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Making Farming Easier

March – April 2016

March 15, 2016

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Gaining even greater control over what happens in your operation. 21st Century Equipment is pleased to present Dr. Michael Swanson, an agricultural economist and consultant for Wells Fargo. Dr. Swanson provides insight on the commodities market and the market influences that affect your profitability. One only has to read the following brief commentary from Dr. Swanson to understand how little control we have over global politics, international markets for our products, and currency fluctuations.

and economic structure, but who would trade with out in the global economy? The European Union has its demographic and over regulation challenges that aren’t going away. Japan faces long-term stagnation for the same reasons. The vaunted BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have been exposed to the reality of centrally planned economies as one trick ponies. Their economies will have to suffer before they get back to growth that attracts foreign investment and currency strength. China is a story on to itself. Everyone knew and knows that their statistics mix fact and fantasy, but we don’t know or agree on the proportion. When the story was of overwhelming growth, the global commodity markets politely averted their gaze from the dubious ratios and claims. Now, doubt has forced the traders and investors to question those same issues. If China

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In this issue, we look at the various ways we can partner with you to help you gain even greater control over what happens on your farm or ranch—and how managing the small stuff can result in big returns.

2016 Outlook for Agrictulture

US agriculture runs through long cycles that often have very little to do with agriculture itself. For the last decade, we have heard that rising populations and increasing incomes will force agricultural commodity prices higher which will benefit producers. The problem with this story was it forgot that cycles always occur around the trend. When the cycle benefits us, we tend to confuse it with the trend as the added bonus. When the cycle hurts us, we start to doubt the trend and question the our decision to participate in the process.

Right now three things have swung against agriculture. First, interest rates and exchanges rates which are tied at the hip have turned against US exporters. Why should the dollar be getting stronger now? The United States’ economy is the cleanest dirty shirt in the pile of the global economy. We might not like our growth rates

In this Issue...

That means you absolutely must take control of the aspects of your operation over which you have considerable influence—and there are plenty: Cash flow. Operational decisions. Improved efficiency. Data management. Self-education. Optimal use of technology. Preventive maintenance. Every minute and every penny count in today’s marketplace.

doesn’t grow like expected, then the supply and demand numbers need to be reworked in a big way. Conclusion, there is too much supply at the previous prices, and a need to adjust to a different number. One of those commodities to be reevaluated is crude oil prices. Both China demand and fracking supply have become the center of the debate. At the moment, the market thinks $30 a barrel crude oil makes sense. It’s a certainty it will pick a new number tomorrow. However, the US uses 5.3 billion bushels of corn to make ethanol. At the current prices of crude oil and gasoline, ethanol prices are simply too high for a reasonable value to the driving public. There are strong historical ratios for values of substitutes. These ratios will certainly cap corn until we see a new and higher price for crude oil.

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2016 National Ag Day

Volatile Markets? Control what you can control.

Integrated Solutions Group News

Controlling input costs critical to yield in the field—and on your bottom line. You can only manage what you can measure. That’s a fundamental principle in business—and especially in the business of farming. Having good information and accurate data is critical to gaining even greater control over what happens on your farm—especially in terms of controlling input costs. The data you gather using your precision technology allow you to know—precisely—how your fields are performing. And that makes for better decision making and improved return on investment. You want to manage each field as a separate “enterprise”—utilizing every resource and every bit of data you have about that specific field to get the most out of it. At the same time, you need to understand the true upside potential of each field. Pinpoint the soil types in each field—and each area of the field—to determine how to manage those soils for optimal return. In most cases, it makes more sense to push your best soils to build on the yield they are already producing, rather than invest a great deal in trying to improve production on poorer soils. Variable rate fertilizer and seed technology allows you to pinpoint those productive soils with the right seed spacing and placement and the right fertilizer in the right amounts in the right location. That’s efficiency—and it’s the path toward not only gaining greater control over yield, but your bottom line as well. Finally, you have control over the technology in which you’ve invested. Make sure it’s properly calibrated to ensure that the data you’re gathering is accurate and relevant. Take some time to understand what that technology can do for you—the data it can gather, the reports it can generate, the power it can have over your profitability. Your local ISG Consultant can help you make even more of the technology you already have. You might be thinking about an upgrade, when what you already have may offer more capability than you realize. The technology available to you today is incredibly powerful and robust. But behind all the bells and whistles, the true benefit it offers is the opportunity to manage your operation—and measure your success. That level of control is especially important in today’s challenging marketplace.

Justin Carter

21st Century Equipment Burlington, CO Integrated Solutions Consultant


Know where moisture is in your soil. John Deere FieldConnectTM No more overwatering. No more underwatering.

John Deere Field ConnectTM leverages field-installed probes to monitor moisture levels at various depths. It then sends the information to a web-based interface where you can see the data on your computer or mobile device, so you can make timely irrigation decisions from anywhere. Monitors moisture levels and feeds data to web-based interface Helps you make timely irrigation decisions Alerts you when moisture levels are reaching full or refill points Helps eliminate over watering, reducing nutrient leaching Contact your Integrated Solutions Consultant at 21st Century Equipment for more details

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Walmart in Sidney, NE April 16 • 10am-3pm The Drive Green Event will feature

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Honda outdoor power equipment & Honda recreational vehicles.

February 24, 2016

To Our Valued Friends & Customers...

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring! The warm weather the last few days has been a nice change after a long, cold and snowy winter. It kind makes you want to go out and hit the field... but it might be just a little early yet! As we begin serious preparations for spring planting, I hear lots of concerns about commodity prices and input prices….the former being too low and the latter being too high. No doubt cash flows will be extremely tight this year. But, the great thing about working in an industry that has cycles is that it cycles. I believe we are at the bottom of this particular cycle and there are much better days ahead. The long-term trend for production agriculture is still very, very positive, as the fundamental growth drivers of diet and population are still strongly in place... maybe even stronger than they were just 5 years ago! In periods of tight cash flows, like the one we are in, it is important to manage the things that we can control. We can’t control commodity prices, but we can manage the precise application of our expensive nutrient inputs. We can’t control the weather, but we can manage the right timing for irrigation water application. We can’t control interest rates, but we can choose to improve cash flows with equipment leasing. Another way of saying this is “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Scouring your data from last year, may give you critical insights for planning this year, so managing your data is critical in times like these. Throughout this edition of our Flyer, we are looking at various ways we can work together to help you get greater control over the things you manage in your farm and ranch operation. We have the equipment, tools and people to help you and your other trusted advisors make the best possible agronomic decisions that can get you the best economic returns. It is said that farming and ranching is a combination of talent, passion, art and science. Let us help you with the science part by providing you the best equipment and technology solutions available to the industry today. That solution can be as simple as a planter “tune-up” with genuine John Deere parts, or as complicated as a variable rate seed and fertilizer prescription prepared by one of our Integrated Solutions Specialists collaborating with your other trusted advisors. As spring planting activities begin in earnest over the next month or two, everyone here at 21st Century Equipment looks forward to providing you the very best in equipment sales, parts, service and technology solutions for your operation. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to working closely with you throughout the spring season. Sincerely,

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Owen Palm President/CEO










Focus On What You Can Control



You can search from one end of this glorious country of ours to the other. From You can search from one end of this glorious country of ours to the other. From border to border, and from sea to shining sea – and you will not – we repeat – border to border, and from sea to shining sea – and you will not – we repeat – you you will NOT find a 6-Year Powertrain ZLOO127ƟQGD<HDU3RZHUWUDLQ Warranty on a compact utilityutility tractor Warranty on a compact tractor that equals the one that * that equals the one that comes standard withwith every comes standard every John Deere Compact John Deere Compact Utility Tractor. Why? Utility Tractor. Why? That’s simple. That’s simple. You can search from one end of this glorious country of ours to the other. From Nothing Runs LikeLike A Deere. Nothing Runs A Deere.




