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photo cred: Jade Wilson-@thejadewilson + model: jessamyn stanley

INTRODUCTION 20XXtheMagazine is the premiere source for today’s Black woman for all things that contribute to the attainment of daily personal gains. From health, fashion and beauty trends, to wealth building and entrepreneurship, in 20XXtheMagazine we strive to provide our readers with the most current content from today’s influencers in our community.

MISSION STATEMENT 20XXtheMagazine is the sanctuary for brown girls of all ages: the retreat from our hectic daily schedules, the oasis from the many hats and titles that we wear, and the virtual she-shed where we can all come together, hang out and just have some good ole girl talk. In 20XXtheMagazine, you will find content that touches every aspect of our lives; from our overall health to beauty and style to the relationships we hold most near to our hearts. We seek to inspire our readers to be the best version of themselves, while knowing that they are not alone in this journey called life. 20XXtheMagazine is not about providing another stage for celebrities, but more so shining a spotlight on the movers and shakers in our communities that may not otherwise be seen on a National platform.

photo cred: Aaron Smalls-@aarondsmallsphoto + model: tacara lastacia

Target Demographics AGE Digital Print 18-34 25% 22% 35–55+ 17% 43% Median age 35 49 HOUSEHOLD INCOME $60,000+ 65% 40% $75,000+ 61% 33% $100,000+ 46% 22% Median HHI: $106,786 $50,576 EDUCATION College Grad/Post Grad 47% 45% Any College 66% 67% EMPLOYMENT Employed (Full/Part Time) 64% HOME OWNERSHIP Own Home (Primary) 61%

68% 48%

MARITAL STATUS Married 55% 49% Single 31% 57% CHILDREN Any Children 36% 47% RACE African American/Black 80% 80% Hispanic 13% 13% Asian 5% 5% Caucasian 2% 2% GENDER Female 89% 90% Male 11% 10%

photo cred: Aaron Smalls-@aarondsmallsphoto + model: binky carpenter

photo cred: Aaron Smalls-@aarondsmallsphoto + model: naida rutherford

photo cred: Aaron Smalls-@aarondsmallsphoto + model: keya talley

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20XXtheMagazine Media Kit

20XX+1 Media Kit  

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