Service Manager: Andrew Lyng

Service Manager: Pat Overmire

Service Manager: Lee Jacobsen

Parts Manager: Craig Dickinson

Parts Manager: Scott Feagler

Parts Manager: Briann Schwartz

Yuma, CO 8

Service Manager: Kevin Sewell

Parts Manager: Travis Rogers

Donating $66,000 to Regional County Fair Livestock Programs

4-H members are the future of farming and ranching. As such, 21st Century Equipment is proud to support 4-H County Fair Livestock Programs across the 43 counties in our operating area through financial contributions.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to support our local youth in livestock programs and believe contributions like these can make a difference. It’s our honor to help these kids who work so hard year-round. After all, they are the future of our agriculture industry,” says CEO, Owen Palm. We are further supporting our youth and the Ag Industry by contributing over $80,000 towards the John Deere Ag Tech Program this year. This program trains students to be agriculture equipment technicians while earning an Associate of Applied Science degree. Many of these students end up joining our team with rewarding full-time careers.


Product Spotlight

A CUT above the competition Meet the 1 for you John Deere 1 Series Compact Utility Tractor

From mowing grass to clearing snow, hauling dirt, moving logs and leveling a driveway, the 1025R does just about anything that needs doing.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Powerful Tier 4-compliant diesel engine delivers 25 hp (18.6 kW) of muscle to get the job done iMatch Quick-Hitch compatibility means you can change implements quickly with just a snap Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission features two separate pedals for smoother directional changes Low-effort power steering with 4WD for superior traction, no matter the road conditions Factory-installed heated 1R cab for snow, plus endless implement and attachment options

Get to know the mighty 3 John Deere 3 Series Compact Utility Tractor

The compact size of the John Deere 3 Series makes it ideal for narrow tracts. Pair that size with a heavy-duty drivetrain, gear drive transmission, impressive haul capacity and wide range of implements—and there’s nothing this small tractor can’t do.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Easy to operate and steer with Twin Touch™ hydrostatic controls and independent power take-off (PTO) Up for any task with 24 hp (18 kW) – 43 hp (31 kW) options and standard 4409 lb (2000 kg) hauling capacity Makes implement changes a breeze—all from the operator’s seat—with the iMatch Quick-Hitch system Maximizes time in the field with a 1200-hour transmission fluid service interval Ready for any terrain with generous ground clearance, liquid-cooled diesel engines and a capable two-range transmission


Ag Tech Program

The start of a rewarding career

If you’re looking for a technical hands-on job, then a position in John Deere Tech might be the perfect fit for you. The need has never been greater for ag and turf technicians. Why not work with a company that has been in the industry for more than 175 years?

Opportunities to ▪ Grow Education & Build a Career

Let’s take a closer look at the John Deere dealer technician training program and what it has to offer to you. As a John Deere dealer technician, you get to: Work face-to-face with customers, helping them solve their problems in a rewarding, one-on-one way

Hit the road to meet up with customers, diagnose equipment problems and resolve common issues to satisfy clientele—and never be confined to a desk

▪ ▪ ▪

Train to work with John Deere’s ever-advancing technology and stay up to speed on the latest in agriculture Work remotely to solve equipment issues from afar with your laptop and today’s solutions like Service ADVISOR™ Remote Be open to new opportunities as tomorrow’s sales professionals, service managers and location managers as a part of the John Deere family (John Deere technicians are knowledgeable, ambitious and always looking forward to the future in terms of technology)

A career in this realm begins with enrolling in a two-year John Deere Tech Program, which includes classroom and lab experience. JD Tech students learn about electronics, computer diagnostics and John Deere equipment, so they can jump right into their jobs upon program completion. The great news is 21st Century Equipment sponsors JD Tech students, providing internships for additional learning opportunities. We also place graduating students with a job after finishing the program. Contact us to learn more about the program and financial assistance options.