As growers in Eastern Colorado, Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska, we have all cursed the weather a time or two. No amount of frustration directed toward the weather man, or Mother Nature, has ever produced a drop of rain. Instead we’ve been forced to evolve the way we farm; install irrigation or buy insurance. The same logic applies to low commodity prices; we have to focus on what we can control: giving ourselves the best chance at the highest possible bushels per acre. border to border, and from sea to shining sea – and you will not – we repeat – you At the very least, in 2016, you need to make sure that Contact your 21st Century Equipment Sales Staff to learn about the details. ZLOO127ƟQGD<HDU3RZHUWUDLQ your Equipment Dealer is helping you optimize the Beginning 1/1/2016 all Compact Utility Tractors purchased new from an authorized John Deere Dealer come standard with a 6 year/2000 hour (whichever comes first) Powertrain Warranty. See the equipment you have already paid for, to maximize Limited Warranty for New John Deere Turf & Utility Equipment at dealer for details. Warranty on a compact utility tractor the potential of every acre. The equipment from 21st Century has technology built in to make you more that equals the one that efficient and ultimately, save you money. Are you having comes standard with every dealers and manufacturers looking for some good news finally got some when last month Congress approved legislation that conversations with your dealer about horse power Farm Equipment includes extensions of Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation. utilization, fuel consumption, data management, planter Deereextends Compact The provisionJohn permanently the small business expensing limitation of $500,000, but will phase out bonus depreciation over the next 5 health, logistics and labor management, or input savings years for property acquired and put in service during 2015-19. The bonus depreciation percentage is 50% for 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2018, it will Utility Tractor. Why? via variable rate technology like Row CommandTM? be phased down to 40% and down to 30% in 2019. 179 vs. Bonus Depreciation You only want to put seed in the ground once, and if SectionThat’s simple. it’s not done right, it could risk your opportunity to have There are key differences between allowances under Section 179 and bonus depreciation. Understanding how to best apply each can improve the process and aid farmers in making smart decisions in their capital equipment purchases. a profitable year. Everything in 2016 hinges on your dealer’s salesNothing Runs Like A Deere. Section 179 allows for accelerated depreciation of an asset in the year of purchase; the newly passed law allows for up to $500,000 in deductions, planter’s condition. Every seed counts. Call your Parts with this benefit phasing out once buyers purchase over $2 million of equipment. If farmers cannot expense their entire machinery purchase using Team or Service Manager at 21st Century to come out Section 179, they may write off 50% of the initial purchase price using bonus depreciation. and walk around your planter with you. If you can’t %HJLQQLQJDOO&RPSDFW8WLOLW\7UDFWRUVSXUFKDVHGQHZIURPDQDXWKRUL]HG-RKQ'HHUH'HDOHUFRPHVWDQGDUGZLWKD\HDUKRXU ZKLFKHYHUFRPHVƟUVW  Other key differences include: 3RZHUWUDLQ:DUUDQW\6HHWKH/LPLWHG:DUUDQW\IRU1HZ-RKQ'HHUH7XUI 8WLOLW\(TXLSPHQWDWGHDOHUIRUGHWDLOV reach them, make sure you reach out to your Salesman, • Bonus depreciation can only offset new equipment, but Section 179 can offset new and used as long as it’s “new to you.” • Bonus depreciation can be taken in a year with a net operating loss, and carried forward to future years; Section 179 cannot. Store Manager, ISG Consultant, and we will make sure • Bonus depreciation does not have a $500,000 deduction limit and does not phase out with equipment purchases over $2,000,000. someone will come out and go over your planter with Examples of the impact of utilizing Section 179 compared with bonus depreciation were presented in a Farm Equipment special report, (See “How you. Our basic walk-around inspection is FREE. Special Depreciation Rules Impact Farm Equipment Purchases,” Sept. 2013). Let us help you get everything Table 1 below illustrates how the two differ and how they affect different size farmers and purchase amounts. This table shows various examples you have paid for out of the of Section 179 depreciation vs. bonus depreciation. Section 179 provides a greater deduction and primarily benefits small to medium sized most efficient and technically farmers. In the report, Deere pointed out that Section 179 primarily supports the used machinery market, as large new machinery buyers are advanced equipment ever typically purchasing at amounts where Section 179 no longer provides a benefit. built. Control your technology On the other hand, bonus depreciation is a benefit to large new machinery buyers of any size, though this benefit as a percent of total machinery cost is lower than that provided under Section 179. and control your bottom line. Example 1 is for a small farm with a single machine purchase.

Section 179 Deduction Limit Changes

Tyler Burkholder

21st Century Equipment Vice President of Sales

Example 2 shows a single, large machine purchase that exceeds the $500,000 deduction limit of Section 179. After the Section 179 deduction is exhausted, the remaining cost basis ($250,000) qualifies for a 50% bonus depreciation, and the remaining basis thereafter ($125,000) qualifies for normal depreciation, which in this case, is straight line over 5 years. Example 3 shows the impact of a 50% phase-out of the Section 179 depreciation allowance. Example 4 shows a complete phase-out of the Section 179 depreciation allowance. - Source: Farm Equipment


Used Combines

2015 John Deere S680 STS Combine 493 Eng Hrs, 368 Sep Hrs, Imperial, NE, C051668


3YR, 300HR


2015 John Deere S680 STS Combine

563 Eng Hrs, 350 Sep Hrs, Yuma, CO, C052318



2015 John Deere S680 STS Combine

Make Harvest Easier with an Upgrade!

High-Torque Variable Speed Feederhouse Drive Bundle

835 Eng Hrs, 605 Sep Hrs, Gordon, NE, C049372



(9770 STS and 9870 STS Only)




Camera Single Observation System



2013 John Deere S680 STS Combine

1350 Eng Hrs, 1100 Sep Hrs, Yuma, CO, C052323



2014 John Deere S670 STS Combine

578 Eng Hrs, 454 Sep Hrs, Alliance, NE, C040552



2014 John Deere S670 STS Combine

1000 Eng Hrs, 800 Sep Hrs, Sidney, NE, C050363



Sticking with the theme of visibility enhancement, the camera observation system gives operators a bird’s eye view of all important combine functions on the go.




AutoTrac RowSense Universal Kit

Bring harvesting to the next level by fusing GPS data from the StarFire™ receiver with data from the universal row sensor, resulting in a comfortable hands-free experience that reduces operator fatigue.



2014 John Deere S670 STS Combine

2013 John Deere S660 STS Combine

2011 John Deere 9770 STS Combine

Visit with our Sales Staff about adding these attachments and others!

2233 Eng Hrs, 1527 Sep Hrs, Imperial, NE, C048831 1100 Eng Hrs, 800 Sep Hrs, Ogallala, NE, C052635 1581 Eng Hrs, 1148 Sep Hrs, Ogallala, NE, C052439







Combines 795 $

2010 John Deere 9770 STS Combine 2727 Eng Hrs, 1950 Sep Hrs, Sterling, CO, C047868

LEASE $24,200

2011 John Deere 9770 STS Combine

1999 John Deere 9510 Combine



3200 Eng Hrs, 2200 Sep Hrs, Chey. Wells, CO, C051812


3088 Eng Hrs, 2334 Sep Hrs, Imperial, NE, C050372



Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price 2014 JD S680 O 571 Eng Hrs, C050599..................$275,000 400 Eng Hrs, C049218..................$336,000 2015 JD S680 BU

Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price 2015 JD S670 BU 380 Eng Hrs, C049215..................$275,000 381 Eng Hrs, C048993..................$279,000 2014 JD S670 H

Inspection Includes: · Feeder house · Feed accelerator & housing · Rotor · Threshing & separation system · Cleaning shoes · Elevator · Residue disposal · Electrical system · Cooling system $

Corn Heads 40 a row

55 Point Inspection Includes: · Gear Case · Clutch · Auger · Deck plates · Height sensors · Stalk roll & roll shaft $

Flex Heads 199

Inspection Includes: · Gear case · Sickle sections · Knife guards · Knife hold downs · Belts, Pulleys & Idler · Cutter Bar · Fingers · Bushings · Bearings Financing available, and 180 No Payment/No Interest* *Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates and terms may be available, including installment financing and financing for consumer use.

