20XXtheMagazine Media Kit "20XX+2"

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In the year 2020, I had a vision. I wrote it. I prayed on it. I saturated the atmosphere with it...in May 2020, 20XXtheMagazine was born. My team of Lady Bosses and I had some major milestones. From interviewing one of my inspirations for the publication (Chef Dorian Hunter) to one of my favorite artists of all-time (Ceelo Green) to the many conversations we had with Black men in America after the murder of George Floyd---by our measures, we accomplished a lot! In 2021, we switched up the platform a bit and tried our hands at a podcast, “20XX Unfiltered.” We used this shift as a time to regroup and revisit the vision. Here we are in 20XX+2 (2022), two years after our launch and we are back with renewed Vision, Clarity & Purpose. Allow me to reintroduce 20XXtheMagazine to you. 20XXtheMagazine is ABE (ALL BLACK EVERYTHING) • All Black Content (Stories that matter to Our Community, in addition to spotlighting the Movers and Shakers of our community) • Black Beauty (Fashion & Beauty Trends) • Our Health • Entertainment (Black Celebrity News & Interviews) • Education • Spirituality Our Motto/Guiding Statement is simple: 20XXtheMagazine is For the Culture!