Used Equipment


915 Eng Hrs 662 Unit Hrs Located at Yuma Dealership C080654



2017 JOHN DEERE S670 1652 Eng Hrs 1000 Sep Hrs Located at Alliance Dealership C077408



2010 BRENT 882

Located at Scottsbluff Dealership C089186



2019 JOHN DEERE S780 1615 Eng Hrs 1100 Sep Hrs Located at Alliance Dealership C091259




2018 JOHN DEERE 8370RT


Located at Scottsbluff Dealership C084640



Located at Yuma Dealership C089396



2020 JOHN DEERE S770 819 Eng Hrs 564 Sep Hrs Located at Holyoke Dealership C088355



1427 Eng Hrs 1013 Sep Hrs Located at Scottsbluff Dealership C073615


2007 J&M 1050


2015 JOHN DEERE S680

1006 Eng Hrs Located at Flagler Dealership C068338

2014 JOHN DEERE S690 2431 Eng Hrs 1858 Sep Hrs Located at Wray Dealership C080665



2014 JOHN DEERE 612C Located at Imperial Dealership C089659



2019 JOHN DEERE S780 815 Eng Hrs 619 Sep Hrs Located at Ogallala Dealership C088357





2018 JOHN DEERE 635FD Located at Sterling Dealership C086399



2016 JOHN DEERE 1725 16R30 14,000 Acres Located at Scottsbluff Dealership C088946



2018 ARTSWAY BEET HARVESTER BBE692Z 6R30 Located at Alliance Dealership C091218



2017 JOHN DEERE 635FD Located at Bridgeport Dealership C086404



2018 JOHN DEERE S770

2460 Eng Hrs 1580 Sep Hrs Located at Imperial Dealership C090642



2020 JOHN DEERE 8370R

917 Eng Hrs Located at Ogallala Dealership C092671



For more used equipment, visit us online at

Used Equipment

sold 2013 ROPA TIGER BEET HARVESTER Located at Scottsbluff Dealership C096265



2015 JOHN DEERE S670 1907 Eng Hrs 1203 Sep Hrs Located at Burlington Dealership C092696



2019 JOHN DEERE S780 1073 Eng Hrs 643 Sep Hrs Located at Bridgeport Dealership C092289



2015 JOHN DEERE S680 1990 Eng Hrs 1407 Sep Hrs Located at Sterling Dealership C094966



2019 JOHN DEERE S770


Located at Imperial Dealership C092158


2013 JOHN DEERE 612C Located at Scottsbluff Dealership C094424



2016 JOHN DEERE S680 2474 Eng Hrs 1764 Sep Hrs Located at Wray Dealership C091720



Located at Imperial Dealership C093541





2018 JOHN DEERE 712C

1035 Eng Hrs 778 Sep Hrs Located at Wray Dealership C090261

2018 BRENT V1100 Located at Burlington Dealership C093463



2009 JOHN DEERE 630R Located at Holyoke Dealership C093972



2017 JOHN DEERE 618C Located at Bridgeport Dealership C092280



For more used equipment, visit us online at


2014 JOHN DEERE 8370RT

2844 Eng Hrs Located at Alliance Dealership C093925



2020 JOHN DEERE S770 1068 Eng Hrs 692 Sep Hrs Located at Fort Morgan Dealership C094561



KINZE 850 GRAIN CART Located at Gordon Dealership C092553



2020 JOHN DEERE 7R 310

93 Eng Hrs Located at Ogallala Dealership C091519



2019 JOHN DEERE 9620RX

603 Eng Hrs Located at Imperial Dealership C095565



2015 JOHN DEERE 6140R

1635 Hrs Located at Gordon Dealership C092508





Meet the Newest Members

Russel Hoerler Transportation Specialist Bridgeport, NE

Brandon Marsh Service Manager Sidney, NE

Dillon (Buck) Harriger Sales Trainee Holyoke, CO

Wyatt Hebbert Student Technician Gordon, NE

Ernest Magdaleno Service Technician Scottsbluff, NE

Cade Loomis Student Technician Bridgeport, NE

Jaxson Eskam Technician Scottsbluff, NE

Zachary Rozmiarek Technician Scottsbluff, NE

Bailey McNabb Technician Bridgeport, NE

Holden Nestor Transportation Specialist Sterling, CO

Travis Rogers Service Manager Yuma, CO

Anthony Ellis Detailing Specialist Scottsbluff, NE

Travis Danner Parts Department Burlington, CO

Emily Thomas HR Specialist Scottsbluff, NE

Tyler Baird Service Technician Bridgeport, NE

To join our team, check out our full list of job openings at


21st Century Equipment Corporate Headquarters 601 5th Avenue, Scottsbluff, NE 69361

Our Locations COLORADO


Burlington 17777 Hwy 385 (719) 346-8213 • (866) 871-6463

Alliance 1520 West 10th St. (308) 762-5870 • (888) 762-5870

Cheyenne Wells 44578 Hwy 40 (719) 767-5605 • (800) 275-4396

Bridgeport 9738 US 26 (308) 262-1110 • (800) 682-5121

Flagler 4707 County Road V (719) 765-4428 • (800) 764-4428

Gordon 6742 State Hwy 27 (308) 282-0665 • (800) 535-4450

Fort Morgan 20911 Hwy 34 (970) 867-9434 • (888) 529-5261

Imperial 1001 North Hwy 61 (308) 882-4326 • (800) 525-4934

Holyoke 39924 Hwy 6 (970) 854-3112 • (800) 584-9199

Ogallala 101 Road East 80 (308) 284-4049 • (800) 658-4227

Sterling 18793 Hwy 6 (970) 522-6697 • (800) 874-6291

Scottsbluff 3609 Hwy 26 (308) 632-4440 • (800) 658-4440

Wray 36535 Hwy 385 (970) 332-4141 • (877) 260-0241

Sidney 1901 Link 17J (308) 254-2511 • (866) 233-2511

Yuma 704 East 8th Ave. (970) 848-5482 • (800) 848-5482

WYOMING Torrington 5180 US Hwy 26 (307) 532-7071 • (800) 658-3254

Profile for 21st Century Equipment LLC

2021 Fall Quarterly Flyer  

The latest news from 21st Century Equipment. Hear the latest update from CEO, Owen Palm. Updates on technology availability and how to upgr...

2021 Fall Quarterly Flyer  

The latest news from 21st Century Equipment. Hear the latest update from CEO, Owen Palm. Updates on technology availability and how to upgr...

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