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Used Tractors Make Farming Easier with Attachments! Air-Ride Suspension • Get improved comfort & features over the mechanical suspension and reduce fatigue • Retrofits on 7000, 8000 & 9000 series



2013 John Deere 9510RT Tractor

2015 John Deere 9420R Tractor

749 Eng Hrs, Yuma, CO, C032485

354 Eng Hrs, Cheyenne Wells, CO, C051290

2004 John Deere 8420 Tractor

2015 John Deere 8370RT Tractor





2013 John Deere 9360R Tractor

668 Eng Hrs, Burlington, CO, C051596



30-60 Series Row Crop Tractors (Addition kit required for 4WD models)




LED Lights

• 44 times more life than with halogen bulbs. • Receive less drain on your battery and alternator than Halogen bulbs • Sun-like color light temperature • Work confidently in tough and rugged conditions

Come see us. Many to choose from!

Quick Hitch

• Get working in no time with fast and easy implement hook-up • Tubular and box welded steel construction provide superior strength • Heat-treated bushings prevent cracking and breakage • Category I, II, III & IV available

Visit with our Sales Staff about adding these attachments and others!

2272 Eng Hrs, Imperial, NE, C051913



302 Eng Hrs, Ogallala, CO, C051287



2013 John Deere 8335R Tractor

2299 Eng Hrs, Bridgeport, NE, C053032



Category I starting at



2010 John Deere 8320RT Tractor

3083 Eng Hrs, Alliance, NE, C052742



2014 John Deere 8310R Tractor LEASE 601 Eng Hrs, Scottsbluff, NE, C042430


2008 John Deere 8230 Tractor

3256 Eng Hrs, Imperial, NE, C050384



Tractors $795

123-Point Inspection Includes: · Fluid Analysis · ECU Codes · Lighting System · Air Conditioning System · Hydraulic System · Cooling System · Axles

Row Crop 50 series & up $550 4WD $550 Track Tractors (except 4WD) $650 Financing available, and 180 No Payment/No Interest*

*Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates and terms may be available, including installment financing and financing for consumer use.


1995 John Deere 2013 John Deere 2014 John Deere 7800 Tractor 6115M Tractor with H310 Loader 5083E Tractor

7073 Eng Hrs, Yuma, CO, C052735



295 Eng Hrs, Gordon, NE, C052697



245 Eng Hrs, Fort Morgan, CO, C052403


Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price 2012 JD 9460R CW 363 Eng Hrs, C052584..................$219,000 2605 Eng Hrs, C051933.................$182,000 2011 JD 8360R FM



Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price 2009 JD 8330 G 2665 Eng Hrs, C052702......................SOLD! 1310 Eng Hrs, C052587................... $38,000 2013 JD 6115D S

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Tech Talk Proactive preventive maintenance a key to taking control. Downtime in the field due to breakdowns, equipment failures or malfunctions can sure make you lose control of your time, your productivity—and your temper. Our Priority Service Program (PSP) helps you keep your cool. It’s not too late to get your equipment in for a complete PSP inspection. With PSP, you get an incredibly thorough inspection of your equipment—whether it’s a planter, tractor, sprayer, baler or combine. The cost varies by item. And qualifying PSP customers receive free trucking to our shop, as well as a full machine wash and detail before we bring your equipment back to your farm. When you bring in your equipment under PSP, we do it all: Dyno testing for horsepower. A complete operational run-through. Top-to-bottom inspection of all critical components. We even get analyses of fluid samples to see if a pending mechanical failure is indicated. When we’re finished, you get a complete list of recommended repairs, prioritized by importance. That gives you control over what you spend and when you spend it. We also offer deferred payment with no interest on any repairs exceeding $250. That helps control your cash flow, especially when you’re already investing dollars in seed, fertilizer and inputs at the beginning of the season. What can you do in your own shop to take greater control over failures and breakdowns? A simple check of your fluids and filters can go a long way toward preventing headaches when the heat is on during planting or harvesting. 21st Century Equipment has the oil, lubricants and DEF—and all the hoses, filters and parts you need to do your own basic service. PSP from 21st Century Equipment and preventive maintenance you perform yourself: Two ways you can control how your equipment operates the way it’s supposed to when it matters most.

John Deere 1025R TLB Tractor Loader Backhoe Made to tackle just about anything on your property

When you really need to dig in and get some work done consider the 1025R tractor loader backhoe. Get all your acreage work done from gardening and landscaping to fence building and snow removal. The included 260 backhoe features a curved boom design for greater utility and strength, heavy-duty cylinders and hydraulic stabilizers, and can be attached to the tractor in conjunction with a mid-mount mower deck... you’ll spend less time taking off implements… and more time getting things done.

Find out how you can dig deeper, swing wider, reach farther and load bigger with a John Deere 1025 TLB from 21st Century Equipment.

% cing Finan

s& 0 h t . n o 0ed 60 M Bonus

*Offer ends May 2, 2016 and is subject to approval by John Deere Financial. Taxes, freight, setup and delivery charges could increase monthly payment. See your closest 21st Century Equipment location for complete details and other financing options. Available only at participating dealers.

Fix lement 0 to Imp om $50 * fr 0 $2,50

Travis Sheffer

21st Century Equipment Holyoke Service Manager

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2012 HONDA TRX500FA RUBICON 4000 Miles




*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. **Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price. †See for full warranty details. Please read the owner’s manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment and never use in a closed or partly enclosed area where you could be exposed to odorless, poisonous carbon monoxide. ©2015 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

2008 HONDA CRF450R Fresh service, freshly rebuilt forks.




Visit your local dealership for end-of-season specials on Honda snowblowers!

Coming Soon... 21st Century Powersports in Sidney

The Honda Pioneer Family of Side X Sides.

Call now for details on this exciting new line up, Including the all new Honda Pioneer 1000 and 1000-5 with a 6-speed dual clutch transmission (no belts to fail), 75 HP and a top speed of 62 mph.

308-254-2511 or 866-233-2511

1901 Link 17J, Sidney, NE •


John Deere Tools

Offer good on any 36”

Tool Chest or Cabinet or Larger Choose one of these Combination Wrench Sets


SAE Wrench Set


Retail Value $137.16 TY19976


$459 AC-3618CB-G


Metric Wrench Set Retail Value $160.22 TY19977


Offer good on any

PR Series Pressure Washer

Receive a John Deere/ Webber® Charcoal Grill


Retail Value $99

$599 PR-3000GM

Ask us for details!

Agricultural, Commercial & Residential Equipment -




Looking for Career-Minded Ag Equipment Technicians

OPPORTUNITIES IN NEBRASKA AND COLORADO Sterling, CO Wray, CO Yuma, CO Holyoke, CO Cheyenne Wells, CO Burlington, CO

Ft Morgan, CO Gordon, NE Scottsbluff, NE Imperial, NE Ogallala, NE Alliance, NE

• Competitive Compensation • Excellent Benefit Package 4 401K with Company Match 4 Health Insurance 4 Dental & Vision Insurance 4Health Savings Accounts 4Company-Paid Life Insurance 4Optional Additional Life Insurance 4Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts 4Supplemental Insurance (AFLAC) 4Paid Time Off and Holiday Pay 4Uniforms with Company Paid Laundry Service 4Employee Assistance Program 4Laptop Program 4And More… • Training paid for by the company

• Tool Incentive to help offset the cost of acquiring & maintaining the necessary tools for the trade • Small company feel with LARGE opportunities to grow your career

COME BE PART OF THE WINNING TEAM! “When you’re here, you’re family.” We Work Hard & We Play Hard, You Can Too!

Apply at or by calling (844) 308-JOBS

Southwest Community College Milford, NE

1989, SCC has partnered with John Deere to train entry level technicians for the company’s vast network of dealerships. The partnership has strengthened the agricultural machinery industry and has become a model for other John Deere Tech programs across the U.S. and Canada. SCC’s John Deere Tech program is a cooperative effort between John Deere Co., the John Deere Dealership Network and SCC. It is designed to be completed in seven quarters (21 months). Students are on campus participating in lecture/ lab courses during five of the seven quarters. The other two quarters involve a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate the knowledge they have learned on campus at their sponsoring John Deere dealership. During these Cooperative Education Experiences, students are paid, helping offset the costs of college. The program is fully accredited by the state of Nebraska and by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Garden City Community College Garden City, KS GCCC’s John Deere TECH program was started in 1991 by John Deere Company and Garden City Community College. Its purpose is to create skilled technicians for employment in the agricultural equipment business. It is a four-way partnership with the John Deere Company, the John Deere dealer, Garden City Community College, and the students in our program. Ag Tech Class of 2016 Garden City Community Garden City, Kansas John Deere has pledged to keep the GCCC program current with training components, equipment and educational opportunities for our instructors. Dealers like 21st Century Equipment have pledged to provide paid internship experience and uniforms for our students. The college provides the facilities, instructors, and classes to round out this Associate Degree program. John Deere’s vision of their partnership programs probably says it best: John Deere college partnership programs are the pre-eminent college and industry training programs to provide highly trained graduates to meet the needs of John Deere dealers.


No Time For Down Time

Don’t miss a beat this spring planting season. There is NO TIME for DOWN TIME during the spring season. Your planter needs to be functioning at a prime level to get those fields seeded. 21st Century Equipment planter inspections include:

• Coulters, Openers, Proper Downforce, Seed Delivery components, Row Cleaners, Parallel Linkage, Bushings, Closing Wheels and Corn Meters are just a few of the areas that need to be in optimum working order to ensure proper seed placement, avoid downtime, assure proper seed/soil contact, and assure proper populations. We are willing to do this basic wear parts inspection FREE of charge. Our price for the comprehensive Priority Service inspection, in our shop, is $25/Row (Seed Metering is additional). The FREE basic inspection will include, but is not limited to, us looking at your: Vacuum System, Openers, Gauge Wheels & Bearings, Hydraulic System & Closing Wheels. Terms are 180 days No Payments/No Interest* (with John Deere Financial Multi Use Account). This offer is valid until February 29, 2016.

Call your local 21ST Century Equipment dealership to schedule your inspection today.

Internet Rush Hour and the Most Downloaded Day of the Year Matt Larsen is the CEO of Vistabeam, a key fixed wireless provider for 21st Century Equipment, serving parts of Western Nebraska, Eastern Wyoming and Northeastern Colorado.

When it comes to Internet usage, there are many peaks and valleys during the day and throughout the week, and one day of the year stands above all the rest when it comes to Internet usage. Back in the days of dialup Internet, the most important factor to look at for an Internet Service Provider was the number of modems available for each customer. The ratio of modems per customer was called the oversubscription ratio. On average, a good Internet provider would have five customers for each phone line. This worked because not everyone used Internet all of the time, and it helped to keep the cost of Internet subscriptions down. Typically, there were plenty of open modems until about 5pm. When people got home, they would get online between 7 and 10pm to use the Internet. This is called peak usage time. As the Internet became more popular and people spent more time online, the providers had to install more phone lines so that customers would not get busy signals during peak usage time. Over time, dialup was replaced by broadband connections through cable, dsl, fiber and wireless. Broadband is always connected, and the oversubscription ratio shifted from the number of modems to the amount of bandwidth available for each user. Ten years ago, an oversubscription ratio of 10:1 was Matt Larson acceptable. For every Vista Beam one megabyte of Owner

capacity available, the provider could sell ten megabytes worth of connectivity. Between downloading webpages and emails, the Internet connection would sit empty. The peak usage timing was very similar to dialup, with the most usage happening between 7pm and 11pm. The busiest days of the week were Sunday through Wednesday, with less usage on Thursday through Saturday. Weather also plays a part in Internet usage. During the winter, people spend more time inside using their computer and Internet connection. On snow days, when kids are often home from school, Internet usage goes up even more. During the spring and summer, people spend less time on their computers and more time doing things outdoors, so usage goes down. Over the last few years, the growing popularity of online video services like Netflix has forced major changes in how Internet providers build their networks. Video uses the entire Internet connection and stays connected for a long time. Data usage has skyrocketed and is on pace to double every twelve months because of online video. The shift from TV time to Internet video time in many households has also shifted peak usage. Peak hours run from 4pm to midnight, and Friday through Monday nights are now the peak days. The longest day of the year for Internet providers is Christmas Day. This is the day when the Internet hits the highest traffic point of the year. Christmas Day is the perfect storm of Internet usage – cold weather, kids are home from school, there is nothing to watch on TV and the house is full of new electronic devices and video games that need to download updates from the Internet. The usage peak from Christmas typically isn’t seen again for a few months, but it serves as the measuring point for how well a network handles heavy loads.

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New Sprayers Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new with John Deere R Series Sprayers

Lease a NEW John Deere R4023

As John Deere searches for ways to improve their machines, the success stories about the R Series Sprayer make it clear that these sprayers are comfortable, highly functional, serviceable and of the highest quality. A few new offerings: Vision Sense - This system utilizes a camera to read down a row and hold the machine in the row in cases where there may have been issues with planting straight. Although most growers have integrated their equipment into some sort of auto steer system, not all programs work to the highest quality of consistent patterns. Vision Sense is fit to view a row prior to the crop attaining a complete canopy. Row Sense - This system has features that you may be familiar with from operating a corn head. The mechanism mounts down near the tire on a sprayer and will control the drive of the machine based upon the feel of the row. The Row Sense can be utilized past the canopy stage with applications such as fungicide or insecticide. As a John Deere dealer, we are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of your sprayer. ¡ Spray Test Units â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Evaluate your spray pattern of the machine and inspect nozzles without wasting product. ¡ Spot On Nozzle Flow Testers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; You can check each individual nozzle and identify if the nozzle is producing an adequate amount of flow through the orifice and tip. ¡ Cameras providing visibility of the rear of the machine have also continued to grow. With the size of the machines, one can never be too careful of the surrounding area. ¡ Air Filter Snorkel System - As R Series sprayers operate in many different environmental conditions, the air filter can become plugged very quickly. One way to offset that is by placing a snorkel system on the air filter housing. The snorkel brings in air to the engine from near the top of the cab which keeps the filter clear of dirt for a longer period of time. Our Hypro Nozzles are our choice for sprayer tips. Made of Polyacetal material, Tests show that by flowing product through a nozzle for 50 hours creates just 8% wear and tear using a Polyacetal nozzle. Stainless steel offs a 15% wear and a ceramic tip 5%. Though ceramic tips have the best life span, comparing costs and economical value lead us to carrying only Hypro Polyacetal tips at all of our locations. We look forward to all the new advances towards the sprayer market and we, at 21st Century, work diligently to stay in the forefront towards the ever changing technology.

Cody Loyd

21st Century Equipment Akron CAD Manager


3 year/300 hours




Contact the sales staff at 21st Century Equipment for more details and to set up a demo.

New Leader Nutrient Applicator Technology The ultimate high capacity fertilizer spreader

Works with a MultiApplier, allowing a variable-rate with two products or product mixes. Far less cost than using an air boom system. Consistent pattern Removable applicator allowing both dry fertilizer and liquid systems.* Better utilization of the chassis

Stop by your local 21st Century Equipment dealership for more information on improving profits with asset utilization


L3030G4 300 cu. ft. stainless steel painted green *If the proper tools are available, the unit can be switched over from liquid to dry or dry to liquid in less than 8 hours (depending on the tools and understanding of the changeover). All prescriptions can be funneled into the system by wireless transfer equipped in the John Deere equipment (if the model is new enough and equipped with this option).

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Used Sprayers Stay Connected In The Field with an Upgrade! 2015 John Deere R045 Sprayer

667 Hrs, Burlington, CO, C049423



2014 John Deere R4030 Sprayer 300 Hrs, Imperial, NE, C052569



Integrated Technologies

2005 John Deere 4920 Sprayer

Keep your devices within easy reach by utilizing one of all of John Deere’s various integrated technologies during sprayer operation. The following attachments allow them to properly fit, display, and charge these accessories:

4844 Hrs, Alliance, NE, C052786



60.50 83.68 54.99 25.96

$ BRE10015 — Cell phone mount $ BRE10255 — Tablet mount $ RE343680 — Accessory mounting bracket $ RE566705 — USB charger

2014 John Deere 4940 Sprayer 779 Hrs, Scottsbluff, NE, C049152



2008 John Deere 4730 Sprayer

3388 Hrs, Burlington, CO, C051257



2012 John Deere 4830 Sprayer 1980 Hrs, Akron, CO, C052935



Sprayer Wheel Shields

2009 John Deere 4730 Sprayer



600 Per Side


699 Hrs, Imperial, NE, C052331



2012 Rogator 2015 Bestway RG1300 Sprayer Field Pro IV BW1200 3420 Hrs, Akron, CO, C052550

Polyethylene wheel shields help to prevent damage to bushy crops

Flagler, CO, C041655



Call our Sales Staff for new and used listings of sprayers

Sprayers $550 140 Point Inspection Includes: · Fluid Scans · Check Codes · Inspect Solution System · Inspect Marker System · Inspect Suspension · Inspect Booms · Inspect Hydraulics Financing available, and 180 No Payment/No Interest*

*Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates and terms may be available, including installment financing and financing for consumer use.

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New To Our Staff Bryan Warfield Service Technician

Alliance, NE Location

Dean Bender

Parts Specialist

Fort Morgan, CO Location

Originally from Weldona, CO, Dean Bender joins the Fort Morgan parts department as a parts specialist. Dean previously worked in dairy feed transportation. He is the proud parent of two daughters, one son and a son-in-law. In his free time Dean enjoys taking part in whatever his kids and granddaughter are doing, including high school sports, auctions and barbecuing.

Ryan Megel

Service Technician

Fort Morgan, CO Location

Ryan Megel, from Wiggins, CO, has joined the Fort Morgan location as a service technician. Ryan is married and has two kids: a six-yearold and a seven-month-old. In his free time he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Robert “Bob” Weimer Courier Driver

Fort Morgan, CO Location

Bob Weimer is the newest addition to the Fort Morgan, Colorado store. Originally from Fort Morgan, Bob trained as a technician in the military, and has worked as a farmer, a military pilot and a business owner. Bo has a wife, Donna, and two sons. In his spare time he enjoys flying and going for walks.

Spencer Jobman Sales Professional

Torrington, WY Location

Spencer Jobman, of Bayard, NE, has joined the Torrington, WY, sales team. Spencer graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State University in 2015. His work experience includes farming and ranching with his family, interning in sales with 21st Century Equipment in 2013 and working for Panhandle Coop. He is the son of Steve and Sherry Jobman. Spencer enjoys team roping in his free time.

Bryan Warfield, of Alliance, NE, has joined the Alliance, Nebraska Service team. Bryan has turned wrenches ever since he could hold one, and his work experience includes work as an applicator and mechanic for Simplot. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife Billie Joe, and their son, Calin, and daughter, Aspen.

Cory Krueger Detail Specialist

Holyoke, CO Location

Corey Krueger, a Holyoke native, has joined the Holyoke, Colorado service team as a detailer. Corey has farm experience driving combines & tractors, as well as working on pivots. In his spare time, Corey enjoys riding his four-wheeler & spending time with friends.

Scott Osborn Parts Specialist

Holyoke, CO Location

Scott Osborn, a Holyoke, CO native, has joined the Holyoke location as a parts specialist. Scott currently attends Holyoke High School and will be graduating in May. Scott has a passion for Agriculture and is excited to get such an early start to his career. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding.

Jonah Wernsman Service Technician

Holyoke, CO Location

Johan Wernsman is the newest addition to the Holyoke Service Department as a Service Technician. Originally from Sterling, Colorado, Johan attended the Ag Diesel Program at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado. He and his wife Jennifer have a daughter, Molly, and in his spare time he enjoys woodworking, fishing and spending time with his family.

Tyler Stafford Service Technician

Wray, CO Location

Charles “Tyler” Stafford joins the Wray service department as a service technician. Tyler attended Louisiana Technical College in his home state of Louisiana. He has previous work experience with John Deere, Case, Volvo, New Holland, Ditch-Witch, Cat, Case IH & Bobcat dealerships. For fun Tyler enjoys hunting and fishing.

Justin Carter

Integrated Solutions Consultant

Burlington, CO Location

Justin’s early years were involved with production agriculture growing up in Hershey, NE until attending college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He graduated from UNL in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy. During college, Justin interned with J.R. Simplot during multiple summers and after graduation he took a full-time position with them focused on agronomy sales and then precision agriculture. He joined the 21st Century Equipment ISG team in 2016 and is predominantly responsible for our southernmost geography.

Nate Jenkins

Service Technician

Scottsbluff, NE Location

A Nebraska native, Nate Jenkins is the newest team member at our Scottsbluff location. Nate has experience as a helicopter mechanic in the Nebraska Army National Guard and in his spare time enjoys playing bass and guitar, flying airplanes, trap shooting, hunting and fishing.

Brandon Martin Service Technician

Scottsbluff, NE Location

Brandon Martin, of Scottsbluff, NE, has joined the Scottsbluff, NE service team. Brandon graduated in Automotive Technology from West Nebraska Community College in 2011 and has worked as a locomotive Engine Technician, a parts manager and a small engine technician. In his spare time, he enjoys brewing beer, hunting, hiking and woodworking.

Jeffrey Morgart

Small Engine Technician

Scottsbluff, NE Location

Originally from Kimball, NE, Jeffrey Morgart joins the Scottsbluff service department as a small engine technician. Jeffrey studied at the Wyoming Technical Institute and has worked for GM, Rush Creek Land and Livestock and Allstate Ag parts. In his free time Jeffrey enjoys hunting and fishing.

Being a John Deere Service Technician... so much more than grease and gears. You’ll work with some of the most advanced technology available in the world today. Find out by taking the PowerUp Challenge — 10 online INTRO questions that will test your skills, and 25 LEVEL 1 questions that will test you to see if you have what it takes to PowerUp your Career. For further information, contact Jessie Ruiz at


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Employee Awards With the development of new technology and high-performance systems for John Deere equipment, it is critically important that customers receive exceptional service from highly-trained product experts, technicians and aftermarket support personnel. 21ST Century Equipment participates in a comprehensive training program with John Deere to help their employees reach certain standards of expertise. This ongoing training program is just one of the tools used by 21ST Century Equipment to improve overall support and service to our customers in our trade area.

Owen Palm, CEO, congratulates Justin Childears, Integrated Solutions Manager on receiving his Master Sales Representative certificate.

Dale Rogers presents Cody Powell, Flagler Service Technician with his Master Master Sales Representative certificate.

Travis Scheffer presents Jason Blackwell, Service Technician his Master Service Technician certificate.

Keith Gallaway congratulates Curtis Sauer on receiving his Advanced Service Technician certificate.

Justin Childears, Integrated Solutions Manager presents Chris Stillahn with his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Ross Janssen, Gordon with his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Lloyd Harding presents Jason Ogden his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Kevin Sewell receiving his Advanced Service Technician from Service manager Jim Robert

Chad Propp, Alliance Location Manager presents Salesman Bobby Smith with his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Russ Ball presents Jake Noe of the Cheyenne Wells dealership with his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Russ Ball presents Bud Kern of the Cheyenne Wells dealership with his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Joel Hardy presents Caleb Krysl’s Advanced Service Technician certificate

Ogallala Location Manager Greg Hilt presents Salesman Casey Mack with his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Kyle Schmidtberger, Fort Morgan with his Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Joel Hardy presents Don Lukassen’s Advanced Sales Representative certificate

Joel Hardy presents Keith Frank’s Advanced Parts Manager certificate

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Water Technologies

DO MORE WORK BY HARDLY LIFTING A FINGER. ANNOUNCING THE NEW, INTUITIVE BASESTATION3™. It’s time to dole out the chores. With the new, intuitive BaseStation3™ from Valley , you can easily control and monitor your irrigation equipment anytime, anywhere, from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Net result? Less time running around fields, more time doing whatever you want. ®

Financing available, and 180 days No Payment No Interest*

Contact your Irrigation Specialists at 21st Century Water Technologies for the details


*Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates and terms may be available, including installment financing and financing for consumer use.

Greater control over the water you put on your crops.

Water is the limiting factor when it comes to yield. Since we can’t count on Mother Nature to consistently provide it when and where we need it, we need to take control by using the water we do have available to us as efficiently as possible. If your yield maps look like a bullseye, whether it has rings or spokes, that’s an indication that your pivot system is not distributing water uniformly—and uniformity is key to irrigation efficiency. Make sure your sprinkler package is operating at maximum efficiency. As nozzles and regulators age, they become more inefficient after seasons of pumping silt and sand along with water. As a result, the spray patterns change and you’re not applying water where it’s needed—or in the amount required. And that has a direct effect on yield. Variable rate irrigation (VRI) systems are becoming more prevalent as growers look for ways to improve the efficiency of their irrigation system. VRI technology allows you to customize water application rates so the water is applied only where it needs to be. This can help maximize yields on good soils, minimize inputs on nonproducing soils, reduce runoff, and increase efficiency. VRI Speed Control divides the circle into simple slices of the “pie” and delivers different rates of water by varying the machine speed within each slice. VRI Zone Control systems provide site-specific

Jeremy Becker

21st Century Water Technologies Scottsbluff Product Support Manager/Sales Representative


irrigation with by varying the speed of the machine as well as controlling individual sprinklers along the entire machine. This truly is “prescription watering.” Ask your ISG professional at 21st Century Equipment about soil moisture monitoring systems that can tell you how much water your crop truly needs and helps prevent over-irrigation. It’s much more accurate than simply eyeballing your field—or deciding to turn on your pivot because the neighbor turned on his or when the water is in the canal system! Remote irrigation management products from Valley and AgSense give you ultimate control of your irrigation systems. With products like Basestation3 from Valley and the Field Commander from AgSense, you can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to monitor and control your pivots remotely, anywhere you have internet access. VRI prescriptions can be uploaded wirelessly; the ability to start and stop the pivot, as well as many other available commands turn your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a “Virtual Control Panel.” Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) systems provide the ultimate in efficiency and control by delivering water and inputs right at the root system in precise (and smaller) amounts. The return on investment of an SDI system is attractive when you consider the savings in water and labor—and the uniform availability of water and nutrients to every plant in your field and the yield bump that can result. Finally, you should take the initiative to properly maintain your pivot system. Make sure the gear boxes have plenty of oil. Check all seals and connections. Inspect the tires for wear, weather-checking or air loss. Breakdowns and failures during the irrigation season are certain to waste time, cost money and reduce yield. Contact 21st Century Water to discover more about improving your irrigation system and taking greater control over what moody Mother Nature decides to dole out this season.

Community Customer Spotlight


Geisert Family Goes Green for Four Generations

The preValentines Ladies Night in Sidney was a huge success with over 150 guests. Hats off to Joel Hardy and his team of lovely ladies!

The Farmer’s Kitchen

Our recent Ladies Night in Sidney, Nebraska featured not only a great group of women, but some pretty great food as well. Some of our guests asked about recipes, so here are a couple. Enjoy!

Jalapeno Corn Dip Ingredients

Valerie & Nathan Geisert in front of their newly built Prairie Haus and our oldest John Deere tractor, a 1919 Waterloo Boy and our newest tractor, a 2013 8310 RT.

If you’re looking for a multigenerational farm family that wears its John Deere devotion on its sleeve, it would be hard to find one more dedicated to green iron than the Geiserts of Ogallala, Nebraska. Over the years, four generations of Geiserts have purchased plenty of tractors—and virtually every one of them has been green. And so has most of the rest of their equipment. Nathan Geisert and his wife Valarie are the fourth generation of Geiserts to farm the original homestead. Valarie grew up on her family’s farm northwest of Gordon, Nebraska, where John Deere tractors and equipment were the first choice of her father and brothers. Nathan’s great grandfather August started experimenting with mechanized agriculture in the early 1900s—and his son Ed bought the farm’s first John Deere tractor—a GP—in 1929, followed closely by a Model D John Deere. Nathan’s father Gerald bought his first Deere in 1944. Next came a John Deere binder, a threshing machine, and a power mower. When diesel tractors came along, the Geiserts were among the first to get on board. From chisel plows to disks, from combines to precision agriculture—the Geisert family has been quick to adopt new John Deere equipment and new John Deere technology to become even more efficient and gain greater control over their operation over nine decades. The most recent purchase is a decked-out 8310 RT John Deere tractor. Running on tracks instead of tires, this powerhouse is equipped with a full precision ag package and ergonomically friendly fertilizer tanks. The Geiserts plan to share their passion for agriculture and their pioneer heritage through Prairie Preservations LLC at the newly built Prairie Haus—a combination family farm museum, event center, and a site for Valarie’s photography/art/floral business. Among a wide range of historical ag memorabilia on proud display is a fully restored 1919 Waterloo Boy tractor, the first tractor model manufactured by the John Deere Company. “We enjoy reclaiming and restoring the best of the past—values, skills and equipment— and providing a way for people to learn, appreciate and preserve them,” Valarie said. “We’ve been using John Deere tractors for almost 90 years,” Nathan said. “Deere has always been well made, reliable and has always been the leader in innovation. I smile to think about how astonished great grandpa August would be to see how farming has been revolutionized in the 100 years since he settled in Keith County.”

· 16 oz cream cheese, softened · 1 cup mayonnaise · 4 oz diced green chilies, drained · 6 oz canned jalapeños, diced · 1 can sweet corn, drained · 1 ¼ cups shredded cheddar cheese, divided · ¼ cup parmesan cheese


1. Preheat oven to 375°. In a large mixing bowl, place cream cheese & mayo. Mix with hand mixer on med speed until smooth & creamy. 2. Add chilies, jalapeños, corn & mix with wooden spoon until evenly incorporated. Fold in ½ cup of the cheddar cheese & stir. Spread dip mixture evenly in small casserole dish OR at this point you can add it to crock pot & cook on low for 2 hours or until warm. 3. Spread remaining cheddar cheese over dip & then sprinkle with parmesan cheese. 4. Bake for 45 min or until bubbling. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Slow Cooker Spinach & Artichoke Dip Ingredients

· 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese · 6 oz Neufchatel cheese, cubed · ¼ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese · 1 clove garlic, minced · 1 can (14 oz) artichoke hearts, drained, rinsed, and finely chopped · 8 oz. trimmed fresh spinach leaves (about 8 cups) · ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper


Combine ingredients slow cooker stoneware. Cover & cook on high for 2 hours, until hot & bubbly. Stir well & serve with homemade tortilla chips.

Watch our upcoming inserts for more recipes from The Farmer’s Kitchen


Mrs. Cassandra Muhr’s 2nd Grade Class at Scottsbluff Community Christian School get a close up view of a John Deere tractor from 21st Century Equipment. Nice driving Lily Rude! (Lily is the daughter of our Regional VP, Dan Rude.)


Planters Make Planting Easier with Attachments! Conservation Disk Furrow

• Can be used in tilled soil to move dry soil and trash to each side, allowing openers to plant into moist soil. • Can be adjusted depth and blade angle to match conditions.



2015 John Deere 1775NT Planter

2012 John Deere 1770NT CCS Planter




16R30, Ogallala, NE, C052348

12R30, Imperial, NE, C051732


2010 John Deere 1770NT Planter LEASE 24R30, Yuma, CO, C024951




2009 John Deere 1770NT CCS Planter 24R30, Imperial, NE, C026028



2009 John Deere 1170NT CCS Planter 24R30, Scottsbluff, NE, T814068



2005 John Deere 1170NT CCS Planter R30, Torrington, WY, T814074




Basic wear & parts Inspection FREE Comprehensive Inspection $ ­ 25 a row (Seed Metering is Additional) Row Comprehensive Inspection $ 66 a row (Seed Metering is Included) All parts, service and inspections on planters receive 180 days No Payment/No Interest*

Air Seeders $66· Blower a foot system 120-point Inspection Includes:

· Open arm seed boot · Disc coulter · Gauge wheel · Press wheel · Meter drive system Financing available, and 180 No Payment/No Interest*

*Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates and terms may be available, including installment financing and financing for consumer use.


12R Narrow Flex, Sidney, NE, C051727

! d l o S

2015 John Deere 1725 Planter

2011 John Deere 1720 Planter

2013 John Deere 1760 Planter



12R30 Intergral Stackfold, Scottsbluff, NE, C048224



2009 John Deere 1760 Planter 12R30, Yuma, CO, C051957



12R30, Alliance, NE, C052006



2000 John Deere 1760 Planter 12R30, Scottsbluff, NE, T813052



2001 John Deere 1710 Planter 12R30, Imperial, NE, C046648



USED PLANTERS Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price 1996 JD 1760 I 12R30, C044143......................$19,500 16R30, C050261......................$52,900 2010 JD 1720 Y

Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price 1998 CIH 1200 SB 12R30, C049532......................$19,500

For More Used Equipment go to

John Deere Parts 3 Levels of Planter Inspections

Get swept up in the savings.

Now through April 15, 2016, get FREE quick-change adapters with the purchase of a new set of Perma-Locâ&#x201E;˘ High Productivity or Tru-Widthâ&#x201E;˘ sweeps! Ask us for details. *



quick-change adapters

Heavy-duty cast adapter with locking spring ensures a tight Ć&#x;WHDV\LQVWDOODWLRQ and no tools required to install sweep.



25 a row



Seed Metering is Additional


All Parts, service and inspections on planters receive

Financing Available 180 Daysâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;No Payments/No Interest* Call today to schedule your planter!

66 a row


Perma-Locâ&#x201E;˘ High Productivity sweeps work at higher speeds while maintaining curved wing shape and width.

Perma-Locâ&#x201E;˘ Tru-Width sweeps maintain full cutting width and point for excellent chemical incorporation and seedbed leveling.

*Free adapter and spring offer good on a purchase of a full set of John Deere High Productivity (HP) or Tru-Width (TW) Perma-Loc sweeps. See your local -RKQ'HHUHGHDOHUIRUGHWDLOV2IIHUVJRRG1RYHPEHUWKURXJK$SULORQO\2IIHUVPD\EHGLVFRQWLQXHGRUPRGLĆ&#x;HGZLWKRXWQRWLFHDWDQ\ time. Offers cannot be combined with other offers. Note to dealer: Reference parts bulletin #055743 for promotion details and redemption information.

Seed Metering is Included

*Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates & terms may be available, including installment financing & financing for consumer use.

Starting at



BA29073 Starting at




Starting at



Customize your John Deere Planter for your conditions.

Starting at




Starting at



Ask Our Parts Department About A Parts



On Site Cabinet

Call us. We can help! 19

Balers and Windrowers Make Farming Easier with Attachments!

2006 John Deere 567 Round Baler

13881 Bales, Bridgeport, NE, C050397

2008 John Deere 568 Round Baler


See your 21st Century Equipment sales staff to find out more about our complete line of implements & attachments.

2013 John Deere 569 Round Baler

2014 John Deere 569 Round Baler

Imperial, NE, C048644


85-Point Inspection Includes: · Chains and Sprockets · Drive Lines and Clutches · Pickup · Twine and Net Wrap Systems · Rolls and Bearings · Monitor and Electrical · Belts · Hydraulics · Safety · Wheels, Tires, and Bearings

Self-Propelled Windrowers $345

140-Point Inspection Includes: · Fluid Scans · Check Codes · Engine System · Cooling System · Fuel System · Electrical System · Steering and Brakes · Hydraulic System · Operators Station · Platform Drive System · Drive Lines · Belts and Drives · Rolls · Reel and Auger · Cutting Components · Wheels, Tires, and Bearings · Safety Financing available, and 180 No Payment/No Interest*

*Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates and terms may be available, including installment financing and financing for consumer use.





Round/Square Balers $ 295

Imperial, NE, C051672


2010 Massey Ferguson 2190 Square Baler 2865 Bales, Torrington, WY, C048674



2009 John Deere 4895 Windrower

1688 Eng Hrs, Gordon, NE, C051728



Imperial, NE, C052653



2014 John Deere W235 Windrower

2014 John Deere 569 Round Baler Gordon, NE, C049536



2012 Case/IH LB433 Square Baler Torrington, WY, C050955



2011 Mac Don M205 Windrower

145 Eng Hrs, Burlington, CO, C050469

684 Eng Hrs, Fort Morgan, CO, C049910

2007 AgCo 9345 Windrower

2007 John Deere 7700 Forage Harvester



790 Eng Hrs, Torrington, WY, C051666





1146/845 Hrs, Alliance, NE, C045142




Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price 2013 JD R450 T 707 Hrs, C048221.......................$115,000 2010 Mac Don R80 FL MoCo, C049616........................... $23,900

Year/Model Location Hours/Stock # Price Vermeer R23 FL Rake, C052472.............................. $8,995

For More Used Equipment go to

Lease Options All of our inventory is available for leasing. Here are some examples. Quotes based on 350 hours per year.

Rogator 1286C Sprayer 120’/20”, C052549


Summers Ultimate NT Sprayer 110’/20”, C048832


2013 Bestway BW1200 Field Pro IV Sprayer 80’, C041655





2004 John Deere 8320 Tractor

2004 John Deere 8420 Tractor

2002 John Deere 7520 Tractor




6415 Eng Hrs, C050174

252 Eng Hrs, C051913

6073 Eng Hrs, C036281




2010 Case IH 5300 Nutrient Applicator

2013 John Deere 1760 Planter

2009 John Deere 1770NT CCS Planter





12R Narrow Flex, C051727



2005 John Deere 1770NT CCS Planter

2011 Mac Don M205 Windrower

12R30, T814074



24R30, C026028


684 Eng Hrs, C049910



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A financial tool with a time and purpose. While at the recent Farm and Ranch Expo, I took part in a number of conversations about leasing—and I would like to share some of the discussions I had with customers about that topic. Leasing is much like one of the many tools in your grandfather’s tool box. You don’t use all the tools equally or all the time. But each has its distinct use and purpose. Leasing is just another financial tool that has a certain purpose at certain times—and can be used to add great value to your operation. Here are some of the common questions I heard at the expo: Q: Why is leasing suddenly being talked about? My dad always cautioned me to avoid the latest “hot topic:… A: In fact, leasing has been around as long as equipment has been sold. It’s not about chasing the latest trend. When used correctly, leasing can add great benefits to your operation, including: • Conserving cash • Strengthening your balance sheet • Creating payment & inancial flexibility to match your cash cycle • Tax deductibility of lease payments • Ability to keep equipment & technology current with changing demands • Same day turnaround • Ability to meet immediate equipment & technology needs without making a long-term commitment • Reduced cost on underused equipment Q: I would like to try out some new technology…am I able to lease short term? A: Leasing is an effective way to expand your operation and try new technology without making the long-term commitment of purchasing. We have many young farmers who lease equipment that benefits their family operation. It’s a great way for young farmers to get started and have some “skin in the game” with the operation. It is very common to execute one- and two-year leases as the operation determines if that particular piece of equipment or technology will contribute to the success of the operation. Q: Do you offer package leases? A: Yes, we offer a wide variety of leasing products that we tailor to fit your operation and specific situation. Many times we write leases that include one payment for a “bundle” of like equipment—a combine, corn head, draper head and grain cart, for example. We are able to structure a lease with one annual payment on everything needed for harvest. Not only does it help manage costs and cash flow, leasing also creates the ability to avoid long term obligations— allowing you to grow and stay current with changing environments. Leasing is about keeping your working capital for its intended purposes such as getting your crop in the ground and tending to it as it grows. As our economic cycle in agriculture shifts, we need to dig into the tool box and select the financial tools that can help us remain profitable, without sacrificing our operation or our ability to capitalize on opportunities that arise. Leasing is one of those powerful tools—and the time to use it may be now. Speak with one of your 21st Century Equipment sales professionals about leasing any of our new or used inventory. They can put together a package for you that makes sense for your operation.

Cory Huber

21st Century Equipment Scottsbluff Panhandle Acceptance Company Manager



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Z-Trak Mowers $ 125 Plus Parts

Visit our Dare to Compare page on our website & see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

· Replace Spark Plug · Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter · Air Cleaner and Precleaner Elements · Transmission Filter · Fuel Filter and Check Oil Level · Check and Adjust Parking Brake · Transmission Neutral Adjustment and Tracking · Check Safety Systems and Tire Pressures · Lubricate front axle · Spindles and Wheel Bearings · Adjust Spindle Brake · Lubricate Pivot Points and Seat · Inspect Belts/Replace · Install Maintenance Kit · Clean Engine Cooling Fins · Battery · Sharpen Blades and Clean and Level Mower Deck

Designed with you in mind... down to the tiniest detail.

Lawn Tractors $ 105 Plus Parts

· Replace Spark Plug · Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter · Check Air Intake · Adjust carburetor · Check Power Train · Check All Electrical Systems · Check Belts and Pulleys · Check Steering and Brakes · Level Deck · Sharpen Blades · Adjust Controls · Clean Unit · Tire Sealant Available & Grease Machine

Walk Behind Mowers $ 49 Plus Parts

Built the right way, to last. Z525E with 48-inch Deck

The Z525E offers unmatched quality, performance, and comfort, along with exceptional maneuverability and trimming capability. The Z525E is equipped with the new Accel DeepTM Mower Deck that can side discharge, mulch, or collect with a 6.5-bu rear bagger.

· Replace Spark Plug · Change Engine Oil · Check Air Intake · Adjust Carburetor · Sharpen Blade · Adjust Controls · Replace Oil Filter · Clean Unit · Grease Machine

Have your 21st Century Equipment Service Department sign you up!

Offer expires 3/31/16

Financing available, and 180 No Payment/No Interest*

*Subject to approved credit on multi-use account, a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. After the promotional period, interest charges will begin to accrue a Citibank Prime PLUS 11.9% APR. Other special rates and terms may be available, including installment financing and financing for consumer use.

22 Agricultural, Commercial & Residential Equipment -

X394 Tractor with 48-inch Deck

The X394 lawn tractor has four-wheel steering for superior maneuverability and tight trimming. Features include power steering with a tilt steering wheel, as well as hydraulic lift for ease of use in mower, front blade or snowblower applications. The X394 comes with a smooth-running V-twin iTorqueTM Power System and an easy-to-use Twin TouchTM hydrostatic transmission.

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Strip-Till Units 2013 Orthman 840-204 12R30 1tRIPr Sterling, CO, C028053


Sale Price: $


Annual Pmt: $

ADDITIONAL Similarly Priced Units in Stock!

2014 Orthman 840-506 12R30 1tRIPr Yuma, CO, C035884


Sale Price: $


Annual Pmt: $

2014 Orthman 840-204 12R30 1tRIPr Ogallala, NE, C036882


Sale Price: $


Annual Pmt: $


3 Principles of Precision Tillage Ideal Seedbed Preparation Precision Nutrient Placement Optimal Root-Zone Conditioning

Designed, engineered, and built to last for years of production, the 1tRIPr manages the Three Principles of Precision Tillage and provides a clean, level, seed-ready seedbed in a variety of field conditions. Offering a parallel linkage, multiple shank and nutrient options, and optional auto-reset to trip the row unit up and over obstacles, the 1tRIPr is the ideal solution for the high plains. Visit your nearest 21st Century Equipment location to learn more about the benefits of 1tRIPr precision strip-tillage and in-stock, ready-to-go equipment.

To learn more, visit your nearest 21st Century Equipment dealer, visit us online at or call (308) 324-4654.

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COLORADO 26862 Hwy 34, Akron

(970) 345-2276 • (888) 532-5766

Product Support After Hours Parts: (970) 554-0379 • Service: (970) 554-0720

Ma S P na g e EC r I AL ’s Lease Specials S

17777 Hwy 385, Burlington

Product Support After Hours Parts: (719) 349-5575 • Service: (719) 342-2996

44578 Hwy 40, Cheyenne Wells 4707 County Road V, Flagler

Terry Atherton

20911 Hwy 34, Fort Morgan

Product Support After Hours Parts: (970) 768-2525 • Service: (970) 768-6798

39924 Hwy 6, Holyoke 18793 Hwy 6, Sterling

Scott Helt

36535 Hwy 385, Wray

Product Support After Hours Parts: (970) 630-0760 • Service: (719) 343-5930

704 East 8 Avenue, Yuma th

(970) 848-5482 • (800) 848-5482

Don Lemmon

9738 US 26, Bridgeport (308) 262-1110 • (800) 682-5121

6742 State Hwy 27, Gordon (308) 282-0665 • (800) 535-4450

Joel Hardy

(308) 882-4326 • (800) 525-4934

101 Road East 80, Ogallala (308) 284-4049 • (800) 658-4227

3609 Bison Street, Scottsbluff

Located at Sidney, NE


(308) 632-4440 • (800) 658-4440

Don Lemmon

Product Support After Hours Parts: (308) 249-5464 • Service: (308) 250-0167

60’, #C040205

$ Scott Helt


Located at Wray,CO

Dusty Deland

335 Hrs, #T1813602

Product Support After Hours Parts: (308) 289-5448 • Service: (308) 289-1902

816 Eng Hrs, #C042734

Located at Burlington, CO

2013 John Deere W150

Product Support After Hours Parts: (308) 883-6039 • Service: (308) 882-8861

2012 John Deere 1890 Air Seeder



5180 US Hwy 26, Torrington


Located at Cheyenne Wells, CO

LIKE NEW! Joel Hardy

2012 Sunflower 1435 Disk


29’, 3 Section Folding, #C044365


Located at Sidney, NE

12R30”, #T1114058

30’, 3 Section Folding, #C038829


Located at Scottsbluff, NE

$ Rod Bailey


Located at Gordon, NE

Located at Torrington, WY

ANNUAL PAC PAYMENT $25,000 Chadd Propp

Russ Ball

2006 John Deere 706 Mulch Finisher

8R30, #C047854

(307) 532-7071 • (800) 658-3254


2013 Orthman 8375 Cultivator

2012 Alloway Beet Digger



2014 John Deere 8370RT Tractor

24’, #C047649


Product Support After Hours Parts: (308) 360-0114 • Service: (308) 360-1916

1901 Link 17J, Sidney

Located at Torrington, WY

955 Eng Hrs, #C046790

Product Support After Hours Parts: (308) 262-1110 • Service: (308) 262-1110

Sold as $ a unit

2012 Great Plains 2400TT Series II Vertical Tiller

2013 John Deere 4940 Sprayer

Product Support After Hours Parts: (308) 762-5870 • Service: (308) 760-2748

(308) 254-2511 • (866) 233-2511

Terry Atherton


(308) 762-5870 • (888) 762-5870

1001 North Hwy 61, Imperial


5940 Hrs, #C048669

Product Support After Hours Parts: (970) 630-0504 • Service: (970) 630-0061


Located at Scottsbluff, NE

2003 John Deere 7320

(970) 332-4143 • (800) 260-0241

1520 West 10 St., Alliance

Located at Bridgeport, NE


Product Support After Hours Parts: (970) 520-4071 • Service: (970) 520-9242


Lloyd Harding

439 Hrs, #C042427

(970) 854-3112 • (800) 584-9199

Product Support After Hours Parts: (970) 520-4403 • Service: (970) 520-7909

#C033380, #C033379, 977 Eng Hrs, 632 Sep Hrs, #C033381

Located at Burlington, CO

2014 John Deere 8310R

(970) 867-9434 • (888) 529-5261

(970) 522-6697 • (800) 874-6291

2012 John Deere S680 Combine with 2013 Hilco 510 Baler Attachment AND John Deeere 568 Baler


Product Support After Hours Parts: (719) 342-0687 • Service: (719) 342-2607

(719) 765-4428 • (800) 764-4428


1400 Hrs, #C041412

(719) 767-5605 • (800) 275-4396

Product Support After Hours Parts: (719) 765-4428 • Service: (719) 765-4428


2013 John Deere 8335R

(719) 346-8213 • (866) 871-6463


It’s Coming!!!

Located at Alliance, NE

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21st Century Equipment Flyer March April 2016  

This flyer offers insights, ads and commentary about John Deere equipment for the agricultural community in Western Nebraska, Eastern Wyomin...

21st Century Equipment Flyer March April 2016  

This flyer offers insights, ads and commentary about John Deere equipment for the agricultural community in Western Nebraska, Eastern Wyomin...